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Recent Acquisitions

New documents are always arriving at the archives, and we're very pleased about that! If you have a document or collection you would like to deposit please contact us.
We have listed our new acquisitions below, and the list will be updated regularly. It takes us a while to get documents ready for the public, therefore you may not find the items on this page in the on-line collections. If you would like to know more about anything listed below please contact us.

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The Buildings of Borth by Beryl Lewis (Ref: ADX/1629)
Research on buildings of Borth by Beryl Lewis, describing each house and its history. Part 1 - buildings 1-88, Morfa Borth, High Street beach side
Acc.No: 3692   Date of material: 2018   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Personal documents (Ref: MUS/93)
Personal documents of Mr. L.W. Willis, Crynfryn Buildings, Aberystwyth. Mostly membership cards of various organizations, printed ephemera, and items relating to his military service.
Acc.No: 3691   Date of material: 1940s-1960s   Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Tystysgrifau / Certificates (Ref: ADX/1628)
Tystysgrifau a gyflwynwyd i Bronwen Thomas, Llechryd / Certificates awarded to Bronwen Thomas, Llechryd
   1. Certificate of Merit, South Wales Temperance & Band of Hope Union to Bronwen Thomas of Llechryd Council School for 'Excellence in Reporting a Lecture on the Nature & Effects of Alcohol' 17 November 1925
   2. Undeb Ysgolion Sabothol y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd dan nawdd Cyfarfod Misol De Ceredigion: Bronwen Thomas o Ysgol Sabothol Llwynadda, Llechryd yn mynd yn llwyddiannus drwy arholiad i rai 13 oed ar destunau Beiblaidd. 19 Mawrth 1926
   3. Undeb Ysgolion Sabothol y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd dan nawdd Cyfarfod Misol De Aberteifi: Bronwen Thomas o Ysgol Sabothol Llechryd yn mynd yn llwyddiannus drwy arholiad i rai dan 16 oed ar destunau Beiblaidd. 18 Mawrth 1927
   4. St. John's Ambulance, Priory for Wales: Bronwen Thomas has attended and passed a First Aid course in Llechryd. 10 January 1928
   5. Undeb Ysgolion Sabothol y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd dan nawdd Cyfarfod Misol De Aberteifi: Bronwen Thomas o Ysgol Sabbothol Llechryd yn mynd yn llwyddiannus drwy arholiad i rai 16 oed ar destunau Beiblaidd. 23 Mawrth 1928
   6. the Tonic Sol-Fa College. Intermediate Certificate awarded to Bronwen Thomas. 30 May 1930

Acc.No: 3690   Date of material: 1925-1930   Extent: 6 eitem / items   Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Deeds and documents for Pentrerhiw and other properties in Llanddewi Brefi (Ref: ADX/1627)
Deeds and documents for Pentrerhiw and other properties in Llanddewi Brefi including Troedyrhiw, Plasymynydd, Brynhir &c.
Acc.No: 3689   Date of material: 1825 - 1894   Extent: 27 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

David [Jenkin Morris] Evans, watchmaker, jeweller and silversmith of 39 Great Darkgate Aberystwyth (Ref: DB/111)
David [Jenkin Morris] Evans, watchmaker, jeweller and silversmith of 39 Great Darkgate Aberystwyth business records
   1. Accounts ledger ( sales and repairs ) 1894-1909
   2.Accounts ledger ( sales and repairs ) 1909 - 1920
   3. Day book of sales 1911-1938
   4. Day book of sales 1938-1973
   5. Day book of sales 1957- 1975
   6. Stock book ( no date, pencil throughout, )
   7. Three small jeweller's boxes for the firm
   8. The Goldsmith's Compendium 1911
   9. Kelly's Directory of the Watch, Clock and Jewellery Trades 1927

Acc.No: 3688   Date of material: 1894-1973   Extent: 11 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Map of Brynperfedd and Ystradmeirig farms in the parish of Ystradmeurig; and fragments of a slate plaque (Ref: ADX/1626)
1. Map of Brynperfedd and Ystradmeirig farms in the parish of Ystradmeurig with details of fields and acreages. Includes Carregybryn, Brynbach, Pantyllefrith, Ystradmeiric and Penydre.
   2. Fragments of slate plaque [3 pieces, wrapped in newspaper]

Acc.No: 3687   Date of material: mid 19th cent.   Extent: 1 vol.; 3 fragments   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Medal awarded by Aberystwyth Chrysanthemum Society (Ref: ADX/1625)
Medal awarded by Aberystwyth Chrysanthemum Society (n.d. early twentieth century) and postcards .
   The medallion is a generic type, but sold in this instance by E.J. Morgan, North Parade Aberystwyth. It was awarded to William Hughes of Edgehill Road Aberystwyth (information from depositor ).

Acc.No: 3686   Date of material: n.d. early twentieth century   Extent: 1 medal, 9 postcards   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Minutes of meetings at Capel Jesreel [Jezreel Baptist Chapel] , Goginan, with correspondence relating to its closure and sale and Minutes, notes and ephemera relating to Sisterhood Meetings at Bethel Chapel (Ref: ANC/85 and ANC/60 (addl))
Minutes of meetings at Capel Jesreel [Jezreel Baptist Chapel] , Goginan 1983-1985 with correspondence relating to its closure and sale (1986-1991) and Minutes, notes and ephemera relating to Sisterhood Meetings at Bethel Chapel ( late twentieth century)
Acc.No: 3685   Date of material: 1983-1999   Extent: 2 items   Access: Probably open - check under GDPR as there are some addresses? Not yet in the catalogue

Llanilar Community Mosaic books (Ref: ADX/1624)
Scrapbook and comments book by creators relating to the mosaics on the Community Hall at Llanilar
Acc.No: 3684   Date of material: 2004   Extent: 2 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Cofnodion Sioe Trefeurig / Trefeurig Show Minutes (Ref: DSO/166)
Cofnodion Sioe Trefeurig / Trefeuirig Show Minutes
Acc.No: 3683   Date of material: 1994-2004   Extent: 2 items   Access: need to discuss - addresses included. DP ? Not yet in the catalogue

Llanilar W.I. further records (Ref: D/WI/LIR)
1965 scrapbook bound copy ( 2 volume account of the village of Llanilar ) and other items including 2015 Centenary scrapbook, 90 Years celebration of Llanilar WI, press report books 1989-1998, 2000-2010
Acc.No: 3682   Date of material: 1965- 2015   Extent: 2 boxes   Access: open ? Not yet in the catalogue

Registers of person receiving Infants ACCESS RESTRICTION APPLY (Ref: MOH addl.)
1. Register of Registration 1920- 1921. Apparently records birthdates of children (un-named ) to named mothers in Urban and Rural Districts with dates of subsequent Health Visitor check-ups.
   2.. Register of person receiving infants ( under the Infant Life Protection Act ) 1924-1939
   3. Register of Infants and person receiving infants for reward [e.g, fostering] (1927-1944)

Acc.No: 3681   Date of material: 1920-1944   Extent: 2 items   Access: Subject to restrict under Data Protection Not yet in the catalogue

General District Rate Book for Aberystwyth (Ref: ABM/U ?)
General District Rate Book for Urban Sanitary Authority 1895
Acc.No: 3680   Date of material: 1895   Extent: I volume   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

CD of photographs of searchroom and strong-room Swyddfa'r Sir (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/26)
CD of photographs of searchroom and strong-room Swyddfa'r Sir including pictures of the county archivist, archivist and senior archives assistant, and researchers. Early twenty-first century computers in evidence.
Acc.No: 3679   Date of material: 2004 ?   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Cambrian Archaeological Association list of members 1917 (Ref: DSO/165)
Cambrian Archaeological Association list of members 1917
Acc.No: 3678   Date of material: 1917   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Car taxation discs (Ref: ADX/1623)
Examples of car taxation discs ( discontinued 2015?) to show annual vehicle licence has been paid
Acc.No: 3677   Date of material: 2005-2012   Extent: 9 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs of properties in Chalybeate Street Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/ 1622)
12 photographs showing front and rear of 18 Chalybeate Street Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 3676   Date of material: 18th September 1997   Extent: 12 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Sales particulars Pentre and Pigeonsford and biography Parch. Jenkin Davies (Ref: ADX/1621)
Copies of sales particulars for Pentre Estate (1903) , Pigeonsford Estate (1907 & 1908) and 'Cofiant Yn Cynwys Ychydig o Hanes Bywyd y diweddar Barchedig Jenkin Davies' (Newcastle Emlyn 1845)
Acc.No: 3675   Date of material: 1845-1908 ( modern copies )   Extent: 5 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Ephemera (Ref: DSO/83, ADX/356 addl, EC/2 addl)
Parc natur Penglais newsletters (with DSO/83)
   Records relating to The Parish of Aberystwyth (mostly Holy Trinity newsletters, special services, annual accounts &c.), Administration of Holy Communion during a Flu Pandemic ( rules ), Western Mail supplement on Llanerchaeron, 2002 and 'Llanerchaeron A Brief History' by Mair Lloyd Evans , 'Dyfed in Photographs - 1 - Cardigan Town'(1976), leaflets for Nantyrarian, Greener Aberystwyth Group, Llanarth Pottery, Borth Animalarium, Kite Country, Strata Florida, Dyfi Furnace

Acc.No: 3674   Date of material: 1976 - 2010   Extent: 1 bundle   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Plans by Gareth Lewis, Architects for development of Alexandra Road School site, Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/ 1620)
Plans by Gareth Lewis, Architects for development of Alexandra Road School (Ysgol Gymraeg) site, Aberystwyth into a 'social centre' ( Canolfan Gymdeithasol).
Acc.No: 3673   Date of material: 1992   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Hanes Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru Blaenannerch 1794-1994 (Ref: ANC/84)
Hanes Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru Blaenannerch 1794-1994 gan Mair Davies (Aberteifi 1994)
Acc.No: 3672   Date of material: 1994   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Wedding and furniture receipts (Ref: ADX/1620)
Wedding receipts from 1954 and receipts for furniture and equipment for first home at Llwynon, Tregaron.
Acc.No: 3671   Date of material: 1954   Extent: 19 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Poster Eisteddfod (Ref: D/EIS/18)
Poster 'Croeso i'r Eisteddfod' [Esisteddfod Genedlaethol, Aberystwyth 1992]. 2 gopi.
Acc.No: 3670   Date of material: 1992   Extent: 2 eitem   Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Rheilffordd Aberystwyth-Caerfyrddin / Aberystwyth-Carmarthen railway (Ref: ADX/1619)
Lluniau du-a-gwyn o hen reilffordd Aberystwyth-Caerfyrddin gan Richard E Huws
   B/W photographs of the course of Aberystwyth-Carmarthen railway by Richard E Huws

Acc.No: 3669   Date of material: 1995   Extent: 1 bocs/box   Access: Agored / Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cerdd coffadwriaeth [memorial poem] (Ref: ADX/1618)
Cerdd coffaduriaeth: 'Odlau hiraeth ar ol Miss Kate Lewis, Green Hill. Bu farw Gorphenaf 5ed, 1904 yn 19 mlwydd oed' gan E. Jones, Maenygroes. Argraffwyd gan JD Lewis, Gwasg Gomer, Llandyssul
Acc.No: 3668   Date of material: c. 1904   Extent: 1 ff   Access: Agored/open Show catalogue(ADX/1618) 

School photographs and Sunday School certificates (Ref: ADX/1617)
School photographs and Unitarian Sunday School certificates from the Cribyn area.
Acc.No: 3667   Date of material: 1912-1928 approx.   Extent: 11 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Caring for Cardigan / Gofalu am Aberteifi (Ref: ADX/1616)
Report by Griff Davies Architectural Design and Conservation for the Cardigan Partnership. Contains a conservation area analysis of the town of Cardigan.
Acc.No: 3666   Date of material: 1998   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1616) 

Evan Richards, Parcyrhos, Pengarreg, Sir Gaerfyrddin (Ref: ADX/1615)
Deunydd sy'n ymwneud ag Evan Richards, Parcyrhos, Pengarreg, Sir Gaerfyrddin: lluniau, llawysgrifau, llyfrau gwaith, hanes Capel Bethel, Parcyrhos, dogfennau eraill.
   Gweler hefyd ANC/83

Acc.No: 3665   Date of material: 19fed ganrif   Extent: 1 box   Access: Agored/open Not yet in the catalogue

Ffrwdwenith Uchaf, Aberporth (Ref: ADX/1614)
List of items relating to Evan Jones, farmer of Ffrwdwenith Uchaf, Aberporth, together with the transcript of his memoirs (in Welsh) and an English translation by the depositor and Helen Thomas.
   The original items remain in the family's possession

Acc.No: 3664   Date of material: Originals late 19th c.   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth Big Style (Ref: ADX/1613)
Pamphlet: Aberystwyth Big Style containing poems by five Aberystwyth English students: Dreena Collins, Erica Howard, Lesley Aikman, Lizzy Nicholas, and Sara-Jane Davies.
   The anthology was conceived at a retreat in Gregynog and it is dedicated to 'everyone who loves us because, and even though, we're FAT'

Acc.No: 3663   Date of material: c. 1994   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1613) 

Ar Lan y Mor & Tir a Mor (Ref: CSC/DESH/7; CSC/DESH/SAC/3)
   Ar Lan y Mor: Newyddion Arfordir a Chefn Gwlad Ceredigion / Ceredigion Coast and Countryside News
   Rhif/no. 9, Haf/Summer 1999
   Tir a Mor: Newyddion Ardal Gadwraeth Arbennig Bae Ceredigion / Cardigan Bay Special Area of Conservation News
   Rhif/no. 4, Haf/Summer 1999

Acc.No: 3662   Date of material:    Extent: possibly accruing   Access: Agored/open Not yet in the catalogue

Business ephemera 2016-2017 (Ref: DB/110)
Leaflets, menus, programmes and other business ephemera collected from local businesses in Aberystwyth and Ceredigion
Acc.No: 3661   Date of material: 2016-2017 approx.   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Commemorative menu card for a retirement dinner for Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd (Ref: ADX/1612)
Commemorative menu card for the retirement dinner of Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd (John Thomas, Lord Chief Justice ) at the Senedd and hosted by the Counsel General for Wales Mick Antoniw on 27th October 2017 with englyn by Emyr Lewis
Acc.No: 3660   Date of material: 2017   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1612) 

Hanes, Hynafiaethau ac Achyddiaeth Llanarth, Henfynyw, Llanllwchaiarn a Llandyssilio-gogo (Ref: ADX/1611)
Llanarth, Henfynyw, Llanllwchaiarn a Llandyssilio-gogo gan D.J.Davies. W. Spurrell Carmarthen 1930
Acc.No: 3659   Date of material: 1930   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1611) 

3 inch discs containing the records, correspondence and documents of the Aberystwyth and District Football League 1993-2005 (Ref: DSO/42 addl.)
3 inch discs containing the records, correspondence and documents of the Aberystwyth and District Football League 1993-2005
Acc.No: 3658   Date of material: 1993-2005   Extent: 35 items   Access: tbc Not yet in the catalogue

Cyngor Cymuned Llansantffraed Community Council : Cofnodion / Minutes 2004 - 2008 (Ref: Llansantffraed CC)
Cyngor Cymuned Llansantffraed Community Council : Cofnodion / Minutes 2004 - 2008
Acc.No: 3656   Date of material: 2004 - 2008   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Records of Mynach and Penllwyn Women's Institute, and Leri Group Minute Book (Ref: D/WI/MYN; D/WI/PLW; D/WI/LER (TBC))
Records of Mynach and Penllwyn Women's Institute, and Leri Group Minute Book
   1. Leri Group minute book 1972 - 2001
   2. Minute books of Mynach & District WI 1976-2013 (9 volumes and 2 x typescript notes)
   3. Mynach and District tablecloth
   4. Penllwyn WI Centenary scrapbook 2015
   5. Penllwyn Committee Minute Book 1983-1997
   6. Publications : Pathway to the 21st Century and Pathways to the Future (x 2)

Acc.No: 3655   Date of material: 1976-2013   Extent: 2 boxes   Access: open tbc Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs of the Gogerddan Estate (Ref: ADX/1610)
Photographs of the Gogerddan Estate
   1. The marriage of Mr Bancroft and Miss Jones, which took place at Gogerddan in 1914 (confirmed by online newspaper article despite inscription on back which reads 1912)
   2. Group of unidentified people on the drive at Gogerddan c. 1910
   3. Photograph of the front (?) of the house at Gogerddan. N.d. c. 1960?
   The donor's father was a stable-boy at Gogerddan, his grandfather a carpenter, and his great grandfather a gardener on the estate.

Acc.No: 3654   Date of material: c1910-1960   Extent: 3 items   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1610) 

Slide collection relating to the natural history of Ceredigion and other matters (Ref: ADX/1609)
Slide collection relating to the academic career and private interests in natural history of David B James ( d. 2017) author of 'Ceredigion : Its Natural History' and other works.
Acc.No: 3653   Date of material: 1960s - c. 2010   Extent: 5 cubic feet   Access: tbc but probably open Not yet in the catalogue

Casgliad / Collection of G.M. Jones and D.L. Jones of Aberaeron (Ref: DLJ (further records))
Scrap books compiled by G.M. Jones and D.L. Jones
   Collection of Welsh ballads
   Five files of photographs relating to Aberaeron ( streets and scenes, carnivals and celebrations, Aberaeron people, railway and transport & sea, sailors and harbour).
   Four scrapbooks containing newspaper cuttings, photographs, funeral cards and other ephemera concerning Aberaeron, Lampeter and Cilcennin and further afield in Wales and beyond.
   35mm slides, many are copies of old photographs and paintings, some relating to the "Exhibition of paintings of sailing Ships and Ships Equipment" staged in Aberaeron in 1971. A copy of the catalogue is also included.
   1898 electoral register for Aberaeron
   2 catalogues for Cardiganshire Horticultural Society Show ( 1938 and 1946)
   Contemporaneous article on the Welsh Educatio Conference at Aberystwyth 1870
   Programme of the Lampeter Eisteddfod 1894
   Monograph "On the importance of a national collection of public documents for Wales" by J. Herbert Lewis MP ( 1912)
   An article on the claim of the National Library of Wales to be included in the Copyright Bill etc. (1911)
   And other items
   Cyfansoddiadau Buddugol Eisteddfod Caersalem ( Llanbedr 1870)
   Llawlyfr yr Ymwelydd ( Visitor's handbook ) Undeb yr Annibynwyr Cymreig, Cyfarfodydd Llanbedr Pont Steffan 1910

Acc.No: 3652   Date of material: 19th - 20th century   Extent:    Access: tbc Not yet in the catalogue

Papers of Benjamin Evans, butler to William Buck of Stradmore (Ref: ADX/1608)
Papers of Benjamin Evans, butler to William Buck of Stradmore
Acc.No: 3651   Date of material: 1850-1933   Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1608) 

Examination papers (Ref: ADX/1607)
Examination papers for entry to secondary schools (Cardiganshire Education Committee, 1948) and O levels, (Welsh Joint Education Committee, 1952)
Acc.No: 3650   Date of material:    Extent: 16 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Croeso i Gymru, Welcome to Wales (Ref: ADX/1606)
Guidebook, 'Croeso i Gymru, Welcome to Wales: Come to Wales - the country that is different', published by the Welsh Tourist and Holidays Board, Llandrindod Wells. Undated, but c. 1955.
Acc.No: 3649   Date of material: 1950s   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1606) 

Lluniau a derbyniadau / photographs and receipts (Ref: ADX/1605)
Photographs (Lledrod Home Guard, members of Ceredigion District Council) and receipts for goods purchased by Gorslas Farm, Llangwyryfon. Also notes about the items taken at time of donation.
Acc.No: 3648   Date of material: 1899-modern   Extent: 9 eitem/items   Access: Agored/open Not yet in the catalogue

South Wales, The Country of Castles. (Ref: ADX/1604)
Book, 'South Wales: The Country of Castles. Its Annals, Antiquities and Attractions (Fourth Edition)'. Issued by the Great Western Railway Company, Paddington Station, London, general manager Felix J.C. Pole. General regional guide, albeit with a bias towards castles, aimed principally at attracting American visitors. Includes list of golf courses. Paper covered with folding map and illustrated by black and white plates.
Acc.No: 3647   Date of material: 1924   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1604) 

Invoices, T.C. Jenkins, Eagle House, Aberystwyth, 1897 (Ref: ADX/1603)
Invoices from T.C. Jenkins (late Evan Williams) family grocer, Eagle House, 26 Great Darkgate St., Aberystwyth, both made out to Mrs Davies, Pier St., for a sack of flour per T.G.J. & N.L. Jones, on 10 and 26 October 1897. First invoice has illustrated advertisement for Mazawattee Tea, the second, an altogether more splendid document, one in black, blue and red for Armour's Extract of Beef.
Acc.No: 3646   Date of material: 1897   Extent: 2 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1603) 

Enwau tai a ffermydd Bont Goch (Ref: ADX/1602)
Book, Enwau tai a ffermydd Bont Goch (Elerch), Ceredigion: the house and farm names of Bont-goch (Elerch), Ceredigion, by Richard E. Huws, 2017.
Acc.No: 3645   Date of material: 2017   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1602) 

Postcard, Youth Fellowship Camp, Devil's Bridge (Ref: ADX/1601)
Valentine's real photograph postcard, 'Youth Fellowship Camp from valley, Devil's Bridge'. Pencoed Holiday Fellowship Camp (1927-1984) was located beside the A4120 just north of Devil's Bridge. It accommodated 80 in 1962 and in 1959 was a 'group of green-ainted timber huts' around a large dining hall offering rustic toilet facilities and primitive sanitation amongst the trees. The huts remain, in a fashionably decayed condition.
Acc.No: 3644   Date of material: 1955   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1601) 

Postcard, Our Tank Bank (Ref: ADX/1600)
Postcard by Goodall of Bolton, 'Our Tank Bank - A "Safe" Investment', black and white print, photograph of WWI 'male' tank with sentry whilst 'customers' purchase bonds and certificates from staff inside. Message on reverse, 'Clive, with best wishes for Xmas from Aunty Emma'. 'Tank banks'were sent out to cities by the National War Savings committee in the winter of 1917-18.
Acc.No: 3643   Date of material: 1917   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1600) 

Records of Bethel Independent Chapel, Parcyrhos, Cwmann, Lampeter (Ref: ANC/83)
Records of the chapel including minute books of the Sunday School, membership lists, list of ministers and officials of the chapel, financial records including account books and other items
Acc.No: 3642   Date of material: 1855 - 2017   Extent: 4 boxes, 1 plan   Access: tbc Show catalogue(ANC/83) 

Transcriptions, Welsh translation of Culpeper? (Ref: ADX/1599)
56 notebooks or parts of, 10 of which are bound with covers, thought to contain passages from 'Y Llysieulyfr Teuluaidd', Culpeper's 'Complete Herbal', copy thought to have belonged to Martha Evans, Llanarth. Transcribed by Frances Charlot and Tim Davies of Carne, Cilcennin
Acc.No: 3641   Date of material: 1893   Extent: 56 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Two Blumen des Heiligen Landes; Blodau o'r Aighpt; Flowers of the Holy Land (Ref: ADX/1598)
Two books with olive wood slab covers, with title, 'Jerusalem', containing 12 tissue-covered pages with pressed flowers, each attributed to different biblical locations. Addressed from Port Said to: 1. M.A. Morgan, and 2. Mrs Catherine Williams, Aberarth, Catherine's book is rather damaged.
Acc.No: 3640   Date of material: 1904   Extent: 2 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

John Hughes diary, 1907 (Ref: ADX/1597)
Congregational Year Book belonging to John Hughes, Cornelofan, Llanilar. Completed with Welsh language entries as well as selected notes from previous year. Covered in brown paper, with owner's name.
Acc.No: 3639   Date of material: 1907   Extent: I item   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Postcard, unidentified group photograph, sent from New Quay to Llandudno (Ref: ADX/1596)
Postcard, unidentified group photograph, mixed group of 23 persons, men, women and children, quite informal, but all in best clothes. Sent on 10 August from New Quay to Miss Nellie Howell at Newport House, Augustus St., Llandudno, 'Are you enjoying yourself. I've had a very good time. Hope you'll do ditto, D'.
Acc.No: 3638   Date of material: 1910   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1596) 

Cabinent cards, photographs of Blaendyffryn (Ref: ADX/1595)
Three cabinet cards by J. Price of New Quay, with New Quay on stamp crossed out and 25 Lammas Street, Carmarthen, written in. Photographs of Blaendyffryn mansion and grounds, Bangor Teifi. The house was offered for sale in 1881 and may have been refurbished thereafter. Price was active in New Quay in 1884, but had moved to Carmarthen by 1901. Compare photograph of 186-70 in Francis Jones' Historic Cardiganshire Homes (2004), 23-4.
Acc.No: 3637   Date of material: c. 1885   Extent: 3 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1595) 

Postcard, Toll and Due List, New Quay Harbour (Ref: ADX/1594)
Valentine's Postcard, W 7158. Toll and Due list, New Quay Harbour, black and white.
Acc.No: 3636   Date of material: 20th c   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1594) 

Postcard of Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1593)
Digital reprint, black and white photograph taken from North Parade, showing Hillman van, EJ 7480, registered to the Cardiganshire War Agricultural Committee in 1945, the clocktower, demolished in 1956, and the old Police Station, lacking its blue lamp since closure in 1952.
Acc.No: 3635   Date of material: 1952-1956   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1593) 

Portrait of a soldier (Ref: ADX/1592)
Photographic portrait of an unidentified WW1 soldier wearing uniform similar to that of the Royal Field Artillery. Found at 2 Edgehill Road, Aberystwyth following house clearance on sale of the house. Not connected with the donor or donor's family.
   Large size, very poor condition

Acc.No: 3634   Date of material: 1914-1919   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1592) 

Llanwenog & Talybont Women's Institute (Ref: D/WI/LWE)
Llanwenog and Talybont Women's Institutes' records
   3 lever arch files plus 2015 centenary scrapbook. Also minute books and other records from Talybont

Acc.No: 3633   Date of material: 1926 - 2015   Extent: 2 boxes   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Footpaths and footbridges files (Ref: CDC/HI/9; CDD/TS/8)
County Council and District Council files relating to footpaths, footbridges etc.
Acc.No: 3632   Date of material: 1949-1980s   Extent: 3 boxes   Access: TBC Not yet in the catalogue

Records of Ceredigion Museum (Ref: CSC/MUS (TBC))
Admin files from Ceredigion Museum and some Aberystwyth Yesterday material
Acc.No: 3631   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: To be established Not yet in the catalogue

Eglwysfach WI Centenary Scrapbook (Ref: D/WI/EGL/10/4)
Printed book: Eglwysfach WI Scrapbook for the NFWI Centenary Year (2015)
Acc.No: 3630   Date of material: 2015   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(D/WI/EGL) 

Royal British Legion, Aberystwyth Branch (additional) (Ref: DSO/124 addl)
Further records of the Aberystwyth Branch
Acc.No: 3629   Date of material:    Extent: 2 boxes   Access: TBC Not yet in the catalogue

Royal British Legion, Ceredigion Branch (Ref: DSO/164)
Records of the Ceredigion Branch of the Royal British Legion.
Acc.No: 3628   Date of material:    Extent: 2 boxes   Access: TBC Not yet in the catalogue

Ysgol Llanwenog School (Ref: CSC/ED/28; LWE)
Cofnodion Ysgol Llanwenog: lluniau, llyfr log, cofrestr dderbyniadau ayyb
   Records of Llanwenog School: photographs, log book, admissions register etc.

Acc.No: 3627   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Possible DP issues Not yet in the catalogue

Postcard, Lampeter (Ref: ADX/1591)
Coloured postcard depicting Llettytwpa Wood and Unitarian Chapel, Lampeter. Published by the Cambrian News, no. 59875. Unused.
Acc.No: 3626   Date of material: Early 20th c.   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1591) 

Tocyn theatr / theatre ticket (Ref: ADX/1590)
Tocyn ar gyfer perfformiad comedi newydd 'Na fernwch' gan Gwmni Edna Bonnell, Pwll yn Neuadd goffa Felinfach ar 14 Mawrth 1953
Acc.No: 3625   Date of material: 1953   Extent: 1 eitem / item   Access: Agored / open Show catalogue(ADX/1590) 

Mariamne Johnes' book (Ref: ADX/1589)
1. Small leather-bound volume containing 'Jeannot et Colin', a comedy in three acts (in French), by M. de Florian. Published in Paris in 1786. The volume is signed and dated by its owner, Mariamne Johnes of Hafod Uchtryd: 'Mariamne Johnes. 1801.' under a Hafod bookplate.
   2. B/W postcard depicting Hafod Uchtryd. Posted in 1913 from Bridgend by Irene and Rhoda ?Bunge to Miss Buckle, 6 Orchard Cottage, Porthcawl but readdressed to Roehampton, St Stephen's Rd, Cheltenham.

Acc.No: 3624   Date of material: 1786   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1589) 

Merched y Wawr Tregaron (Ref: DSO/33/8 (addl.))
Cofnodion Merched y Wawr, cangen Tregaron.
Acc.No: 3623   Date of material:    Extent: 1 bocs   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Merched y Wawr Beulah (Ref: DSO/33/7 (addl.))
Cofnodion Merched y Wawr, cangen Beulah
Acc.No: 3622   Date of material: 1974-2015   Extent:    Access: TBC Not yet in the catalogue

Ymddiriedolaeth Ystrad Fflur / Strata Florida Trust (Ref: DSO/45)
Ymddiriedolaeth Ystrad Fflur / Strata Florida Trust
   1. Poster: Dathlu Ystrad Fflur / Celebrating Strata Florida (digwyddiad / event 15-16 Gorffennaf / July 2017)
   2. Rhaglen y digwyddiad uchod / Programme of the above event.

Acc.No: 3621   Date of material: 2017   Extent: 2 items (accruing?)   Access: Agored/open Show catalogue(DSO/45) 

Clwb Ffermwyr Ifanc Tregaron a'r Cylch / Tregaron Area Young Farmers Club (Ref: DSO/44)
Effemera Clwb Ffermwyr Ifanc Tregaron a'r Cylch / Tregaron Area Young Farmers Club Ephemera
   1. Cwysi Ceredigion 2017
   2. Cymanfa Rali 2017
   3. Rhaglen Rali'r Sir 2017

Acc.No: 3620   Date of material:    Extent: accruing?   Access: Agored/open Show catalogue(DSO/44) 

Ceredigion Museum newsletters (Ref: CSC/MUS/3)
Newsletters issued by Ceredigion Museum.
Acc.No: 3619   Date of material: 2013 onwards   Extent: accruing   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Bae Ceredigion CAMRA (Ref: DSO/65)
Cwrw Ceredigion, the free magazine of Bae Ceredigion branch of Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)
   - Autumn/Winter 2016

Acc.No: 3618   Date of material: 2016 onwards   Extent: accruing   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Friends of Ceredigion Museum (Ref: DSO/63)
Newsletter 2017
Acc.No: 3617   Date of material:    Extent: possibly accruing   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Gwyl Hen Linell Bell / Far Old Line Festival (Ref: ADX/1588)
Gwyl Hen Linell Bell / Far Old Line Festival
   1. Fy Aberystwyth: 100 o storiau / My Aberystwyth: 100 stories. Arad Goch, 2017
   2. Mat cwrw / Beer mat
   3. Taflenni / Leaflets

Acc.No: 3616   Date of material: 2017   Extent:    Access: Agored / open Show catalogue(ADX/1588) 

Isaac Hopkins of Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1587)
Photocopies of documents relating to Isaac Hopkins, mariner and later Aberystwyth councillor.
Acc.No: 3615   Date of material: 1860s-1890s   Extent:    Access: Opejn Not yet in the catalogue

Documents relating to 54 Portland Street, Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1586)
Two documents relating to no. 54 Portland Street, Aberystwyth, bequeathed by its owner, Aldwyth Ethel Penry (d. 1971), to the Trustees of the English Congregational Church, Portland Street, Aberystwyth.
   1. Will of Aldwyth Ethel Penry, containing the above bequest and others. 16 December 1968
   2. Deed of Assent relating to the above premises. 16 December 1971

Acc.No: 3614   Date of material: 1968 and 1971   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1586) 

Guide to Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1585)
A Guide to Aberystwyth and The Devil's Bridge with a Tide Table. Abel Heywood's Penny Guide series.
Acc.No: 3613   Date of material: c. 1888   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1585) 

Photographs of Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1584)
2 b/w contact prints of photographs of Aberystwyth seafront taken by donor's parents during their honeymoon in August 1934.
   1. The Old College and the New Promenade
   2. Marine Terrace and Constitution Hill.

Acc.No: 3612   Date of material: 1934   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1584) 

Linesman, You're Rubbish (Ref: ADX/1583)
Linesman, You're Rubbish: The unofficial fanzine of Aberystwyth Football Club / Cefnograwn Clwb Pel Droed Tref Aberystwyth.
   - Issue 3 (January 1996)

Acc.No: 3611   Date of material: 1996   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1583) 

Invoice and payment receipt (Ref: ADX/1582)
Invoice issued by M. H. Davies & Sons, Iron Merchants & Agricultural Implement Agents, Cabinet Furniture Depot and Mining Stores, 18 & 20, Queen Street, Furnishing Hardware Dept: 4 Bridge Street [Aberystwyth] to Mr. J. Edwards, and receipt for payment of £19 to settle the account.
Acc.No: 3610   Date of material: 1910 & 1916   Extent: 3 ff   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1582) 

Hafod Arch postcard (Ref: ADX/1581)
Postcard depicting the 'George III Arch, near Hafod, Devil's Bridge', framing a charabanc of ?tourists, two cyclists and three men standing eiother side of the vehicle. The photograph is very overexposed. Postally unused, with 'J Mason - David ?Driose' inscribed in ink on reverse.
Acc.No: 3609   Date of material: Early 20th c.   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1581) 

Sand monster postcard (Ref: ADX/1580)
B/W postcard depicting a 'sand beast Father made may years ago' on Borth beach. Sent by Alan who was staying at York House, Borth to Miss Joyce Murray of The Eyrie, Radlett, Herts. Date stamp illegible; 1/2 d. postage stamp depicts George V and that version was in use 1912-1922.
Acc.No: 3608   Date of material: Early 20th c.   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1580) 

The Hallworth album (Ref: ADX/1579)
Album of family photographs of Thomas and Edith Hallworth.
Acc.No: 3607   Date of material: Early 20th c.   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

David Lewis Jones Collection (further items) (Ref: DLJ)
Letters, documents etc. relating to David Lewis Jones and his workin the House of Lords Library.
Acc.No: 3606   Date of material:    Extent: 2 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Penparcau Guiding History (Ref: DSO/17 addl)
Book: Penparcau Guiding History by Jennifer Willott. Inscribed by the author.
Acc.No: 3605   Date of material: 2016   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Pier Street deeds (Ref: ADX/1578)
Three deeds relating to a house and shop in Pier Street. The earliest shows a sketch of the elevation of the building which is to replace an existing structure on the site.
Acc.No: 3604   Date of material: 1831, 1832, 1970   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Local ephemera and other items (Ref: ADX/1577)
Programmes, leaflets and other ephemera of local interest, and items relating to the 1938 reunion of former soldiers of the 2nd Welsh Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery
Acc.No: 3603   Date of material: 1930s onwards (approx.)   Extent: 1 small box   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Listed buildings files (Ref: CSC/DESH/6)
Cadw listed building files
Acc.No: 3602   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cymanfa Ganu Bedyddwyr Aberteifi (Ref: ANC/82)
Llyfrau cofnodion Pwyllgor Cymanfa Ganu Bedyddwyr Aberteifi
Acc.No: 3601   Date of material: 1909-1980   Extent: 4 vols.   Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth and District Football League (Ref: DSO/42)
Records of Aberystwyth and District Football League
Acc.No: 3600   Date of material:    Extent: 11 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Teifiside Probus Club records (Ref: DSO/11)
Records of the Teifiside branch of the Probus Club 1998-2017 including minutes, accounts, photographs, programmes and other small items including a gavel and stand, and the chain of office.
Acc.No: 3599   Date of material: 1998 - 2017   Extent: 1 box   Access: open, possibly some DP issues, check before production Not yet in the catalogue

Eglwys y Bedyddwyr Bethel / Bethel Baptist Chapel, Aberystwyth (Ref: ANC/60 addl)
Bethel Baptist Chapel, Aberystwyth
   1. Annual Report 2016
   2. Book: Organ Bib Rothwell
   3. Book : The Rothwell Pipe Organ

Acc.No: 3598   Date of material: - 2016   Extent: 3 eitem/items   Access: agored / open Not yet in the catalogue

M.A. thesis on Aberystwyth school log books (Ref: ADX/1576)
"The value of school log books: a documentary analysis of elementary school log-books from the Aberystwyth area between 1876 and 1916" by Imogen Watts
Acc.No: 3597   Date of material: 2016   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1576) 

Felin Dyffryn, Llanilar (Ref: ADX/482 addl)
Llyfrau ysgol Dilys Parry, gynt o Felin Dyffryn, Llanilar / School exercise books belonging to Dilys Parry, formerly of Felin Dyffryn, Llanilar
Acc.No: 3596   Date of material: 1940au gan fwyaf / mostly 1940s   Extent: 9 eitem / items   Access: Agored / Open Not yet in the catalogue

Penllwyn WI - further records (Ref: D/WI/PNL)
TWo boxes of further records of Penllwyn Women's Institute and its predecessor WIs.
Acc.No: 3595   Date of material:    Extent: 2 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Cymdeithas Ceredigion o'r Deillion / Cardiganshire Association for the Blind (Ref: DSO/6 additional records)
Cofnodion a phapurau eraill y Gymdeithas / Minutes and other records of the Society.
Acc.No: 3594   Date of material:    Extent: 2 crates   Access: Possible DP issues Not yet in the catalogue

Capel Peniel, Aberaeron (Ref: ANC/81)
Cofnodion Capel Peniel, Aberaeron Records
   1. Llyfr bedyddiadau / register of baptisms 1865-1911 (Y. Parch. Evan Morris, Aberaeron)
   2. Cofrestr Ysgol Sul / Sunday School register 1934-1942

Acc.No: 3593   Date of material: 1865-1942   Extent: 2 eitem / items   Access: Agored/open Show catalogue(ANC/81) 

Captain John Davies of Llanddewi Aberarth (Ref: ADX/1575)
Papers of Capt. John Davies of Llanddewi Aberarth, and of David Davies (brother?). School books, navigation school books, ships logs and biographical note on John Davies and Grace Anna Lloyd who became his wife.
Acc.No: 3592   Date of material: 188s onwards   Extent: 14 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Penbryn Tithe Apportionment (Ref: TM Penbryn)
Parish copy of the tithe apportionment schedule for the parish of Penbryn.

Acc.No: 3591   Date of material: 1838   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ysgol Feithrin Llanon (Ref: DB/109)
Cofnodion Ysgol Feithrin Llanon a'r Cylch / Records of Llanon nursery school
Acc.No: 3590   Date of material: 1972-2002   Extent:    Access: Possible DP issues Not yet in the catalogue

Books by / llyfrau gan John Ceredig Davies (Ref: ADX/1574)
Books by / llyfrau gan John Ceredig Davies
   1. Aberystwyth Lodge no. 1072: History 1865-2015 (history of the Aberystwyth masonic lodge on its 150th anniversary). 2016
   2. Y Gors / New Cross by/gan 'John Tyddyn Parc' (i.e. John Ceredig Davies). 2009

Acc.No: 3589   Date of material: 2009 & 2016   Extent: 2 gyfrol / volumes   Access: Agored/open Show catalogue(ADX/1574) 

Moods of Cardigan Bay (Ref: ADX/1573)
Book of photographs: Moods of Cardigan Bay by Nick Jenkins. Halsgrove, 2006
Acc.No: 3588   Date of material: 2006   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1573) 

Llyfrau o ddiddordeb lleol / Books of local interest (Ref: ADX/1572)
1. Mynydd Bach - Ei Hanes - Its History, gol./ed. Eirian Jones. Cymdeithas Hanes Blaenpennal 2013
   2. The Book of Aber, Craig Kirkwood, 2015
   3. Ymlaen a'r Sioe: Y Cardi a'r Sioe Frenhinol / On with the Show: The Cardi at the Royal Welsh, Charles Arch and Lyn Ebenezer, 2010
   4. Llwybr Llaethog Llundain: Busnesau Llaeth y Cardis yn y Ddinas, Megan Hayes, 2014
   5. O graig i graig, J. E. Davies, 1991
   6. Byw yn y Wlad: y ffotograffydd yng nghefn gwlad 1850-2010 / Life in the Countryside: the photographer in rural Wales 1850-2010, Gwyn Jenkins, 2010
   7. Capeli Cymru, D. Huw Owen, 2005
   8. Capeli / Chapels, Tim Rushton, 2012

Acc.No: 3587   Date of material: 1991-2015   Extent: 8 cyfrol/volumes   Access: Agored/Open Show catalogue(ADX/1572) 

Various items (Ref: ADX/1445 further records; ADX/1571; DSO/103)
ADX/1445: Various local ephemera and other items collected by the donor
   DSO/103: Cymdeithas Cymuned Llanddeiniol Community Association
   ADX/1571: Letters to Mrs. J. E. Rawlins, 1920s
   Political ephemera (assigned to existing collections)

Acc.No: 3586   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberaeron County Court (Ref: CYC/1-2)
Ledger of cases heard at Aberaeron County Court
   Printed calendar for courts for January to December 1912 (circuit 31, encompassing Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, southern part of Cardiganshire, and the District of Neath in Glamorganshire.

Acc.No: 3585   Date of material: 1875-1890   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CYC/1) 

John Davies, London House, Aberaeron, Draper and Grocer (Ref: DB/108)
7 ledgers of insurance policies issued by John Davies as broker, 1880s-1900s
   Photocopy of photograph of John Davies and his family, c. 1900

Acc.No: 3584   Date of material: 1880s-1900s   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Business ledger (Ref: DB/107)
Business ledger, probably of ?T & J Davies, Gwelfor House, Aberaeron, ?Ironmonger, recording credit accounts and moneys due to be paid.
Acc.No: 3583   Date of material: 1878-1879   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/107) 

John Roberts, Draper, Manchester House, Aberaeron (Ref: DB/72 addl)
John Roberts, Draper, (Manchester House, Aberaeron)
   1. Shop ledger recording transactions, deliveries and returns 1890-1900
   2. Shop ledger recording daily takings 1907-1931

Acc.No: 3582   Date of material: 1890-1931   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs (Ref: DLJ (further records))
   1. Son of Benjamin Evans (overpainted to resemble an oil painting)
   2. Aberaeron schoolchildren dressed as gypsies
   3. Felinfach schoolchildren
   4. Aberaeron Celebration of the Relief of Mafeking (May 1900) by Arthur Squibbs of New Quay

Acc.No: 3581   Date of material: Victorian   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Bethel 1803-2003 (Ref: ANC/80)
Llyfr/book: 'Bethel 1803-2003', cyhoeddwyd gan Bwyllgor Dathlu 200 Eglwys Bethel (Talybont) ac yn cynnwys hanes y capel.
Acc.No: 3580   Date of material: 2003   Extent: 1 gyfrol/volume   Access: Agored/open Show catalogue(ANC/80) 

Political ephemera relating to the general election on 8 June 2017 (Ref: ADX/1570)
Leaflets, posters and other ephemera relating to the UK general election on 8 June 2017
Acc.No: 3579   Date of material: 2017   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Political ephemera relating to the local elections in May 2017 (Ref: ADX/1569)
Leaflets, flyers and other political ephemera relating to the local elections held in May 2017
Acc.No: 3578   Date of material: 2017   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Wedding photograph (Ref: ABY/X (final number TBC))
Mounted Edwardian period group photograph of wedding guests and the bride and groom outside Awelfor, Cliff Terrace, Aberystwyth.
   Part of the Aberystwyth Yesterday (ABY) collection which had become separated from the main collection and was found in a junk shop in Machynlleth

Acc.No: 3577   Date of material: 1910s   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cofnodion Pwyllgorau Rhanbarth Ceredigion Merched y Wawr (Ref: DSO/34)
Cofnodion Pwyllgorau Rhanbarth Ceredigion Merched y Wawr
Acc.No: 3576   Date of material: 2004-2013   Extent: 1 file   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Memoirs about Penllwyn (Ref: ADX/1568)
Three short memoirs about Penllwyn by Ieuan Felix
   1. Y Mochyn a'r Dyn Hysbus / The Pig and the Conjuror
   2. Electricity Arrives to Parts of Penllwyn Village Ceredigion
   3. Piped Water arrives in Melindwr Terrace, Dolypandy and as far as Maesbangor Farm in Penllwyn Ceredigion around 1926

Acc.No: 3575   Date of material: 2017 but relates events in the 1920s   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1568) 

Card by Muriel Delahaye (Ref: ADX/1567)
Greetings card with a painting by Borth-based artist Muriel Delahaye. Biographical note on reverse.
   Inscribed with birthday wishes to the depositor.

Acc.No: 3574   Date of material: c. 2014   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1567) 

Aberystwyth Post Office consultation (Ref: ADX/1566)
Circular letter from the Post Office to its Aberystwyth customers about the proposed (and eventually effected) closure of Aberystwyth's Crown Post Office and its replacement by a branch to be located in WH Smiths in Terrace Road.
Acc.No: 3573   Date of material: 2016   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1566) 

Grapevine (Ref: ADX/1565)
Magazine: Grapevine: Digwyddiadau, newyddion a barn Llambed bob mis / Lampeter's events news and views monthly.
   Mawrth/March 2014

Acc.No: 3572   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 item   Access: Agored/open Show catalogue(ADX/1565) 

Llyfr am / Book about Lewis Morris (Ref: ADX/1564)
Llyfr/book: Y Llew a'i Deulu: Hanes Lewis Morris yng Ngheredigion gan/by Tegwyn Jones. Y Lolfa 1982.
Acc.No: 3571   Date of material: 1982   Extent: 1 cyfrol / volume   Access: Agored / open Show catalogue(ADX/1564) 

Lampeter Boys' School (Ref: ADX/1563)
Group photograph of pupils of the Lampeter Boys' School ('Group III') outside what appears to be the school building, flanked by a man holding a baby and a woman, presumably the schoolmaster and his wife, whose clothing suggests early 20th century or slightly earlier date. Photograph is by Thomas Rees, Ninant, Maesycrugiau.
Acc.No: 3570   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1563) 

Research on the Hughes families of Llanbadarn Fawr (Ref: ADX/1562)
Depositor's research on the Hughes families of wool weavers of Llanbadarn Fawr, plus covering letter (not to be produced)
Acc.No: 3569   Date of material: 2017   Extent: 2 items   Access: As above Not yet in the catalogue

Apprenticeship indenture (Ref: ADX/1561)
Parchment apprenticeship indenture of William Bland of Poplar Row, Aberystwyth who is to be apprenticed to Messrs. J & J Gibson of Terrace Road and 26 North Parade, Aberystwyth, to be taught Printing and Machining.
Acc.No: 3568   Date of material: 1901   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1561) 

Ysgol Cwmpadarn School - further records (Ref: CDC/ED/22)
Photographs of Llanbadarn fawr (later Cwmpadarn) pupils
   Folder of material received from Ceredigion Museum relating to the history of Llanbadarn Fawr, assembled following a visit by Michael Freeman, then Curator of Ceredigion Museum, to the school.

Acc.No: 3567   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Notes and Images from Margot James collection (Ref: ADX/1560)
Notes and Images from Margot James collection:

Acc.No: 3566   Date of material: 2017   Extent: 2 cds   Access: Can be used for personal research Not yet in the catalogue

Welsh and other ballads and ephemera (Ref: DLJ (further records))
Large volume containing ballads, poems and other printed pamphlets and ephemera collected by the donor
Acc.No: 3565   Date of material:    Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cilcennin School Board (Ref: 146aa, 146ab)
Minute books of the Cilcennin School Board
   1. 1875-1891 (146aa)
   2. 1891-1902 (146ab)

Acc.No: 3564   Date of material: 1875-1902   Extent: 2 vols.   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Further records of Ceredigion W. I. (Ref: D/WI)
Annual report forms for individual branches (two series, old and newer)
Acc.No: 3563   Date of material: 1930-2000   Extent: 14 boxes   Access: open, may be some DP issues Not yet in the catalogue

Aberbanc Primary School attendance registers (sampled) (Ref: ABB/AR)
Aberbanc Primary School (closed 2016) attendance registers
   Sample retained: the earliest registers (1975) and thereafter 1980, 1990, 2000, 2005.

Acc.No: 3562   Date of material: 1975-2005   Extent: 10 items   Access: Closed for 100 years Not yet in the catalogue

Eleanor (Ella) Thomas of 37 Bridge St. Lampeter (Ref: MUS/453)
Documents relating to Mrs Eleanor (Ella) Thomas (formerly Davies) of 37 Bridge St. Lampeter
Acc.No: 3561   Date of material:    Extent: 1 box   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs and ephemera (Ref: MUS/452)
Photographs and ephemera
Acc.No: 3560   Date of material: early-mid 20th c   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

JM Davies headed invoices pad (Ref: MUS/451)
Headed invoices paper for John M. Davies, Maelota House, 1, Francis Street, New Quay, 'Family Grocer, Cheese and Butter Merchant'. Some annotations and doodles.
Acc.No: 3559   Date of material: 1910s   Extent: 5 ff   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Notes re statues of Edward VIII (Ref: MUS/450)
Research on public sculptures depicting Edward VIII (there is a rare statue of the monarch in Aberystwyth)
Acc.No: 3558   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth and Cardiganshire holiday ephemera 1932 (Ref: ADX/1559)
Aberystwyth and Cardiganshire tourism ephemera from the 1932 holiday of Mr & Mrs Maurice Risdale of Wetherby Yorkshire. The Risdales appear to have stayed at 8 Marine Terrace for their holiday
Acc.No: 3557   Date of material: 1931-1932   Extent: 1 bundle   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Material relating to Thomas Bushell and the Aberystwyth Mint (Ref: MUS/198)
Photocopies of printed material relating to Thomas Bushell and the Aberystwyth Mint
Acc.No: 3556   Date of material: Originally 18th - 20th century. Copies 1988   Extent: 3 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Newspaper articles on the Whitland and Cardigan Railway (Ref: MUS/427)
Newspaper articles on the Whitland and Cardigan Railway by Donald Davies, originally in the Cardigan & Teifyside Advertiser
Acc.No: 3555   Date of material: 1986   Extent: 4 items   Access: open (but please note, includes depositor letter with address ) Not yet in the catalogue

Notes relating to Pwll Caradoc at Ty'n -y-Graig (Ref: MUS/409)
Photocopies of extracts from a variety of sources all relating to the waterfall and Pwll Caradoc at Tyn-y-Graig, Ceredigion
Acc.No: 3554   Date of material: 19th -20th century, Collected 1987   Extent: 5 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Wallpaper samples (Ref: MUS/408)
Two wallpaper samples, no provenance no date but probably dating from first quarter of the twentieth century ( ex Museum Collection )
Acc.No: 3553   Date of material: c.1920 ?   Extent: 2 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Clergy induction at Llangorwen (Ref: EC/10)
Group photograph of induction at Llangorwen c. 1934, depicting clergymen with Bishop Prosser in the centre. Also sheet identifying most of those present. Photograph by Pickford of Aberystwyth.
Acc.No: 3552   Date of material: 1934   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(EC/10) 

Aberystwyth Official Guide & Souvenir reprint (Ref: CSC/RO/2)
1. Proof copy (version 1) of the Aberystwyth Official Guide and Souvenir facsimile reprint by Ceredigion Archives, part of Explore Your Archives 2015 campaign.
   2. Final version of the reprint (2nd edition)

Acc.No: 3551   Date of material: 1924; 2015   Extent: 2 vols   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/RO/2) 

Blaenpant Estate plans (Ref: ADX/1558)
1. Plan of Blaenpant Estate taken from sales particulars dated 4 July 1914. Very poor condition.
   2-3. Canvas-backed map in two parts of Llandygwydd parish, composed of OS County Series 25'' maps and therefore very large. Original maps were produced c. 1905

Acc.No: 3550   Date of material: Early 20th c   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1558) 

Aber Prom file and Aberystwyth ephemera (Ref: ADX/1478 addl.)
File containing the manuscript (typed), working notes, and illustrations of Aber Prom
   Ephemera relating to Aberystwyth - further items (possibly sources used when writing Aber Prom).

Acc.No: 3549   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file & 1 box   Access: Some DP issues Not yet in the catalogue

New Quay Town Council / Cyngor Tref Ceinewydd (Ref: NQT/1)
Records of New Quay Town Council / Cofnodion Cyngor Tref Ceinewydd
   1. Minutes/Cofnodion 1996-2001

Acc.No: 3548   Date of material: 1996-2001   Extent: 1 file (might accru)   Access: Open / Agored Show catalogue(NQT/1) 

Slides, reels 35mm film re mining & geography (Ref: WJL addl.)
Slides, reels, tapes, 35mm film re mining & geography
Acc.No: 3547   Date of material:    Extent: 1 box   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

The Thomas shipping family of Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1557)
Papers relating to the Thomas maritime family of Aberystwyth.
Acc.No: 3546   Date of material: 19th c   Extent:    Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Adroddiadau Hen Gapel Aberporth reports (Ref: ANC/79)
Adroddiadau Hen Gapel Aberporth reports 1968-2006 (some gaps)
   Deunydd arall / Other material

Acc.No: 3545   Date of material: 1954, 1968-2006   Extent:    Access: Agored/open Not yet in the catalogue

Recorded music by local orchestras and choirs (Ref: CMS/11)
11 CD-ROMS containing recordings of Ceredigion-based youth orchestras and choirs, and one emptry CD case.
Acc.No: 3544   Date of material: 2000-2004 approx.   Extent: 12 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Queen's Road Bowling Club & Ceredigion County Bowling Association (Ref: DSO/163; DSO/19 addl)
DSO/163: Queen's Road Bowling Club (Aberystwyth) handbooks 2010-2016
   DSO/19 additional: Ceredigion County Bowling Association Yearbooks 2012 & 2014

Acc.No: 3543   Date of material: 2012-2015   Extent: 6 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Article about St. Winefride's Catholic Church, Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1018/8)
8. "Save St. Winefride's! : David Gorman on a Catholic crisis in Wales and an historic occasion for the Traditional Mass' published in ‘Mass of Ages’, Number 190, Winter 2016, the quarterly publication of the Latin Mass Society.
Acc.No: 3542   Date of material: 2016   Extent: 1 sheet of paper   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Three copy photographs (Ref: ADX/1556)
Three copy photographs. These appear to be colour photocopes of older prints.
   1. R.Ellis , The Creamery, depicting shop-front with staff. N.d. c.1925
   2.Victorious Billiard Team. Players gathered round enormous shield, inscription illegible.
   3. Spectacled gentleman in three piece suit in front of wedding cake.

Acc.No: 3541   Date of material: Modern. Original photographs 1920-1950   Extent: 3 items   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1556) 

Research on Thomas Rees Warrington, a soldier of the First World War (Ref: ADX/1555)
Research on Thomas Rees Warrington, South Wales Borderers, from Aberystwyth, who served in the First World war and died 22nd February 1916. Researched by the depositor , Paul Beer
Acc.No: 3540   Date of material: modern   Extent: 1 file   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Documents relating to Llangrannog and the village of Pontagarreg. (Ref: ADX/1554)
Documents relating to Llangrannog and the village of Pontagarreg.
   1. Supplemental Valuation List for the parish of Llangrannog 19 February 1897
   2. Sale catalogue of properties on the Pentre Estate within the parishes of Llangrannog and Llandissiliogogo 14 July 1903
   3.Gestetner paper (mostly blank sheets) retained as an example of early document copying technology.
   4. Cardiff Technical College, Department of Navigation exercise book containing worked examples for [John Oberlyn] Ceri Owen 1943-44.

Acc.No: 3538   Date of material: 1897-1944   Extent: 4 items   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1554) 

Copy photographs of events in Goginan (Ref: ADX/1553)
Copy photographs of events in Goginan.
   Group photo of Goginan residents who celebrated the coronation of George VI on 15 May 1937. With list of names and identification key (two copies and one enlargement)
   Photo of Cor Cymysg Goginan (Goginan Mixed Choir ) n.d. but c. 1955

Acc.No: 3537   Date of material: modern copies of material 1937 and c.1955   Extent: 5 items   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1553) 

Some Family Records & Pedigrees of the Lloyds by Lucy Ellen Lloyd Theakston (Ref: ADX/1552)
Some Family Records & Pedigrees of the Lloyds of Allt yr Odyn, Castell Hywel, Ffos Y Bleiddiaid, Gilfach Wen, Llanllyr, and Waun Ifor edited by Lucy Ellen Lloyd Theakston and John Davies. Originally published Oxford by Fox, Jones and Company 1913 but this copy a print-to-order modern facsimile from Nabu Public Domain Reprint of USA
Acc.No: 3536   Date of material: Originally 1913, modern facsimile reprint   Extent: I volume   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1552) 

Parish Magazines from the Llanddeiniol, Llanrhystud and Llansantffraed group of churches and Llanrhystud parish church noticesheets (Ref: EC/9)
Parish Magazines from the Llanddeiniol, Llanrhystud and Llansantffraed group of churches and Llanrhystud parish church noticesheets
Acc.No: 3535   Date of material: 2009-2010 ( incomplete set)   Extent: 28 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Rhiannon jewellery shop catalogue (Ref: DB/106)
Catalogue from Tregaron and Aberystwyth jewellery business Rhiannon with introduction, colour illustrations and price list.
Acc.No: 3534   Date of material: 2016   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(DB/106) 

Two articles on George Powell of Nanteos by Harry Heuser (Ref: ADX/1551)
Two articles on George Powell of Nanteos by Harry Heuser
   "Bigotry and Virtue : George Powell and the question of legacy" from New Welsh Reader publ. December 2015
   "Please don't whip me this time : The Passions of George Powell of Nanteos" from Queer Wales publ. June 2016

Acc.No: 3533   Date of material: 2015-2016   Extent: 2 items   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1551) 

Articles about Crosville motor bus services and other vehicle history in Cardiganshire by Anthony Moyes (Ref: ADX/1550)
Articles by Cardiganshire and Ceredigion public road transport expert Anthony Moyes
Acc.No: 3532   Date of material: c.2000 - 2010   Extent: 1 folder   Access: open ( previously published in some instances ) Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth shop receipts (Ref: ADX/1549)
Aberystwyth shop receipts : this selection of receipts has been retained to provide evidence of businesses and prices. It is not an archive as such.
Acc.No: 3531   Date of material: 1976-2001   Extent: 1 bundle   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

WI Centenary Yearbook (Ref: D/WI)
Centenary yearbook 2015, Sefydliad y Merched Ceredigion Federation of WIs Women's Institute, 2015
   2 copies

Acc.No: 3530   Date of material: 2015   Extent: 2 vols   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Further items relating to Llanilar Women's Institute (Ref: D/WI/LIR)
Small blue photo album of WI events , newspaper cuttings and ephemera, DVD Hong Kong and Melbourne, WI Life Magazine 100 years. Funeral of Marilyn Coleman and tribute by Stuart Coleman
Acc.No: 3529   Date of material: 2007 - 2014   Extent: 1 envelope of items   Access: Open ? Not yet in the catalogue

Souvenir programme of the Royal visit to Aberystwyth July 1937 (Ref: ADX/1548)
Souvenir programme of the visit of the King ( Edward VI) and Queen to Aberystwyth 15th July 1937 to open the National Library of Wales
Acc.No: 3528   Date of material: 1937   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1548) 

Photograph of Clergy Study Circle Llanbadarn Fawr Rural Deanery 1929-30 (Ref: EC/8)
Photograph of Clergy Study Circle Llanbadarn Fawr Rural Deanery 1929-30
Acc.No: 3527   Date of material: 1930   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(EC/8) 

Medal and chain of office for NALGO Cardiganshire (Ref: DSO/162)
Medal and chain of office for NALGO (National and Local Government Officers' Association) Cardiganshire, with ribbon and the names of nine of the people who acted as Chair
Acc.No: 3526   Date of material: 1974-1982   Extent: 1item in box   Access: open Show catalogue(DSO/162) 

Conveyance of two dwelling houses in Bridge Street Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1547)
Conveyance of two dwelling houses in Bridge Street Aberystwyth : a sale between Revd. W.H. Sinnett and the trustes of his life estate and Mr David Williams
Acc.No: 3525   Date of material: 2nd February 1885   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Photograph of Borth carnival (Ref: ADX/1546)
Photograph of Borth carnival crowd taken outside the Cambrian Hotel (latterly Pantyfedwen) . Many in fancy dress.
Acc.No: 3524   Date of material: n.d. c. 1950 ?   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1546) 

Photograph of UCW Aberystwyth French Department staff and students 1946 (Ref: ADX/1545)
Photograph of UCW Aberystwyth French Department staff and students 1946 - the identities of some of the sitters shown on back of the photograph
Acc.No: 3523   Date of material: 1946   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1545) 

Letters, telegrams and postcards relating to the military career of Griffith George Davies (Ref: ADX/1544)
Letters, telegrams and postcards relating to the military career of Griffith George Davies, Royal Artillery who was imprisoned in Java during the second world war.
Acc.No: 3522   Date of material: 1942-1945   Extent: 9 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Ticket for Grand Charity Football Match between Cardiganshire County Council and Cardiganshire Police Force (Ref: ADX/1543)
Ticket for Grand Charity Football Match between "County Council Administrative" and Cardiganshire Police on Park Avenue Ground . Admission 6d
Acc.No: 3521   Date of material: 20 April 1938   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1543) 

Movement of Animals Book (Ref: ADX/ 1542)
The book concerns the Movement of Animals (Records ) Order of 1925 and relates to D. Evans, Cwmere, Talybont. The book records the transfer of sheep and cattle from the farm
Acc.No: 3520   Date of material: 1939-1969   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1542) 

Railway Plan & Photograph ( Sheep Dog Trial Officials) (Ref: ADX/1541)
1. East and West Wales Railway Plans and Sections 1898 by G. Croydon Marks and Ridley Henderson. Marked 'Parish of Llanilar'
   2. Photograph of the officials and committee of the Penuwch and District Sheep Dog Trials, Thursday August 25th 1927. Photograph by A James of Lampeter

Acc.No: 3519   Date of material: 1898 & 1927   Extent: 2 items   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1541) 

Photograph of the Wednesday Shop Assistants Football Club 1898/9 (Ref: ADX/1540)
Photograph of the Wednesday Shop Assistants Football Club probably 1895/6 or 1898/9. The photograph is by H.H.Davies of Pier Street Aberystwyth and is accompanied by an identification guide to the sitters written at a later date. Amongst the 'boys' is Alfred Noyes the poet.
Acc.No: 3518   Date of material: Late nineteenth century and later notes   Extent: 2 items   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1540) 

GPO (General Post Office) wedding telegram (Ref: ADX/1539)
GPO ( General Post Office ) congratulatory wedding telegram to Mr & Mrs Green of 33 Glanyrafon terrace Aberystwyth from Eileen
Acc.No: 3517   Date of material: 15 July 1942   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1539) 

Llyfrau gan / books by Gerwyn Morgan (Ref: ADX/1538)
1. Beulah: The story of a Ceredigion village and its people. Aberteifi, 2016. Signed copy.
   2. Beulah Remembers / Beulah yn cofio: 1914-18, 1939-45. Gerwyn Morgan 2015.

