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Reference: [GB 0212] BRA
Title: Records relating to Cardiganshire/Ceredigion transfered from the British Records Association.
Date(s): 1626-1965
Level: Fonds
Extent: 0.143m3

Scope and Content:



LEASE for 21 years. 
     1. William Edwards Powell of Nanteos, County Cardiganshire, Esquire. 
     2. Abel Lewis Gower of Castle Malgwyn, County Pembrokeshire, Esquire and Gregory Seal Walters of Coleman Street, London, merchant. 

Premises: The lead mine called Cwmystwyth mine in the parish of Llanfihangel y Creuddyn, County Cardiganshire; all whimseys, gins and other machinery at the mine; the storehouses at Cwmystwyth and the warehouse called the Cipola at Aberystwyth. 
Terms: one seventh of the profits from the sale of the lead and a royalty of one shilling and six pence for each ton of ore sold. 
23 December 1846. 



     1. John Feltham of Ball Alley, Lombard Street, London, banker. Samuel Hayhurst Lucas of Brighton, Esquire. Robert Ingham of Lincoln's Inn, Queen's Counsel and Member of Parliament; and Charles Gilpin of Bedford Square, County Middlesex, Member of Parliament. 
     2. Henry Bailey of Wallgarton, parish of Berkeley, Gloucestershire, gentleman. 
     3. George Griffiths Williams of Rhoscellanfawr, parish of Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire Esquire; the Reverend Lewis Gilbertson Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford. 
     4. The Reverend Evan Charles Owen of Brynygwm, County Merioneth, Clerk. 

1), 2) and 3) Mortgagees and trustees of the late Matthew D. Williams convey to 4). 
Premises: The house and farm called Tynyllechwedd farm in the parish of Cyfoeth-y-brenin, Cardiganshire. 
Consideration: £21 50. 
Map and schedule attached. 



1. Two receipts for sums received by Richard Griffith of Bishops Castle, Shropshire, enclosure commissioner, from Thomas Thomas of Tre'r ddol, excise officer, for the purchase of pieces of land in the parish of Llangynfelin under the terms of the Act for enclosing lands in the parishes of Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn and Llangynfelin, Cardiganshire. 
3 August 1826 and 4 October 1827. 

2. Exemplification of Common Recovery by double warranty. 
     1. James Evans Hughes and John Hughes, clerks, demandants. 
     2. William Jones gentleman, tenant in tail. 
     3. Jane Morgan and Maria Janetta his wife, vouchees to warranty. 

Lands in the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire. 
17 April 1829. 

3. Exemplification of Common Recovery by double warranty. 
     1. Elizabeth Parry widow, demandant. 
     2. Thomas Loftus gentleman, tenant in tail. 
     3. John Warren, Jane his wife and William Jones Watkins, vouchees to warranty. 

Lands in the parishes of Llanbadarn Fawr and Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn in Cardiganshire. 
31 January 1832. 

4. COVENANT by Captain John Lewes of Llanlear in Carmarthenshire to pay an annuity of £100 and declaration of trust, of a sum of £3000 charged by him upon certain estates in Cardiganshire on the marriage of Pryse Loveden to Miss Louisa Joan Lewes.
22 February 1859. 

5. DEMISE by Captain John Lewes of Llanlear to William Ince Lewes of Lys Nywydd, Carmarthenshire and others of certain estates in Cardiganshire to secure a sum of £3000 on the marriage of Pryse Loveden to Miss Louisa Joan Lewes. 

6. DEED OF EXCHANGE between Sir Pryse Pryse of Gogerddan and the Crown in the person of the Hon. Jones Kenneth Howard a commissioner of Her Majesty's woods, forests and land revenues of certain lands in the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire. (Map and schedule attached) 
1 December 1879



Power of Attorney from Elizabeth Ellen Walter of Brynawel, Ciliau Aeron, Cardiganshire, widow to Sir William Bull M.P., of 3 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, Solicitor. 
30 January 1917



     1. Richard Vaughan of Penbryn gent and Hector Vaughan of Llandygog gent and Thomas Vaughan of Penbryn gent. 
     2. Reignaldd ap Jevan Lloyd of Llanrhystod gent for £80

Condition: Richard Vaughan his heirs, executors and administrators to perform the covenants specified in a pair of indentures of the same date between Richard Vaughan and Reignaldd ap Jevan Lloyd
Signature: Richard Vaughan
Endorsed: witnesses
20 November 1626



     1. William Matthews late of Trinity College, Oxford, now of Ystradmeirig,clerk
     2. Richard Williams of Lincolns Inn, County of Middlesex, gent, and John Higham of Lower Grosvenor Street, County of Middlesex, apothecary. Margaret Lomax of (blank), executrix of the will of Charles Lomax.dec'd and Elizabeth Harding of Shrewsbury, spinster, sole executrix of the will of the Rev. Thomas Goodinge,Doctor of Laws dec'd. 

