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ADX/481: Aberystwyth maritime photographs

Acc. 1271

Ref:  ADX/481
Reference: [GB0212] ADX/481
Date(s): 1868-1993
Level: Fonds
Extent:  5 series (119 items)
Scope and Content: Photographs and other items relating to Aberystwyth Harbour, the RNLI, the University, and the history of shipping

The collection comprises photographs relating to Aberystwyth harbour and the history of shipping (ADX/481/1); material relating to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) Station at Aberystwyth (ADX/481/2); photographs of Aberystwyth (ADX/481/3); exhibition and copy material relating to Aberystwyth and shipping (ADX/481/4); and large photographs relating to the Aberystwyth area and shipping (ADX/481/5).

Some of the written material within the collection relates to an exhibition held at the Arts Centre in Aberystwyth in April 1980. The photographs from the 1960s onwards are mainly taken by David Ellis Jenkins. He held the position of assistant Honorary Secretary of the Aberystwyth station of the RNLI. Many of the earlier photographs from 1900 onwards are copies of photographs taken by Mr Arthur J. Lewis, a well-known local photographer. 

Reference: ADX/481/1
Date(s): c.1880-1987
Level: Series
Extent: 42 items
Scope and Content: Photographs of Aberystwyth Harbour and Ships

1. Aberystwyth harbour, c. 1880. 


2. Steamer, Henry E. Taylor, c. 1880. 


3. Brig, Sir Robert McClure, c. 1880. 


4. Sailing ship, AB176, c. 1890. 


5. Three-masted barque, c. 1890. 


6. Schooner, Aeron Belle, c. 1895. 


7. Schooner, Aeron Belle, c. 1895. 


8. Schooner, Aeron Belle, c. 1895. 


9. Aberystwyth harbour, c. 1900. 

10. Schooner, Ellen Beatrice (2 copies), c. 1900. 


11. Aberystwyth harbour (2 copies), c. 1905. 


12. Aberystwyth harbour, c. 1906. 


13. S. S. Grosvenor, c. 1912. 


14. Pleasure boats, c. 1920. 

15. Pleasure boats, Birmingham City, and Worcester Castle, with rowing boats for hire, c. 1925. 


16. S. S. Pegrix entering the harbour (2 copies), 6 July 1926. 


17. Coaster, Garthloch; pleasure boat, Worcester Castle; nobbie, Snowdrop; and the coaster, Pegrix, c. 1926. 


18. Coaster, Garthloch (2 copies), 1927. 


19. Harbour with the schooner Rockingham alongside St. David's quay, with the ketch Clareen and the steamer Mons alongside the main quay (2 copies), 1927. 


20. Ketch, Clareen, 1927. 


21. Ketch, Clareen, 1927. 


22. Ketch, Clareen, 1927. 


23. Ketch, Clareen, 1927. 


24. Sailing ship, Rockingham, 1927. 


25. Sailing ship, Rockingham, 1927. 


26. S.S. Teifi of Cardigan, 1929-30. 


27. Ferry boats to Clarach, c. 1930. 


28. Fishing boat, King George, c. 1930. 


29. Motor boats, Wild Rose, Worcester Castle, Pride of the Midlands, Birmingham City and Mauretania, c. 1930. 


30. Aberystwyth harbour, c. 1935. 


31. S. S. Accomac (2 copies), c. 1935. 


32. The Mersey, Ardwyn School Yacht, c. 1960. 

33. Fisherman, Gwillym Williams, c. 1960. 

34. Fisherman, Evan James Davies, c. 1960. 

35. Bill Jenkins, 1960. 

36. Aberystwyth harbour, 1969. The image won first prize at 1969 University College of Wales Photography Club competition. 

