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ABY/WW1: Aberystwyth Yesterday: The First World War

Acc. 2551

Ref: ABY/WW1

Reference: ABY/WW1
Title: Aberystwyth Yesterday, the First World War
Date(s): 1914-1918 mostly
Level: Fonds
Extent: 10 files

Scope and Content
Aberystwyth Yesterday – Documents Relating to World War One


Religious print commemorating those who served in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines during WW1.
n. d.


The Times, History of the War magazine. Publication title changed to The History and Encyclopaedia of the War by part 76.
1 .Part 9 [on Belgium]
20 October 1914

2. Part 32, Cover page only.
 30 March 1915

3. Part 52, ‘Women’s Work in the War’.
17 August 1915

4. Part 76 ,‘The October Fighting in the West’ and ‘Miss Cavell’s Execution’.
1 February 1916

5. Part 87, ‘Shell Shock and Nervous Injuries’.
18 April 1916

6. Part 178, ‘The First Battled of Gaza’ and ‘The Jews in Palestine’.
15 January 1918

7. Part 225, ‘The Royal Family and the War.’
10 December 1918


The Illustrated War News.

1. The Illustrated War News.
16 September 1914
2. The Illustrated War News, Part 6. [Cover sheet]
 16 September 1914


The Illustrated London News

1. The Illustrated London News no. 3946 vol. 145 (Christmas Number 1914, cover depicts a smiling soldier bearing an enormous Christmas pudding decorated with flags) 
December 1914


The War Illustrated newspaper.
18 September 1915


Daily Mail Golden Peace Number newspaper. 
30 June 1919


 ‘Ballade of the Ex-Soldier’ handwritten WW1 poem and illustrations written by a student from Aberystwyth.
3 December 1919


Armistice Day Service booklet for the unveiling ceremony of the Trefeurig War Memorial, Penrhyncoch. Bilingual.
11 November 1923


National Anthems

1. Song sheet. National Anthems and Battle Marches of the Nations [England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Russia, Belgium and Japan]. Published by J.H. Larway, London.
n. d.

2. Pamphlet: National Anthems of the Allies arranged for mixed voices with pianoforte accompaniments by Arthur Fagge. Published by Boosey & Co., London.

3. Pamphlet: National Anthems of the Allies arranged for mixed voices by Arthur Fagge (the Tonic Sol-fa Edition). Owner’s inscription ‘Leah Edwards’. Published by Boosey & Co., London.


Leach’s Home Needle Work Series  No. 4, ‘Comforts for men’. [knitting patterns for gloves, socks, hats etc. for men fighting in France]
c. 1914


All in One Folded War Map No. 5 (‘The largest war map published’), Geographers’ War Map Co., Ltd.
n. d.


Memorial Register 21, Introduction to the Register of the Thiepval Memorial, France.


The Strand Magazine. No. 345, Volume 58. Damaged.
September 1919


Magazine: Reveille, Devoted to the Disabled Sailor and Soldier. No. 1. HMSO.
August 1918


Pamphlet on career opportunities for disabled soldiers. Damaged.  
n. d.


Letter from soldier named Trevor sent from Salonica to family.
2 May 1918


Penny with bullet hole mounted on card stating that it saved the life an Aberystwyth soldier, cousin of Miss. M. Williams.
n. d.


WW1 Peace Celebration Menu for complimentary dinner for Sailors and Soldiers.  
18 July 1919


The Drapers’ Organiser Business magazine. ‘How is the War affecting you – will you be stronger or weaker as the result?’
December 1914


Flyer for evening classes for soldiers, Cardiganshire Education Committee.
5 February 1915


The Great War detachable postcards, Series 12, The Battle of Yser. French language. Loose cover.
n. d.


Army scoring book for universal course of musketry and judging distance. 
8 March 1915


Documents concerning Private Thomas Isaac Phillips 53911, and his honourable discharge from the army, The Third Welsh Regiment. Born 15 August 1896, Ffordd yr Efail, Pencoed, Glamorgan. Enlisted 11 December 1915. Discharged  27 February 1918. Fifteen items.

