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Ref: MUS/97 

Castle Green, Cardigan

Cash book commencing January 1830. Notes on the care of various animals on the inside cover. Majority of entries on rent payable, includes names and occupations of tenants.

Bank account book commencing June 1831. Private ledger, contains details on debts payable, with index of names. Last entry around 1863.

Tivy-Side Advertiser, 15 April 1898. Wedding in Cardigan of Elias Davies, Tyhen and Sarah Davies, St. Mary’s-Street on the 14th under Marriage announcements. 2 copies, one with handwritten note: ‘Davies wedding’.
15 April 1898

Tivy-Side Advertiser, 5 January 1906. Death of David Griffiths Davies of Castle Green on the 4th January at the age of 70 announced.
5 January 1906

Tivy-Side Advertiser, 12 January 1906. Includes an account of Mr. David Griffiths Davies’ funeral, with a list of mourners included. Inscribed on front ‘David’s funeral’. 
12 January 1906

Notebook entitled ‘Choice Scraps’, signed and dated by Elizabeth Evans, Carmarthen on 3 May 1805. Includes poetry, pieces of biography, handwriting practice and some pages for fortune telling. 

Rent book, details of names of tenants, and some occupations. Inside cover has almanac for 1843.
c. 1843

Notebook, with inventory of wine moved to the cellar of Castle Green from the High Street. Listed by David Davies on 10th December, the first night he slept at Castle Green.
10 December 1840

Notebook with inventories of dinnerware. Includes lists of silverware, china and electro-plated goods. First list dated 21 April 1904, last on 4 June 1908.

William James and Sons, Ironmongers notebook. Labelled ‘Parcygorse a/c’ on cover, but contains lists of household goods, such as breakfast and dinner services. Date stamped on inside cover is 19 June 1906.
c. 1906

Notebook with lists of silver in use in August 1941, listed by location within the house. Inside cover has calendars for 1911 and 1912.
August 1941

Photographic portrait of a woman by H. P. Robinson and Son of Redhill and Guildford.
No date, c. 1910?

Diploma of a Dame from the Primrose League. Certificate for Arabella Anne Davies of the Castle, Cardigan, enrolled on 8 January 1886.
9 January 1886

Chequebook for Esdaile, Grenfell, Thomas & Co. Some stubs with payment details. First cheque written 5 August 1834, last written April 1837.

Letter from Walter William Thomas, Rector of Dinas, to Benjamin Evans, concerning birth certificates for three children of Benjamin and his wife Esther. Transcriptions from the parish register of Dinas concerning the baptisms are enclosed. 2 ff
6 July 1843

Letter from I. Jones of Nevern Vicarage to Mrs E. B. Evans of Quay Street, Cardigan, concerning repairs necessary to the church. A postscript concerns records of Easter Evans’ (nee Griffiths) baptism and burial.
15 January 1849

Note with a copy of the inscription of Easter Evan’s grave stone at Nevern.
No date.

Empty envelope, addressed to Mrs. Evans, Quay Street, Cardigan. Noted on it are ‘Certificate of Caleb Rice Evan’s death’ and ‘With Mr Thomas’s compliments’.
No date

Letter to Mrs. Benjamin Evans, Quay Street, Cardigan, regarding the validity of a will.
7 December 1849

Empty envelope, addressed to Mr. D. Jenkins, Cardigan.

Letter from R. Ethersey to Jenkins, informing him of the suspicious death of (David) Evans of the Boat Department of Wootton due to a fall from his horse on 14 October.
21 October 1853

Black-edged letter from Griffiths Jenkins to his mother about the death of David Evans. (See also MUS/97/21).
28 October 1853

Two empty envelopes, both inscribed ‘Respecting the deaths of William and David, Mr Evans, Quay Street’. 
c. 1853

Newspaper cutting about the death of Dr Benjamin Griffith Evans, 31, at Mangalore on the 18th November from cholera.
No date

Letter to Mrs B. Evans, regarding the completion of a lawsuit. 
December 1851

Note by Caleb Evans giving the births of his children Benjamin (11 October 1789) and Elizabeth (5 December 1790) from his first wife, Maria James.
No date.

