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Acc. 2935

Ref: MUS/203 

Notebooks, account books etc. belonging to John Daniel Lloyd of Hafodyrwyn and Llanybydder, Henry Lloyd of Hafodyrwyn, Sarah Jones and possibly others
The material was found in the attic of the depositor's late relative who lived in Talgarreg.

Material belonging to or associated with John Daniel Lloyd.

1. Small black-bound notebook, with Almanack for 1853/1863 inside front cover. Earliest contents are lists of names and figures dated 1870-73. Much scribbled over in indelible pencil. A later page has, ‘Printing. JOHN LOYD, HAFODYRWYN, LANWENOG’. Later page in pencil, ‘Preface. This book forms the fourth of the Royal Geographica(l) Readers. It contains 62/5 lessons a full years work. These lessons have been prepared with great care ...’.

2. Green covered Exercise Book belonging to ‘John Lloyd, Hafodyrwyn, June 13 1884’. Contains various marked and corrected exercises, including specimen letters and a useful account of New Court. Colour transfers of flowers on opening page (see also MUS/203/4).

3. Small notebook with oxblood covers, with name of J.D. Lloyd of Hafod. Contains mostly mathematical problems, one dated to 1886, but also includes a section on History.

4. Small notebook, oxblood covers with name of John D. Lloyd. Inside cover has Calendars for 1885 and 1886. First page has letter to ‘Dear Brother’, written from The Grammar School, Llanybyther, 6/15/86. Otherwise contains mathematical problems.

5. Hardbound exercise book  belonging to ‘J.D. Lloyd, The Grammar School, Llanybyther, July 12th 1886’. Contains grammar exercises.

6. Small red-bound notebook inscribed J.D. Lloyd, Hafod, 28/3/87. Contains a number of long hand-written, Welsh-language texts, each headed by a Bible reference.

7. Four Chamber’s book-keeping books, all inscribed J.D. or John Lloyd with entries dating to 1887.
7/1. Chamber’s Single Entry Book, Book I, inscribed J.D. Lloyd’. First page entitled ‘Day Book, Llanybyther January 1st, 1887 (latest entry March 4th). Entries concern sales of fabrics, foodstuffs and sundry other goods. Other pages contain Invoice Book, Cash Book, Bill Book, Warehouse Book and Stock Book.
7/2. Chamber’s Double Entry, Book I, inscribed J.D. Lloyd’. First page entitled ‘Day Book, Llanybyther January 1st, 1887 (latest entry Jan 25th). Entries concern purchase of cloth, stationery, books, etc. Other pages contain Invoice Book, Cash Book, Bill Book, Warehouse Book and Stock Book.
7/3. Chamber’s Single Entry Book, Book II, inscribed ‘John Lloyd 17/3/87’. Contains Ledger, with entries ranging from January to March 1887, and Account Book (blank).
7/4. Chamber’s Double Entry, Book II, inscribed J.D. Lloyd Sept 27/87’. Contains Ledger, with entries only for January.

8. Loose items associated with J.D. Lloyd.
8/1. Christmas card, with coloured picture of roses and verse, reverse has, ‘A present for Mr John Lloyd, Hafod, from Henry Rees Davies from 36 Alma St, Dowlais, Glamorganshire. Forget me not ... (phrase in Welsh)’. Partly obscured by secondary inscription repeating address.
8/2. Paper, addressed to J.D.Lloyd, Hafod yr Wyn, reverse has text in Welsh.

9. Notebook with embossed leather covers, royal portraits on front, front end-papers have Almanack for 1872, front inscribed ‘J. D. Lloyd, The Gr. School, Llanybyther’. Contents, the earliest dated 1874, appears to be in Welsh and to concern accounts or Bible references. Pocket in marbled rear endpaper has humorous reversible face cut from newspaper.

Small leather bound volume, ‘Casgliad o Hymnau’, J. Harris, Abertawe/Swansea, 1823. Handwritten notes in endpapers.

Small notebook with green covers, front inscribed, ‘Henry Lloyd, Hafodyrwyn, Feb 12, 1874. Inside front cover has calendars for 1873 and 1874. Contains account or subscription lists, Welsh-language.

Black-bound notebook containing accounts for farm produce, eggs, pigs, cows, horses, sheep, butter, for years between 1896 and 1903. Inclusion with further accounts (also blotting paper). Colour transfers of flowers at front and rear (for which see also MUS/203/1/2).

Hardbound exercise book, ‘Sarah Jones, Commences 25 March 1904’. Contains fair copies of school exercises, including many transcriptions (‘The dog is a running animal; it is made for running ...’). Pencil note inside front cover, ‘kiss kiss kiss my darling’.

Small notebook in oxblood covers, inside front cover has calendars for 1908 and 1909. Contains accounts covering the period between 1911 and 1917. Two inclusions: Welsh-language account or similar headed by the Gomerian Press of Llandyssul, 27 January 1916, naming Mr and Mrs Lloyd of Hafodyrwyn and John D. Lewis, printer and bookseller; Ration Paper belonging to Charles Williams of Llysfaenucha, Llanybyther. 

Blue-bound, soft-covered diary for 1919, in Welsh apart from ‘This book belongs to’. Vanishingly few entries.

Printed booklet, ‘County and County of the Borough of Carmarthen Infirmary, 75th Annual Report and Statement of Accounts (year ending Dec 31st 1921)’.

Eleven loose sheets or cards, with fragments of packaging labels. Includes recipes, a sign language chart, an incomplete Christmas card and cards for the Hotel de l’Elysee, and the stallion Wild Flyer (1895 season).

Corroded tintype portrait photograph of a young boy (seated).

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