Acc.No: 3516   Date of material: 2015 & 2016   Extent: 2 gyfrol/vols.   Access: Agored/open Show catalogue(ADX/1538) 

Aberbanc Ein Bore Bach (Ref: ADX/1537)
Llyfr/Book: Aberbanc Ein Bore Bach: Ysgol Cynradd Aberbanc 1848-2016 [History of Aberbanc Primary School which closed in 2016]. Cymdeithas Cyn-ddisgyblion Ysgol Gynradd Aberbanc, 2016
Acc.No: 3515   Date of material: 2016   Extent: 1 cyfrol/volume   Access: Agored/Open Show catalogue(ADX/1537) 

Records of Aberbanc Primary School (Ref: ABB)
Records of Aberbanc Primary School: log books, admissions register, stocks and stores books and other.The school closed in 2016.
Acc.No: 3514   Date of material: 1897-2016   Extent:    Access: Restricted Not yet in the catalogue

Further items from Ceredigion Libraries (Ref: LIB)
Box of archival material which used to form part of the local history collections in Ceredigion Libraries
Acc.No: 3513   Date of material: 19th & 20th c.   Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Copy tithe map, Dihewyd parish (Ref: ADX/1536)
Colour copy of the diocesan copy of Dihewyd tithe map and schedule.
   Copy was made by the NLW from the map held there and given to Ceredigion Archives in the course of the Pint of History project.

Acc.No: 3512   Date of material: 1845 [copied 2017]   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1536) 

New bridge at Llanychaiarn (Ref: ADX/1535)
'Agreement for Building a bridge at the South end of Llanychaiarn Bridge on the River Ystwith'
   Thomas Williams and The Reverend Richard Evans with Evan Charles
   Contains a Plan of the bridge and a Specification of Works dated 30 January 1823, and the Articles of Agreement, dated 1 Febryuary 1823

Acc.No: 3511   Date of material: 1823   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1535) 

Planning registers (Ref: CSC/PL)
Planning registers
Acc.No: 3510   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: TBC Not yet in the catalogue

Coroner's Records - Ceredigion. (Ref: TCR/2)
Coroner's records for Ceredigion : 1977 to 1996 but apparently lacking 1979.
Acc.No: 3509   Date of material: 1977 - 1996   Extent: 23 boxes/ 7 metre   Access: Closed, contents available to appropriate parties via Coroner's office Not yet in the catalogue

Football match programmes (Ref: ADX/1534)
Football match programmes
Acc.No: 3508   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Postcard of Pantyfedwen, Borth (Ref: ADX/1533)
Colour postcard (J. Arthur Dixon, no. Wales 7394) depicting Pantyfedwen, Borth. The caption reads: 'College of Librarianship, Wales - the Hostel, Aberystwyth. Originally built as an hotel, Pantyfedwen was donated to the Welsh League of Youth by Sir David James. During the winter months it is used as a Hall of Residence by the College of Librarianship Wales'
Acc.No: 3507   Date of material: c. 1950s   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Postcard of Aberystwyth Pier pavillion (Ref: ADX/1532)
B/W postcard depicting the interior of the Pier Pavillion in Aberystwyth c. 1920s.
Acc.No: 3506   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cambrian News Staff Outing and Ardwyn Old Pupils' Association first Victory welome home dinner and dance invitation (Ref: ADX/1531)
1. "The Cambrian News" staff outing to Birmingham June 7th 1947
   2. Invitation of Mr T. Nepaulin Jones to the Ardwyn Old Pupils' Association first Victory welome home dinner and dance Friday 7th June 1946

Acc.No: 3505   Date of material: 1946, 1947   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

World War II greetings cards (Ref: ADX/1530)
Two World War II greeting cards from France. Field Service Postcard [not filled in]. From Gwynfrun Jones, Storws (Store House), Ysbyty Ystwyth.
Acc.No: 3504   Date of material: 1940s   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Church and chapel marriage registers (Ref: )
Church and chapel marriage registers
   Established Church
   PR/NAN/7: Nancwnlle (one entry only, dated 1984)
   PR/BRG/7: Brongwyn 1971-2011
   PR/BRG/8: Brongwyn (one entry only, dated 2012)
   PR/LDY/12: Llandysul 1978-1987
   PR/LDG/12: Llandygwydd 1973-1986 (three entries only)
   ANC/14/2: Horeb Baptist Chapel, Penrhyncoch 1998-2007
   Blaencefn Chapel, Ferwig (Calvinistic Methodist) 1976-2001 [to be transferred to the NLW]

Acc.No: 3503   Date of material: 1971-2011   Extent: 7 vols   Access: To be confirmed Show catalogue(ANC/14) 

Slides of local interest (Ref: ADX/1529)
Two boxes of slides of local interest
Acc.No: 3502   Date of material:    Extent: 2 boxes   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Family memorabilia (Ref: ADX/1528)
Miscellaneous family memorabilia, incl. recipes, postcards, letters, a hymn book, several publications relating to the Siloh chapel in Aberystwyth, etc.
Acc.No: 3501   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Lampeter: Register of Marriages (Ref: ANC/78)
1. Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Lampeter: Register of Marriages no. 1. Contains one entry only (in 2005) after which it was cancelled because the trustees of the above Church no longer wished to have the building licensed for marriages. One copy of the register was forwarded to the Superintendent Registrar for Ceredigion, the other to Ceredigion Archives.
Acc.No: 3500   Date of material: 2005   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth & District Civic Society - further records (Ref: DSO/18 addl.)
Aberystwyth & District Civic Society - records relating to plaques in Aberystwyth (including photographs and a DVD)
Acc.No: 3499   Date of material:    Extent: 1 folder   Access: To be determined Not yet in the catalogue

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Aberystwyth (Ref: ANC/19 additional)
Architect's plans of the Friends' Meeting House in Penparcau, Aberystwyth indicating proposals to extend the existing building. Drawn by Lionel Curtis.
Acc.No: 3498   Date of material: 2001-2002   Extent: 10 items approx.   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Papers of Brigadier Lieut. Col. William MacLean (Ref: ADX/1527)
Papers of Brigadier Lieut. Col. William MacLean, some relating to his service in Egypt during WW2.
Acc.No: 3497   Date of material: 1940s   Extent: 16 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Probus Club, Aberystwyth - further records (Ref: DSO/16 addl.)
Further records of the Probus Club, contained in a ring binder:
   - Branch meeting minutes September 2006-March 2016
   - Annotated Branch photographs 2010 & 2013
   - Photograph of outing to Milford Haven
   - AGM minutes 2010-2015
   - Application forms & CVs of deceased members

Acc.No: 3496   Date of material: 2010-2016   Extent:    Access: Restricted Not yet in the catalogue

Rotary Club, Aberystwyth (Ref: DSO/161)
Records of the Aberystwyth Rotarians.
Acc.No: 3495   Date of material:    Extent: 3 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Rotary Club, Cardigan (Ref: DSO/160)
Records of the Cardigan branch of the Rotarians.
Acc.No: 3494   Date of material: 1969 onwards   Extent: 2 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Start the Clock and Cue the Band: A Life in Television (Ref: ADX/1526)
Book: Start the Clock and Cue the Band: A Life in Television by David Lloyd
   Published by Y Lolfa
   With author's dedication to staff of Ceredigion Archives

Acc.No: 3493   Date of material: 2015   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Tenancy agreement, Storehouse, Hafod Estate (Ref: ADX/1525)
Tenancy agreement and rent receipt, Storehouse, Hafod Uchtryd Estate
Acc.No: 3492   Date of material: 1901 & 1946   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1525) 

Horeb Chapel near Llandysul (Ref: ADX/1524)
Postcard photograph of Horeb Chapel before 1950 and demolition/replacement of chapel schoolroom with new vestry. Inscription on reverse: 'H.M. Davies / Capel Horeb fel ag yr oedd cyn 1950'
Acc.No: 3491   Date of material: pre-1950   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1524) 

Welsh elections (May 2016) and Euro referendum (June 2016) ephemera (Ref: ADX/1523)
2016 political ephemera, largely relating to the elections to the Welsh Assembly, election of the Police and Crime Commissioner, and the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union
Acc.No: 3490   Date of material: 2016   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Museum leaflets and ephemera (Ref: CSC/MUS/2)
Leaflets, posters, and other ephemera from Ceredigion Museum post-2013 reorganization of Ceredigion Council's departments and services. Some are in electronic format only.
Acc.No: 3489   Date of material: 2013 onward   Extent: accruing   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Concert programmes (Ref: ADX/1522)
Programmes for concerts:
   1. London Philharmonic Orchestra Tour of South Wales November-December 1963. Includes a performance at the King's Hall, Aberystwyth on 28 November 1963
   2. UCW Aberystwyth Dept. of Music Choral Society concert, King's Hall, Aberystwyth, 16 March 1964

Acc.No: 3488   Date of material: 1963-1964   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1522) 

Albums of ephemera associated with the office of Chair of Ceredigion District Council (Ref: ADX/1521)
Albums of photographs and ephemera associated with the office of Chair of Ceredigion District Council when it was held by Cllr. Mrs. Cecilia P. Barton
Acc.No: 3487   Date of material: 1975-1976   Extent: 3 albums   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs (Ref: ADX/1520)
Photographs depicting Forestry Commission work, mostly in Cardiganshire.
Acc.No: 3486   Date of material: 1940s-1970s   Extent: 48 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1520) 

Various items and ephemera (Ref: ADX/1519)
Various items and ephemera, mostly in electronic format (loaned for scanning)
   The physical items are:
   1. Pamphlet: The Student Movement, Welsh Localised Edition, October 1910 [refers to the student section of the Christian missionary movement]
   2-4. Three record sleeves, no date, possibly 1940s. Two are printed with 'Evered Davies & Son, 26 Pier Street, Aberystwyth'
   The electronic items are a selection of family ephemera mainly relating to Mr C White’s military career and his antique furniture business, but also incorporating letterheads, programmes and other items of interest.

Acc.No: 3485   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The Tranquilian Travellers (Ref: ADX/1518)
Book: The Tranquilian Travellers by Evan Yardley. Published by Repro2000, Aberystwyth. No date but author's handwritten dedication to 'Les' is dated 2000.
Acc.No: 3484   Date of material: c. 2000   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1518) 

Ysbyty Bronglais Hospital, Aberystwyth and chapel reports (Ref: DSO/159; ANC/76; ANC/77)
DSO/159/1. Llais, newsletter of Bronglais General Hospital
   1. Llais vol. 1 no. 1, August 1967
   2. Llais vol. 1 no. 3, December 1967
   3. Llais, January 1968
   4. Llais, February 1968
   5. Llais, March 1968
   6. Llais, April 1968
   7. Llais, May 1968
   8. Llais, June 1968
   9. Llais, July 1968
   10. Llais, August 1968
   11. Llais, September 1968
   12. Llais, October 1968
   13. Llais, November 2016
   14. Llais, January 1969
   15. Llais, March 1969
   16. Llais, April 1969
   17. Llais, May 1969
   18. Llais, June 1969
   19. Llais, August 1969
   20. Llais, September 1969
   21. Llais, October 1969
   22. Llais, November 1969
   23. Llais, February 1971
   24. Llais, March 1971
   25. Llais, April 1971
   26. Llais, July 1971
   27. Llais, September 1971
   DSO/159/2. Programme of official opening of the Bronglais Hospital post-graduate centre, nurse training unit and residential accommodation on 19 April 1973
   ANC/76/1. Eglwysi Annibynnol Bow Street a Borth: Adroddiad am y flwyddyn 1952
   ANC/76/2. Eglwysi Annibynnol Gogledd Ceredigion: Capel y Morfa, Borth, Adroddiad 1987
   ANC/77. Eglwys Rehoboth Taliesin (Methodistiaid Calfinaidd): Adroddiad am 1989

Acc.No: 3483   Date of material: 1967-1973   Extent: 28 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Llanddeiniol tithe map and schedule (Ref: TM Llanddeiniol)
Llanddeiniol tithe map and schedule
Acc.No: 3482   Date of material: 1840   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Llancynfelin (Taliesin) School records (Ref: LCY)
Records of Llancynfelin School deposited after it closed in 2016
   Logbook 1976-1995 - LCY/5
   Logbook 1995-2008 - LCY/6
   Admissions Register 1954-2009 - LCY/R/2
   Summary Register 1987-1992 - LCY/SR/1

Acc.No: 3481   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Cwmpadarn Primary School records (Ref: CDC/ED/22 additional)
Records of the Cwmpadarn Primary School, Llanbadarn Fawr, deposited after the school closed in 2016.
   Includes material relating to the process of closure, governors' records, headteacher's reports, policy booklets etc., as well as albums of photographs and a commemorative plate.
   Also arrived with the above, the Padarn Cup and its wooden display case.

Acc.No: 3480   Date of material:    Extent: 4 boxes & 1 case   Access: TBC Not yet in the catalogue

Various school records (Ref: CSC/ED/27; POS; LDY; CDC/ED/44; CDC/ED/45)
Further records of several primary schools: Pontsian, Llandysul, Coedybryn.
   CBL/2: Coedybryn School logbook 1931-2000, 2016
   CBL/R/2: Coedybryn School Admissions register 1921-1968
   CBL/R/3: Coedybryn School Admissions register 1971-2014
   CSC/ED/27: Coedybryn School, photograph albums, yearbooks, etc.
   POS/2: Pontsian School logbook 1914-1972
   POS/3: Pontsian School logbook 1972-1993
   POS/4: Pontsian School logbook 1993-2006
   POS/5: Pontsian School logbook 2006-2015
   POS/R/2: Pontsian School, admissions register 1962-2016 (overlaps with previous one).
   POS/SR/ - Pontsian School, summary registers
   2. 1958-63
   2. 1963-68
   3. 1968-73
   4. 1974-78
   5. 1978-83
   6. 1983-87
   POS/AR: Pontsian School attendance registers x 9 (sampled):
   1. Form 1, standards 5-7, 1945/46
   2. Form 2, 1945/46
   3. Form 2, 1946/47
   4. Form 1, standards 4-7, 1948/49
   5. Form ?, 1949/50
   6. Form 1, 1950/51
   7. Forms 2, 3, 4, 1951/52
   8. Forms 2, 3, 4, 1964/65
   9. Forms 2, 3, 4, 1975/76
   POS/X: Pontsian school, other records:
   1. Stocks and Stores Book 1902-23
   2. Stocks and Stores Book 1931-50
   3. Stocks and Stores Book 1951-70
   4. Weekly Return of school meals, 1974-75
   CDC/ED/44: Misc. records relating to Pontsian School.
   CDC/ED/45: Llandysul Teachers' Centre / Canolfan Athrawon Cylch Llandysul, minutes book 1971-79.
   Llandysul School (British, then Council) logbooks
   LDY/C/1: 1867-1911
   LDY/C/2: 1911-1975

Acc.No: 3479   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Restricted (100 years) Not yet in the catalogue

Newspaper cuttings' book concerned with the Wheatley family of Evesham, Cheltenham and Aberystwyth (Ref: DB/105)
Cuttings relating to the businesses and careers of members of the Wheatley family of Aberystwyth, Cheltenham and Evesham. The family's main premises were at London House Evesham; W.K. Wheatley and sons also had premises in Terrace Road Aberystwyth selling pianos & other instruments. The business was regularly promoted by performances including Wheatley's String Band. W.R. Wheatley was a pianist & organist, giving recitals in Aberystwyth . W.K. Wheatley was attached as organist to the Congregational Church in Portland Street.. Miss Wheatley sang in concerts.
Acc.No: 3478   Date of material: 1880 - 1911   Extent: 1item   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Penfoel Bird and Animal Hospital (Ref: DSO/158)
Records of the Penfoel Bird and Animal Hospital.
Acc.No: 3477   Date of material: 1970s onward   Extent:    Access: Some DP restrictions Not yet in the catalogue

Celtic Conference Report (Ref: ADX/1517)
1. The Celtic Conference 1917: Report of the Meetings held at Birkenhead, Sept. 3-5.
   2. [inside the above] Letter, in Welsh, on the Welsh Book Co., Liverpool headed notepaper from JR Morris, one of the proprietors, to the Revd. Creigfryn Jones.

Acc.No: 3476   Date of material: 1917   Extent: 1 vol & 1 f.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1517) 

Efrydiau Catholig (Ref: ADX/1516)
2 rifyn o gylchgrawn 'Efrydiau Catholig' a gyhoeddwyd yn Aberystwyth
   1. Cyfrol 1 (1946)
   2. Cyfrol 2 (1947)

Acc.No: 3475   Date of material: 1946-1947   Extent: 2 gyfrol   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ADX/1516) 

London dairies images on CD-ROM (Ref: ADX/1515)
CD-ROM of digital images from old photographs of Cardiganshire Welsh milk businesses, some used in the book 'The London Milk Trail'. Also printed list of captions relating to images in the book and on the disc.
   The original images appear to be mostly form the 1930s.

Acc.No: 3474   Date of material:    Extent: 1 disc and 3 ff.   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Booklet about Aberystwyth Castle (Ref: ADX/1514)
A Chronological Summary of the chief events in the history of the Castle of Aberystwyth compiled by a member of the Aberystwyth Town Council, for the sole benefit of John Davies, the one-armed Labourer employed by the Town to clean the Castle Walks and preserve the Ruins.
   Third edition, printed in Aberystwyth by E. Williams & Son, Bridge Street.

Acc.No: 3473   Date of material: 1853   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1514) 

Aberystwyth & District Civic Society (further records) (Ref: DSO/18/12-)
Records of the Aberystwyth & District Civic Society (mostly financial)
Acc.No: 3472   Date of material: 1978-2012 onwards   Extent: 1 box   Access: Some DP restrictions Not yet in the catalogue

Gair o'r Garn (Ref: ANC/37/3)
Cylchgrawn Capel y Garn (Methodistaidd Calfinaidd), Bow Street
   Cyfres newydd rhif 21 (Hydref 2012)
   Cyfres newydd rhif 32 (Haf 2015)
   Cyfres newydd rhif 34 (Calan 2016)
   Cyfres newydd rhif 37 (Hydref 2016)
   Cyfres newydd rhif 38 (Calan 2017)
   Cyfres newydd rhif 39 (Gwanwyn 2017)
   Cyfres newydd rhif 40 (Haf 2017)

Acc.No: 3471   Date of material:    Extent: accruing   Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire Constabulary (Ref: ADX/1513)
5 photographs printed as postcards (unsent except when indicated), and one large mounted photograph, of the officers of Cardiganshire Constabulary.
   1. Group photograph of twelve uniformed police officers and three men in civilian clothes (possibly retired officers?). Inscription on the back indicates that one of the uniformed men may be the Deputy Chief Evan Evans. The postcard was sent from Aberystwyth on 6 December 1930 to PC Jones at Llandysul Police Station by 'E.J.E.' (possibly the Deputy Chief Evan Evans)
   2. Group photograph of 25 police officers. Inscription on the back identifies three of them: back row, 4th from left is PC 39, William Jones; back row, end is PC Owen; middle row, 4th from left is Eben Jones, (brother of William, above). Photograph is by Culliford of Aberystwyth. No date.
   3. Group photograph of four police officers. Identified on the back as: 1st left - PC Dan... ; 2nd left - PC 39, William Jones. No date.
   4. Group photograph of approx. 74 police officers. PC 39, William Jones, in in the back row centre. No date.
   5. Photograph of 4 police officers outside Lloyd's Bank, possibly in Aberystwyth. PC Ishmael is third from left.
   6. Larger mounted photo of approx. 40 police officers, several identified in attached note. No date.

Acc.No: 3470   Date of material: 1st half of the 20th century   Extent: 5 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1513) 

The Ystwythian and The Ardwynian (Ref: ADX/1512)
Copies of the Aberystwyth County School Magazines
   1. The Ystwythian vol. 13 no. 1 (Michaelmas 1916)
   2. The Ystwythian vol. 13 no. 3 (Midsummer 1917)
   3. The Ardwynian vol. 25 no. 11 (February 1946)
   4. The Ardwynian vol. 25 no. 12 (July 1946)
   5. The Ardwynian, vol. 26 no. 1 (February 1947)

Acc.No: 3469   Date of material: 1916-1947   Extent: 5 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1512) 

Musica Cambrensis (Ref: DSO/157)
Records (minutes, correspondence, leaflets and misc.) relating to the setting up of an Aberystwyth-based chamber music orchestra. The director was to be Aneurin Huws (now a well-known actor). The venture was unsuccessful because it failed to secure Arts Council funding.
Acc.No: 3468   Date of material: 1980s   Extent: 2 files   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth Water Works ledger (Ref: AWW/1)
Ledger labelled 'Aberystwyth Water Works - Account of houses supplied 1837' recording streets and individuals to whom water was supplied, as well as locations of 'Public Pumps for the Poor'. The records start in 1837. Some streets were only added in 1865.
Acc.No: 3467   Date of material: 1837-1865 approx   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

William Henry Palmer (Ref: ADX/1511)
Photograph by Gyde of Aberystwyth of W. H. Palmer, proprietor of the Bellevue and the Queen's Hotels, Aberystwyth.
   [laminated copy of late19th/early20th century original]

Acc.No: 3466   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1511) 

Cardiganshire Constituency Labour Party (Ref: DSO/156)
Records of the Cardiganshire Constituency Labour Party
   1. Executive Committee minutes 1950-1957
   2. Executive Committee minutes 1966-1970

Acc.No: 3465   Date of material: 1950-1970   Extent: 2 vols   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/156) 

Cofnodion Merched y Wawr Cylch Teifi, Aberteifi [Cardigan] (Ref: DSO/33/9)
Cofnodion Merched y Wawr, Cylch Teifi (Aberteifi [Cardigan])
Acc.No: 3464   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

More items from the Museum (Ref: MUS)
Large transfer from Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum
Acc.No: 3463   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Papers of Meurig Jones (Ref: ADX/1510)
Papers of Meurig Jones (1904-1962), a geographer b. Brynaman (Carms.), including his UCW Aberystwyth Master's dissertation on the Teifi Valley drainage system.
   With biographical note from the depositor.

Acc.No: 3462   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1510) 

Pte. Morgan Jones, Monarch, Tregaron (Ref: ADX/1509)
Cerdd gan 'ei gyfaill' H. O. Edwards, Isfryn, Blaencaron, am Pte. Morgan Jones a fu farw Hydref 16eg 1915 yn y Rhyfel Mawr.
   [Poem commemorating Pte. Morgan Jones who died in the Great War]

Acc.No: 3461   Date of material: c. 1918   Extent: 1 eitem   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ADX/1509) 

Cwmystwyth Mine photograph (Ref: ADX/1508)
Modern copy of old photograph of the dressing mills at Cwmystwyth Mines. The buildings are disused and are falling into dereliction, with parts of the roof missing.
Acc.No: 3460   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1508) 

Dissertation on history of education in Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1507)
Carys E. Jones: Aspects of the recent history of primary education in Aberystwyth with selected educational documents
   With several inserts
   (BA thesis, Single Honours Education, UCW Aberystwyth 1970-71)

Acc.No: 3459   Date of material: 1971   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1507) 

Pte. Jacob Dilwyn Llewellyn (Ref: ADX/1506)
Photocopy of the wartime diary of Pte. Jacob Dilwyn Llewellyn, and 3 biographical notes. Originally of Garnant, Carmarthenshire, Llewellyn studied at Aberystwyth University from 1908. Later, he was a teacher at Kenyon College, near Manchester, Ackfield Grammar School, Surrey, and, finally, at Resolfen County School. He died at the Battle of the Selle in October 1918.
Acc.No: 3458   Date of material:    Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

General Election 2015 ephemera (Ref: ADX/1505)
Political ephemera from 2015, mostly relating to the General election on 7 May
Acc.No: 3457   Date of material: 2015   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Henllan marriages register (Ref: PR/HEN/6)
Register of marriages for the Henllan parish church of St. David's. Sent to Ceredigion Archives when the church closed in 2016. One entry only, dated 2000.
Acc.No: 3456   Date of material: 2000   Extent: 1 vol   Access:  Show catalogue(PR/HEN) 

The Ceredigion Herald (Ref: TCH)
The Ceredigion Herald - The New Weekly Newspaper for the County of Ceredigion
   First issue was published on 1 April 2016.

Acc.No: 3455   Date of material: 2016   Extent: 1 item but see note   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Eisteddfod Tregroes (Ref: D/EIS/17)
Testunau ac eitemau eraill yn gysylltiedig i Esteddfod Tregroes ym 1903 a 1904, gan gynnwys cerddi ac ysgrifiadau eraill.
Acc.No: 3454   Date of material: 1903-04   Extent:    Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Alternative England and Wales (Ref: ADX/1504)
Book: Alternative England and Wales by Nicholas Saunders et el.
   The England and Wales version of the celebrated guide to alternative living, Alternative London.

Acc.No: 3453   Date of material: 1975   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1504) 

Aberystwyth Town FC: Fallen Heroes of the Great War (Ref: ADX/1503)
Book: Aberystwyth Town Footbal Club: Fallen Heroes of the Great War by Gil Jones and David Steeds
   With biographies of Aberystwyth FC players who died in WW1.

Acc.No: 3452   Date of material: c. 2014   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1503) 

Photographs (Ref: ADX/1502)
Two photographs of a late 19th or early 20th century date.
   1. Photograph of children and teachers, Ystumtuen School. Photograph by J. Meurig Edwards, Bow Street
   2. Photograph of a family group by Guy Hughes & Co., Pwllheli. This photograph was found in the frame behind the one above.

Acc.No: 3451   Date of material: circa 1900   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1502) 

Further items from the Museum (Ref: MUS)
Further items from the Museum
Acc.No: 3450   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

'Amryw' - detholiad o ysgrifiadau crefyddol (Ref: ADX/1501)
Bound volume with 'Amryw' ['Various] stamped on spine, containing collected printed ephemera of a devotional nature (all in Welsh): poems, hymns, sermons, letters, biographies of ministers, and a series of yearbooks of two Bible Societies: Aberaeron & Neighbourhood, and Aberystwyth and Neighbourhood, 1855-1860. These Societies were apparently non-denominational and the yearbooks list their members and the chapel they belong to, as well as the members' financial contributions to the Society.
Acc.No: 3449   Date of material: c. 1850-1860   Extent: 1 volume   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1501) 

League of Friends of Bronglais Hospital (Ref: DSO/155)
Records of the League of Friends of Bronglais Hospital, Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 3448   Date of material:    Extent: 1 box   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llwynpiod Merched y Wawr (Ref: DSO/33/2 further items)
Additional items from Llwynpiod Merched y Wawr including 2 photograph albums
Acc.No: 3447   Date of material: 1972 - 2016   Extent:    Access: Agored/open Not yet in the catalogue

Photograph of the Cardigan RDC (Ref: ADX/1500)
Framed group photograph depicting 15 members of the Cardigan Rural District Council for the years 1910-1913.
Acc.No: 3446   Date of material: C. 1910   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1500) 

Philomusica of Aberystwyth (Ref: DSO/154)
Records of Philomusica, the Aberystwyth-based orchestra.
Acc.No: 3445   Date of material: 1992 onwards   Extent: 1 box   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llanerchaeron Volunteers newsletters (Ref: DSO/153)
Llanerchaeron Volunteers (National trust) Newsletters. Not quite a complete set.
Acc.No: 3444   Date of material: 1991 onwards   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cook's Handbook 1932 (Ref: ADX/1499)
Thomas Cook holidays brochure entitled 'Summer Holidays at Home - Cook's Handbook for the British Isles 1932'
Acc.No: 3443   Date of material: 1932   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1499) 

Burma Star Association and other items (Ref: MUS/434)
Papers of William Herbert Morris of 2, Brook terrace, Llanbadarn Fawr, who served in the RAF in Burma and India during WW2. Includes records of the Aberystwyth branch of the Burma Star Association.
Acc.No: 3442   Date of material:    Extent: 7 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Records of Tregaron Welfare Institute Casual Wards (Ref: CDC/WEL/TWI/1)
(1)Hardware and crockery - supplement to inventory ledger 1937 - 1949, showing items received and given out
   (2) Weekly net provisions issued from stores account for inmates, officers and servants April 1938-March 1940
   (3) Admission and Discharge Book for the Casual Poor June 1941 - January 1943
   (4) Daily diet sheets for Tregaron Welfare Institute ( possibly just for casual wards?)
   April 1944 - September 1945

Acc.No: 3441   Date of material: 1937 - 1949   Extent: 4 volumes   Access: Some DP material in Show catalogue(CDC/WEL/TWI) 

Rhaglenni a chyflwyniadau i eisteddfodau / Eisteddfod submissions and ephemera (Ref: D/EIS/16)
Rhaglenni eisteddfodau yn ardal Llanarth, traethodau a darnau llenyddol eraill a gyflwynwyd i eisteddfodau lleol, papurau amrywiol eraill
   Eisteddfod programmes in Llanarth and area, essays and other literary submissions to eisteddfod competitions, other miscellaneous papers.

Acc.No: 3440   Date of material: 1912 - 1970s   Extent: 1 box   Access: Agored/open Not yet in the catalogue

J. Jones & Co, (Siop Dop), Station Road, Tregaron (Ref: DB/104)
Business records of J. Jones & Co. drapers and outfitters. Includes order books, invoices and receipts, diaries, and suppliers' catalogues.
Acc.No: 3439   Date of material: 1930s-1960s approx   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Parish magazines (Ref: EC/7)
Cylchgrawn y Plwyf / Parish Magazine: Llanbadarn Fawr, Capel Bangor, Elerch, Penrhyncoch.
   No. 4, Dec/Jan 2014-15
   No. 5, Feb 2015
   No. 6, March 2015
   No. 7, April 2015
   No. 8, May 2015
   No. 9, June 2015
   No. 10, July 2015
   No. 11, Sept 2015
   No. 12, Oct 2015
   No. 13, Nov 2015
   No. 15, Feb 2016
   No. 16, March 2016
   No. 17, April 2016
   No. 18, May 2016
   No. 25, February 2017
   No. 26, March 2017
   No. 29, June 2017

Acc.No: 3438   Date of material: 2014 onwards   Extent: possibly accruing?   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cambrian Stores '(Siop Harriet'), Llanddewi Brefi (Ref: DB/103)
Records relating to 'Siop Harriet' (Cambrian Stores), Llanddewi Brefi (now Glennydd)
   1. Shop ledger 1869-1903 approx.
   2. Invoices and receipts to David Jones, Cambrian Stores, Llanddewi Brefi
   3. Note about the shop's history with photograph of the grave of David Jones

Acc.No: 3437   Date of material: Late 19th c.   Extent: 3 files   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/103) 

Postcard of Llanddewi Aberarth (Ref: ADX/1498)
Colour postcard depicting the village and church of Llanddewi Aberarth with Cardigan Bay in the background.
Acc.No: 3436   Date of material: post-1990   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1498) 

Canmlwyddiant Ysgol Tregaron School centenary (Ref: ADX/1497)
Llyfr/book: Mwyniant a Llwydiant yn Llon: Canmlwyddiant o addysg yn Ysgol Gynradd Tregaron 1913-2013
Acc.No: 3435   Date of material: 2013   Extent: 1 cyfrol/volume   Access: Agored/open Show catalogue(ADX/1497) 

Llanybydder Eisteddfod programme (Ref: D/EIS/15)
Programme for the Fourth Annual Eisteddfod in Llanybydder, to be held at the Organ Hall, Highmead, on Easter Monday 8 April 1912.
Acc.No: 3434   Date of material: 1912   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ceredigion - Bro'r Dysgwyr (Ref: DYC/ED/36)
Ceredigion - Bro'r Dysgwyr (cyfrol / volume 1)
   Cyfrol ar gyfer dysgwyr Cymraeg ail iaith dosbarth un a dau ysgolion uwchradd Ceredigion
   Welsh as a second language book for pupils in secondary schools in Ceredigion

Acc.No: 3433   Date of material: c. 1979   Extent: 1 item   Access: Agored / Open Show catalogue(DYC/ED/36) 

Pantseiri Fawr account book (Ref: ADX/1492/4)
Pantseiri Fawr account book 1909-1927
Acc.No: 3432   Date of material: 1909-1927   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1492) 

Photographs of north Cardiganshire in the 1960s and 1970s (Ref: ADX /1496)
1. Cambrian Coast Express yn cyrraedd Aberystwyth Medi 1961
   2. Ceunant y Rheidol tua 1965
   3. Ceunant, Pontarfynach tua 1965
   4. Cwm Rheidol Awst 1962
   5. Cwm Rheidol o ben Rhiw Fawr, Ystumtuen Awst 1962
   6. Glyn Rheidol Awst 1962
   7. Hen wal bwthyn, Bow Street, tua 1975
   8. Hn fwthyn mwd, Bow St tua 1968
   9. Llyn Nantymoch Awst 1964
   10. Mur mynwent Ysbyty Cynfyn tua 1967
   11. Olion Ystrad Fflur tua 1970
   12. Pen-yr-henriw, Ystumtuen Awst 1962
   13. Porth Ystrad Fflur, tua 1970
   14. Rheilffordd Vale of Rheidol Owain Glyndwr Awst 1962
   15. Rheilffordd Vale of Rheidol Coets a fan, Pontarfynach Awst 1964
   16. Rheilffordd Vale of Rheidol ger Rheidol Falls Halt Awst 1962
   17. Rheilffordd Vale of Rheidol ger Rhiwfron 08-1962
   18. Rheilffordd Vale of Rheidol Gorsaf Aberffrwd 08-1964
   19. Rheilffordd Vale of Rheidol Gorsaf Pontarfynach gyda thrên 08-1962
   20. Afon Ystwyth ar y lon i Rhaeadr 1966
   21. Ash Cottage Ystumtuen 1966
   22. Blaenmelindwr 1966
   23. Ceunant y Rheidol o'r George Borrow 1966
   24. Cwmystwyth 1966
   25. Ffordd wrth Llyn Blaenmelindwr
   26. Ger Blaemelindwr 1966
   27. Hen Farics Cwmystwyth 1966
   28. Llethrau Cwmystwyth 1966
   29. Penrhiw, Ystumtuen 1966
   30. Ponterwyd 1966
   31. Ponterwyd o'r George Borrow 1966
   32. Sgwar Talybont, Sir Aberteifi 1966
   33. Trofa Leri Mills, Talybont 1966
   34. Uwchben Cwmystwyth 1966
   35. Ystumtuen yn dangos yr Henriw 1966
   36. Ystumtuen, capel ac ysgol 1966
   37. Cd-rom

Acc.No: 3431   Date of material: 1950s-1960s   Extent: 1 small box   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1496) 

Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn Women's Institute Records (Ref: D/WI/LGG)
Three minute books (2001-2011) and an account book (1991-1993)
Acc.No: 3430   Date of material: 1991-1993, 2001-2011   Extent: 4 volumes   Access:  Show catalogue(D/WI/LGG) 

Correspondence and ephemera (Ref: ADX/1495)
15 items, some related.
   1. Thank you letter in Welsh from A & E Davies of 12 Upper Portchester Street, Hyde Park London to Mr E Edwards, The Dairy, 16 Little Earl Street, Charing Cross Road [London] 17 December 1912. With envelope
   2. Letter in Welsh to Mr & Mrs Edwards , 23 Beacon Hill, Holloway London from Nant Rhys, Cwmystwyth 26 May 1931
   3.Copy of 'Y Gorlan' number XXVI, part 6, a Welsh language monthly periodical of Charing Cross Road Church, London , Mehefin [June] 1931 including news of London Welsh residents.
   4. Letter to Mrs M Edwards c/o Mrs D. Lewis Bryndu Cottage, Bryndu Road, Llanidloes, from her daughter at 24 Highfield Drive [London] . 14th September 1941, mostly business and family matters.
   5.Letter from British Railways Marine Department Holyhead 30th August [1950] to J.W.H.Jenkins re his crossing to Ireland
   6.Letter from Hayden's Hotel, Ballinasloe 14th July 1950 confirming the reservation of J. W.H.Jenkins for the night of 2nd September, with envelope.
   7.Tourist brochure for Wicklow and Wexford by the Irish Tourist Board April 1946
   8.Irish Tourist Board Official List [of places to stay] 1950
   9.Services & Sailing Ticket Arrangements to Ireland, Summer 1950, isued by British Railways
   10.Certificate from Trinity College of Music, London for Grade One piano playing awarded to Vincent Edward Jones a pupil of Miss Muriel Mason at Aberystwyth July 1954
   11.Letter to Mrs G.M. Jones of 7 Cae'r Gog Terrace, Aberystwyth from her daughter Gwyneth at 8 Fernhill Grove, Kingstanding, Birmingham . It mentions Vincent ( see certificate above ) . With Registered Letter envelope.
   12.Hymn sheet for the wedding of Gwyneth Mary Jones and Parchedig John Curig Thomas at Siloh Chapel Aberystwyth on 30th July [no year].
   13.Wedding photograph. Unidentified couple outside unidentified building c. 1955.
   14. Certificate for a First Aid course issued by the St John Ambulance Assoctaion to 4268325 AC Jones V.B. in April 1962 at RAF Freckleton.
   15. Postcard to Mr Aurwel Morgan of Cwmgwrach nr. Neath declining an invitation to a New Year's [?] party from 'Secretary Peter' at Araul, Hermon, Glogue, Pembrokeshire. 29th December [ no year]

Acc.No: 3429   Date of material: 1912-1962   Extent: 15 items   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1495) 

Glynarthen school records (Ref: GLY)
Llyfr log a chofnodion amrywiol o'r ysgol
   Log book 1925-1989 - GLY/3
   Attendance Registers:
   1. Infants, mixed, 1897/98
   2. Infants, mixed, 1901/02
   3. Infants, mixed, 1907/08
   4. Infants, mixed, 1913/14
   5. Infants, mixed, 1927/28
   6. Infants, mixed, 1928/29
   7. Infants, mixed, 1930/31
   1. Boys, 1914/15
   2. Boys, 1921/22
   3. Boys, 1922/23
   4. Boys, 1925/26
   5. Boys, 1926/27
   1. Girls, 1901/02
   2. Girls, 1916/17
   3. Girls, 1920/21
   1. Mixed, 1927/28
   2. Mixed, 1930/31
   1. Summary Register 1910-1915
   2. Summary Register 1925-1930
   Special Subjects Register: Gardening, 1918
   Other miscellaneous items
   1. Scholars' record cards, Senior Class, 1931
   2. Syllabus & Record Book, dosbarth Mrs. Isaac (7-11 oed), 1967
   3. Photocopy of page announcing a horticultural show to be held at the school on 29 July 1938
   4. Leaflet about the Post Office Savings Bank and the 'further encouragement of thrift' in schoolchildren. No date.

Acc.No: 3428   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Further minutes of Dyffryn Arth Community Council (Ref: Dyffryn Arth CC)
Minute book for Dyffryn Arth Community Council 2002 - 2006
Acc.No: 3427   Date of material: 2002 - 2006   Extent: 1 folder   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire Constabulary Chief Constable's General Order Book (Ref: ADX/1494)
Cardiganshire Constabulary Chief Constable's General Order Book [police records]
Acc.No: 3426   Date of material: 1891-1909, 1925-1934   Extent: 2 volumes   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Papers of Mr. Quan, Mayor of Lampeter (Ref: ADX/1493)
Papers of Mr. Quan, Mayor of Lampeter
Acc.No: 3425   Date of material: 1950s   Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1493) 

Elerch Vestry book (Ref: CPR/ELE/38)
Elerch Vestry Book
Acc.No: 3424   Date of material: 1905-2005   Extent: 1 volume   Access: Restricted- may be DP issues Not yet in the catalogue

Penuwch School Records (Ref: PNU addl.)
PNU/SR/1Summary Register no 1 for single departments 1930-1935
   PNU/SR/ Summary Registers no.4 for mixed and infants' schools combined
   5. 1957-1962
   PNU/SR/ Summary Register No. 35
   6. 1947-1952
   7. 1952-1957
   8. 1962-1967
   9. 1967-1972
   10. 1972-1976
   PNU/L/AR/1Liverpool Education Committee Register of Attendances March 1941-April 1942 ( St Bridget's school, St. Athanasius's school and Major Lester C school evacuated to Penuwch Council School)
   PNU/X/3Folder of loose papers, mostly communications from Cardiganshire Education Committee, Cardiganshire county NUT Association, Ministry of Education &c. 1947-1949
   PNU/ ?? Pre-school age register ( one page only used, for other purpose ?)
   PNU/X/4 'Papur Y Plant' - a photocopied school magazine by pupils priced at £2.50 c.1993

Acc.No: 3423   Date of material: 1930-1993   Extent: 1 box   Access: some DP limitations Not yet in the catalogue

Llangwyryfon WI (Ref: D/WI/LGW)
Records of the Llangwyryfon Women's Institute
Acc.No: 3422   Date of material: 1953-2000s   Extent: 1 box   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Pantseiri Fawr account books (Ref: ADX/1492/1-3)
Four farm account books from Pantseiri Fawr, incl. some Poor Law admin.
   1. 1861-1875
   2. 1876-1908
   3. Compound multiplication 1827 (front), accounts (19th c); some pages used for early 20th c. Poor Law valuation, parishes of Penbryn and Betws Evan.

Acc.No: 3421   Date of material: 1827-early 20th c.   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1492) 

Tabernacl, Talybont (Ref: ANC/75)
Cof-lyfr Eglwys y Bedyddwyr Tabernacl, Talybont
   Tabernacl Baptist Chapel, Talybont record book

Acc.No: 3420   Date of material:    Extent: 1 cyfrol/volume   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Dyddiaduron gwaith o ardal Nanternis / Work diaries, Nanternis area (Ref: ADX/1491)
Dyddiaduron gwaith David Rees (saer coed), ei fab Joseph Rees, a Mary Elizabeth Davies, a phapurau eraill.
   Work diaries of David Rees (carpenter). his son Joseph Rees, and Mary Elizabeth Davies, and other papers

Acc.No: 3419   Date of material: 1871-1960s   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Chapel sales particulars and photograph of B. Williams, Aberaeron (Ref: ADX/1490)
1. Morgan & Davies Estate Agents, sales particulars with conversion plan on reverse for a former chapel at rear of 18/19 High Street, Lampeter.
   2. Full-length studio B/W photograph of a man, inscribed 'B. Williams, Aberayron' on reverse. No date - Edwardian?

Acc.No: 3418   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Slides (Ref: ADX/1489)
Slides, mostly of local and Welsh interest but also some of England. Taken and indexed by Ronald Everson, formerly a teacher at Ardwyn Grammar School, Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 3417   Date of material: 1970s   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1489/3/13) 

Cofnodion plwyfol Y Borth Parochial records (Ref: CPR/BOR)
Cofnodion plwyfol Y Borth Parochial records
Acc.No: 3416   Date of material: C19 - C20   Extent: 3 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth and District Cage Bird Society (Ref: DSO/152)
Records of the Society
Acc.No: 3415   Date of material:    Extent: 1 box   Access: Open? Not yet in the catalogue

Photograph of the opening of the new extensions to Bryn Road Central School Lampeter (Ref: ADX/1488)
Photograph of the opening of the new extensions to Bryn Road Central School Lampeter 19th September 1933
Acc.No: 3414   Date of material: 1933   Extent: 1 postcard   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Modern Domestic Cookery by Mrs Rundell (Ref: ADX/446/12)
Modern Domestic Cookery by Mrs Rundell formerly owned by Mrs James, Gilwern, Buarth Road, Aberystwyth.
Acc.No: 3413   Date of material: Late nineteenth century - n.d.   Extent: I volume   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Dyddiadwr ffermwr Llanilar / Llanilar farmer's diary (Ref: ADX/1487)
1. 'Dydd Lyfr Thomas Jones Rhosygarth Llanilar' [Day Book of Thomas Jones, Rhosygarth, Llanilar] 1909-1916
   2. Hanes hen flaenoriaid a fu yn eglwys Rhydlwyd [History of the elders in Rhydlwyd Chapel]

Acc.No: 3412   Date of material: Dechrau'r 20fed ganrif / early 20th c.   Extent: 2 eitem / items   Access: Agored / Open Not yet in the catalogue

Various items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/418-433)
Various items from the Museum
Acc.No: 3411   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Letter sent from Lawther, Latta & Co Ltd to Evan M. Jones, Aberystwyth (Ref: MUS/417)
Letter sent from Lawther, Latta & Co Ltd, Billiter Buildings, London to Evan M. Jones, 6 Queen Street, Aberystwyth regarding his application for an opening on their ship as an apprentice. Company does not take on apprentices but has forwarded letter to their Marine Superintendent at the the Tyne for his attention.
Acc.No: 3410   Date of material: 22 May 1928   Extent: 1 letter   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Gardening and self-sufficiency interest booklets (Ref: MUS/416)
Gardening and self-sufficiency interest booklets
Acc.No: 3409   Date of material:    Extent: 5 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Programmes mainly relating to events in Aberystwyth (Ref: MUS/415)
Events at Aberystwyth Arts Centre:
   1. Aberystwyth & District Choral Society, Brahms Requiem, 15 December 1979
   2. U.C.W. Choral Union, Faure Requiem Brahms Song of Destiny and Beethoven Choral Fantasia, 17 February 1979
   3. Aberystwyth & District Choral Society, Haydn's Creation, 12 December 1981
   4. Aberystwyth Arts Centre Summer Show, Annie, 1990
   5. Programme for an evening with Sir Geraint Evans, 27 January 1977
   6. Signed copy of A music club concert by The London Gabrili Brass Ensemble, 19 February 1976
   7. Aberystwyth Arts Centre, n.d.
   8. Gwyl Aberystwyth Festival 80, Theatr y Werin, Harp recital, Osian Ellis, 4 May 1980
   9. Aberystwyth Arts Centre Summer Show, Oliver, 1983
   10. Gwyl Aberystwyth Festival 81, Concert, Great Hall, 3 May 1981
   11. Programme, The Oxford Playhouse Company, 'What the Butler Saw'
   12. Gwyl Aberystwyth Festival 80, Great Hall, Royal liverpool Philarmonic Orchestra, 2 May 1980
   13. Signed copy of Old Vic Company, 'Miss in her Teens' and 'The Padlock', October, 1979
   14. Great hall, Christmas Oratorio, 16 December 1978
   15. Aberystwyth & District Choral Society, Handel's Messiah, 29 March 1980
   16. Theatr y Werin, Camridge Theatre Company, 'An Inspector Calls' and 'Uncle Vanya'
   Other material related to Aberystwyth:
   1. Aberystwyth Yesterday (3rd edition), 'An Introduction to the Exhibition', St Paul's, Aberystwyth, Summer 1973
   2. Gwyl Aberystwyth Festival 80, 'Welsh Mediaeval Feast', Belle Vue Hotel
   3 Concert, All Saints Church, Llanelli, 21 June 1981
   4. BBC, Songs of Praise, St Michaels Church, Aberystwyth, 8 December 1977
   5. Elizabethan Madrigal Singers, 30th Anniversary Festival, Old College Quadrangle, 27 July, 1980
   6. Aberystwyth Male Choir, Souvenir Brochure, Canada Tour, 1982
   7. Nanteos Booklet
   8. Goodwill message of the Youth of Wales, 18 May 1977
   1. Tit-Bits, Rapid Reference Home Guide, 1936

Acc.No: 3408   Date of material: 20 cent.   Extent: 1 envelope   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Collins Business Woman's Diary 1953 (Ref: MUS/414)
Collins Business Woman's Diary 1953 with handwritten addresses and telephone numbers
   2 recipe books belonging to Gwen Day, 1940 and 1943

Acc.No: 3407   Date of material: 1940-1953   Extent: 3 items   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Borough of Aberystwyth programme, invitation and tickets on the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (Ref: MUS/413)
1. Souvenir Programme of Celebrations
   2. Civic Service of Thanksgiving invitation [2 items]
   3. Grand Coronation Ball single ticket
   4. Grand Coronation Ball double ticket [3 items]
   5. Compliments slip

Acc.No: 3406   Date of material: 11th and 12th May 1937   Extent: 1 envelope   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Wartime knitting and sewing booklets (Ref: MUS/412)
1. The Personal Service League, 'Knitted Garments and Hospital Comforts for H.M. Forces'
   2. Weldon Knitting Series No. 15, 'Wollies for the R.A.F.' In collaboration with Royal Air Force comforts committee
   3. 'Make do and mend', prepared for the Board of Trade by the Ministry of Information, 1943

Acc.No: 3405   Date of material: 1940s   Extent: 3 volumes   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Borth Bog Investigation report (Ref: MUS/411)
Welsh Agricultural Land Sub-Commission, Agricultural Act 1947, Borth Bog Investigation report, (London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1952), including two letters regarding the June Shepard Prize fund.
Acc.No: 3404   Date of material: 1952, 1991   Extent: 1 volume   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Llangwyryfon Community Council Receipts and Payments Book (Ref: Llangwyryfon CC 2.3)
Llangwyryfon Community Council Receipts and Payments Book 1975-2002
Acc.No: 3403   Date of material: 1975-2002   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Catalogues of British Friesian Cattle Aberystwyth Breeders Club Sales (Ref: DSO/151/1-7)
Catalogues of British Friesian Cattle Aberystwyth Breeders Club Sales held at Lluest farm, Aberystwyth 1981 -1987 (9 items)
Acc.No: 3402   Date of material: 1981-1987   Extent: 9 itens   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Wales and World War One (Ref: ADX/1486)
Book: Wales and World War One by Robin Barlow.
   Gomer Press, Llandysul

Acc.No: 3401   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ynyslas Dunes information sheets (Ref: ADX/1485)
Set of information sheets on Ynyslas Dunes (part of the Dyfi National Nature Reserve), prioduced by Nature Conservancy Council.
   1. Jellyfish
   2. Marine Fish
   3. Mammals
   4. The Mollusca of Ynyslas and the Dyfi Estuary
   5. Sand Dunes
   6. Pebbles at Ynyslas
   7. Sand Dune flowers
   8. Butterflies of the Ynyslas Dunes

Acc.No: 3400   Date of material: 1975   Extent: 8 ff   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The Man on the Mantelpiece (Ref: ADX/1484)
Book: The Man on the Mantelpiece by Janet Denny. The author visited Ceredigion Archives while researching the book, which is a memoir of her father, Jim Gaywood, who spent some time in Aberystwyth during WW2 training to be a RAF pilot.
Acc.No: 3399   Date of material: 2015   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth ephemera (Ref: ADX/1483)
Programmes and ephemera, mostly of events at UCW Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 3398   Date of material: 1920s   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1483) 

Girl Guides records (Ref: DSO/17/addl)
Girl Guides records
Acc.No: 3397   Date of material:    Extent: 2 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Soil survey of Clarach Valley (Ref: ADX/1482)
M.Sc. Thesis: R. O. Davies, Soil Survey of Clarach Valley, University of Wales, 1922
Acc.No: 3396   Date of material: 1922   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1482) 

Further records of Llanilar Parish and Community Council (Ref: Llanilar PC & CC)
Documents relating to the proposed Vale of Rheidol Railway extension through Llanilar parish.
Acc.No: 3395   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ysgol Llanafan School (Ref: LAF/4; LAF/R/2; LAF/AR/18)
Log book 18 April 1950-20 July 2012 - LAF/4
   Admissions Register 1912-2012 - LAF/R/2
   Attendance register Babanod 2006/2007 - LAF/AR/18

Acc.No: 3394   Date of material: 1912-2012   Extent: 3 items   Access: CLOSED for 100 years Not yet in the catalogue

Woodlands Caf, Devil's Bridge (Ref: ADX/1481)
B/W postcard depicting the Woodlands Café, Devil's Bridge. Published by Lillywhite. Sent to Mr. & Mrs. Evans of Dykesway, Charles Street, Johnstown, Wrexham by 'mother' on 14 September. Stamp (reddish in colour) has been removed. Franking does not include year.
Acc.No: 3393   Date of material: c. 1950s?   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Maps of Cardiganshire (Ref: ACM)
Collection of early printed maps of Cardiganshire with annotated catalogue.
Acc.No: 3392   Date of material: 16th - 19th century   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ACM/80-87) 

Ysgol Penuwch School (Ref: PNU)
Records of Penuwch primary school
Acc.No: 3391   Date of material:    Extent: 5 items   Access: Closed for 100 years Not yet in the catalogue

Minute books of Aberaeron Urban District Council 1895-1919, 1952-1970 (Ref: ANU/SE/1/1-5, 10-15 (new numbers))
1.Urban District Council Minute Book1894-1899
   2.Urban District Council Minute Book1899 - 1904
   3. Urban District Council Minute Book1905-1910
   4. Urban District Council Minute Book1910-1915
   5.Urban District Council Minute Book1915-1921
   10. Urban District Council Minute Book1952-1955
   11.Urban District Council Minute Book1955-1958
   12.Urban District Council Minute Book1958-1961
   .13.Urban District Council Minute Book1961-1964
   14.Urban District Council Minute Book1964-1967
   15.Urban District Council Minute Book1967-1970
   [1971-1974 in existing collections]

Acc.No: 3390   Date of material: 1894-1970   Extent: 11 volumes   Access: open Show catalogue(ANU/SE) 

Henfynyw Community Council (Ref: Henfynyw PC & CC)
Records of Henfynyw Community Council
Acc.No: 3389   Date of material:    Extent: 2 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

The Evangelical Magazine for the Year 1802 (Ref: ADX/1480)
Bound volume entitled 'The Evangelical Magazine for the Year 1802' collecting a number of issues for that year, and also for 1794 and 1795. 'The Profits arising from the sale of this magazine are applied to the Relief of the Widows of Gospel Ministers, of different denominations, under the direction of the following Stated Contributors [list, all ministers of religion, follows; a number are depicted in engravings interspersed through the volume]
   Vol. 10, printed in London.

Acc.No: 3388   Date of material: c. 1802   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Medical book in Welsh (Ref: ADX/1479)
Dr. Buchan's Domestic Medicine: Y Meddyginiaeth Deuluaidd by/gan William Buchan (translated into Welsh by/wedi ei gyfieithu i'r Cymraeg gan Hugh Jones). Cyhoeddwyd gan/published by L E Jones, Caernarfon, 1831.
   [the book is in poor condition, with the title page, some pages of the preface, and the last two pages missing but the spine is stamped 'Buchan', making identification possible]

Acc.No: 3387   Date of material: 1831   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Agored/open Not yet in the catalogue

Material relating to Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1478)
Material relating to Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 3386   Date of material: 20th century   Extent: 1 box   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Letter from Matthew Williams concerning Llangorwen (Clarach) church and associated material (Ref: ADX /1477)
Letter from Matthew Williams to John Henry Parker publisher and bookseller of Oxford concerning the consecration of Llangorwen (Clarach) Church in 1840 and the restoration of the church at Llanbadarn fawr. The letter bears an early Penny Black stamp. There is also some modern correspondence and a copy of an article from the newsletter of the Friends of the National Museum Wales concerning the discovery of the letter in California.
Acc.No: 3385   Date of material: 1 Oct 1840 ( and material 2004-15)   Extent: I small bundle   Access: open but has high face value Not yet in the catalogue

Papers relating to the family of T.G.G. Herbert of Aberaeron (Ref: ADX/1476)
Papers relating to the family of T.G.G. Herbert of Aberaeron
Acc.No: 3384   Date of material:    Extent: c. 60 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Notebook of David Evans of Esgerfach, Llanrhystud and London (Ref: ADX/1475)
1. Notebook of David Evans (early 19th c.) . Born Esgerfach, Llanrhystud 1777 detailing names and dates concerned with his immediate family.
   2. Account of the life of David Evans (transcripts of [1] and comments)

Acc.No: 3383   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cofnodion Merched y Wawr Talybont (Ref: DSO/33/13/4)
Llyfr Cofnodion, Hydref 1999-Hydref 2014
Acc.No: 3382   Date of material: 1999-2014   Extent: 1 volume   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Staff of Cardiganshire schools (Ref: CDC/ED/43)
Index cards containing details of staff (teaching and otherwise) employed in Cardiganshire schools in the early 20th century. Arranged by school district, then by school.
Acc.No: 3381   Date of material: c. 1905-1920   Extent: 2 drawers full   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

References for Islwyn Jenkins (Ref: ADX/1474)
Two testimonials for Islwyn Jenkins, a teacher who worked in schools in Cardiganshire.
   1. From D.I. Jones, Chairman of School Managers, Tregaron Non-Provided School. Islwyn Jenkins was headmaster there 1939-1940. 2 December 1942
   2. From J. Lloyd Jones, headmaster of Lampeter Secondary School. Wishes Islwyn Jenkins were a permanent member of staff there instead of merely a supply teacher. 14 June 1946

Acc.No: 3380   Date of material: 1942-1946   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cellan school photo (Ref: ADX/1473)
Group photograph of staff and pupils at Cellan school, 1938.
   [Electronic file and photocopy only]

Acc.No: 3379   Date of material: orig. 1938; copies 2014   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ceredigion Archives: early photographs (Ref: DYC/RO/13)
Photographs depicting an unidentified member of staff of Ceredigion Archives. The photographs were taken during the period 1974-1996 when Ceredigion was part of the larger administrative county of Dyfed, and appears to date from the 1970s or possibly early 1980s.
   1. At her desk
   2. In the strongrooms in the basement of Swyddfa'r Sir, the home of the archives until 2012.

Acc.No: 3378   Date of material: Unknown;   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Capel Bethel, Aberystwyth (Ref: ANC/60/ addl)
Further records of Capel Bethel, Aberystwyth
   1. Rhaglen/Programme: Oedfa o Ddiolchgarwch a Chomisiynu / A Service of Thanksgiving and Commissioning, 31 Ionawr/January 2015
   2. Seren Cymru: Wythnosolyn y Bedyddwyr cyfrol 4987, 4977, 4978
   3. Llyngopiau/Photocopies: Seren Cymru 4982 tudalen flaen/front cover 'Oedfa i ailgysegru organ pib' & erthygl/article 'Bethel Welsh Baptist Chapel, Aberystwyth'

Acc.No: 3377   Date of material: 2014-2015   Extent: accruing   Access: Agored/Open Not yet in the catalogue

Save Our Sea / Achubwch Ein Mor (Ref: DSO/150)
File of records of the campaigning group Save Our Sea.
   The group was founded in 2006 to campaign against the granting of licences for oil and gas exploration in Cardigan Bay.
   The file contains correspondence, press cuttings, reports and other miscellaneous material.

