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ADX/415: Papers of Miss Florrie Hamer

Ref: ADX/415

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/415
Title: Papers of Miss Florrie Hamer
Date(s): 1897-2009
Level: Fonds
Extent: 33 items

Scope and Content


Florrie Hamer: Her great grandfather was Dafydd Morgan of Clarach who became bailiff at Gogerddan and married Margaret Evans, Manuwch Farm. One of his daughters, Elizabeth (1842-1925) married Daniel Hamer (1840-?) at Llangorwen Church in 1865. Florrie's father David was their second son, born in 1868.

Scrap Book No. 1 - Aberystwyth. Mostly newspaper cuttings. Includes cuttings on the closing of Nantymoch chapel and the Cwm Rheidol Hydro-electric scheme.

Scrap Book No. 2 - Aberystwyth. Newspaper cuttings concerning Welsh Language protests, blizzards, closing of Tregaron railway, last steam train on the Cambrian Coast, last inhabitants leaving Glasffrwd Valley, visit of Prince of Wales, closure of Pont Llanio Creamery, demolition of "Sylvan Palace" and Bronglais Workhouse, Aberystwyth, discussions on proposed town clock Aberystwyth. Also several non-local events.

Scrap book No. 3 - Aberystwyth. Photocopy of Memorandum of Agreement concerning the Market Hall 1897; reproduction of Edwardian photo of Alexandra Road shops; Charles Prince of Wales at University; Cymdeithas yr Iaith; Vale of Rheidol Railway; Lampeter postmen; Thomas' Garage Northgate; closure of YMCA; closure and demolition of New Quay cafĂ©; demolition of Gosen Bridge Rhydyfelin; new Galloway's bookshop; flood at Felin Person caravan site; Mason family; clearance of St. Michael's graveyard; new flats in Rheidol Place; memories of Penparcau; Cenarth Mill; demolition of Penybont Bridge, Penparcau; excavation at Old Police Station, Great Darkgate Street; 150th anniversary of Lifeboat Service in Aberystwyth; threat to Crynfryn Buildings; centenary of St. Mary's Church Aberystwyth; removal of trees in Llanbadarn Road;

Scrap Book No. 4 - Aberystwyth. Newspaper cuttings - Ship Inn at Pennant, alteration of Great Darkgate Police Station, proposed zoo at Abermad, Llanilar, Rheidol Railway, closure of Avondale Old People's Home, Aberystwyth, demolition of Celtic Cinema, Cymdeithas yr Iaith, jet crash at Moriah, Consititution Hill railway, closure of S.N. Cooke of Pier Street, proposed demolition of Crynfryn Row and The Coopers Arms ("Y Cwps"), Silver Jubilee celebrations, closure of Coliseum, programme of centenary pageant at Ysgol Cwmpadarn, plans for Barracks at Gogerddan Place, tunnel in Rheidol Valley, demolition of Conway Cinema.

Scrap Book No. 5 - Aberystwyth. Newspapers cuttings - Wellington Monument, Pen Dinas; demolition of "The Pale" Rhydyfelin; photograph of interior of College Hall, North Road showing 1927 Aberystwyth May Queen; Ysbyty Ystwyth Welsh Crafts exhibition; devolution debate; extracts from Llanbadarn parish magazine; death of Tom MacDonald; death of "Mrs Powell y Siop" (Rhoda Agnes Powell, Llanbadarn Fawr); death of Goronwy Rees; Crosville bus company; demolition of Aberystwyth Barracks; Cuttings placed inside front cover: Nanteos "Holy Grail", Plas Cwmcynfelin; first chapel of St. Michael, Aberystwyth; Welsh Mines Society etc.

Scrap Book No. 6 - Aberystwyth (entitled as above). Newspaper cuttings: Royal visit 1977; Coopers Corner demolition plans; opposition to museum in Coliseum; Cwmpadarn School centenary celebrations; proposed demolition of Barracks; proposed conversion of quayside buildings Aberaeron; demolition of "The Pale" Rhydyfelin; Welsh Language campaign at Penglais School; conversion of Albion Hotel; death of Sally Matthias; devolution debate; copies of old photographs of Talybont (mostly from National Library of Wales); Shipwright's Arms

Scrapbook "Letters written to my family by the Pryse family"