37. Colour image of Aberystwyth harbour, c. 1985. 

38. Colour image of Aberystwyth harbour, 1985.

39. Silver Wake, built by Harry and Tom Williams for Gwillym Williams, c.1985. 

40. Sara M, 1987. 


41. Sara M, carrying the last cargo (timber for Ystwyth homes) to be imported into Aberystwyth by sea, October 1987. 


42. Fishermen on quayside, c. 1930. 


Reference: ADX/481/2
Date(s): 1870-1993
Level: Series
Extent:  3 Sub-Series
Scope and Content: Material relating to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) Station at Aberystwyth

Reference: ADX/481/2/1
Scope and Content: Photographs relating to the RNLI, 1870-1993

1. Evelyn Wood lifeboat, c. 1870. 


2. Tenby lifeboat, c. 1871. 


3. Dedication day for John & Naomi Beattie lifeboat, 10 August 1906. 


4. John & Naomi Beattie lifeboat, c. 1910. 


5. John & Naomi Beattie lifeboat, c. 1910. 


6. John & Naomi Beattie lifeboat, c. 1910. 


7. John & Naomi Beattie lifeboat, c. 1910. 


8. John & Naomi Beattie lifeboat, c. 1925. 


9. Crew of Frederick Angus: ([ ], Colonel Ray, Evan James Davies, [ ], [ ], David Theophilus Jenkins, [ ], Tommy Lewis, Johnny Daniel, Danny Thomas, [  ], [ ]), 1938. 


10. Aguila Wren (David Evans; Baden Powell Davies, Coxswain), 1965. 
11. Retired lifeboat Coxswain Baden Powell Davies, c. 1970.

12. Lifeboat crew with carnival float (Alan Blair, Tom Ridgway, Dai Davies, Maldwyn Jenkins, Bryan Pugh Jones, Alan Jones, Jeff Owen, David Jenkins), c. 1982. 

13. C-Class Inshore lifeboat, c. 1984. 

14. Colour image of the Lifeboat Station, 1982. 

15. Inshore lifeboat at the Fire Station (the quayside was being rebuilt), 1987. 

16. Lifeboat crew after a sponsored row from Arklow in Eire to Aberystwyth, raising £4000 for Bronglais Hospital Scanner appeal, 1989

17. Colour image of the Lifeboat crew (Alan Blair, John Gorman, David Jenkins, Jason Sian Rees, Martin Porter, Huw Goodchild, Brian Sack, Sandro James, Bryan Pugh Jones, Tom Ridgway, Peter Heading; and, in the lifeboat: Ron Barclay, Matthew Webster, Cliff Bates), 1993. 

18. Colour image of the Lifeboat crew (Brian Slack, Bryan Pugh Jones, David Jenkins, Peter Heading, John Gorman, Sandro James, Tom Ridgway), 1993. 

Reference: ADX/481/2/2
Scope and Content: Material relating to the RNLI and Aberystwyth Sea Cadets joint Church services 1970-1977

1. Salem Welsh Presbyterian Chapel service sheet, 2 August 1970. 

2. Llandre Church service sheet, 21 July 1974. 

3. English Methodist Wesleyan Chapel service sheet, 3 August 1975. 

4. St. Michael's Church service sheet, 31 July 1977. 

Reference: ADX/481/2/3
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous items relating to the RNLI, c. 1906-1990

1. Copies of the plans for alterations and additions to the boathouse at the RNLI Aberystwyth Station, 1906. 

2. Copies of the plans showing light points and leads at the RNLI Aberystwyth Station (2 copies), 13 September 1932. 

3. Copies of plans for rebuilding the slipway at the RNLI Aberystwyth Station (2 copies), 1949. 

4. Photocopy of two images from a Cambrian News & Welsh Farmers' Gazette article on the rescue, by the lifeboat Aguila Wren, of three fishing vessels caught in a gale, August 1956. 

5. Photocopy of a Cambrian News & Welsh Farmers' Gazette article on the rescue, by the lifeboat Aguila Wren, of three fishing vessels caught in a gale, August 1956.


6. Card, produced by the RNLI, showing the John & Naomi Beattie lifeboat (3 copies), n.d. 

7. RNLI Aberystwyth lifeboat commemorative brochure, 1983. 

8. Design of the logo for 125th anniversary of the Aberystwyth branch of RNLI, 1986


9. Laminated poster, produced by RNLI, depicting rescue by Aberystwyth lifeboat, 1990

10. Photocopy of an image entitled 'Aberystwyth Lifeboat Returns' by D. J. Mann, n.d. 


11. Photocopy of an image by Percy Cheshire of the Aberystwyth lifeboat launched in a gale, n.d. 


Reference: ADX/481/3
Date(s): 1890-1971
Level: Series
Extent:  2 Sub-Series
Scope and Content: Photographs of Aberystwyth