Acc.No: 3376   Date of material: 2006-2009   Extent: 1 file   Access: Ope, Not yet in the catalogue

Record of Eurfyl Jones' school career in Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1472)
Record of Eurfyl Jones' school and Sunday school career in Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 3375   Date of material: 1912-1923, 1948   Extent: 1 volume   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Llanon WI (Ref: D/WI/LNO)
Financial records of the Llanon branch of the Women's Institute
Acc.No: 3374   Date of material: 1938-1990s   Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Material relating to the Borth Bog (Ref: ADX/1471)
Maps, reports, correspondence, and other documents relating to the Borth Bog. Also other miscellaneous documents.
Acc.No: 3373   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1471) 

Register of Electors for the Parish of Llangoedmore, County of Cardigan (Ref: ER/1896)
Occupiers List of Voters for the Parish of Llangoedmore: Persons entitled to vote in Parliamentary and/or County Electors
Acc.No: 3372   Date of material: 31 July 1896   Extent: 1 doc   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Headed bill of sale for M. M. Dearman, Builder and Contractor (Ref: ADX/1470)
Headed (unused) bill of sale for M. M. Dearman, Builder and Contractor: Upper Mill, Llangrog, Llandyssul, Cardiganshire
Acc.No: 3371   Date of material: 1950-1959   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1470) 

Library Collection Additional Material (Ref: LIB/79)
Printer's copies of posters advertising local social events: Aberteifi Advertiser
Acc.No: 3370   Date of material: 1956-1957   Extent: 41 items   Access:  Show catalogue(LIB/79) 

Promotional material for 'Y Gwyll' / 'Hinterland' (Ref: ADX/1469)
1. Beer mat promoting 'Y Gwyll' / 'Hinterland'
   2. Leaflet promoting 'Teithiau Cerdded Y Gwyll / Hinterland Guided Walks'
   3. Letter to residents about filming
   4. Poster for 'Yn y Gwyll / Hinterland offset' exhibition, Old College, Aberystwyth

Acc.No: 3369   Date of material: 2013 onwards   Extent: accruing   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1469) 

Llanilar Community Carnival 2014 Programme (Ref: ADX/1468)
Llanilar Community Carnival 2014 Programme
Acc.No: 3368   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 doc   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1468) 

Photographs of the 'Johann' on Llanon Beach (Ref: ADX/1467)
Three photographic images relating to the ketch 'Johann', Llanon Beach: taken from a postcard.
Acc.No: 3367   Date of material:    Extent: 3 docs   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1467) 

Visitors' Book for Brynmair, Park Avenue, Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1466)
Visitors' Book for Brynmair, Park Avenue, Aberystwyth. Brynmair provided Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the summer, and accommodation for students in the winter. Interleaved is a short bibliographical note relating to the donor.
Acc.No: 3366   Date of material: 1935-1961   Extent: 1 vol   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1466) 

Llanilar School Centenary Celebration Brochure (Ref: LIL/X/1)
Llanilar School Centenary Celebrations brochure, dated Saturday 17th September 1960
Acc.No: 3365   Date of material: 1960   Extent: 1 doc   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Slides of local interest (Ref: ADX/1465)
Slides of local interest
Acc.No: 3364   Date of material: 1970s approx.   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1465) 

The Welsh Cellar - further records (Ref: DB/53 addl.)
Further records of the business.
Acc.No: 3363   Date of material: 1960-1974   Extent: 1 box   Access: To be determined Not yet in the catalogue

Pwy Sy'n Gwisgo'r Trowsus? (Ref: ADX/1464)
DVD of 'Pwy Sy'n Gwisgo'r Trowsus?'. Produced by Boom Pictures Production Ltd., Cardiff
Acc.No: 3362   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 DVD   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ADX/1464) 

Diary of Thomas Jenkins (Ref: ADX/1463)
Diary of Thomas Jenkins of Brynbach, Ystrad Meurig, 1863
Acc.No: 3361   Date of material: 1863   Extent: 1 vol   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1463) 

Two National Eisteddfod programmes and an 'Accidents in the Home' booklet (Ref: ADX/1462)
National Eisteddfod Programme, Aberystwyth, 1952; National Eisteddfod Programme, Aberystwyth, 1992; RoSPA booklet, 'Accidents in the Home'.
Acc.No: 3360   Date of material: 1952-1992   Extent: 3 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1462) 

Cardiganshire County Council: Weights and Measures Department (Ref: CDC/WM/118)
Records of Standards Book, 1911-1973. Interleaved is a memo from the Department of Trade and Industry regarding the conversion of fees to decimal currency, 1971; and an Indenture relating to Decimal Grain Rates, 1930-1960
Acc.No: 3359   Date of material: 1911-1973   Extent: 1 vol   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Printed booklets on the Welsh woollen industry and an Eisteddfod programme (Ref: ADX/1461)
Printed booklets on the Welsh woollen industry and an Eisteddfod programme
Acc.No: 3358   Date of material: c.1970-2012   Extent: 3 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1461) 

Student Assignments relating to Course HA114, 'Tracing your Ancestors: Research Beginnings', Aberystwyth University Department of Lifelong Learning (Ref: ADX/1460)
Three student assignments relating to the above course.
Acc.No: 3357   Date of material: 2011   Extent: 3 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1460) 

Judith's Dark Secrets (in the Kitchen) (Ref: ADX/1459)
An autobiographical recipe book by Judith Russill. Published by Gomer Press, Llandysul: 2009
   ISBN: 978-0-9563592-0-9

Acc.No: 3356   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 1 file   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1459) 

Borth WI (Ref: D/WI/BOR)
Album and notebooks from the Borth branch of the Women's Institute
Acc.No: 3355   Date of material: 1950s - 1980s   Extent: 5 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Pwyllgor Efeillio Aberystwyth & Saint Brieuc Twinning Committee (Ref: ABT/T/5)
Pwyllgor Efeillio Aberystwyth & Saint Brieuc Twinning Committee - cofnodion bellach / further records
Acc.No: 3354   Date of material:    Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Margaret Evans Album (Ref: ADX/1458)
Margaret Evans Album [electronic scans]
Acc.No: 3353   Date of material: 1910s-1940s approx.   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Curlew Weavers (Ref: DB/102)
Brief history of Curlew Weavers written by Roger Poulson (son of the business creators)
Acc.No: 3352   Date of material: n.d. [c.2005]   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Howard C. Jones Collection: Additional Items (Ref: ADX/34/17)
Family history material compiled by H. C. Jones, comprising a collection of family biographies, 2013; a family tree; newspaper published articles on H. C. Jones' childhood in Aberystwyth; and an accompanying CD.
Acc.No: 3351   Date of material: 2012-2013   Extent: 1 file   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

European Parliamentary Elections 2014 (Ref: ADX/1457)
Electoral literature, comprising: list of polling stations and classes of persons entitled to vote; list of parties; and publicity leaflets
Acc.No: 3350   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 file   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1457) 

Records relating to the Pipe Organ at Bethel Chapel, Baker Street, Aberystwyth (Ref: ANC/60 addl)
Material relating to the restoration and re-consecration of the pipe organ, 2014. Comprising final Pilgrim Trust grant report, history of the organ, re-consecration programme, newspaper cutting, financial material, and two CDs of digital images.
Acc.No: 3349   Date of material: 2013-2014   Extent: 1 file.   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Mrs. Jones of Penylan's Newspaper Cuttings Album (Ref: ADX/1456)
Album of newspaper cuttings and telegraphs relating to local events: Wales and England. Annotated, 'This Book of Cuttings belonged to Mrs. Jones (nee Elizabeth Jordan) wife of Morgan Jones of Penylan'. Interleaved is a Local Government 1972 map for Dyfed, showing electoral divisions; and a sale catalogue for Penylan, Llechryd, Cardigan, December 1979.
Acc.No: 3348   Date of material: 1875-1905   Extent: 1 file   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1456) 

Ephemera relating to public houses in Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1455)
Copy of black and white photograph showing exterior of the Black Horse, Trefechan; old Jamaica Rum bottle label; photocopy of leaflet for Fountain Inn, Trefechan, Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 3347   Date of material: n.d. [c. late 19th/early 20th century]   Extent: 3 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1455) 

Ceredigion County Scout Council (Ref: DSO/2/4/3-)
Statements of Accounts, 1990-1996 (incomplete); County Secretary's Expenditure, 1990-c.1994; Accounts of Exchange Visit Between Ceredigion and Hungary, 1994; Wales Directory of Leaders etc., 1979-2002; Lottery Registration Certificate, 1998; Minor Accidents Records, 1996-2004, Notes and correspondence, 1st Llandysul Group, 1973-1974; material relating to a report on scouting in the county, c.1995; Registration Forms (various scout groups), 1925-1999; Executive Committee Meeting notes, 1978; papers relating to retirements and obituaries, 1989-1996; newsletter and papers relating to lease of building, 1st Lampeter Scout Group, 1996-2003
Acc.No: 3346   Date of material: 1925-2003   Extent: 1 box   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

New Quay deeds (Ref: ADX/1454)
Deeds relating to properties in New Quay
Acc.No: 3345   Date of material: 1789-1867   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1454) 

Records of Ceredigion branches of the Women's Institute including Llangeitho Women's Institute (Ref: D/WI/LGE)
Records of Ceredigion branches of the Women's Institute
   Llangeitho :
   1/1Committee Meetings 1923-1927 ( contains memberships lists)
   1/2.Committee Meetings 1928-1959
   1/3.Monthly Meetings 1959 -1976
   1/4.Monthly Meetings 1976 - 1990
   2/1. Accounts ( 8 volumes 1976- 2012)
   2/2 A subscription book ( 1 volume) 1997-2011
   2/3 A payments and receipts book ( which also contains names of the officials for each year) (1 volume) 1969-1985

Acc.No: 3344   Date of material: 1923-1990,   Extent: 4 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Cyngor Tref Llanbedr Pont Steffan / Lampeter Town Council (Ref: LPT)
Cofnodion Cyngor Tref Llanbedr Pont Steffan / Records of Lampeter Town Council 1974-2011
Acc.No: 3343   Date of material: 1974 -2011   Extent:    Access: Agored / open Not yet in the catalogue

Lampeter calendar (Ref: ADX/1453)
Calendar produced by Cymdeithas Hanes Llambed / Lampeter History Society. Contains reproductions od old photographs and postcards of Lampeter and notes on the images used.
Acc.No: 3342   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1453) 

Charity records (Ref: T/CHA)
Charity records transferred from the Charity Commission.
   - File 48580: Hester Bowen's charity (4 deeds)
   - File 96604: Hope Chapel charity (declaration of trust)

Acc.No: 3341   Date of material: 1832-1918   Extent: 2 files   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Llangwyryfon PC & CC (Ref: Llangwyryfon PC & CC)
Cyngor Cymuned Llangwyryfon Community Council
   Llyfr cofnodion / minutes book 1967-1996

Acc.No: 3340   Date of material: 1967-1996   Extent: 1 vol   Access:  Show catalogue(Llangwyryfon PC) 

Orllwyn Teifi CC (Ref: Orllwyn Teifi CC)
Cyngor Cymuned Orllwyn Teifi Community Council
   Llyft cofnodion/minutes book 1985-1987

Acc.No: 3339   Date of material: 1985-1987   Extent: 1 cyfrol/volume   Access:  Show catalogue(Orllwyn Teifi CC) 

Borth: The Fallen (Ref: ADX/1452)
Booklet: Borth: The Fallen, by David H. Williams. Information about the casualties of the two wars who appear on Borth War Memorial. Interim Revision of 2014; further names and information to be added if necessary in the next edition.
Acc.No: 3338   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1452) 

Trefilan school records (Ref: TFI)
Log books; Minute book; Summary Register; Admission Register
   Attendance registers (x23) - only one kept as sample.

Acc.No: 3337   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Closed for 100 years Not yet in the catalogue

Records of Ceredigion Museum and of the County Council (Ref: CSC/DECS/MUS and others)
Records of Ceredigion Museum and of Ceredigion County Council
Acc.No: 3336   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Aberaeron Bicentenary publications (Ref: DSO/116 additional)
Booklets, leaflets etc. published by the Abeaeron Bicentenary Committee.
Acc.No: 3335   Date of material: 2007   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Records of Aberaeron Primary School / Cofnodion Ysgol Gynradd Aberaeron (Ref: AAE/C)
Log books
   January 1919 - December 1970 - AAE/C/2
   January 1971 - July 1982 - AAE/C/3
   September 1982 - March 1989 - AAE/C/4
   April 1989 - December 1999 - AAE/C/5
   Admissions registers
   1942-1979 - AAE/C/R/3
   1979-2007 - AAE/C/R/4
   Stock & stores book 1919-1930 - AAE/C/X/2
   Stock & stores book 1961-1963 - AAE/C/X/3
   Cynllun Gwaith [Scheme of work] c. 1981 - AAE/C/X/4

Acc.No: 3334   Date of material: 1919-2007   Extent: 9 items   Access: Restricted Not yet in the catalogue

Memoirs of a Cardiganshire miner / atgofion mwynwr o Sir Aberteifi (Ref: ADX/1451)
Book/Llyfr: A Grey Past and a Blacker Future: Reminiscences of a Cardiganshire Miner in the early 1900s / Gorffennol Llwyd a Dyfodol Duach: Atgofion un o Fwynwyr Ceredigion ar ddechrau'r ganrif ddiwethaf. Editor/Golygydd: Magan Waring. Gannock Publishers, 2014
Acc.No: 3333   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open / Agored Show catalogue(ADX/1451) 

Photographs of Snowdonia (Ref: )
Set of small b/w photos of Snowdonia (mainly Merioneth); the donor purchased them while on holiday there in 1957.

Acc.No: 3332   Date of material: c. 1957   Extent: 12 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Deeds (Ref: )
Deeds relating to estates in p. St. Nicholas, Pembrokeshire, and captain's log of various ships' voyages.
   TRANSFERRED TO PEMBS ARCHIVES as per donor's instructions.

Acc.No: 3331   Date of material: 19th c.   Extent: 9 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberaeron Town Council records (Ref: Aberaeron Town Council ANT)
Files relating to Aberaeron Town Council, 1977-2012
Acc.No: 3330   Date of material: 1977-2012   Extent:    Access: some DP issues possibly Not yet in the catalogue

Explore Your Archive 2014 and Ceredigion Archives 40th Birthday Campaigns (Ref: CSC/RO/1)
Items relating to the 2014 Explore Your Archives Campaign and to the associated celebrations of Ceredigion Archives' 40th birthday.
Acc.No: 3329   Date of material: 2014   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth Ego (Ref: ADX/1450)
Aberystwyth Ego 'a brand new magazine to promote and celebrate the people, businesses and organisations of Aberystwyth'.
   Issue 1, November 2014
   December 2014
   September 2015
   October 2015
   November 2015
   December 2015
   January 2015 onwards

Acc.No: 3328   Date of material: 2014 onwards   Extent: accruing   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1450) 

Conscientious objectors in Cardiganshire during WW1 / Gwrthwynebwyr Cydwybodol yn Sir Aberteifi yn ystod y Rhyfel Mawr (Ref: ADX/1449)
Pamphlet/Llyfryn: Conscientious Objectors in Cardiganshire during the First World War (CND Cymru Briefing 6) / Gwrthwynebwyr Cydwybodol yn Sir Aberteifi yn ystod y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf (Papur Cefndir CND Cymru 6) by/gan Michael Freeman
Acc.No: 3327   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 volume/ 1 cyfrol   Access: Open/agored Show catalogue(ADX/1449) 

Aberystwyth Football Club and the Great War (Ref: ADX/1448)
Pamphlet: Aberystwyth Town FC: Fallen Heroes of The Great War, by Gil Jones and David Steeds
Acc.No: 3326   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1448) 

Letter to the Morning Star (Ref: ADX/1447)
Page from the Morning Star [Communist Party of Britain newspaper] of 8-9 November 2014 with letter from Terry Starr of Bristol on the subject of a possible pact between Plaid Cymru and the Green Party at the 2015 general election. Also contains reminiscences of Aberystwyth and the political engagement of its students in the past.
Acc.No: 3325   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1447) 

Chairmen of Ceredigion District Council (Ref: CDD/SE/23)
Photographs of successive chairmen/chairwomen of Ceredigion District Council in ceremonial robes.
Acc.No: 3324   Date of material: 1974-1996   Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDD/SE/23) 

Merched y Wawr, Cangen Aberystwyth (Ref: DSO/33/3 and DSO/34)
   Cofnodion Merched y Wawr, Cangen Aberystwyth - eitemau ychwanegol:
   Cyfrifon Incwm a gwariant, 1995-2007
   Llyfr cofnodion 1996-2009
   Cyfrifon derbyniadau a thaliadau (2 gyfrol)
   -Cofnodion rhanbarth 2000, 2004-2011

Acc.No: 3323   Date of material: 1995-2011   Extent: 3 chyfrol   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Anerchiad i John Parry Jones gan Weinidog a Diaconaid capel Seion, Baker Street, Aberystwyth (Ref: ANC/74)
Llun mewn ffram pren:
   Anerchiad cyflwynedig i Mr. John Parry Jones oddiwrth Eglwys Gynulleiddfaol Baker Street, Aberystwyth [sef capel Seion] i gydnabod ei wasanaeth gwerthfawr i'r Eglwys fel Trysorydd am flynyddoedd lawer.

Acc.No: 3322   Date of material: 1902   Extent: 1 eitem   Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Magazines about WW1 (Ref: ABY or MUS)
Magazines about the First World War
Acc.No: 3321   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Various documents (Ref: ADX/940 additional; DSO/149)
Printed and other documents relating to the medical career of Dr. John Hughes, and to the Aberystwyth Rotary Club
Acc.No: 3320   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Boat designs by Roger Cartwright (Ref: HRC)
Designs for boats, some built at Aberleri Boat Yard, Borth.
Acc.No: 3319   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Booklets of photographs (Ref: ADX/1446)
Two small spiral-bound booklets of '12 real photographs' published by Valentine & Sons. Both inscribed 'July 1956' on reverse.
   1. Aberystwyth
   2. Devil's Bridge

Acc.No: 3318   Date of material: c. 1956   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1446) 

Miscellaneous items (Ref: ADX/1445, EC/9)
Llanrhystud parish church magazines 2013-14
   Book about Peter Hague (d. 2004) by Helena Hague
   Poster for Aber Guides 1992
   Other misc. items

Acc.No: 3317   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The R.J. Moore-Colyer collection (Ref: RJMC)
Richard Moore-Colyer's research papers and correspondence, incl. files on lime kilns and on estates in Ceredigion, photographs used in publications, and lantern slides.
Acc.No: 3316   Date of material:    Extent: 5 boxes   Access: TBC Not yet in the catalogue

Recollections of a young teacher in Ardwyn (Ref: ADX/1444)
Account of Hywel Matthews's experience at his first teaching post at Ardwyn Grammar School in Aberystwyth betweeen 1958 and 1963.
Acc.No: 3315   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 4 ff.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1444) 

Postcard of the Rheidol Valley (Ref: ADX/1443)
Valentine & Sons B/W postcard of the Vale of Rheidol, showing view of the valley with steam train.
Acc.No: 3314   Date of material: Not known; 1940s?   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1443) 

Capel y Bedyddwyr Cymraeg, Aberystwyth (Ref: ANC/60 addl)
Capel Y Bedyddwyr Cymraeg, Aberystwyth Organ Bib Rothwell
Acc.No: 3313   Date of material: 21st cent   Extent: 1 booklet   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Files from Ceredigion Museum (Ref: CDD/MUS/6)
Administrative files from Ceredigion Museum
Acc.No: 3312   Date of material: pre-1996?   Extent: 1 box   Access: To be determined Not yet in the catalogue

Items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/354 onwards)
Further items transferred from Ceredigion Museum
Acc.No: 3311   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: To be determined Not yet in the catalogue

Cardigan Town Cenotaph (Ref: ADX/1442)
[Book] Cardigan Town Cenotaph: remembering the dead of the Great War 1914-1918 by David Griffiths. Cardigan 2013.
Acc.No: 3310   Date of material: 2013   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1442) 

Further records of the Wesleyan Methodists (Ref: WM Wesleyan Methodist collection)
Further records of the Ceredigion Wesleyan Methodists
Acc.No: 3309   Date of material:    Extent: 2 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Photograph of No. 1 Squadron, No. 6 ITW, RAF (Ref: ADX/1441)
Copies printed on photographic paper.
   1. Group photograph taken outside Queen's Hotel, Aberystwyth, of No. 1 Squadron, No. 6 ITW [Initial Training Wing], RAF.
   March 1942
   2. Photograph of Horace David Evans (1905-1966), late Squadron leader. In uniform, probably contemporary with [1].

Acc.No: 3308   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1441) 

Postcards of Cardiganshire (Ref: ADX/1440)
Copies (printed on photographic paper) of old postcards of locations in Cardiganshire.
Acc.No: 3307   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1440) 

Photographs (Ref: ADX/1439)
Old photographs in .jpg format.
   1. Gartheli School: Staff and pupils, no date - c. late 19th c.
   2. Gartheli School: Staff and pupils, 1920
   3. Ciliau Park Evening School: Staff and pupils, 1909

Acc.No: 3306   Date of material:    Extent: 3 electronic files   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1439) 

Richards Brothers buses (Ref: ADX/1438)
Book: Richards Brothers, Cardigan and Newport, by Les Dickinson
Acc.No: 3305   Date of material: 2014?   Extent: 1 vol.   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1438) 

Trustees minute book, Edward Richards Grammar school, Ystrad Meurig (Ref: DSO/148)
Trustees minute book, Edward Richards Grammar School, Ystrad Meurig
Acc.No: 3304   Date of material: 1892-1949   Extent: 1 volume   Access:  Show catalogue(DSO/148) 

Diaries, photographs, account books, printed ephemera etc. (Ref: ADX/1437)
Diaries, photographs, account books, printed ephemera and other miscellaneous items, some relating to the Llangwyryfon area.
Acc.No: 3303   Date of material: 19th c - 1960s approx.   Extent: 2 boxes   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

New Bandstand Theatre, Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1436)
Documents relating to a theatrical performance at Aberystwyth Bandstand, including tickets, receipts, and newpaper cuttings.
Acc.No: 3302   Date of material: 1972   Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Court papers (Ref: ADX/1435)
Court papers relating to a dispute over farmland purchase near Llanybydder.
Acc.No: 3301   Date of material: 1990s   Extent:    Access: See note Show catalogue(ADX/1435) 

1st Cardiganshire Battalion, Home Guard (Ref: MUS/83/3)
Scrapbook-style book [photographs & duplicated typed notes] concerning the 1st Cardiganshire Battalion Home Guard. Text by Major S.J.F. Philpott
   This may be one of only six copies produced by the Cambrian News.
   Contains a history, information on individuals in the regiment, an illustration of the command structure and a number of photographs. The volume was presented to the Sector Commander Col. B. Taylor Lloyd, D.L., M.C., 'as a token of our deep appreciation of his inspiring leadership'

Acc.No: 3300   Date of material:    Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Papers of Howell Hughes, Broneirian, Llanbadarn Fawr (Ref: ADX/1434)
Photographs and other papers relating to Howell Hughes (b. 1900) of Broneirian, Llanbadarn Fawr (formerly of Ael-y-fron, Llanbadarn Fawr). He worked as a baker. During the Second World War he served in the Cardiganshire Battalion of the Home Guard.
Acc.No: 3299   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1434) 

Cash Book, Ceulan Mill, Talybont (Ref: DB/101)
Contains records of sales of garments, flannel, blankets and yarn; accounts for fitting local houses, etc, with electric light (Lewis Morris supplied electricity from three generators in Talybont village at different times); accounts for selling radios and their batteries; records of taxi journeys on behalf of local people; and at the back records of payments for the Sunday School, 1926-1928.
Acc.No: 3298   Date of material: 1922-1942   Extent: 1 volume   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/101) 

Documents relating to David Morgan 'Y Diwygwr' (Ref: ADX/1433)
PDF scan of documents relating to David Morgan 'Y Diwygwr': letter from him to Jane, his wife (1881), and his son's recollections.
Acc.No: 3297   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1433) 

Roberts and Evans, Solicitors (Aberystwyth) (Ref: RE)
Records of Roberts and Evans, Solicitors (Aberystwyth)
Acc.No: 3296   Date of material: 19th - 20th c.   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(RE/PQ) 

Records of the Women's Institute (Ref: D/WI)
Further records of Cardiganshire / Ceredigion executive committee and branches of the Women's Institute.
Acc.No: 3295   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: To be discussed Show catalogue(D/WI/LGG) 

Governors' News / Newyddion Llywodraethwyr (Ref: CSC/ED/26)
Governors' News / Newyddion Llywodraethwyr [Newsletter for governors of Ceredigion schools]. Electronic issues only.
   1. Newyddion Llywodraethwyr - Governors' News Autumn 2013
   2. Newyddion Llywodraethwyr - Governors' News Spring 2014
   3. Governors' News Summer '14
   4. Newyddion Llywodraethwyr Haf '14

Acc.No: 3294   Date of material: 2013 onwards   Extent: accruing   Access: Open/agored Show catalogue(CSC/ED/26) 

Scanned postcards of Talybont (Ref: ADX/1432)
Three scanned postcards of Talybont. Low resolution.
   1. Main road looking towards Aberystwyth. Two chapels on right.
   2. Distant view
   3. Group outside 'The Old Mill, Talybont'

Acc.No: 3293   Date of material:    Extent: 3 electronic files   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1432) 

Aberclydan Brewery, Llanon (Ref: DB/100)
Order books from Aberclydan Brewery (also known as Felinfor Brewery), Llanon
   1. 5 October 1865 - 6 December 1865
   2. 15 December 1868 - 25 February 1869
   3. 26 February 1869 - 8 May 1869
   4. 11 June 1870 - 25 July 1870

Acc.No: 3292   Date of material: 1865-1870   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/100) 

Women Institutes and school scrapbooks (Ref: D/WI; LIB)
D/WI. Scrapbooks produced by branches of Cardiganshire Women's Institutes
   LIB. Scrapbooks produced by local schools

Acc.No: 3291   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(D/WI/LGG) 

Cofrestri bedyddiadau capeli Cwmystwyth chapels baptisms registers (Ref: ANC/73)
Cofrestri bedyddiadau capeli Cwmystwyth / Cwmystwyth chapels baptisms registers
   (trawsgrifiadau electronig .xls / electronic transcriptions in .xls format)
   1. Capel Blaencwm 1858-1942
   2. Capel Siloam 1813-1837
   3. Capel Siloam 1837-1943

Acc.No: 3290   Date of material:    Extent: 3 electronic spreads   Access: Agored / Open Show catalogue(ANC/73) 

Various documents (Ref: ADX/1431; ADX/1393 addl; ADX/1398 addl)
ADX/1431: Documents relating to Dinah Davies, Cardigan
   ADX/1393 additional: Prisoners of war at Henllan and their connection with Llwynbedw farm, Mydroilyn
   ADX/1398 additional: Papers of Glesni Boyer (nee Thomas)

Acc.No: 3289   Date of material:    Extent: 3 files   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1431) 

Vistascreen views of Aberystwyth Private Holiday Camp (Ref: ADX/1430)
Eight Vistascreen stereoscopic views of Aberystwyth Private Holiday Camp, with plastic Vistascreen viewer and original box.
Acc.No: 3288   Date of material: c. 1950s   Extent: 8 photos   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1430) 

Library exhibition panels (Ref: LIB/80)
Exhibition panels received from the Library, showing ‘then & now’ photographs of Aberystwyth. All are captioned in Welsh only.
   1. Bridge Street and the town clock 19th c. and 1992; Great Darkgate Street c. 1880 and 1992
   2. Tobacconist, Terrace Road, 19th c. and 1992; Corner of Alexandra Road and Terrace Road, 19th c. and 1992
   3. Gwalia Garage, North Parade in early 20th cent. and same site in 1992; North Parade and Terrace road corner, late 19th c. and 1992.
   4. Pier Street c. 1900 and 1992; the Pier and Craiglais c. 1895 and 1992
   5. Wesleyan chapel, Bath Street - the old building and its 1991 replacement; Baker Street 1890s and 1992
   6. Aberystwyth Fire Brigade at the Fire Station, Park Avenue 1899 and outside the Town Hall in 1928; The burnt Palladium Cinema, Market Street in 1935 and the Fire Brigade and their equipment (group photo in a field) in 1941
   7. The Old College and the Pier 1895 and 1992; The Old College 1895 and 1992
   8. Aberystwyth station of the Rheidol railway, early 20th c and same site (Maesyrafon) in 1992; The harbour, 1926 and 1992
   9. The 1885 Old College fire; Aberystwyth Fire Brigade leading a procession during visit by the German Emperor and the Prince of Wales in 1891; the Fire Brigade in action 1895; the Fire Brigade outside the fire station, 1918.
   10. Aberystwyth seafront looking south, c. 1960 and 1992; The Prom looking north c. 1895 and 1992.

Acc.No: 3287   Date of material: c. 1992   Extent: 10 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(LIB/80) 

Marwood (Ref: ADX/1429)
Photocopies: Letters and paperwork regarding the schooner Marwood, found within a partition wall in the property of the same name in New Quay.
Acc.No: 3286   Date of material: 1850s-1860s approx   Extent: 14 ff.   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1429) 

George family burials (Ref: ADX/1428)
Survey of George Family Interments in North Pembrokeshire, Wales, from 1654 to 2012. Compiled from gravestones and official records. Including cremation records and information from war memorials, plus author's notes and commentary.
   Prepared by Leonard H. Urwin

Acc.No: 3285   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1428) 

Ein Canrif / Our Century (Ref: ADX/1427)
Ein Canrif: Llyfr y Mileniwm, Talybont / Our Century: the Millennium book, Talybont
   Cyhoeddwydgyda nawdd y Mileniwm, gan Cymdeithas y Henoed, Ceulanamaesmawr / Published, with Millennium funding, by the Ceulanamaesmawr Elderly Society

Acc.No: 3284   Date of material: 2000   Extent: 1 cyfrol / volume   Access: Agored / Open Show catalogue(ADX/1427) 

Records relating to Mr William Llywelyn Thomas (Ref: ADX/1426)
Records relating to Mr William Llywelyn Thomas including:
   1. Naval photograph
   2. Envelope of naval records, 1940s relating to his time as a cook
   3. Death Certificate

Acc.No: 3283   Date of material: 1940s, 2013   Extent: 1 envelope   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1426) 

Telephone directory (Ref: DIR)
DIR/A/2003-04: The Phone Book, Aberystwyth, Brecon and Mid Wales 2003/04
Acc.No: 3282   Date of material: 2003   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(DIR) 

Photographs, Llandysul area (Ref: ADX/1425)
Two copy photographs:
   1. Llandysul County School football team. The master, Mr. Llewelyn, is thought to be seated on the right.
   Late 1920s
   2. Young girl - daughter of Luther Johnson, schoolmaster, Capel Dewi near Llandysul
   No date - early 20th c?

Acc.No: 3281   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1425) 

Padarn Surgery (Ref: DB/99)
Information booklet for Padarn Surgery, listing staff members, available services and a location guide
Acc.No: 3280   Date of material: post-1987   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/99) 

Nanteos (Ref: DB/98)
Advertising Material for Nanteos Mansion, Rhydyfelin, Aberystwyth.
   1. Information brochure, 2013
   2. Wedding brochure and menu, 2013
   3. Christmas brochure and menu for 2013
   4. Set of 6 promotional postcards depicting: 'Location' - part of Speed's map; 'Weddings' - rings on a twig; 'Eat' - a dish from the restaurant; 'History' - painting (of a Powell?); 'Rest' - interior of one of the guest suites; 'Country life' - logs, wellies and walking sticks. 2014.
   5. Hotel registration card for New Year's Eve party 2013/2014
   6. Headed notepaper c. 2013
   7. Two for the price of one offer of afternoon tea at Nanteos. 2012.

Acc.No: 3279   Date of material: 2013 onwards   Extent: accruing   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/98) 

Further papers of the Fowler family (Ref: ADX/1006 addl)
Further papers of the Fowler family.
Acc.No: 3278   Date of material:    Extent: 30+ items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Rali Fawr Pantycelyn (Ref: ADX/1424)
Poster Rali Fawr Pantycelyn
   15th February 2014

Acc.No: 3277   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1424) 

Ysbyty Ystwyth Calendar (Ref: ADX/1423)
1900s theme Calendar for the year 2008 featuring photographs of Ysbytty Ystwyth
Acc.No: 3276   Date of material: 2008   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1423) 

Taith Celf Ceredigion Arts Trail (Ref: DSO/147)
1. Booklet detailing the events of the Ceredigion Arts Trail 2012 from August 17th to September 16th
   2. Booklet detailing the events of the Ceredigion Arts Trail 2013 from August 17th to September 1st
   3. Map showing locations for the Ceredigion Arts Trail 2013
   4. Booklet detailing the events of the Ceredigion Arts Trail 2015, 22-31 August
   5. Leaflets and postcards relating to the 2015 Arts Trail
   6. Booklet detailing the events of the Ceredigion Arts Trail 2016, 30 July - 29 August
   7. Folded leaflet, Open Studios, Exhibition Venues & Maps, 12-28 August 2017.
   8. Directory of Ceredigion Artists and Makers 2017/2018

Acc.No: 3275   Date of material: 2012 onward   Extent: accruing   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/147) 

Saint Caron's Church Tregaron (Ref: ADX/1422)
Booklet about Saint Caron's Church, Tregaron compiled by Dr. William Evans of Tyndomen, Tregaron. Printed by the Cambrian News on an unknown date, but latest date referenced in the booklet is 1975
Acc.No: 3274   Date of material: post-1975   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1422) 

National Assembly Booklet (Ref: ADX/1421)
Booklet giving information on the National Assembly General Election for Wales, May 6th 1999, titled "Their Future Your Vote"
Acc.No: 3273   Date of material: 1999   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1421) 

Printed Booklets and Ephemera (Ref: ADX/1420)
1. Booklet providing information about the dangers of the hydrogen bomb. "The Hydrogen Bomb", Her Majesty's Stationery Office 1957, Tenth Impression June 1963
   2. Voting slip for Sundary Opening, Polling Day November 5th
   3. Booklet: Referendum on the European Community, "Why you should vote no" on the Common Market, 1974
   4. Information booklet about the Referendum on the European Community (Common Market) 1974, "Britain's New Ideal In Europe", Harold Wilson, Prime Minister

Acc.No: 3272   Date of material: 1957-1974   Extent: 4 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1420) 

The Scholar's Spelling Assistant (Ref: ADX/1419)
Book: The Scholar's Spelling Assistant wherein the Words are arranged on an Improved Plan, According to their respective principles of Accentuation; In a Manner calculated to familiarize the Art of Spelling and Pronunciation, to remove Difficulties, and to facilitate general Improvement. Intended for The Use of Schools and Private Tuition. By Thomas Carpenter. London 1860. Supplied by J. Marsden, Printer Bookseller & Stationer, Lampeter.
   Owner's inscription: William N. Davies, Lampeter Junior School, March 8th 1864.

Acc.No: 3271   Date of material: 1860   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1419) 

Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum 40th Anniversary (Ref: CSC/MUS/1)
1. Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum 40th Anniversary Booklet (1973-2013). 40 people were invited to choose 40 objects from the Museum's collections and to write 40-word descriptions and or/impressions of them.
   2. Letter to Helen Palmer, County Archivist and one of the contributors, thanking her for taking part in the project.
   3. Invitation to the 40th birthday celebration at the Museum on 17 April 2013
   4. Leaflet advertising an afternoon of celebrations on 13 April 2013.

Acc.No: 3270   Date of material: 2013   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

New Quay WI (Ref: D/WI/NQU)
Records of the New Quay Women's Institute (now closed)
Acc.No: 3269   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: To be confirmed Not yet in the catalogue

Items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/327-335)
Various items transferred from Ceredigion Museum
Acc.No: 3268   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Correspondence on family history (Ref: ADX/1418)
Mydrim L. Timothy's correspondence with an American relative concerning their family history.
Acc.No: 3267   Date of material: 1950s   Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1418) 

School magazines (Ref: MUS/254)
Aberystwyth and Cardigan County Schools magazines
Acc.No: 3266   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/254) 

Achau o Lanfihangel y Creuddyn a Llangeitho (Ref: ADX/1417)
Achau o Lanfihangel y Creuddyn a Llangeitho efo cysylltiadau a'r UDA
Acc.No: 3265   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1417) 

Blaenffynnon, Horeb (Ref: ADX/1416)
Invoices and receipts connected with Blaenffynnon, Horeb. Also postcard and birthday card relating to same.
Acc.No: 3264   Date of material: 1902-1941   Extent: 11 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Trip Ysgol Sul Goginan (Ref: ADX/1415)
Llun: Trip Ysgol Sul Goginan.
   Original and photocopy, with identifications.

Acc.No: 3263   Date of material: c. 1921   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1415) 

Records of Ceredigion branches of the Women's Institute (Ref: D/WI)
Records of Ceredigion WIs:
   Executive Committee
   Penparcau WI: Minutes and committee minutes.

Acc.No: 3262   Date of material: approx. 1920s-2006   Extent:    Access: To be discussed Show catalogue(D/WI/PNP) 

Gwesty Cymru (Ref: DB/97)
Publicity material, leaflets etc. from Gwesty Cymru, a boutique hotel and restaurant in Aberystwyth.
   1. Bwydlen Nadolig / Christmas Menu 2013
   2. Bill for a Christmas meal for 7. 12 December 2013
   3. Tariff o/from Mawrth/March 2013
   4. Business card

Acc.No: 3261   Date of material: 2013   Extent: 4 items   Access: Agored/open Show catalogue(DB/97) 

Newyddion Plascrug (Ref: CSC/ED/25)
Newyddion Plascrug 'gan ddisgyblion Plascrug i ddisgyblion Plascrug' - the newspaper for the pupils of Plascrug primary school, Aberystwyth.
   1. October 2012
   2. December 2012
   3. June 2013
   4. December 2013

Acc.No: 3260   Date of material: 2012 onwards   Extent: accruing?   Access: Agored/open Show catalogue(CSC/ED/25) 

Ysgol Syr John Rhys School, Ponterwyd (Ref: ADX/1414)
Llyfr/Book: Dathliad 60 mlynedd Ysgol Syr John Rhys, Ponterwyd 1953-2013 [Celebration of 60 years of Sir John Rhys School, Ponterwyd]
Acc.No: 3259   Date of material: 2013   Extent: 1vol.   Access: Agored/Open Show catalogue(ADX/1414) 

'The Emporium' & Brooklyn, Talybont (Ref: ADX/1352/addl)
Copy of the 1st indenture transferring property that became 'The Emporium' & Brooklyn, Talybont out of the Gogerddan estate in 1846.
   See also Acc. 3114.

Acc.No: 3258   Date of material: 2014   Extent: 1 CD-ROM   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Effemera / ephemera (Ref: ADX/1413)
1. Cerdyn am Farch Gwedd oedd yn sefyll yn Falcondale / Card advertising a Shire stallion 'Welsh County President' at stud at Falcondale, 1909
   2. Llungopi/Photocopy: Poster o Dreialon Cwn Defaid Banc-y-darren / Poster of Sheep Dog Trials at Banc-y-darren, c. 1970s?

Acc.No: 3257   Date of material: 1909 and 1970s   Extent: 2 eitem/items   Access: Agored/Open Show catalogue(ADX/1413) 

Football and athletics in Aberystwyth (Ref: DSO/146)
Records and newspaper cuttings relating to Aberystwyth Football Club and Aberystwyth Athletics Club
Acc.No: 3256   Date of material:    Extent: 4 boxes   Access: To be determined Not yet in the catalogue

Derry Ormond (Ref: ADX/1412)
Postcard depicting Derry Ormond mansion. Sent to Mrs. Thomas, Ilsington House, Dorchester, 'With all good wishes for Xmas 1908 from us all' on 27 December 1907.
   Photograph by D. J. Davies, The Studio, Lampeter.

Acc.No: 3255   Date of material: 1907   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1412) 

Cookery books and other publications (Ref: ADX/1381 addl.)
Old cookery books and pamphlets, and publications and ephemera on other subjects (mostly relating to housekeeping, economical living etc.)
Acc.No: 3254   Date of material: Early-mid 20th century   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ysgol Llanfihangel y Creuddyn School (Ref: ADX/1411)
Llyfr/Book: Ysgol Llanfihangel y Creuddyn ers 1838: Dathlu 175 Mlynedd / Celebrating 175 years
Acc.No: 3253   Date of material: 2013   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Agored/Open Show catalogue(ADX/1411) 

Various items from the Museum (Ref: MUS)
Several small collections transferred from Ceredigion Museum
Acc.No: 3252   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Deeds and documents relating to Llanarth (Ref: ADX/1410)
Deeds and documents relating to properties in the parish Llanarth, mostly Ysgubor Wen (formerly known as Ysgubor Garfriw) and Spite.
   1 Bond against claim of dower and for peacable enjoyment of lands in Llanarth [Tythyn or Tye Scybor, Garfriw and Spite]. Lewis Lewis of Newcastle Emly, gent. to John Evan John of Crygyfeilog, p. Llanerchaeron, gent.
   June 1783
   2. Lease of Tythyn or Tyr Scybor Garfriw. Lewis Lewis Gent. to John Evan John gent.
   24 June 1783
   3. Release of lands. Lewis Lewis gent. and Mary his wife to John Evan John gent. Counterpart to [2]
   25 June 1783
   4. Copy will and probate of David Daniel of the parish of Llanarth gent. Bequeaths properties and land incl. Ysguborwen, Mydroilyn Mill, part of Spite.
   Will made 24 September 1808. Probate granted 9 October 1812.
   5. Mortgage by Lease and Release of Tythyn or Tyr Scybor Garfriw and Spite. James Davies of Glandyffryn and David Davies of Tyhen to The Revd. David Evans of Lone, all p. Llanarth.
   7 April 1831
   6. Lease of Possession of Ysguborwen, p. Llanarth. Revd. David Evans to James Davies and David Davies farmers.
   10 May 1838
   7. Reconveyance of Ysguborwen, p. Llanarth. Revd. David Evans to James Davies and David Davies, farmers. Counterpart to [6].
   11 May 1838
   8. Lease of Ysguborwen (formerly known as Ysgubor gafriw). James Davies of Glandyffryn and David Davies of Tyhen (both p. Llanarth) to William Davies of Crygywheel, p. Llanwenog.
   9 December 1841
   9. Mortgage in fee of Scyborwen and Spite, p. Llanarth. James Davies of Glandyffryn and David Davies of Llanarth to William Davies of Crugywheel, p. Llanwenog. Counterpart to [8]
   10 December 1841
   10. Reassignment of a mortgage debt secured on Scyborwen and Spite. Herbert Davies of Crugywheel, p. Llanwenog and Mary his wife to Thomas Davies of Cefenrhyddlanucha and David Davies of Gwarbyscynwydd, both in same p. of Llanwenog.
   29 November 1848
   11. Copy will and probate of James Davies of Tyhen. Bequeaths Ysgubor Wen.
   Will made 13 September 1862. Testator died 21 September 1863. Will proved 9 May 1864.
   12. Copy will and probate of Eliza Davies. Bequeaths Plas Mydroilyn, Cae Main and Cae Penlon Spite. Will made 7 March 1898. Testatrix died 14 May 1900. Will proved 11 June 1900.
   13. Bundle of family history research mostly relating to the Edwards family of Pantyrhew, p. Llanddewi Brefi.

Acc.No: 3251   Date of material: 1783-1900   Extent: 13 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1410) 

Aberystwyth: Understanding Urban Character (Ref: ADX/1409)
Spiral-bound book. Aberystwyth: Understanding Urban Character. Published by Cadw in collaboration with other agencies.
Acc.No: 3250   Date of material: 2013   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1409) 

Electoral Register for 2013 (Ref: ER/2013)
Full Electoral Register for 2013.
   NB. To be consulted under supervision only.
   Also the edited version - available to the public.

Acc.No: 3249   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Restricted (see guidance) Not yet in the catalogue

Ponterwyd bridge (Ref: ADX/1408)
Photograph depicting work on testing the newly-strengthened Ponterwyd Bridge, with two traction engines on the bridge, a number of men on scaffolding under it, and others looking on. The contractor was J.L. Griffiths and the test took place on 16 June 1927.
Acc.No: 3248   Date of material: 1927   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1408) 

Half Moon Snack Bar (Ref: DB/70/2)
Postcard depicting the interior of Half Moon Snack Bar, 21 Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth.
Acc.No: 3247   Date of material: Mid-20th c.   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Tregaron Pony Trekking (Ref: DSO/145)
Records of Tregaron Pony Trekking Association
Acc.No: 3246   Date of material: 1964-1996   Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Ceulanamaesmawr Parish and Community Council (Ref: Ceulanamaesmawr PC & CC)
Records of Ceulanamaesmawr Parish and Community Council
Acc.No: 3245   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Parry family tree additions (Ref: ADX/766 addl.)
Supplement to the Parry family tree (ADX/766) by another family member, showing his descent from Rees Morgan Parry (1676-1759)
Acc.No: 3244   Date of material: 2013   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

School photographs, Aberporth (Ref: ADX/1407)
Six b/w photographs of pupils and staff at Aberporth Primary School, 1928-1934.
Acc.No: 3243   Date of material: 1928-1934   Extent: 6 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Llancynfelyn Parish and Community Council records (Ref: Llancynfelyn PC & CC)
Minute books of Llancynfelyn PC & CC
   1. 1894-1946
   2. 1946-1908
   3. 1980-1989

Acc.No: 3242   Date of material: 1894-1989   Extent: 3 vols.   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs (Ref: ADX/1406)
1. The lifeboat John & Naomi Beattie beached on Aberystwyth beach. Alexandra Hall in background. Photo by A.J. Lewis, Aberystwyth. ?1909
   2. Photographs depicting Aberystwyth in the aftermath of the great storm of January 1938
   2.1. Storm damage, Marine Terrace
   2.2. Storm damage, Marine Terrace close-up. Photo by A.J. Lewis of Aberystwyth
   2.3. Clearing up after the storm, Marine Terrace.
   2.4. Cottage on Tanybwlch beach which was wrecked by the storm. The inhabitants, Mrs. Linnett and her two daughters, were trapped in the house but escaped unhurt. Photo by A.J. Lewis of Aberystwyth.
   2.5. Another view of same. Photo by Pickford of Aberystwyth
   3. Photograph of old houses in Trefechan (now demolished). No date.
   4. Photographs of the visit to Aberystwyth by the Duchess of Kent. Both photos by Pickford of Aberystwyth. 1951.
   4.1. The Duchess reviewing the lifeboat crew
   4.2. The Duchess reviewing the St. John's Ambulance crew

Acc.No: 3241   Date of material: 1909-1951   Extent: 9 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Police notebook (Ref: ADX/1405)
Police notebook of Phillip Davies, PC no. 17 at Pontrhydfendigaid Police Station.
   An early daily record of the duties of a PC which also includes in the rear some General Orders from the Chief Constable. The diary contains details of beats patrolled, mine accidents, a ceffyl pren and a case of bestiality amongst others. Loose leaves include a record of the author’s demotion (in 1861) for 'irregular conduct', a modern photograph of the reward poster for William Richards, and a scale of Police pay approved in 1901.

Acc.No: 3240   Date of material: 1857-1860 approx.   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Teulu Tibbott a Melin Pontolwen (Ref: ADX/1404)
Dogfennau teuluol / family documents - W.E. Tibbott, Tottenham House, Eastgate, Aberystwyth
   Dogfennau / documents relating to Melin Pontolwen
   Ffotograffau cysylltiedig / related photographs
   Nodiadau yr adneuwr / depositor's notes

Acc.No: 3239   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Watkin Evan Jones (Ref: ADX/1403)
1. Book: Watkin Evan Jones - His Seafaring Days, by Barbara Jones
   2. Colour photocopy: Apprenticeship indenture between Watkin Evan Jones and Robert Rees Thomas, Captain of the ship Milverton. Original dated 29 April 1914.

Acc.No: 3238   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Railway ephemera (Ref: ADX/1402)
Photographs and ephemera relating to railways and the Great Western Railway in particular.
Acc.No: 3237   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1402) 

Estate sale poster (Ref: ADX/1401)
Poster advertising a sale of freehold property to take place at the Talbot Inn, Aberystwyth on 13 September 1820. Properties sold were: two houses in Bridge Street, Aberystwyth; Lime kiln, yard and store, Trefechan; Smithy, store and weighing machine; four storehouses; Dolgamlyn, p. Llanbadarn Fawr; Llwyn-Merch-Gwilim; Pen-y-graig, p. Llanychaiarn; Dole, p. Llanbadarn Fawr.
Acc.No: 3236   Date of material: 1820   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Bazaar programme (Ref: ADX/1400)
Souvenir and programme of the Bazaar to be held at Tabernacle Calvinistic Methodist Church in Aberystwyth on 11-13 October 1905. Contains lists of committee members and bazaar sponsors (some with portraits), guide to stalls, and a number of trade advertisements
Acc.No: 3235   Date of material: 1905   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Padarn Dairy, Llanbadarn (Ref: ADX/1399)
Records of Padarn Dairy, Llanbadarn and some other items.
   1. Ledger recording herd management
   2. Accounts ledger
   3. Small framed photograph depicting a man and a woman, possibly members of the Padarn Dairy family.
   Late 19th-early 20th c.
   4. Book: Spelling and Dictation Class Book. Owner's inscription: Elizabeth Ann Roberts, Idris House School, 58 Marine Terrace Aberystwyth
   5. Book: Grammar and Analysis of English Language. Two (successive?) owner's inscriptions: 'Katie Morgan, Idris House, Baker St., Aberystwyth. May 12 1893' and another as in 4.
   6. Book: Brief History of England. Owner's inscription as in 4.
   7. Book: Gill's Oxford and Cambridge Geography. Owner's inscription as in 4.

Acc.No: 3234   Date of material:    Extent: 7 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Dihewyd Tithe Map and Schedule (Ref: TM Dihewyd)
Dihewyd Tithe Map and Schedule
Acc.No: 3233   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Clothing coupons book (Ref: ADX/1398)
Book of wartime clothing coupons belonging to the donor's aunt, Glesni Boyer nee Thomas (1923-2006), who was born at Trewynt Farm, Ystrad Aeron but worked in Shrewsbury during the war. Contains a number of unused coupons.
Acc.No: 3232   Date of material: 1943-44   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Anthrax Order of 1938 forms (Ref: CDC/HE)
Diseases of Animals Acts: Anthrax Order of 1938. Two books; some forms have been filled.
   1. Book of forms headed 'Notice Declaring and Defining Infected Place'.
   2. Book of forms headed 'Withdrawal of Notice Defining Infected Place'.

Acc.No: 3231   Date of material: 1938   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Caerwedros WI (Ref: D/WI/CAW)
Records of the Caerwedros Women's Institute. This branch no longer operates.
Acc.No: 3230   Date of material: 1918-2002   Extent: 11 items   Access: Open (some possible DP restrictions) Show catalogue(D/WI/CAW) 

Llanilar WI (Ref: D/WI/LIR)
Records of Llanilar Women's Institute
Acc.No: 3229   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Some possible DP restrictions Show catalogue(D/WI/LIR) 

Welsh Gazette (Ref: WG)
Various editions of the Welsh Gazette, some in poor condition.
   Incorporated into the main run of the paper.

Acc.No: 3228   Date of material: 1940s-1950s   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ysgol Cross Inn School (Ref: DYC/ED/12 addl.; DSO/144)
Casgliad o luniau, placiau a dogfennau sy'n ymwneud ag Ysgol Cross Inn. Hefyd cofnodion Cymdeithas Rhieni ac Athrawon.
   Collection of photographs, plaques and other documents from Cross Inn School. Also records of the Parents Teachers Association.

Acc.No: 3227   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: To be determined Not yet in the catalogue

Y Ddolen / The Link (Ref: DYC/ED/18/2)
Y Ddolen / The Link - Aberaeron School magazine, 1995 issue
Acc.No: 3226   Date of material: 1995   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/ED/18) 

Inns of Aberaeron (Ref: ADX/1397)
'The Ins and Outs of the Inns of Aberayron' compiled by Mair Lloyd Evans and Mair Harrison
Acc.No: 3225   Date of material: 2013   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Victorian photographs (Ref: ADX/1396)
Set of family photographs, mostly Victorian/Edwardian. Some individuals are identified on reverse but context is lacking. Many photographs were taken in studios in Cardiganshire and others in South Wales - Carmarthen, Swansea, Aberavon, Aberdare et al. - but some are from other locations, incl. Milwaukee.
Acc.No: 3224   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Popular Diary for 1940 (Ref: ADX/1395)
'Charles Letts's Popular Diary for 1940', (day to a page), used by its owner to keep a daily diary of weather and events. Writer is not known but could possibly be identified from clues in the text.
Acc.No: 3223   Date of material: 1940   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Oral history project: interviews and metadata (Ref: DYC/CS/6)
Material relating to oral history recording project conducted by Dyfed Cultural Services Dept. with funding from the Manpower Services Commission. Contains lists of tapes recorded (but no tapes), consent forms, instructions/ terms and other miscellaneous material, as well as transcripts of interviews about working on the railways in Cardiganshire.
Acc.No: 3222   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Penparcau School canteen menus (Ref: PNP/X/1)
Five books containing menus of food served in Penparcau School canteen.
   PNP/X/1/1. 1952-1954
   PNP/X/1/2. 1955-1956
   PNP/X/1/3. 1957-1960
   PNP/X/1/4. 1960-1962
   PNP/X/1/5. 1962-1964

Acc.No: 3221   Date of material: 1952-1964   Extent: 5 vols   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Caerwedros WI (Ref: D/WI/CAW)
Records of Caerwedros branch of Women's Institute (now defunct)
Acc.No: 3220   Date of material: 1918-2012   Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Primary education in Ceredigion / Addysg cynradd yng Ngheredigion (Ref: ADX/1394)
Research by Griffith George Davies (former deputy Director of Education, Cards. CC, and later headmaster of Aberaeron County School) towards a PhD relating to primary education provision in the county.
   Dogfennau ymchwil yn barod i wneud PhD gan Griffith George Davies (diprwy gyfarwyddwr addysg i Geredigion cyn mynd yn brifathro yn ysgol eilradd Aberaeron). Bu'n ymchwilio i lyfrau log ysgolion cynradd, yn enwedig Ysgol Llannarth.

Acc.No: 3219   Date of material:    Extent: 1 bocs/box   Access: Agored/open Not yet in the catalogue

Cardigan Hospital League of Friends (Ref: DSO/143)
Documents of the Cardigan Hospital League of Friends
Acc.No: 3218   Date of material:    Extent: 2 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llwynfedw, Mydroilyn (Ref: ADX/1393)
Nifer o ddogfennau o fferm Llwynfedw, Mydroilyn. Roedd y fferm yn perthyn i dadcu a mamgu y rhoddwr amser ail ryfel byd, sef Jenkin Garfield Thomas. Roedd y fferm yn perthyn i'w ewyrthiaid - tri hen lanc Stifyn, Twmi a 'Ffarier'. Roedd Jenkin yn un o feibion fferm y Gafryw ond cafodd ei fagu gan y tri ewythr.
   Deeds and documents relating to the farm Llwynfedw, Mydroilyn. During WW2 the farm was owned by the donor's grandfather (Jenkin Garfield Thomas) and grandmother. The farm had belonged to his uncles - three old boys, Stifyn, Twmi and 'Ffarier'. Jenkin was one of the Gafryw farm boys but was brought up by his three uncles.

Acc.No: 3216   Date of material: 1785-1942   Extent:    Access: Agored / open Not yet in the catalogue

Howard C. Jones collection - further items (Ref: ADX/34/16)
Howard C. Jones collection - further items
Acc.No: 3215   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Tourist booklets relating to Llandysul (Ref: CSC/CE/T/1)
1. Llandysul & Pont-Tyweli: Tref Hanesyddol ar y Teifi / Historic Town on the Teifi.
   2. Llandysul Trails: A selection of local walks / Teithiau Llandysul: Casgliad o deithiau lleol
   3. Dolen Teifi Community Transport wall calendar

Acc.No: 3214   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

School exercise books (Ref: MUS/137)
School exercise books of Benjamin D. Evans of Llanwnen.
   1. English Composition, November 1870
   2. Parsing, August 1870
   3. Morell [Grammatical and parsing exercises], October 1870
   4. Dictation, March 1871
   5. [Mathematics], March 1870
   6. Copy book of Titus Evans containing English and French exercises. Commenced July 1875.

Acc.No: 3213   Date of material: 1870-1875   Extent: 6 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/137) 

Highmead School (Ref: CDC/ED/2/9)
Files relating to Highmead School, Llanybydder, containing minutes of meetings of the governing body and enclosures.
   1. Highmead Governing Body, 20 March 1987
   2. Highmead Governing Body, 26 June 1987
   3. Highmead Governing Body, 6 November 1987
   4. Highmead Governing Body, 11 March 1988
   5. Special Meeting, Highmead Governing Body, 24 March 1988

Acc.No: 3212   Date of material: 1987-1988   Extent: 5 files   Access: Possible DP issues Not yet in the catalogue

Dihirod Dyfed (Ref: ADX/1392)
Llyfr: Dihirod Dyfed: Hanes Chwe Llofruddiaeth gan Bethan Phillips. Yn seiliedig ar raglenni Dihirod Dyfed, Cwmni Pendefig, ar gyfer S4C a ddarlledwyd ym 1987 a 1991.
   Hughes a'i Fab, 1991

Acc.No: 3211   Date of material: 1991   Extent: 1 gyfrol   Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Museum Accession Books (Ref: CSC/DECS/MUS/6)
Back-up copies of Ceredigion Museum's accession books and other records. CLOSED under DP
Acc.No: 3210   Date of material:    Extent: 1 box   Access: DP restricted - not to be produced. Not yet in the catalogue

Civil Defence (Ref: CDC/CD)
Records relating to Civil Defence in Cardiganshire
Acc.No: 3209   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs and diaries (Ref: ADX/1391)
Photographs, diaries and other items
Acc.No: 3208   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Postcards (Ref: ADX/1390)
Postcards, mostly sent to 'Miss Dilys Luke' and other members of the Luke family of Woodbine, Pantycleifion, Cardigan in the early 20th century. Also a few family photographs.
Acc.No: 3207   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ynyslas Camp, army and ship's football teams (Ref: ADX/1389)
Four black and white photographs (descriptions from donor's captions, which also indicate that all photographs are 'courtesy of Mr. Len Dennett')
   1. MV. Camroux III (operating with Ynyslas Camp) ship's football team 1943-44.
   2. Ynyslas Army football team 1943-44
   3. Ynyslas Camp Army football team and ship's team, MV Camroux III, 1943-44
   4. Football game, Aberdyfi MV Camroux III ship's team 1934-44 (goalie Len Dennett)

Acc.No: 3206   Date of material: 1940s   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Books about local schools (Ref: CSC/ED/23-34)
CSC/ED/23. Calon a Chwlwm Cymuned: Hanes addysg ddoe a heddiw ym Mlaenporth [History of education in Blaenporth]. Emyr Hywel a Mary Jones golygyddion. Cyhoeddwyd gan Bwyllgor Dathlu 150 Ysgol Blaenporth.
   CSC/ED/24. Hafan Plentyndod: Hanes Addysg yn Rhydlewis 1863-2012 [History of education in Rhydlewis]. Cyhoeddwyd gan Bwyllgor Llyfr Ysgol Rhydlewis, 2013.

Acc.No: 3205   Date of material: 2013   Extent: 2 gyfrol   Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Frenhinol Cymru / Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales Aberystwyth1952 (Ref: D/EIS/14)
Material relating to the 1952 National Eisteddfod held in Aberystwyth.
   Minutes, programmes, samples of items printed (tickets etc.), stationery and other miscellaneous paperwork

Acc.No: 3204   Date of material: c. 1952   Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Bulletin of WHS in Wales (Ref: ANC/72)
Bulletin of Wesley Historical Society in Wales, no. 2 (2012). Information on Wesleyan Methodism in Aberystwyth is on pp. 56-103.
Acc.No: 3203   Date of material: 2012   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

King's Hall, Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1388)
Colour photograph by Nic Williams of King's Hall, Aberystwyth. The building is in a state of disrepair and appears empty, which would indicate that the image was taken not long before demolition in the late 1980s.
Acc.No: 3202   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ephemera relating to Hafod Estate and other items (Ref: ADX/1387)
Items relating to the Friends of Hafod, some photographs of the Hafod Estate, facsimile copies of WWII newspapers &c.
Acc.No: 3201   Date of material: twentieth century   Extent: 2 folders   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Cofeb i Feirdd y Mynydd Bach (Ref: DSO/142)
Cofeb i Feirdd y Mynydd Bach: Llyfr cofnodion y Pwyllgor (gan gynnwys rhaglen y Cyfarfod Dadorchuddio ac atodiadau eraill)
Acc.No: 3200   Date of material: 1992 gan fwyaf   Extent:    Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Papurau Cyd-Bwyllgor Hybu'r Gymraeg yn Aberystwyth (Ref: DSO/141)
Papurau Cyd-Bwyllgor Hybu'r Gymraeg yn Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 3199   Date of material: 1980au   Extent: 1 box   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Calendr Dathlu (Ref: ADX/1386)
Calendr Dathlu 70 Mlynedd Clwb Ffermwyr Ifainc Ceredigion [Calendar celebrating 70 years of Ceredigion Young Farmers Club]

Acc.No: 3198   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 1 item   Access: Agored/open Not yet in the catalogue

Welsh Plant Breeding Station (WPBS) booklets (Ref: ADX/1385)
1. UCW Aberystwyth: Welsh Pland Breeding Station, Series C no. 1, Season 1920
   2. UCW Aberystwyth: Welsh Pland Breeding Station, Series H no. 14, Season 1930-1935
   3. WPBS booklet: Herbage Seed Production (War Food Production Advisory Bulletin no. 6).
   4. WPBS booklet: The Seed Producing Characteristics of Some Recently Developed Herbage Varieties, by Selwyn Williams.
   c. 1972

Acc.No: 3197   Date of material: 1921-1972   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Eglwys Llandre Church (Ref: ADX/1384)
1. Stained Glass Windows in Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn Church, by Martin Crampin
   2. Ffenestri Lliw yn Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn, gan Martin Crampin
   Published by / cyhoeddwyd gan Wendall Publications, Treftadaeth Llandre Heritage & Cyngor Plwyfol Llandre Parish Council
   3. Programme: Service of Thanksgiving for the reopening of the West End of St. Michael's Church, Llandre. Wrongly dated 16 April 2016 (in reality, the service took place in 2013). Also invitation to same (correctly dated)

Acc.No: 3196   Date of material: 2013   Extent: 2 items   Access: Agored / open Not yet in the catalogue

Cemetery records (Ref: ABM/SE/CE/12 (part); ABM/SE/CE/20; TGR/SE/18;)
ABM/SE/CE/12 (part): St. Michael's Churchyard, schedule of headstones and original layout plans
   ABM/SE/CE/20: Aberystwyth Cemetery records
   TGR/SE/18: Lledrod Lower Parish Council: Proposed burial ground plan (two versions)

Acc.No: 3195   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Adroddiadau Capel Carmel (Methodistiaid Calfinaidd), Llanilar (Ref: ANC/71)
Adroddiadau Capel Carmel (Methodistiaid Calfinaidd), Llanilar [Annual reports of Carmel Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Llanilar]
   1. Adroddiad am 2005
   2. Adroddiad am 2006
   3. Adroddiad am 2007
   4. Adroddiad am 2008
   5. Adroddiad am 2009
   6. Adroddiad am 2010
   7. Adroddiad am 2011
   8. Adroddiad am 2012

Acc.No: 3194   Date of material: 2005 ymlaen   Extent:    Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire County Council - Health Dept. records (Ref: CDC/HE)
Records of the Health Dept.
Acc.No: 3193   Date of material:    Extent: 6 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Dyfed County Council Coat of Arms leaflets (Ref: DYC/IO/7)
Leaflet prepared by the Information Office, post 1974, giving details of the County's Coat of Arms.
   (2 copies)

Acc.No: 3192   Date of material: post 1974   Extent: 2 item   Access: open Show catalogue(DYC/IO/7) 

Autograph book (Ref: ADX/1383)
Autograph book of Eirlys Jenkins on leaving Ardwyn School, Aberystwyth, in 1942.
Acc.No: 3191   Date of material: 1942   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

MAFF Aberystwyth cricket scoring books (Ref: DSO/140)
Scoring books containing details of cricket teams and matches between the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (later MAFF), Welsh Dept., Aberystwyth players and other teams (such as the Great Western Railway, the Police etc.)
   1. 1949-1954
   2. 1962-1964
   3. 1965-1967

Acc.No: 3190   Date of material: 1949-1967   Extent: 3 vols.   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cyngor Plwyf Llanbadarn Odwyn Parish Council (Ref: Llanbadarn Odwyn PC)
Cofnodion Cyngor Plwyf Llanbadarn Odwyn Parish Council records.
   1. Llyfr Cofnodion/Minute Book 1963-1987
   2. Tregaron Union, Parish of Llanbadarn Odwyn: Overseer's Book of Receipts and Payments. 1890-1914
   3. Parish Council Receipts and Payments book 1931-1961
   4. Parish Council Receipts and Payments book 1961-1965

Acc.No: 3189   Date of material: 1890-1987   Extent: 4 vols.   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Taflenni angladdol / Funeral cards (Ref: ADX/1382)
Taflenni angladdol wedi trefnu yn ol y wyddor
   Funeral cards arranged in alphabetical order

Acc.No: 3188   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Various items of local, agricultural and other interest. (Ref: ADX/1381)
Various items of local, agricultural and other interest.
   Donated in memory of Joseph Sylvan Griffiths 1925-1968, formerly of Pentre, Llanfair Clydogau

Acc.No: 3187   Date of material:    Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The Steamship Rambler (Ref: ADX/1380)
Research on 'The Heart-breaking and Sudden Event that happened on Board the Steamship Rambler from Glasgow in Cette, France' on 1 January 1884, commemorated in a Welsh ballad of the above title. Two Ceredigion men (David Davies, 'Swan', Aberarth and Thomas Jones, 1 Darkgate St., Aberaeron) lost their lives through closing themselves in their living quarters with a bucket of live coals on the floor, and another (John Davies of Esgerarth, Aberarth) barely survived.
Acc.No: 3186   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1380) 

Ekklesia (Ref: EC/6)
Ekklesia (Llais y Llannau gynt/formerly) - cylchgrawn y plwyfi / magazine of the parishes (Lampeter, Llanddewi Brefi, Betws Bledrws, Betws Lleucu, Cellan, Gartheli, Llanbadarn Odwyn, Llanfair Clydogau, Llangeitho, Llangybi, Llanwnen, Maestir a Silian)
Acc.No: 3185   Date of material: 1998-2011 approx.   Extent:    Access: Open/Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Historical Association, Cardiganshire Branch (Ref: DSO/139)
Records of Historical Association, Cardiganshire Branch. Branch reports, correspondence, membership, minutes etc.
Acc.No: 3184   Date of material: 1974-1977 approx.   Extent: 1 box   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru Blaenplwyf (Ref: ANC/70)
1. Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru Blaenplwyf: Adroddiadau blynyddol.
   1.1. 1987
   1.2. 1991
   1.3. 1992
   1.4. 1993
   1.5. 1994
   1.6. 1995
   1.7. 1996
   1.8. 1997
   1.9. 1998
   1.10. 1999
   1.11. 2000
   1.12. 2001
   1.13. 2002
   1.14. 2003
   1.15. 2004
   1.16. 2005
   1.17. 2006
   1.18. 2007
   1.19. 2008
   1.20. 2009
   2. Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru (Y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd), Henaduriaeth Gogledd Aberteifi: Blwyddlyfrau.
   2.1. Y Blwyddlyfr 2003
   2.2. Y Blwyddlyfr 2004
   2.3. Y Blwyddlyfr 2005
   2.4. Y Blwyddlyfr 2006
   3. Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru (Y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd), Henaduriaeth Ceredigion a Gogledd Penfro: Blwyddlyfrau.
   3.1. Y Blwyddlyfr 2008 (rhifyn 1)
   3.2. Y Blwyddlyfr 2009 (rhifyn 2)
   3.3 Y Blwyddlyfr 2010 (rhifyn 3)
   4. Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru, Yr Eglwys Fethodistaidd, Undeb yr Annibynwyr Cymraeg, Cymanfaoedd Canu y Bedyddwyr: Rhaglenni Cymanfaoedd Canu.
   4.1. Rhaglen Cymanfaoedd Canu 2003-2004
   4.2. Rhaglen Cymanfaoedd Canu 2004-2005
   4.3. Rhaglen Cymanfaoedd Canu 2005-2006
   4.4. Rhaglen Cymanfaoedd Canu 2006-2007
   4.5. Rhaglen Cymanfaoedd Canu 2009-2010

Acc.No: 3183   Date of material: 1987-2009   Extent: 32 eitem   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ANC/70) 

Planning map (Ref: CDC/PL/16)
Plan: Proposed Re-erection of Misses. [sic] Peter Jones' Premises, Mill Street, B.4345 - Modification Order. Cardiganshire CC Planning Dept. and Aberystwyth Municipal Borough Council.
   No date - pre-1974; William D. Jones was then the County Planning Officer.

