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Recent Acquisitions

New documents are always arriving at the archives, and we're very pleased about that! If you have a document or collection you would like to deposit please contact us.
We have listed our new acquisitions below, and the list will be updated regularly. It takes us a while to get documents ready for the public, therefore you may not find the items on this page in the on-line collections. If you would like to know more about anything listed below please contact us.

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Queens Hotel, bill of sale (Ref: BRA/7)
Bill of sale re Queens Hotel.
Acc.No: 299   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Y Cronicl (Ref: ADX/75/2-4)
'Y Cronicl' 1850-54, 1869-72.
Acc.No: 298   Date of material:    Extent: 3 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/75) 

The Passing of a Port (Ref: ADX/93/1)
'The Passing of a Port. Aberystwyth 1860-1939'
Acc.No: 297   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/93) 

Postcards (Ref: ADX/92/1-35)
Acc.No: 296   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/92) 

Ceredigion District Council boxes (Ref: CDD; ANR)
9 boxes including 4 of printed minutes, 1 miscellaneous circulars - records
   includes some Aberaeron Rural District records.

Acc.No: 295   Date of material:    Extent: 9 boxes   Access:  Show catalogue(ANR/TR) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/1) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/2) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/3) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/4) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/5) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/6) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/7) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/8) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/9) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/10) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/11) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/12) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/13) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/14) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/15) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/16) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/17) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/18) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/19) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/20) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/21) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/22) Show catalogue(ANR/TR/23) 

No records for this number (Ref: )

Acc.No: 294   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

No records for this number (Ref: )

Acc.No: 293   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

No records for this number (Ref: )

Acc.No: 292   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

No records for this number (Ref: )

Acc.No: 291   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

No records for this number (Ref: )

Acc.No: 290   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

No records for this number (Ref: )

Acc.No: 289   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

No records for this number (Ref: )

Acc.No: 288   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

No records for this number (Ref: )

Acc.No: 287   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

No records for this number (Ref: )

Acc.No: 286   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Motor vehicle regtistration & licencing manuals (Ref: CDC/ML/4)
Manual entitled 'Motor Vehicle Registration & Licensing' & 'Driving Licences' (2 ciopies).
Acc.No: 285   Date of material:    Extent: 3 items   Access:  Show catalogue(CDC/ML) 

Penbryn Parish Council records (Ref: Penbryn CC (was SPC/8))
Records of the Penbryn Parish (later Community) Council minute books, accounts 1894-1980, tithe map & schedule (copies) 1842.
Acc.No: 284   Date of material:    Extent: 1 Rb   Access:  Show catalogue(Penbryn PC & CC) 

Miscellaneous deeds (Ref: D/WHE)
Miscellaneous deeds 1665-1893 including the parishes of Llanddeiniol, Llandissiliogogo, Llangoedmor.
Acc.No: 283   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(D/WHE) 

O.S. 6" index map (Ref: OS/8)
O.S. Index Map to the 6" series for Cardiganshire, surveyed in 1885-1888.
Acc.No: 282   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(OS/8) 

Cross Inn Primary School 1855-1980 (Ref: ADX/91)
'Cross Inn Primary School 1855-1980'
Acc.No: 281   Date of material: 1980   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/91) 

Panoramic postcards of Borth (Ref: ADX/89)
Panoramic postcards of Borth (2)
Acc.No: 280   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/89) 

The Cateret Priaulx papers (Ref: ADX/90)
The Cateret Priaulx papers
Acc.No: 279   Date of material:    Extent: 1 file   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/90) 

Ships & shipping registers (Ref: AT/SHIP/1-14)
Registers of ships (7) 1824-1884; registers of transactions relating to shipping registered prior to May 1855 (6) 1855-1924; register of fishing boats (1) 1869-1902: all relating to the port of Aberystwyth.
Acc.No: 278   Date of material: 1824-1924   Extent: 0.458m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(AT/SHIP) 

School certificates (Ref: ADX/88)
Various certificates awarded to the depositor when a pupil at Tregroes Council School 1923-30; certificate awarded to M. Jenkins as a member of a Capel Cynon sunday school, 1885.
Acc.No: 277   Date of material: 1885, 1923-30   Extent: 1 file   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/88) 

Index to 'Will O' Whisper' (Ref: ADX/34/13)
Index to 'Will O' Whisper' articles 1978.
Acc.No: 276   Date of material: 1978   Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/34) 

Miscellaneous Llandysul Grammar School (Ref: ADX/61/2)
Miscellaneous material relating to Llandysul Grammar School: Photograph of T.E. Davies, headmaster 1932-1957; various programmes of events, 1965, 1968; order of memorial service to E. Morgan, one time music master, 1979.
Acc.No: 275   Date of material: 1932-1979   Extent: 4 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/61) 

Aberystwyth University postcard (Ref: ADX/87)
Early 20th C. postcard of Aberystwyth University.
Acc.No: 274   Date of material: Early 20th century   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/87) 

Mr E.J. Roderick (Ref: ADX/72/4)
Unspecified material deposited by Mr E.J. Roderick.
Acc.No: 273   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/72) 

