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ADX/140: Property deeds and documents

Acc. 468

Ref: ADX/140

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/140
Title:  Deeds and documents relating to properties in p. Tremain and Llangoedmore
Date(s): 1878 - 92
Level: Fonds
Extent: 12 items

Scope and Content

1. Valuation of property in the parishes of Tremain and Llangoedmore, namely Ffynonllygoden and part of Trefwtial Fawr, Blaenpistill, Trefwtialfawr and Trefwtialfach, and Nantllan
June 1879

2. Copy report and valuation of the estate belonging to J. L. Propert, esq., in the parishes of Tremain and Llangoedmore
13 November 1886

3. Terrier of the Blaenpistill estate in the parishes of Llangoedmore and Tremain, being the property of Dr. Propert. This includes descriptions of Troedyrhiw, Ffynonllygoden and part of Trefwtialfawr Blaenpistill, Trefwtialfawr and Trefwtialfach, Nantllan, Blaenpistill Mill Cwrtyegaw and Penpark Cottage

4. Correspondence concerning the above estate
2nd February 1898-8th October 1902

5. Memorandum of agreement between: 
1) George Frederick William Miles of Llangattock Park, Crickhowell, co. Brecon
2) Charles William Miles of Burton Hill House, Malmesbury, co. Wilts., esq. , and Napier Charles Miles of the same place, esq. , eldest son of Charles William Miles; Audley Charles Miles second son of Charles William Miles, and Vyvyan Charles Miles , third son of Charles William Miles
as to their beneficial ownership of certain rent charges to be limited to them in fee out of the Cardiganshire estate of the late Philip John Miles. The lands are specified in an indenture prepared and intended to bear the same date as the present. 
28 August 1878

6. Release from mortgage
1) Henry Wyndham of no. 5 Victoria Street, co. Middlesex, esq. and William Stephens Jones of Malmesbury, solicitor
2) Charles William Miles of Burton Hill House, Malmesbury, esq, and Charles Napier Miles of the same
3) Edward Peach William Miles of no. 27 Gracechurch St., London, and of Erlwood Bagshot of co. Surrey, esq. 
The present indenture is supplemental to one of 1st July 1885, made between the parties [1] and [2] for securing the principal sum of £15,800 with interest, George Frederick William Miles, named in the principal indenture of 1st July 1885, died with- out issue on 7th August 1886. The parties [2], wishing to sell certain properties, applied to [1] for the release of the properties and by the present indenture the mortgage is released to [3] 
Premises: part of Llangoedmore Park Mair, pa. Llangoedmore; part of Rhydyfinwch, part of Trecift, Pencraig and Slang, all pa. St. Mary, Cardigan; land in pa. Llangoedmore; Penfeiderlas or Voirdirlas, pa. St. Mary, Cardigan
27 September 1887

7. Mortgage
1) Charles William Miles of Burton Hill House, Malmesbury, esq. 
2) Charles Napier Miles of the same
3) Henry Wyndham of no. 5 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, co. Middlesex, civil engineer, and William Stephens Jones of Malmesbury
Consideration: £15,000
Premises: Brynpedr, pa. Verwig
[The present indenture is supplemental to one of 1 July 1885] 
28 September 1887

8. Declaration by William Stephens Jones of Malmesbury, solicitor, and William Walker of the same, bank manager, that they recently lent the sum of £2,600 to Simon Jenkins of Pwllglas, pa. Penbryn, farmer, repayment of which is secured by a mortgage dated 29th October 1887 of 'Llainborth' pa. Penbryn. £500 of the £2,600 so lent was the property of Henry Onesimus Moyse of Malmesbury, schoolmaster, and will be held in trust for the same
29 February 1888

9. Mortgage
1) Charles William Miles of Burton Hill House, Malmesbury, and Charles Napier Miles of the same, and of 77 Cadogan Place, London. 
2) William Warman of Stroud, gent. and William Stephens Jones of Malmesbury, gent. 
Consideration: £1,300
Premises: Netpool Farm, pa. St. Mary Cardigan, being part of Priory Estate, Cardigan
8 March 1892

10. Transfer of mortgage
1) William Walker of Malmesbury, gent. 
2) Henry Hewer of the same, bank manager
supplemental to an indenture of 5 August 1891
Consideration: £3,000
Premises : all the messuages named in the principal indenture, namely, messuages forming part of the Priory Estate, Cardigan. 
21 September 1897

11. Transfer of mortgage
1) William Warman of Gloucester, gent . 
2) William Forrester of Malmesbury gent, and John Maurice Harper of 27 Grosvenor Place, Bath, surgeon
Supplemental to an indenture of 8 March 1892
Consideration: £3,000
Premises: as named in the principal indenture [no. 9 above] 
14 January 1898

12. Transfer of mortgage
1) William Forrester of Malmesbury gent., and John Maurice Harper
of 27 Grosvenor Place, Bath, surgeon
2) Henry Hewer of Malmesbury, bank manager
Supplemental to indenture of 8 March 1892
Consideration: £1,300
Premises: as named in the principal indenture [no. 9 above] 
22 January 1898
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