Acc.No: 3182   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/PL/16) 

Old Loan Sanctions, and Local Taxation Licences (Ref: CDC/SE/32-33)
CDC/SE/32: Old Loan Sanctions. File containing details of building and improving schools using Ministry of Health grants. 1940-1944
   CDC/SE/33: Local Taxation Licences, List of persons who have taken out the above Licences (except Gun and Game) from 1st january to 31st march, 1917. Also Suplimental List of Licences taken out from April ro 31st of July, 1917.

Acc.No: 3181   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access:  Show catalogue(CDC/SE/33) 

Letter Books (Yellow Books) (Ref: CDC/SE/31)

Acc.No: 3180   Date of material: 1951-1972   Extent: 314 items   Access:  Show catalogue(CDC/SE/31) 

New Quay Harbour Company (Ref: DB/96)
Documents mainly relating to New Quay and in particular to the New Quay Harbour Company
Acc.No: 3179   Date of material: 19th - 20th c.   Extent: 2 boxes   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/96/1) Show catalogue(DB/96/1/1-2) 

Records of the Women's Institute (Ref: D/WI)
Records of various Cardiganshire branches of the Women's Institute
Acc.No: 3178   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(D/WI/LBF) 

Guide books (Ref: MUS/119)
Various Wales and Aberystwyth guide books.
Acc.No: 3177   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/119) 

North Cardiganshire Silver Lead Mining Company (Ref: DB/95)
Register of subscribers to the North Cardiganshire Silver Lead Mining Company, which was formed to work the Talybont and Allt-y-Crib mines. The principal shareholders were Thomas R. Bourne of Bristol, Edgar Atwood of Aberystwyth and Jonathon Pell of Talybont.
   May - Nov 1881

Acc.No: 3176   Date of material: 1881   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Scanned photograph (Ref: ADX/1379)
Scanned photograph of depositor's grandfather Jenkin Rees and other family members with the Aberystwyth - Aberaeron post van outside the Belle Vue Hotel in Aberystwyth.
   Also photocopy of article by Will O'Whispers 'Gee-up for the post' which mentions, inter alia, Jenkin Rees and his postal round.

Acc.No: 3175   Date of material: Original c. 1905   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1379) 

St. David's Diocesan Moral Welfare Committee (Ref: DSO/138)
1. Annual reports of the St. David's Diocesan Moral Welfare Committee 1963-1966 and 1968.
   2. St. David's Diocesan Board of Finance Report and Accounts, 1964.

Acc.No: 3174   Date of material: 1963-1968   Extent: 6 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Various Cardiganshire County Council records (Ref: CDC/HI/8; CDC/SE/30; CDC/SS/111; CDC/TR/119)
CDC/HI/8: Drainage Schemes and Plans - Amended. 1 file, containing details of various drainage schemes, plans, maps, estimates and other material. Mostly 1952.
   CDC/SE/30: Cardiganshire Standing Joint Committee: Notices of Motion. 1 vol. 1889-1890, then 1934-1941
   CDC/SS/111: File of material relating to the administration of remand homes. 1952-1971.
   CDC/TR/119: File of material relating to Welsh church funds grant to St. John's College, Ystrad Meurig. Includes the School's prospectus. C. 1960-1963.

Acc.No: 3173   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(CDC/SS) 

James Brindley and the Early Engineers by Samuel Smiles (Ref: MUS/325)
Book: James Brindley and the Early Engineers by Samuel Smiles. Contains a section on Sir Hugh Myddelton and Welsh silver and lead mines, notably Cwm Symlog.
   Volume was presented as a prize to Sparke, a pupil at Cheltenham College (Military and Civil Dept.), in 1867.

Acc.No: 3172   Date of material: 1864   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ardwyn reunion photograph (Ref: ADX/1378)
1. Group photograph taken during an early reunion of the Ardwyn Old Pupils Association, against the background of the school building.
   2. Essay by Huw Spencer Lloyd exploring the context of the photograph

Acc.No: 3171   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1378) 

Dyfed County Council printed records (Ref: DYC/ECD/2; DYC/HI/5)
DYC/ECD/2: Services Directory for Dyfed: 1st edition. No date.
   DYC/HI/5: Dyfed County Council: Community Transport Policy Consultation Document, January 1988

Acc.No: 3170   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/HI/5) 

Dyfed Councillors (Ref: DYC/CC/2)
Election addresses and manifestos of Messrs. Robert Harris (Lampeter), Wynn Cowell and Dr Peter Goodman (Aberystwyth, Ward 2)

Acc.No: 3169   Date of material: 1981   Extent: 1 file   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Supplement to The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Cardiganshire (Ref: ADX/1021/2)
A Supplement to Dr. J.H. Salter’s The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Cardiganshire. Edited by A.E. Wade with a foreword by Lily Newton.
   University of Wales Press

Acc.No: 3168   Date of material: 1952   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/320-323)
MUS/320. Maritime Interests in Aberystwyth in the Nineteenth Century by W. Holmes-Evans.
   MUS/321. Tariff and terms leaflet (prices left blank) for Ashley's Hotel and Restaurant, Promenade, Aberystwyth (Proprietors: Mr. & Mrs. T. I. Jones)
   MUS/322. 'In the Aviary' party game
   MUS/323. Poster from the Daily Mirror newspaper, depicting young Prince Charles, captioned 'Pob hwyl Charles / Good luck Charles', probably to commemorate his term at Aberystwyth University when he took Welsh lessons.

Acc.No: 3167   Date of material:    Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Petition to appoint a curate to a living (Ref: ADX/1377)
Petition to Right Reverend John Banks, Lord Bishop of St Davids, requesting that William Williams be appointed to be Reverend of the curacies of Spytty-Ystwith and Ystradmeiric. Signed ‘[Lord] Lisburne’ witnessed by William Davies.
   Small black seal.

Acc.No: 3166   Date of material: 12 November 1831.   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1377) 

Ysbryd y Mwynwyr / Spirit of the Miners (Ref: CSC/CE/SM/4)
4. Folder containing:
   4.1. Spiral-bound booklet listing grants awarded to local projects by Spirit of the Miners
   4.2. Geology of the Central Wales Orefield - booklet produced by Central Wales RIGS with grant support from Spirit of the Miners
   4.3. Metal Mining in Upland Ceredigion - booklet produced by Dyfed Archaeological Trust with grant support from Spirit of the Miners

Acc.No: 3165   Date of material: c. 2007   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cofrestr derbyn Ysgol Pontgarreg School Admissions register (Ref: POG/R/2)
Ysgol Pontgarreg School, cofrestr derbyn/admissions register
Acc.No: 3164   Date of material: 1944-2011   Extent: 1 item   Access: Closed 100 years Not yet in the catalogue

Material relating to Swyddffynnon & area (Ref: ADX/1376)
Material relating to Swyddffynnon & area

Acc.No: 3163   Date of material:    Extent: 1 box   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1376) 

Dyfed Powys Police Commissioner election, 15 November 2012 (Ref: ADX/1375)
1. Leaflet explaining the purpose of the election (first of its kind in Ceredigion) with instructions on how to cast one's vote
   2. Leaflet promoting the Labour candidate Christine Gwyther

Acc.No: 3162   Date of material: 2012   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1375) 

Tystysgrifau / Certificates, ardal Penrhyncoch area (Ref: ADX/1374)
Various certificates, mostly awarded by religious institutions.
Acc.No: 3161   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Electoral register 2012 (Ref: ER/2012)
2012 Register of Electors for the county of Ceredigion.
Acc.No: 3160   Date of material: 2012   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Ceredigion Council leaflets (Ref: CSC/CE/14)
Leaflets from Ceredigion Council's Chief Executive's Dept.
   1. Balchder Pentrefi (fund supporting improvement of public spaces)
   2. Ysgol Fenter y Cardi (bursaries and training for setting up new businesses)
   3. Cynnal y Cardi (improving quality of life and creating sustainable rural communities)

Acc.No: 3159   Date of material: c. 2012   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/CE/14) 

Civil Defence First Aid Manual (Ref: CDC/EP)
Home Office: Civil Defence First Aid Manual, HMSO, 1954 reprint. Stamped with 'Cardiganshire Civil Defence Dept., 18 Nov. 1954'
Acc.No: 3158   Date of material: 1954   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The Modern Carpenter and Joiner and Cabinet Maker (Ref: ADX/1373)
Large illustrated volume: The Modern Carpenter and Joiner and Cabinet Maker; A Complete Guide to Current Practice. G. Lister Sutcliffe, (ed.). Vol. 1. Published by Gresham Publishing, London.
   Owner's inscription: WTC Bevan, Oak View, 15 Heiol Tyllwyd, Llanfarian, Aberystwyth.

Acc.No: 3157   Date of material: 1903   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1373) 

Merched y Wawr cylch Llanbedr pont Steffan (Ref: DSO/33/15)
1. Llyfr Cofnodion y Pwyllgor, 14 Gorffennaf 1976-19 Mehefin 1995
   Llyfrau cofnodion
   2. 21 Awst 1972-14 Gorffennaf 1980
   3. 8 Medi 1980-9 Ionawr 1989
   4. 9 Ionawr 1989-14 Chwefror 1994
   5. 14 Chwefror 1994-10 Medi 2001

Acc.No: 3156   Date of material: 1972-2001   Extent: 5 eitem   Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Nant y Moch farm (Ref: ADX/1372)
B/W photographs of Nant y Moch farm and surrounding area before the whole was submerged by the reservoir.
   1. Eldest of the James brothers in front of Nant y Moch farm
   2. View from Nant y Moch farm
   3. Distant view Nant y Moch farm
   4. Nant y Moch farm and chapel
   5. View looking north from Nant y Moch farm
   6. Nant y Moch area
   7. Dam under construction
   8. Chapel at Nant y Moch
   9. Note from the donor

Acc.No: 3155   Date of material: c. 1960   Extent: 8 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1372) 

Public rights of way, bye-laws, commons (Ref: DYC/PL/11, CDC/SE/29,)
Microfilms of definitive maps of public rights of way in Ceredigion from the Dyfed County Council period (1974-1996) - DYC/PL/11
   Cardiganshire County Council Bye-laws, 1930 - CDC/SE/29

Acc.No: 3154   Date of material: 1974-1998   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/SE/29) 

Photographs of railways (Ref: ADX/1371)
Black-and-white photographs of railway stations and trains in Cardiganshire. Dated 1962 unless otherwise indicated. Descriptions from captions on reverse. Photographer - Les Lewis, Llanafan.
   Also set of copies of 10 of the images
   1. Carmarthen train leaving Aberystwyth
   2. Tregaron station from level crossing
   3. Tregaron station, frame stock
   4. Tregaron station looking north
   5. Tregaron station goods yard
   6. Tregaron station looking south
   7. Caradoc Falls halt
   8. Margaret Lewis at Caradoc Falls halt. Photo taken from other side of track to show tunnel.
   9. Aberaeron station c. 1962. Waterboard & Builders Merchant now on site.
   10. Aberaeron station c. 1962.
   11. Steam locomotive 'Baydon Manor' at Strata Florida
   12. Strata Florida station
   13. Strata Florida station
   14. Trolley at Strata Florida
   15. Strata Florida
   16. Strata Florida
   17. Petra & Dexter Lewis - Tynberth Bridge - Dolfor in background - Trawscoed Station away to right
   18. Trawscoed station. No date.

Acc.No: 3153   Date of material: 1962   Extent: 28 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1371) 

Pamphlet about Cilcennin (Ref: ADX/1370)
Cilcennin in the Early Nineteenth Century, by Diane Marshall
Acc.No: 3152   Date of material: c. 2012   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1370) 

Maps (Ref: ADX/1369)
1. OS 1" map, sheet 79 (Llandrindod Wells) - also shows Cardiganshire from Tregaron eastwards. 1932
   2. OS 1" map, sheet 78 (Lampeter). 1932
   3. Map of 'proposed new communities in the district of Ceredigion' (shows boundaries of Community Councils). C. 1974?

Acc.No: 3151   Date of material:    Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1369) 

Map of Cardiganshire (Ref: ADX/1368)
Early 20th century printed map of Cardiganshire. Contains many trade advertisements for Aberystwyth businesses.
Acc.No: 3150   Date of material: c. 1903   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1368) 

Ysgol Pontgarreg (Ref: POG/3; POG/4; ADX/1367)
Log books
   30 September 1949-20 December 1985- POG/3
   4 March 1986-4 March 2005- POG/4
   Hanes Ysgol Pontgarreg [History of Pontgarreg School] 1867-2012 gan/by Jon Meirion Jones (gol./ed.)- ADX/1367

Acc.No: 3149   Date of material: 1949-2012   Extent: 3 items   Access: Log books - CLOSED. Book - open Show catalogue(ADX/1367) 

Nifer o eitemau (Ref: ADX/1366)
1. 'Gwlad fy Nhadau rhodd Cymru i'w byddin'
   2. Cymanfa Ganu ym Mhafiliwn yr Eisteddfod Nos Sul 8 Awst 1976
   3. 'Rhosynnau y Dyffryn', R. Teifi Rees

Acc.No: 3148   Date of material: 1915, 1976, d.d.   Extent: 3 llyfr   Access: agored Show catalogue(ADX/1366) 

M.Phil thesis on Cardiganshire shipping (Ref: ADX/1365)
Investment in Shipping: North Cardiganshire in the Nineteenth Century by John Barrie Rowlands.
   A thesis submitted to Aberystwyth University in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Philosophy.
   Dept. of History and Welsh History, Aberystwyth University

Acc.No: 3147   Date of material: 2012   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1365) 

Deeds relating to Llangwyryfon (Ref: ADX/1364)
1. Indenture between i. Richard Morice of p. Llanrhystud, gent. and John Jenkin of p. Llangwyryfon gent. and ii. Evan Richard of p. Llanychaiarn, gent. Concerning Pengelly, p. Llangwyryfon. 14 May 1765
   2. Indenture between i. Richard Morice of p. Llanrhystud, gent. and Elizabeth his wife, ii. John Jenkin of p. Llangwyryfon gent. and iii. Evan Richard of p. Llanychaiarn, gent. Concerning Pengelly, p. Llangwyryfon. 15 May 1765
   3. Indenture between i. Evan Richard of Pengelly, p. Llangwyryfon and Jane his wife and ii. Ursula Griffith of Llanbadarn y Creuddyn, Parcel Isaf. Sale of Pengelly. Consideration 5s. 8 January 1772

Acc.No: 3146   Date of material: 1765-1772   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1364) 

Winston Churchill and the Freedom of Aberystwyth (Ref: MUS/229)
Reuter's photograph of Winston Churchill being presented with the Freedom of Aberystwyth Borough in 1951.
   Also copy of 2012 Cambrian News article on the subject

Acc.No: 3145   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/229) 

Miscellaneous items (Ref: ADX/709 addl.)
Miscellaneous printed items
Acc.No: 3144   Date of material: 1970s-2010s   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Article on the inquest into the death of Mary Ann Price in 1885 (Ref: ADX/1363)
Typescript and covering letter. Article by Grenville Loyn on the inquest into the death of Mary Ann Price in 1885.
Acc.No: 3143   Date of material: 1990s   Extent: 5ff   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1363) 

Aberystwyth Camera Club (Ref: DSO/137)
Aberystwyth Camera Club
   1. Programme 1970-1971
   2. Programme 1972-1973
   3. Two receipts from Taylor Lloyd chemist (Aberystwyth) to Ron Colley for colour photographic prints, 1975.

Acc.No: 3142   Date of material: 1970-1975   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Booklets on railways (Ref: ADX/1189/12-14)
12. An Illustrated Guide to the Gwili Railway, Wales' First Standard Gauge Steam Hauled Tourist Railway. C. 1981
   13. Cambrian Rail (British Rail Scenic Rail Routes in Mid Wales): Route Guide. 1982
   14. Teifi Valley Railway Tourist Guide. Post-1986.

Acc.No: 3141   Date of material: 20th century   Extent: 1 box   Access: open. Show catalogue(ADX/1189) 

B.J. Jones of Lampeter (Ref: DB/94)
Newsletters and vouchers from B.J. Jones, a department store in Lampeter (closed down in the late 2000s)
Acc.No: 3140   Date of material: 2001-2005   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/94) 

Agoriad Canolfan Alun R. Edwards opening (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/25)
Material relating to the official opening on 13 September 2012 of the new Archive and Library in Aberystwyth's old Town Hall (renamed Canolfan Alun R. Edwards)
   1. Programme of the opening ceremony, to be conducted by Huw Lewis, Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage
   2. Booklet about the conversion of the building into the library and archive, prepared by DHPW.

Acc.No: 3139   Date of material: 2012   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Bronant school, further records (Ref: CSC/ED/19; BRN/4)
Further records of Bronant School, incl. a logbook and photographs
Acc.No: 3138   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth RDC plans (Ref: ABR)
Plans for an Aged Persons' Residence in Bow Street, prepared for Aberystwyth RDC
Acc.No: 3137   Date of material: 1965   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Records of St. Michael and All Angels Church, Tremain (now closed) (Ref: CPR/TMN)
Records of St. Michael and All Angels Church, Tremain (now closed)
   - Minute book, Easter Vestry meetings
   - Book of minutes of PCC meetings
   - Correspondence with architect and receipts for works carried out
   - Various other paperwork incl. photographs.

Acc.No: 3136   Date of material:    Extent: 1 box   Access: Open? Not yet in the catalogue

Y Parchedig Carys Ann, B.A. (Ref: ANC/69)
Llyfryn: Gwahoddiad i Gyfarfod Dathlu Chwarter Canrif Gweinidogaeth Y Parchedig Carys Ann, B.A. 17 Mawrth 2012, Capel Glynarthen (annibynnol)
Acc.No: 3135   Date of material: 2012   Extent: 1 eitem   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ANC/69) 

Slides of Aberystwyth Carnival (Ref: ADX/1362)
13 colour slide transparencies of Aberystwyth Carnival (110 format but in standard frames)
Acc.No: 3134   Date of material: Probably 1976   Extent: 13 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1362) 

Photographs of Ystumtuen (Ref: ADX/1361)
Six early 20th century photographs of Ystumtuen
   1. 'Aunty Annie and Norah, c. 1926-7; Bwlchgwyn to right' against background of village and mine workings incl. headframe
   2. View of Penrhiw Farm, Ystumtuen ('through village then left')
   3. Old mine, Bwlchgwyn with 'family house in background'
   4. Woman with perambulator on a country footpath. Inscribed 'Near Ystumtuen (Road down to Rheidol Valley?)'. 1920s
   5. View of Ystumtuen 'Bwlchgwyn off to left'
   6. View of Ystumtuen

Acc.No: 3133   Date of material: c. 1920s   Extent: 6 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1361) 

Coybal, Llanllwchaiarn (Ref: ADX/1360)
Deeds and other material relating to Coybal, Llanllwchaiarn and families associated with it.
Acc.No: 3132   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1360) 

Morgan and Morgan Jones family, Alltyblaca and Talybont (Ref: ADX/1352)
Further records relating to the families
Acc.No: 3131   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs (Ref: ADX/1352)
Colour photographs (with captions) of people, locations and documents.
Acc.No: 3130   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llyfr Coffad - Book of Remembrance (Ref: CDC/SE/28)
Large leather-bound volume: Llyfr Coffad - Book of Remembrance: 'herein are recorded the names of the men and women of Welsh birth and parentage together with others who gave their lives in the war of 1939-1945'
   Also index of regiments etc. represented in the book and a commemorative poem.

Acc.No: 3129   Date of material: 1958   Extent: 1 vol & 1 typescript   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/SE/28) 

Police General War Instructions (Ref: MUS/200)
Folder containing Police General War Instructions (WWII period) issued to Devil's Bridge police station. Index contains 459 topics (e.g. The Wearing of uniform; Air Raid Warnings; Removal of Direction Signs; Unexploded Bombs; Control of Photography; Pigeons; Irish Refugees; Aliens; Juvenile Evacuees; Dawn Patrols; Balloon Devices; Prisoners of War and Internees etc. etc.); directives relating to these are included in the folder but appear to be arranged chronologically, not always by topic.
Acc.No: 3128   Date of material: 1940-1945   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/200) 

J. Miall Jones, Chemist, Aberystwyth (Ref: MUS/82)
Records of J. Miall Jones, Chemist, Aberystwyth.
Acc.No: 3127   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Ceredigion Council Jobs Evaluation (Ref: CSC/CE/HR/1)
Printed documents relating to Ceredigion Council's Jobs Evaluation exercise (commenced 2005; completed 2012).
   - booklets explaining various aspects of the process and implications of decisions reached
   - Unison trade union material relating to the processes and decisions

Acc.No: 3126   Date of material: 2012   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/CE/HR/1) 

Aberystwyth Anti Poll Tax campaign (Ref: DSO/136)
Records of Aberystwyth Anti Poll Tax Campaign.
   Poll Tax was a popular name given to an unpopular tax (officially known as the Community Charge) introduced in the 1980s by Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government. Following a vigorous campaign of opposition and civil disobedience (as well as a series of riots) the measure was replaced by the Council Tax.

Acc.No: 3125   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llanbadarn Fawr and Vaenor Upper Joint Burial Board records (Ref: Llanbadarn Fawr PC & CC)
Further records of Llanbadarn Fawr and Vaenor Joint Burial Board
   1. Minute Book 1931-2001
   2. Minute Book 2001-2003

Acc.No: 3124   Date of material: 1931-2003   Extent: 2 vols   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

The Social and Economic Structure of North Ceredigion in 1891 (Ref: ADX/1359)
Peter G. Williams' M. Phil. thesis entitled 'The Social and Economic Structure of North Ceredigion in 1891'
   Some research for the thesis was carried out in Ceredigion Archives.

Acc.No: 3123   Date of material: 2011   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1359) 

Maritime documents relating to Capt. D. Davies, Neuaddwen, Aberporth (Ref: ADX/1358)
Maritime documents relating to Capt. D. Davies, Neuaddwen, Aberporth and others, probably of the same family.
Acc.No: 3122   Date of material: 1862-1913 approx.   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1358) 

Aberystwyth War Memorial Eisteddfod Colofn-Goffa Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1357)
Programme / Rhaglen: Aberystwyth War Memorial Eisteddfod / Eisteddfod Colofn-Goffa Aberystwyth, 27 June / Mehefin 1923
Acc.No: 3121   Date of material: 1923   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1357) 

Recollections of Ruth Mynachlog (Ref: ADX/941/addl)
Book: Recollections by Ruth Mynachlog [Ruth Jones of Brynsilio, Synod Inn, Ceredigion]. English version of Atgofion Ruth Mynachlog, translated by Sue Passmore .
Acc.No: 3120   Date of material: 2005   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Frederick Granville's prayer book (Ref: ADX/1356)
Prayer book ('The Divine Liturgy and Daily Sacrifice: A Manual of Devotions for the Sacrament of the Altar' ed. by the Rev. Orby Shipley. London 1866) belonging to Frederick Granville and presented to him by his sister, M. Paulet.
   Granville recorded the death of his wife, Cecilia Anne, in 1877 aged 34. A photograph of a woman glued to the opposite page is most likely that of her. A loose photograph of a man may be that of Granville himself. A newspaper report (from which it appears that the Granvilles lived at Gwynfryn Hall) of the funeral at the Llangynfelyn cemetery is also pasted into the book, as are several letters of condolence.
   Granville's prayers (for strength after his bereavement, and others) are also inscribed in the book.
   Also copy letter from the depositor with some additional information on the Granvilles.

Acc.No: 3119   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1356) 

Cofgolofn Gwroniaid Penrhyncoch (Trefeurig) War Memorial (Ref: Trefeurig PC & CC)
1. Cofgolofn Gwroniaid Penrhyncoch: Rhaglen y Dadorchuddio / Unveiling Programme
   11 Tachwedd 1923 / 11 November 1923
   2. Gwasanaeth Dadorchuddo Tabled Ychwanegol i Gofio'r Gwroniaid a Gollwyd yn yr Ail Ryfel Byd 1939-1945 / Unveiling service for an additional plaque to commemorate the WWII fallen.
   19 Mehefin 1966 / 19 June 1966
   3. Cofgolofn Gwroniaid / War Memorial: Trefn gwasanaeth / Order of service.
   Dim dyddiad / no date

Acc.No: 3118   Date of material:    Extent: 3 eitem   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Business ledger and various printed pamphlets (Ref: ADX/1355)
1. Business ledger. 1st part: Bibby's, Lampeter. Subsequently reused-2nd part: Mile End Cafe, Lampeter, accounts.
   2. Printed pamphlets, programmes etc.

Acc.No: 3117   Date of material: 1920s-1987 approx.   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Olympia 1936 (Ref: ADX/1354)
Olympia 1936: Band 1, Die Olympische Winterspiele vorschau auf Berlin. Illustrated souvenir of the Winter Olympics of 1936 and a look ahead to the Berlin Olympics.
Acc.No: 3116   Date of material: 1936   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1354) 

Copies of documents, mostly relating to railways (Ref: ADX/1353)
Colour photocopies of documents
   1. British Railways working timetable of passenger and freight trains: Whitchurch, Shrewsbury and Aberystwyth, Machynlleth and Pwllheli, and branches. 7 September 1964-13 June 1965.
   2. British Railways working timetable of passenger and freight trains: Oswestry district. 17th June to 15th September inclusive, 1957.
   3. Aberystwyth Station Yard plan, 1963.
   4. Biographical note on George Reginald Warmington (1902-1963), a railwayman with local connections.
   5. All Through the Night by Tom Ebenezer. Recollections of his work on the railways; he started his working life in 1952.
   6. Photographs of: a derailment at Maesycrugiau in c. 1940; two steam engines; Mr. Ebenezer at Aberystwyth signal box; the same signal box.
   7. Notes about the end of the Carmarthen Railway.
   8. BR Western Region posters advertising cheap day tickets, visiting Aberystwyth, the Vale of Rheidol Railway etc.
   9. British Railways management notices, 1950s.
   10. Article entitled 'Croeso messages by racing pigeons' featuring Caleb, a pigeon owned by Mr. Bryn Ebenezer of Penparcau. 1969.
   11. Tenancy agreement between Brynmor Ebenezer and the Borough of Aberystwyth for 31 Heol Tyn-y-Fron, Penparcau.
   3 July 1968
   12. Photograph of mountain guards during WW2 from Tregaron/Llangeitho area. All are in civilian clothing, on horseback and holding guns, with sheepdogs in attendance. All are identified. 3 copies, one annotated further at the time of deposit.
   13. Note about the Tanybwlch bungalow which was destroyed during the storm of 1938; the train driver who alerted the authorities to its demise was Mr. Dicky Mills.

Acc.No: 3115   Date of material:    Extent: accruing   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1353) 

Morgan and Morgan Jones family, Alltyblaca and Talybont (Ref: ADX/1352)
Family papers, deeds, photographs, ephemera etc relating to the Morgan and Morgan Jones families of Alltyblaca and Talybont
   See also Acc. 3114.

Acc.No: 3114   Date of material: 1786-2011   Extent: 1 box   Access: Partly restricted Not yet in the catalogue

Our wall (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/24)
Notes, cartoon, postcards, photographs and other items taken down from the Archives office pinboard at Swyddfa'r Sir, location of Ceredigion Archives 1996-2012
Acc.No: 3113   Date of material: 1996-2012   Extent: 1 box   Access: Restricted Not yet in the catalogue

Map of Cwmergir in 1832 (Ref: ADX/1351)
'A Map of Cwmergir in the Parish of Llanbadarn-fawr the Property of Mr. John Morgan, Surveyed by William Morgan, 1832'. Hand-drawn map of Cwmergir and Fagwr Fawr, situate south of the river Castell and west of Eisteddfa Gurig. Includes names and acreages of 'Inclos'd Lands'. Paper, canvas-backed.
Acc.No: 3112   Date of material: 1832   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1351) 

Photographs (Ref: ADX/1350)
Colour panoramic photographs of Aberystwyth Town Hall before the cherry trees in front of it were cut down in 2009 (2 photos) and of the tennis pavillion at the rear of the town hall site (2 photos)
Acc.No: 3111   Date of material:    Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1350) 

Photographs and postcards (Ref: ADX/1349)
Photographs and postcards taken or collected by George A. Robinson of Thundersley, Essex, between 1950 and 1980.
   1. Tinted engraving of Plas Crug, Aberystwyth, 1830.
   2. Eight early 20th century postcards of Aberystwyth and Devil's Bridge
   3. B/W photographs of Aberystwyth, 1970
   4. ditto of Devil's Bridge and the river Rheidol, 1970

Acc.No: 3110   Date of material: 1950-1980   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1349) 

Monumental inscriptions (Ref: MI/2; MI/3)
Further volumes of monumental inscriptions in graveyards in Cardiganshire.
   01. Capel Bangor (2000)
   02. Eglwys Newydd (Hafod church) (1989)
   03. Gwnnws (Llanwnnws) (2007)
   04. Llanafan (2002)
   05. Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn (1996-97; 2001)
   06. Llangynfelyn (1990 & 2010)
   07. Llanilar (1991)
   08. Llantrisant (1994)
   09. Lledrod (2007)
   10. Maenygroes (old graveyard 2010; new 2004)
   11. Salem, Mynydd Bach (1988 & 1994)
   12. New Quay Cemetery (2009)
   13. Penllwyn, Capel Bangor (2003)
   14. Rhostie (2002 & 2009)
   15. Nasareth, Talybont (2000)
   16. Capel Bethel, Trefenter (2011)
   17. Ysbyty Cynfyn (1988 & 2010)
   18. Ysbyty Ystwyth (2009)
   19. Ystrad Meurig (2003)
   20. Tabernacle, Talybont (2013)
   21. Bethel, Talybont (2014)
   22. Community Cemetery, Talybont (2015)
   23. Old Chapel, Tre'r Ddol
   24. Llanrhystud: churchyard, new cemetery, and Capel Salem (2016)
   25. Salem, Penrhyncoch (2015)
   01. Llanddeiniol (2012)

Acc.No: 3109   Date of material: 1989-2016   Extent: 26 vols.   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Views from a High Place (Ref: ADX/1348)
Views from a High Place: An anthology of writing from the heart of Ceredigion.
   [collection of writing by students on two beginners' creative writing courses]

Acc.No: 3108   Date of material: 2008   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1348) 

Er Serchog Gof (Ref: ADX/1347)
Llyfr/Book: Er Serchog Gof: Casgliad o Arysgrifau o Fynwentydd y Wladfa, gan Cathrin Williams a May Williams de Hughes. Gwasg Gee, 1997. [Collection of monumental inscriptions from Patagonia]
Acc.No: 3107   Date of material: 1997   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Agored/Open Show catalogue(ADX/1347) 

Holy Trinity Church ephemera (Ref: HT addl)
Ephemera and other papers connected with the Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth. Includes newsletters, greeting card depicting successive vicars of the church, orders of various commemorative services etc.
Acc.No: 3106   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Funeral service orders (Ref: ADX/1346)
Funeral service orders:
   1. Steve Oliver (Stephen Bernard Oliver), 1963-2010 [active local member of Welsh Mines Society]
   2. Mrs. Mary Fitter, d. 2012. [former Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths in Ceredigion]
   3. Dr. Andrew Breen [physicist, Aberystwyth University] d. 2011. Also his obituary from the Guardian, 11 February 2012.
   4. Marianne Sandra Joy Clothier [community healthcare worker], d. 2014
   5. Huw Rees Jenkins, d. 2015

Acc.No: 3105   Date of material: 2010 onwards   Extent: accruing   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1346) 

Aberystwyth and other guides (Ref: MUS/202)
Aberystwyth town guides and guides to other towns and attractions in Cardiganshire
Acc.No: 3104   Date of material:    Extent: 2 boxes   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/202) 

Items from the Museum (Ref: MUS)
Further items transferred from Ceredigion Museum
Acc.No: 3103   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/214) 

Photos of DECS staff (Ref: CSC/DECS/7)
Colour photographs of parties and outings of the staff of the Dept. of Education and Community Services, Swyddfa'r Sir, Aberystwyth. Various dates and occasions.
Acc.No: 3102   Date of material: Late 80s - 2007   Extent: 11 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Reports relating to Cardigan town and area (Ref: CDT/PL/1)
1. Canol Tref Aberteifi Ar Ran Menter Aberteifi. Mehefin 2002.
   2. Adroddiad Ymgynghorol: Cynllun Rheoli Dalgylch Teifi 1996. Awdurdod Afonydd Cenedlaethol
   3. A-Z of Cardigan for the Elderly & Disabled. Prepared by pupils from Cardigan Secondary School. 1992.
   4. Cardigan in 2020 Vision Day: The Report of the Vision Day held at the Cliff Hotel on Wednesday 12th July 2000.

Acc.No: 3101   Date of material:    Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Photograph on glass (Ref: ANC/60 addl)
Photograph of a man, presumably connected with Bethel Chapel, Aberystwyth. Photograph is on glass and in deteriorating condition. No date - Victorian.
Acc.No: 3100   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The Belle Vue Royal Hotel, Aberystwyth (Ref: DB/93)
Publicity material (leaflet, information sheet, postcard, tariff) from the Belle Vue Hotel, Aberystwyth.
Acc.No: 3099   Date of material: 1997   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/93) 

Library stuff!!!! (Ref: DYC/LI/2)
Box of library material
Acc.No: 3098   Date of material:    Extent: 3 boxes   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ceredigion Community Health Council (Ref: DSO/134)
records of meetings held and visits made to NHS premises in the county by Ceredigion Community Health Council, an independent statutory public body. Also Annual Report of the CHC.
Acc.No: 3097   Date of material:    Extent: 5 boxes   Access: restricted - need to be appraised Not yet in the catalogue

Books received from the Museum (Ref: MUS/199)
1. Cofiant y Parchedig John Jones, Talsarn (2 vols). Owner's inscription: 'David Lloyd, Bryntirion, Aberystwyth'.
   2. Humphrey Jones a Diwygiad 1859, gan Y Parch. Evan Isaac (Awdur Prif Emynwyr Cymru'). Gwasg y Bala, 1930
   3. Cofiant y Parch. Daniel Rowland, Llangeitho (gyda darluniau) gan y Parch. D. Worthington, Llangeitho. Inscription: 'Gwobr Ysgol Sul llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn i Miss Margaret S. Davies, Cynon Fawr. Ebrill 17ed 1906. W. Headley, Ficer'
   4. Evan Evans 1850-1955: A Memoir. Caernarfon 1934. Owner's inscription: 'E. Edwards'
   5. Dail yr Hydref sef Adgofion am Dol-y-bont, Llanfihangel-Genau'r-Glyn a Rhos-y-gell gan Daniel Thomas, Penpompren, Devil's Bridge, Aberystwyth. Dinbych 1916. Inscription: 'I Grace E. E. Bray-Owen, 'Tanllethr', Rhos-y-gell, Devil's Bridge, oddiwrth Parch. D. A. Thomas, Vicarage, Llandysul. 1947'
   6. Memoirs of Henry Richard, The Apostle of Peace, by Lewis Appleton. London, 1889
   7. David Davies (1818-1890) Llandinam, gan Goronwy Jones, Prestatyn. Gwrecsam, 1913.
   8. Kearsley's Complete Peerage of England, Scotland and Ireland together with an Extinct Peerage of the Three Kingdoms, List of all their Family Names, Titles of Elder Sons, etc. and Translation of their Mottos. Vol. 1. London 1809
   9. Evan Evans 1850-1933 - A Memoir, compiled by Ivor Evans and Ernest Evans. Evans Evans was a Methodist minister at the Tabernacl, Aberystwyth.

Acc.No: 3096   Date of material:    Extent: 9 vols.   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/199) 

The Country Bizarre (Ref: ADX/1345)
Two issues of the 1970s 'good life' magazine 'The Country Bizarre', containing articles on starting a pottery, hunt saboteurs, the apple, herbal remedies, bicycles, country living etc. Also classified advertisements, diary of events, a children's page and other features.
   Issue 5, c. 1971 (no date but pre-decimalization)
   Issue 8, Summer 1972

Acc.No: 3095   Date of material: 1971 & 1972   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1345) 

County Council elections, 3 May 2012 (Ref: ADX/1344)
Ephemera (leaflets, newsletters etc) relating to Ceredigion County Council elections on 3 May 2012
Acc.No: 3094   Date of material: 2012   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1344) 

The Llanbadarn Fawr Newsletter / Cylchlythyr Llanbadarn Fawr (Ref: ADX/1343)
The Llanbadarn Fawr Newsletter / Cylchlythyr Llanbadarn Fawr, published by Plaid Cymru Cllrs. Gareth Davies (Padarn Ward) and Paul James (Sulien Ward)
   1. April 2011
   2. July 2011
   3. November 2011

Acc.No: 3093   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1343) 

Highways Dept. records (Ref: CDC/HI/7)
Cardiganshire County Council - records of the Dept. of Highways (incl. file on road widening at Cwmystwyth etc.)
Acc.No: 3092   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Acts of Parliament (Ref: ADX/1342)
Various printed Acts of Parliament relevant to local government
Acc.No: 3091   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Souvenir of Aberystwyth, 251 Views (Ref: ADX/1341)
Souvenir of Aberystwyth, 251 Views. Published by Sydney V. Galloway, 21 Pier Street, and Central Library, Terrace Road.
Acc.No: 3090   Date of material: 1912   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1341) 

Books by Roger Bryan (Ref: ADX/1340)
Two editions of 'It'll Come In Useful One Day: Intriguing Ways To Jog Your Memory' by Roger Bryan [a local author and researcher]. Published by Llanina Books.
   1. 2010 edition
   2. 2011edition

Acc.No: 3089   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1340) 

Llyfrau gan / books by D. Geraint Lewis (Ref: ADX/1339)
Pennaeth Adran Gwasanaethau Diwylliannol Cyngor y Sir oedd D. Geraint Lewis tan iddo ymddeol tua 2008.
   1. Geiriau Gorfoledd a Galar (2007)
   2. Songs of Celebration and Solace (English version of (1), privately printed)
   3. Ar flaen fy nhafod - casgliad o ymadroddion Cymraeg
   4. Geiriadur pinc a glas Gomer
   5. Geiriadur mor, mwy, mwyaf Gomer
   6. Reading Welsh: An Essential Companion
   7. Geiriadur Cymraeg Gomer (NB. deposit, not donation)
   8. Geiriadur Gwybod y Geiriau Gomer (ditto)
   9. From Eiddwen to Ursula: The story of Llangwrddon (2016). Signed copy. (ditto)
   10. Rhwng Eiddwen ac Ursula: Hanesion Llangwrddon (2016). Signed copy. (ditto)

Acc.No: 3088   Date of material:    Extent: 10 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1339) 

Maps - Cardiganshire Review Order 1934 (Ref: CDC/SE/27)
OS maps of the county 'referred to in the Cardiganshire Review Order 1934'.
   1. Map no. 1 (Northern part of the county as far south as Llangwyryfon and Ysbyty Ystwyth)
   2. Map no. 2 (South-eastern part of the county, from Llanafan and Ysbyty Ystwyth in the north to Lampeter in the south)
   3. Map no. 3 (South-western part of the county incl. Aberporth, Cardigan and Newcastle Emlyn)
   4. Map no. 4 (mid-to-southern part of the county incl. Aberaeron, New Quay, Synod Inn and Dihewyd)

Acc.No: 3087   Date of material: 1934   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/SE/27) 

Rate books, p. Ysbyty Ystwyth (Ref: Ysbyty Ystwyth PC & CC)
Two rate books for the parish of Ysbyty Ystwyth, giving names of owners and occupiers, extent of property, rateable value etc..
   1. Rate book, 1886
   2. Rate book, 1909-1910

Acc.No: 3086   Date of material: 1886 and 1909-10   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Theatres Act 1843 (Ref: CDC/SE/26)
Cardiganshire County Council
   Theatres Act 1843: Rules Governing the Granting of Theatre Licences; Terms & Conditions of Licence issued under the Theatres Act 1843. Clerk's Dept., Swyddfa'r Sir, Aberystwyth.

Acc.No: 3085   Date of material: no date   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/SE/26) 

Who Do You Think You Are (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/23)
BBC magazine Who Do You Think You Are, issue 46 (April 2011) with CD-ROM containing material on Mid-Wales ancestor, incl. contribution made by Ceredigion Archives.
Acc.No: 3084   Date of material: 2011   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 1984 (Ref: D/EIS/13)
Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Frenhinol Cymru, Llanbedr Pont Steffan a'r Fro 1984: Cyfansoddiadau a Beirniadaethau
Acc.No: 3083   Date of material: 1984   Extent: 1 item   Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

BUG - Building User Group (Ref: CSC/DHPW/BUG/1)
Ceredigion County Council, Building User Working Group: folder of minutes of meetings, e-mails and other records of the group which was formed to coordinate and oversee the process of building Canolfan Rheidol, the new Council building, and the relocation of council departments and staff.
Acc.No: 3082   Date of material: 2009   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Dyfed mewn Ffigurau 1991 (Ref: DYC/PL/4/3)
Taflen: Dyfed mewn Ffigurau 1991 (Ystadegau cymharol: poblogaeth, strwythur yr oedran, siaradwyr Cymraeg, cyflogaeth, cartrefi, daliardaeth a chyfleusterau yn y cartrefi)
Acc.No: 3081   Date of material: 1991   Extent:    Access: Agored Show catalogue(DYC/PL/4) 

Sexual Health and Education for Young People 11-16 in Ceredigion (Ref: CSC/WAG/6)
Report commissioned by LINCS Ceredigion in conjunction with Powys and Ceredigion Health Promotion Unit: Sexual Health and Education for Young People 11-16 in Ceredigion, by Glenn Newman (Health Promotion Specialist) and LINCS Ceredigion (Children and Youth Partnership)
Acc.No: 3080   Date of material: c. 2001   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Termau Addysg Iechyd (Ref: ADX/1338)
Termau Addysg Iechyd - Rhestr Arbrofol [Health Education Terms, an English/Welsh list/glossary of medical terms]. Cyfadran Addysg Coleg y Brifysgol Aberystwyth. 'Not for general circulation'
Acc.No: 3079   Date of material: c. 1950s?   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1338) 

Motor Rallies in Cardiganshire (Ref: DYC/HI/4)
Correspondence relating to motor rallies in Cardiganshire [P.2/5 - Part II]
Acc.No: 3078   Date of material: 1971, 1974-1994   Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(DYC/HI/4) 

St. Davids Diocese yearbooks etc. (Ref: DSO/133)
I. Esgobaeth Tyddewi / Diocese of St. Davids, Llyfrau Blynyddol / Year Books
   1. The Year Book of the Diocese of St. Davids, 1962
   2. ditto, 1966
   3. ditto, 1968
   4. ditto, 1969
   5. ditto, 1970
   6. ditto, 1971
   7. ditto, 1972
   8. ditto, 1973
   9. Esgobaeth Tyddewi / Diocese of St. Davids, Llyfr Blynyddol a Chyfeiriadur/ The Year Book and Directory 1974
   10. ditto, 1975
   11. ditto, 1976
   12. ditto, 1977
   13. ditto, 1978
   14. ditto, 1979
   15. ditto, 1980-81
   16. ditto, 1982
   17. ditto, 1983
   18. Tyddewi / St. Davids, Llyfr Blynyddol Esgobaethol / Diocesan Year Book 1991-92 (2 copies)
   II. Other
   1. Journal of the Historical Society of the Church in Wales vol XXV (1976)

Acc.No: 3077   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(DSO/133) 

Addysg yr Amgylchedd (Ref: DYC/ED/35)
Addysg yr Amgylchedd: Llawlyfr Ymarferol ar gyfer eich Ysgol. Cyhoeddwyd gan Gyngor Sir Dyfed a Chyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru.
Acc.No: 3076   Date of material: 1992   Extent: 1 item   Access: Agored Show catalogue(DYC/ED/35) 

Arfordir Ceredigion (Ref: CDD/PR/2)
Llyfryn: Arfordir Ceredigion, cyhoeddwyd gan Cyngor Dosbarth Ceredigion
Acc.No: 3075   Date of material: 1992   Extent:    Access: Agored Not yet in the catalogue

Tregaron Town & Country (Ref: ADX/1337)
Book: Tregaron - The WI looks around Town and Country. First published in 1984; new edition 2000 as part of The Women's Institute Pathways Project.
Acc.No: 3074   Date of material: 2000   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1337) 

Devil's Bridge to Llandrindod Wells (Ref: ADX/1336)
Pamphlet: 'Devil's Bridge to Llandrindod Wells' containing description of route taken by a bus travelling from Devil's Bridge to Llandrindod Wells via Cwmystwyth. A short history of the Hafod is appended. No author or date but probably post-1996. 2 copies.
Acc.No: 3073   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1336) 

County Archives stationery (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/22)
Examples of stationery used by Ceredigion Archives while located at Swyddfa'r Sir, Aberystwyth (until April 2012): compliment slips, retrieval slips, modern records process cards.
Acc.No: 3072   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Dyfed County Guides (Ref: DYC/IO/6)
Three Dyfed county guides, all undated but post-1985 and no later than 1995.
   1. Llawlyfr Swyddogol Dyfed Official Guide and Handbook (2 copies)
   2. Dyfed: Llawlyfr y Sir / County Guide
   3. Llawlyfr y Sir Dyfed County Guide

Acc.No: 3071   Date of material:    Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/IO/6) 

Hwyl! (Ref: ADX/1335)
Hwyl! [cylchgrawn Cymraeg ar gyfer plant] rh. 119 (pris 4 c.), Hydref 1959. 2 gopi
Acc.No: 3070   Date of material: 1959   Extent: 1 item   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ADX/1335) 

Gwreiddiau Plwyf Penlon (Ref: ADX/1334)
Llyfr: Gwreiddiau Plwyf Penlon, gan wahanol awduron.
Acc.No: 3069   Date of material: 1999   Extent: 1 item   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ADX/1334) 

Towyn Chapel, New Quay (Ref: ANC/68)
1. Booklet: Eglwys Annibynnol Towyn, Cei Newydd 1861-2011
   2. Memorial card: Er Cof Annwyl am y Capten Jenkin Thomas, 11 Park Street, Cei Newydd, a hunodd yn yr Iesu, Mehefin 25, 1932.

Acc.No: 3068   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ANC/68) 

Borough of Aberystwyth and Aberystwyth Town Council (Ref: CDD/SE/22)
1. Aberystwyth Borough 1277-1974 by Howard C. Jones. Booklet published to commemorate the end of the Borough of Aberystwyth as a local government body. Its functions were taken over by the county council and Ceredigion District Council. Aberystwyth Town Council continues but with reduced powers.
   2. The Castle and Borough of Aberystwyth by C. J. Spurgeon. 1975 reprint. 2 copies.
   3. Glossy leaflet fold-out depicting the coat of arms of Aberystwyth, with explanation of its components in English, French, Welsh and German.
   4. Aberystwyth coat of arms printed on glossy paper. 2 copies.

Acc.No: 3067   Date of material: mid-1970s   Extent: 6 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDD/SE/22) 

Ephemera (Ref: MUS)
Local ephemera
Acc.No: 3066   Date of material:    Extent: 2 boxes   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Certificates (Ref: ADX/1332)
Certificates (one framed) awarded to the late Mrs. Iris Phillips for her voluntary and charitable work, and to the Royal British Legion, Women's Section (Aberystwyth Branch) in which she was active. Also two accompanying letters.
Acc.No: 3065   Date of material: 1981-2002   Extent: 2 files   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1332) 

Cyngor Sir Ceredigion County Council Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg / Welsh Language Scheme (Ref: CSC/DCLS/6)
Cyngor Sir Ceredigion: Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg a baratowyd yn unol a Deddf yr Iaith Gymraeg 1993. Derbyniodd y Cynllun hwn gymeradwyaeth Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg ym 1997 / Ceredigion County Council: A Welsh Language Scheme prepared under the Welsh Language Act 1993. Approved by Welsh Language Board in 1997.
Acc.No: 3064   Date of material: 1997   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/DCLS/6) 

Framework for the delivery of council services (Ref: CSC/DF/2)
Ceredigion County Council (Dept. of Finance)
   Proposed Framework for the Delivery of Council Services to the Public: A Strategic Overview of the Facilities for Public Access and Administrative Arrangements for Cost Effective Service Delivery (the medium to long term approach)

Acc.No: 3063   Date of material: 2000   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/DF/2) 

Ceredigion Catering (Ref: CSC/DHPW/C/1-2)
Ceredigion Catering (a division of Ceredigion Council's Dept. of Highways, Properties and Works)
   1. Dining with Ceredigion Catering: A look at the school meals service provided to primary and secondary pupils and their teachers. Autumn 1998
   2. Chartermark: Property Contracts Group, Catering Service. April 1998

Acc.No: 3062   Date of material: 1998   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Maps on CD-ROM (Ref: CSC/DHPW/7)
1. CD of OS County Series maps
   2. CD of Definitive Footpaths maps

Acc.No: 3061   Date of material:    Extent: 2 CDs   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Tregaron RDC material and other items (Ref: TGR/HI/5/176-178,180-181; TGR/HI/7/1; TGR/SE/13/12a; ADX/1331)
   1. Three linen maps (copied from tithe maps?)
   - 'Section A' - Pontrhydfendigaid and area south therefrom, as far as Blaengorfen
   - From Llyn Tivy in the north to Towy Fechan in the south (approx.)
   - From Tregaron in the west to Llyn Berwyn in the east (approx)
   176. Register of Inspections (Housing Act) 1912-1913
   177. Housing inspection ledger, 1913-1914
   178. Inspector's Journal and report Book. Contains reports on pigsties, diseases etc. 1915-1923
   180. Book of notices 'requiring Landlord to execute Works in the case of a House to which Section 15 of the Housing, Town Planning, &c., Act, 1909, applies'. 1921-22.
   181. Closing Order Book [relates to houses unfit for human habitation]. 1922-1925
   12a. Cow keeper register, 1908-1924
   Rhaglen/Programme: Gwyl Sarn Helen 1990. 2 gopi/copies.

Acc.No: 3060   Date of material:    Extent: 0.022m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1331) 

Report on contaminants at Llangawsai Gasworks, Aberystwyth (Ref: CDD/HH/1)
A preliminary investigation into possible contaminants at Llangawsai Gasworks, Aberystwyth: A report by Cyngor Dosbarth Ceredigion, Dept. of Environmental Health and Housing. Marked 'Strictly private and confidential'
Acc.No: 3059   Date of material: c. 1995   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Mining history exhibition panels (Ref: ADX/1330)
Eight exhibition panels relating to the history of lead mining in Cardiganshire. Originally prepared by the mining historian Simon JS Hughes for display at Talybont Agricultural Show.
Acc.No: 3058   Date of material: c. 2008   Extent: 8 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1330) 

Taflenni angladd, effemera / Funeral service orders, ephemera (Ref: ADX/499)
Taflenni angladd / funeral service orders: ADX/499/
   95. Bethan Utley, d. 2012
   96. John David Williams, m. 2012
   97. Elvira Phillips, m. 2012
   98. George Alfred John Jones, d. 2013
   99. Sarah Eirwen Jones, d. 2013 (2 copies)
   100. Eleanor May Jones d. 2013
   Perthyn - Misolyn Capel y Morfa: ADX/499/A
   Rhif 202-210, 212- 223
   Llawlyfr Capel y Morfa, Aberystwyth ac Ebeneser, Penparcau: ADX/499/B
   Llawlyfr 2011
   Llawlyfr 2012
   Adroddiad 2012
   Rhaglen Gwasanaeth Gwyl Ddewi, Rhydfendigaid, 3 Mawrth 2013
   Other: ADX/499/addl
   - Book: English Methodism in Aberystwyth by Mary Brown. Signed by the author. 1969
   - St. John’s College, Ystrad Meurig Prospectus. No date.
   - Hanes Achos Bethel, Capel Dewi, Llandysul gan y Parch. R.D. Hughes. 1933

Acc.No: 3057   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Cricket Field, Aberystwyth - abstract of title (Ref: ADX/1329)
Photocopy: Abstract of the title of Evan Edwards of The Laurels, Aberystwyth, Merchant, to 'a certain piece or close of land part of the field formerly known as Cricket Field', Aberystwyth.
   The field is located between St. David's Road and Caradog Road, before the area was built up.

Acc.No: 3056   Date of material: Modern copy of a 1914 original   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1329) 

New Quay Slipway (Ref: ADX/1328)
1. (Photocopy) The Patent Slipway, New Quay, Ceredigion: Watching Brief July 2004, Interim Report. Prepared by Peter Crane, Cambria Archaeology (Dyfed Archaeological Trust) for Ceredigion County Council.
   2. (Photocopy) New Quay Slipway, Ceredigion: A Watching Brief, April 2004, by Duncan Schlee, Cambria Archaeology (Dyfed Archaeological Trust) for Ceredigion County Council.
   3. Copies of letters and e-mails incl. responses to objections to the work undertaken on the slipway.

Acc.No: 3055   Date of material: 2004-2005   Extent: 1 file   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1328) 

UCL People 2011 (Ref: ADX/1327)
UCL People 2011 - annual magazine for alumni of University College London. This issue contains reminiscences of students who were evacuated to Aberystwyth during WWII.
Acc.No: 3054   Date of material: 2011   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1327) 

Metal Mine Strategy for Wales (Ref: ADX/1326)
Metal Mine Strategy for Wales. Spiral-bound volume published by Environment Agency Wales in 2002
Acc.No: 3053   Date of material: 2002   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1326) 

Medical Officer of Health reports and other papers (Ref: CDC/HE/12)
Medical Officer of Health reports and other papers (weeded but uncatalogued)
Acc.No: 3052   Date of material: 1925-1960 approx.   Extent:    Access: CLOSED Not yet in the catalogue

Teifiside RDC: Public Health Department Annual Reports (Ref: TER/HE/2)
Teifiside Rural District Council: Public Health Department Annual Reports
   1. Public Health department Annual Report 1951
   2. Public Health department Annual Report 1952
   3. Public Health department Annual Report 1953
   4. Public Health department Annual Report 1954
   5. Public Health department Annual Report 1955 (2 copies)
   6. Public Health department Annual Report 1957
   7. Public Health department Annual Report 1958
   8. Public Health department Annual Report 1959
   9. Public Health department Annual Report 1960
   10. Public Health department Annual Report 1962
   11. Public Health department Annual Report 1965
   12. Public Health department Annual Report 1966
   13. Public Health department Annual Report 1967
   14. Public Health department Annual Report 1968
   15. Public Health department Annual Report 1969
   16. Public Health department Annual Report 1970 (2 copies)
   17. Public Health department Annual Report 1971
   18. Public Health department Annual Report 1972

Acc.No: 3051   Date of material: 1951-1972   Extent: 20 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(TER/HE) 

Tregaron RDC: Public Health Department Annual Reports (Ref: TGR/HE/1/1-20)
Tregaron Rural District Council: Public Health Department
   1. Public Health Department Annual Report 1951
   2. Public Health Department Annual Report 1952
   3. Public Health Department Annual Report 1953
   4. Public Health Department Annual Report 1954
   5. Public Health Department Annual Report 1955
   6. Public Health Department Annual Report 1956
   7. Public Health Department Annual Report 1958
   8. Public Health Department Annual Report 1959
   9. Public Health Department Annual Report 1960
   10. Public Health Department Annual Report 1962
   11. Public Health Department Annual Report 1963
   12. Public Health Department Annual Report 1965
   13. Public Health Department Annual Report 1966
   14. Public Health Department Annual Report 1967
   15. Public Health Department Annual Report 1968
   16. Public Health Department Annual Report 1969
   17. Public Health Department Annual Report 1970 (draft)
   18. Public Health Department Annual Report 1970
   19. Public Health Department Annual Report 1971
   20. Public Health Department Annual Report 1972
   Years 1957, 1961 and 1964 are missing

Acc.No: 3050   Date of material: 1951-1972   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(TGR) 

Cilgerran Chapel (Ref: ANC/67)
Small notebook, 'Kilgeran Meeting House 1795' inscribed on cover, containing 'Charges and Expences [sic] in building Kilgerran Chapel and the Dwelling House' and later accounts up to 1807. Also part of later envelope containing the above, inscribed 'Important to be carefully kept'
Acc.No: 3049   Date of material: 1795   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ANC/67) 

Dyfed Archives annual reports (Ref: DYC/RO/12)
Dyfed Archives annual reports
   1. 1974-77 (photocopy)
   2. 1977 (photocopy)
   3. 1978
   4. 1979
   5. 1980 (photocopy)
   6. 1981
   7. 1982
   8. 1983
   9. 1984

Acc.No: 3048   Date of material: 1977-1984   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/RO/12) 

Local guides and ephemera (Ref: MUS/284)
Various local guides, booklets and advertising ephemera
Acc.No: 3047   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Rent book, photograph and invoices (Ref: ADX/1325)
1. Nanteos Estate rent receipt book for 1922
   2. Photograph of an unidentified couple. No date - late Victorian. Found inside item 1 above.
   3. Two receipts for repairs by W. Pugh & Co, Boot and Shoe Repairers of 21 Bridge Street, Aberystwyth. No date - 1930s.
   4. Receipt for shoe repair supplies bought by W. Pugh & Co. from Picthalls (Liverpool) Ltd. 1936

Acc.No: 3046   Date of material:    Extent: 2 files   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1325) 

Ceredigion Museum, invitations to exhibitions and events (Ref: CSC/DECS/MUS/5)
5/1. Invitation to the retirement party of Michael Freeman, Assistant Curator, then Curator 1984-2012
   5/2. Invitation to the retirement party for Gwenllian Ashley, Assistant Curator, Ceredigion Museum, on 8 May 2010. Includes badge.
   5/3. Invitation to the opening of an exhibition on Welsh blankets
   April 2012
   5/4. Invitation to launch of 'Inside Welsh Homes' [book on Welsh interiors published by RCAHMW]
   May 2012
   5/5. Leaflet advertising two events on consecutive days: screening of Steamboat Bill, a Buster Keaton silent film with live piano accompaniment, and a guided tour of the Museum
   May 2012
   5.6. Postcard advertising BBC's TurnbackTime event held in Ceredigion Museum in November 2010
   5/7. Leaflet advertising screening of College, a Buster Keaton silent film with live piano accompaniment.
   5/8. Invitation to the Ceredigion Museum Christmas party.
   5/9. Leaflet advertising Pythagoras Night at the Museum [this event was cancelled]
   5/10. Leaflet advertising an evening celebrating Ceredigion: A Natural Selection [collaboration between the Museum’s Artist in residence, Janetka Platun, and others]
   5/11. Invitation to the opening of an exhibition Art for Pleasure by members of Ceredigion Arts Society
   5/12. Invitation to the Private View of Quilts: textile treasures from Wales exhibition.
   5/13. Invitation to the opening of aMaze, an exhibition by Ceredigion Heritage Youth Panel (the CHYPs)
   5/14. Invitation to Daniel Rowland 300th Birthday Party and Exhibition Launch at Llangeitho Village Hall.
   5/15. Leaflet advertising Excavation Open Day at Llanon Cottage (part of the Festival of Archaeology 2013)
   5/16. Leaflet advertising events at Llanon Cottage and Y Neuadd Tudor ruins (part of the Festival of Archaeology 2013)
   5/17. Leaflet advertising Lighting Up the Town [Christmas tree light switch on and lantern procession]
   5/18: Leaflet advertising 'The Dancing Bear and the Doll', a Museums at Night event

Acc.No: 3045   Date of material:    Extent: accruing   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/DECS/MUS/5) 

Cardiganshire County Council records (Ref: CDC (final nos. pending))
Cardiganshire County Council - Welfare and Civil Defence/Emergency Planning records transferred from modern records.
Acc.No: 3044   Date of material: 1930s-1970s   Extent: 2 boxes   Access: Some files restricted or closed Not yet in the catalogue

Deeds and documents relating to Goginan area (Ref: ADX/1324)
1. Lease of land (part of Goginan Fach) and the house now in course of erection thereon for the term of 3 lives (William Pierce, Mary his wife and William Pierce of Northop, Flints., nephew of the aforesaid Wm. Pierce, aged 12). William Cobb Gilbertson Esq. to Mr. William Pierce, Miner.
   17 June 1844
   2. Assignment of Leasehold Premises called the Royal Oak, Goginan. William Pierce, of 5 Victoria Terrace, Aberystwyth, retired innkeeper [the younger Wm. Pierce in the lease above] to William Northey of the Royal Oak, Goginan. Consideration £120. 13 December 1880.
   3. Administration with the Will annexed of William Northey, late of Goginan Fach now of Ty Squarr, Goginan, miner. Leaves all his property to his wife Caroline, and after her death to his daughter Elizabeth Anne wife of James Mitchell of Cwmbyr, Machynlleth. Proved 7 December 1881.
   4. Administration with the Will annexed of Caroline Northey of the Royal Oak, Goginan. Leaves all her property, including property left her by her brother, Peter Collings of Besson, Cornwall, to her daughter, Elizabeth Anne Mitchell, now residing with her. Proved 29 September 1898.

Acc.No: 3043   Date of material: 1844-1898   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1324) 

Gwersi mewn Llysieueg (Ref: ADX/1323)
Llyfr/Book: Gwersi mewn Llysieueg [Lessons in Botany] gan/by George Rees. Aberystwyth 1896
Acc.No: 3042   Date of material: 1896   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1323) 

Guidebooks and parish magazine (Ref: ADX/1322; EC/5)
   1. Strata Florida Abbey. JMF Books, 1992 printing
   2. Cadw guide to Strata Florida Abbey and Talley Abbey. 1992
   EC/5: St. Mary's, St. Cynllo, Dt. Pedrog & Munt [Churches] Group Magazine. Issue 8, Summer 2005.

Acc.No: 3041   Date of material: 1992 and 2005   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1322) 

Materion Melindwr Matters (Ref: ADX/1321)
Materion Melindwr Matters is a newletter published by Cllr. Rhodri Davies, Plaid Cymru
   1. Materion Melindwr Matters no. 1 (06/2008)
   2. Materion Melindwr Matters no. 2 (09/2008)
   3. Materion Melindwr Matters no. 3 (12/2008)
   4. Materion Melindwr Matters no. 4 (03/2009)
   5. Materion Melindwr Matters no. 5 (06/2009)
   6. Materion Melindwr Matters no. 6 (10/2009)
   7. Materion Melindwr Matters no. 7 (03/2010)
   8. Materion Melindwr Matters no. 8 (08/2010)
   9. Materion Melindwr Matters no. 11 (02/2012)
   10. Materion Melindwr Matters no. 12 (10/2012)
   11. Materion Melindwr Matters no. 13 (10/2013)
   12. Materion Melindwr (March 2017)

Acc.No: 3040   Date of material: 2008 onwards   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1321) 

Archival catalogues and images on CD-ROM (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/21)
CD-ROMs containing electronic versions of documents and catalogues
   1. Images of building plans of the Castle Hotel, Aberystwyth (original document ref. ABM/BC/S/11)
   2. Catalogue of the Fowler Collection (ADX/1006)
   3. Catalogue of the Pigeonsford Collection (PG)
   4. Scans of photographs of schools in Cardiganshire (from Acc. 1696, CDC/ED/VA)
   5. CD containing a Powerpoint presentation for Y Bont Archives Awareness Day, Oct. 2012
   6. Catalogue of the Reggie Evans Collection (ADX/870)
   7. Catalogue of part of the Margot James collection (MJ/7). 2013.

