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Ref: LIB/3

Reference: [GB 0212] LIB/3
Title: Scrapbooks on Cribyn and Tregaron
Date(s): c. 1960
Level: Fonds
Extent: 2 items

Scope and Content:

Acc. 2653


Scrapbook prepared in Cribyn school about local history, topography, people etc., also hand-drawn maps of the area etc. 1960.

Acc. 2656


Scrapbook prepared in Tregaron school about local history, topography, people etc.

Page 1. Cover. Mounted on black paper: ink sketch of the school; title, ‘Ysgol Gynradd Tregaron’.

Page 2. Title page, handwritten in Welsh, ‘Contribution/ Primary School/ Tregaron/ Schoolmaster: - E. D. Jones./ December 1960.

Page 3. Black and white postcard, ‘General view from east Tregaron’.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘The origin of the town’.

Page 4. Black and white photographs showing view of square from church tower and distant view of town.     Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘The name of Tregaron’.

Page 5. Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘The growth of Tregaron’.

Page 6. Hand drawn map, ink coloured with crayon, ‘Tregaron in 1800’.

Page 7. Hand drawn map, ink coloured with crayon, ‘Tregaron in 1850’.

Page 8. Hand drawn map, ink coloured with crayon, ‘Tregaron in 1900’.

Page 9. Hand drawn map, ink coloured with felt tip, ‘Tregaron in 1960’.

Page 10. Original painting (watercolour?) of church and central part of town.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘The parish church of St Caron’.

Page 11. Original painting (watercolour?) of Bwlchgwynt chapel.
Handwritten text in Welsh, ‘Bwlchgwynt’.

Page 12. Original painting (watercolour?) of Bwlchgwynt chapel.
Handwritten text in English, ‘Bwlchgwynt’.

Page 13. Ink sketch of Capel y Wesleiaid.
Handwritten text in Welsh, ‘Capel y Wesleiaid’.

Page 14. Two printed black and white photographs of Soar-y-Mynydd chapel entitled: ‘Y Ffordd yr Elych I Soar’, with a verse in Welsh on reverse; ‘Golwg argos ar y capel bach’.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘Soar-y-Mynydd’.

Page 15. Ink sketch, ‘Oak tree at Tanyrallt’.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘The oak tree at Tanyrallt’. The tree is said to be the one under which the Methodist preacher William Williams composed a hymn, the lyrics of which are given in Welsh.

Page 16. Ink sketch of Tregaron square showing stocks.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘Stocks on the square’, describing stocks set up in 1814.

Page 17. Ink sketch of old Tregaron bridge in 1901.
Black and white photograph of Tregaron bridge.
Black and white postcard, ‘Bridge & church, Tregaron’.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘The bridges’.

Page 18. Black and white photograph of the railway passing Cors Caron, also shows bus, dated 1957.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘The Railway’.

Page 19. Black and white postcards: ‘The County School, Tregaron’; ‘Tregaron, approach from south’. 
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘The Schools’.

Page 20. Black and white photographs labelled, ‘National parent’s day 1949’, and, ‘Dathlu Gwyl Ddewi 1948’. These both show a group of children in national dress, the former also with a congregation of mothers.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘The Tregaron Council School’.

Page 21. Black and white photograph showing peat cutters. 
Black and white postcard, ‘The Bog, Tregaron’.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘Gors Goch Caron’.

Page 22. Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘The wells of Caron’, an outline of four holy wells with a Welsh language poem.

Page 23. Black and white postcard, ‘Pont Eynon, Tregaron’.
Handwritten text, adult hand, English and Welsh, ‘Pont Eynon’.

Page 24. Black and white postcard, ‘The Foot of the pass, Tregaron’.
Handwritten text in Welsh, adult hand, ‘Cwmberwyn’.

Page 25. Two printed black and white reproductions of engravings entitled, ‘Gyrru Gwartheg’, and, ‘Porthmyn Yn Gyrru Anifeiliad’.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘The Drovers’.

Page 26. Freehand reproduction of Aberystwyth and Tregaron Bank two pound note.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘Banc y Ddafad Ddu’, concerning the Aberystwyth and Tregaron Bank.

Page 27. Original painting or coloured sketch (watercolour?), showing a cabin or cottage.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘Tai Un-nos’, concerning squatter cabins. 

Page 28. Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘Thomas Jones (Twn Shon Catti). (1590-1630)’, outlining the legendary career of the notorious bandit.

Page 29. Ink sketch entitled, ‘Ebenezer Richard’.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘Ebenezer Richard’, outlining the career of the ‘“Robert Raikes” of Cardiganshire’, a pioneer of the Sunday school movement.

Page 30. Black and white, or sepia photograph of the Henry Richard statue, with group posed at foot, including women in national costume, probably a peace rally, 1920s-30s.
Handwritten texts, English and Welsh, ‘Henry Richards’, outlining the career of the ‘apostle of peace’.

Page 31. Ink sketch of Prospect House, birthplace of Henry Richards.
Printed black and white photograph of the Henry Richards statue, captioned, ‘Y gofeb ar sgwar Tregaron’.

Page 32. Tregaron Angling Association map of the river Teifi, showing association waters and their salmon pools.
Printed black and white photograph showing cattle grazing beside the Teifi.
Handwritten texts, adult hands, English and Welsh, concerning the river Teifi and the Tregaron Angling Association.

Page 33. One colour-tinted and one black and white postcard, both captioned, ‘Pony trekking at Tregaron’.
Two black and white photographs, one showing trekkers passing the church, the other a pony drive or stampede, through the town.
Handwritten texts, adult hands, English and Welsh, ‘The Pony Trekking’.

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