Envelope with ‘exact copy of uncle George D. Griffith’s will’, which contains 2 copies of the will. He leaves £1000 to his niece (daughter of Easter and Benjamin Evans) Annie. £200 is left to his sister Dorothea, wife of James Bowen, £100 to his niece Maria and the remainder to his niece Ellen. The witnesses are Daniel Matthias and Mary Davies.
26 January 1872

Note asking for proof of identification of Mr. Evans and Miss Macauley, for which the sender has obtained a marriage certificate.
17 October 1856

Copy of a scale map showing Gower Place, with some cost calculations.
29 July 1922

Medical and diet instructions for Master Davies, detailing mild medicines which were permissible (such as magnesium), and the diet provision; no salt, no vegetables and a ‘fair quantity of home brew’d beer to be taken daily’. Written by John Propert.
21 March 1848

Letter to Anna Maria and Maria Letitia Evans from their mother. Concerns the allocation of funds with which Mrs. Evans is to be supported should her health fail, as well as where she should live.
29 April 1840

3 handwritten sheets with inventories of kitchen utensils and silver goods.
31 May 1930

Black edged envelope with handwritten note about the contents.
No date

Letter from Thomas Davies to his brother David, sent from the ship Royal Dane. Talks of the cargo their father has bought, and the selling of ‘Harmony’ for £375 (possibly a ship). Also talks of the difficulty of hiring sailors for their work in Melbourne. He asks his brother to send his wishes onto many of their friends and relations. 
26 July 1863

Letter from Thomas Davies to his brother David sent from Enderbie, Torquay. Praises the negotiations between David and J.B. Thorpe, but mostly the letter is about Thomas’ health, and ‘the plurisses [sic]’ in his side. Another page in a different handwriting, mostly about J.B. Thorpe, but unsigned.
22 April 1864

Envelope containing two letters, and labelled as private letters regarding the ill health of a student in Cheltenham. Letters are about the health of David to his mother. One is signed by ‘Mrs. Garrett’, the other illegible. 
No date

Letter about an Exchequer bill for £500, with interest of £14. 2s, sent from Carmarthen to Thomas Davies. Signature unclear.
26 September 1826

Invoice number 222 from Thomas Lloyd, Ironmonger, to Mrs. Evans, Quay Street. Itemized and dated bill for brass and iron goods purchased in 1849. Signed as paid on 11 January 1850.
6 December 1849

Certificate of £200 bank stock for the Bank of England, for Mrs. Eliza Bleasdale Evans, wife of Benjamin Evans.
8 July 1836

Account of the estate of Benjamin Evans. Signed by Lewis Evans, Benjamin Evans and Caleb Lewis. Dates start at 1827.
17 May 1828

Deed of submission to arbitration, relating to an act of trespass by Henry Guyon, onto William Thomas. 
14 June 1830

Copy of a letter to Mrs. E. B. Evans from Maria Philipps, regarding a financial difficulty that Mrs. E. B. Evans is in as the result of bereavement. Also reply, over difficulties between the two women in selling a bond. (See also MUS/97/43).

Unfinished letter to Mr. Bagnall from Mrs. E.B. Evans, regarding an advance on the sale of a bond worth £335. (See also MUS/97/44)
12 May 1854

Note of the contents of the ‘large tin box’, lists important papers kept within.
1 January 1853

Copy of entry in parish records of Narberth, Pembrokeshire for the marriage of Benjamin Evans (widower) and Elizabeth Bleasdale Evans on 20 September, 1831. Transcribed and signed by William Lloyd, Rector.
18 August 1849

Unfinished black-bordered letter from Elizabeth Bleasdale Evans, returning a deed and informing the recipient of her name and address.
No date

Copy of a letter from Mr. Leman, of the Norwich Union, again regarding the £335 bond, and requesting Mrs. Philipps’ letter. Also copy of letter to Mr. Bagnall (see MUS/97/43).
10 May 1854

Probate of the will of Anna Maria Evans, appointing her sister Maria Letitia Evans sole executrix.
25 June 1880

Notepaper embossed with ‘Castle Green, Cardigan’, with a brief list of papers relating to Benjamin, Elizabeth Bleasdale and Maria Evans.
No date

Letter to Mr. B. Evans, Cardigan from D. Griffiths, recommending that he have a Bond of Indemnity drawn up.
7 September 1835

Note giving birth, baptism and death dates for David Griffith Evans.
No date

Letter to Mrs. Benjamin Evans, Cardigan from J.G. Turner, Tavistock Hotel, Covant Garden, informing her of her Uncle’s Will, in which she is left a £200 bank stock and any interest accrued upon it. (See also MUS/97/39)
19 July 1836

Part of copy will of Benjamin Evans, who appoints his eldest son Caleb as sole executor of his property, and makes concessions to his other children, daughters Sarah and Elizabeth (married to David Evans) and his other son Benjamin, as well as his wife Elizabeth. 2 ff
No date

Bill of costs, with names Stephen Parry and John Williams. Poor condition.
24 July 1798

Bill to D. Davies, Castle Green, from L. Phillips, Draper. Itemised bill with charges and payments throughout the year.