Acc.No: 3039   Date of material:    Extent: 6 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Bottlenose Dolphin Catalogue (Ref: DSO/132)
Cardigan Bay Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) photo-identification catalogue 1990 and associated material. Prepared by Greenpeace UK
Acc.No: 3038   Date of material: 1990   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/132) 

Ceredigion Council leaflets (Ref: CSC/DSS/4; CSC/DECS/6)
   Social Services Dept. leaflet appealing for foster carers
   Dept. of Education and Community Services material
   1. Booklet: Investing in our young people - the future for education in Ceredigion
   2. Newsletter - Language/Number and Play 2009
   3. Ysgol Bro Sion Cwilt Newsletter, issue 1

Acc.No: 3037   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Recycling in Ceredigion (Ref: CSC/DHPW/R/2)
Leaflets explaining the new recycling and rubbish collection regime introduced by the Council in November 2010
Acc.No: 3036   Date of material: 2010 onwards   Extent: accruing   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ceredigion Museum Millionth Visitor Competition (Ref: CSC/DECS/MUS/4)
1. Leaflet advertising Ceredigion Museum's Millionth Visitor Competition in 2011
Acc.No: 3035   Date of material: 2010 and 2011   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/DECS/MUS/4) 

Ceredigion Archives and Records Management: Serving the Public and the Council (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/20)
Document prepared by the County Archivist describing the purpose, functions and practices of the County Council's Archives and Records Management section and outlining issues relevant to the current and future running of the service
Acc.No: 3034   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Slaters Bakery, Aberystwyth (Ref: DB/92)
Invoices etc.
Acc.No: 3033   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Leri Woollen Mills (Ref: DB/91)
Business records of the Leri, Cwm and Lower Mills at Talybont. Box-listed by the depositor.
Acc.No: 3032   Date of material: 1900-1980   Extent: 9 boxes so far   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Alzheimer's Disease Society (Ref: DSO/131)
Records of the North Ceredigion branch of Alzheimer's Disease Society.
Acc.No: 3031   Date of material: mostly 1990s   Extent: 0.039m^3   Access: Possible DP issues Not yet in the catalogue

South Wales Regional Council for County Council Roadmen (Ref: DSO/130)
South Wales Regional Council for County Council Roadmen: Minute book
Acc.No: 3030   Date of material: 1947-1955   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/130) 

Electoral register 2010 (Ref: ER 2010)
Electoral Register 2010 (Aberystwyth, Llanbadarn, Penparcau only)
Acc.No: 3029   Date of material: 2009-2010   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Further items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/231-269)
Further items from the Museum
Acc.No: 3028   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/251) 

Cardiganshire Area Record Office (Ref: DYC/RO/11)
Cardiganshire Area Record Office (part of Dyfed Archives):
   1. Slides depicting the searchroom, strongrooms, staff and searchers at Swyddfa'r Sir.
   2. Slides depicting buildings and locations in Cardiganshire
   3. Slides depicting documents

Acc.No: 3027   Date of material: c. 1976   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/RO/11) 

Case for a new mid-Wales county (Ref: ABM/HI/4/140)
Case submitted by the Aberystwyth Borough Council to the Local Government Commission for Wales in support of an 'Enlarged Administrative County' for Mid-Wales.
   The new county would comprise northern part of Cardiganshire as far south as Llanrhystud, as well as Radnorshire, Montgomeryshire and southern part of Merioneth.
   3 copies

Acc.No: 3026   Date of material: 1959   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Cardigan Borough boundaries alteration (Ref: CDM/)
'The Memorial of the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of Cardigan (under section 54 of the Local Govt. Act 1888) with respect to the Alteration of the Boundaries of the Borough of Cardigan'
   Addressed to the Local Govt. Board, Whitehall, London. Signed by the Mayor and the Town Clerk, and dated 13 August 1894.

Acc.No: 3025   Date of material: 1894   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Various cemetery plans (Ref: CSC/DHPW/6)
Plans of several public cemeteries in Ceredigion (Aberystwyth, Cefn Llan, Lledrod, Cardigan, New Quay) together with posters explaining the Council's memorials inspection programme.
Acc.No: 3024   Date of material: c. 1990s   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Llwyndyrys 'tumulus' (Ref: ADX/1320)
Offprint of article from Western Mail & South Wales News, 12 March 1930 by Col. Sir John Lynn-Thomas, KBE, CB, CMG of Llwyndyrys: A 'Tumulus' that is not a Tumulus: Mabinogion v. Ordnance Survey: Facts and Romance Wedded at Llwyndyrys. 2 copies
Acc.No: 3023   Date of material: 1930   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1320) 

Royal Wedding 2011 (Ref: ADX/1319)
Invitation to a community tea party to celebrate the wedding of Prince William of Wales to Catherine Middleton on 29 April 2011. Party to be held at the Vale of Rheidol Railway car park, Devil's Bridge; celebrations organized by Miri Mynach, a community association. Also invitation to a Bingo to raise funds for above.
Acc.No: 3022   Date of material: 2011   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1319) 

Amateur Tape Recording (Ref: ADX/1318)
Magazine: Amateur Tape Recording (Audio-Video), Audio Fair Issue. Vol. 8 no. 9, April 1967. Includes article on 'Tape Recorders in the Making'
Acc.No: 3021   Date of material: 1967   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1318) 

A Vision Statement for Ceredigion / Datganiad o Weledigaeth ar gyfer Ceredigion (Ref: CSC/DCLS/5)
Final Report: A Vision Statement for Ceredigion prepared for Ceredigion County Council, Mid Wales TEC and the Welsh Development Agency on behalf of Ceredigion Objective 1 Forum.
Acc.No: 3020   Date of material: 2000   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/DCLS/5) 

Cyfle Ceredigion 2020 (Ref: CSC/CE/13)
Cyfle Ceredigion 2020 - the Ceredigion Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Strategy, draft framework for discussion with partners. Ceredigion Local Health Board and Ceredigion County Council
Acc.No: 3019   Date of material: 2004   Extent: 1item   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/CE/13) 

Aberystwyth and District Canine Society (Ref: DSO/129)
Aberystwyth and District Canine Society - programme for a dog show to be held at Frongoch Riding School near Aberystwyth on 3 June 1989
Acc.No: 3018   Date of material: 1989   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/129) 

Cymdeithas Cynghorau Bro a Thref Cymru / Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils (Ref: DSO/128)
Cofnodion Cymdeithas Cynghorau Bro a Thref Cymru / Records of Welsh Association of Community and Town Councils
Acc.No: 3017   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Thomas Turnor Mathias (Ref: JTM addl.)
Set of 8 photographs with captions relating to Thomas Turnor Mathias of Cardigan and his family.
Acc.No: 3016   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Pamffledi am gapeli ac eisteddfodau (Ref: ADX/1317)
1. Hanes Bethel Parcyrhos at Gyrddau Dathlu ei Chanmlwydd Mai 28ain a 29ain 1940, gan y Gweinidog
   2. Adroddiadau blynyddol Eglwys Gynulleiddfaol Bethel, Parcyrhos. 1982, 1987-1989, 1997.
   3. Caersalem y Bedyddwyr, Parc y Rhos 1840-1990. Golygwyd gan W.J. Gruffydd.
   4. Cae'r Onnen (Cellan, Ceredigion) Tri Chan Mlwyddiant 1654-1747-1846-1954, gan T. Oswald Williams, M.A., Gweinidog Cae'ronnen.
   5. O Fedel Pantyfedwen - cyfansoddiadau llenyddol buddugol Eisteddfodau Teulu Pantyfedwen, 1968

Acc.No: 3015   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1317) 

Letter about water on road (Ref: CDC/HI/6)
Letter from S. Davies of Trebedw Mills, Henllan, Llandysul ('Manufacturers of Welsh Flannels, Tweeds & Knitting Yarns') to the County Surveyor's Dept., reporting a spring oozing out onto the road outside the premises and the danger this poses especially when frozen, and hoping for 'steps to remedy this inconvenience at an early date'
Acc.No: 3014   Date of material: 1947   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/HI/6) 

Cardiganshire Education Committee handbook (Ref: CDC/ED/42)
Cardiganshire Education Committee Official Handbook 1937
Acc.No: 3013   Date of material: 1937   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/ED/42) 

Photographs of Lampeter gravestones (Ref: ADX/1316)
Set of photographs with location plan of gravestones in the St. Peter's Churchyard, Lampeter
Acc.No: 3012   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1316) 

Cerddi dathlu priodas (Ref: ADX/1315)
Cerddi cyflwynedig i Miss Elizabeth Morgan, Pont Llanio Station, Llanddewibrefi, ar achlysur ei phriodas a Mr. J. Stephens, Blaenplwyf, Sir Aberteifi, ar y 9fed o Ionawr, 1895. 3 chopi.
Acc.No: 3011   Date of material: 1895   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ADX/1315) 

Cam-Fwydo'r Plant (Ref: ADX/1314)
Erthygl gan Dr. Ernest Jones, Swyddog Meddygol Iechyd Sir Aberteifi: Cam-Fwydo'r Plant. 2 gopi
   [Article on children's nutrition]

Acc.No: 3010   Date of material: 1931   Extent: 1 file   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ADX/1314) 

Ship in Aberystwyth Harbour (Ref: ADX/1313)
B/W photograph of a sailing ship in Aberystwyth harbour.
Acc.No: 3009   Date of material: No date   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1313) 

Local History in Ceredigion newsletters (Ref: DYC/RO/10)
Local History in Ceredigion newsletters, leaflets containing details of relevant local bodies, Dyfed Archives publications list, Dyfed Archives list of records agents.
Acc.No: 3008   Date of material: 1980s   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/RO/10) 

Map of Cardiganshire (Ref: ADX/1312)
Framed copy of Saxton's map of Cardiganshire, with parts coloured in.
Acc.No: 3007   Date of material: n.d. [original 1610]   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1312) 

Glass lantern slide (Ref: ADX/1311)
Lantern slide depicting a ?clerical procession in Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 3006   Date of material:    Extent: 1 slide   Access: Opne Show catalogue(ADX/1311) 

Bethel Chapel, Aberystwyth - further items (Ref: ANC/60/addl)
Bethel Chapel, Aberystwyth - further items
Acc.No: 3005   Date of material:    Extent: 0.030m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Margot James collection - further items (Ref: MJ)
Margot James collection - further items (mostly family photographs)
Acc.No: 3004   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Further items from the Museum (Ref: MUS)
Further items from the Museum
Acc.No: 3003   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs of sailing ships and mariners (Ref: ADX/1310)
Photographs of ships associated with Aberystwyth. Originally mounted on paper album pages (retained).
   The photographs were the property of Arthur Sansbury who grew up at Penroc on Aberystwyth seafront and whose father was a partner in the Galloways bookshop. Mr. Sansbury was a keen photographer but the photographs predate him. Their source is not known but many are captioned on reverse by A.J. Lewis.
   1. Barque 'Ivanhoe' under repairs, Aberystwyth
   2. Barque 'Hope' of Aberystwyth. Short history on reverse.
   3. Photograph of a painting: Nerissa of Aberystwyth (but crossed out caption on reverse reads 'believed to be Edith Eleanor')
   4. Photograph of a painting: Caroline Spooner 'longest ship built at Aberystwyth'
   5. The Hope and the Wellington at Aberystwyth. 'These ships carried timber from Canada'
   6. Photograph of the Harbour Master's seal 'which is kept at our Town Hall, Aberystwyth'
   7. Photograph of a painting: Fanny Fothergill, built Aberystwyth 1865
   8. Photograph of a painting: Eastward of Aberystwyth
   9. Ketch 'Jane', schooner and steamships at Aberaeron. Cut down from a postcard originally sent to Thomas James Waddingham of Hafod Uchtryd.
   10. 'Brig Sir Robert MacCleur building at Aberystwyth 1880. Tons reg. 178. Code no. 53045'
   11. Group of seamen and/or ropemakers 'at Aberystwyth'
   12. Photograph of a painting: 'Squaw' of Aberystwyth, c. 1820
   13. Photograph of a painting: Quebec of Aberystwyth ('another old timer') c. 1812
   14. Brig Jane of Aberystwyth
   15. Outward Bound. Aberystwyth Harbour
   16. Schooner Ellen Beatrice (built at Aberystwyth in 1865, tons reg. 88) in Aberystwyth Harbour
   17. 'Aberystwyth Harbour c. 1860'
   18. Mounting for the photographs, incl. some of the captions. One photograph was missing; the caption reads: 'Ketch Loreen sunk at Morringo after grounding on bar; Schooner Rockingham; SS Mons (of Antwerp)'
   19. Letter from the depositor (not to be produced)

Acc.No: 3002   Date of material: Victorian   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1310) 

Deunydd yn ymwneud g amaethyddiaeth yn ystod canol yr 20fed ganrif a dogfennau ynghylch Tregaron a'r ardal (Ref: ADX/1309)
1. 'Fferm a Thyddyn', rhif 43, Calan Mai 2009 sydd yn cynnwys erthygl ar gostau ffermio ynghanol Ceredigion ganol yn yr 20fed ganrif.
   2. Anfonebau amaethyddol yn ymwneud â fferm y Lone, Tynygraig, Ystrad Meurig 1950au-1970.
   3. Rhaglenni Cyfarfod Blynyddol Ysgol Sir Tregaron, Eisteddfod Ysgol Sir Tregaron a Chyngerdd Flynyddol Ysgol Sir Tregaron 1955-1958
   4. Rhaglen Cyngerdd Mawreddog a gynhaliwyd yn Mhabell yr Eisteddfod, Pontrhydfendigaid ar nos Sul (Sulgwyn), 17 Mai 1964.

Acc.No: 3001   Date of material: 1950au-1970, 2009   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: agored Show catalogue(ADX/1309) 

Community charge records (Ref: CDD/TR)
Registration documents for the community charge tax, known commonly as the "Poll Tax" which was introduced in 1990, along with leaflets relating to the subject
Acc.No: 3000   Date of material: 1990-1991   Extent:    Access: Closed for 100 years Not yet in the catalogue

UCW Distribution of Prizes (Ref: ADX/1308)
Booklet: The University College of Wales [Aberystwyth] Distribution of Prizes 1874
Acc.No: 2999   Date of material: 1874   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1308) 

Pte. Edward John Doughton (Ref: ADX/1307)
Framed commemorative certificate awarded to Private Edward John Doughton of the 28th Canadian Infantry Battalion, who 'served with honour and was disabled in the Great War. Honourably discharged on June 4th 1918'. Signed by King George V ('George R. I.')
Acc.No: 2998   Date of material: 1918   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1307) 

The Dragon (UCW magazine) (Ref: ADX/529 addl)
The Dragon
   Vol. LXIV no. 3: Easter term 1942
   Vol. LXV no. 1: Michaelmas term 1942

Acc.No: 2997   Date of material: 1942   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/529) 

German Youth Choir concert poster (Ref: ADX/1306)
Cor leuenctid O'r Almaen / German Youth Choir / Jugend Kammerchor, Bielefeld: poster for a concert at Capel Seilo, 2 April (year not given - early 1980s?). Includes group photograph of the choir.
Acc.No: 2996   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1306) 

Aberystwyth and District Telecommunications Advisory Committee (Ref: DSO/135)
Minutes and other documents of the Aberystwyth and District Telecommunications Advisory Committee.
Acc.No: 2995   Date of material: 1988-1990   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/135) 

Management of Education in Dyfed Schools (Ref: DYC/ED/34)
Dyfed County Council Education Department
   Management of Education in Dyfed Schools: A Compendium of Statutory and Guidance Documents

Acc.No: 2994   Date of material: 1992   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/ED/34) 

Aberaeron RDC, Water deeds and documents (Ref: ANR/)
Aberaeron Rural District Council: bundle of deeds and documents relating to water supply contracts and associated transactions.
Acc.No: 2993   Date of material: 1924-1940   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Gun cartridge knife (Ref: ADX/1305)
Pocked knife made from a cartridge case by a Russian POW as a present for 'Uncle Griff'. Both were prisoners in a German POW camp during WWI. Also short note.
Acc.No: 2992   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1305) 

Two maps (Ref: ADX/1304)
1. Map of the West Wales coast and coastal waters, New Quay to Holyhead. C. 1940s, from earlier Admiralty surveys.
   2. 6'' OS map, Cards. sheet XVIII NE & SE (Aberaeron area) with locations of flagpoles (???) marked thereon.

Acc.No: 2991   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1304) 

Cardigan Secondary School Prospectus 2000-2001 (Ref: CSC/ED/22)
Cardigan Secondary School Prospectus 2000-2001
Acc.No: 2990   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access:  Show catalogue(CSC/ED/22) 

Records relating to education provision in Ceredigion (Ref: CSC/DECS/5)
Ceredigion County Council, Dept. of Education and Community Services: records relating to the provision of education
   1. Booklet: Information for Parents about Ceredigion Schools. February 1999
   2. School Organisation Plan 2003-2008: Consultation Document. December 2002.
   3. Education Strategic Plan 2002-2005. May 2002
   4. Governor Training Programme 2000-2001: Evaluation of School Performance, Self-Appraisal
   5. Guidance on School Governing Bodies Complaints Procedure. June 2004
   6. Responding to an Emergency: Guidance Procedures for Educational Establishments. May 2005
   7. Report on the Implementation of the Welsh Education Scheme, September 2001-July 2002 (Summary). Sept. 2002
   8. Report on the Implementation of the Welsh Education Scheme, September 2002-July 2003 (Summary). Sept. 2003

Acc.No: 2989   Date of material:    Extent: 8 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llanychaiarn and Llanbadarn y Creuddyn PC & CC records (Ref: Llanbadarn y Creuddyn Lower PC & CC)
Llanychaiarn and Llanbadarn y Creuddyn, did one become the other? or did they merge?
Acc.No: 2988   Date of material:    Extent: 5 boxes   Access:  Show catalogue(CPR/LCI) 

Electoral Registers (Ref: ER/1959, 1998-2004)
1959 (duplicate), 1998 (duplicate), 1999 (full + partial duplicate), 2000 (draft + full), 2001(draft + full), 2002, 2003, 2004.
Acc.No: 2987   Date of material: 1959, 1998-2004   Extent: 0.117m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Motor licensing records (Ref: CDC/ML/6)
Motor licensing records
Acc.No: 2986   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire County History illustrations (Ref: DSO/70 addl)
Original drawings for illustrations to Cardiganshire County History vol. 1
Acc.No: 2985   Date of material:    Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

CDC minutes, Highways Committee (Ref: CDC/SE/25)
1. 10 October 1956 -28 September 1960
   2. 30 November 1960-8 July 1964
   3. June 1965- December 1968
   4. 19 March 1969 - 4 October 1972
   5. December 1972- March 1974

Acc.No: 2984   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(CDC/SE/25) 

Ysgol Cross Inn (Llanon) summary registers (Ref: CRS/SR/1-2)
Summary register 1979-1984
   Summary register 1984-1991

Acc.No: 2983   Date of material: 1979-1991   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Sales particulars (land and properties in Penbryn) (Ref: ADX/1303)
1. Building plots situate at Pantmawr, part of Dyffrynsaith Farm in the p. of Penbryn, to be sold at the Ship Inn, Tresaith, on 25 August 1886
   2. Freehold farms, smallholdings, corn grist mills, building sites and valuable quarries in the p. of Penbryn, to be sold at the Black Lion Hotel, Cardigan on 28 May 1887.

Acc.No: 2982   Date of material: 1886 and 1887   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1303) 

Reports on Welsh language in schools (Ref: DYC/ED/33)
1. Welsh Education Office, Report by HM Inspectors on a survey of Welsh and English in the primary schools of the Aberystwyth area, Summer Term 1976
   2. Welsh Education Office, Report by HM Inspectors on a Welsh language survey in the primary schools of Dyfed, 1974/75

Acc.No: 2981   Date of material: 1974-1976   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/ED/33) 

Further items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/295-301)
Museum transfers
Acc.No: 2980   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

National Safe Driving Awards recipients (Ref: CDC/HI/5)
National Safe Driving Awards: photographs of recipients from Cardiganshire County Council
Acc.No: 2979   Date of material: c. 1970   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/HI/5) 

Aberystwyth Traffic Planning Strategy (Ref: CDC/PL/15)
Aberystwyth Traffic Planning Strategy- immediate and short term action (report prepared in January 1974 by Building Design Partnership Traffic Consultants for Cards. County Council and Aberystwyth Borough Council)
Acc.No: 2978   Date of material: 1974   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/PL/15) 

Ysgol Mydroilyn 1877-2010 (Ref: CSC/ED/21)
Booklet commemorating Mydroilyn School which closed in 2010. Contains a history of the school, photographs, excerpts from logbooks etc.
Acc.No: 2977   Date of material: 2010   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/ED/21) 

Photographs of locations in Ceredigion (Ref: DYC/HI/3)
1. Set of colour photographs of Penrhyncoch village taken on 30 September 1992. Labelled 'County Hall copy' and 'film ref. 17567'
   2. Set of colour photographs of Penrhyncoch village taken on 30 September 1992. Labelled 'County Hall copy' and 'film ref. 0168'
   3. Set of colour photographs (with negatives) of Borth. C. 1990s.
   4. Set of colour photographs of Aberystwyth promenade. C. 1990s.
   5. Set of colour photographs of a ship close to shore surrounded by tugs. No date- c. 1990s
   6. Four colour photographs of Cwmystwyth mine. No date - c. 1990s.

Acc.No: 2976   Date of material: 1990s   Extent: 23 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/HI/3) 

Motor insurance policies (Ref: CDC/TR/118)
Motor insurance policies for employees of Cardiganshire County Council. Mostly supplied by The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation Ltd. (sample)
Acc.No: 2975   Date of material: 1950s-1960s   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Note to WDE Jones (Ref: ADX/1302)
Postcard, no image but headed 'Gas Company Offices, Aberdare', addressed to W.D.E. Jones, Teifi Mills, Llandyssil [Llandysul], containing note asking Jones to return a manuscript to Thomas Davies of Pontmorlais, Merthyr, its author. The writer had been to see Davies 'in his illness' a fortnight previously. Signature is illegible. Card was posted on 29 July 1898 in Aberdare.
Acc.No: 2974   Date of material: 1898   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1302) 

2011 Electoral Register (Ref: ER/2011)
2011 Register of Electors in the County of Ceredigion
Acc.No: 2973   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Estate sale catalogues (Ref: ADX/1301)
Estate sale catalogues and accompanying paperwork, originally part of the Stephenson & Alexander (Auctioneers of Cardiff) collection at Glamorgan Archives but transferred as they relate to properties in Ceredigion. Deposited, along with lists of other documents in the collection, by the cataloguer; further documents expected.
   1. List of other Stephenson & Alexander papers relating to Cardiganshire at Glamorgan Archives, and note from the depositor (the latter not to be produced)
   2. Sale of the Pantgwyn Estate, Llangoedmore, to take place on 16 September 1905
   3. Parish of Lower Gwnnws, sale of Twyn-y Llidiart, Rhyd-y-Goch and Penderlwynwen, to take place on 17 October 1907
   4. Sale of Pigeonsford Estate, to take place on 14 June 1907

Acc.No: 2972   Date of material:    Extent: 4 items   Access: Open except as stated above Show catalogue(ADX/1301) 

Ceredigion County Council UDP (Unitary development plan) 2001-2016 (Ref: CSC/DESH/5)
1. Inspectors' Report: Main Report, January 2006
   2. Inspectors' Report: Annex 1-4 & Appendix 1, January 2006
   3. Proposed Modifications March 2006: Vol. 1 - Policies
   4. Proposed Modifications Version, March 2006: Vol. 2A - Proposals Maps
   5. Appendix 1 - Schedules - Responses and Proposed Modifications in Response to the UDP Inspectors Report
   6. Summary List of Responses to Recommendations in the Inspectors' Report.
   7. Proposed Changes Guide, Feb. 2004

Acc.No: 2971   Date of material: 2004-2006   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/DESH/5) 

Further items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/270-283)
Further items from the Museum
Acc.No: 2970   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(MUS/193) 

Aberystwyth mirror (Ref: ADX/1300)
Small pocket looking-glass with view of Aberystwyth and inscription 'With the Compliments of Aberystwyth Corporation' on one side. In plastic wallet.
Acc.No: 2969   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1300) 

Photograph of Devil's Bridge (Ref: ADX/1299)
B/W photograph of Devil's Bridge. Shows only the two lower stone bridges which suggests a 19th c. date.
Acc.No: 2968   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1299) 

Aberystwyth County School prize day programmes (Ref: ADX/1298)
1. Prize Day, Friday March 17th 1922
   2. Prize Day, Friday March 16th 1923
   These items were found in a prize book originally presented to Emrys Gwynn James in 1922.

Acc.No: 2967   Date of material: 1922 & 1923   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX1298) 

Deed re 3 Penrhiw, Talybont (Ref: ADX/1297)
Assent of the freehold messuage or dwellinghouse garden and premises known as number 3 Penrhiw Talybont in the County of Cardigan. In the Estate of Humphrey Hughes Humphreys, deceased. Document prepared by Roberts and Evans Solicitors, Aberystwyth.
Acc.No: 2966   Date of material: 25 October 1952   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1297) 

Aberystwyth and Nanteos (Ref: ADX/1296)
1. 'Real Photogravure Letter Card of Aberystwyth' containing fold-out strip of 6 photographs of Aberystwyth. One shows King's Hall which suggests a date of 1930s-1940s or later. Unused.
   2. Black and white postcard of Nanteos, unused, no date (contemporary with 1?)

Acc.No: 2965   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1296) 

Cutting Your Car Use / Cerwch heb y Car (Ref: CSC/DHPW/T/9)
TraCC Regional Transport Plan/Cynllun Trafnidaeth Lleol TraCC -Cutting Your Car Use / Cerwch heb y Car by/gan Anna Semlyen
Acc.No: 2964   Date of material: 2005   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Record Office Manual, 1982 (Ref: DYC/RO/9)
Record Office Manual and appendices for use by Cardiganshire Record Office (then part of Dyfed Archives)
Acc.No: 2963   Date of material: 1982   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/RO/9) 

Britains Toy Catalogue 1987 (Ref: ADX/1295)
Britains Toy Catalogue of 1:32nd scale models (Road Series, Star System, Farm Models, Knights of the Sword, Cowboys & Indians, American Historical, Military, and Wildlife)
Acc.No: 2962   Date of material: 1987   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1295) 

Steam Railway magazine (Ref: ADX/1294)
Steam Railway Magazine, issue 89 (Sept. 1987) containing an article about plans to sell the Vale of Rheidol railway. Also page from March 1989 issue of the same magazine, with part of another article ('The Vale of Tears') written after the sale had taken place.
Acc.No: 2961   Date of material: 1987 and 1989   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1294) 

Correspondence with Mr. Benjamin (Ref: DYC/RO/8)
Correspondence between Janet Marx, Dyfed archivist, and Mr. E. Alwyn Benjamin. Mr. Benjamin transcribed and indexed census records for Aberystwyth and N. Cards. Rural districts and also researched some areas in greater depth; copies of his work are in the searchroom.
Acc.No: 2960   Date of material: 1988-1989   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/RO/8) 

OS map of Blaenporth (Ref: ADX/1293)
25'' 1st ed. County Series OS map of Blaenporth area. Very large, very poor condition.
Acc.No: 2959   Date of material: c.1840   Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1293) 

Thomas French & Sons illustrated lecture on curtains (Ref: CDC/ED/VA/34)
Box containing 6 booklets and associated transparencies on the subject of making curtains and loose covers, and also one on the Royal visit by the Princess Elizabeth to the Thomas French & Sons factory in Manchester in 1949.
Acc.No: 2958   Date of material: c. 1950   Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

1889 - A Year to Remember (Ref: ADX/1292)
1889 - A Year to Remember: A Harvest of Cuttings from the Farming Press.
   A Commemorative Publication to celebrate 100 years of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 1889-1989

Acc.No: 2957   Date of material: 1989   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1292) 

Welsh Agricultural College (Ref: DYC/WAC/1)
Material relating to the establishment of the Welsh Agricultural College
   1. Copy. Agreement for the establishment and maintenance of the college between Dyfed CC and other County Councils. 1976.
   2. Welsh Agricultural College: Instrument of Government. C. 1990
   3. Welsh Agricultural College: Scheme for Further Education, Articles of Government. C. 1990

Acc.No: 2956   Date of material:    Extent: 1file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/WAC) 

Environment Agency Wales reports (Ref: ADX/1291)
1. Environment Agency Wales: Local Environment Agency Plan, Teifi Valley Consultation Report, January 1999
   2. Asiantaeth yr Amgylchedd Cymru: Cynllun Lleol Asiantaeth yr Amgylchedd, Gogledd Ceredigion, Ionawr 1999

Acc.No: 2955   Date of material: 1999   Extent: 0.022m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1291) 

Ceredigion County Council Best Value Performance Plans (Ref: CSC/DCLS/4)
1. Ceredigion County Council Best Value Evaluation Study: Performance Plan for 1999-2000
   2. Ceredigion County Council Best Value Performance Plan 2000/2001
   3. Ceredigion County Council Best Value Performance Plan 2001/2002

Acc.No: 2954   Date of material: 2000   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/DCLS/4) 

Primary schools inspection reports (Ref: CSC/ED/20)
Primary schools inspection reports
   1. Aberaeron, 1999
   2. Aberbanc, 2001
   3. Aberporth, 2001
   4. Blaenporth, 1999
   5. Bronant, 2000
   6. Capel Cynon, 2000
   7. Capel Dewi, 2001
   8. Cardigan - Ysgol Gymunedol y Plant Bach, 2001
   9. Cardigan Junior School, 2000
   10. Cenarth, 2004
   11. Ciliau Parc, 1999
   12. Coedybryn, 2001
   13. Comins Coch, 1999
   14. Cribyn, 2003
   15. Cwmpadarn, 1999
   16. Cwrtnewydd, 2000
   17. Felinfach, 2004
   18. Ferwig, 2004
   19. Glynarthen, 2001
   20. Gwenlli, 2003
   21. Llanarth, 2001
   22. Llanddewi Brefi, 1998
   23. Llandysul, 2004
   24. Llanfarian, 2003
   25. Llanfihangel y Creuddyn, 1999
   26. Llangeitho, 2001
   27. Llangynfelyn, 2000
   28. Llanilar, 2004
   29. Llanllwchaearn, 1999
   30. Llanwnnen, 2000
   31. Llechryd, 2001
   32. Lledrod, 2003
   33. Myfenydd, 1998. With separate Section 23 Inspection of Worship report.
   34. New Quay, 2003
   35. Penmorfa, 2003
   36. Pennant, 2003
   37. Penparc, 2002
   38. Penrhyn-coch, 2000
   39. Plascrug, 2000
   40. Pontsian, 2005
   41. Pontrhydfendigaid, 2000
   42. Rhydlewis, 2003
   43. Rhydypennau, 1999
   44. Swyddffynnon, 2000
   45. Syr John Rhys, Ponterwyd, 2004
   46. Talgarreg, 2003
   47. Talybont, 2003
   48. Trefeurig, 2004
   49. Tregaron, 2000
   50. Tregroes, 1999
   51. Trewen, 2004
   52. Lampeter Comprehensive, 2000
   53. Penweddig, 1999

Acc.No: 2953   Date of material: 1998-2001   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/ED/20) 

The Pughs of Plas Abermad (Ref: ADX/1290)
Comb-bound volume: Transcript of 'Granny Pugh's Journal' along with family photographs and other material. 'Granny Pugh' was Veronica Pugh, wife of Lewis Pugh of Plas Abermad, Llanilar. Compiled by a descendant, Christopher Evans, in 2003
Acc.No: 2952   Date of material: 2003   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1290) 

Aberystwyth Ramblers (Ref: DSO/127)
Ramblers Association: Aberystwyth Group records
   Walks programmes, newsletters, AGM reports, printed material etc.

Acc.No: 2951   Date of material:    Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/127) 

Fire Officer's files (Ref: CDC/FI/2)
Files of correspondence relating to licensing of commercial premises and associated fire inspections by Carmarthenshire & Cardiganshire Joint Fire Brigade. Mostly Cardigan town and surrounding area.
   1. Various premises
   2. Pavilion Cinema, Cardigan
   3. Yr Hafod, Cardigan
   4. Woolworths, Cardigan
   5. Guild Hall, Cardigan
   6. Lion Garage, Cardigan

Acc.No: 2950   Date of material: 1955   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

John Bennison's testimonial, 1932. (Ref: ADX/1289)
1. Royal Humane Society Honorary Testimonial presented to John Bennison for saving a youth from drowning in the sea on 22 August 1932 in Aberystwyth.
   2. Print of sheep on a hillside, entitled 'Sea-Girt Pastures', from a painting by R. Watson. Used as backing for no. 1, above; discovered upon removing it from frame.

Acc.No: 2949   Date of material: 1932   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1289) 

Childminder's register (Ref: DB/90)
'Childminder's Cashbook and Attendance Register 1991-1992' of an Aberystwyth childminder.
Acc.No: 2948   Date of material: 1991   Extent: 1 file   Access:  Show catalogue(DB/90) 

Llanfihangel y Creuddyn Tithe Map (Ref: ADX/1288)
Photocopy of the Llanfihangel y Creuddyn Tithe Map
Acc.No: 2947   Date of material: Original-1847   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1288) 

Capt. George Bennett Evans (Ref: ADX/1287)
Llungopi: Papur ysgrifennu penawdedig a ddefnyddid gan Cat. George Bennett Evans, Peithyll, Capel Dewi, pan oedd yn byw yno c. 1930. /
   Photocopy: Headed writing paper as used by Capt. George Bennett Evans of Peithyll, Capel Dewi, when he lived there c. 1930.

Acc.No: 2946   Date of material: c. 1930   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1287) 

DHPW records (Ref: CSC/DHPW/5)
Records of the Ceredigion Council, Dept. of Highways, Properties and Works and its predecessor bodies.
Acc.No: 2945   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Blaenwern Villa (Ref: ADX/1286)
Photocopies of deeds relating to Blaenwern Villa in the p. of Llangybi
   1. Lease of fields (formerly part of Blaenwern Villa) for 60 years. Wilmot Inglis Jones Esq. to Miss Margaret Williams and Miss Elizabeth Williams. 28 June 1911
   2. Conveyance of Blaenwern Villa. Wilmot Inglis Jones to Miss Margaret Williams. 17 October 1944
   3. Mortgage of Agricultural Property to secure own Account. Henry Edward Riley of Blaenwern Villa to Lloyds Bank Ltd. 17 January 1951
   4. Mortgage of Agricultural Property to secure own liabilities. William Edwin Smith of Blaenwern Villa to Lloyds Bank Ltd. 16 May 1952
   5. Legal Charge of Blaenwern Villa to secure £1000 with interest. Mr. W.E. Smith to Mrs. Sarah Anne Edwards. 8 December 1953
   6. Abstract of the title of William Edwin Smith to Blaenwern Villa. 4 October 1954
   7. Conveyance of Blaenwern Villa. W. Edwin Smith Esq. to Mrs. G. Myfanwy Oliver. 5 October 1954
   8. Deposit of deeds to secure account, power of attorney and declaration of trust. Gwladys Myfanwy Oliver of Blaenwern Villa to Barclays Bank Ltd. 31 March 1955
   9. Mortgage of Blaenwern Villa. Mrs. G. M. Oliver to Mr. John Jones. 24 October 1955
   10. Conveyance of Blaenwern Villa. Mrs. G.M. Oliver to Mr. John Morgan. 11 October 1956

Acc.No: 2944   Date of material: 1911-1956   Extent: 10 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1286) 

Girl Guides (Ref: DSO/17/addl)
Further items relating to the Girl Guides
   93. The Brownie Test Card
   94. Girl Guides Warrant certifying that the Local Association of Aberystwyth Girl Guides is registered at the Girl Guides Headquarters. 6 September 1921
   95. Card (handmade) - 1st Cardigan Girl Guides listing Guides' names and with mounted photographs of the guides in action. c. 1940.
   96. Wrist compass

Acc.No: 2943   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Records relating to housing (Ref: CDC/PL/14; ABM/HI/5/85)
CDC/PL/14: File containing pattern books for 'Wates', 'Kingston' and 'Woolaway' houses, also correspondence relating thereto. Also contained material re 'Seco' bungalows but it is not in the file.
   ABM/HI/5/85: Plans for utilities at North Road (Aberystwyth) flats (c. 1974-75)
   ABM/HI/5...: Penybont housing site file

Acc.No: 2942   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Ceredigion District Council reports (Ref: CDD/SE/21)
1. Ceredigion Housing Report 1975
   2. Historic Towns in Ceredigion: Archaeological Implications of Redevelopment. Urban Research Unit: Ian Soulsby and Dilwyn Jones, 1976
   Box of misc. inc., reports, sale particulars, minutes and agendas, and a photo of elephants on Aberystwyth beachoriginally in a loose pile in a box lid!

Acc.No: 2941   Date of material: 1975-76   Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDD/SE/21) 

Christmas ephemera and extracts (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/19)
Collection of magazines, ephemera, photocopied extracts and notes about Christmas customs, folklore and the celebration of Christmas in Wales (material for a lecture or talk by the County Archivist)
Acc.No: 2940   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file & 1loose item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Carrog, Llanddeiniol (Ref: ADX/1285)
Estate agent's sales particulars for Carrog, Llanddeiniol.
Acc.No: 2939   Date of material: c. early 1990s   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1285) 

Common Land registers and maps (Ref: DYC/PL/6/addl)
Common Land registers and maps
Acc.No: 2938   Date of material:    Extent: 0.031m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Western Mail cuttings (Ref: DYC/RO/7)
Cuttings from Western Mail (and some other papers) mostly relating to events in Aberystwyth/ Ceredigion/Dyfed area. Assembled by Dyfed Archive Service.
   Includes article on Florrie Hamer.

Acc.No: 2937   Date of material: 1976-77   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/RO/7) 

Map of Cardiganshire (Ref: ADX/1284)
G. & J. Cary printed map of Cardiganshire, 2'' to 1 mile.
Acc.No: 2936   Date of material: 1829   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1284) 

Further Museum items (Ref: MUS/203)
Further items received via Ceredigion Museum
Acc.No: 2935   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(MUS/203) 

Capt. R. W. Roberts of Oronsay (Ref: MUS/230)
Papers of Capt. R. W. Roberts of the ship Oronsay. Includes numerous photographs
Acc.No: 2934   Date of material: 1920s-1960s approx.   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/230/3) 

Capel Seion School records (Ref: CSE/R/1, CSE/AR/23-30)
Admissions register 1992-1999 - CSE/R/1
   Attendance register (babanod) 2003/4 - CSE/AR/23
   Attendance register (iau) 2003/4 - CSE/AR/24
   Attendance register (babanod) 2004/5 - CSE/AR/25
   Attendance register (iau) 2004/5 - CSE/AR/26
   Attendance register (babanod) 2005/6 - CSE/AR/27
   Attendance register (iau) 2005/6 - CSE/AR/28
   Attendance register (babanod) 2006/7 - CSE/AR/29
   Attendance register (iau) 2006/7 - CSE/AR/30

Acc.No: 2933   Date of material: 1992-2007   Extent: 9 items   Access: CLOSED 100 years Not yet in the catalogue

Bronant school records (Ref: BRN/R/1, BRN/3; CSC/ED/19)
Admissions register 1877-2011 - BRN/R/1
   Log Book 1922-1994 - BRN/3
   1. CD-Rom: Canmlwyddiant Ysgol Bronant 1911-2011
   2. Trophy shield, Chwaraeon Potes Cylch Tregaron
   3. Trophy shield, Tarian Deriodwyn

Acc.No: 2932   Date of material: 1877-2011   Extent: 0.017m^3   Access: BRN: closed; others- open Show catalogue(CSC/ED/19) 

Perthyn, cylchgronau eraill, rhaglenni (Ref: ADX/499)
Taflenni angladd- ADX/499/
   92. Marie Orilia Biggin d. 2011
   93. David Morris Thomas (Dai Tom) d. 2011
   94. John Sinnett Jones m. 2010
   ADX/499/A: Perthyn rh. 194-198, 201
   ADX/499/B: Llawlyfr Capel y Morfa Aberystwyth ac Ebeneser, Penparcau 2010
   - Y Tabernacl, Aberystwyth: Adroddiad am 2000 a llawlyfr am 2001
   - 50 - Penblwydd Hapus! Aelwyd yr Urdd, Aberystwyth yn 50 oed
    - Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru, Aberystwyth (1992): rhaglen a thocyn Cymanfa Ganu
    - Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru, Aberystwyth (1992): rhaglen Sioe Gerdd i Blant
   - Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Is-Genedlaethol Aberteifi (1954) - rhaglen y dydd
   - Programme for a performance of Blodwen by Joseph Parry by the Drefach (Llanelly) and District Choral and Operatic Society at the Pavilion, Cardigan, on 20 March 1952
   - Programme for a Christmas concert by the Cardigan and District Choral Society at Capel Mair, Cardigan, on 22 December 1948
   - Tywysydd y Plant, rh. 10 cyf. LXXVIII, Hydref 1915
   - Cymru'r Plant, cyf. LXIII, rh. 745
   - Antur cyf. 4 rh. 12

Acc.No: 2931   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Educational Psychology service records (Ref: DYC/ED/32)
Records of Cardiganshire and then Dyfed County Council Educational Psychology service
Acc.No: 2930   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Posters (Ref: ADX/1283)
1. Poster advertising sale of 'all the Freehold Estates late of John Lloyd, Esquire, deceased, called the Mabws and Ffos y Bleiddiaid Estates (except the Mabws mansion and demesne)' to be held in Aberystwyth on 5 July 1824
   2. Poster advertising 'Gwyl Cerdd Dant Cymru 1960 i'w chynnal yn Llandysul' [a Welsh music festival to be held in Llandysul]

Acc.No: 2929   Date of material: 1824 and 1960   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1283) 

Map of 'Four Forests' or 'Bishop's Forests' (Ref: ADX/1282)
Map of Four Forests, Llanddewi Brefi
Acc.No: 2928   Date of material: 1787   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1282) 

Map of Aberystwyth, 1809 (Ref: ADX/1281)
Photocopy: William Couling's map of Aberystwyth, 1809.
   Central Aberystwyth part of the map is available in the searchroom.

Acc.No: 2927   Date of material: Original-1809   Extent: 1 roll   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1281) 

Ceredigion Public transport map, 2002. (Ref: CSC/DHPW/T/8)
Laminated map of public transport routes in Ceredigion
Acc.No: 2926   Date of material: 2002   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Penweddig school (formerly Ardwyn) (Ref: CSC/DHPW/4)
File of plans, correspondence and other material relating to Penweddig School, Aberystwyth (the old school building, formerly Ardwyn County Grammar School, not the new Penweddig building in Plas Crug)
Acc.No: 2925   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Borough of Aberystwyth Corporate Estate report (Ref: ABM/SE/5/3)
Borough of Aberystwyth Corporate Estate report prepared ahead of the forthcoming local government reorganization of 1974
Acc.No: 2924   Date of material: 1972   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Lifeboat Exhibition, June 1999 (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/18)
Photocopies of archival material and notes relating to the Aberystwyth lifeboat, prepared for the purpose of an exhibition in June 1999.
Acc.No: 2923   Date of material: 1999   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire Board of Guardians, Lampeter Union (Ref: CBG/LP/19-21)
19. Return of the sums received and expended for the year ended 31st March, 1923
   20. List of paupers and general statement of account for the year ended 31st March, 1915
   21. Appointment of relieving officer, 10 June 1927

Acc.No: 2922   Date of material: 1915-1927   Extent:    Access: Some DP issues Show catalogue(CBG) 

Penglais School Prospectus and Survey of Llanbadarn Churchyard (Ref: DYC/ED/31)
Penglais School Prospectus 1982/83 and 2 copies of the Penglais School History Society's survey of Llanbadarn Churchyard.
Acc.No: 2921   Date of material: 1976 and 1982   Extent: 0.017m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/ED/31) 

Saint David's Day material from the Welsh Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles (Ref: MUS/231)
Saint David's Day material from the Welsh Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles, USA
   1. Concert programme for St. David's Day, 1997. Conductor is Michael J. Lewis, originally from Aberystwyth)
   2. Poster for same
   3. Welsh Mosaics - Newsletter of the Welsh Church, Los Angeles, vol. 2 no. 15 (Feb. 1997)
   4. Letter from the depositor (not to be produced)

Acc.No: 2920   Date of material: 1997   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open except no. 4 Show catalogue(MUS/231) 

Plans, Aberystwyth and Cardigan Library (Ref: DYC/A/4)
Plans of various building works at Aberystwyth Library and Avondale (used by the library for a time). Also plan of new library at Cardigan
Acc.No: 2919   Date of material: 1954-1974   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/A/4) 

Lledrod Lower Community Council (Ref: Lledrod Lower CC)
Maps and paperwork relating to registration of common land in the Mynydd Bach area (covered by Lledrod Lower Community Council), c. 1968. Also map of area covered by Lower Lledrod CC.
Acc.No: 2918   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ysgol Rhydypennau School photograph (Ref: CSC/ED/18)
Large framed colour photograph of staff and pupils of Rhydypennau School, 2004
Acc.No: 2917   Date of material: 2004   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/ED/18) 

Arts Centre publications (Ref: ADX/1280)
1. Aberystwyth Arts Centre programme Sept-Dec 1997
   2. Aberystwyth Arts Centre: programme for Celtic Film and Television Festival 2000

Acc.No: 2916   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1280) 

Various printed booklets, programmes and reports (Ref: ADX/253/addl.)
1. Rhaglenni Eisteddfod Teulu James Pantyfedwen, Pontrhydfendigaid
   2. O Fedel Pantyfedwen: Cyfansoddiadau Llenyddol Buddugol
   3. Programmes Eisteddfod Rhys Thomas James (Pantyfedwen), Llanbedr Pont Steffan
   4. Rhaglen Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Frenhinol Cymru (Aberystwyth) 1992
   5. Rhaglen/Programme: The Sixty First Welsh National Cymanfa Ganu, Kansas City, Missouri, Sept. 3-6, 1992
   6. Aberystwyth and District Citizens' Advice Bureau Annual Report 1991-1992
   7. 2 pamphlets by Gwyn A. Williams: Gwerinaeth y Siluriaid/The Silurian Republic and Heddwch a Grym: Henry Richard, Radical i'n hamser ni/Peace and Power: Henry Richard, A Radical for our time
   8. Bws Dyfed timetables
   9. Coleg Ceredigion Prospectus 1991-92
   10. College of Librarianship Wales postgraduate prospectus 1981
   11. Cwysi Ceredigion 1993
   12. Programme: Grand Celebrity Concert in aid of refurbishing the Cardigan Secondary School grand piano. Recital by Margaret Price CBE.
   13. Capel Tabernacl, Aberystwyth-Adroddiad am 1992 a Llawlyfr am 1993
   14. Adroddiadau etc. Capel Seilo/Siloh, Aberystwyth
   15. Adroddiadau Capel Mair, Aberteifi
   16. Adroddiadau Eglwys Gynulleiddfaol Y Tabernacl Cymreig, King's Cross, Llundain
   17. Adroddiadau Eglwys Gymreig Annibynnol Harrow
   18. Adroddiadau Capel MC Pontrhydfendigaid
   19. Adroddiadau Eglwys Annibynnol Nanternis
   20. Adroddiad Eglwys Annibynnol Tabernacl Woolton Rd Lerpwl 1972
   21. Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru, Henaduriaeth Liverpool: Ystadegau 1972
   22. Welsh Independents College Annual Report 1992-93

Acc.No: 2915   Date of material:    Extent: 0.017m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberaeron Fire Station Drill Towers (Ref: DYC/A/3)
Dyfed County Council file on Aberaeron Fire Station Drill Towers. Contains correspondence, plans, specifications etc.
Acc.No: 2914   Date of material: 1973-1974   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/A/3) 

North Cardiganshire Water Board, Augmentation Scheme Maps (Ref: )

Acc.No: 2913   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Cofrestri ysgol Sul a llyfrau nodiadau (Ref: ADX/1278)
1. 'Llyfr yr Athro' Ysgol Sul Abermeurig rh. 1
   2. 'Llyfr yr Athro' Ysgol Sul Swyddffynnon rh. 4. Athro: Mrs. Davies
   3. Anerchiadau crefyddol, Evan Evans, Tyreglwys, Llangybi. 1876
   4. Anerchiadau crefyddol, Evan Evans, Tyreglwys, Llangybi. 1877

Acc.No: 2912   Date of material: 1870s   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1278) 

Map of New Quay (Ref: ADX/1277)
Enlarged Ordnance Survey 25'' County Series (2nd ed.) map of New Quay.
Acc.No: 2911   Date of material: c. 1911   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1277) 

Aberystwyth Harbour manifests, 3 boxes. See acc 442 & 446. (Ref: ABM/HA)

Acc.No: 2910   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(ABM) 

Dyfed County Finance 1976-77 (Ref: DYC/TR/2)
Booklet: Dyfed County Finance 1976-77
Acc.No: 2909   Date of material: 1977   Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/TR/2) 

Files concerning education at the time of local government reorganization (Ref: DYC/ED/30)
Files concerning education at the time of local government reorganization incl. language surveys.
Acc.No: 2908   Date of material: c. 1973   Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llanbadarn bell appeal concert (Ref: ADX/1276)
Souvenir programme for the South Wales Male Choir, Millennium Bell Appeal Concert at Llanbardarn Fawr Church, 19 June 1999
Acc.No: 2907   Date of material: 1999   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1276) 

Rewiring of Swyddfa'r Sir (Ref: DYC/PL/10)
Proposed re-wiring of Swyddfa'r Sir, Aberystwyth - plans.
Acc.No: 2906   Date of material: 1988   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/PL/10) 

Charts and diagrams re Cardiganshire (Ref: ADX/1275)
Charts, diagrams and plans on tracing paper, illustrating population statistics, land use, plans of houses etc. in Cardiganshire, with special emphasis on the parishes of Troedyraur, Betws Ifan and Rhydlewis. These appear to be illustrations for a book or article. No date but the last census referred to is 1951.
Acc.No: 2905   Date of material:    Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1275) 

Plans of Avondale, Aberystwyth (Ref: CDC/A/16)
Plans and sections of Avondale, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth.
   See also ARE/07/02-03

Acc.No: 2904   Date of material: 1954   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Princess Street, Aberystwyth (Ref: ABM/HI/5/92)
Plans for a proposed development at Princess Street, Aberystwyth. This development was (inter alia) to involve the demolition of the Market Hall in St. James Square and its replacement with flats with 'market area on ground floor'
Acc.No: 2903   Date of material: 1970   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

North Road flats, Aberystwyth (Ref: ABM/HI/4/48/2; ABM/HI/5/85)
Building plans for North Road flats, Aberystwyth.
Acc.No: 2902   Date of material: 1970s   Extent: 1 box   Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Dyfed-Powys Police Authority and Ceredigion Local Health Group (Ref: DYC/PL/1/5-10; POL/30; DPHA/1)
POL/30: Minutes and reports of Dyfed-Powys Police Authority
   DPHA/1: Minutes and reports of Ceredigion Local Health Group and other public health bodies
   DYC/PL/1/5-10: Dyfed County Structure Plans

Acc.No: 2901   Date of material:    Extent: 0.081m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(DYC/PL/1) 

SAMs in Ceredigion (Ref: CDD/PL/10)
Map showing Scheduled Ancient Monuments in the north part of Dyfed (ie Ceredigion)
Acc.No: 2900   Date of material: 1991   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDD/PL/10) 

Tregaron Union 1st Ed. OS maps (Ref: CBG/TG/7)
Three volumes of 1st ed. 25'' OS maps covering the area of Tregaron Poor Law Union
Acc.No: 2899   Date of material: 19th c   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CBG) 

Falcondale, plan of drainage (Ref: CDC/A/15)
Plan of pipe drainage at Falcondale mansion
Acc.No: 2898   Date of material: 1885   Extent: 0.028m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth Harbour (Ref: ABM/HI/5/93)
1. Plan: Aberystwyth Corporation Harbour
   2. Plan of harbour area showing site of Isolation Hospital
   3. Plan of proposed breakwater and quay

Acc.No: 2897   Date of material: 1903   Extent: 0.028m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Cambrian News supplements (Ref: ADX/1274)
1. The Royal Illustrated Supplement, 26 June 1896
   2. Railway Souvenir Edition (commemorating the opening of the Lampeter and Aberaeron Railway), 18 March 1911

Acc.No: 2896   Date of material: 1896 and 1911   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1274) 

Paith Valley land use map (Ref: ADX/1273)
Map of Paith Valley (near Aberystwyth) showing mid-nineteenth century land use. Derived from the tithe map. Appears to be a project realized as a display panel.
Acc.No: 2895   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1273) 

The Cardigan Bay Visitor (Ref: CBV)
Part of The Cardigan Bay Visitor of 27 September 1904. Very poor condition.
Acc.No: 2894   Date of material: 1904   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CBV Editions of the Cardigan Bay Visitor) Show catalogue(AO The Aberystwyth Observer) 

Grasslands conference reception seating plan (Ref: ADX/72/1/7 addl)
Draft seating plan for a reception to be attended by delegates at the Grasslands Congress on 17 July 1937
Acc.No: 2893   Date of material: 1937   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/72) 

Development of New Quay Harbour (Ref: DYC/PL/9)
Plan of proposed development of New Quay Harbour, prepared by Gotch and Partners Planning Consultants, Cardiff.
Acc.No: 2892   Date of material: c. 1970s?   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/PL/9) 

Museum collection - further items (Ref: MUS)
Museum collection - further items
Acc.No: 2891   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/311) 

Rhydlewis and District Agricultural Society (Ref: DSO/126)
Rhydlewis and District Agricultural Society - documents relating to the ploughing match and other miscellaneous papers.
   1. Minutes 1958-1986
   2. Used cheque books
   3. Writing pad with copies of handwritten circular letter re ploughing match in 1964.
   4. Bank statements
   5. Accounts book 1933-1944
   6. Note book containing lists of ploughing match participants (?)
   7. Address book (1964)
   8. Notebook listing patrons of the 1962 ploughing match
   9. Notebook listing entries into guessing competitions
   10. Bills, receipts and misc. correspondence re ploughing match
   11. Bills, receipts and misc. correspondence
   12. Exercise book listing participants in the ploughing match (and their tractors)
   13. Exercise book listing participants in the ploughing match
   14. Lists of ploughing match participants
   15. Balance sheets
   16. Receipts for donations and thank you letters from recipients of moneys raised by the Society
   17. Ploughing match officials' and patrons' badges
   18. Correspondence with bank
   19. Fliers for the Ploughing Match and Hedge Plashing Competition 1962 and 1964
   20. Printers' price list and desings for posters etc
   21. Miscellaneous correspondence, judges' addresses etc.

Acc.No: 2890   Date of material:    Extent: 0.006m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(DSO/126) 

Blaenporth School (Ref: BLP/7; BLP/P/1)
Further records of Blaenporth Primary School
   Log book 1980-1995 - BLP/7
   Punishment book 1904-1962 - BLP/P/1

Acc.No: 2889   Date of material:    Extent: 2 vol.   Access: CLOSED for 100 yrs Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth Bowling Club (Ref: DSO/125)
Records of Aberystwyth Bowling Club
   Minutes 1981-1989
   Minutes 1989-2004
   Centenary plaque, framed (2007)
   Leaflet and playing schedule for Corporation Cup open singles tournament, 22 July 2017

Acc.No: 2888   Date of material: 1981-2007   Extent: 0.024m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(DSO/125) 

Sales particulars for Graig Goch, Sea View Place, Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1272)
Lloyd Herbert & Jones Estate Agents: sales particulars for Graig Goch, Sea View Place, Aberystwyth. Includes photograph. No date - 1990s?
Acc.No: 2887   Date of material: c. 1990s   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1272) 

Aberystwyth Yesterday - further items (Ref: ABY)
Large collection of posters, mostly house and estate sales but also some others; items relating to the Talking Newspaper; items relating to the Red Cross, health, nursing, hospitals etc.; greetings cards, ?Victorian and later; other miscellaneous items.
Acc.No: 2886   Date of material: 19th century onwards   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Llanilar PC & CC (Ref: Llanilar PC & CC)
Records of Llanilar Parish and Community Council
Acc.No: 2885   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Particular Baptists of Siloam Chapel, Verwick (Ref: ANC/66)
Bound volume: 'Llyfr Eglwys Iesu Grist or Enw Bedyddwyr Neullduol, yn cyfarfod i Addoli yn Siloam plwyf y Ferwig yn Swydd Aberteifi'
   Contains lists of members (with baptism and other dates), accounts and other records of the Chapel. Records begin c. 1840.

Acc.No: 2884   Date of material:    Extent: 1 volume   Access: Open Show catalogue(ANC/66) 

Ysgol Rhydypennau School - Cofrestri Presenoldeb/Attendance Registers (Ref: RHP/AR)
Attendance Registers (sampled)
   Dosbarth Meithrin/nursery class 1999-2006
   All other classes - 2000 and 2005

Acc.No: 2883   Date of material: 1999-2006   Extent:    Access: CLOSED Not yet in the catalogue

Perthyn, Trysorfa y Plant etc. (Ref: ADX/499)
Perthyn (Misolyn Capel y Morfa) rh. 198 (Gorff. 2011) (ADX/499/A)
   Capel y Morfa, Aberystwyth ac Ebeneser, Penparcau: Adroddiad 2009 a 2010 (ADX/499/B)
   Rhaglen/Programme: Bethania Chapel, Cardigan: Handel's Messiah, to be performed on Wed. 23 February 1949 by the Cardigan and District Choral Society
   Rhaglen Cymanfa Gerddorol, Capel Tabernacl, 18 Tachwedd 1990
   Almanac y Cymro am 1934
   Trysorfa y Plant am 1895
   Trysorfa y Plant rh. 183 (Mawrth 1877) a rh. 320 (Awst 1888)
   Y Drysorfa, rh. 989 (Mawrth 1913)
   Seren yr Ysgol Sul, rh. 407 (Tachwedd 1928)
   Cymru'r Plant, Rhagfyr 1938
   The Royal Heritage - an 'interactive family tree' published to commemorate the marriage of Charles and Diana in 1981.

Acc.No: 2882   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Orders made under the Light Railways Act 1896 (Ref: ADX/1271)
1. Vale of Rheidol Light Railway (Amendment) Order, 1902. Order [...] authorising the construction and working as a Light Railway under the Light Railways Act, 1896, of the Railway authorised by the Vale of Rheidol (Light) Railway Act, 1897, and amending the Vale of Rheidol Light Railway (Aberayron Extension) Order, 1897. HMSO, 1902.
   2. Lampeter Aberayron and New Quay Railway Order 1906. Order [...] authorising the construction of a Light Railway in the County of Cardigan, from Lampeter to Aberayron and to New Quay. HMSO 1907

Acc.No: 2881   Date of material: 1902 and 1907   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1271) 

Rheidol Hydro-Electric Scheme (Ref: Hydro/4)
2 maps (OS 6'' composite and copy) showing the Nant-y-moch dam and reservoir as well as nearby infrastructure to be constructed or improved.
Acc.No: 2880   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Porthkerry, Maenygroes, Newquay (Ref: ADX/1270)
Ground plan of Porthkerry, Maenygroes, Newquay, on reverse of 2nd ed. 6'' OS map (Cards. sheet XLV NE)
Acc.No: 2879   Date of material: map 1906, house plan unknown.   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1270) 

Llwyndyrys estate and Gelly Bridge farm (Ref: ADX/1269)
Estate sale catalogue plan of sale lots on Llwyndyrys (Llwynduris) estate, p. Llandygwydd (sale to be held on 22 June 1940)
   Building plan for a proposed farmstead at University of Wales Gelly Bridge Farm, Clynderwen on reverse.

Acc.No: 2878   Date of material: 1940   Extent: 1 itema   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1269) 

Ploughing match poster (Ref: ADX/1268)
Poster for a ploughing match to be held at Dihewyd on 12 February 1935
Acc.No: 2877   Date of material: 1935   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1268) 

Large scale maps, South Ceredigion (Ref: ADX/1267)
Large scale modern maps of Lampeter, Aberaeron and Cardigan
Acc.No: 2876   Date of material:    Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1267) 

Welsh Film Festival and other material (Ref: CDD/MUS/5)
Material relating to the Welsh International Film Festival in the 1990s, held at Ceredigion Museum. Also other items relating to the Museum and projects and events held there.
Acc.No: 2875   Date of material: 1980s-90s   Extent: 0.022m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire Joint Planning Committee: 'original plotting sheets' (Ref: CDC/PL/13)
Set of annotated 6" to 1 mile OS maps showing locations and references of planning applications. (Contains note: ‘All Information Replotted onto 1905 Ed. 1:2500's’)
Acc.No: 2874   Date of material: n.d. [pre 1974]   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/PL/13) 

Maps of Aberaeron (Ref: CDC/PL/12)
Enlarged sections of 25'' OS maps of Aberayron with later buildings added on
Acc.No: 2873   Date of material:    Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/PL/12) 

Aberystwyth ward boundaries (Ref: ABM/HI/5/91)
OS maps showing boundaries of Borough of Aberystwyth wards
Acc.No: 2872   Date of material:    Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

King's Hall development plans (Ref: DYC/PL/8)
Plans for a proposed development of the King's Hall site drawn by Holder Mathias Alcock architects.
Acc.No: 2871   Date of material: post-1988   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/PL/8) 

Maps and plan (Ref: ABM/HI/5/90)
Borough of Aberystwyth, Borough Engineer's Dept.
   1. Plan of Park Avenue development, Aberystwyth. 1970
   2-4. maps of Aberystwyth enlarged from OS maps.

Acc.No: 2870   Date of material: c. 1970   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Various planning maps (Ref: CDD/PL/9)
1. Cards. CC county map showing woodlands, SSSIs, nature reserves etc. 1964.
   2. Cards. CC Town & Country Planning Act 1947 development map of the county showing exisiting and proposed developments.
   3. Cards. CC Town & Country Planning Act 1947 development map of Aberystwyth showing exisiting and proposed developments
   4. Cards. CC Town & Country Planning Act 1947 development map of Lampeter showing exisiting and proposed developments.
   5. Cards. CC Town & Country Planning Act 1947 development map of Cardigan showing exisiting and proposed developments.
   6. Ceredigion District Council map of Aberystwyth showing the proposed Park Avenue development and possible land uses. 1985.
   7. Map of Aberystwyth showing varuious proposed works and development. Apparently contemporary with no. 6, above.
   8. Map of Aberystwyth with various sites and areas (presumably for development) highlighted in felt-tip pen. Apparently contemporary with nos. 6 & 7, above.