Miscellaneous collection (Ref: ADX/34/12)
Bound volume of the Cambrian News, Jan-Dec 1918; 'Evan Evans 1850-1933. A memoir'; various programmes of events including royal visit 1955; photos, sale catalogues.
Acc.No: 272   Date of material:    Extent: 2 files   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/34) 

Col. & Mrs Powell, papers (Ref: ADX/86)
Papers re Col & Mrs Powell of Aberystwyth 1839-67
Acc.No: 271   Date of material: 1839-1867   Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/86) 

Postcard of Cardigan & New Quay album (Ref: ADX/85)
Postcard of Cardigan from Netpool, c. 1910, and small book of photographs of New Quay (undated).
Acc.No: 270   Date of material:    Extent: 2 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/85) 

Revocation of Trusts (Ref: BRA/6)
Revocation of Trusts - Rev W. Mathews, Ystradmeurig to R. Williams of Lincoln's Inn, 1818.
Acc.No: 269   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Bond for performance of covenants (Ref: BRA/5)
Bond for performance of covenants, Richard Vaughan of Penbryn to Reignald ap Jevan Lloyd of Llanrhystud, Nov. 1626.
Acc.No: 268   Date of material: 1626   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Records of the Aberclydan Brewery (at one time called Felinfor Brewery) Llanon (Ref: DB/4)
Records of the Aberclydan Brewery (at one time called Felinfor Brewery) Llanon, taken over about 1837 by David Morgan of Alltlwyd Farm and Glancledan, Llanon.
Acc.No: 267   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(DB/4) 

Metal Mines of North Wales (Ref: ADX/84)
'Metal Mines of North Wales', C.J. Williams.
Acc.No: 266   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/84) 

Aberystwyth University College, retrospect & proposals. (Ref: ADX/83/1)
'The University college of Wales Aberystwyth, Historical Retrospect & Proposals for New college Buildings', c.1933
Acc.No: 265   Date of material: c. 1933   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/83) 

Vehicle Licensce Refunds (Ref: CDC/ML/3)
Vehicle Licensce Refunds etc.
Acc.No: 264   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(CDC/ML) 

Aberystwyth Yesterday (Ref: ADX/82)
'Aberystwyth Yesterday', H.C. Jones 1980.
Acc.No: 263   Date of material: 1980   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/82) 

RC Local Government Reform (Ref: ADX/16/5)
Report of the Royal Commission on Local Government Reform in England. Vols I-III, summary + maps
Acc.No: 262   Date of material:    Extent: 4 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/16) 

Devil's Bridge station, c. 1910 (Ref: ADX/59/5)
Photograph of Devil's Bridge railway station, c. 1910.
Acc.No: 261   Date of material: c. 1910   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/59) 

Local Vehicle Licensing Office material (Ref: CDC/ML/2)
Motor taxation registers, financial records etc. (additional).
Acc.No: 260   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Show catalogue(CDC/ML/2) Show catalogue(CDC/ML/3) Show catalogue(CDC/ML/4) Show catalogue(CDC/ML/5) 

Two prints (Ref: ADX/59/4)
Two prints: Devil's Bridge, Aberystwyth; fall of the Teifi.
Acc.No: 259   Date of material:    Extent: 2 Items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/59) 

Provisional valuations, Finance Act 1910 (Ref: T/DV)
Additional forms 37+4 - provisional valuations under the Finance (1909-1910) Act 1910
Acc.No: 258   Date of material:    Extent:    Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Cardiganshire County Council Seal (Ref: CDC/SE/4/8)
Seal of the Cardiganshire County Council, depicting lion, fish, wheatsheaf & the arms of St David.
Acc.No: 257   Date of material:    Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(CDC/SE/4) 

N.A.L.G.O. Constitution & Rules (Ref: ADX/81)
N.A.L.G.O. (Cards. Branch) Constitution & Rules 1954.
Acc.No: 256   Date of material: 1954   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/81) 

Ancient West Wales from the Air (Ref: ADX/80)
'Ancient West Wales from the Air', T. James & D. Simpson (1980).
Acc.No: 255   Date of material: 1980   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/80) 

Schemes for intermediate & technical education (Ref: ADX/16/4)
Printed copies: Cardiganshire schemes for intermediate & technical education, 1899, 1934.
Acc.No: 254   Date of material: 1899, 1934   Extent: 1 file   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/16) 

1" OS maps, popular edition (Ref: ADX/16/3)
Various1" OS maps, popular edition (9).
Acc.No: 253   Date of material:    Extent: 9 items   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/16) 

The St David's Club (Ref: ADX/79)
'The St David's Club: its roots & early history', Dr B.G. Charles (Jan 1980).
Acc.No: 252   Date of material: 1980   Extent: 1 item   Access:  Show catalogue(ADX/79) 

Ceredigion register of electors 1980-81 (Ref: ER/1980)
Register of electors, Ceredigion District, 1980-1981.
Acc.No: 251   Date of material:    Extent: 0.013m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

Forms 37 (Ref: T/DV/42-110)
Forms 37 Land
Acc.No: 250   Date of material:    Extent: 0.088m^3   Access:  Not yet in the catalogue

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