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ADX/1169: Deeds relating to Lledrod


Ref: ADX/1169

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1169
Title: Deeds relating to Lledrod
Date(s): 1768-1926
Level: Fonds
Extent: 1 box

Scope and Content:
Documents concerning Lledrod Mill, Cardiganshire and Ty yn y Porth house and gardens built on the mill premises by 1788, and the houses called Ty Issa, or Wainhelig, or Wainbaby and Tynllan and the Inn and shop called the King’s Arms in the parish of Lledrod, from 1786 to 1926.  

Mortgage, concerned with £50 followed by £100. Parchment in poor condition. See the following document for details.

Release and Assignment and further mortgage for £200, between David John of Rhosdie parish, Cardiganshire, Gent., David Williams of the parish of Lledrod, Gent., and John Williams of the parish of St George’s, Hanover Square, Middlesex, Gent.  reciting a Deed of Mortgage of 2 May 1765, followed by a Fine, when for £50 from David John, David Williams released to him the messuages,  tenements, and lands called Henbant lately occupied by Jenkin Lloyd, and Garregwen lately occupied by William Herbert, with appurtenances  in the parish of Lledrod, Cardiganshire.  John advanced further money to David Williams (details given) eventually a mortgage on these properties to John Williams for £200
22 April 1868

Release. David Richards of the parish of Lledrod, Gent, and  Richard Richards of Lledrod parish Cardiganshire, County Officer of Excise in the first part, and Jenkin Jones of the parish of Lledrod, Gent., in the second. In consideration of £140 the Richards released to Jenkin Jones the water grist mill with appurtenances called Lledrod Mill.
1 March 1786

Counterpart  Lease with the above Release.
13 March 1786

Lease of the Lledrod corn and grist mill, then in the occupation of David Richards, together with  a new house and gardens called Ty’n y Porth recently erected near Lledrod Churchyard, for an annual rent of £10.15s, and for a term of 21 years.  Jenkin Jones of the parish of Lledrod, Gent., to  John Owen of Lledrod. 
22 march 1788

Certificate on paper of the Contract for the Redemption of Land Tax of £5 10s. on the  messuage, tenement and Lands  called the Mill at Lledrod, in the ownership and occupation of Enoch Evans.  Receipt of Enoch Evans of £3 and 6d. and statement by Land Tax Commissioners charging the Mill with land tax of 3s attached.
1 May 1799 (registered 27 June 1799)

Lease for one year of Lledrod water corn and grist Mill, messuage, tenement, and lands then in the occupation of john Owens, victualler, Solomon Hughes and Averina Evans, spinster. Morgan Evans late of Lledrod Mill, p. Lledrod, but now a private in the 1st Regiment of the Foot Guards 3rd Battalion, Light Infantry, the only son and heir of Enoch Evans late of Lledrod Mill, to John Jones of Brynarth bach in the parish of Llanilar, Cardiganshire, mason.   
22 December 1809

Counterpart Release of the above Lease of the Lledrod water corn and grist mill and Ty’yn y Porth in the parish of Lledrod, Cardiganshire, for £280. 
23 December 1809

Lease of the messuage tenement and lands called Ty Issa  of nine acres, 2 perches and 12 rods being a part of Henbant in the parish of Lledrod. George Williams of Henbant in the parish of Lledrod, Cardiganshire, elder son and heir of David Williams Gent.,  eldest son of  William Davies of Maesyfrwd in the parish of Llanafan, Cardiganshire, Gent. deceased, by Mary his wife, the only sister and heiress and administrator of the goods and chattels of John Williams late of the parish of St. George’s Hanover Square, Middlesex, Gent., deceased, to James Lewis of Rhydodyn in the parish of Lledrod.
30 March 1812

Probate with Will annexed of Elizabeth Richards of Tynllan in the parish of Lledrod, Cardiganshire, with bequests to her children Enoch Morgan, Morgan Owens, Thomas Owens, and Elizabeth  Evans and Mary  Morgan and concerning the messuage Tyddyn, Tynllan alias Tynyllan.
Will dated 1 August 1829, proved  1830