1. M[aregaret] L[ouisa] J[oan]Pryse to Eliza, thanking her for the wedding gift of a claret jug

2. Lewes T. Loveden Pryse, Gogerddan to Eliza offering sympathy on the death of a relative
19 March 1921

3. Margaret Powell of Nanteos to Sarah Ann offering sympathy on the death of her mother
20 November 1925

4. Florence M. Loxdale, 50 Marine Terrace to Sarah Anne offering sympathy on the death of her mother and describing her as her own "foster mother"
23 November 1925

5. Mabel Pryse, Ty Mawr, Ciliau Aeron to Sarah Hamer on the death of her mother.
25 November 1925

6. George R. Pryse, Ty Mawr, Ciliau Aeron to Sarah Hamer as above
25 November 1925

7. Myra of Exeter, Marchioness of Exeter comprising letter, part of envelope and transcript by FH thanking Florrie Hamer for her good wishes on her Golden Wedding anniversary etc.
21 April 1921

8. Margaret Powell, Estate Office, Nanteos, Aberyswtyth to FH (with transcript) with news of hunting, the marriage of Miss Briggs and Mr. Royd, sale of Aberllolwyn, visit of King and Queen to the National Library etc.
12 November 1937

9. Rev. Canon E. Lee Hamer, Trefilan, Park Avenue, Cardigan to F.H., "your mother and all" on the death of her father.

10. Margaret Powell, Nanteos to Mary and F.H. thanking them for a cake and reporting the death of Lady John Lynn Thomas of Llwyndyrus [sic] 
13 March 1938

11. Margaret Powell, Nanteos to F.H. thanking her for a pork pie and reporting local news - fox hunting, birthday of Sir Lewes Pryse. 
25th January 1939

12. Margaret Powell, Nanteos to F.H. thanking her for a cake and giving local news re difficulties of providing Boxing Day Hunt lunch on rations, sympathising on illness of FH's mother etc. 
Christmas 1943

13. Margaret Powell, Nanteos to F.H. thanking her for a birthday cake, reporting that Caradog Evans had come to live at the Gors etc. 
9 March 1942

14. Margaret Powell, Nanteos to F.H. re: clothes repairs.
26 March 1945

15. George R. Pryse Saunders Ty Mawr, Ciliau Aeron to Mary Hamer re: padlock on Gogerddan garden gate. 
4 April 1947

16. George R. Pryse Saunders Gogerddan to Sarah Hamer re cheque for tea party.
15 April 1948

17. Mabel Pryse Saunders, Ty Mawr, Ciliau Aeron to Sarah Hamer re: funeral of "poor Jane" 
27 September 1949

18. Mabel Pryse Saunders, Ty Mawr, Ciliau Aeron to Sarah Hamer sympathising on the death of her brother Tom. 
9 June 1950

19. Mabel Pryse Saunders, Ty Mawr, Ciliau Aeron to Sarah Hamer sympathising on the death of her sister in law, Tom's widow Ellen. 
7 July 1950

20. Mabel Pryse Saunders, Ty Mawr, Ciliau Aeron to Sarah Hamer

21. Mabel Pryse Saunders, Ty Mawr, Ciliau Aeron to Sarah Hamer

22. Mabel Pryse Saunders, Ty Mawr, Ciliau Aeron to Sarah Hamer

History of Bow Street Volume 1

The numbering does not start until several pages into this ring-bound volume. For convenience the first few pages are listed as "a"-"e".