1. Last remaining order in a booklet to be used by pregnant wives of airmen.

2. T. I. Phillips, 53911, Welsh Regiment, Employment Card for soldiers discharged medically unfit.

3. Character reference for Private Thomas. I. Phillips, 53911, based on conduct throughout his military career.

4. Memorandum for Thomas. I. Phillips for soldiers discharged due to disability to claim pension .
7 February 1918

5. “Pals” painting by Geo. Soper. Postcard featuring companionship of disabled soldier and dog. Blank.

6. Certificate of discharge for Thomas I. Phillips, enlisted at Bridgend, due to ill health. 
7 February 1918

7. Letter enquiring about the employment status of [Thomas I. Phillips] from the Ministry of Labour, Employment Exchange, 60 Commercial Street. Including registration cards. Three items.
14 February 1918
8. Allowance Certificate for maximum rate of disablement pension whilst undergoing treatment for Thomas I. Phillips, Craiglas Farm, Blackmill. Signed by the Local War Pensions Committee for Bridgend.
28 February 1918

9. Life Certificate form sent to discharged soldiers awarded partial disablement pension for Thomas I. Phillips. 
12 March 1918

10. Letter of appeal from Thomas I. Phillips requesting a new warrant, sent to the Pensions Appeal Tribunal.
17 September 1923

11. Pensions Appeal Tribunal affirmation held in Cardiff. Thomas I. Phillips appeal disallowed.
20 September 1923

12. Envelope addressed to Mr. T. I. Phillips, Craiglas Farm, Blackmill, nr. Bridgend. On his majesty’s service.
20 September 1923

13. Envelope addressed to Mr. T. I. Phillips, Craiglas Farm, Blackmill, nr. Bridgend. On his majesty’s service.
19 September 1924

14. Soldiers’ Pensions Booklet enclosed in fabric pocket. Damaged.

15. Letter informing [Thomas Isaac Phillips] that his name had been put forward for a Silver War Badge.
7 February 1918


Typed note on the history of the Welsh Horse Regiment.
n. d.


Food cards for Davies family. Twelve items.

Food cards, butter and margarine, tea, jam and cheese

1. Catherine A. Davies, 87 High Street, Clydach, Pontardawe Food Control Area.

2. Elizabeth M. Davies, 87 High Street, Clydach, Pontardawe Food Control Area.

3. Mary. A. Davies, 87 High Street, Clydach, Pontardawe Food Control Area.

4. Margaret. M. Davies, 87 High Street, Clydach, Pontardawe Food Control Area.

5. David Davies, 87 High Street, Clydach, Pontardawe Food Control Area.

Meat Cards

6. Margaret M. Davies, 87 High Street, Clydach, Pontardawe Food Control Area.

7. Catherine A. Davies, 87 High Street, Clydach, Pontardawe Food Control Area.

8. Mary A. Davies, 87 High Street, Clydach, Pontardawe Food Control Area.

Retailer’s Sugar Tickets

9. Margaret Mary Davies (b. 5 October 1890) of Cartref, New Road, Trebanos and later of Black Lion, Llanrhystud

10. Catherine Annie Davies (b. 16 June 1913) of Cartref, New Road, Trebanos and later of Black Lion, Llanrhystud

11. David Davies of Cartref, New Road, Trebanos and later of Black Lion, Llanrhystud.

12. Blank.


Blank Wilmot-Sitwell letter packets, for soldiers on foreign service. Two items.
n. d.


National Registration Act certificates

1. Mary Edwards, 32 High Street, Aberystwyth.

2. Sarah Jones, 47 Bridge Street, Aberystwyth.


War Savings Association stamp card belonging to Hugh [...] Jones of Maenofferen. Eight war savings coupons (stamps) affixed. Emblem of Association is a swastika.


Postcards sent to Miss Daisy Jones of Maesybeudy, Pontrhydygroes

1. Postcard sent to Daisy by Betty; handwriting indicates Betty is a child. Only content is ‘From Betty’ and address. Reverse depicts The Bassett Memorial, Carn Brea.

2. Postcard depicting a French cathedral (location rubbed out) sent to Daisy by JB. D., Gloucester Regiment, stationed in France. ‘I hear you are still alive & well, & still unmarried’ 
31 October 1916


Postcard depicting the Bay, Aberystwyth, sent to L. A. Webb at Reception Station, No. 1 Ward, Perham Downs, Wilts., commiserating about his sojourn in hospital and telling him that like him, Bennett is ‘really thoroughly happy’ with Army life.

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