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Accession 1265


Aberystwyth underwent a period of expansion and rebuilding in the late 19th – early 20th century. Even though planning laws were less stringent then than now, one still had to submit an application, accompanied by a plan (usually drawn by an architect) to the planning authority - Aberystwyth Borough’s Building Control Department – for approval. Many of these plans have survived and a list is now available. They range from plans for entirely new houses – such as the Edwardian red brick terraces around Stanley Road – to extensions, new bathrooms and even a ‘conversion of stable into a motor garage’! 

When a plan was submitted, it was entered in a ledger under the name of the street (or sometimes area) where the proposed building was to be located. We kept this arrangement; it allows for expansion (were further plans to be discovered) without compromising the structure of the catalogue. The catalogue entries show the new reference number which incorporates (after ABM/BC) the first letter of the street’s name as it is now, and also the letter/number combination it bore in the ledger. If the street letters do not match, it is usually because the street’s name has changed, sometimes more than once. 

The number of the house is not always given but we hope to match the plans to the present-day house numbers and names one day. 

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