Acc.No: 2869   Date of material:    Extent: 0.028m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(CDD/PL/9) 

County and parliamentary boundaries (Ref: DYC/SE/7)
1. Map showing administrative and parliamentary boundaries of Dyfed, Northern part (5 copies)
   2. Map showing administrative and parliamentary boundaries of Dyfed, West part
   3. Map showing existing and proposed administrative boundaries in Dyfed
   4. Map showing Dyfed (North part) boundaries of the county, district, communities and the parliamentary constituency revised to 1 March 1974
   5. Map showing county, borough, urban and rural district, and parish boundaries of Cardiganshire revised to 1 October 1971. 2 copies, one with greater level of detail.
   6. Tracing of map of Cardiganshire showing 'existing boundaries'
   7. Map showing European parliamentary constituencies of Great Britain.
   8. Map showing proposed European Assembly constituencies for Wales
   9. European Assembly Elections Act 1978 (2 copies, English and Welsh)
   10. Boundaries map of new Welsh counties and districts and typescript lists of above post 1974 reorganization
   11. Map of administrative areas in Wales (shows counties, districts, communities, excepted boroughs, grouped communities and communities without council)

Acc.No: 2868   Date of material: 1971-1978 approx.   Extent: 0.028m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/SE/7) 

Ceredigion District Council Harbour Development plans (Ref: CDD/PL/8)
Ceredigion District Council Harbour Development plans (improvements to the gap)
Acc.No: 2867   Date of material:    Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDD/PL/8) 

Aberystwyth development plans (Ref: DYC/PL/7)
Plans for a shopping development adjoining Aberystwyth Train station and incorporating the Old Welsh School. Drawn by the Hoggett + Dewhirst Partnership, London and Cardiff
Acc.No: 2866   Date of material: pre-1995   Extent: 0.038m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/PL/7) 

View of Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1266)
Photocopy of an early 19th c. view of Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 2865   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1266) 

Tai Ceredigion Housing (Ref: CDD/SE/20)
Tai Ceredigion Housing, 1976 Report
Acc.No: 2864   Date of material: 1976   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDD/SE/20) 

Ceredigion County Council Health and Safety Newsletters (Ref: CSC/CE/12)
Ceredigion County Council Health and Safety Newsletters, issues 1 and 2 (1997)
Acc.No: 2863   Date of material: 1997   Extent: 1 envolope   Access:  Show catalogue(CSC/CE/12) 

Poor Law Institutions regulations boards (Ref: CBG/AB/80)
Rules and regulations displayed in Poor Law Institutions (workhouses) - presumably from Aberystwyth Workhouse (see 2, below)
   1. Bath Regulations
   2. Aberystwyth Union Dietary for Sick Inmates
   3. Poor Law Institution Regulations

Acc.No: 2862   Date of material: post-1913   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CBG) 

Highmead School plans (Ref: CDC/ED/2/8)
Plans of 'Highmead School for Sub-normal Children', Llanybydder, showing the proposed conversion of Highmead mansion. Drawn by G.R. Bruce, County Architect.
Acc.No: 2861   Date of material: 1964   Extent: 0.028m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/ED/2) 

Aberystwyth Borough, Surveyor's Dept. records (Ref: ABM/HI/ various)
Specifications of work to be done on exisiting properties, specifications for new houses, assorted associated paperwork.
Acc.No: 2860   Date of material: 1920s-1930s   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Aberystwyth water supply (Ref: ABM/HI/5/94)
Plans for waterworks and a reservoir in Cardiganshire, and Birmingham Corporation plans and sections (involving water from Wales, incl. Cards.)
Acc.No: 2859   Date of material:    Extent: 0.038m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(ABM) 

Common Land maps (Ref: DYC/PL/6)
Folders containing maps of common lands in Cardiganshire
   1. CL 1-2
   2. CL 3-6

Acc.No: 2858   Date of material:    Extent: 2 files   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/PL/6) 

Newspaper cuttings (Ref: ADX/1265)
Box of newspaper clippings of local interest, also some printed ephemera. Unsorted.
Acc.No: 2857   Date of material:    Extent: 0.022m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Envelope of tapes, part of an oral history project run by the library? (Ref: CDC/LI/8)

Acc.No: 2856   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

9 boxes of Dyfed County Architects Dept records (Ref: DYC/A/2)

Acc.No: 2855   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Bills and receipts (Ref: ADX/1264)
Bills and receipts received by Mr R. S. Jones of 3 Bridge Street, Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 2854   Date of material:    Extent: 0.031m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Further items from the Museum and Ceredigion District Council records (Ref: MUS/285-294; CDD/SE/19; CDD/T/5; CDD/PR; CDD/PL/7)
MUSEUM: Guides and ephemera etc., also some photographs, solicitor's bill etc.
   MUS/285 Plan of Llwyn Llwyd Mine, Ffair Rhos (also known as Fairchance and South Lisburne)
   MUS/286 Booklet: Bedd Taliesin (Taliesin’s Grave).
   MUS/287 Booklet: WALES, The Y.W.C.A. in 1927-8.
   MUS/288 Transcript (typescript with carbon copy): Apprenticeship Indenture . 1827
   MUS/289 Bill for Professional Services Rendered. 1874
   MUS/290 Leaflet: Humphrey Jones Old Fashioned Ironmongers
   MUS/291 Newspaper articles (photocopies)
   MUS/292 Development Board for Rural Wales/Bwrdd Datblygu Cymru Wledig, Aberystwyth: Press Release and Ceredigion Report.
   MUS/293 Maps
   MUS/294 Tourist and other guides and leaflets
   Ceredigion District Council
   Programme/menu for the Annual Dinner of the Council at the King's Hall, Aberystwyth on 7 October 1977
   Two photographs of County Councillors. N.d.
   Ceredigion Heritage Coast leaflets
   Material published by the Tourism Department of Ceredigion District Council
   1. Walks - A selection of 25 walks in the beautiful countryside in the area of Aberystwyth and the Lower Teifi Valley.
   2. Walks - A selection of 14 walks in the beautiful countryside in the area of Cardigan and the Rheidol Valley.
   3. Leaflets on Aberystwyth, Tregaron, Cardigan, Lampeter, Aberaeron and New Quay.
   Aberporth Leaflet
   Published by the Ceredigion Marketing and Public Relations Department

Acc.No: 2853   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(CDD/PL/7) 

Dyfed CC records (Ref: DYC/CS/5, DYC/PM/2, DYC/HI/2)
DYC/CS/5: Cylchlythyron Hanes Lleol yng Ngheredigion/Local History in Ceredigion Newsletters, 23-26, 29-42, 44-45, 47-48, 50-55, 57, 59, 61 (1986-1995)
   DYC/PM/2. Employee Induction pack (Dec. 1993)
   DYC/HI/2. Dyfed CC Transport Policies and Programme, First Year Submission 1975/1976

Acc.No: 2852   Date of material: 1975-1995   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/HI/2) 

Building plans (Ref: CDC/PL/11)
Building plans for proposed detached bungalows and houses, drawn by Cliff & Jukes, Architects, Lichfield, presumably for Cardiganshire CC.
   1. Proposed detached bungalow type 1. 1961
   2. Proposed detached bungalow type 2. 1961
   3. Proposed detached bungalow type 3. 1962
   4. Proposed detached bungalow type 4. 1962
   5. Proposed detached bungalow type 5. 1962
   6. Proposed detached bungalow type 6. 1962
   7. Proposed house type 7. 1962

Acc.No: 2851   Date of material: 1961-62   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/PL/11) 

Cardiganshire County Council Annual Rate Estimates and Abstracts of Accounts (Ref: CDC/TR/116-117)
115. Annual Rate Estimates 1939/40 to 1958/59 and 1966/67 to 1972/73. Some duplicates retained because of their enclosures.
   116. Abstracts of Accounts 1936/37 to 1938/39; 1959/60; 1965/66 to1 1967/68; 1971/72; 1972/73

Acc.No: 2850   Date of material: 1937-1973   Extent: 0.039m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

New Quay UDC Register of Land Charges (Ref: NQU)
New Quay Urban District Council: Register of Land Charges 1955-1974
Acc.No: 2849   Date of material: 1955-1974   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Map of Cardiganshire schools (Ref: CDC/ED/41)
Cardiganshire County Council: map showing location of schools in the county
Acc.No: 2848   Date of material: 1970s?   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/ED/41) 

Welfare Services day books (Ref: CDC/WEL/LPI/5-6)
Cardiganshire County Council Welfare Services day books (2 vols)
   5. 1955
   6. 1955-56

Acc.No: 2847   Date of material:    Extent: 0.022m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Emergency planning map (Ref: DYC/EP/1)
UK Warning and Monitoring Organisation: map of Great Britain showing location of Posts, Clusters, Groups and Sectors. Apparently related to cold war emergency planning.
Acc.No: 2846   Date of material: 1988   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire County Council registers (Ref: CDC/SE/24, CDC/WEL/)
   1. Register of deeds, 1913-1915
   2. Cards. CC, Poor Law Institution, register of deeds relating to workhouses at Aberystwyth, Tregaron and Lampeter
   3. Register of disabled persons' or old people's homes. Only 2 entries, both relating to Deva, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth (made 1950 and 1964)
   4. Register of insurances
   CDC/WEL/?: The Relieving Officer's (district of Penbryn) receipt and expenditure book 1944-46

Acc.No: 2845   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(CDC/SE/24) 

Aberystwyth Borough Council Leases (Ref: ABM/SE/4/1/1)
Cancelled leases and counterpart leases of Aberystwyth Borough Council.
   Typed list in box

Acc.No: 2844   Date of material: 1883-1965   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Tuberculosis Allowances registers (Ref: CDC/HE/11)
Ledger containing details of recipients of tuberculosis allowances
Acc.No: 2843   Date of material: 1943-1949   Extent: 2 volumes   Access: restricted under DPA Not yet in the catalogue

Aberaeron UDC - coast protection (Ref: ANU/HI/3/5)
File of miscellaneous papers and correspondence relating to coast protection at Aberaeron
Acc.No: 2842   Date of material: 1955-1977 approx.   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ANU/HI) 

Aberystwyth Borough records (Ref: ABM/TR/2/54; ABM/TR/7/5/1-22; ABM/SE/CE/20)
(originally loose, now boxed)
Acc.No: 2841   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(ABM) 

Sale catalogue of the Priory Estate (Ref: PE addl)
Estate sale catalogue of 'The Freehold Property known as The Priory Estate, Cardigan, to be offered for Sale by Public Auction at the Guildhall, Cardigan, on Saturday, 15th February, 1919'
   Some loose papers inside.

Acc.No: 2840   Date of material: 1919   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(PE) 

Primary Education in Rural Areas (Ref: CDC/ED/40)
Cardiganshire County Council report on Primary Education in Rural Areas. Includes recommendations for school closures, some of which were eventually followed, others not.
Acc.No: 2839   Date of material: 1969   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/ED/40) 

Local land charges, Aberystwyth (Ref: ABM/TR/7/4/1)
Aberystwyth Borough, Register of Local Land Charges under the Land Charges Act 1925. Large volume, only a few pages of entries in the 'Specific Land Charges' section.
Acc.No: 2838   Date of material: 1920s   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Derry Ormond Estate (Ref: ADX/1263)
1. Derry Ormond Park Estate and Bettws Farm Map drawn by S. Evans L.S., Llanrhystid, 1868
   2. 25'' OS map showing boundaries of Derry Ormond Estate (c.1905)

Acc.No: 2837   Date of material: 1868 and 1905   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1263) 

Tregaron Market file (Ref: TGR/SE/10/35a)
Tregaron RDC: file of correspondence etc. relating to Tregaron livestock market
Acc.No: 2836   Date of material: 1970-1974   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(TGR/SE) 

Box of files containing vehicle licences (Ref: CDC/ML)

Acc.No: 2835   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth harbour - public shelter (Ref: ABM/HI/5/76)
Corporation of Aberystwyth: Plans for a proposed shelter at Aberystwyth harbour.
Acc.No: 2834   Date of material: 1935   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Cardiganshire County Council Architectural plans of Llanbadarn Fawr Campus (Ref: CDC/A/14)
Architectural plans of Llanbadarn Fawr Campus prepared by Sir Percy Thomas and Son Architects in collaboration with G.R. Bruce, County Architect, Cards. CC.
Acc.No: 2833   Date of material: 1969   Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Land in New Quay - schedule of documents (Ref: NQU)
List of documents relating to two plots of land adjoining Glanmor Terrace, New Quay, transferred from Newquay UDC to Messrs Arnold W. Davies & Davies, Solicitors, Aberaeron
Acc.No: 2832   Date of material: 1969   Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llyfrau log Ysgol Cribyn School log books (Ref: CRI/2-3)
1 June 1959 - 25 March 1994 - CRI/2
   11 April 1994 - 20 December 2001 - CRI/3

Acc.No: 2831   Date of material: 1959-2001   Extent: 2 vol.   Access: Closed 100 years Not yet in the catalogue

Outdoor Relief Lists (Ref: CDC/WEL/2)
Outdoor Relief of the Poor lists
   1. No. 1 District (Aberystwyth) 1942-1943
   2. No. 1 District (Aberystwyth) 1943-1944
   3. No. 1 District (Aberystwyth) 1947-1948
   4. Geneu'r Glyn District 1945-1947
   5. Rheidol District 1945-1947
   6. Aberaeron District 1944-1947
   7. Cardigan District 1946-1948
   8. Penbryn District 1947-1948
   9. Tregaron District 1944-1948
   10. Tregaron District 1948

Acc.No: 2830   Date of material: 1940s   Extent: 0.044m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(CDC/WEL/2) 

Weights and Measures (Ref: CDC/WM/117)
Annual reports of the County's Chief Inspector of Weights and Measures to the Controller at the Standard Weights and Measures Dept., Board of Trade, London. Almost a full set, also a few other miscellaneous documents
Acc.No: 2829   Date of material: 1909-1974   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cardigan & Tivy-Side Advertiser (Ref: CTA)
1866- to date.
   Accruing on a weekly basis.

Acc.No: 2828   Date of material: 1866-to date   Extent: 3.017m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(CTA) 

Aberystwyth Observer, 1910 (Ref: AO)
Bound volume of Aberystwyth Observer newspaper for 1910
Acc.No: 2827   Date of material: 1910   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Archive Students' work (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/17)
Assignment produced by Archives Administration students for modules taught by the County Archivist.
Acc.No: 2826   Date of material: Late 90s - early 2000s   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CBG/AB) 

Glass slides on the subject of Syphilis (Ref: ADX/1262)
Set of glass slides in a wooden box illustrating the dangers of syphilis, its mode of transmission, its prevention, treatment and consequences both to the individual and to society. Box is lined with a newspaper dated 1919. Slides 10, 12 and 14 are missing.
Acc.No: 2825   Date of material: c. 1919   Extent: 1 irregular   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1262) 

Unison trade union, Ceredigion Branch - photos (Ref: DSO/80 addl.)
Photographs of Unison industrial action, July 2002. Shows staff on picket lines outside various Council premises. Includes negatives.
Acc.No: 2824   Date of material: 2002   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Penrhyncoch Retirement Group (Ref: DSO/25/8)
Binder containing papers relating to Penrhyncoch Retirement Group 1987-2002
Acc.No: 2823   Date of material: 1987-2002   Extent: 1 folder   Access:  Show catalogue(DSO/25) 

Tregaron RDC - Houses at Pontrhydfendigaid (Ref: TGR/HI/5/6a)
Tregaron Rural District Council file relating to the building of 24 houses on the Council's housing estate at Pontrhydfendigaid. Contains specification of work, summary of costs and copy letter from the Council's Clerk to the Welsh Office.
Acc.No: 2822   Date of material: 1957   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(TGR/SE) 

Slides (Ref: LIB/78)
Slides depicting various subjects:
   1. 1950s photographs of locations in Ceredigion incl. the Vale of Rheidol Railway
   2. copies of old photographs of locations and people
   3. copies of documents

Acc.No: 2821   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(LIB/78) 

2005-6 Archive Students' Ephemera Collection. (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/16)
2005-6 Archive Students' Ephemera Collection.
Acc.No: 2820   Date of material: 2005   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

County Council Election of 1931 (Ref: CDC/E/2)
Records of the 1931 elections to Cardiganshire County Council.
Acc.No: 2819   Date of material: 1931   Extent: 0.072m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Assorted records of Ceredigion District Council and Aberystwyth Corporation (Ref: CDD/SE/18)

Acc.No: 2818   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire Local Valuation Panel records (Ref: CDC/LV/1-20)
1. Minute book 1949-1975
   2. Local Valuation Court minutes 1956
   3. ditto 1957
   4. ditto 1958
   5. ditto 1959
   6. ditto 1960
   7. ditto 1961
   8. ditto 1962
   9. ditto 1963
   10. ditto 1964
   11. ditto 1965
   12. ditto 1966
   13. ditto 1967
   14. ditto 1968
   15. ditto 1969
   16. ditto 1970
   17. ditto 1971
   18. ditto 1972
   19. ditto 1973
   20. ditto 1974-1976

Acc.No: 2817   Date of material: 1949-1976   Extent: 0.026m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/LV) 

Aberystwyth Corporation material (Ref: ABM/SE/5/5)
Various reports, press cuttings etc. relating to the impact of local government reorganization on Aberystwyth Borough Council and other exisiting borough councils in Cardiganshire (i.e. Lampeter and Aberaeron)
Acc.No: 2816   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(ABM) 

Cambrian News (Ref: CN, CBV)
Editions of the Cambrian News
   Also includes Cardigan Bay Visitor (published by the Cambrian News)

Acc.No: 2815   Date of material: 1871-1924   Extent: 2.08m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(CN) Show catalogue(CN) 

Photographs of Blaenpennal and surroundings (Ref: ADX/1261)
15 colour photographs of Blaenpennal and surrounds (church, chapel, school etc). Also captions on separate sheet, and negatives. Author unknown. No date - c. 1990s/2000s?
Acc.No: 2814   Date of material:    Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1261) 

Records of County, District, Borough, Urban District and Rural District Councils (Ref: CDD/SE/3/3, CDD/TS/5-7, CDC/PL/8/2, ANU, ANR, ABM, TGR, TER, CDM, CDR)
Records of District, Borough, Urban District and Rural District Councils
Acc.No: 2813   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Tuberculosis returns etc. (Ref: CDC/HE/10)
MOH records inc. Tuberculosis returns, sample of Dept. of Education and Science medical record cards etc.
Acc.No: 2812   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: DATA PROTECTION ISSUES Not yet in the catalogue

Plans, correspondence etc. from Dyfed County Council Architect's Dept. (Ref: DYC/A/1)
1. Bundle of correspondence, plans and miscellaneous paperwork relating to the new area school at Llangybi which would replace five local schools (Llangybi, Bettws Bledrws, Silian, Llanfair Clydogau and Cellan). 1973-1976
   2. Plans of various building works at Bryn Road School (Ffynnonbedr), Lampeter.
   3. Plans detailing improvements at Iscoed, Tregroes, Llandysul. 1984
   4. Plans relating to Bodlondeb Old People's Home, Penparcau. 1985
   5. Plans relating to Hafan Deg Old People's Home and Day Centre, Lampeter.
   6. Plans relating to Penparcau Junior and Infants' school.
   7. Plans relating to Penweddig Secondary School, Aberystwyth. 1988
   8. Site plan of Penglais Secondary School, Aberystwyth. 1975
   9. Plans relating to improvements to Brynherbert CP School. 1992
   10. Plans relating to the proposed day centre at Llanybydder Church Hall
   11. Ground floor plan of St. Padarn's RC School. 1986.
   12. Specification of Work to be done at Highmead Special School. 1985

Acc.No: 2811   Date of material: 1973-1992   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/A/1) 

Minutes of the Ceredigion District Council Management team and the Ceredigion Police Liason Committee. (Ref: CDD/SE/17)
Minutes of the Ceredigion District Council Management team and the Ceredigion Police Liason Committee.
Acc.No: 2810   Date of material: 1970s   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

reuse (Ref: )

Acc.No: 2809   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Bibles and justice (Ref: ADX/1260)
2 Welsh Bibles belonging to an Evans family; 1 copy of Dr Burn's 'Justice of the Peace Vol. III' published in 1797 (possibly not from the same source as the Bibles)
Acc.No: 2808   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1260) 

Census and Registrar's posters (Ref: CDC/R/3)
1. Plans of division [into districts] for the purpose of the census (covers some Cards. districts and some census years between 1901-1951). Contains NO actual census data.
   2. Posters from the Registrar's office informing of laws governing the registration of births, marriages and deaths, and warning of consequences of non-compliance.

Acc.No: 2807   Date of material: 1901-1951 approx.   Extent: 0.016m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Parish News (Ref: EC/2 (further items))
Aberystwyth Parish News magazine
   [some gaps]

Acc.No: 2806   Date of material: Feb. 1995-Jan. 1998   Extent: 0.01m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1259) 

School inspection reports etc. (Ref: DYC/ED/29)
School Inspection reports:
   1. Aberporth CP, 1987
   2. Aberporth CP, 1996
   3. Ysgol Craig yr Wylfa, Borth, 1996
   4. Talybont CP, 1991
   5. Coed y Bryn, Llandysul, 1996
   6. Plascrug Primary School, Aberystwyth, 1995
   7. Aberaeron Comprehensive School, 1982/83
   8. Dyfed Education Authority Health and Safety Arrangements, June 1994

Acc.No: 2805   Date of material:    Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/ED/29) 

Trading Standards material (Ref: CDC/WM/111-116)
111. File of material relating to the Shops Acts of 1911 and 1912 (compulsory half-day closing per week) and applications for exemptions from owners of businesses engaged in seasonal trade (such as the shops in Devil's Bridge during the summer months)
   112. Book: Animal Management 1908. Prepared in the Veterinary Dept. for General Staff, War Office (1916 reprint)
   113. Particulars of Prosecutions 1911-1971
   114. Book noting contact with businesses, farmers etc in relation to the Food and Drugs Act ('letter' 'notice of sampling' etc.) 1966-1974
   115. Paperwork relating to appointment of a Weights and Measures Inspector for Cardiganshire in 1967
   116. Disbound ledgers recording Weights and Measures inspections under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968. Up to 1974.

Acc.No: 2804   Date of material:    Extent: 0.043m^3   Access: Some DP restrictions might apply Not yet in the catalogue

Dyfed Council Cultural Services Dept. files (Ref: DYC/CS/4)
1. File of correspondence etc. relating to the Barn Centre, Aberystwyth (now demolished) and the proposed move of the artistic community using it to the Old Welsh School, Aberystwyth. 1988-89.
   2. File of correspondence etc. relating to the Aberystwyth Library.1980-1990 approx.
   3. File of correspondence etc. relating to the proposed new library in Aberystwyth. 1988-1994 approx.
   4. File of correspondence etc. relating to the new Cardigan Library. 1978-94

Acc.No: 2803   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(DYC/CS/4) 

Common Land Notices (Ref: DYC/PL/5)
Cardiganshire Commons Registration - common land notices under the Commons Registration (Cardiganshire) Act 1978. Maps, circulars, letters and other paperwork
Acc.No: 2802   Date of material: 1978-88 approx   Extent: 0.02m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Establishing the Aberystwyth Comprehensive School (Ref: CDC/ED/39)
File of correspondence, printed matter, plans etc. concerning the reorganization of education in Aberystwyth, specifically the creation of Aberystwyth Comprehensive School
Acc.No: 2801   Date of material: 1971-72 approx.   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/ED/39) 

5 boxes of Education material (Ref: CDC/ED/38; DYC/ED/28)
Mostly DYC, some CDC material
Acc.No: 2800   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Teifiside RDC, Housing Advances Borrowers' Ledger (Ref: TER/TR/23)
Housing Advances Borrowers' Ledger, 1954-1974
Acc.No: 2799   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(TER/TR) 

Cardigan Borough Council (Ref: CDM/TR/8/38A)
Cardigan Borough Council Sundry Debtors Ledger. Contains mostly charges relating to the slaughterhouse and market.
Acc.No: 2798   Date of material: 1971-1973   Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Local newspapers & supplements and other ephemera (Ref: ADX/1258)
(Some of these free papers etc. used to be distributed with the Cambrian News)
   The North Ceredigion Times, a free monthly local paper, issues 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 & 11 (1999-2000)
   The North Ceredigion Post, issues 1 and 6, May and Oct 1999
   Christmas Cheers, a Cambrian News 'guide to the festive season 1999'
   House Hunting, October 1999
   Five John Francis Estate Agents supplements, Oct. 1999-March 2000
   Clic (Mid-Wales Business News), Issue 5, Winter 2000
   Advertising leaflets for Walkers, an Aberystwyth electronics shop ('Into the Millennium with Walkers')

Acc.No: 2797   Date of material: 1999-2000   Extent: 1 bundle   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1258) 

Lampeter Borough Sales Ledger, 1970/71 (Ref: LPM/TR/6/4)
Lampeter Borough Sales Ledger, 1970/71
Acc.No: 2796   Date of material: 1970-71   Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(LPM) 

Aberystwyth Borough Ground Rent ledger (Ref: ABM/TR/8/2/7)
Ground Rents, April 1959- March 1960, for the town of Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 2795   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Papers and map found in the roof space of Aberaeron Post Office (5 Alban Square) (Ref: ADX/1257)

Acc.No: 2794   Date of material:    Extent: 0.006m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Lampeter Borough Committee Minutes (Ref: LPM/SE/2/addl)
1. Minutes 1969-1972
   2. Minutes 1972-1973

Acc.No: 2793   Date of material: 1969-1973   Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Highmead Residential School (Ref: CDC/ED/2/7)
Record of Abscondings File.

Acc.No: 2792   Date of material: 1989-1992 approx.   Extent: 1 file   Access: CLOSED under DP Show catalogue(CDC/ED/2) 

Eglwys Jewin, Llundain (Ref: ADX/1256)
Dathliad Agor Capel Newydd Eglwys Jewin 1774-1961.
   Yn cynnwys atgofion Mrs. DR Williams, Bow Street ac Aberystwyth.

Acc.No: 2791   Date of material: 1961   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1256) 

Sales particulars (Ref: ADX/1255)
Sales particulars for Crugiau House, Rhydyfelin, Aberystwyth. For sale through Jim Raw-Rees Estate Agents. No date-1990 or 2000s. Also Cadw listing description.
Acc.No: 2790   Date of material:    Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1255) 

RAE Aberporth Film reels (Ref: RAE)
RAE Aberporth Film reels.
Acc.No: 2789   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Swyddffynon Shop Ledger (Ref: ADX/1254)
Swyddffynon Shop Ledger
Acc.No: 2788   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Dyfed CC records and Highmead School records (Ref: DYC/TR/1; CDC/ED/2/5-6)
   1. Dyfed County Council: Digest of Council's Spending Proposals 1986-87
   2. Dyfed County Council: Revenue Estimates 1986-87 and Capital Estimates 1985-86 & 1986-87
   5. Highmead Residential School headed notepaper
   6. Catalogue of Possum equipment for the severely disabled and covering letter to T. Dewi Hopkins, headmaster.

Acc.No: 2787   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(CDC/ED/2) 

William Tilsley Jones of Gwynfryn (Ref: ADX/1253)
Material relating to William Tilsley Jones of Gwynfryn, an officer in the Cardigan Militia
   1. A Treatise on Military Finance containing the Pay and Allowances in Camp, Garrison and Quarters of the British Army; with all the official documents for the guidance of officers in every military department. 10th edition (1809), 2 vols, both with owner's inscription: William. T Jones , R[oyal] Cardigan Regiment, 1809.
   2. Depositor's research into William Tilsley Jones, including: excerpts from the London Gazette 1805, 1809, 1817 and 1838; material from Llangynfelyn parish website; excerpts from books; research done on the depositor's behalf by Ceredigion Archives.
   3. Letter from the depositor (CLOSED)

Acc.No: 2786   Date of material: 1955   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1253) 

Welsh Gazette supplement commemorating the Coronation of King Edward VII (Ref: ADX/1252)
'The Welsh Gazette Coronation Souvenir: His Majesty King Edward VII. 26 June 1902' (two copies)
Acc.No: 2785   Date of material: 1902   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1252) 

Aberaeron UDC Valuation List (Ref: ANU/TR/7/6)
Urban District of Aberayron Valuation List, section 1, 1962/3
Acc.No: 2784   Date of material: 1962-63   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ANU/TR) 

Holy Trinity Church Aberystwyth records (Ref: HT addl.)
Churchwardens Accounts, 1942-1959
Acc.No: 2783   Date of material: 1942-59   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Postcard of Lampeter (Ref: ADX/1251)
Colour postcard showing Harford Square, Lampeter
Acc.No: 2782   Date of material: c. 1980s-90s?   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1251) 

An Agricultural Atlas of England and Wales (Ref: ADX/1250)
An Agricultural Atlas of England and Wales (second edition, revised)
Acc.No: 2781   Date of material: 1932   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1250) 

Estate sale catalogues (Ref: ADX/1249)
Estate sale catalogues
   1. The freehold farm of Llainborth, p. Penbryn, to be sold by auction at the Black Lion Hotel, Cardigan, on 26 May 1906. Vendor-Mrs. Emma Bowen.
   2. Building plots at Pantmawr (part of Dyffryn Saith farm), p. Penbryn, to be sold by auction at the Ship Inn, Tresaith on 25 August 1886. Vendors- Mary Charlotte Elizabeth Harford, John Charles Harford and Frederick Dundas Harford.
   3. Freehold Properties in and near Aberporth to be sold by auction at the Angel Hotel, Cardigan, on 24 August 1912. Vendor-Charles Evans Davis Morgan-Richardson of Morgenau, Pembs. Purchaser of lot 2 was Evan Bowen of Blue Fields, Aberporth.
   4. Trecregin House-Seaside Residence and Farm, Aberporth, to be sold by auction at the Emlyn Arms Hotel, Newcastle Emlyn, on 8 August 1919. Part of Llancych Estate.
   5. Outlying portions of Blaenpant Estate, Cards. & Pembs to be sold by auction at the Guild-Hall, Cardigan, on 29 June 1912. Vendor-Augustus Brigstocke of Blaenpant.
   6. Blaenpant Estate, Cards. & Pembs to be sold by auction at the Guildhall, Cardigan, on 4 July 1914. Vendor-Augustus Brigstocke of Blaenpant. 2 copies, one with receipt for lot 15 (Tyddyndu) to David Bowen and William Jones, both of Tyddyndu, farmers.

Acc.No: 2780   Date of material: 1886-1919   Extent: 0.022m^3   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1249) 

Hen Goleg/Old College, Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1248)
Pamphlet: The Old College Library: An Historical Account / Llyfrgell yr Hen Goleg: Braslun o'i Hanes
Acc.No: 2779   Date of material: 1992   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1248) 

Article on John Finnemore (Ref: ADX/1247)
Article by Greg Philpott on John Finnemore (1863-1915) author of numerous 'Scout fiction' novels and headmaster of Tanygarreg School, Blaenpennal. Also note from the depositor and research notes in response to the original enquiry.
Acc.No: 2778   Date of material: 2011   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1247) 

Photographs of Aberystwyth buildings (Ref: ADX/1246)
Five photographs by Richard W. Ireland of architectural details of buildings in Aberystwyth
   1. The tiled facade and window of Rea's Bar and Lounge, the White Horse Hotel (now Varsity)
   2. Old sign 'Agents for Drieux's Patent French Corsets' formerly on the 'Enoc Huws' shop in Aberystwyth. The shop was not a retail outlet but a Ceredigion Museum showcase for items from the Aberystwyth Yesterday collection until c. 2010 when the County Council needed the building for other purposes.
   3. Doorways of Aberystwyth Barracks, now demolished.
   4. Windows of Aberystwyth Barracks
   5. Ornate doorway, location unknown. Date 1878 in the door's lintel. Building appears derelict.

Acc.No: 2777   Date of material: c. 1979   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1246) 

The Revd. J. Islan Jones, Cribyn, collection (Ref: LIB/73)
Collection of papers (diaries, letters, other writings) of the Revd. J. Islan Jones, Cribyn
Acc.No: 2776   Date of material:    Extent: 0.091m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Postcards of Aberystwyth and area (Ref: ADX/1245)
Four postcards, all sent to members of the Griffiths family of Bryn Athan, Port Talbot, in the early 1960s.
   1. B/W, view of Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill
   2. B/W, The National Library of Wales
   3. B/W, View from the castle grounds, Aberystwyth
   4. Colour, composite postcard showing five views: Devil's Bridge; Rheidol Railway; Valley of the Rheidol; Ystwyth Valley (Kings Side Mine) & Gibraltar Rock, Rhayader Pass; Circular Bridge, Aberystwyth.

Acc.No: 2775   Date of material:    Extent: 1 envolope   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1245) 

Cofnodion Ysgol Penlon (Llwyncelyn) School records (Ref: PEN/3-4, PEN/R/2, PEN/P/1, PEN/SR/1, CSC/ED/17)
Records of Ysgol Penlon (Llwyncelyn) School. Includes 2 logbooks, an admissions register, and a number of other items (photographs, booklets, other material)
Acc.No: 2774   Date of material:    Extent: 0.096m^3   Access: Restricted Show catalogue(CSC/ED/17) 

Capel Seion School Log Books (Ref: CSE/2-3)
Two further log books for the school covering dates :
   25/09/1928 - 20/07/1990
   03/09/96 -16/10/1997

Acc.No: 2773   Date of material: 1928-1997   Extent: 2 vol.   Access: open ( possible DP conditions) Not yet in the catalogue

Further papers of the Fowler family (Ref: ADX/1006 addl)
Further papers of the Fowler family.
Acc.No: 2772   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Further records of the Royal British Legion, Aberystwyth Branch (Ref: DSO/124)
Minute books : 1977 - 1988 and 1988 - 1993
   Welfare Committee Minute Book 1988 - 1993
   See also ADX/119/69

Acc.No: 2771   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: DP issues - Welfare book closed Show catalogue(DSO/124) 

Cardiganshire administrative districts map (Ref: ADX/1244)
Map of Cardiganshire showing Unions, Rural and Urban Districts, Municipal and County Boroughs, and Civil Parishes. Boundaries are revised up to date 18 May 1918.
Acc.No: 2770   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1244) 

Aberystwyth Corporation properties (Ref: ABM/TR/2/37)
Ledger listing properties owned by Aberystwyth Corporation, with details of leases etc. No date of original entries but one entry is annotated 'expired 1968' so the volume was clearly still in use then.
Acc.No: 2769   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Salary registers (Ref: CDC/TR/114-115)
114. Cardiganshire Education Committee Salary Register 1943-49
   115. Cardiganshire County Council Salary Register 1943-44

Acc.No: 2768   Date of material: 1943-1949   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The Malkin letter (Ref: ADX/1243)
Colour photocopy of letter from Benjamin Heath Malkin.
   The depositor's note states: 'I recently acquired a copy of the first edition of Benjamin Heath Malkin's ' Scenery , Antiquities and Biography of South Wales ' , London , 1804. Loosely laid inside this copy is an autograph letter from the author ( a close friend of William Blake ) which touches upon his staying at Hafod, mentions the library and also that the Johnes's are not particular about the clothing worn by visitors. Unfortunately there is no accompanying envelope or other indication as to whom the letter is addressed other than that he was a gentleman and known to the Johnes's. The Hafod Arms is mentioned on several occasions as a place to rendezvous. The letter is sent from Hackney in the June of 1805.'

Acc.No: 2767   Date of material: Original 1805; copy 2011   Extent: 2 ff   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1243) 

Pwll Roman and the Taliesin Mines (Ref: ADX/1242)
CD containing photographs and .pdf files relating to Pwll Roman and Taliesin Mines (includes photographs of the sudden subsidence which occurred in 2005)
Acc.No: 2766   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1242) 

Memoirs, reminiscences and journals of Colin Guile (Ref: ADX/883/3)
A record of Colin Guile's life from his school days to 2006 . Mr. Guile was born in 1930 in Bridgend, educated at Cowbridge Grammar School and the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, did National Service in Egypt and the Middle East, worked as an advisory entomologist in Shardlow, Derbyshire and at MAFF Trawscoed for many years and retired to Borth and Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 2765   Date of material: 1953 - 2006   Extent: 0.076m^3   Access: Not yet available - some DP issues to be examined Not yet in the catalogue

The SS Laxham, postcards etc. (Ref: ADX/1241)
1. Photocopy of order signed by the British Consul in Galicia (Spain) asking the owner of the SS Laxham (recently lost at sea) to pay David Owen Davies his wages. Original document is dated 1884.
   2. Printout of article from the Times of 5 August 1884 containing the account of the sinking of the Laxham.
   3. Postcards of locations in Cardiganshire and elsewhere. 13 items.

Acc.No: 2764   Date of material:    Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1241) 

An Evacuee's Recollections (Ref: ADX/1240)
One child's recollections of being an Evacuee in the summer of 1944 (depositor's account)
Acc.No: 2763   Date of material: 2011   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1240) 

Borth United FC (Ref: ADX/1239)
Booklet: The Footballers of Borth and Ynys-las, 1873-1950: Borth United and the Ynys-las Gunners, by Richard E. Huws
Acc.No: 2762   Date of material: 2011   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1239) 

Articles by David Gorman on subjects of local interest (Ref: ADX/1018 (further records))
4. Custodian of the Holy Grail (Country Quest, Nov. 2004)
   5. Winning the VC Country Quest, May 2004)
   6. The Ancient Abbey of Strata Florida (Catholic Life Dec. 2003)
   7. The Nanteos Cup: A Holy Grail Legend (Catholic Life Jan. 2004)

Acc.No: 2761   Date of material: 2003-2004   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Saint David's University College, Lampeter publications (Ref: ADX/1238)
1. SDUC Centre for Research and Scholarship: Proceedings of the First Annual Symposium, Sept. 1990
   2. SDUC Annual report 1992-93
   3. SDUC Lampeter Prospectus 1993/94

Acc.No: 2760   Date of material: 1990-1993   Extent: 3 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1238) 

Llanddewi Aberarth School minutes (Ref: 178a)
British School Aberarth: Minutes of managers' meetings, 30 July 1892 - 2 September 1907
Acc.No: 2759   Date of material:    Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ceredigion District Council records (Ref: CDD/PL/6; CDD/SE/16; CDD/PR; CDD/T/3-4; CDD/MUS/4)
CDD/PL/6. Aberystwyth Urban Investment Programme: A report to Ceredigion District Council, Welsh Development Agency and Development Board for Rural Wales by Building Design Partnership/Ceres. May 1990
   CDD/SE/16 - Cyngor Dosbarth Ceredigion: Code of Conduct for Local Government Employees- Notes for Officers.
   CDD/T/3 Tourist information pack
   CDD/T/4 Tourist Guide: Aberystwyth and the Coast and Countryside of Ceredigion. 1983
   CDD/PR Two photographs of officials/council officers (?) one at Ty Glyn, 3 November 1992, the other at Cardigan, 20 December 1993, and compliment slip from the Marketing and PR Dept. Of the Council.
   CDD/MUS/4: Advertisement and information pack for the post of curator of Ceredigion Museum. Actual job description missing.

Acc.No: 2758   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(CDD/PL/6) 

District Nursing Map (Ref: CDC/HE/9)
Cardiganshire County Council District Nursing map. Shows extent of nursing districts.
   (2 copies)

Acc.No: 2757   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Sample Social Services file (Ref: CDC/SS/110)
Cardiganshire Council Social Services dept. file relating to the care provisions for a local resident (died in 1978). Kept as a sample; access restricted.
Acc.No: 2756   Date of material: 1966-1978   Extent: 1 file   Access: Restricted Show catalogue(CDC/SS) 

Documents relating to Patrick Francis de Sales Pickering (Ref: MUS/196)
Documents relating to Patrick Francis de Sales Pickering and other people, presumably related. Listed.
Acc.No: 2755   Date of material:    Extent: 0.012m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(MUS/196) 

Swedish newspaper article (Ref: ADX/1237)
Article by Lotta Lille entitled 'Sten blir till grus' on the subject of disposing of old gravestones. According to the depositor's note, in Sweden old gravestones are 'ground to pebbles'; this is contrasted with the way tombstones were arranged around the edges of the St. Michael's churchyard in Aberystwyth. The article, which is in Swedish, appeared in Upsala Nya Tidning on 9 February 1999.
Acc.No: 2754   Date of material: 1999   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1237) 

Miscellaneous Correspondence - Aberystwyth Borough Surveyor (Ref: ABM/SE/5/4)
File of miscellaneous correspondence - Aberystwyth Borough Surveyor
Acc.No: 2753   Date of material: 1953-1956   Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(ABM) 

Postcard (Ref: ADX/1236)
Printed colour postcard depicting a girl in the costume of Cardiganshire. No. 11 in the series 'Cambrian Costumes by Lady Llanover'. Printed by the NLW.
Acc.No: 2752   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1236) 

Rhydlewis and District Rabbit Clearance Society records (Ref: DSO/123)
Rhydlewis and District Rabbit Clearance Society records
Acc.No: 2751   Date of material:    Extent: 0.035m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Maps (Ref: ADX/1235)
1. Hand-drawn map of roads in the parishes of Troedyraur and Bettws, with separate legend showing distances. 19th c.
   2. OS map (3rd ed.) Sheet 195 (Tregaron and Lampeter. Some boundaries marked.
   3. 25" OS maps. Incorporated into our main OS maps collection

Acc.No: 2750   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1235) 

Ysgol Brynherbert School - further records (Ref: DYC/ED/11/addl., BRH/6, BRH/R/1, BRH/AR/1)
Log book and admissions register and also videos, music cassettes and other miscellaneous material from Ysgol Brynherbert.
Acc.No: 2749   Date of material:    Extent: 0.035m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

School plans (various) and electricity supply to schools in Lampeter (Ref: CDC/A/12-13)
School plans-CDC/A/12
   1. Llandysul County Primary School (3 plans), 1969
   2. Capel Seion County Primary School (4 plans) 1951-1962
   3. Penweddig School - Sports Pavilion. 1980
   Electricity supply- CDC/A/13
   File relating to connecting electricity to Bryn Road School, and Peterwell School, Lampeter. Contains Specifications of Works by the West Cambrian Power Co. Ltd; estimates; invoices; other correspondence; catalogue of Magnet industrial electrical cooking equipment. 1933.

Acc.No: 2748   Date of material:    Extent: 2 files   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Material relating to transport (Ref: MUS/194-195)
   Large postcard of R.M.S. Lusitania, addressed to Master W. Telford Jones, Highcliffe, Dinas Terrace, Aberystwyth. No stamp or date, probably never posted.
   Two issues of The Motor Ship magazine, July 1931 and January 1932 issues
   Gas and Oli Power: Annual Technical Review number, 1939
   Magazine: A Pictorial History of Railways with an Anthology of 19th Century Railways Chronicles. c. 1954

Acc.No: 2747   Date of material: 1930s, c. 1954   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/195) 

Ysgol Cross Inn (Llansantffraed) School (Ref: DYC/ED/12/addl)
Records of the school deposited after it had closed in 2007.
Acc.No: 2746   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Nanteos planning application (Ref: CDD/PL/5)
Nanteos planning application: Listed building consent application and architectural drawings (plans and elevations)
Acc.No: 2745   Date of material: 1989-90   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDD/PL/5) 

Borough of Aberystwyth Motion Book (Ref: ABM/SE/1/76)
Borough of Aberystwyth Motion Book 1887-1961
Acc.No: 2744   Date of material: 1887-1961   Extent: 1 volume   Access:  Show catalogue(ABM) 

Diaries and papers of Miss Hannah Jane Jones (Ref: ADX/1234)
Diaries of Hannah Jones 1945-47, 1949, 1953, 1960-1971, 1973-2004; Handwritten/assembled from cuttings recipe books; Balance sheets for Arfryn Farm, Llanarth in the name of Thomas Jones - 1959-62; Certicates in Music, Needlework and from Sunday School for Ben and Hannah Jones; Wage book 1920-1922; Exercise book: Hanes Llwyncelyn.
Acc.No: 2743   Date of material: 1920-2004   Extent: 0.065m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

The Paull family (Ref: ADX/1233)
Depositor's research into the Cardiganshire branch of the Paull family. Originally from Cornwall, the Paulls were associated with Cardiganshire lead mining industry.
   2 files:
   1. Descendants of John Paull, b. c. 1702 in Perranzabuloe, Cornwall
   2. Descendants of Abel Paull, d. 1893 in Frongoch, Cards.

Acc.No: 2742   Date of material:    Extent: 2 files   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1233) 

The ship Volunteer (Ref: ADX/1232)
1. Photograph of a mosaic (located near Aberystwyth harbour) of the ship Volunteer, built in Aberystwyth in 1861. The Volunteer sank near the Scilly Isles and was subsequently raised.
   2. Photograph of the Volunteer's figurehead, now located in a garden in the Scilly Isles.

Acc.No: 2741   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1232) 

Papers of Dewi Davies (Ref: ADX/1231)
Research into the local area (Capel Bangor, Goginan, Aberffrwd, Ponterwyd etc), correspondence and other papers of Dewi Davies of Capel Bangor.
Acc.No: 2740   Date of material:    Extent: 0.035m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Archives students' projects (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/15)
These assignments were produced by Archives Administration postgraduate students for Archives Administration practice and for the Study of Records module taught by the County Archivist.
   1. Sources for Research in the Parish of Silian by Sam Johnston
   2. Family History assignment - The Baynes family of Cardigan by Mair James
   3. The Aberystwyth Town Clock by Lucy Burrows
   4. [Parish of] Llanwnnen by Manon Foster Evans
   5. [Parish of] Dihewyd by Nia Wyn Griffiths
   6. [Parish of] Ciliau Aeron by Martin Woodward
   7. The Staging of an Open Day at Ceredigion Archives by Martin Woodward
   8. The Watkins Family by Catherine M.S. Taylor
   9. Repository Design by Rachel Gill
   10. The Construction of Archive Buildings: A Case Study by James King
   11. The Red Cross: An Archive Exhibition by James King
   12. Tourism at Devil's Bridge and the Vale of Rheidol Railway: An Exhibition to be held at Ceredigion Archives by Kate Mason (2 pts: text and exhibition)
   13. Sources for Research of the parish of Llandysiliogogo by Sarah Davis
   14. [Exhibition on Aberystwyth tourism] by Ishbel Mackinnon
   15. The Lewis Family, Proprietors of Aberystwyth Bathing Machines by Sarah Horton
   16. Llanddewi Brefi parish by Rachel Wood
   17. Sources for the Parish of Llanarth by Gemma Bentley
   18. [Parish of] Llangybi by Gail Bennion
   19. Local History Sources for the Parish of Llanrhystud by Philip Zanella
   20. Sources for the Parish of Llanrhystud by Ivone Martins
   21. Sources for the Parish History of Llanfihangel y Creuddyn by ?
   22. Sources for Research in the Parish of Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn by E. A. Whittingham
   23. Sources for Research in the Parish of Llangoedmor by Andrew Thomson
   24. Sources for Research in the Parish of Llanychaearn by Sarah Edmondson

Acc.No: 2739   Date of material: 1996-2000   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Welsh Bible with inscribed endpaper (Ref: ADX/1230)
An 18th century leatherbound Welsh Bible. The endpaper is inscribed as follows:
   'Isaac Jones Davies the son of John and Jane Davies of Wainwen in the Parish of Llanilar in the County of Cardigan was born on the 2nd day of July 1791, it being Ystradmerick Fair day.
   Written by himself the [..]th of March 1836
   Llanilar Registrar will Testify the same. O. Owens, Vicar'
   Another inscription in the centre of same page reads:
   'Mary Llewelyn her Book in the year Lord 1833'
   There are also several smaller scribbles, eg.
   'Dd Davies his hand 1833'

Acc.No: 2738   Date of material: 18th c.   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1230) 

The Association of Poor Law Unions: printed circular and report (Ref: ADX/1229)
1.The Association of Poor Law Unions: Draft Rating and Valuation Bill, 1923
   2. The Association of Poor Law Unions: official report and 'important resolutions' from the 25th Annual Meeting (held in London, Nov. 1923) at which the above Bill was discussed.

Acc.No: 2737   Date of material: 1923   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1229) 

Map of the Trawscoed Experimental Husbandry Farm (Ref: ADX/1228)
Map of the Trawscoed Experimental Husbandry Farm
Acc.No: 2736   Date of material: n.d.   Extent: 1 roll   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1228) 

Papurau Bro [Community newspapers] (Ref: Papurau Bro)
Y Tincer 1992-2004
   Y Barcut
   Deaccessioned 18 March 2013. The Local History Library has full sets of all local Papurau Bro.

Acc.No: 2735   Date of material:    Extent: 0.022m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llanfair Clydogau WI (Ref: D/WI/18)
Records of the Women's Institute, Llanfair Clydogau branch (minutes, accounts etc.)
Acc.No: 2734   Date of material: 1926-1988   Extent: 0.026m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(D/WI/LFA) 

Relate (Ref: DSO/122)
Records of Relate, Aberystwyth group, in its two succeeding incarnations.

Acc.No: 2733   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llanafan School records (Ref: LAF/AR/2-17; LAF/MR/1-2)
Llanafan CP School - attendance registers and school meals registers.
Acc.No: 2732   Date of material:    Extent: 0.017m^3   Access: Closed for 100 years Not yet in the catalogue

Capel Cynon School records (Ref: CCY/R/2)
Admissions Register 1900 - 2008
Acc.No: 2731   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Restricted Not yet in the catalogue

Papurau/Papers of Dr. John Henry Jones (Ref: ADX/1227)
Defnydd yn ymwneud ag amser Dr. Jones fel Cyfarwyddwr Addysg Sir Aberteifi (gan gynnwys 2 gaset)
   Photographs and other documents relating to Dr. Jones' time as Director of Education, Cardiganshire County Council (1944-1972), incl. 2 cassette tapes

Acc.No: 2730   Date of material:    Extent: 0.029m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Programmes for events in Aberystwyth area (Ref: ADX/1226)
Programmes for concerts, musicals, choral performances, operettas, pantomines and plays in Aberystwyth area. Performed by: Aberystwyth Showtime Singers (3 programmes and 6 copies of a flyer), The Wardens (7 programmes), Aberystwyth Choral Society (10 programmes), Cantorion Padarn (5 programmes) and Aberystwyth Gilbert & Sullivan Society (2 programmes).
Acc.No: 2729   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1226) 

Further items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/166-193, ABY)
Further items transferred from Ceredigion Museum
Acc.No: 2728   Date of material:    Extent: 0.022m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/176) 

Cymdeithas Daniel Rowlands Llangeitho and other papers (Ref: ADX/1225)
Cymdeithas Daniel Rowlands Llangeitho and other papers
Acc.No: 2727   Date of material: 19th c   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Teulu Penlancwnlle Family (Ref: ADX/1224)
The Penlancwnlle Family, Nancwnlle Parish, Cardiganshire: Their Origins and Their Descendants. Compiled, with information presented by a number of descendants of the family, by Stephen Morgan, April 2005
Acc.No: 2726   Date of material: 2005   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1224) 

Trefeurig PC & CC records (Ref: Trefeurig PC & CC)
1. Minute book 1894-1921
   2. Minute book 1922-1943

Acc.No: 2725   Date of material: 1894-1943   Extent: 2 vols   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cyfansoddiadau i Gyfarfod Gystadleuol Maestir (Ref: ADX/1223)
Cyfansoddiadau i Gyfarfod Cystadleuol Maestir, Chwefror 28ain 1890
Acc.No: 2724   Date of material: 1880s-1890s   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Pendderw letters (Ref: ADX/1222)
Letters from members of the family of Pendderw, Llwyndafydd, Ceredigion: John Lloyd Jones, MA (Oxford), son of Owen Jones, Vicar of Towyn, Merioneth, and Dr. Thomas Jones, son of James Jones of Pendderw. Also miscellaenous bills and receipts.
Acc.No: 2723   Date of material: 1866-1880 approx.   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1222) 

Aberystwyth buildings project (Ref: CSC/DSS/3)
Two files of photographs and other material recording business premises in Aberystwyth in 2009-2011. Compiled by the History Group, Canolfan Padarn (centre for adults with learning disabilities)
Acc.No: 2722   Date of material: 2009-2011   Extent: 0.022m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cytun (Ref: DSO/121)
Records of Cytun: Churches Together in Aberystwyth (branch now defunct)
Acc.No: 2721   Date of material: 1990s   Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Felinfach College (Ref: CDC/ED/37)
Documents and photographs relating to Felinfach College
Acc.No: 2720   Date of material: 1952-1985   Extent: 0.022m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Troedyraur and Llangunllo PC & CC (Ref: Troedyraur PC & CC; Llangunllo PC & CC)
Records of Troedyraur and Llangunllo Parish and Community Councils. Llangunllo CC was amalgamated into Troedyraur CC in 1987.
   1. Troedyraur PC Accounts book 1931-1986
   2. Troedyraur PC Treasurer's Account Book 1895-1960
   3. Troedyraur Parish Meeting Book 1894-1971
   4. Troedyraur PC Minute Book 1946-1986
   5. Troedyraur PC Minute Book 1986-1988
   6. Troedyraur PC Minute Book 1988-2006
   7. Troedyraur PC rates receipt book 1950-1972
   8.Llangunllo PC Receipt and Payment Book 1960-1980
   9. Llangunllo CC Receipt and Payment Book 1981-1987
   10. Llangunllo PC minute book 1931-1987
   11. Triplicate Book of ?minutes, 1984-89. Does not specify which PC/CC.

Acc.No: 2719   Date of material: 1895-2006   Extent: 11 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(Troedyraur and Llangunllo PC & CC) 

Miscellaneous material from Ceredigion Library (further deposit) (Ref: LIB/58-72,74-77)
LIB/58: Song sheets (songs by G. Martin), 1970s
   LIB/59: Collection of images (some mounted) depicting local scenery. Includes early engravings of Aberystwyth, Devil's Bridge, Cardigan et al.; plans for buildings in Aberystwyth (university, NLW, halls of residence-some never erected); press cuttings and illustrations of Prince (later King) Edward becoming the Chancellor of the University of Wales; various photographs.
   LIB/60 - other (to be listed)
   further LIB collections also this acc. See word file.

Acc.No: 2718   Date of material: 1796-1970s approx.   Extent: 0.074m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(LIB/60) 

The Ladies' Collegiate School, Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1221)
Printed circular informing the public and/or parents of pupils that 'Mrs. Jones [...] owing to failing health, [...] is compelled to relinquish the duties of her School, and that she has arranged to transfer it to Mrs. and Miss Rush, of The College, Harrogate'
Acc.No: 2717   Date of material: 1884   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1221) 

Papers and publications on the history of Orllwyn Teifi (Ref: ADX/870)
Folders, books and publications collected, compiled and written by Mr. Reggie Evans of Orllwyn Teifi
Acc.No: 2716   Date of material: 19TH - 20TH CENTURY   Extent: 0.139m^3   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/870) Show catalogue(ADX/870/1 Publication) Show catalogue(ADX/870/2 Churches) Show catalogue(ADX/870/3 Societies) Show catalogue(ADX/870/4 Schools) Show catalogue(ADX/870/5 People) Show catalogue(ADX/870/6 Places) Show catalogue(ADX/870/7 Miscellaneous) 

Trefeurig Community Council - additional records (Ref: Trefeurig PC and CC)
Minute book 1979-2007, Receipt and Expenditure books 1945 - 1969
   Correspondence and receipt book relating to village horse-drawn hearse 1925 - 1982

Acc.No: 2715   Date of material: 1925 - 2007   Extent: 1 box   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

63 Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth (Ref: D/ATJ/MT)
Deeds relating to St. David's House, 63 Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth.
   1. Lease of 63 Marine Terrace. Borough of Aberystwyth to Mrs. Anne Jones. 2 July 1895
   2. Assignment of 63 Marine Terrace and land and houses in New Street. Thomas Jones to Anne Jones. 24 May 1897
   3. Settlement of leasehold premises (63 Marine Terrace) and furniture. Mrs. Anne Jones to Jenkin Jenkins Esq. 22 December 1897
   4. Declaration of WP Owen, Solicitor, Aberystwyth, on sale of 63 Marine Terrace. 7 January 1936
   5. Particulars and Conditions of Sale of 63 Marine Terrace. Mary James to Frank Kynaston. 20 November 1936. 2 copies.
   6. Copy Particulars Conditions and Agreement for Sale of 63 Marine Terrace. Mary James and Frank Kynaston. 21 December 1936.
   7. Assignment of 63 Marine Terrace. Mrs. Mary James to Mr. Frank Kynaston. 21 December 1936.
   8. Mortgage to secure £700 on 63 Marine Terrace. Mr. Frank Kynaston to Mrs. Mary James. 22 December 1936. Original and typed copy.
   9. Assignment of leasehold premises (63 Marine Terrace). Mr. Frank Kynaston to Mr. Eric Roy Kynaston. 3 November 1954.
   10. Underlease of Ground Floor Flat, 63 Marine Terrace. Mr. Eric Roy Kynaston to Mr. Daniel David Price. 11 August 1955
   11. Counterpart Underlease of Ground Floor Flat, 63 Marine Terrace. Mr. Eric Roy Kynaston to Mr. Daniel David Price. 11 August 1955
   12. Assignment of 63 Marine Terrace. Mr. Eric Roy Kynaston to Mr. John Noel Williams Butler. 18 March 1960.

Acc.No: 2714   Date of material: 1895-1960   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(D/ATJ/MT) 

Local music scene ephemera 2011 (Ref: CMS/10)
Leaflets, flyers etc. relating to local music and club events
Acc.No: 2713   Date of material: 2011   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Business ephemera 2011 (Ref: DB/89)
Leaflets and other ephemera relaing to local businesses
Acc.No: 2712   Date of material: 2011   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Local ephemera 2011 (Ref: ADX/1220)
Local ephemera (leaflets etc)
Acc.No: 2711   Date of material:    Extent: 1 envolope   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

NAW referendum 2011 (Ref: ADX/1219)
Ephemera relating to the referendum on increasing lawmaking powers of the National Assembly of Wales, held on 3 March 2011
   See also ADX/1217 and ADX/1218

Acc.No: 2710   Date of material: 2011   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1219) 

Political ephemera 2011 (general) (Ref: ADX/1218)
Political ephemera 2011 (see also ADX/1217 and ADX/1219)
Acc.No: 2709   Date of material: 2011   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1218) 

Cefn Croes campaign (Ref: DSO/101 addl.)
File of documents relating to the anti-windfarm campaign at Cefn Croes
Acc.No: 2708   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth Scouts (Ref: DSO/2 (addl))
Minutes and programmes of 3rd and 4th Aberystwyth Scout Groups
Acc.No: 2707   Date of material:    Extent: 0.026m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Welsh Assembly election and AV referendum 2011 ephemera (Ref: ADX/1217)
Political ephemera relating to Welsh Assembly election and AV referendum on 5 May 2011
Acc.No: 2706   Date of material: 2011   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1217) 

Various internal Ceredigion Council communiques (Ref: CSC/CE/11)
11/1. Llyfryn/Booklet: Cyngor Sir Ceredigion County Council, Rheoli Perfformiad y Gweithwyr / Managing Employee Performance. No date
   11/2. Newyddlen/Newssheet: Trawsnewid Ceredigion / Transforming Ceredigion. C. 2011.
   11/3. Poster advertising Health and Wellbeing Days for Ceredigion Council staff

Acc.No: 2705   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/CE/11) 

Aberteifi / Cardigan 2007 (Ref: CDT/Misc/1)
Teithlyfr Aberteifi / The Cardigan Guide
   Cyhoeddwyd gan Cyngor Tref Aberteifi / Published by Cardigan Town Council

Acc.No: 2704   Date of material: 2007   Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Dyfed Archives Modern Records Procedure (Ref: DYC/RO/6)
Booklet outlining Dyfed Archives modern records deposit and withdrawal procedures
Acc.No: 2703   Date of material: between 1974 and 1996   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/RO/6) 

Aberystwyth Steam Laundry (Ref: DB/88)
Brown paper - once part of a bag? Advertising 'The Aberystwyth Steam Laundry Ltd. - Laundry and Dry Cleaning Works. Telephone No. 64'
Acc.No: 2702   Date of material: no date   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/88) 

Capel yr Annibynwyr, Y Wern, Gilfachreda 1851-2001 (Ref: ANC/65)
1. Llungopi. Erthygl am y Capel, Y Gambo, rhif 185 (2001)
   2. Braslun o anerchiad a adroddwyd ar Achlysur Capel y Wern yn dathlu 150 o flynyddoedd mewn oedfa arbennig Sul Mehefin 17 2001.
   3. Rhaglen oedfa: Eglwys y Wern 1851-2001, 150 o flynyddoedd, Sul 17eg Mehefin 2001.

Acc.No: 2701   Date of material: 2001   Extent: 3 eitem   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ANC/65) 

Books by Ken Jones (Ref: ADX/1216)
1. Newcastle-in-Emlyn Union & Workhouse. 2011. Signed copy.
   2. Newcastle-Emlyn Miscellany 1810-1960: facts that you might not have known about the town. Until now! 2012. Signed copy.
   3. Newcastle-Emlyn More Miscellany: facts about the Town and surrounding area you might not have known - until now. ?2014. Signed copy.

