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ADX/311: Printed ephemera

Acc. 919

Ref: ADX/311

Reference: [GB0212] ADX/311
Date(s): c.1875-1994
Level: Fonds
Extent:  6 Series
Scope and Content: Printed ephemera. political and others, mostly relating to the Diocese of St. David’s and Dyfed County Council


Political ephemera, 1989-1994

1. Policy statement by Ceredigion and Pembroke North Liberal Democrats. No date.

2. European election manifesto, Barbara McPake (Green). 1989

3. European election manifesto, David Morris (Labour). 1989

4. European election manifesto, Geoffrey Sinclair (Social and Liberal Democrats). 1989

5. European election manifesto, Owen John Williams (Conservative).1989

6. European election manifesto, Phil Williams (Plaid Cymru). 1989

7. Dyfed County Council election manifesto. Hywel Evans (Plaid Cymru). 1993

8. Dyfed County Council election manifesto. Bob Griffin (Liberal Democrat). 1993

9. European election manifesto, Peter Bone (Conservative). 1994

10. European election manifesto, Chris Busby (Green Party). 1994

11. European election manifesto, Juliana Hughes (Liberal Democrats) poster. 1994

12. European election manifesto, Juliana Hughes. 1994

13. European election manifesto, Eluned Morgan (Labour). 1994

14. European election manifesto, Eluned Morgan. 1994

15. European election manifesto, Marc Phillips (Plaid Cymru). 1994

16. Ceredigion District Council by-election manifesto, Einion Gruffudd (Plaid Cymru). 1994

17. Ceredigion District Council by-election manifesto, Carl Williams (Liberal Democrats). 1994

18. Ceredigion District Council by-election manifesto, Dr Chris Busby (Green Party). 1994

19. Ceredigion District Council by-election manifesto, Jonathan G. Lewis (Independent). 1994

20. Ceredigion District Council by-election manifesto, Einion Gruffudd (Plaid  Cymru) with ‘don’t forget!’ insert. 1994

21. Ceredigion District Council by-election manifesto, Liberal Democrats ‘Focus on Aberystwyth North’, edited by Carl Williams, Merfyn Jones and Bob Griffin, with campaign information for Carl Williams. 1994


Aberystwyth / Saint Brieuc twinning

1. Folder to celebrate the 10th anniversary of twinning. 1983

2. Guide to Côtes-du-Nord, Brittany (2 copies). No date.

3. Map of Côtes-du-Nord, Brittany. No date.

4. Postcard to mark the 10th anniversary. 1983

5. Sticker to mark the 10th anniversary. 1983

6. Envelope (empty) stamped ‘Ville de Saint Brieuc, 10ème Anniversaire du Jumelage St Brieuc ~ Aberystwyth’. 1983

7. Town plan of St Brieuc. No date.

8. List of people, in French, to contact in St Brieuc in case of emergency (2 copies). No date. 

9. Town twinning of Aberystwyth and St. Brieuc, 20th anniversary. Programme for Flower Exhibition, Ceredigion Museum, in Welsh, French and English.  April 1993


Diocesan Yearbooks, Church service programmes, and related material

1. St. David's Diocesan Board of Finance, 1983 Budget. 1982.

2. Stewardship in the Diocese of Saint David’s, 1983 budget and explanation of the budget and quota. [1982]

3. St. David's Diocesan Board of Finance, letter from Secretary regarding 1984 budget, copy of 1984 budget and 1983 expenditure. November 1983.

4. Diocese of St Davids Year Book/ Llyfr Blynyddol Esgobaeth Tyddewi. 1983.

5. St. David's Diocesan Board of Finance, letter from Secretary regarding 1985 budget with copy of 1984 expenditure. October 1984.

6. The Bishop of St. David’s Advisory Committee on Christian Stewardship, a record of the Day of Worship, Prayer Study and Discussion. February 1984.

7. Diocese of St David’s Year Book / Llyfr Blynyddol Esgobaeth Tyddewi. 1984

8. Diocese of St David’s Year Book / Llyfr Blynyddol Esgobaeth Tyddewi. 1985-1986

9. Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth, programme for the week beginning Sunday 27 April 1986

10. St. David's Diocesan Mission, leaflet and prayers sheets. 1987

11. Esgobaeth Tyddewi / Diocese of St David’s, Taflen yr Esgobaeth / Diocesan Leaflet. Spring 1987

12. Programme for the Feast of Pentecost service at Stradey Park, Llanelli. June 1987

13. Esgobaeth Tyddewi / Diocese of St David’s, Taflen yr Esgobaeth / Diocesan Leaflet. Summer 1987

14. Esgobaeth Tyddewi / Diocese of St David’s, Taflen yr Esgobaeth / Diocesan Leaflet. Autumn 1987

15. The Rectoral Parish of Aberystwyth / Plwyf Rheithorol Aberystwyth, Hymns for the Institution of the Reverend Stuart R. Bell. 28 April 1988

16. Esgobaeth Tyddewi / Diocese of St David’s, Taflen yr Esgobaeth / Diocesan Leaflet. Summer 1988

17. Esgobaeth Tyddewi / Diocese of St David’s, Taflen yr Esgobaeth / Diocesan Leaflet. Autumn 1988.

18. Christmas at Holy Trinity, Programme of Services. 1988

19. Esgobaeth Tyddewi / Diocese of St David’s, Taflen yr Esgobaeth / Diocesan Leaflet. Spring 1989

20. Esgobaeth Tyddewi / Diocese of St David’s, Taflen yr Esgobaeth / Diocesan Leaflet. Summer 1989

21. Esgobaeth Tyddewi / Diocese of St David’s, Taflen yr Esgobaeth / Diocesan Leaflet. Autumn 1989

22. Esgobaeth Tyddewi / Diocese of St David’s, Taflen yr Esgobaeth / leaflet commemorating the 14th centenary of the death of St. David. September 1989

23. Programme for service in aid of Royal National Lifeboat Institution and Aberystwyth Sea Cadets at Holy Trinity Church. 4 August [year not given].