p. "a" and "b": "My grandparents Eliza and Daniel Hamer". Photocopied notes by F.H.
p. "c" and "d": "Names and Occupations of some of the inhabitants of Bow Street at the turn of the century"
p. "e": Photograph of the house in Bow Street where FH was born in 1903.
p. 1: Early recollections of Bow Street village and house where FH was born. 
p.2: Further recollections. A photograph dating from 1909 has been removed.
p.3: Occupations in early 20th century Bow Street
p.4: Occupations continued. Photograph of Bill Davies, postman.
p.5: Recollections about Meurig Edwards, Glenview, Bow Street, monumental mason, photographer etc. Photograph (1950s) showing a motor-cycling couple and Glenview in background.
p.6: Notes on Bow Street railway station
p.7: Notes on cows and their owners in Bow Street with photograph (1976) of Glen View
p.8: Two photographs of Glenview (1976 and 1978)
p.9: Two invoices from T.J. Morgan, Coal, Lime, Brick, Slate and General merchants of Bow Street Railway Station. 1900 and 1908
p.10: Invoice from T.J. Morgan, Coal, Lime, Brick, Slate and General merchants of Bow Street Railway Station 1901
p.11: Invoice from David Davies Monumental Works at Station Yard, Bow Street to T.O. James, Broncastellan, Bow Street.1932 and receipt from J. Meurig Edwards, Glen View Bow Street for monies paid by Mr. William Hamer to the eisteddfod committee, November 1900
p.12: Four certificates from British Railways Consignment Note Register relating to goods at Bow Street Station 1961.
p.13: Invoice from David Davies, Monumental Works, Station Yard, Bow Street. 1915
p.14: Invoice from David Davies, Monumental Works, Station Yard, Bow Street. 1922
p.15: Notes on the weighing machine at the station yard.
p.16: Photograph of Bow Street railway station platform 1939 with members of Hamer family, and postcard bearing the printed address of B.W. Benjamin of Ruel Saw Mills, Bow Street.
p.16a: Photograph of Coal Merchant's Office and weighing scales, and the demolition of Bow Street Railway Station House 19th October 1975.
p.17: Photograph of Derrick Horwood,the Mill, son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Horwood.
p.18: Photographs of Boxing Day Meet of the Gogerddan Hounds outside the Black Lion Inn at Bow Street (1962), and Lady Pryse, FH and John Ellis Talybont at the Boxing Day Meet (1975).
p.19: Notes on "Uncle Ben Felin" (B.W. Benjamin)
p.20: Further notes on B.W. Benjamin and photograph of Black Lion Hotel and square, Talybont with B.W. Benjamin and his timber cart in right hand corner of the picture.
p.21: Photographs of one of the last steam trains entering Bow Street station March 1967 (?) and a diesel train approaching the same station, 1967.
p.22: Two photographs, looking across the station yard before the station was dismantled. 1970
p.22a: Photograph of part of the Bryncastell Housing estate and notes on Evan Oliver Hughes, coalman.
p.23-24 : missing
p.25: "left hand side", discussing houses on the left hand side of Bow Street from the station. Two photographs showing the new footpath and bus stop in 1960.
p.26: Notes on David and Gay Jones

History of Bow Street Volume 2 1970 - pp.10-270

(please note - the numbering proceeds from 119 to 200!)