Acc.No: 2700   Date of material: 2011 onwards   Extent: 3 vols   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1216) 

Ceredigion Scouts - further records (Ref: DSO/2 (additional))
Further records of the Ceredigion Scouts. 2 files of material from Lampeter local association, the rest general county-wide records incl. a minute book beg. 1920.
Acc.No: 2699   Date of material:    Extent: 0.039m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth theatre programmes (Ref: ADX/1215)
A collection of programmes for plays and shows in Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 2698   Date of material: 1950s - 2005   Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1215) 

Hafod Press (final deposit) (Ref: HP/17)
3 volumes of Chronicles of Monstrelet compiled from printers' waste.
Acc.No: 2697   Date of material:    Extent: 0.024m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Probus Club - further records (Ref: DSO/16addl)
Further records of the Aberystwyth Probus Club
   - Minute book 1997-2006
   - Photograph of members, 2010

Acc.No: 2696   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Vale of Clettwr Hunt (Ref: VC)
Records of the Vale of Clettwr Hunt
Acc.No: 2695   Date of material:    Extent: 0.026m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(VC) 

Hafod Press - further deposit (Ref: HP/12-16)
Books printed at the Hafod Press (1803-1810). Translations are by Thomas Johnes.
   HP/12. Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet. 4 volumes, hand-coloured illustrations, marbled endpapers. 1809
   HP/13. Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France and the Adjoining Countries. 4 volumes, hand-coloured illustrations, marbled endpapers. Matching edition to HP/12. 1803-1805
   HP/14. Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France and the Adjoining Countries. Marbled endpapers. 4 volumes. Binding in poor condition. 1803-1805
   HP/15. Memoirs of John Lord de Joinville, Grand Seneschal of Champagne, written by himself, containing A History of Part of the Life of Louis IX [etc.]. Translated by Thomas Johnes. Matching edition to HP/12 and 13. 1807
   HP/16. Memoirs of John Lord de Joinville, Grand Seneschal of Champagne, written by himself, containing A History of Part of the Life of Louis IX [etc.]. Translated by Thomas Johnes. Bookplate: Ex Libris William Herrick. 1807

Acc.No: 2694   Date of material: 1803-1810   Extent: 0.078m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn history (Ref: ADX/1214)
Book: Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn - The History of a Community, by Randall Enoch OBE
Acc.No: 2693   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1214) 

Eglwys Talybont Church (Ref: ADX/1213)
Llyfryn/booklet: Eglwys Dewi Sant Talybont St. David's Church gan/by David H. Williams. Cyhoeddwyd gan/published by Y Lolfa, 2009
Acc.No: 2692   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1213) 

Cofnodion Ysgol Llanarth School records (Ref: LAR/10-11)
Llyfr Log Book 2007-2008 LAR/10
   Llyfr Log Book 2008-2010 LAR/11

Acc.No: 2691   Date of material: 2007-2010   Extent: 2 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Adpar School records (Ref: DYC/ED/27; ADP/3; ADP/R/1)
Admisssions register 1937-1989, ADP/R/1.
   Log Book 1955-1989, ADP/3.
   Also programme of official opening of Ysgol y Ddwylan, Newcastle Emlyn, on 6 April 1990. After Adpar School closed in 1989, children were transferred to that school. DYC/ED/27

Acc.No: 2690   Date of material:    Extent: 3 items   Access:  Show catalogue(DYC/ED/27) 

Geometry book (Ref: ADX/1212)
Leather-bound book: An Introduction to Mensuration and Practical Geometry by John Bonnycastle. 16th ed., London 1834. Inscribed on front flypaper by three owners, as follows:
   Richard Samuel’s Book, 25th January 1836
   James Jones’s Book, Aberystwyth, January 4 /57
   Richard Samuel, Grammar School, Aberystwyth, October 27th 1869

Acc.No: 2689   Date of material: 1834   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1212) 

Aberystwyth Freemasonry (Ref: ADX/1211)
1. Photocopy. Printed 1870 list of members of the Aberystwyth Lodge (no. 1072) of Free and Accepted Masons of England. Provincial Grand Master was Sir Pryse Pryse Bart., Gogerddan.
   2. Certificate accepting William Morgan Davies into the Aberystwyth Lodge of Freemasons. 20 November 1942
   3. Invitation (with agenda) to Aberystwyth Lodge meeting on 6 February 1941
   4. Invitation (with agenda) to Aberystwyth Lodge meeting on 6 April 1944
   5. Bye-Laws of the St. Padarn Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons (no. 5472)

Acc.No: 2688   Date of material:    Extent: 5 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1211) 

Jesse Rust article (Ref: ADX/1210)
Copy of Wandsworth Historian no. 90 (Autumn 2010) containing article by Rita Ensing entitled Jesse Rust and His Son, Vitreous Mosaic Manufacturers of Battersea. The Rust firm made the mosaic floor of St. Padarn’s Church in Llanbadarn Fawr.
Acc.No: 2687   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1210) 

A Visit to Cardigan Castle (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/14)
Account by Helen Palmer, County Archivist, of the first visit on 15 April 2003 to Cardigan Castle following its purchase by Ceredigion County Council
Acc.No: 2686   Date of material: 2003   Extent: 1 item   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs of Aberaeron (Ref: ADX/1209)
12 photos of Aberaeron in original folder purchased by the depositor’s late father while stationed there for a few weeks’ training during early 1942. ‘He regarded his stay there as his favourite period of the War’
   1. Memorial Hall, Aberayron
   2. Aeron river, Drosfa Pool
   3. Aberayron Harbour
   4. Aeron river, Memorial Hall & Intermediate School, Aberayron
   5. Aeron Drosfa Salman [sic] Fishing Pool & Lovers Bridge
   6. Aberayron, General View
   7. Aberayron Hospital & Princess Street
   8. Aberayron Dock & Belle Vue Terrace
   9. Aberayron Harbour & General View
   10. Aeron Express, open sea view
   11. Aberayron Harbour & Dock
   12. Feathers Hotel, Aberayron

Acc.No: 2685   Date of material: c. 1942   Extent: 12 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1209) 

Further items from the Rev. RJ Thomas Collection, Hen Gapel, Trer Ddol (Ref: ANC/25 addl)

   1. Notebook used as a 1882 diary belonging to R.C. Adams. Weekly entries containing details of Bible readings (presumably during Sunday services) and what might be notes on sermons. Mostly in Welsh.
   2. Band of Hope certificate. Netta Williams who signed the Pledge at Seion, Penygraig on 28 April 1918
   3. Examination certificate, Standard II. Margaret P. Thomas, examined on 7 March 1877. Certificate signed by Samuel Prosser.
   4. Tre’r Ddol Petty Sessions timetable for 1892, to be held at the Halfway Inn, Tre’r Ddol.
   5. Card depicting the death of John Williams (a missionary) on the Polynesian island of Erromanga in 1839 at the hands of natives ‘still in heathen idolatry’
   6. Printed card listing Rules of Christian Life
   7. University of Glasgow General Council membership card of Rev. Thomas James MA, Llandyssil who became a life member on 25 July 1868
   8. The Voice of Methodism, bulletin no. 29 (April 1969)
   9. Orders of funeral service, memorial cards
   William Pugh, Taliesin d. 1901
   Y Parch. William Morris Jones BA (1881-1968), Rhyl
   Jane Ann Jones, 39 Jubilee Road, Wrexham, annwyl briod y diweddar David Jones, m. 6 Rhagfyr 1964 yn 91 oed
   John E. Jones, annwyl briod Mary J. Jones, Bryn Rhos, Creunant, m. 23 Ionawr 1961 yn 73 oed
   John Richard Roberts, 63 Maesyderi, Talybont, m. 31 Rhagfyr 1967 yn 59 oed
   Hugh Penri Davies (1889-1970), cenhadwr yn yr Eglwys Fethodistaidd (Hyderabad, India a Nigeria)
   Gwasanaeth Coffa Syr Ifor Williams, Capel Brynaerau, 9 Tachwedd 1965
   Yr Athro Henry Lewis, Y Gilfach Glyd, Ynystawe, m. 14 Ionawr 1968
   Idwal Lewis BA, Llys Gaer, Sea View Place, Aberystwyth, m. 19 Tachwedd 1966
   John Emrys Morgan, 1908-1970
   Y Parch. W.C. Humphreys, Isgaer, Cyn-Weinidog Eglwys Fethodistaidd Siloh, y Borth, m. 22 Hydref 1958
   Mary Thomas, Min-y-Mor, South Road, Aberystwyth, m. 3 Gorffennaf 1958 yn 74 oed
   Margaret Pierce Morgan (1903-1970), priod hoff Y Parch. D. Arthur Morgan, Wesley Villa, Tre’r Ddol
   Gladys Evans, Bronallt, Taliesin, m. 22 Awst 1962 yn 54 oed
   John James Isaac, 7 New Street, Talybont, annwyl briod y diweddar Elizabeth, m. 25 Tachwedd 1971
   John Thomas Edwards, Temperance House, Taliesin, m. 23 Mai 1953
   Evan Davey Thomas, Min-y-Mor, South Road, Aberystwyth, m. 16 Mehefin 1955 yn 78 oed
   Thomas Gabriel Hughes, Cloverdale, Dinas Terrace, Aberystwyth, m. 19 Awst 1955 yn 73 oed
   Martha West, annwyl briod y diweddar William West, Y Bwthyn, Taliesin, m. 29 Ionawr 1958 yn 77 oed
   Llyfryn coffa Thomas Humphreys, Cemmaes Road, yr hwn a gyfarfu a damwain angeuol yng Nglofa Bedlinog, Sadwrn, Ionawr 12fed, 1918. Yn cynnwys cerdd goffa ‘Fy Mrawd’ gan ei frawd John.
   Rhaglen Teyrnged Goffa Sarah Jane Griffiths, Crescent House, Llandeilo, m. 27 Mai 1954 yn 74 oed
   10. Cards from bereaved families thanking for sympathy
   Thanks from the family of Y Parch. Joseph Jenkins
   Thanks from the family of Mrs. Sophia Pugh, Manchester House, Taliesin. December 1959
   Thanks from Mrs. Elizabeth Maddocks and family, Lisburne House, Abercynon, March 1959
   Thanks from Mr. DR Lloyd and Miss AL Jones, Bodhyfryd, Taliesin. October 1959
   Thanks from Mrs. R. Glyn Williams and family of 3 Londonderry Terrace, Machynlleth.
   Thanks from the family of Mrs. S. Francis Roberts, Yr Hendre, Bontnewydd, Caernarfon. May 1967
   Thanks from the family of Amelia Mary Lewis of Dolguog, wife of the Rev. J. Vernon Lewis, d. 13 June 1961
   11. Coeden Fawr y Parc – cerdd gan Griffith Parry Jenkins, Toronto, Canada, cyflwynedig I Blant Henhafod. 1 Ionawr 1912
   12. Two handwritten slips of paper with copy of ‘Inscription on tablet in the Church at Baschurch, Agnes Hunt’: Reared in suffering thou shalt know / How to solace others woe / The reward of pain doth lie / in the gift of sympathy

Acc.No: 2684   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Further material by Nigel Richardson relating to the typhoid outbreak at Uppingham (Ref: ADX/847 addl.)
1. Copy of article published in Rutland Record 21 entitled ‘Uppingham by the Sea: Typhoid and the Excursion to Borth, 1875-77’
   2. Copy of article published in Rutland Record 26 entitled ‘Uppingham’s 1875-77 Typhoid Outbreak: a re-assessment of the social context’
   3. Offprint of article published in Social History of Medicine vol. 20 no. 2 entitled ‘The Uppingham Typhoid Outbreaks of 1875-1877: A Rural Case-Study in Public Health Reform’
   4. Review of the depositor’s book
   5. Depositor’s PhD thesis on a USB stick. [Copy on H]

Acc.No: 2683   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Perthyn, cardiau angladd (Ref: ADX/499)

   Perthyn - misolyn Capel y Morfa: 165, 184-193 (rhif 190 wed’w ddefnyddio’n ddwywaith, ar gyfer Medi a Hydref 2010)
   Bwletin Cenhadol rhif 59
   Cardiau angladd:
   88. Afona Gwendoline Thomas, m. 2010 yn 76 oed
   89. Caroline (Evana) Hughes, d. 2010 aged 73
   90. Catherine Gwenfron Evans m. 1976 yn 19 oed
   91. Lesley Jarman-Gwyther, d. 2010 aged 87

Acc.No: 2682   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Hafod Press - further deposit (Ref: HP/5-11)
Books printed at the Hafod Press (1803-1810). Translations are by Thomas Johnes.
   5. The Travels of Bertrandon de la Brocquiere to Palestine and his Return from Jerusalem overland to France during the years 1432 & 1433. 1 vol. octavo, 1807.
   6. The Travels of Bertrandon de la Brocquiere to Palestine and his Return from Jerusalem overland to France during the years 1432 & 1433. 1 vol. Fore-edge painting showing Hafod House (date and artist unknown), hidden when pages are not fanned. One of only 12 copies on large paper. Book plates of E.W. Wynne Pendarves and J.R. Abbey. 1807.
   7. Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France and the Adjoining Counties. Translated by Thomas Johnes. 5 volumes (1803-1810).
   8. The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet. Translated by Thomas Johnes. Four volumes. 1809.
   9. Memoirs of John Lord de Joinville, Grand Seneschal of Champagne, written by himself, containing A History of Part of the Life of Louis IX [etc.]. Translated by Thomas Johnes. Bookplate: Ex Libris Sir John Mordaunt, Bart. Walton, Warwickshire. 1807
   10.1 Offprint of article by James A. Dearden entitled 'Thomas Johnes and the Hafod Press, 1803-10' originally published in The Book Collector, Autumn 1973
   10.2 Copy of article by S.I .Wicklen entitled 'Thomas Johnes and the Hafod House Press' from Book Design and Production issue 6
   11. Labels from a Hafod Press exhibition at Leicester University Library, January 1970. Includes a brief history of The Hafod Press.

Acc.No: 2681   Date of material: 1804-1810   Extent: 0.1m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Records of Webley Parrys, Pigeonsford &c. (Ref: WP)
Records of the Webley-Parry-Pryse family
Acc.No: 2680   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(WP/3/1/2) 

School records: Gwenlli, Cross Inn (Llanllwchaiarn), Caerwedros (Ref: GWE/R/1; GWE/AR/1-7; CSC/ED/15-16; CDC/ED/36.)
Gwenlli School (closed c. 2010)
   Admissions register 1998-2004 (ref. GWE/R/1, closed under Data Protection Act), Attendance registers 2004-2007 and list of pupils 2009 (GWE/AR/1-7),
   CSC/ED/15/1-6 (2 versions, Welsh and English; some pages missing) History of the school assembled from log-books, reminiscences of a former pupil, history of Gwenlli Young Farmers' Club
   Also various paperwork (some DP restricted)
   Ysgol Cross Inn (Llanllwchaiarn) School (now closed)
   CSC/ED/16: Llyfr Atgofion / Memory Book
   Ysgol y Castell, Caerwedros (now closed)
   CDC/ED/36: 2 video cassettes of the 150th anniversary celebrations in 2002; aerial photographs of village and school; school photographs; maps; stamp album.

Acc.No: 2679   Date of material:    Extent: 0.015m^3   Access: Some DP restrictions Show catalogue(CSC/ED/16) 

CPRW records (additional) (Ref: DSO/29 addl)
Additional Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales records
Acc.No: 2678   Date of material:    Extent: 0.06m^2   Access: ? Not yet in the catalogue

Llangwyryfon Wind Farm opposition campaign (further records) (Ref: DSO/102 addl)
Llangwyryfon Wind Farm opposition campaign (further records): personal material mostly concerning the windfarm's effect on the depositor's home at the time
Acc.No: 2677   Date of material: 1978-95   Extent: 0.026m^3   Access: to be ascertained Not yet in the catalogue

Further Wesleyan Methodist records (Ref: WM)
Cylchdaith Ceredigion Circuit
   -Church in the World Group (previously Committee) minutes 2004-2005
   -Church Life Committee minutes 2004-2005
   Lampeter E: St. Thomas
   -Minutes of church meetings 1998-2006
   -Newsletter 2002-2006
   Tregaron E
   -Minutes of church meetings 1999-2006
   -Miscellaneous papers 2001-2006

Acc.No: 2676   Date of material: 1998-2006   Extent: 0.017m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Plans registers (Ref: CSC/DHPW/3)
I. Registers of deposited plans
   1. 1963-1965
   2. 1965-1966
   3. 1966-1967
   4. 1967-1969
   5. 1969-1971
   6. 1971-1973
   II. Registers of plans
   1. 1950-1958
   2. 1965-1970
   III. Registers of approved plans
   1. 1-293 (1952-1959)
   2. 294-582 (1959-1968)
   IV. Register of plans
   1. 1966
   V. Register of approved plans
   1. 1966-1971
   2. 1966-1969
   VI. Outline applications
   1. 845-1395 (1960-1972)
   2. 1396-1812 (1972-1974)
   VII. Applications for building licence an/or materials
   1. 1948-1974
   VIII. Record of plans and building operations
   1. 1953-1974
   IX. Register of Licences for Building Work under Defence Regulation 56A
   1. 1945-1953
   X. Register of Applications for Planning Permission
   1. 1966-1972
   15. List of Lampeter-centred planning applications (on stiff card in a folder)

Acc.No: 2675   Date of material: 1950-1974   Extent: 0.106m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llangwyryfon Wind Farm opposition campaign (further records) (Ref: DSO/102 addl.)
Llangwyryfon Wind Farm opposition campaign (further records)
Acc.No: 2674   Date of material: 1991-95   Extent: 0.026m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llanilar Community Development Association (Ref: DSO/120)
Minutes and other papers relating to Llanilar Community Development Association
   1. Minutes 1975-1996
   2. Folder of correspondence and other papers

Acc.No: 2673   Date of material: 1975 - 1996   Extent: 1 box   Access: open Show catalogue(DSO/120) 

Vaenor Upper / Faenor Uchaf Community Council records (Ref: Faenor Uchaf PC & CC)
Minute books

Acc.No: 2672   Date of material: 1937-2007   Extent: 11 vols   Access: Open Show catalogue(Faenor Uchaf (Vaenor Upper) PC & CC) 

Various items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/1 (part), MUS/135, 136, 138-147)
MUS/135 Merchant Navy Certificates of Competency in a metal case
   MUS/136 Merchant Navy Certificate of Competency
   MUS/138 Certificate of service in WWI
   MUS/139 Acc 2671 Certificate of Discharge of William Evans Lloyd
   MUS/140 Certificate of Discharge of John Jones
   MUS/141 Certificate of Service of Alfred Lewis
   MUS/142 Joint Committee for Soviet Aid: Gift of hospital bed
   MUS/143 Printer’s proof ‘English Methodism in Aberystwyth’
   MUS/144 Memorial cards
   MUS/145 James T. Megicks of Harford Square, Lampeter
   MUS/146 Bitchell’s of Bridge Street Aberystwyth
   MUS/147 Various booklets and programmes

Acc.No: 2671   Date of material:    Extent: 0.039m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/147) 

Trefeurig Parish Council and Community Council Minutes (Ref: Trefeurig PC & CC)
Trefeurig Parish Council and Community Council Minutes (1945 - 2008) in five volumes - earlier minute books awaiting transfer from the National Library of Wales

Acc.No: 2670   Date of material: 1945 - 2008   Extent: 5 vols   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Air raid shelters (Ref: ABM/HI/5/88)
1937 OS County Series map of Aberystwyth showing proposed sites of air raid shelters (under- and overground) within the town's boundaries.
Acc.No: 2669   Date of material: 1937 (map); 1940s (added content)   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Rheidol Hydroelectric Scheme (Ref: Hydro/3)
Maps, plans and sections of works connected with creation of Rheidol Hydroelectric Scheme.
Acc.No: 2668   Date of material: c. 1953   Extent: 0.028m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ceredigion County Council by-election in Ciliau Aeron (Ref: ADX/1208)
Political ephemera. Campaign materials relating to Ceredigion County Council by-election in Ciliau Aeron, 30 November 2010 (won by John Lumley, Plaid Cymru)
Acc.No: 2667   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1208) 

Slides of South Ceredigion (Ref: ADX/1207)
Four mounted slides of locations in South Ceredigion, all taken in August 1960
   1. Llangrannog
   2. Newcastle Emlyn
   3. Cenarth
   4. New Quay

Acc.No: 2666   Date of material: 1960   Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1207) 

Casgliad Enid Michell (Ref: Casgliad Enid Michell (EM))
Casgliad o lyfrau llofion Enid Michell / A collection of scrap books by Enid Michell.
Acc.No: 2665   Date of material: 1950s - 1990s   Extent: 0.017m^3   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Caneris Melyn Trefeurig / Trefeurig's Yellow Canaries (Ref: ADX/1206)
Llyfr / Book: Caneris Melyn Trefeurig / Trefeurig's Yellow Canaries 1948-1953. 70 pel-droediwr lleol o Geredigion / 70 Aberystwyth & District League footballers by/gan Richard E. Huws.
Acc.No: 2664   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1206) 

Lampeter and surroundings - guide and chapel booklets (Ref: ADX/1205)
1. Borough of Lampeter, Cardiganshire- Official Guide. C. 1965.
   2. Lampeter Borough - The Official Guide. C. 1938.
   3. Y Dysgedydd (cylchgrawn yr Annibynwyr Cymraeg): Rhifyn Coffa'r Golygydd 1943-1951, Y Parch. T. Eirug Davies [Gweinidog Bethel, Parcyrhos]
   4. Adroddiad Eglwys Gynulleiddfaol Bethel, Parcyrhos am y Flwyddyn 1951
   5. Hanes Bethel Parcyrhos at Gyrddau Dathlu ei Chanmlwydd Mai 28ain a 29ain 1940 gan y Gweinidog [sef y Parch. T. Eirug Davies]. 1940.
   6. Adroddiad Eglwys Annibynnol Soar, Llanbedr am y flwyddyn 1984
   7. Adroddiad Eglwys Annibynnol Troedyrhiw (Ceredigion) am y flwyddyn 1984
   8. Adroddiad Eglwys Annibynnol Troedyrhiw (Ceredigion) am y flwyddyn 1985
   9. Adroddiad Eglwys Annibynnol Troedyrhiw (Ceredigion) am y flwyddyn 1986
   10. Motor fuel ration book for vehicle reg. no. KKF663. Contains coupons for June-November 1950. Unused.

Acc.No: 2663   Date of material: C. 1938-1987   Extent: 10 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1205) 

W.J. Lewis collection - further items (Ref: WJL)
1. Notebooks on local history mostly by W.J.L - some acquired from other sources
   ( 19 items)
   2. 2 photograph albums (Shropshire, stone circle, Aberystwyth and Cardiganshire, some undientified views, late 1920s)
   3. A bibliography of Cardiganshire localities
   Glyn Lewis Jones, Aberystwyth 1967
   4. Cardiganshire Education Committee : Extracts from returns made to the committee regarding various Elementary Schools in the County 1905 ( includes details of teaching staff).
   5.Manuscript and typescript versions of local history works including notes on towns and villages.
   6. Notes on local historical subjects by John Jones, Maesmawr Hall, Llanbadarn, given to W.J.Lewis 1960s?
   7.Vestry book of the township of Melindwr 1857 - 1892 (in unused "Stem book" of Cae Cynon mine).
   Also :
   A collection of notes and photographs in relation to the Cardiganshire area. Also including a book entitled "Aberaeron" published in 1968. Notes made by Lewis on mining in Cardiganshire, aerial photographs of towns and villages in Cardiganshire and research into Llanbadarn Church. Also contains many more notes, pictures and photographs.

Acc.No: 2662   Date of material:    Extent: 2 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Morgan papers (Ref: MUS/58)
Papers of the Morgan family of Aberystwyth and London.
Acc.No: 2661   Date of material:    Extent: 0.048m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/58) 

Hafod Press Collection (Ref: HP/1-4)
Books printed at the Hafod Press (1803-1810) founded by Thomas Johnes of Hafod.
   1. The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet. Translated by Thomas Johnes. Ex libris L.M. Thomas-Le Marchant. Four volumes, folio edition with coloured plates. 1809.
   2. The Chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet. Translated by Thomas Johnes. Four volumes, quarto edition with coloured plates. 1809.
   3. Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France and the Adjoining Counties. Translated by Thomas Johnes. Four volumes. Bookplate: 'Ex libris Caroli Sarolea' [Charles Sarolea]. First vol. signed by owner. 1804.
   4. Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France and the Adjoining Counties. Translated by Thomas Johnes. Four volumes. Illustrated with b/w plates. 1803.
   [Found in one of the volumes but not contemporary] B/w illustration depicting Llanbadarn church. Mid-20th c?

Acc.No: 2660   Date of material: 1803-1810   Extent: 0.128m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Students' assignments (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/13)
These assignments were produced by Archives Administration postgraduate students for Archives Administration practice and for the Study of Records module taught by the County Archivist.
   1. A guide to a perfect record office, by Andrew A. P. Whiteside
   2. Archive Building Design Project, by Gail Bennion. 1999.
   3. Design for an Ideal Record Office, by Sarah Davis. 1997/98.
   4. A Design for a Perfect Repository and Record Office, by Ivone Martins. 1999.
   5. Archival Repository Project, by Sam Johnston
   6. Exhibition Design, by Sarah Davis. 1998
   7. [The Matthias family of Skinner Street, Aberystwyth] by Joanne Evans. 2001
   8. 'Letters Project' [in reply to a family history enquiry] by Sam Johnson
   9. The Ellis Family, Aberystwyth, by Laura Robertson. 2000
   10. Penllwyn Capel Bangor: The Migration of Residents 1891 and 1997, by Joan Miller. 1997
   11. [Exhibition design project] The Harbour and Maritime Life at Aberystwyth from the mid-19th c. to the mid-20th c., by Katrina Legg. 1998
   12. [Exhibition design project] Aberystwyth Poor Law Union and Workhouse, by Craig Ferguson. 1999
   13. [How to prepare a history of an area using school records], by Beverley Hunt. 2000.

Acc.No: 2659   Date of material: 1997-2001   Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Geography exercise book (Ref: ADX/1204)
Geography exercise book belonging to Llewelyn Thomas Jones, form VB, Aberystwyth County School. Contains lesson notes and homework, incl. a description of the road from Aberystwyth to Goginan.
   Also several circulars and two letters from the Hearts of Oak Benefit Society to [the same?] L. T. Jones of Glanrheidol, 13 Smithfield Rd [now Park Avenue] Aberystwyth
   The exercise book was found in a house in Llanilar.

Acc.No: 2658   Date of material: 1922-1925, 1935   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1204) 

Cynhadledd Breswyl Merched y Wawr 1971 (Ref: DSO/34/4)
Llyfr cofnodion a map o gynhadledd breswyl Merched y Wawr 1971 a gynhaliwyd yn Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 2657   Date of material: 1971   Extent: 1 ffeil   Access:  Show catalogue(DSO/34) 

Library Collection (Ref: LIB/3/2-LIB/57)
Papers from various sources which arrived via Ceredigion Library.
Acc.No: 2656   Date of material:    Extent: 0.054m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(LIB/51) 

Aberaeron North Beach Coast Protection Scheme (Ref: ADX/1203)
Photographs, printouts and other material relating to the scheme, which was completed and opened on 16 November 2009.
Acc.No: 2655   Date of material:    Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1203) 

Further papers of Dafydd Morris Jones (Ref: ADX/1129 (addl.))
Further papers of Dafydd Morris Jones. See also acc. 2510
Acc.No: 2654   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

OS maps and Cribyn scrapbook (Ref: LIB/1-LIB/3/1)
1. Set of OS Old Series (1 in/mile) maps of Cardiganshire:
   -Sheet LVII NW (4 copies)
   -Sheet LVII NE (4 copies)
   -Sheet LVII SW (3 copies)
   -Sheet LVII SE (3 copies)
   -Sheet LVIII NW
   Later edition of 1"/mile maps
   -Sheet 177 (Aberaeron)
   -Sheet 194 (Llangrannog)
   -Sheet 193 (Cardigan)
   2. OS map of Lampeter area. 1923.
   3. Scrapbook prepared in Cribyn school about local history, topography, people etc., also hand-drawn maps of the area etc. 1960.

Acc.No: 2653   Date of material:    Extent: 0.026m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(LIB/3) 

Twinning of Aberystwyth (Ref: ABT/T/4)
Records of the Aberystwyth Twinning Committee
Acc.No: 2652   Date of material:    Extent: 0.102m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Parish registers and a services register (Ref: PR/RHO/4; PR/YCN/10; CPR/LNT/1)
Register of Burials, Rhostie, 1854-1954
   Register of Marriages, St. John the Baptist, Ysbyty Cynfyn 1971-1993
   Register of Services [names the officiating priests], Llantrisant 1981-2009
   NB. These original registers will not be produced if also available on microfilm.

Acc.No: 2651   Date of material: 1854-2009   Extent: 3 vols.   Access: Microfilms available Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth guide (Ref: ADX/1202)
Guidebook: Aberystwyth - the Perfect Family Holiday. Illustrated with colour and b/w photographs. Contains many trade advertisements. Published by the Aberystwyth Corporation.
Acc.No: 2650   Date of material: c. 1968   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1202) 

Further items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/60-65, MUS/72-82)
MUS/60 Programmes for musical events in Aberystwyth.
   MUS/61 Letter from Rees Jones at the Borough of Aberystwyth Corporation Offices about replacement windows at the Town Hall. 3rd November 1914.
   MUS/62 Cutting from the Western Mail and South Wales News.17th September 1954.
   MUS/63 Rhaglen Seremoni Agoriadol Canolfan Diwylliant a Llyfrgell Tregaron Programme of the Opening Ceremony of the Tregaron Library and Cultural Centre. 2nd February 1973.
   MUS/64 Election leaflet for the Liberal candidate R. Hopkin Morris in the general election of 15th November 1922
   MUS/65 Cutting from The Cambrian News 26th July 1918.
   MUS/72 John Henry Thomas (b. 1877) Sailor
   MUS/73 Pensions leaflet, 1945
   MUS/74 Various small items
   MUS/75 Programmes
   MUS/76 Armbands for use in emergencies
   MUS/77 County Library lists
   MUS/78 Programmes of Royal visits to Wales
   MUS/79 Shop’s day book 1916-18
   MUS/80 Shop’s day book 1927-29
   MUS/81 Pharmacy Day Book 1911-13
   MUS/82 Manchester and Milford Train Book 1881-82

Acc.No: 2649   Date of material:    Extent: 0.035m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(MUS/82) 

Various items from the Museum (estate, business and other records) (Ref: MUS/20 - MUS/24, MUS26-MUS/29)
Estate, business and other records
   MUS/20 Farm and estate ledger. Ciliau Aeron area; possibly Llanerchaeron
   MUS/21 Labourers’ accounts, Llanaeron [Llanerchaeron]
   MUS/22 Evan Jones, Blacksmith, Cribyn
   MUS/23 David Jones, Blacksmith, Llanwnnen
   MUS/24 David Lewis, Craigyrhuad, Newcastle Emlyn, woollen manufacturer
   MUS/25 Invoices, receipts etc. issued to Griffith Griffiths and other members of the same family (Llanarth area)
   MUS/26 Collection of Welsh language booklets apparently associated with the Lloyds of Cwmbwch, Rhydlewis
   MUS/27 A mariner’s log book
   MUS/28 B.J. Davies, mariner, of Penycoed, later Glenview, Henllan, Llandysul
   MUS/29 The Cambrian Railways Company and the Aberystwyth Station

Acc.No: 2648   Date of material:    Extent: 0.039m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/27) 

Capel Dewi (Llandysul) School Records (Ref: CSC/ED/14; CDE/3-5, CDE/P/1; CDE/R/1-2; CDE/SR/1-2; CDE/X/1-2)
Log Books
   log book: 16/3/1934 - 17/7/1987 (CDE/3)
   log book: 3/9/1987 - 22/12/2000 (CDE/4)
   log book: 8/1/2001 - 20/12/2001 (CDE/5)
   punishment book: 18/2/1927 - 6/7/1967 (CDE/P/1)
   admissions register: 7/10/1873 - 5/4/1927 CDE/R/1
   admissions register: 17/9/1917 - 20/4/2009 CDE/R/2
   summary register: 1/4/1935 - 31/3/1940 CDE/SR/1
   summary register: 1/4/1940 - 31/3/1945 CDE/SR/2
   account book: 1/4/1933 - 31/3/1952 CDE/X/2
   account book: 1/4/1952 - 31/8/1953 CDE/X/3
   5 file boxes, with documents and photographs of Capel Dewi School and Aria School, in New Zealand.
   2 folders for extra-curricular activities
   Sheets of mounted photographs
   CDs with photos
   A videotape of a concert

Acc.No: 2647   Date of material: 1934 - 2009   Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(CSC/ED/14) 

Sources for Parish History - students' assignments (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/12)
These assignments were produced by Archives Administration postgraduate students for the Study of Records module taught by the County Archivist.
   1. Llanbadarn Trefeglwys (James King, 1999)
   2. Betws Ifan (Rachel HS Gill, 1999)
   3. Betws Bledrws (Craig Ferguson, 1999)
   4. Llanllwchaiarn (no author or date on document)
   5. Cardigan (L. Myers, no date)
   6. Ciliau Aeron (Jonathan Draper, no date)
   7. Llanina (Teresa Nixon, no date)
   8. Nancwnlle (Ross McFarlane, no date)
   9. Lampeter (Stephen Forshaw, 1996)
   10. Ysbyty Ystwyth (Ruth Pyle, 1996)
   11. Llandygwydd (Ruth Imeson, no date)
   12. Blaenpennal (Andrew A. P. Whiteside, 1998)
   13. Cellan (Sarah Chubb, 1997-8)
   14. Llangynllo (Jennie Lynch, 1998)
   15. Llanafan (Anna Dunn, 1998)
   16. Gartheli (Laragh Nagle, 1998)
   17. Gwnnws Upper and Lower (Katrina J. Legg, 1998)
   18. Llangynfelyn (Jennifer M. Childs, no date)
   19. Tregaron (Sophie Houlton, no date)
   20. Mwnt (no author or date)
   21. Henfynyw (Ishbel Mackinnon, no date)
   22. Strata Florida (Kate Mason, no date)
   23. Llanfair Clydogau (Paul Newman, no date)
   24. Llanbadarn Fawr (Simon Neal, no date)
   25. Llanilar (James Peters, no date)
   26. Llangwyryfon (Guy Baxter, no date)

Acc.No: 2646   Date of material: c. 1996-1999   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Various items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/119-122)
MUS/119. Tanycae Sunday School. Mounted lists of gifts rec'd at the opening and the 75th anniversary (see also MUS/94)
   MUS/120. Richard Hughes’ examination certificate in mathematics (exam taken on 10 May 1893). Note on (discarded) mounting: RH’s son kept shop in Llanddewi Brefi.
   MUS/121 Map of the South West Circuit of the Principality of Wales comprising the Counties of Cardigan, Pembroke and Carmarthen. 1834.
   MUS/122 Judge's notebooks

Acc.No: 2645   Date of material:    Extent: 0.041m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/122) 

Rolls of Honour and other material (Ref: MUS/113-118)
Photographs and other material commemorating the men of Cardiganshire who died in the World Wars.
   This accession consists of several separate collections.
   MUS/113: Four photographs of men killed in WWI. Officially collected from Aberystwyth Town Hall.
   MUS/114: Material officially collected from Aberystwyth Library.
   - Fifteen photographs of men killed in WWI (were mounted but now loose) and fragments of mounting
   - Eighteen mounted Roll of Honour photographs of men killed in WWI
   - Five mounted photographs of unveiling ceremony of the war memorial formerly located outside Tabernacl chapel, Powell St., Aberystwyth
   MUS/115. Forty-five mounted Roll of Honour photographs of men killed in WWI
   MUS/116. 'Our Fallen Heroes' - printed supplement to the Cambrian News of 14 September 1923. Contains 112 portraits (on one printed page). Note on reverse says 'The original of this is in the Town Hall, Aberystwyth'
   MUS/117. Poster of 23 photographs of men of Bronant area who took part in WW1. All but two survived. Captioned: Y Rhyfel Mawr 1914-1919. Bechgyn ardal y Berth a wnaethant eu rhan yn y helbul a'r drin.
   MUS/118. Framed list of members of Loyal Temple of Love Lodge of the Oddfellows who served in the First World War.

Acc.No: 2644   Date of material:    Extent: 0.026m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/118) 

John Lumley, Pandy, Talybont (Ref: MUS/112)
Business and personal accounts and other records
Acc.No: 2643   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/112) 

The Misses Jones, Drapers and Milliners of Aberystwyth (Ref: MUS/12/5-13)
Further records of the business.
   (NB. MUS/12/1-4 are Acc. 1103)

Acc.No: 2642   Date of material:    Extent: 9 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Merched y Wawr Emlyn (Ref: DSO/33/14)
Dau lyfr cofnodion 1974-2000
Acc.No: 2641   Date of material: 1974-Mehefin 2000   Extent: 2 volumes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Notebooks of John E. Morris, former headmaster of Llangeitho and Penparcau schools (Ref: ADX/1201)
Notebooks and some loose sheets containing notes, research, photographs and other images relating to the history of Cardiganshire, compiled by John E. Morris when he was headmaster of Llangeitho school.
   1.Notebook entitled 'History of Aberystwyth'. Contains lists of Aberystwyth residents and their professions derived from a guide published in 1816, lists of ships from a port book 'in public library' 1796-1799, and copious other notes.
   2. Notebook entitled 'Film Strip Script' containing notes for a lecture accompanied by (possibly) slides or other images. Subject is history of Aberystwyth. Some notes are on loose sheets.
   3. Engraving of Aberystwyth sea front in 1861 (fell out of item 2 above)
   4. Notebook containing photographs of documents relating to Aberystwyth harbour and of 19th c. drawings of buildings in the town. Also one photo of houses, possibly in Bridge St.
   5. Notebook of photographs of inns in Aberystwyth and of old engravings of the town, also one of a painting of Hafod mansion and of a bill from the Hafod Arms Hotel, Devil's Bridge.
   6. Notebook of photographs of engravings of Aberystwyth and also of buildings in the town, the Nanteos cup etc.
   7. Notebook containing two photographs of coins minted in Aberystwyth and one of page of a book on the Civil War describing the destruction of Aberystwyth Castle (where the mint was situated)
   8. Notebook of photographs of maps, the Llanbadarn Church and its inscribed stones, Aberystwyth and Pendinas, Gogerddan Mansion and other locations incl. a mine.
   9. Notebook of photographs of maps, and of engravings of buildings in town incl. St. Michael's Church, the Tabernacl, Our Lady's Mill and the harbour.

Acc.No: 2640   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1201) 

Teifi Valley and District CB Club (Ref: DSO/119)
Album of photographs, scraps and press cuttings relating to the Teifi Valley & District Citizens' Band Radio Club
Acc.No: 2639   Date of material: 1982-1984   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/119) 

Cyngor Cymdeithas Melindwr Community Council (Ref: Melindwr CC)
Llyfr Cyfrifon / Accounts Book
   Ebrill/April 1993-Mawrth/March 2009

Acc.No: 2638   Date of material: 1993-2009   Extent: 1 vol   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Books by Sue Passmore (Ref: ADX/1200)
1. Llanllwchaiarn - a Parish History. Signed copy. Grosvenor publishing 2010
   2. Llanina & Cytblwyf. Signed copy. Grosvenor publishing 2011
   3. Llannarth Land & People. Signed copy. Grosvenor Publishing 2013
   4. One Village's Wars: New Quay in two World Wars. Revised and expanded edition, 2013.
   5. Llangrannog: Land & Sea. Signed copy. 2014.
   6. The Streets of New Quay. 2015
   7. Henfynyw Upper. 2016
   8. The Owens of Penparc and Foel. 2016
   9. Llandysiliogogo - a parish history. 2017
   10. Llanllwchaearn - a parish history. 2017
   11. Llanina & Cytblwyf. 2nd edition, 2017.

Acc.No: 2637   Date of material: 2010 - 2016   Extent: 11 vols   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1200) 

Parish records (Ref: PR)
Original volumes of Cardiganshire parish records.
   NB. These are already available on microfilm so the original volumes will not normally be produced

Acc.No: 2636   Date of material: 1678-2001   Extent: 1.1724m^3   Access: Open but see above Show catalogue(PR/CCY) 

Casgliad y Dr Geraint Jenkins, Sarnau (Ref: Casgliad Dr Geraint Jenkins (GJ))
1. Ymrwymiadau Dr Geraint Jenkins fel Cadeirydd y Cyngor Sir, 2002-2003
   2. Llyfrau Gwalch - Aberteifi ac arfordir De Ceredigion, yn cynnwys deunydd ar Gastell Aberteifi ac hefyd proflenni yn ymwneud ag Aberteifi a de Ceredigion ac Aberteifi
   3. Bwndel yn cynnwys deunydd ar Ymddiriedolaeth Cadwgan; dogfen ar ‘Ceredigion Shoreline management plan Stage 1 Consultation report January 1998’; agenda cyfarfod blynyddol y Cyngor 25 Mehefin 2004; Llawlyfr aelodau’r Cyngor sy'n cynnwys cofrestrau o etholwyr Penbryn a Llangranog, 200-2001; a 'Chynllun datblygu Unedol 2001-2016', dogfen newidiadau arfaethedig, Chwefror 2004.
   4. Cynllun rheoli ‘Cardigan Bay, special area of conservation’.

Acc.No: 2635   Date of material: 1998-2005   Extent: 0.04m^3   Access: agored ond rhai deunydd wedi cyfyngu dan ddeddf amddiffyn gwybodaeth Not yet in the catalogue

Urdd Gobaith Cymru (Ref: DSO/79 addl.)
1. Rhaglen/Programme, Eisteddfod yr Urdd 2010 (Llanerchaeron)
   2. Urdd Express bus timetable (2010)

Acc.No: 2634   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Sioe Ponterwyd Show (Ref: ADX/1199)
   Gwyl Wledig Ponterwyd Country Fete and Vintage Show 2010

Acc.No: 2633   Date of material: 2010   Extent: possible accruals   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1199) 

Council tax leaflets (Ref: CSC/DF/1)
Cyngor Sir Ceredigion County Council - Information for Council Tax payers and ratepayers 2010-2011 with associated leaflets on how the tax is spent and on policing in Ceredigion.
Acc.No: 2632   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/DF/1) 

Funeral service order cards (Ref: ADX/1198)
1. David Marcus George Lewis (1937-2010) of Blaenporth
   2. Rebecca Susan Hinde (d. 2009) of Aberystwyth
   3. Ben Morgan (d. 2013) of Trefeurig

Acc.No: 2631   Date of material:    Extent: accruing   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1198) 

Eglwys y Plwyf Llanddewi Brefi Parish Church (Ref: ADX/1197)
Llawlyfr/Guide: Eglwys Dewi Sant Llanddewi Brefi Church of St. David (Grade II listed building).
   By Bertie Lewis; Welsh translation by Aled W. Williams.

Acc.No: 2630   Date of material: 2001 reprint (originally published in 1967)   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1197) 

Y Lleng Brydeinig Frenhinol / The Royal British Legion (Ref: ADX/1196)
Programme: The Royal British Legion (Ceredigion) - Pilgrimage to Poland 7-11 June 2010
Acc.No: 2629   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1196) 

Two bowling yearbooks (Ref: ADX/1195)
1. Ceredigion County Bowling Association Yearbook 2009
   2. Queen's Road Bowling Club Handbook 2009
   See also DSO/19

Acc.No: 2628   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1195) 

David Lewis Jones Collection (Ref: David Lewis Jones Collection (DLJ))
Family and local history papers for Cilcennin and Aberaeron
Acc.No: 2627   Date of material: 19th - 20th century   Extent: 1 box   Access: Open ? Not yet in the catalogue

Llyfrau gan/Books by Roger Bryan (Ref: ADX/1194)
1. Aberaeron: Hanes Trwy Luniau / A History in Pictures.
   Cymdeithas Aberaeron Society 2010.
   2. Cei Newydd: Hanes Trwy Luniau / New Quay: A History in Pictures.
   Llanina Books 2012
   3. The New Quay Lifeboats: One hundred and fifty years of service and courage.
   Llanina Books 2014. 2 copies; one kept in searchroom.

Acc.No: 2626   Date of material: 2010, 2012, 2014   Extent: 4 cyfrol / volume   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1194) 

Ael-y-Don, Marine Terrace (Ref: ADX/1193)
[Digital scan and printout]
   Photograph of a family group in front of Ael-y-Don, a guesthouse at 18 Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth. The people are members of the Attwood family, owners of the guesthouse. Photo is by W. Jenkins, Arcade, Aberystwyth.

Acc.No: 2625   Date of material: Original c. 1915   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1193) 

Monachty Estate (Ref: ADX/1192)
   1. Monachty Estate particulars of sale (1915)
   2. Abstract of Title of Lt. Alban Lewis Gwynne to Freehold Properties part of the Monachty Estate in the County of Cardigan

Acc.No: 2624   Date of material:    Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1192) 

Further Wesleyan Methodist records (Ref: ANC/24 (WM))
   Circuit plans July 1961-June 1962
   Aberystwyth: Wesley Chapel, Queen's Road
   'The Queen's Road Story' - video of final service on 11 June 1989. Also includes Flower Festival at St. Thomas, Lampeter
   Ystumtuen: Ebeneser
   'Capel Ebeneser Ystumtuen 1808-2008' CD of images relating to the Chapel's history
   'Dathliad 200 can mlynedd Capel Ystumtuen 9ed Awst 2008' (9 pp.) , and English version, untitled (13 pp.). Address (unsigned) by Rev. Ifan Mason Davies
   'Y newid a fu / The change that has been 1958-2008' by Irfon Meredith. Typescript (1 p.) noting changes in the community.

Acc.No: 2623   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Cardigan Shipping Register (Ref: ADX/1191)
Transcript of the Statutory register of Shipping, Cardigan 1786-1813.
   Original is in Pembrokeshire Archives, Haverfordwest.
   See also AT/Ship/1 - end (Shipping Records in the online catalogue)

Acc.No: 2622   Date of material:    Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1191) 

Merched y Wawr, Cangen Talybont a'r Cylch (Ref: DSO/33/13)
Tri llyfr cofnodion:
   1. Medi 1975-Medi 1979
   2. Medi 1979-Ebrill 1987
   3. Medi 1987-Medi 1999

Acc.No: 2621   Date of material: 1975-1999   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Merched y Wawr, Cangen Llanfarian a'r Cylch (Ref: DSO/33/6/4)
Merched y Wawr, Cangen Llanfarian a'r Cylch
   4. Llyfr Cofnodion Ionawr 2001-Mai 2009

Acc.No: 2620   Date of material: 2001-2009   Extent: 1 vol.   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Bethel Baptist Chapel Aberystwyth (Ref: ANC/60)
Records of Bethel Baptist Chapel Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 2619   Date of material: 1795 - 2005   Extent: 0.161m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Capel Bethlehem Dihewyd (Annibynwyr) (Ref: ANC/64)
1. [Llyfr] Dathlu Canmlwyddiant Ers Ail Godi Capel yr Annibynwyr Bethlehem Dihewyd 1909-2009
   2. [Rhaglen] Gwasanaeth Dathlu Canmlwyddiant ers ail-adeiladu Capel Bethlehem Dihewyd 1909-2009. Dydd Sul, Gorffennaf 12fed 2009, 2 o'r gloch.
   3. [Rhaglen] Cymanfa Ganu Dathlu Canmlwyddiant ers ail-adeiladu Capel Bethlehem Dihewyd 1909-2009. Dydd Sul, Gorffennaf 12fed 2009, 7 o'r gloch.

Acc.No: 2618   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 3 eitem   Access: Agored Show catalogue(ANC/64) 

Photographs of Aberystwyth (Ref: ADX/1190)
Collection of photographs of Aberystwyth and surrounding area taken by the depositor's late husband.
Acc.No: 2617   Date of material:    Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Business ledgers (Ref: MUS/92-93)
MUS/92 Day book of William Jones, Clogger of Llannon
   MUS/93 Two ledgers of a general store which possibly belonged to R. Davies of Aberaeron

Acc.No: 2616   Date of material:    Extent: 0.017m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/93) 

Civil Defence (Ref: CDC/EP/2)
Home Office Civil Defence information film strips and lecture notes. 27 film strips in metal containers and accompanying printed lecture notes on (amongst others) 'The Atom Bomb, its Effects & how to Meet Them', 'Basic Chemical Warfare' etc.
Acc.No: 2615   Date of material: 1950s   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Capel y Garn (Ref: ANC/37/2)
Llyfr/Book: Capel y Garn c. 1793-1993 gan Nerys Ann Jones. Y Lolfa, Talybont, 1993
   [A Welsh language history of Capel y Garn, Bow Street]

Acc.No: 2614   Date of material: 1993   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ANC/37) 

Notebooks, diary and a Bible (Ref: MUS/104-107)
Further items from the Museum Collection.
   MUS/104: Diary of Thomas Parry (1913)
   MUS/105: John Darker’s Pocket Book (1772)
   MUS/106: Diary of Loveden Pryse (1822)
   MUS/107: Welsh Bible (New Testament) belonging to Thomas Jones (b. 1821) of Penlon, Bettws Evan.

Acc.No: 2613   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(MUS/107) 

Items from the Museum (Ref: MUS/95)
1. Ballot papers, Llandysul area. No date - 1st half 20th c?
   2. Notice of Great Western Railway Road Motor Service. 1906

Acc.No: 2612   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access:  Show catalogue(MUS/95) 

Gwynne Collection (Ref: Gwynne)
Gwynne of Monachty Collection
Acc.No: 2611   Date of material:    Extent: 0.044m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Williams family of Penralltddu, Llantood, Pembs. (Ref: MUS/59)
Documents (incl. deeds, letters, accounts etc.) relating to James William Bowen of Rhos Hill, Barrister at Law in Carmarthen, and also to the William (or Williams) family of Penralltddu, Llantood, Pembs. Transcript of the family letters is available.
Acc.No: 2610   Date of material: 18th-19th c.   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/59) 

Various building plans and specifications (Ref: MUS/66 - MUS/69)
MUS/66 Plans and specifications for buildings to be erected in Ponterwyd for Edward Jones and for Cottage at Llwyn-Glas Bach for John Owen of Cerrig Caranau, Talybont
   MUS/67 General specifications of alterations to the Masonic Premises, Market Street, Aberystwyth.
   MUS/68 Repairs to Maengwyn C.M. Chapel Machynlleth
   MUS/69 Specification for repairs on a Vestry, WCs, Engine and Battery Room. Location unknown.

Acc.No: 2609   Date of material:    Extent: 4 files   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/66) Show catalogue(MUS/67) Show catalogue(MUS/68) Show catalogue(MUS/69) 

Books on local railway lines, and lead mining in Ceredigion (Ref: ADX/1189)
1. M.R.C. Price "The Whitland and Cardigan Railway" (Oakwood Press 1991)
   2. R.W.Kidner "The Cambrian Railways" (Oakwood 1982)
   3. Hugh Ballantyne "The Vale of Rheidol Railway" ( Railway Heritage/ Nostalgia Collection 2003)
   4. M.R.C. Price "The Lampeter, Aberayron and New Quay Light Railway" (Oakwood 1995)
   5. Felix J. Pole "Welsh Mountain Railways" (originally GWR, 1924, this facsimile edition undated)
   6. C.C. Green "The Vale of Rheidol Light Railway" ( Wild Swan Publications 1986)
   7.1 and 7.2 C.C. Green "The Coast Lines of the Cambrian Railways" Vols I & II ( Wild Swan Publications 1996)
   8. "Rheilffordd Arfordir y Cambrian / Cambrian Coast Railway" : facsimile document pack (Public Transport Team & Archives Service, Gwynedd County Council n.d.)
   9. comp. Lewis Cozens "Aberayron Transport" (self published 1957)
   10.Simon S.J.Hughes "The Cwmystwyth Mines" (Special edition Hafod Church Restoration Fund 1993)
   11. David Bick "Waller's Descriptions of the Mines in Cardiganshire" ( Black Dwarf Publications 2004)

Acc.No: 2608   Date of material: 1924 - 2004   Extent: 10 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1189) 

Peace Day 1919 photograph (Ref: MUS/91)
Large mounted photograph depicting the Mayor and Corporation of Aberystwyth with Officials, Peace Day, 1919.
   Photograph by Culliford of Aberystwyth.

Acc.No: 2607   Date of material: 1919   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/91) 

1st Cardiganshire battalion Home Guard (Ref: MUS/83/2)
Photocopy of another copy of the same scrapbook as MUS/83/1 (Acc. 2599), also copy of newspaper cutting re the Battalion and copy of Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Lt. Col. D. C. Lewis, the Battalion’s Commanding Officer, by the Western Command on 1 January 1945.
   See also DSO/93.

Acc.No: 2606   Date of material: 1945   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Posters and notices (Ref: ADX/1188)
Posters and notices with public announcements, mostly printed by J.C. Roberts, Printer, Cardigan
Acc.No: 2605   Date of material: 1841-1940s   Extent: 0.026m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1188) 

Bwadrain mine plan (Ref: MUS/88)
Linen plan: Mine cross-section of Bwadrain Consols.
Acc.No: 2604   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/88) 

Ceredigion Archives Christmas and other cards (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/11)
Samples of Christmas and other greetings cards printed for Ceredigion Archives office use, featuring images from the archival collections.
Acc.No: 2603   Date of material:    Extent: accruing   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Various items with a connection to Llanarth (?) (Ref: MUS/87)
1. Religious pamphlet: 'Y Cawg Aur yn llawn o Ddwfr Pur, o Afon Bywyd' gan y Parch. Daniel Evans, Mynydd Bach. Llanymddyfri, 1831
   2. Pamphlet: Adroddiad Cynadleddau Castellnedd a Dinbych - Coffaduriaeth Ddau Can Mlwyddol 1662-1862. Llanelli 1862
   3. Penillion Coffaduriaethol i'r Diweddar William Lewis, Pandy, Llanarth (m. 1896) a'i briod Sarah Lewis (m. 1901) gan Elldeyrn, Nantglyn. Arwyddwyd gan 'Miss Jane Lewis'. C. 1903.
   4. Adroddiad Pwyllgor Athrofa Annibynnol y Bala 1883-4. Bala 1884
   5. Traethawd cyflwynedig i gystadleuaeth Eisteddfod Llanarth 1 Mawrth 1920: 'Nodweddion Cymreig'. gan 'Agricola'. Llawysgrif.
   6. Newspaper cuttings (beg. 1894) in exercise book signed by GJC Thomas, and some loose notes incl. a poem ('Anerchiad i J. C. Jones fel Cadeirydd yn y National School, hefyd yn Capel Llanarth yr un wythnos'). 7 December 1911.
   7. Rhaglen/Programme: Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Ceredigion, Aberaeron 1893.
   8. Estate sale catalogue. Freehold Estates in the Parishes of Llanarth, Llanina, Cydplwyf, Henfynyw and Llandysiliogogo. Sale to be held by John Francis auctioneers at the Feathers Hotel, Aberaeron on 21 September 1889.

Acc.No: 2602   Date of material:    Extent: 8 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/87) 

National Farmers Union Cymru - Ceredigion branch records (Ref: DSO/118)
1. Register of members, including subscriptions paid, 1945-1950, 1954, 1973-1979 [7 volumes]
   2. Income book, including details of cash subscriptions, 1963-1972 [1 volume]
   3. Minutes of the Executive Committee, 1952-1973, 1981-1985; Executive Committee & Branch committee, 1943-1944; Executive Committee & Organisation, Legal and Finance committee, 1947-1948; Executive & Other (Sub) committees, 1979-1986; Organisation, Legal & Finance Committee, 1959-1964, 1967-1983; Aberystwyth branch committee, 1983-1997; Alphabetical extracts of minutes with content page, 1950s; and a list of Executive & Organisation, Legal & Fianance Committee members, 1937-1982 [11 folders]

Acc.No: 2601   Date of material: 1943-1997   Extent: 0.174m^3   Access: Some entries may be restricted under the Data Protection Act Not yet in the catalogue

Minutes of Ceredigion District Council (1973-1996) (Ref: CDD/SE/15)
Minutes of the Ceredigion District Council, enclosing the district now known as Cardiganshire, including information on planning applications, policy and resource, housing, amenities, environmental and selection committees. Second set available in the searchroom.
Acc.No: 2600   Date of material: 24/5/1973 - 13/3/96   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CDD/SE/15) 

1st Cardiganshire Battalion Home Guard (Ref: MUS/83/1)
Scrapbook-style book [photographs & duplicated typed notes] concerning the 1st Cardiganshire Battalion Home Guard. Text by Major S.J.F. Philpott
   This may be one of only six copies produced by the Cambrian News.
    Contains a history, information on individuals in the regiment, an illustration of the command structure and a number of photographs. The volume was presented to the Regimental Sergeant Major Jack Roberts 'for sterling services rendered'
   See also ADX/1150 and DSO/93

Acc.No: 2599   Date of material: 1940s?   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/83) 

Kronberg im Taunus guide (Ref: ABT/T/3)
Guidebook to Kronberg im Taunus, Germany (one of Aberystwyth's twin towns).
Acc.No: 2598   Date of material: 1995   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth Town Plan (Ref: CDD/PL/4)
Aberystwyth Town Plan - First Consultation Draft, May 1993
Acc.No: 2597   Date of material: 1993   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDD/PL/4) 

On Devil's Bridge Railway (Ref: ADX/1187)
Coloured postcard captioned 'On Devil's Bridge Railway', showing view of Cwm Rheidol. Postally used in 1905. Sent by J. Harcourt to Mrs. Oakley, Clarence Lodge, Brockwell Park, London.
Acc.No: 2596   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1187) 

Twinning of Aberystwyth with Kronberg (Ref: ABT/T/2)
Declaration made and signed by the Town Mayors and the Chairs of the Partnership Associations, on the 10th anniversary (2007) of the Twinning of Aberystwyth with Kronberg im Taunus affirming friendship and cooperation. Also colour picture of the towns' coats of arms.
Acc.No: 2595   Date of material: 2007   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Tourism and Aberystwyth - projects by Archives Administration MSc students 2009/10 (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/10)
1. North Road Tennis Grounds: the impact of tennis on Aberystwyth and a general view of the resort in the 1920s, by Lucy Smith
   2. The Aberystwyth Tourist Trade c. 1903 and records relating to the Lion Royal Hotel, by Emily Gresham

Acc.No: 2594   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 2 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ceredigion Community Safety Plan (Ref: CSC/CE/10)
Ceredigion Community Safety Plan / Cynllun Diogelwch a Chymunedol Ceredigion 2008-2011 (Partneriaeth Diogelwch Cymunedol Ceredigion Community Safety partnership)
Acc.No: 2593   Date of material: 2008   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/CE/10) 

Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum, rhaglenni'r digwyddiadau / events programmes (Ref: CSC/DECS/MUS/3)
3/1. Beth Sydd Ymlaen/What's On Ionawr-Mehefin/January-June 2010
   3/2. Beth Sydd Ymlaen/What's On Mehefin-Rhagfyr/June-December 2010
   3/3. Beth Sydd Ymlaen/What's On Ionawr-Mehefin/January-June 2012
   3/4. Beth Sydd Ymlaen/What's On Gwanwyn/Spring 2013
   3/5. Beth Sydd Ymlaen/What's On Haf/Summer 2013
   3/6. Beth Sydd Ymlaen/What's On Hydref-Gaeaf/Autumn-Winter 2013
   3/7. Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum, Gwanwyn/Spring 2014

Acc.No: 2592   Date of material: 2010- 2013   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/DECS/MUS/3) 

Funicular Railways (Ref: ADX/1186)
Cliff Hangers: Britain's Funicular Railways, by Robert Humm. Colour photocopy of article from The Railway Magazine, March 2010. Includes entry on Aberystwyth Cliff Railway.
Acc.No: 2591   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 3 ff.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1186) 

CPRW records (Ref: DSO/29 addl)
Additional Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales records
Acc.No: 2590   Date of material:    Extent: 0.022m^3   Access: Limited at present Not yet in the catalogue

Postcard (Ref: ADX/1185)
Coloured postcard depicting 'Pen y bont, Aberystwyth' (a view of a stone three-span bridge in a rural location, with Pen Dinas in the distance; probably the bridge near the present-day Morrison's supermarket). Sent to Mr. T[homas] Beddow, Breadenheath, Bettisfield, Shropshire; stamp has been removed along with the date stamp.
Acc.No: 2589   Date of material: Early 20th century   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1185) 

Cardigan Cemetery records (Ref: CDM/SE/3/30-35)
Records of Cardigan Cemetery
   30. Register of Public Graves (Unconsecrated) [St. Mary's Cardigan, N and S sections]
   31. Register of Public Graves (Unconsecrated) [two entries only]
   32. Register of Public Graves (Consecrated) [St. Mary's Cardigan, N and S sections]
   33. Register of Public Graves (Consecrated) [Lawn Cemetery]
   34. Notices of Interment
   35. Memorial Plan Applications

Acc.No: 2588   Date of material: 1890s onwards   Extent: 6 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Cardigan Union (Ref: CBG/CD/11)
Cardigan Union hospital records
   Bed cards and other records of people admitted to the infirmary (incl. maternity admissions), also a few applications for detentions of lunatics, and daily statements of hospital diets.

Acc.No: 2587   Date of material: 1914-1935   Extent:    Access: Restricted Show catalogue(CBG) 

Photograph album (Ref: ADX/1184)
Album of b/w photographs depicting an Aberystwyth family (identity unknown) and more particularly a baby, b. c. 1935.
Acc.No: 2586   Date of material: 1935   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1184) 

Photograph of New Quay (Ref: ADX/1183)
B/W photograph of New Quay showing the town from the seaward side
Acc.No: 2585   Date of material: c. 1960?   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1183) 

Wesleyan Methodist records (Ref: WM (ANC/24 cont.))
Further records of the Wesleyan Methodists (Ceredigion circuit)
   Includes some deeds to Ceredigion chapels

Acc.No: 2584   Date of material:    Extent: 0.051m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Merched y Wawr, Cangen Penrhyncoch (Ref: DSO/33/12)
Cofnodion Merched y Wawr, Cangen Penrhyncoch
Acc.No: 2583   Date of material:    Extent: 0.034m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Pennant School (Ref: PNN/3, PNN/R/1; ADX/1182)

   Log book 1961 - 1998, PNN/3.
   Admissions register PNN/R/1
   Book: Ysgol Pennant 1873-2010 (ADX/1182)

Acc.No: 2582   Date of material:    Extent: 3 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1182) 

Cardiganshire Parochial Records (Ref: CPR; CBA/1, CBA/P/1)
CPR; Parochial records (vestry minutes etc.) of parishes in Cardiganshire. Transferred from the National Library of Wales.
   Also 2 school books for Capel Bangor. CBA/1, CBA/P/1

Acc.No: 2581   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Mostly Open (subject to condition of document) Show catalogue(CPR/LDL) 

Music Ephemera 2010 (Ref: CMS/09)
Leaflets, posters and other printed material advertising and promoting popular music events in Ceredigion
Acc.No: 2580   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Local ephemera (general) 2010 (Ref: ADX/1181)
Local ephemera 2010.
   (See also Political Ephemera, Business Ephemera, Music Ephemera)

Acc.No: 2579   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Business ephemera 2010 (Ref: DB/87)
Leaflets and other publicity material advertising and promoting local businesses
Acc.No: 2578   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Political Ephemera, Local Elections 2010 and other (Ref: ADX/1180)
1. Materion Melindwr Matters (newsletter issued by Cllr. Rhodri Davies, Plaid Cymru) issue 7 (March 2010)
   2. Ceredigion Today (a Lib-Dem campaign magazine)
   3. Cymru Yfory / Tomorrow's Wales leaflet
   4. Plaid Cymru Delivering for Rural Wales / Cyflawni dros Gymru wledig (leaflet)
   5. Mark Williams MP (Lib-Dem) leaflet
   6. Plaid Cymru Ar Waith/Action Ceredigion
   7. Mark Williams MP's Community Survey
   8. Plaid Cymru - the Trefeurig Newsletter, issue 10, Winter 2009-2010

Acc.No: 2577   Date of material:    Extent: 1 envolope   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1180) 

Election ephemera - General Election 2010 (Ref: ADX/1179)
Posters, leaflets, newsletters etc. produced by political parties during the 2010 General Election campaign
Acc.No: 2576   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1179) 

Material relating to Caerwedros school (Ref: ADX/1037 addl.)
Copies of school photographs, a calendar entitled 'The memory of Ysgol y Castell Caerwedros 2010' [Welsh] and a copy of a handwritten essay on the course of education in Llwyndafydd [Welsh], submitted to Caerwedros Eisteddfod, Christmas 1924
Acc.No: 2575   Date of material:    Extent: 1 envelope   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Books by Joy Hamer (Ref: ADX/1178)
1. Spiral-bound volume: 250 Years of the Hopkins Families of Llanfihangel y Creuddyn, by Joy Hamer and other family members. 2010
   2. Spiral-bound volume: Mother's Aberystwyth Mariners and their Families and their Scottish Ancestors by Joy Hamer and other family members. 2011 (2 copies)
   See ADX/556 for the earlier editions.

Acc.No: 2574   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1178) 

Aberystwyth Official Guide and Souvenir (Ref: ADX/1177)
Aberystwyth Official Guide and Souvenir
   Published by the Aberystwyth Corporation

Acc.No: 2573   Date of material: C. 1922   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1177) 

Merched y Wawr Bro Ilar (Ref: DSO/33/11)
Llyfrau Cofnodion Merched y Wawr Bro Ilar (Llanilar)
   1. Hydref 1985-Haf 1989
   2. Medi 1989 - Chwefror 1998

Acc.No: 2572   Date of material: 1985-1998   Extent: 2 items   Access: Agored ond rhai gyfyngiadau DGD Not yet in the catalogue

Systems back-up (Ref: RCAHMW tapes)
Back-up tapes for IT systems. Not to be produced.
Acc.No: 2571   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Restricted to owners Not yet in the catalogue

Belle Vue Hotel, Aberystwyth and other properties (Ref: ABM/SE/4/2 (pt.))
Deeds and documents relating to the Belle Vue Hotel, Marine Parade, Aberystwyth and other properties mostly in the town of Aberystwyth ( part of Aberystwyth Borough Collection )
Acc.No: 2570   Date of material: 1813 - 1894   Extent: 1 box   Access: open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Pant-glas CM chapel (Ref: ADX/1176)
Photocopy of postcard depicting a girl holding a baby in front of Pant-glas Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Pen-rhiw, near Llanilar. The postcard was sent in 1905.
   Also a similar view of the chapel taken in 2010 by the County Archivist.
   The chapel was built in 1824 and rebuilt in 1874.

Acc.No: 2569   Date of material:    Extent: 3 ff   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1176) 

Aberystwyth Cemetery records (Ref: ABM/SE/CE/15)
Notices to Sexton of Aberystwyth Burial Ground. Information recorded is: name, address and age of the deceased; location of grave and whether it is to be in the consecrated or unconsecrated portion of the cemetery; depth of grave and whether it is to be earthen or a brick vault; date of burial.
Acc.No: 2568   Date of material: 1860 onwards   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Papers of Kathleen A Humphreys (Ref: ADX/1175)
Papers of Kathleen A Humphreys (d. 2006 aged 84) formerly of Glanllolwyn, Llanfarian.
   Correspondence, agenda, programmes, nwscuttings and pamphlets relating to her interest in CPRW (for which she was publicity officer during the 1980s), DNT and other bodies of which she may have been a member or officer.