Reference: ADX/481/3/1
Scope and Content: Photographs relating to the University at Aberystwyth, 1890-1971

1. Old College Library, 1890. 


2. Installation of the Chancellor of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 26 June 1896. 


3. Old College Quadrangle, c. 1900. 


4. Old College Library, c. 1900. 


5. Alexandra Hall study bedroom, n.d. 

6. Old College east entrance, n.d. 


7. Interior of Old College building, n.d. 


8. Foyer of Old College building, c. 1970. 


9. Foyer of the Old College building, 1971. 


Reference: ADX/481/3/2
Scope and Content: Photographs relating to the Aberystwyth area, c.1900-c.1955

1. North Beach, c. 1900. 


2. North Beach, c. 1928. 


3. Storm damage to Alexandra Hall, January 1938. 

4. Garden at Trawscoed, 1964. 


5. Interior of Llanbadarn Church, n.d. 


6. Aberystwyth gentleman, n.d. 


7. Aerial view of Aberystwyth, c. 1955


8. Aerial view of Aberystwyth, c. 1955


Reference: ADX/481/4     
Date(s): c.1970-1988
Level: Series
Extent:  3 Sub-Series
Scope and Content: Exhibition and copy material relating to Aberystwyth, shipping, and other ephemera

Reference: ADX/481/4/1
Scope and Content: Exhibition and copied material relating to Aberystwyth, c. 1980

1. Copy of a map of Aberystwyth Bay, Bar, and harbour by Lewis Morris, 1748, n.d. 

2. Copy of a sketch map of Aberystwyth harbour, showing intended pier (2 copies),  c. 1800, n.d. 


3. Print of an image of the house and tower where John Evans kept his famed 'Mathematical and Commercial School', 1896, n.d. 


4. Print of an engraving of Aberystwyth town and harbour by J. Hassell (2 copies),  n.d.


5. View of Aberystwyth, c. 1970. 


6. Copies of exhibition booklets, entitled 'The Passing of a Port, Aberystwyth 1860 - 1939', by D. E. Jenkins (3 copies), July 1980. 

7. Poster for an exhibition entitled 'The Passing of a Port, Aberystwyth 1860-1934', 6 - 26 April 1980


Reference: ADX/481/4/2
Scope and Content: Exhibition and copied material relating to shipping

1. Photocopy of table of rates and duties collected within Aberystwyth harbour,  c. 1800, n.d. 

2. Photocopy of apprenticeship indenture dated 12 February 1816 between David Evans and David Davies, Master of the sloop Providence, 


3. Photocopy of caution giving notice of shipwreck of the sloop Friendship, April  1827, and photocopy of balance sheet for the Aberystwyth and Cardigan Bay Steam Packet Company, 31 Dec 1865-31 Dec 1866.

4. Photocopy of poster advertising the Salathiel, trading between London and Aberystwyth, 28 February 1846.

5. Print of poster advertising the Atlantic crossing of the brig Credo of Aberystwyth, 1848. 

6. Photocopy of auction poster for the smack Morriston, 24 April 1866. 


7. Photocopy of a poster of the schedule for the Express Freight steamer that travelled between Liverpool, Aberystwyth & Bristol, 1866.


8. Copy of lists of incoming and outgoing cargo from Aberystwyth (2 copies), 1874-1987.

9. Photocopy of the schedule of the Countess of Lisburne, which left Liverpool for Aberystwyth three times a month, 1895.

10. Photocopy of a record of outward bound ships, 12 September 1795.

11. Photocopy of ADX/119/51, Borough of Aberystwyth Scale of Charges for all vessels arriving and departing from Aberystwyth harbour, 30 March 1901.

12. Photocopy of lists of vessels using Aberystwyth harbour, and their dimensions, 1927-55.

Reference: ADX/481/4/3
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous exhibition and copied material, c. 1970-1988

1 -42.  University images of Ionesco in performance. Eugen Ionesco was a Romanian playwright who spent much of his life in Paris. He was born 26 November 1909 and died 28 March 1994. He was well-distinguished in the theatre world and was also heavily involved in campaigning for the freedom of speech for all artists. He became involved in the human rights campaign in Romania. The photographs seem to have been taken at an exhibition to mark his work, held at Old College c. 1970. 

43. Photograph of the Registrar, Tom Asfon Owen, making a presentation to  Llewellyn Jones after serving the university for fifty years, c. 1975. 