p.101: Photographs of "Lady Pryse's Schoolroom" and teacher Mrs. Margaret Jones, with pictures (p.102) of the demolition of the schoolroom and (p.103) the flats subsequently built on the site in 1970.
p.105: Invoice from Dr. John James, Y Fadwr, Borth
p.106: Photograph (by W.J. Mills, Market Street Aberystwyth) of Dafydd Morgan of Clarach, with notes on his life by FH.
p.107: Photograph of Ann Morgan and Miss Munson outside Dafydd Morgan's house by Lady Pryse's schoolroom.
p.108: Photographs of Annie Munson (later Roberts), Mattie Munson and Margaret, granddaughters of Dafydd Morgan.
p.109-110: Photographs of Dafydd Morgan's house before (1962) and after (1965) modernization.
p.111: Notes on Dafydd Morgan's children.
p.112a: Letter from "Auntie Margaret [Thomas]" to Florrie and Hilda Hamer 1962
p.113: Letter informing FH that Margaret Thomas is ill (1 August 1962)
p.115: Photographs of Eliza Morgan (later Hamer) 1842-1925, Ann Morgan (Munson) 18[??]-1927, Kate Morgan Morgan (Benjamin) 1857-1911
p.119: Photograph of grave of Dafydd and Mary Morgan and others at Llangorwen
p.201: Invoice for the headstone for Dafydd Morgan's grave from T. Jones Monumental Works. 30 October 1902.
p.202: Photograph of the graves of Dafydd, Margaret and Mary Morgan in Llangorwen churchyard. Memorial card for Thomas Williams, Brick House, Bow Street who died 24 December 1905 aged 30 years
p.202a: Notes on the inhabitants of "Cambrian", Bow Street.
p.203: Notes on a building possibly formerly an inn. A photograph of the "old surgery" has been removed from the scrapbook prior to deposit.
p.204: Notes on "Nantyfallen", Bow Street, used as the doctors' surgery.
p.204a: Photographs of "the old surgery" and "the old surgery house modernized".
p.205: Memorial cards for Bridget Jones (died 1886 aged 16) of "Cambrian", Bow Street, and Eliza Jones (died 1894 aged 86) of Bow Street. 
p.206: Photographs of Mrs. Margaret Jones, The Surgery, Bow Street and Cambrian House, with Council Houses, Bow Street
p.207: Postcard (on reverse: "These are from Penygarn Dramatic Society taking part in the Welsh Drama Rhys Lewis at Board School Penygarn [&?] at Coliseum Aberystwyth Grand Success They are going to Talybont and Machynlleth later on. R.Jones." The photograph is somewhat faded, but the 11 people are identified by number and in a list below. n.d. (1900 ?)
p.208: Invoice from Emily Lewis, Cambrian House, Bow Street to Mrs. Hamer for 7lbs of pork. September 1903
p.209-210: List of names of people who lived formerly at Penrhiw "going up towards Pengarn"
p.210a: "Some names of families living from Cross Street down".
p.211: Postcard of Nantyfallen and Penrhiw, Bow Street. n.d. (1920?)
p.212: Invoice from Tom Hughes, Carrier of Nantyfallen to Mr. Evan James for conveyance to funeral April 1917. Memorial card for Mary (died 1908 aged 8), daughter of Tom and Sarah Hughes, Nantyfallen, Bow Street.
p.213: 2 Invoices from S. Hughes & Sons, Haulage Contractors of Nantyfallen to Mr. D. Hamer (October 1932) and Miss Hamer (November 1937)
p.214-215: blank
p.216: Photograph "Byddin Gobaith Penygarn" [Band of Hope Penygarn] 1899
p.217-218: missing
p.219: Individuals in the photograph "Byddin Gobaith Penygarn" all listed.
p.220: blank
p.221: Notes on Penrhiw, Bow Street and John Macdonald, tinsmith
p.222: Notes on Tom Hughes, carrier, and Richard Jones, grocer and cooper, and Dei (sic) Pritchard, boot and shoe maker
p.223: Notes on Richard Jones ("Richard Cwper") who kept a shop in Penrhiw and was a deacon of Penygarn chapel. With invoice for groceries December 1898.
p.224: Invoice from Richard Jones to Daniel Hamer June 1898
p.225: Invoice to Miss Hamer from D. Pritchard Boot and Shoe Maker of Penrhiw, Bow Street. August 1915
p. 226: Notes on Evan James the butcher's shop and Richard J. Hughes' Saddler's shop in Penygarn.
[loose : invoice from A.O. Evans' butcher's shop for 1929]
p. 227: Invoice from R.J.Hughes saddler of Penygarn to Mr. Northwood of Cefn hendre June 1922. With notes on R.J. Hughes ("Dick Saddler")
p.228: Notes on William Morgan, Garn House, draper and grocer, and Mr. Herbert.
p.229: Invoice from William Morgan, Garn House to Mr. D. Hamer July 1890
p.230: Invoice from William Morgan, Garn House to Mr. D. Hamer April 1909
p.231: Photograph and notes on the Revd. Thomas Morgan, son of Richard and Kate Morgan of The Three Horse Shoes Inn (later the Rhydypennau Inn)
p.232: Identity of members of the Rhydypennau school football team 1907
p.232a: Photograph of the Rhydypennau School football team 1907
p.232b: Photocopy of the Rhydypennau  Board School H.M. Inspector's report for year ending 31 January 1888.
p.232c: Transcription of the Rhydypennau Board School's H.M. Inspector's report for year ending 31 January 1887.
p.233: Memorial cards for Richard Morgan of Rhydypenau (died 1889 at 67 years) and Catherine Jane Morgan (died 1887 at 10 years)
p.234: Blank
p.235: Photograph of the Three Horse Shoes Inn Rhydypennau (c.1910?) with some figures identified.
p.236: Invoice from Thomas Davies, 57 Great Darkgate Street (6 Church Street ), Linen and Woollen Draper August 1898
p.237: Two invoices from E. Edwards, merchant tailor of Penygroes, Llandre 1926 and 1929
p.238: Blank
p.239-240: list of people in "Cor J. T. Rees" Pengarn
p.241: Photograph (c.1910?) of the Choir
p.242: Receipt from John Baker Rhydypennau farm August 1900, and certificate of posting of a registered postal packet
p.243: Photograph of the Black Lion Inn Llandre 1912 showing a meet of the Gogerddan Hounds. Picture of Llandre Church 1967 has been removed.
p.244: Extract from "Tincer" (papur bro) 1983 concerning the death of Mrs. Annie Rees Jones, last daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Rees Bronceiro, with photograph.
p.245: Damaged photograph showing Queen Victoria's Jubilee celebrations at Nantcellan Fawr farm. 1897
p.246: Receipt for a blue serge suit from I. Davies, Ladies' and Gent's Tailor of Gwynfryn, Llandre. August 1935
p.247-248: Notes on gipsies.
p.249-250: Notes on the old knife grinders, rag and bone men, hurdie-gurdie men and cockle women, and chair and umbrella menders (itinerant traders)
p.251-252: Notes on Talybont Show
p.253: Photograph of Gogerddan Beagles at Tynpark, with the identity of most of the people in the photograph (c.1910?)
p.254: Cutting from a "papur bro" with a poem commemorating Mrs. Neli Davies and her son Huw Davies, who had died suddenly at their home 6 Caerfelin. (n.d.)
p.255: Missing
p.256: Copy of "Trysorfa Y Plant" (a children's periodical produced by the Calvinist Methodist Church) October 1905
p.257: Blank
p.258: Two photographs showing Llandre Station Signal Box. August 1975.
p.259: Two photographs removed from this page
p.260: Two photographs: garden party at Llandre Vicarage grounds 1961, and Railway Station House, Llandre empty since the trains stopped running, 1976.
p.261: Blank
p.262: "Cymru'r Plant" November 1915
p.263: Photograph of Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn (Llandre ) Church 1967
p.264: Photograph of Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn (Llandre) Church from the front of a Sunday School Festival pamphlet - Easter 1973
p.265: Photograph of ladies serving at Garden Fete June 1967, with several people identified.
p.266: Two photographs of Gwen Davies, Cathryn Davies and F.H. at Dolclettwr Farm, sitting in front of the hearth. 22 April 1978.
p.270 (there are no pages 267-269): Photograph of Miss Agnes Morgan, Penrhyncoch and Cathryn Davies at Dolclettwr Farm. Postcard of Clarach Bay, Aberyswtyth. n.d.
p.271: Blank
p.272: Postcard of Clarach Bay (caravan park) 1985
p.273-276: lists of names - possibly further attempts to identify individuals shown in J.T. Rees' choir (see p. 241)