Acc.No: 2567   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Llangwyryfon wind farm opposition (Ref: DSO/102 addl.)
Material relating to wind farm construction at Llangwyryfon 1991-1996. Particularly concerning sound, its measurement and abatement.
   See also Acc. 2349

Acc.No: 2566   Date of material: 1991-1996   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Restricted (needs depositor's permission Not yet in the catalogue

Headed business notepaper (Ref: DB/86)
Sheet of headed notepaper: John James Jones, Ladies' Costumier & Gentlemen's Tailor, Harriston & Paris House, Llanon. Blank.
Acc.No: 2565   Date of material: 1920s   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/86) 

Deeds and documents (Ref: ADX/1174)
Deeds and documents associated with the depositor's family and the parish of Lledrod
   1. Feoffment of lands in the p. of Lledrod [messuage called Bwlch y Bank Gwyn, part of tenement known as Tyr Bwlch y Goyfron] with a Covenant to produce Title Deeds.
   Morgan Morgan of Navy Hall p. Lledrod gent. and Margaret his wife 1st part; Evan Davies of the town of Cardigan gent. 2nd part; David Jones of Tynewydd p. Lledrod 3rd part; Revd. Stephen Jones of Penblodoyn p. Llanddewi Brefi 4th part.
   8 December 1809
   Parchment (2 skins)
   3 seals
   Various endorsements
   2. Sale of Berthdomled and Tynrhelig in the p. of Lledrod.
   Richard Owens of Berthdomled gent. to Daniel Morgan of Foesgoy [Ffosgou, p. Lledrod] gent. and David Evans of Llanio Issa in the p. of Llanddewi Brefi husbandman.
   16 July 1818
   3. Conveyance of Blaenywain in the p. of Lledrod.
   Daniel Jones of Bankwint [Bancgwynt] p. Lledrod gent. 1st part; Thomas Jones of Blaenywain blacksmith 2nd part.
   9 July 1830
   2 seals
   4. Probate will of John Morgans of Bwlchygoifron, p. Lledrod.
   18 November 1850
   5. Further Charge on the Messuage, Tenement and Lands called Berthdomled, p. Lledrod for securing £100 and Interest
   The Revd. Richard William Owens of Llandelife Rectory, County of Montgomery, to Mr. William Henry Thomas of Aberystwyth, gent.
   23 August 1864
   6. Further Charge on a Messuage, Tenement and Lands called Berthdomled, p. Lledrod for securing £100 and Interest
   The Revd. Richard William Owens of Llandylifau Rectory, County of Montgomery, to Mr. William Henry Thomas of Aberystwyth, gent.
   7. Probate of the Will of Daniel Jones of Blaenywaun, p. Lledrod, farmer.
   Extracted by Griffith Jones Solicitor, Aberystwyth
   7 November 1877
   8. Counterpart lease of a Farm and Lands called Berthdomled, p. Lledrod. Term 21 years.
   Robert Davies Roberts Esq. to Messrs. Thomas and Robert Bickerstaff
   10 April 1880
   9. Document certifying that Moses Gelly was ordained as Deacon in the parish church of Abergwili on 24 September 1911.
   Episcopal Visitation stamps on dorse: 1934, 1938, 1941, 1944, 1947, 1951.

Acc.No: 2564   Date of material:    Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1174) 

Business ledger, Aberystwyth (Ref: DB/85)
Accounts ledger of J.R. Jones, grocer, Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 2563   Date of material: 1868-1873   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/85) 

Postcard (Ref: ADX/1173)
Postcard with Mid-Wales views (including Aberystwyth). Posted in 1979.
Acc.No: 2562   Date of material: 1970s   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1173) 

The Sylvanus (or Silvanus) Williams families of Llanbadarn Fawr (Ref: ADX/1172)
Research article: The Sylvanus (or Silvanus) Williams families of Llanbadarn Fawr, by Richard Anthony Hall Williams. Also scanned documents and photographs, and email correspondence.
Acc.No: 2561   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access: Open but some DP restrictions (email addresses etc) Show catalogue(ADX/1172) 

Miles family and Priory Estate - additional papers (Ref: PE/7/62-63)
Two deeds relating to the Miles family, owners of the Priory Estate, Cardigan
   1. Mortgage of Tygwynne. C.W. Miles and C.N. Miles to William Forrester (1885), and subsequent Reconveyance from Wm. Forrester to C.N. Miles (1894)
   2. Draft Mortgage of the Priory Estate to secure £15,800 and interset. Col. C.W. Miles, MP and Capt. C.N. Miles to Messrs. Wyndham and Jones (1885)
   See also Acc. 1527.

Acc.No: 2560   Date of material: 1885 and 1894   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(PE) 

Lledrod Community Council records (Ref: Lledrod CC)
Further records of Lledrod CC (lists in boxes)
Acc.No: 2559   Date of material: 1984-2007   Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Ceredigion Register of Electors 2009 (Ref: ER/2009)
Register of Electors in force 1st December 2008 - 20th November 2009 ( qualifying date of 15th October 2008)
Acc.No: 2558   Date of material: 2008 - 2009   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: open Not yet in the catalogue

Agricultural Advisory Exhibits (Ref: ADX/1171)
Posters mounted on card highlighting the dangers of and preventative measures against contagious abortion in cattle.
Acc.No: 2557   Date of material: c. 1950s   Extent: 0.026m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1171) 

Settlement in the mountains of Llanfair Clydogau and Llanddewi Brefi (Ref: ADX/1170)
(Signed copy of book) 'Struggle for Survival in the Cardiganshire Hills: Story of the Settlement of the Mountains of Llanfair and Llanddewi', by Alan and Sally Leech.
   Published by the authors, 2009

Acc.No: 2556   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1170) 

Merched y Wawr, Cylch Wyre, Llanrhystud (Ref: DSO/33/10)
Merched y Wawr - Cylch Wyre, Llanrhystud
   2 lyfr cofnodion

Acc.No: 2555   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Agored ond rhai gyfyngiadau DGD Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire Talking Newspaper (Ref: DSO/30)
Cardiganshire Talking Newspaper
   Emgee index file K-W and bundle of cards (metadata relating to the Talking Newspaper)

Acc.No: 2554   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access: DP restricted Not yet in the catalogue

Merched y Wawr, Cylch Teifi (Ref: DSO/33/9)
Cofnodion Merched y Wawr, Cylch Teifi
   Llyfrau cofnodion 1971-2000
   Gohebiaeth a chofnodion eraill
   Cyfnodolion Merched y Wawr

Acc.No: 2553   Date of material: 1971 ymlaen   Extent: 0.04m^3   Access: Agored ond rhai gyfyngiadau DGD Not yet in the catalogue

Deeds and other documents (Ref: ADX/1169)
Deeds and other documents associated with the parish of Llanfihangel Llethr Troed [Lledrod].
Acc.No: 2552   Date of material:    Extent: 0.012m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1169) 

Aberystwyth Yesterday (Ref: ABY, ABY/WW2)
Aberystwyth Yesterday collection.
   The late Margaret Evans' JP collection of Aberystwyth and other memorabilia used to be housed in Aberystwyth railway station building. After Mrs. Evans' death it was deposited at Ceredigion Museum. Part of the collection was exhibited there, the remainder was in storage.
   Recently the collection's ownership was settled. The items were sorted and the papers were passed to Ceredigion Archives. The Museum kept the artefacts (costume, implements etc.).
   The papers can be divided into two very broad categories: 1. Documents relating to the Aberystwyth Yesterday collection and exhibition (correspondence, accession books, visitor books etc.) and 2. the collection itself (postcards, photographs, diaries, letters, magazines, books, sewing and knitting patterns, sheet music, various ephemera), not all related to Aberystwyth or indeed Wales.

Acc.No: 2551   Date of material: 19th century onwards   Extent: at least 50 boxes   Access: Pt. 1 - to be determined. Pt. 2 - open Show catalogue(ABY/X/15) 

Articles by Richard E. Huws (Ref: ADX/1167)
Offprints of two articles by Richard E. Huws (translations of articles which first appeared in Papur Pawb in 2007 and 2008)
   1. Private Arthur Morris (1892-1918), Elerch House, Bont-goch, Ceredigion & Abertridwr, Caerffili. Gwasg Pantgwyn, 2009
   2. From Bont-goch to Sydney: Archdeacon D. J. Davies (1879-1935). Gwasg Pantgwyn, 2008

Acc.No: 2550   Date of material: 2008 and 2009   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1167) 

Henry Jones' notebook (Ref: ADX/1166)
Notebook of Henry Jones, Cae y Delyn, Aberporth while on board the ship 'William' of Cardigan
Acc.No: 2549   Date of material: 1858-1859   Extent: 1 volume   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1166) 

Printed recipes (Ref: ADX/544/addl)
Collection of printed recipes: leaflets, booklets, cuttings.
Acc.No: 2548   Date of material: 1940s onward   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

We Shall Remember Them (Ref: ADX/1165)
(Illustrated typescript) We Shall Remember Them: The First World War dead of Aberporth and Blaenporth. Compiled by Helen Rees.
Acc.No: 2547   Date of material: Not known but probably late 2009   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1165) 

Cof Cymuned (Ref: ADX/1164)
Cof Cymuned: Capel Seion, Rhydyfelin, Llanfarian, Blaenplwyf - casgliad o ffotograffau / a collection of photographs.
   Gol./Eds./ Ann Ffrancon a/and Marian Delyth. Cyngor Cymuned Llanfarian/Llanfarian Community Council 2000.
   Cyhoeddwyd i ddathlu'r Milflwyddiant/Published to celebrate the Millennium

Acc.No: 2546   Date of material: 2000   Extent: 1 vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1164) 

The Royal Cardigan Militia (Ref: ADX/1163)
Photocopied illustrated typescript: Some Notes on The Royal Cardigan Militia and its Heirs and Successors being the Auxiliary Forces of Cardiganshire by G. Archer Parfitt
Acc.No: 2545   Date of material: 1981   Extent: 60 ff. approx.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1163) 

Photographs (scanned) (Ref: ADX/1162)
Scanned copies of photographs associated with the depositor's family (Llanbadarn Fawr). With edited depositor's notes.
   1. Padarn United FC c. 1910
   2. Ysgol Cwmpadarn pupils and staff, c. 1918
   3. Cambrian Railways locomotive with four men incl. the depositor's great-grandfather, John Griffiths Evans of Thornton, Llanbadarn Fawr. Original by Culliford of Aberystwyth. C. 1905.
   4. Henblas, Llanbadarn Fawr (demolished 1966).
   5. David John Williams, depositor's grandfather, in his work clothes in front of Henblas.

Acc.No: 2544   Date of material: Originals early 20th c.   Extent: 5 printouts and 1 CD   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1162) 

Cyngor Cymdeithas Melindwr Community Council (Ref: Melindwr CC)
Llyfr Cofnodion / Minutes Book 1996-2009
Acc.No: 2543   Date of material: 1996-2009   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Agored/Open Not yet in the catalogue

Photographs of Ponterwyd and Mydroilyn (Ref: ADX/1161)
Photographs of Ponterwyd and Mydroilyn (digital photos on CD and printouts. Date given is of the originals)
   1. Ponterwyd - view of the village with old bridge. Late 19th - early 20th c.
   2. Ponterwyd - view of the village across the river. Probably early 20th c.
   3. Ponterwyd - road through village. C. 1960s-70s
   4. Ponterwyd - garage. C. 1960s-70s
   5. Ponterwyd - new school. 1970s.
   6. Mydroilyn - Red Lion Inn, with pony and trap outside and a couple in the doorway. Late 19th - early 20th c.
   7. Mydroilyn - Capel yr Annibynwyr. Late 19th - early 20th c.
   8. Mydroilyn - view of village. Early 20th c.

Acc.No: 2542   Date of material:    Extent: 1 CD and 8 ff.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1161) 

Cofnodion Merched y Wawr, Cangen Tregaron (Ref: DSO/33/8)
Cofnodion Merched y Wawr, Cangen Tregaron
   Cofnodion 1982-2004
   Llyfrau lluniau
   Scrap books
   Caset Fideo
   1 DVD
   Siec Arian i Bawb 2002

Acc.No: 2541   Date of material:    Extent: 0.031m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Cofnodion Merched y Wawr, Cangen Beulah (Ref: DSO/33/7)
6 llyfr cofnodion Merched y Wawr, Cangen Beulah
Acc.No: 2540   Date of material:    Extent: 0.031m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Account book of Evan John Davies, Derlwyn smithy (Ref: DB/84)
1 Account book of Evan John Davies, Derlwyn Smithy, Derlwyn Forge, Capel Dewi Llandysul, 1929-1937.
   2. 1872 diary of Evan Jones, Brynhedydd who worked at Dolaubach in Highmead [Welsh]

Acc.No: 2539   Date of material: 1872-1873, 1929-1937   Extent: 2 vols   Access: open Show catalogue(DB/84) 

Letter to DECS staff (Ref: CSC/DECS/4)
Copy of letter from Ceredigion County Council Director of Education to staff of Dept. of Education and Community Services concerning the move to Canolfan Rheidol, the new council offices in Park Avenue, Aberystwyth
Acc.No: 2538   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 3 ff   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Clwb Golff Borth & Ynyslas Golf Club (Ref: DSO/114)
Clwb Golff Borth & Ynyslas Golf Club: Links with the Past. Researched, compiled and edited by Tessa Briggs.
   Published by the Club and printed by Gomer Press, Llandysul.

Acc.No: 2537   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/114) 

Florrie Hamer collection conservation record (Ref: ADX/415 additional)
CD-ROM containing photographs recording the conservation work on the Florrie Hamer collection (ADX/415) by Book and Paper Conservation Studio, University of Dundee in February 2009.
Acc.No: 2536   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 1 CD   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Notes on the family history of Sir John Rhys (Ref: ADX/1168)
Photocopied manuscript: 'Comments on Miss Rhys's notes on family links of Sir John Rhys, NLW. The Morgans, Bont Farm, Ponterwyd (copied by Vyrnwy Lewis and Roland Thorne)'. Several copies. Also letter from depositor (DP restricted)
Acc.No: 2535   Date of material:    Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1168) 

Cyfnodolion a thaflenni angladd (Ref: ADX/499 (various))

   Perthyn (Misolyn Capel y Morfa), rhif 183 (Rhagfyr 2009-Ionawr 2010)
   Capel y Morfa ac Ebeneser: Adroddiadau 2007 a 2008
   Capel y Morfa, Aberystwyth ac Ebeneser, Penparcau: Llawlyfr 2009

Acc.No: 2534   Date of material: 2007-2009   Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire Talking Newspaper - further records (Ref: DSO/30)
File of agenda, correspondence etc.
   Selection of early minutes (1969-1972, 1975)

Acc.No: 2533   Date of material:    Extent: 2 files   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

ITW Aberystwyth photograph (Ref: ADX/1160)
Group photograph of 6 ITW [Initial Training Wing] Aberystwyth, No. 1 Squadron, 'A' Flight, November 1940. All men depicted are identified below the image, and about a quarter signed the back. (Scan on CD and computer printout, from the original loaned to Archives for copying)
Acc.No: 2532   Date of material: 1940   Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1160) 

Reverend Evan Jones BD 1830-1904 His Life and Ministry, by David Gorman (Ref: ADX/1159)
Typescript: Reverend Evan Jones BD 1830-1904 His Life and Ministry, by David Gorman.
   An overview of the personal life and ministry of Reverend Evan Jones of Carmarthenshire, including: his ancestry and early life, his training at St David's College Lampeter, his involvement in the case of 'The Welsh Fasting Girl', his appointment as Mayor of Newport, his later years and descendants.
   Also includes references and sources used by the author.

Acc.No: 2531   Date of material: 2007   Extent: One item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1159) 

Recipe book (Ref: ADX/1158)
Bound notebook containing recipes, some handwritten and some cut out of magazines and newspapers. Some date from 1940s articles and Ministry of Food pamphlets and some date from the 1970s onwards. There is a partial index of recipes at the back.
   The recipies include main meals, puddings, preserves and sauces.
   There are also several pages of poetry.

Acc.No: 2530   Date of material: 1940s onwards   Extent: One vol.   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1158) 

Ordnance Survey Maps (Ref: ADX/1157)
Ordnance Survey Old Series maps
   1. Sheet LVII.S.E. Tregaron. 1834 (1878 reprint)
   2. Sheet LIX.N.W. Cardigan Bay. 1837 (19th century reprint)

Acc.No: 2529   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1157) 

Partial newspaper article regarding the demolition of Ebenezer Chapel Penparcau (Ref: ADX/1156)
Part of a Cambrian News article dated 2 September 1938 marking the demolition and rebuilding of the 90 year old Ebenezer Chapel or 'Capel Bach', Penparcau. There is a picture of the Chapel and several of its oldest members. The article is incomplete.
Acc.No: 2528   Date of material: 1938   Extent: One item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1156) 

Telephone directory cover (Ref: ADX/1155)
A telephone directory cover for Aberystwyth and Cardigan, contents missing.
Acc.No: 2527   Date of material: Possibly 1950s   Extent: One item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1155) 

Music certificate (Ref: ADX/1154)
A certificate from The London College of Music, Great Marlborough Street. W. awarded to Mary Priscilla Rees for Pianoforte Playing Elementary on 15 July 1896. She was a pupil of Miss Hughes LLCM.
Acc.No: 2526   Date of material: 1896   Extent: 1 certificate   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1154) 

Coronation scrapbook (Ref: ADX/1153)
"In the news" scrapbook containing press cuttings of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. The book also contains cuttings of the Royal Family, the young Prince Charles and Princess Anne and the Queen's visit to Wales.
Acc.No: 2525   Date of material: Circa 1953   Extent: 1 book   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1153) 

Receipt for a car or motor cycle (Ref: ADX/1152)
A receipt for a vehicle belonging to a Mr James by P.R. Bradbrook of 110 Camberwell New Road, London SE5, dated 16 September 1926.
Acc.No: 2524   Date of material: 1926   Extent: 1 sheet   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1152) 

Service of Thanksgiving programme (Ref: ADX/1151)
A programme for: Service of Thanksgiving on Morrow of Declaration of Peace, Promenade, Aberystwyth, Aug. 15th 1945, Service at 10am.
Acc.No: 2523   Date of material: 15th August 1945   Extent: 1 programme   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1151) 

3rd Cards. Battalion Home Guard (Ref: ADX/1150)
Photocopy of a handbook detailing the history of the 3rd Cards. Battalion Home Guard. It includes a map and some photographs and many details of the Home Guard activities in the local area.
   See also MUS/83 and DSO/93

Acc.No: 2522   Date of material: 1947   Extent: 1 Item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1150) 

Cardiganshire Constabulary button (Ref: ADX/1149)
A Cardigan Constabulary button
Acc.No: 2521   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1149) 

Owners and occupiers of Borth properties in 1910 (Ref: ADX/1148)
Index of owners and occupiers of Borth properties in 1910 derived from the District Valuers records (ref T/DV/18) held in Ceredigion Archives.
   (depositor's research)

Acc.No: 2520   Date of material:    Extent: 9 pages   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/1148) 

Receipts for car repairs (Ref: ADX/1147)
Set of four receipts issued by Brynog Garage of Felinfach, for repairs done to an Austin 8 owned by Mr D Jones of Bronfreisaf, Cillau Aeron, Lampeter.
Acc.No: 2519   Date of material: 1950 to 1951   Extent: 4 sheets   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1147) 

Cor-y-Castell programme (Ref: ADX/1146)
Programme: A Collection of Welsh Hymns for the use on Sunday Evenings and Festivals.
Acc.No: 2518   Date of material: Circa 1973   Extent: 1item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1146) 

Hughes family history (Ref: ADX/1145)
Electronic (.pdf) copy of unpublished work entitled 'The Ancestors of one of the Hughes Families of N. W. Cardiganshire'
   by Helen Kaznowski B.A. Hons.
   The families in question resided mostly in the parishes of Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn and Llanbadarn Fawr.
   Also depositor's letter and another note (both DP-restricted)

Acc.No: 2517   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 0.022m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1145) 

Merched y Wawr, Cangen Llanfarian a'r Cylch (Ref: DSO/33/6/1-3)
Merched y Wawr - Cangen Llanfarian a'r Cylch
   1. Llyfr Cofnodion 1982-1991
   2. Llyfr Cofnodion 1991-2001
   3. Llyfr Cofnodion 1977-1982

Acc.No: 2516   Date of material: 1977-2001   Extent: 3 vol.   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Small collections (Ref: ADX/1131-ADX/1144; ADX/439 addl.; FOH/addl/1)
A number of small collections deposited at the same time but deriving from various sources. Number in square brackets is the reference used by the depositor in his handlist.
   ADX/1131. Exercise book belonging to John Lewis, Agricultural Dept., UCW Aberystwyth. Contains notes on Practical Dairy Bacteriology lectures and demonstrations. 1934 [CD 20]
   ADX/1132. Two photographs, one depicting a woman with a cat, the other a man with a dog. Both taken in front of same window. 19th c. Bought from Salvation Army shop in ?Aberystwyth [CD 9]
   ADX/1133. Items associated with the Evans family of Walcot, Aberaeron and Jones family of Oakford. [CD 12]
   ADX/1134. Englishman's Diary for 1909. Belonged to Thomas John Jones, Llwyn Onn, Llanwnnen. 3 newspaper cuttings in back pocket. Detailed accounts in fine pencilled hand. Only diary entries relate to his father's death and funeral. [CD 15]
   ADX/1135. Colour brochure advertising Penycastell Farm Hotel, Llanrhystud. 1990s or 2000s.
   ADX/1136. Photographs and other items relating to the Mellor family (of Surrey?). Probably bought at a jumble sale. No apparent connection with Cardiganshire. [CD 14]
   ADX/1137. 9 photographs from Bebb-Lloyd and Raw family of Cwmystwyth, also two letters from Aunt Clara of Rhayader and Aunt Agnes of Stansted to 'Beatie' [CD 4]
   ADX/1138. Photographs and other items associated with the Morgan family of 24, North Parade, Aberystwyth. [CD 19]
   ADX/1139. Documents relating to Audrey Broughall Woods, who lived in S. Cards. in a large house outside Newcastle Emlyn. Bought at Llanrhystud Market in 2008 [A page on the Broughalls found on the internet has been printed out and added to the collection] [CD 17]
   ADX/1140. Documents removed from Rest Mill, Llanafan (the former Trawscoed estate mill) during demolition. A building contractor (David Jones c. 1900 and probably other family members before and after) ran a business from the premises. One of the items is a book containing specifications of work carried out locally by the firm. [CD 18]
   ADX/1141. Family photographs. Not to be produced. [CD 13]
   ADX/1142. Aberayron Union: Contract for Provisions, &c. 1907. [CD 7]
   ADX/1143. Letter threatening court action. 1963. Not to be produced. [CD 2]
   ADX/1144. Material connected with the depositor and his activities.
   1. Papers relating to Pwlldrainllwyn, Trefenter [Possible DP issues]
   2. Material relating to the proposed Aberystwyth bypass (incl. the public enquiry of 1994). Possible DP issues.
   3. Llanrhystud parish magazine and other local material collected by the depositor.
   FOH./addl/1; 3.5 in. floppy disc of a Resistivity Survey of the Alpine Meadow at Hafod. To be added to the Friends of Hafod collection.
   ADX/439 addl. A few additional papers (receipts etc.) of the Revd. Ron Hughes.
   Also various items (list available) transferred to other Record Offices

Acc.No: 2515   Date of material:    Extent: 1Ab, 1LAb,   Access: DP issues Show catalogue(ADX/1144) 

Book of poetry (Ref: ADX/1130)
The Pool of Light: Further Poems by Ernest Walter Hughes (From the Land of Wales)
   Published by the Author, 1997
   Signed copy.

Acc.No: 2514   Date of material: 1997   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1130) 

Order of Service and associated ephemera (Ref: ADX/594 addl)
1. Order of Service for the funeral of David Edwin Palmer (1935-2010) of Brynawel, Ystrad Meurig
   2. Booklet. NHS Wales, Hywel Dda Health Board: Bereavement Information for Relatives and Friends
   3. Booklet. Sympathy Collection by Interflora
   4. Booklet. Help the Aged: Bereavement - Coping with a death
   5. Booklet. Job Centre Plus: What to do after a death in England and Wales.

Acc.No: 2513   Date of material: 2010   Extent: 5 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Llyfrynnau Methodistiad Calfinaidd (Ref: ANC/63)
Cyhoeddiadau Sabbothol Deheu a Gogledd Ceredigion
   1. Am y Flwyddyn 1894.
   2. Am y Flwyddyn 1897 [clawr cefn ar goll]
   Argraffwyd gan RG Bennett, 3 Pier St., Aberystwyth

Acc.No: 2512   Date of material: 1894 and 1896   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ANC/63) 

Capel Gwynfil - ystadegau 1962 (Ref: ANC/62)
Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru, Capel Gwynfil Llangeitho [Methodistiaid Calfinaidd]. Ystadegau a Chyfrif Ariannol 1962
Acc.No: 2511   Date of material: 1962   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ANC/62) 

Papers of Dafydd Morris Jones (Ref: ADX/1129)
Remaining papers of Dafydd Morris Jones reflecting his personal and professional interests and activities.
   Includes a set of late 19th century photographs of Aberystwyth and other locations.
   See also accessions 2507-2509

Acc.No: 2510   Date of material:    Extent: 0.03m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol yn Aberystwyth (1952 a 1992) (Ref: D/EIS/12)
Cofnodion, rhaglenni, lluniau, toriadau papur newydd etc. yn perthyn i'r Eisteddfod Genedlaethol pan gafodd ei chynnal yn Aberystwyth ym 1952 ac ym 1992
   Yn cynnwys: lluniau, rhaglenni, erthyglau yn cofio/cymharu yn ddwy eisteddfod yn Aberystwyth, llythyrau a deunydd cymysg arall.

Acc.No: 2509   Date of material:    Extent: 0.016m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Elim Chapel, Llanddeiniol (Ref: ANC/61)
Documents relating to the renovation of Elim chapel (?Llanddeiniol) in 1899 and the subsequent dispute between the Chapel Trustees and the contractor, David Jones, Rest, Llanafan. List in file. CLOSED UNTIL 1 January 2020
Acc.No: 2508   Date of material: 1899-1902   Extent:    Access: CLOSED UNTIL 1 January 2020 Not yet in the catalogue

Cyngor Plwyf Llanilar Parish Council (Ref: Llanilar PC)
File of documents and correspondence between the Clerk of Llanilar Parish Council and various individuals and bodies (incl. solicitors and the Church in Wales) regarding the ownership of the hearse house in Llanilar parish graveyard.
Acc.No: 2507   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The Edwards family of Nantcwnlle (Ref: ADX/1128)
Publications and research relating to the Edwards family, originally of Brynele, p. Nantcwnlle.
   1. Research into the family done by Ania Skarzynska, Assistant Archivist, in response to an enquiry.
   2. 'Saga of Edwards Family, Brynele, Cardiganshire, Wales, who lived as neighors of John Williams, Pen Rhewl and David D. Williams, Pantebeudy [sic] (brothers), Llangeitho neighbourhood, Cardiganshire. All emigrated to Madison Township, Jackson County, Ohio; John Williams later migrated to Makkato, Minnesota' - by David E. Morgan, Columbus, Ohio. C. 1950. 2 copies: one from Ohio State Library, Columbus, other (slightly different, some pages missing) from Llyfrgell Ceredigion, Local History Collection.
   3. Scanned photographs of Jenkin Edwards (1882-1935) and his family who moved to London and ran a dairy there. Also page of captions identifying some people in the photographs.

Acc.No: 2506   Date of material:    Extent: 1 folder   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1128) 

Postcards published by Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum (Ref: CSC/DECS/MUS/2)
Postcards published by Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum
   1. Old Tollgate House, Southgate, Aberystwyth c. 1932 (reprinted from an old postcard)
   2. Painting of Llanbadarn church by Alfred Worthington (original painting on loan to the Museum)

Acc.No: 2505   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items (accruing)   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/DECS/MUS/2) 

Magazines about WWI and WWII (Ref: ADX/1127)
World War 1914-1918 A Picture History ('to be completed in about fifty weekly parts'). Published in 1935.
   Issues: 11 (cover missing); 12; 14; 16 (cover missing); 17; 42 (cover missing); 43; 44.
   World War II magazine.
   Published 1972.
   Issues 1 and 5.

Acc.No: 2504   Date of material: 1935 and 1972   Extent: 1 folder   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1127) 

Account Book: Wm. Pugh and Co., Bootmakers, 21 Bridge Street (Ref: DB/83)
Account Book for Wm. Pugh and Co., Bootmakers, 21 Bridge Street. Includes weekly takings 1931-1932, and also some loose, miscellaneous papers.
Acc.No: 2503   Date of material: July 1930 - 1932   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/83) 

Ysgol Llanilar School - log books (Ref: LIL/2-3)
Log Book 18 November 1907 - 21 December 1977 [LIL/2]
   Log Book 9 January 1978 - 8 June 1990 [LIL/3]

Acc.No: 2502   Date of material: 1907-1990   Extent: 2 vols   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The Castle Green (Cardigan) collection (Ref: MUS/97)
Collection of documents relating to David Griffith Davies (High Sheriff of Cardigan County from 1841) and his family (both ancestors and descendants) who resided at Cardigan Castle Green.
   Artefacts associated with the collection (jewellery etc.) are in Ceredigion Museum. A list is available in Ceredigion Archives.
   A greetings card depicting a painting of David Davies of Castle Green (1802-1836) by Hugh Hughes has been added to the collection. It has been reproduced from a painting at Ceredigion Museum.

Acc.No: 2501   Date of material: Mostly 19th c.   Extent: 0.029m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(MUS/97) 

Miscellaneous items (Ref: ADX/709 addl.)
(Numbering cont. from Acc. 2426)
   Items 15-17 are donated by the depositor's mother, who was secretary to the late Mrs. Margaret Auriol Watkin, a local magistrate.
   15a. Press release - Honour for Dyfed Magistrate
   16. Resume of Margaret Auriol Watkin
   17. Programme: Dyfed Branch of the Magistrates' Assn. Biennial Training Conference (1976)
   18. Programme for the Enthronement of the Rt. Revd. George Noakes as Bishop of St. David's (1982)
   19. Order of Service: Memorial service of William Evans D.Sc. M.D. F.R.C.P. Hon. D.Sc. (Wales), held at St. Caron's Church, Tregaron 22 Oct 1988.
   20. Churns and Cheeses: A Short History of Milk and Cheese by Helen Stone (1970s)
   21. Pamphlet: Felin Fach Creamery. Milk Marketing Board (MMB). 3 copies.
   22. MMB leaflet no. 14: Distribution of Milk in England and Wales.
   23. MMB leaflet no. 16: Grades of Milk in England and Wales.
   24. MMB leaflet no. 18: Milk as a Food
   25. Dairy Produce Advisory Service leaflet
   26. Leaflet promoting Dairy Crest Longlife Cream ('more convenient than ever in new jigger packs!')

Acc.No: 2500   Date of material: c. 1970s   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The Misses Walford (Ref: ADX/1126)
Scanned photographs associated with the depositor's family. The Misses Walford (Ethel Kate Walford, 1878-1966, and Ellen Marion Walford, 1870-1960) were originally from King's Heath, Birmingham, but settled in Aberystwyth and ran first the Fairfield guesthouse in Cliff Terrace and later Belmont, 60 Marine Terrace.
   Photographs, all 1930s, depict:
   1. Jack Walford (depositor's father) at Aberystwyth seafront
   2. Jack Walford and wife Dorothy on motorcycle and sidecar outside Fairfield
   3. Jack Walford riding a motorcycle in Cliff Terrace
   4. Misses' Walford business card (advertising Fairfield)
   5. A woman (possibly Dorothy Walford) sitting on some rocks. Captioned 'Devil's Bridge, June 1930'
   6. Ellen (on bike), Kate (in sidecar) and Jack (standing) outside Fairfield, June 1930
   7. Jack Walford on motorcycle outside Fairfield, June 1930
   Also note from depositor (not to be produced)

Acc.No: 2499   Date of material: Originals 1930, copies 2009   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1126) 

David John Mathias (Ref: ADX/1125)
Four scanned photographs of David John Mathias, who served as a police officer in Aberystwyth. Captions supplied by the depositor:
   1. David John Mathias in the Welsh Guards
   2. David John Mathias on left, Thomas Davies on right. Aberystwyth PCs. TD reported missing in WWI.
   3. David Mathias (b. c. 1878) and unknown.
   4. David Mathias and others in Aberystwyth.
   Also two census printouts

Acc.No: 2498   Date of material:    Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1125) 

Swine Flu poster (Ref: ADX/1124)
Poster warning of the dangers of spreading swine influenza
Acc.No: 2497   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1124) 

Welsh Mines Preservation Trust - further newsletters and other records (Ref: DSO/96)
Welsh Mines Preservation Trust newsletters
   May 2005
   August 2007
   May 2013
   Obituary of Steve Oliver 1963-2010, a director of the Trust.
   'Cwmystwyth: A Way Ahead' - report by Dr. Simon Timberlake on the future of Cwmystwyth site after its purchase by the Cambrian Mines trust form the Crown Estate in c. 2012.
   See also Acc. 1811 and 1891

Acc.No: 2496   Date of material: 2005 and 2007   Extent: 5items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Discover New Quay 2009 (Ref: ADX/1123)
(Pamphlet) Discover New Quay: Visitor Guide 2009. Published by Tourism Alliance New Quay (TANQ)
Acc.No: 2495   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1123) 

Aberystwyth Soroptimists (Ref: DSO/117)
Records of Soroptimist International (Aberystwyth and District)
   Minute books
   Accounts books
   Executive Committee books
   S. I. Golden Jubilee Book
   Note books
   Club History
   Assortment of programmes
   Luncheon programmes
   S. I. literature and magazines
   Scrap books and photographs
   See also DSO/52 (Cardigan branch)

Acc.No: 2494   Date of material: 1977-2008   Extent: 0.048m^3   Access: Some DP issues? Not yet in the catalogue

Pwyllgor Deucanmlwyddiant Aberaeron Bicentenary Committee (1807-2007) (Ref: DSO/116)
Records of the above body formed to celebrate the bicentenary of the town of Aberaeron in 2007. Includes administrative records (some closed under Data Protection Act) as well as historical research, archival documents and photographs, and a copy of the celebration volume (an anthology of writings about the town and its people).
Acc.No: 2493   Date of material: Mid - 2000s   Extent: 0.058m^3   Access: Some DP restrictions Not yet in the catalogue

Clwb Croeso Borth Welcome Club records (Ref: DSO/115)
Clwb Croeso / Welcome Club Borth records
Acc.No: 2492   Date of material: 1993-2009   Extent: 0.195m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Papers relating to a presentation to Peter Jones, mayor of Aberystwyth 1881 (Ref: ADX/1122)
Papers relating to the presentation of a silver cradle to Peter Jones, mayor of Aberystwyth 1881. Includes letters, receipts from T. Wilkinson, Pelican Works, Birmingham, photographs of interior ( location unknown)
Acc.No: 2491   Date of material: 1881 - 1920   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Girl Guides (Ref: DSO/17 additional)
Additional records of Ceredigion Girl Guides
Acc.No: 2490   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

DSR Williams (solicitor) records (Ref: D.S.R. Williams (additional))
Additional records of DSR Williams, solicitor of Lampeter.
Acc.No: 2489   Date of material:    Extent: 1 box   Access: Some DP issues Not yet in the catalogue

Llanon tithe map copy and valuation list (Ref: ADX/1121)
Valuation list, Llanon village c. 1884-87 and map extracted from the Tithe Map and enlarged by DP Davies FSI
Acc.No: 2488   Date of material: 19th c?   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1121) 

Records of Penmorfa School (Ref: PNB/7, PNB/R/1, PNB/AR/1-16, PNB/SR/1-9; CDC/ED/35)
Records of Penmorfa School (to close in late 2009)
   Logbook 1988-1998 - PNB/7
   Pre-school admissions register (1945-1984) PNB/R/1
   Stock and Stores book, 1925-1943 (CDC/ED/35)
   Attendance Registers - PNB/AR/1-16
   Summary registers - PNB/SR/1-9

Acc.No: 2487   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Possible DP restrictions Show catalogue(CDC/ED/35) 

Cardiganshire County Council - Trading Standards Dept. (Ref: CDC/WM/100-110)
Assorted records and maps relating to the work of Trading Standards Dept. of the County Council. The department's work involved a wide range of duties related to maintaining trading standards, such as supervising weights and measures, pest control, traders' compliance with legislation, prosecutions for transgressions etc. The approximate modern-day equivalent of the dept. is Department of Environmental Services and Housing (DESH)
   100. (Bound volume) Register of Traders and Record of Visits 1935-1939. Also contains records of prosecutions 1952-1993
   101. Bundle of printed Notices of Examination of Patterns [of scales, spirit measures, petrol pumps etc.] (Weights and Measures Act 1904)
   102. (Printed publication) A Record of the First Seventy-five Years of the Institute of Weights and Measures (1894-1969)
   103. Handbook of Rat and Mouse Control (contains several pamphlets bound together in card covers)
   104. (Pamphlet) Control of Rats in Sewers. MAFF 1960
   105. Hand-drawn maps of routes of farm inspections (?), 1957
   106. Anatomical Model of the Pig. Vinton & Co. Owner's inscription (crossed out): Osborne J. Evans, 25 Dyffryn Terrace, New Tredegar, Mar. 1920
   107. Folder of newspaper cuttings of prosecutions etc. by the dept.
   108. Set of 6 OS County Series maps with boundaries of the Borough of Aberystwyth and properties owned by the Aberystwyth Corporation marked thereon.
   109. 2 OS County Series maps of Aberystwyth and Penparcau showing pest control areas.
   110. Copy of map showing Aberystwyth post route. 1959.

Acc.No: 2486   Date of material:    Extent: 11 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Three photographs (Ref: ADX/1120)
1. Battalion of the Welsh Guards 1941
   2. Lodge Park with hunt on front lawn
   3. Plas Gogerddan

Acc.No: 2485   Date of material:    Extent: 0.016m^3   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1120) 

Merched y Wawr, Cangen Glynarthen Llandysul (Ref: DSO/33/5)
Merched y Wawr, Cangen Glynarthen Llandysul
   1. Cofnodion 1978-1999
   2. Cofnodion 1999-2009

Acc.No: 2484   Date of material: 1978-2009   Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llun o grwp drama ac achyddiaeth cwn Cymreig (Ref: ADX/1119)
1. Llun o grwp drama: 'Llanafan Dramatic Society in "Enoch Huws" [sic] 1914'
   2. Llungopi: Achyddiaeth y Cwn Cymreig y mae'r adneuwr wedi bod yn eu defnyddio i fridio ers 1967 / pedigree of Welsh sheepdogs used by the depositor for breeding since 1967

Acc.No: 2483   Date of material: 1914 & ?2009   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1119) 

John Middleton, Architect (Ref: ADX/1118)
Book: John Middleton: Victorian, Provincial Architect, by Fr. Brian E Torode. Also annotated working copy of same.
   John Middleton's designs in Cardiganshire include Bronwydd Hall, St. David's College in Lampeter, Mount Gernos and several churches.

Acc.No: 2482   Date of material: 2008   Extent: 2 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1118) 

Cyngor Cymuned Dyffryn Arth Community Council (Ref: Dyffryn Arth CC)
1.Llyfr cofnodion / Minutes book 1993 - 2002
   2. Cyfrifon / Accounts 1983 - 2006

Acc.No: 2481   Date of material: 1983-2006   Extent: 2 vols   Access: Open Show catalogue(Dyffryn Arth CC) 

19th century newspapers (Ref: ADX/1117)
1. The Times, Friday 17 July 1885
   2. The Graphic, 28 June 1887. The Queen Victoria Jubilee celebration issue, with illustrated fold-out insert.

Acc.No: 2480   Date of material: 1885 and 1887   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1117) 

Ceredigion District Council Technical Services and Planning reports (Ref: CDD/TS/4)
Ceredigion District Council - planning and development reports prepared by the Technical Services Dept. in association with other departments, or submitted to the Council by external bodies.
   1. Feasibility Study - Gogerddan Place, c. 1977
   2. Coliseum Cinema Feasibility Report, c. 1977
   3. Cardiganshire Property Services, phase II [in preparation for the splitting of Dyfed county into its three component counties in 1996]. C. 1994
   4. Cardiganshire Property Services, phase III [in preparation for the splitting of Dyfed county into its three component counties in 1996]. C. 1994
   5. Ceredigion - Land for Housing [lists possible development sites]. 1975
   6. Tai Ceredigion Housing 1976 Report
   7. Tai Ceredigion Housing 1978 Report
   8. Report of the Management Team on Housing. 1974.
   9. Ceredigion Housing Report. 1975.
   10. Report of the Management Team to the Housing Services Committee on the Future Housing Programme, with report of the Director of Technical Services upon the Future Housing Programme, and Appendix A on constructional capacities. 1974.
   11. Local Government Reorganization - Offices for the Ceredigion District Council. Report by the Local Govt. Operational Research Unit. 1973. (2 copies)
   12. Welsh Office: Aberystwyth Bypass Trunk Road Proposals - Public Exhibition 8th - 10th July 1993
   13. Aberystwyth and District Plan - Final Report. Prepared by Building Design Partnership Planning Consultants, October 1972

Acc.No: 2479   Date of material: 1970s-1990s   Extent: 13 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDD/TS/4) 

Index to HMI School reports (Ref: CSC/ED/13)
Index to Her Majesty Inspectors of Schools reports on inspections carried out in schools in Cardiganshire from the 1940s to the early 1990s
Acc.No: 2478   Date of material: 1940s-1990s   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/ED/13) 

Tabernacl chapel material, postcards, books and other ephemera (Ref: ADX/1116)
1. Book: Taith y Pererin gan John Bunyan [Pilgrim's Progress], presented by the Tabernacl Sunday School to Mary J Lewis in 1886
   2. Book: 'Album Williams, Pantycelyn' edited and published by W. Morgan, Pant, Dowlais. [Contains an illustrated biography and selection of works. In Welsh]
   3. Gemau Gwirionedd/Gems of Truth. Booklet of inspiring quotations and proverbs suppiled by members of the Tabernacl congregation and published as a souvenir of the North Cardiganshire Missionary Exhibition, Aberystwyth, May 1927. 3 copies
   4. Dydd a Nos (Day and Night) - cantawd i leisiau plant (Cantata for Children's voices) gan/by David de Lloyd
   5. Y Tabernacl, Aberystwyth: Dathliad Trydydd Jiwbili Sefydlu'r Eglwys (1948)
   6. Y Tabernacl, Aberystwyth: Llawlyfr Dathlu'r Trydydd Jiwbili (1935)
   7. Y Tabernacl, Aberystwyth: Gwasanaeth Coffa J. E. Meredith 1904-1981
   8. Y Gymdeithasfa yn y De. Y Tabernacl, Aberystwyth, Tachwedd 9-12 1970
   9. The Welsh Revival. Hymns and tunes arranged and published by DL Jones (Cynalaw), Briton Ferry.
   10. Ardwyn School, Aberystwyth - Dedication and opening of organ (1953)
   11. Tabernacl, Aberystwyth - The Order of Divine Service for Trinity Sunday, May 31st 1953, being the Sunday preceding Her Majesty's Coronation
   12. Souvenir Programme of the visit of HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh to Aberystwyth on 8 August 1955 to open the completed building of the National Library of Wales and the Experimental Grounds of the Welsh Plant Breeding Station
   13. Souvenir Programme: Visit of Their Majesties the King and Queen to Aberystwyth to open the National Library of Wales, 15 July 1937
   14. Aberystwyth Programme for Coronation Year 1953
   15. National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. A Short Account and the Scheme of Buildings, the Foundation Stone of which will be laid by His Majesty King George V, July 15, 1911.
   16. Souvenir Priogramme of Celebrations in Aberystwyth: Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. 12 May 1937
   17. Borough of Aberystwyth: Reconstructed Town Hall, Queen's Road - Official Opening, 2 May 1962
   18. Postcard of Daniel Owen (1836-1895), 'the greatest Welsh novelist'
   19. Postcard of the NLW
   20. Photograph of the NLW
   21. Postcard with views of Aberystwyth, Rheidol Valley and the Hafod mansion
   22. Postcard of the Hafod church (Eglwys Newydd)
   23. Two postcards of the Chantrey monument in Hafod church
   24. Postcard of the home of William Williams, Pantycelyn
   25. Three postcards of King George V and Queen Mary (printed in Germany)
   26. Pair of postcards: The Official Silver Jubilee Portraits of King George V and Queen Mary
   27. Postcard. Cartoon commemorating (in unflattering terms) the death of Kaiser Wilhelm
   28. Aberystwyth Borough Choral Programme for the 5th Music Festival, 1947
   29. 2 copies of programme for The Magic Cup, performed by Shiloh Choir in the Parish Hall, Aberystwyth (1934)
   30. Canmlwyddiant Ysgoldy Llanio 1859-1959
   31. Light - a Journal of Spiritualism and Psychical Research. No. 3291, vol. LXIV. July 1944
   32. Psychic Science (The Journal of The International Institute for Psychic Investigation) vol. XXII no. 4, January 1944

Acc.No: 2477   Date of material:    Extent: 0.006m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1116) 

Posters (Ref: ADX/1115)
Posters advertising events in Aberystwyth, 1950s-1990s
   (some duplicates)

Acc.No: 2476   Date of material:    Extent: 17 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire Talking Newspaper (Ref: DSO/30 additional)
1. Agenda of meeting held on 7 April 1978
   2. Rules and list of trustees, 1970
   3. Letter from Tom Evans, editor, offering his resignation after many years' service, 1997
   4. Appreciation of the editor upon his retirement, 1997
   5. Text of a talk on the history of the Talking Newspaper, c. 2000?

Acc.No: 2475   Date of material:    Extent: 5 items   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Records of the Dept. of Highways, Properties and Works (Ref: CSC/DHPW/2)
Records of Ceredigion County Council's Dept. of Highways, Properties and Works. Received in the wake of The Great Move in Oct. 2009.
Acc.No: 2474   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Registrar's records relating to chapels (Ref: CDC/R/2)
Registrar's records relating to the registration of nonconformist chapels as places where marriages can be solemnized.
Acc.No: 2473   Date of material:    Extent: 2 files   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

The Great Move (Ref: CSC/DECS/RO/9)
Two sets of photographs (with negatives) recording the County Council's move into the new offices in Park Avenue, Aberystwyth in autumn 2009. Photograph depict council staff in their old offices in Swyddfa'r Sir, Town Hall, Ty Madog etc., interiors of the old offices and the removal taking place. Also CD-ROM containing the images.
   Photographs were taken by the County Archivist.

Acc.No: 2472   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 72 prints, negs, CD   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Signalman's book and assorted receipts (Ref: ADX/1114)
1. Book: Rules and Regulations for the Guidance of Officers and Men in the Service of the Cambrian Railways Company, 1st August 1898, signed by its owner, Joseph Jenkin, Signalman, Machynlleth
   2. Receipts for goods purchased by the Williams family of Cylch Peris, Llanon. Mostly 1960s. Sellers were:
   - DM & JM Williams, General Drapery and Hardware, The Emporim, Llanon
   - W. Martin, Optician, 23 North Parade, Aberystwyth
    - J. Caleb Edwards & Son, Plumbers' and Decorators' Merchants, 25 Bridge Street, Aberystwyth
   - Rhys Benjamin, London House Garage, Llanrhystud
   - BJ Jones, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Outfitters, City House, Lampeter
   - Corfield's, Radio, TV and Electrical Engineers, 6 Pier Street, Aberystwyth
   - James Marshall, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth
   - Lampeter House Ltd., General Drapers & Outfitters, 2A & 6 Terrace Road and 9 Western Parade, Aberystwyth
   - Thomas Ellis & Co., Terrace Road, Aberystwyth
   - Goetre Brick & Pipe Co., Abermule, Montgomeryshire
   - Mrs. CJ Jones, Pendre Stores, 123 Maengwyn Street. Machynlleth

Acc.No: 2471   Date of material: 1898 and 1960s   Extent: 1 vol and 1 bundle   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1114) 

Ceredigion Bird Recorder records and other papers (Ref: HWR)
Ceredigion Bird Recorder records and other papers of the late Hywel Wyn Roderick
Acc.No: 2470   Date of material:    Extent: 0.213m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Llandygwydd PC and CC (Ref: Llandygwydd PC and CC)
Records of Llandygwydd Parish (later Community) Council. In 1987 Llandygwydd Parish became part of Cymdeithas Beulah.
   Minute books of former Llandygwydd PC and CC
   1894-1941 (PC)
   1941-1965 (PC)
   1965-1975 (PC then CC)
   1975-1981 (CC)
   1981-1987 (CC)
   Receipts and Payments
   1924-1941 (PC)
   1941-1960 (PC)
   1960-1978 (PC then CC)
   1978-1987 (CC)
   Minutes of Parish Meetings of former Llandygwydd Parish 1894-1975
   Declaration of Acceptance of Office by Parish and Community councillors and chairmen: 3 books covering 1899-1986.

Acc.No: 2469   Date of material: 1894-1987   Extent: 2 boxes   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Taflenni angladd etc. (Ref: ADX/499 and ADX/499 addl.)
ADX/499/A: Perthyn (misolyn Capel y Morfa) rhif 152, 164, 166-171, 173-178, 182
   Taflenni angladd:
   83. Conrad Vaughan Joule
   84. Enid Phillips
   85. Mary Gwladys Jones
   86. Mair Ellena Davies
   87. Hywel Robert Davies
   ADX/499 addl:
   Y Genhinen, cyfrol IV rhif 2, Gwanwyn 1954
   Y Llusern, Gorffenaf/Awst 1997
   Rhaglen Cymanfaoedd Canu 2007-2008
   Rhaglen 'Dechrau Canu, Dechrau Canmol', Neuadd Fawr, Aberystwyth 4 Rhagfyr 1991
   Aberystwyth Town and District Guide (1995)
   A History of the Ccounty Infirmary, Carmarthen 1847-1948, The NHS and the West Wales General Hospital 1948 to 2004, by John Bolwell and Andrea Evans, Noon Books, 2005 (kept in searchroom)

Acc.No: 2468   Date of material:    Extent:    Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Conveyance of property in Staffordshire (Ref: ADX/1113)
Parchment deed: Conveyance of property in the parish of Leek in Staffordshire and elsewhere from Capt. Walter Goring and others to Miss Lizzie Emilia Augusta Jones (later Ballard) of Dolau, Llanbadarn Fawr.
Acc.No: 2467   Date of material: 1898   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1113) 

Aberystwyth Cemetery - plans (Ref: ABM/SE/CE/14)
3 rolls of plans of Aberystwyth Cemetery
Acc.No: 2466   Date of material:    Extent: 3 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ABM) 

Capel Bethel, Aberystwyth (Ref: ANC/60/addl)
Cofnodion Capel Bethel Aberystwyth, Ty Cwrdd y Bedyddwyr / Records of Bethel Baptist Chapel, Aberystwyth
   1. Llyfryn/booklet: Bethel, Ty Cwrdd y Bedyddwyr, Aberystwyth- Nodweddion Adeileddol a Phensaerniol o Dddidordeb / Bethel Welsh Baptist Chapel, Aberystwyth- Architectural and Structural Characteristics of Interest (2009)
   2. Llyfryn/booklet: Bethel Aberystwyth 1788-1889- Canmlwyddiant Ty-Cwrdd a Threm ar Ganrif, gan/by B. G. Owens (1989)
   3. Rhestr Gweinidogion Bethel a rhai nodiadau arnynt / List of ministers and some notes about them
   4. Cynllun mynwent gefn Bethel ac arysgrifau y beddau / plan of Bethel's graveyard and text of the monumental inscriptions

Acc.No: 2465   Date of material:    Extent: 4 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Ysgol Cwrtnewydd School (Ref: DYC/ED/26)
Llyfryn/Booklet: Dathlu Canmlwyddiant Ysgol Gynradd Cwrtnewydd 1878-1978 / Centenary Celebrations, Cwrtnewydd Primary School
Acc.No: 2464   Date of material: 1978   Extent: 1 vol   Access: Open Show catalogue(DYC/ED/26) 

Aeron Valley Railway Society (Ref: DSO/113)
Records of the Aeron Valley Railway Society (minutes and financial records)
Acc.No: 2463   Date of material: 1988-2000   Extent: 0.017m^3   Access: Restricted Not yet in the catalogue

Tystysgrifau Ysgolion Sul / Sunday School certificates (Ref: ADX/1112)
Tystysgrifau Ysgolion Sul / Sunday School certificates
Acc.No: 2462   Date of material: 1932-1942   Extent: 15 items   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Statkraft (Ref: DB/82)
Leaflets promoting Statkraft, owners of the Rheidol Hydro-Electric Scheme
Acc.No: 2461   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Show catalogue(DB/82) 

GAG - taflenni / leaflets (Ref: DSO/112)
Greener Aberystwyth Group / Grwp Aberystwyth Gwyrddach - leaflets etc.
   GAG is partly funded by Communities First (a joint initiative between WAG and county councils).
   1. Leaflet: Protecting your green spaces / Gwarchod eich mannau gwyrdd
   2. Poster advertising the 2010 AGM
   3. 2010 AGM agenda
   4. Newsletters (electronic and paper)

Acc.No: 2460   Date of material: 2009 onwards   Extent: accruing   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/112) 

Aberaeron area ephemera (Ref: ADX/1111)
Leaflets advertising attractions and events in the Aberaeron area (collected for the Archives by a local resident)
Acc.No: 2459   Date of material: 2009 onwards   Extent: 1 envolope   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberteifi / Cardigan (Ref: ADX/1110)
Aberteifi: 900 mlynedd o hanes yng nghartref yr Eisteddfod
   Cardigan: 900 years of history at the home of the eisteddfod
   (booklet by Dyfed Archaeological Trust commissioned by Cadw and Ceredigion County Council)

Acc.No: 2458   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 1 vol   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1110) 

Aberffrwd School children (Ref: ADX/1109)
Copy of photograph of Aberffrwd school pupils, 1936 (all identified)
Acc.No: 2457   Date of material: original 1936; copy 2009   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1109) 

Capel Aberffrwd - cofrestr bedyddiadau / baptisms register (Ref: ANC/59)
Llungopi o gofrestr bedyddiadau Capel Aberffrwd (Methodistiaid Calfinaidd) 1814-1999
   Photocopy of the baptisms register of Aberffrwd Calvinistic Methodist chapel, 1814-1999
   2 copies, one kept in searchroom

Acc.No: 2456   Date of material: Original 1814-1999; copy 2009   Extent: 60ff each copy   Access: Open Show catalogue(ANC/59) 

Welsh Gazette and other newspapers (Ref: ADX/1108)
Welsh Gazettes :
   10/05/1945 ( damaged)
   14/06/1945 ( 2 copies)
   18/08/1949 ( damaged)
   23/08/1951 ( damaged)
   04/08/1955 (Royal opening of Welsh Plant Breeding Station and National Library Extension special issue)
   03/08/1944 (Lampeter Eisteddfod special issue)
   Sunday Graphic 12/03/1944
   Daily Mirror 14/11/1944
   Western Mail 08/06/1944
   Western Mail 13/09/1945 ( front page only)
   The Sunday Express 20/03/1955 ( one page only - article on General Orde Wingate)
   Cardigan and Teifyside Advertiser13/05/1955
   (4 pages only)
   Western Mail 22/10/1966 ( after Aberfan disaster)
   Western Mail 31/10/1966 ( Royal visit to Aberfan)
   Cambrian News 01/05/1970 (Aberystwyth
   Cambrian News [?] cutting only 29/09/1972 showing a gambo in Pontrhydfendigaid

Acc.No: 2455   Date of material: 1944 - 1964   Extent: 0.008m^3   Access: open Show catalogue(ADX/1108) 

1950s Radio Rentals booklet (Ref: ADX/1107)
Colour catalogue of products (wireless and television sets) offered for sale or rent by Radio Rentals ('Famous for Service Throughouth the Country')
Acc.No: 2454   Date of material: 1959   Extent: Booklet + insert   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1107) 

Cyflwyniad i'r Cyngor / Council Guide (Ref: CSC/CE/9)
Cyngor Sir Ceredigion County Council
   1. Cyflwyniad i'r Cyngor 2003-2004 Council Guide
   2. Cyflwyniad i'r Cyngor 2005 Council Guide

Acc.No: 2453   Date of material: 2003-2005   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/CE/9) 

Llawlyfr Arddangosfa Celf a Chrefft / Catalogue of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition (Ref: D/EIS/11)
Llawlyfr Arddangosfa Celf a Chrefft, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Frenhinol Cymru, Llanbedr Pont Steffan a'r Fro, Awst 4-11, 1984 / Catalogue of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales, Lampeter and District, August 4-11, 1984
Acc.No: 2452   Date of material: 1984   Extent: 1 item   Access: Open Not yet in the catalogue

Aberystwyth Golf Club (Ref: DSO/111)
Records of the Aberystwyth Golf Club
Acc.No: 2451   Date of material:    Extent: 0.048m^3   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/111) 

School records - Cardigan Junior School/ Cofnodion Ysgol Iau Aberteifi (Ref: CRD/C/1-2, CRD/C/R/5-6, CRD/C/SR/16-21; CSC/ED/12)
Log book 1934-1997. CRD/C/1
   Log book 1997- 2007. CRD/C/2
   Admission Register 1981-1996. CRD/C/R/5
   Admission Register 1996-2007. CRD/C/R/6
   Summary registers 1982-2003. CRD/C/SR/16-21
   Rhaglen Seremoni Agoriadol/School Opening Programme, 1968 (2 copies)
   School photographs
   Other records

Acc.No: 2450   Date of material: 1934-2007   Extent: 0.287m^3   Access: Some DP restrictions Show catalogue(CSC/ED/12) 

Llais and Oats (Ref: ADX/1106)
1-6. Llais - newsletter of Bronglais general Hospital, Aberystwyth. 6 issues - December 1967 to May 1968
   7. Oats - Aber Rag magazine, 1968 issue

Acc.No: 2448   Date of material: 1967-68   Extent: 7 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(ADX/1106) 

Aberystwyth Leisure Centre (Ref: CDC/PL/10)
1. Programme for the official opening of Plascrug Swimming Pool (now Aberystwyth Leisure Centre) on 21 November 1973
   2. Large b/w photograph of the building (by Mike Evans). 1973

Acc.No: 2447   Date of material: 1973   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDC/PL/10) 

Llanina Mansion (Ref: CDD/PL/3)
1. Letter from Ceredigion District Council's Director of Planning to local councillors concerning a site visit to ruins of Llanina mansion, with attached report on same submitted to the Planning and Development Committee on 5 September 1984
   2. Photographs of the ruins: 6 prints and two contact sheets. Taken in December 1983.

Acc.No: 2446   Date of material: 1983-84   Extent: 8 prints & 5 ff.   Access: Open Show catalogue(CDD/PL/3) 

Cymanfa Ganu programmes etc. (Ref: ANC/58)
Rhaglenni Cymanfeydd Canu a deunydd arall
   - Cymanfa Gerddorol Methodistiaid Calfinaidd Dosbarth Aberystwyth a gynhelir yn y Tabernacl, Aberystwyth: 1886, 1889, 1901, 1910, 1912, 1914, 1916, 1920
   - Cymanfa Gerddorol Methodistiaid Calfinaidd Dosbarth Aberystwyth a gynhelir yn Siloh, Aberystwyth: 1904, 1913, 1921, 1923
   - Cymanfa Gerddorol Methodistiaid Calfinaidd Dosbarth Aberystwyth a gynhelir yn y Tabernacl a Siloh, Aberystwyth: 1885
   - Undeb Cerddorol MC Glanau Teifi ac Aeron: Cylchwyl Gerddorol yn Llangeitho, 1915, 1921
   - Undeb Cerddorol MC Glanau Teifi ac Aeron: Cylchwyl Gerddorol yn Llanbedr, 1917
   - Undeb Cerddorol MC Glanau Teifi ac Aeron: Cylchwyl Gerddorol yn Llanddewi Brefi, 1916
   - Undeb Ysgolion Wesleaid, Cylchdaith Aberystwyth; Cymanfa Gerddorol, St. Paul's, Aberystwyth, 29 Ebrill 1920
   - Undeb Cerddorol Wesleaid Cymru: Tonau ac Emynau 1922-23
   - Cymanfa Ganu Annibynwyr Gogledd Ceredigion, Aberystwyth 4 Mai 1921
   - Cymanfa Gerddorol Bedyddwyr Gogledd Ceredigion, a gynhelir yn Bethel, Aberystwyth, 1922, 1923
   - Gwyl Gerddorol Aberystwyth, Neuadd y Coleg, 15 Mai 1929
   - Cymanfa Ganu Genedlaethol Aberystwyth (o dan nawdd yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol): Hymnau a Thonau at wasanaeth y Gymanfa ar 18 Awst 1916
   - 'Duw sydd Noddfa' (Psalm 46, 1-5): cerddoriaeth gan JT Rees, Bow Street
    - Plant y Nefoedd: cantawd syml i blant. Cerddoriaeth gan Dan Protheroe. Cyhoeddwyd gan D. Jenkind, Aberystwyth.
   - Cyfarfod Ysgolion (clawr ar goll)

Acc.No: 2445   Date of material: 1885-1929   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(ANC/58) 

Merched Ystwyth - rhaglen sioe/show programme (Ref: DSO/110)
Rhaglen/programme: Sioe Arddwriaethol Flynyddol / Annual Horticultural Show (Neuadd Ysbyty Ystwyth/Pontrhydygroes Hall), 2009
Acc.No: 2444   Date of material: 2009   Extent: 1 file   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/110) 

Llanfarian and District Horticultural Show/ Sioe Arddwriaethol Llanfarian a'r Cylch (Ref: DSO/109)
Programme/Rhaglen 2009
   Programme/Rhaglen 2010

Acc.No: 2443   Date of material: 2009-2010   Extent: 2 items   Access: Open Show catalogue(DSO/109) 

Cyngor Cymuned Llanwenog Community Council (Ref: Llanwenog CC)
Cofnodion ychwanegol/further records
   Llyfrau cofnodion/Minute books:
   1. Mehefin/June 1969 - Chwefror/February 1989
   2. Ebrill/April 1989 - Ebrill/April 2000

Acc.No: 2442   Date of material: 1969-2000   Extent: 2 vols   Access: Open Show catalogue(Llanwenog PC & CC) 

Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum: Exhibition catalogues and other publications (Ref: CSC/DECS/MUS/1)
1. Hafod Revisited 2009: Catalogue of exhibition by Aberystwyth Printmakers, curated by Stuart Evans and held at Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum
   2. Exhibition catalogue: Mabel Pakenham-Walsh - Trem yn ol/A Retrospective
   3. Hutchings the Aberystwyth Taxidermists 1860-1942, by Pat Morris and Michael Freeman [published to coincide with exhibition]
   4. Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum [guide to the Museum]

Acc.No: 2441   Date of material: 2009 onwards   Extent:    Access: Open Show catalogue(CSC/DECS/MUS/1) 

DOCUMENTS (15) from Gilfachau farm, Llanddeiniol. (Ref: ADX/1104)
No. 1
   Mortgage in Fees
   Mr Jas. Watkins to Mrs Hughes, Mortgage in Fees for Securing £300. No.9
   No. 2
   Testament of Mr James Watkins, Llangfihangel Geneur Glyn (in corner, £7.9.0)
   No. 3