44-60. Photographs of the visit of Prince Charles to the Hugh Owen Library, July 1977. 

61. Photograph of Prince Charles in the Law foyer on his visit to the Hugh Owen Library, July 1977


62. Photograph of young men, n.d. 

63. Booklet based on exhibition to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the translation of the Bible into Welsh, 1988. 

64. Photocopy of booklet relating to Oxford University research trip to Madagascar, 1988. 

65. Service sheet for the Mayor's Sunday and Divine Service at United Reformed Church, Aberystwyth, n.d. 

Reference: ADX/481/5
Date(s): 1868-1971
Level: Series
Extent:  3 Sub-Series
Scope and Content: Large-size photographs and other material, relating to the Aberystwyth area and shipping

Reference: ADX/481/5/1
Scope and Content: Large-size photographs relating to Aberystwyth harbour and ships, 1868-1965

1. Hope, 1868-1870. 

2. Harbour, c. 1870. 

3. Harbour (2 copies), c. 1870. 

4. Harbour entrance, c. 1880. 

5. Harbour, c. 1880. 

6. Harbour, c. 1880. 

7. Harbour, c. 1885. 

8. Harbour, pre 1886. 

9. Harbour, c. 1886. 

10. Harbour, c. 1905. 

11. Grosvenor, c. 1909. 

12. Sail ship, Lizzie, c. 1920

13. Torpoint in the harbour (2 copies), c. 1925. 

14. Harbour, c. 1965.

Reference: ADX/481/5/2
Scope and Content: Large-size photographs relating to Aberystwyth, c. 1875-1971

1. Old College, c. 1875. 

2. View of North Beach, taken from Constitution Hill, showing the Public Baths, c. 1890. 

3. North Beach, taken by H. H. Davies, c. 1895. 

4. The Pier, on the occasion of the visit of Edward VII, Prince of Wales, 26 June 1896. 

5. Visit of Edward VII, Prince of Wales, 26 June 1896. 

6. Installation of Edward VII, Prince of Wales as the Chancellor of the University of Wales at Aberystwyth, 26 June 1896. 

7. Edward VII, Prince of Wales at his installation as Chancellor of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 26 June 1896. 

8. Street scene, c. 1900. 

9. Terrace Road, looking west, c. 1900. 

10. North Parade, c. 1925. 

11. North Beach, c. 1926. 

12. North Parade, c. 1930. 

13. Plans, drawn up by Principal Leslie Evans, for proposed new College buildings on Penglais estate, c. 1945. 

14. Aerial photograph, c. 1960. 

15. Old College and promenade, c. 1969. 

16. Physical Sciences building, University College of Wales Aberystwyth, 1969. 

17. Old College, 1969-1970. 

18. Penglais House, 1970. 

19. Old College main entrance, c. 1970. 

20. Arts Centre and Student Union building, c. 1970.

21. Pantycelyn, 1971. 

Reference: ADX/481/5/3
Scope and Content: Material, mainly photographs, relating to Aberystwyth and the wider area, c. 1955-1968

1. Copy of John Wood's plan of Aberystwyth, 1834.

2. Photographed copy of a plan for Llanbadarn Church (the original of which is in the Diocesan Registry), 1878. 

3. Photographed copy of plan for Llanbadam Church (the original of which is in the Diocesan Registry), 1878.

4. Visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, 8 August 1955. 

5. Dinas Dam, Ponterwyd, c. 1967. 

6-13. Coracle boats (Nos. 10, 12, and 13 are duplicates), c. 1967. 

14-16. Geraint, a potter in Aberaeron, 1967, 

17-22. John Evans, blacksmith at Capel Seion, 1967. John Evans was born at Bryngwyn farm, on the Devil's Bridge road. He was buried at Capel Seion cemetery with his trade name 'Jack y Go' inscribed on his tombstone. His smithy was located next to the school, of which he was also caretaker. After the school was renovated in the mid-1960s he was not popular with the headmistress, Miss Jenkins, when his hobnail boots marked the new parquet flooring. 

23. Cwm Rheidol, 1968. 

24. Bridge in woodland [Devil's Bridge], n.d. 

25. Photograph of a drawing of a Welsh National Eisteddfod at Aberystwyth, n.d.

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