Copy of the Birthday Scripture Text Book, lacking covers inscribed Louisa Joan Pryse with best wishes for a Happy New Year, 1874, F.L. The volume contains numerous birthdays of friends and relatives (mostly local gentry?).

Ledger with note on the front "This is the working Diary of Daniel Hamer who was the Estate mason on the Gogerddan Estate for over 50 years. This ledger dates from 1890-1900. Previous ones were distroyed during Spring cleaning, unfortunately. F. Hamer" Contents as described including a loose-leaf page in F.H.'s handwriting comprising a list of farms on the Gogerddan Estate extracted from the ledger. Pages are numbered 1-96, some pages having been removed before numbering.

In envelopes:

Photocopies of photographs, drawings etc.
Dogs' grave yard, Nanteos and Captain Powell and pets 1927
Photograph of the presentation at Penwern New Cross to Sir Lewes and Lady Pryse on their marriage of a silver fox, 1938 and a newspaper cutting about a presentation to the above at Bow Street.
Drawing of Nanteos Mansion (modern) by Kenneth Bromley
Chief Constable Steven Jones, Mrs. Powell Nanteos, equerry Mr. Buttler,
Lord Ystwyth Tabnybwlch, Prince Albert (later George VI), Miss Lewis and Col. Taylor
Lloyd c.1930? (2 copies)
Group of (mostly) men - possibly state workers. Not identified. c.1910
Nanteos (n.d.), F.H. on "Tregaron" at Llanilar Show 1928 and copy of F.H.'s driving licence 1934-1936.
Group photograph (staff?) outside Gogerddan, late nineteenth-early twentieth century.

Miscellaneous notes and cuttings:

Sir Pryse's two sisters


CD-ROM containing photographs recording the conservation work on the Florrie Hamer collection by Book and Paper Conservation Studio, University of Dundee in February 2009.
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