Envelope addressed to David Davies, Castle Green, enclosing the accounts of Pembroke from James Summers, Treasurer. Includes fairly detailed itemised accounts for the Midsummer Quarter Sessions.
19 October 1852

Envelope addressed to David Davies, Cardigan, enclosing a letter from the Council Office, Whitehall, with which the Warrant appointing Davies as Sheriff of Cardigan was enclosed (Warrant not enclosed).
6 February 1841

Sealed bond concerning a debt of £400 owed by William Twyning to Benjamin Evans. Witnessed by James Bowen and Thomas James. Partially eaten by mice.
5 November 1771

Envelope addressed to The High Sheriff, Cardiganshire, containing both a sealed document from Buckingham Palace, dated 5 February, 1841, and a letter dated 25 June 1841. The sealed document is appointing him to the position of Sheriff of Cardigan, and the letter is about the difficulty of appointing a new sheriff, and the duty of the previous sheriff to carry on in this case. Both signed by Greville.

Probate of the Will of Mary Evans (widow) appointing her daughter Elizabeth Bleasdale Evans the sole executrix. 
16 May 1820

Receipt for legacy duty and for payment for carriage to the stamp office in Gloster [sic] for Miss Evans. (See also MUS/97/60)

Poem, in Welsh, entitled ‘Salome’.
No date

Residuary Account of the estate of Benjamin Evans, deceased, exhibited by Elizabeth Bleasdale Evans, his widow, in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. 
11 May 1850

Inventory of the late Benjamin Evan’s household, appraised by David Roberts.
26 May 1849

Executors’ statement of account for the estate of the late Rev. David Griffiths. Signed by David Davies, David Griffiths and Caleb Lewis.
No date; 1836 or later.

Surveyor’s certificate from Lloyd’s register of British and Foreign Shipping, certifying that the Brig Triton (260 tons, Master Herbert Davies) was fit for use, and bound for the Mediterranean.
8 April 1870

Surveyor’s certificate from Lloyd’s register of British and Foreign Shipping, certifying that the Snow ‘Triton’ (260 tons, Master James) was fit for use and bound for Quebec.
20 August 1872

Surveyor’s certificate from Lloyd’s register of British and Foreign Shipping, certifying that the Brig Triton (255 tons, Master David James) was fit for use.
11 July 1873

Calendar of prisoners due for trial at the summer Assizes (17 July 1841) giving names and crimes of the accused, as well as a list of prisoners being held in the gaol, with names, crimes and sentences.

Empty envelope addressed to Mrs B. Evans, Quay Street, and labelled ‘Mr. Nelson’s receipt’.

Draft will of Thomas Davies, making his eldest son David the sole executor. Includes details of bequests, especially land. 4 ff
No date

Rental agreement for the rent of Vrochest farm (p. Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire) owned by Benjamin Evans and rented to Eleanor Davies and John Mathias. The rent was £110 per annum and strict conditions on the crops to be farmed were also imposed.

Case document relating to debts of £3629 owed to David Davies by John and David Arthur. Gives details of attempts by the Arthurs to pay back some money, seems to conclude with their insolvency and Davies’ requirement to prove his debt.
11 February 1842

Draft proof of debt in the bankruptcy case against John and David Arthur, written by David Davies, which also appoints Alexander Cuthbertson as his attorney. Unsigned. (See also MUS/97/73)
March 1842

Bond regarding a debt owed to shopkeepers by the late Caleb Evans, which orders  Rev. Benjamin Evans, his executor, to pay Phebe Evans and Rowland Watkins £15 17s 9d, by 9th May.

Copy will of Benjamin Evans, making his wife Elizabeth Bleasdale Evans his sole executrix. Includes details of how his estate is to be shared between his children.
1 August 1848

Various bills from London to Mrs. Davies of 92 Portland Street, including a corset maker and a cheesemonger.

Various bills from Cheltenham to Mr. David Davies, including a tailor and a chemist.

Copy of Benjamin Evans’ first marriage settlement from his marriage to Easter.
24 June 1813

Greetings card produced by Ceredigion Museum from an original held there: Portrait of David Davies of Castle Green (1802-1836) by Hugh Hughes, painted c. 1832-1836

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