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ADX/488: Miscellaneous Ephemera

Acc. 1261

Ref:  ADX/488

Reference: [GB0212] ADX/488
Date(s): 1837-1975
Level: Fonds
Extent:  6 Series
Scope and Content: Collection of miscellaneous ephemera, with no apparent connection between any of the Series of items

Comprising correspondence (ADX/488/1), material relating to the retail trade (ADX/488/2), tickets and programme ADX/488/3), material relating to Ordinations (ADX/488/4), sale particulars and other material relating to Penywern House (ADX/488/5), and miscellaneous items (ADX/488/6).


Reference: ADX/488/1
Date(s): 1877-c.1920
Level: Series
Extent: 3 Items
Scope and Content: Correspondence from Tasmania

1. Letter from Charles I. Walch of Wellington Bridge, Hobart Town, Tasmania, to Mrs
    Mary Parry, Hawen, Rhydlewis, regarding her deceased son's effects: 30 October   

2. Letter, in Welsh, from Watkin Thomas, Hobart Town, Tasmania to his brother: 1
    September 1877. 

3. Letter, in Welsh, from Watkin Thomas of the Tasmanian Mainline Railway, to his
    mother: 26 February 1878. 

Material relating to the retail trade

Reference: ADX/488/2
Date(s): c.1890-c.1920
Level: Series
Extent: 3 Items
Scope and Content: Receipts and accounts

1. Page from an Account Book of D. Morgan, Milliner & Fancy Draper, The
    Emporium, 16 & 18 Pier Street, Aberystwyth: c. 1890. 

2. Receipt from W. Pugh, Tailor, Manchester House, Taliesin, to Mr Griffths, 
    Dolclettwr, for the purchase of three overcoats, one pair of black trousers. and one
    hat: 7 November 1913. 

3. Page from a receipt book of E. Edwards, Merchant Tailor, Penygroes, Llandre, 
    Aberystwyth: c. 1920.

Tickets and programmes

Reference: ADX/488/3
Date(s): 1932-1975
Level: Series
Extent: 8 Items
Scope and Content: Tickets and programmes for Eisteddfodau, concerts, plays, and university Graduation cereemonies

1. Programme for Eisteddfod held at Geithwyr Hall, Ynysybwl: 14 December 1932. 

2. Programme for the Season of the Society of the Young: 1932-1933. 

3. Programme for the 41st Annual Concert of Glyn Street Church, Ynysybwl, held at
    the Workman's Hall: 10 January 1935. 

4. Two tickets for the Welsh League of Youth, Northern Ceredigion Region, 
    Eisteddfod, Aberystwyth: 16 March 1935. 

5. Two tickets for the play Yr Orffiws, by Huw LI. Edwards. Performed by the
    Penegoes Company, Taliesin: 16 March 1970. 

6. Ticket for concert in aid of the Farmers' Lung Appeal, held at the Agricultural
    College Theatre, Llanbadarn, Aberystwyth: 11 May 1972.

7. Ticket for the Afternoon Graduation Ceremony for Arts, Law, Music, Librarianship, 
    and Divinity, University of Wales, Aberystwyth: 10 July 1975. 

8. Programme for a Pantomime and Coffee Morning at Talybont School: n.d. 

Material relating to Ordinations

Reference: ADX/488/4
Date(s): 1942-1967
Level: Series
Extent: 2 Items
Scope and Content: Ordination programmes

1. Ordination of Mr. D. Kernes Lewis, Capel Degwel, Llandudoch, into the
    Independent Church of Pisgah and Phantycrugiau: 17-18 March 1942. 

2. Ordination of Mr W. J. Edwards, Baker Street, Aberystwyth and the Coleg Coffa'r
    Annibynwyr, Swansea, into the Independent Church. The Old Chapel, 
    Llanuwchllyn: 5-6 September 1967. 

Sale particulars and other material relating to Penywern House

Reference: ADX/488/5
Date(s): 1924-1927
Level: Series
Extent: 1 Items
Scope and Content: Sale particulars and related items for Penywern House, near Aberystwyth

1. Description of Penywern House, near Aberystwyth : c. 1924. 

2. Revised description of Penywern, by Hampton & Sons, London: c. 1925. 

3. Description of Penywern, by Hampton & Sons, London, with corrections: c. 1926. 

4. Letter from Edward Jones, Auctioneer & Valuer, Manchester, to W. Rowland
    James, Cambrian Chambers, Aberystwyth, asking for the particulars of Penywern: 
    22 September 1927. 

5. Letter from Edward Jones, Auctioneer & Valuer, Manchester, to W. Rowland  
    James, Cambrian Chambers, Aberystwyth, regarding the valuing the Penywem  
    property: 12 October 1927. 

6. Description of Penywem: n.d. 

7. Letter replying to an advertisement placed in The Times under the name of Smith
    & Son in Tomes: n.d.

Miscellaneous items

Reference: ADX/488/6
Date(s): 1837-c.1940
Level: Series
Extent: 7 Items
Scope and Content

1. Pamphlet for the Grand Bazaar, held in the Assembly Rooms, Aberystwyth, 
    hosted by the English Presbyterian Church (Welsh Calvinistic Methodist), Bath
    Street: 23-24 October 1901. 

2. copy of The Religious Revival in Wales, by Awstin and other Western Mail
    correspondents: 1904. 

3. Broadcasting Bulletin of Radio Programmes, Vol. 2, No. 4, for 2BL (Queensland
    Radio Service, Brisbane), 4QG (Broadcasters Limited, Sydney) and 3LO
    (Broadcasting Company of Australia, Ltd., Melbourne): 21-28 November 1925. 

4. Old Ardwynians' Association 1st Annual Dinner pamphlet, held at the Queen's
    Hotel; autographed on the reverse: 2 April 1837. 

5. Evacuation Official armband: c. 1940. 

6. Poem, in Welsh: n.d. 

7. Welsh copy of Swndra Lela, by John H. Brooks, translated into Welsh and
    adapted by L. Eirlys Williams: n.d.
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