Lease of the messuage and tenement in the parish of Lledrod called Ty Issa, Wainhelig and now Wainbaby then in the occupation of Margaret Lewis, widow. Enoch Lewis of no. 11 Henrietta Street, Convent Garden, Middlesex, draper, and William Lewis, late of the same place but now of Wainhelig, Lledrod, Cardiganshire, draper, to John Jones of Ty’nyporth, Lledrod, draper.
3 May 1833

Will of William Evans of Tynllan, p. Lledrod, Cardiganshire, concerning the messuage and tenement Tynllan for his brother John Evans, and concerning his sister May Evans and his mother Sarah Evans.
23 January 1836

Probate with Will annexed of Catherine Evans of Gwenhafdre in the parish of Lledrod, Cardiganshire, with details of legacies to Mr John Jones of Tynyporth, Lledrod, farmer,  to David Williams of Hafod Ucha Lledrod and to his granddaughter Margaret Davies.  
26 March 1838

Legacy Receipts – Stamps and Taxes concerning the Will of John Jones late of Tynyporth, in Lledrod parish, Cardiganshire who died on 13 August 1843. Legacies to Jane Griffiths, Mary Jones, Elinor Rees, John Jones, Thomas Jones, Wiliam Jones, David Davies, Hannah Davies. See ADX/1169/14 for more information on the legatees.

Probate with Will annexed of John Jones, Gent., of Tynyporth, Lledrod. See also ADX/1169/14.

Statement of the Legacy Duty on the Will of John Jones, addressed to Mr. John Davies, farmer at Tynyporth, Lledrod.

Receipts from legatees of the Will of John Jones, also the Register of an Annuity for life for David Jones of Brynarth Bach, and a Residuary Account with a valuation of his personal estate and money.

Forms (one blank), for payment of duty owed by John Jones of Tynyporth Mill on horses and mules for riding or drawing a carriage, 1854 to 1855.
5 April 1855

Will of John Davies of Tynporth in the parish of Lledrod, Cardiganshire, miller. Bequests of money to his daughter Jane and all his messuages, land, and goods to his son Richard. John and William Herbert of Erw’rllan in Lledrod parish to be Trustees. 
14 May 1859

Mortgage of Tynllan, p. Lledrod, Cardiganshire, to secure £212 and interest for John Evans of Tynllan, Victualler and Draper from Hugh Hughes of Aberystwyth, solicitor. 
3 October 1865

Further Charge on Tynllan, p. Lledrod, Cardiganshire, to secure £188 and interest for John Evans from Hugh Hughes, as above. 
15 February 1865

Further Charge on Tynllan, p. Lledrod, Cardiganshire to secure £225 and interest, for John Evans from Hugh Hughes, as above. 
6 September 1870

Transfer of the Morgtgage on Tynllan, p. Lledrod, Cardiganshire, from John Evans of Tynllan, Victualler and Draper and Hugh Hughes of Aberystwyth, Gent., to Miss Catherine Morgan, spinster, of Church Street, Aberystwyth for securing £750 and interest.  
25 February 1875
Also Transfer of endowment from J. T. Morgan Esq., and Mrs. Mary Williams to the Rev. Evan Alban. 27 March 1884

Conveyance of the messuage and lands called Tynllan, p. Lledrod, Cardiganshire, and the Inn and shop known as the King’s Arms, from Mrs. Mary Williams of Tynllan, widow, to the Rev. Evan Alban of Lledrod, for £1,100. 
16 February 1889

Mortgage of Tynllan, p. Lledrod, Cardiganshire, from the Rev. Evans Alban of Lledrod to William Williams of the College Arms, Ystradmeurig, farmer, for £750 and interest. 
12 March 1889

Chart of the History of the World published by The Times from Historian’s History of the World. The history goes up to 1907.

1-2. Two receipts on paper from the Prudential Assurance Company, Holborn Bars, London for a policy on the life of the Rev. William H. Davies of Boulder, Kalgoolie, Western Australia with annual payments of £2.19s.10d. 
2 December 1916 and 3 January 1916
3. Receipt for £150 received by T. Eyton Morgan, solicitor of 5 Chalybeate Street, Aberystwyth from Mr. James Jones of Tynpark. 
19 October 1921
4. Receipt for £6.10s from Mr G. ?A. Jones.
 6 September 1926


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