24. Programme for services in aid of Royal National Lifeboat Institution and Aberystwyth Sea Cadets at Holy Trinity Church. 6 August [year not given].

25. Holy Trinity Church Notice Sheet. 8 November 1981

26. Holy Trinity Church Programme for Aberystwyth Male Voice Choir. 27 October 1983.

27. Programme, in Welsh and English, for Holy Trinity Church Christmas Carol Service by Aberystwyth University Choral Union. 14 December 1983

28. Holy Trinity Church Notice Sheet. Lent. 6 March [year not given].

29. Holy Trinity Church Notice Sheet. Advent Sunday. 29 November [year not given].

30. Holy Trinity Church Notice Sheet. Passion Sunday. 20 March [year not given].

31. Llais Dewi / St David’s Diocesan News. Hydref / Autumn 1990.

32. Llais Dewi / St David’s Diocesan News. Gaeaf / Winter 1990/91.

33. Llais Dewi / St David’s Diocesan News. Haf / Summer 1991.

34. The Cathedral Church of St. David’s; Programme for the Enthronement of John Ivor Rees, Bishop of St. David’s. 28 September 1991.

35. Notice for the Installation of the Reverend Andrew John as Vicar of Holy Trinity Church. 15 June 1992.

36. Holy Trinity Church Harvest Thanksgiving notice. 14 October 1992.

37. Holy Trinity Church Programme for Sermons. Autumn 1992. 

38. Holy Trinity Church Programme for Sermons. 1992-1993.

39. Holy Trinity Church, Service for dedication of communion tables in memory of Jane Curwen. 14 March 1993.

40. Holy Trinity Church, Mission '93 programme. May 1993.

41. Holy Trinity Church, Service commemorating the 75th anniversary of the RAF and the 75th anniversary of the RAFA. October 1993.

42. St. Michael's Church, Aberystwyth, Programme for Confirmation Service. 8 March 1994.

43. Holy Trinity Church, Morning Prayer Service sheet. May 1994.

44. Holy Trinity Church, Act of Remembrance for the Burma Star Association. 31 July 1994.

45. Rhaglen angladd Canon Lloyd a toriad allan o Lais Dewi. 7 October 1994.

46. Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth, Programme of Services for Christmas. 1994.

47. Holy Trinity Church and Aberystwyth Methodist Church Christmas Services notice. n.d.

48. Holy Trinity Church and St Paul's Church Christmas services notice. n.d.

49. Holy Week, notice of services in Aberystwyth parish. 1989.

50. Holy Week, notice of services in Aberystwyth parish. n.d.

51. Holy Week, notice of services in Aberystwyth parish. 1993.

52. St. David's Church Flower Festival Programme. July-August [year not given].

53. St. David's Church, Programme for Service. 2 June 1991.

54. St. David's Church, Service of Thanksgiving for Ceredig Jones. 2 September 1994.

55. Holy Trinity Church, Aberystwyth, Programme of Services. January-March 1995.

56. Morfa Chapel, Aberystwyth, Programme of Service in connection with World Day of Prayer / Cytun. 16 January 1995.

57. Church Talents Survey (no church indicated), to find out the number of people responsible for work connected with the church and of those interested in undertaking work in future. n.d.

58. St. Padarn's Church, Programme for Flower Festival (2 copies). June 1988.

59. Booklet of services throughout the year (no denomination). 1994.

60. Christingle Service, produced by The Children's Society. n.d.

61. Programme for the BBC ‘Songs of Praise’ service from Aberystwyth. n.d.

62. Order of service for Interdenominational Women's World Day of Prayer. n.d.

63. Script for a Christmas play (no denomination). n.d.


Miscellaneous material

1. The Lure of the Cambrian Coast by H. Browning Button, a guide to resorts on and near the coast. 1930. 

2. Your Money’ / ‘Eich Arian, leaflet showing Dyfed County Council's expenditure plans. 1982-1983.

3. ‘Rural Railways and Rural Structures’, paper presented at E.G. Bowen Memorial Conference University College of Wales Aberystwyth. May 1985.

4. University College of Wales Aberystwyth programme for the celebration of the Centenary of the Education department and the 10th anniversary of the Centre for Educational Studies. 12 December 1992.

5. Programme: H.M.S. Pinafore, performed by the Showtime Singers. March 1994.

6. Test Certificate. 1993.

7. Photocopy of sections of Sources and Methods for Family and Community Historians. A Handbook, edited by M. Drake and R. Finnegan. 1994.

8. Ysgol Plascrug / Plascrug School, winning entries in the school's Writer of the Year competition. 1992.



1. Forty-three photographs, mostly unidentified people; mostly family portraits, one of Rheidol Valley from Pendinas.
Late 19 cent.-1930s

2. Two photographs of Padarn Hall, Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth, during reconstruction. 1989.


Adroddiadau Blynyddol Cyngor Sir Dyfed / Dyfed County Council Annual Reports

1. 1987-1988

2. Hydref/Autumn 1989

3. Hydref/Autumn 1992

4. Hydref/Autumn 1994

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