Recites: indenture of assignment and settlement 29 September 1777 between William Matthews and Joseph Daniel Matthews and Thomas Goodinge as trustees of £1000. Various investments,re investments and changes of trustees are described. Trust funds of £1476 12s.3d., £273 7s.3d., £472 12s.9d. in 3% consolidated Bank Annuities
Signatures and seals of William Matthews, Richard Williams, John Higham
Endorsed: receipts for the various sums.
Witnesses to the signatures
20 July 1818



William Henry Palmer of Queen's Hotel, Aberystwyth, hotel keeper and licensed victualler and farmer, to Simon Smee of Halstead, Co. Essex, market gardener, of the goods, premises, stock in trade and effects of The Queen's Hotel and Tyhens Farm, Aberystwyth, in consideration of £472
Signature: W. H. Palmer
Witnesses: D. E. Cardinal Sol. Halstead
5 November 1877



1. WILL of Richard Edward Jenkins of Llanfihangel Geneur Glyn, Co Cardigan. Among other bequests is mentioned property called Morfai Borth in Cyfoeth y Brenhin, pa. Llanfihangel Geneur Glyn. 
21 March 1832, probate granted 18 March 1833

2. RELEASE and RESETTLEMENT of Trusteeship of family estates: 
     1. Sir Pryse Pryse of Gogerddan, Co Cardigan bart. and Pryse Pryse Pryse of Gogerddan Esq. 
     2. John Lewes of Llanlear Talsarn, Co. Cardigan Esq. Lt. Col. retired. 
     3. Isaac Williams of no.103 St Martin's Lane, pa. St. Martin in the Field, Co. Middlesex. 
21 January 1884

3. RELEASE and RESETTLEMENT of trusteeship of family estates: 
     1. Sir Pryse Pryse of Goggerddan, Co. Cardigan bart. and Pryse Pryse Pryse of Goggerddan Esq. 
     2. Isaac Williams of no.103 St. Martin's Lane pa. St. Martin in the Fields, Co. Middlesex
     3. Herbert Vaughan of Brwnog near Lampeter, Co. Cardigan Esq. 
19 November 1884

BRA/8/4-68 are contained in six bundles marked 'Jones v. Evans' 

4-22. Deeds relating to property in the parish of Llanfihangel Ystrad, especially Pensarnvawr (Bundle 1)

4-5. LEASE and RELEASE: 
     1. Richard Davies of Carmarthen, gent, and Jane his wife; Grismond Phillips of Cwmgwilly, Co. Carmarthen Esq.; Griffith Phillips of Carmarthen, Esq. brother and heir of Grismond Phillips, the younger, dec'd; Dorothy Phillips of Carmarthen, widow of Grismond Phillips. 
     2. Richard Roger of pa. Dyhewid, Co. Cardigan, gent. 

A messuage and lands known as Pen y sarn pa. Llanfihangel Ystrad. 
16-17 October 1738

6. WILL of Evan Richard of Nant y Gelli, pa. Dihewid, Co Cardigan. 
29 July 1768, probate granted 22 March 1770

7. WILL of Richard Rogers of pa. Dihewid, Co. Cardigan, gent Among other bequests are mentioned the properties known as Tyr-yr-apolwen, pa. Llansaint-fread, Tyr pen-y-fawr or Tyr-pen-y-sarn-hoyfen, Tywy-gwndion pa. Dihewid, Tyr-pen-y-sarn-fach, pa. Ystrad, Tyr-y-Treberfedd, pa. Dihewid. 
6 April 1769, probate granted 10 August 1770

8. COPY WILL of Jenkin Richards of pa. Dihewid. Among other bequests are mentioned the properties known as Foes-y-basseg pa. Ystrad, Berthele pa. Silien, Pensarnfawr pa. Dihewid. 
30 July 1792, copy dated 22 September 1819

9. Bargain and Sale: 
     1. Jane Lewis of Pensarnvawr pa. Dihewid, Co. Cardigan, spinster
     2. John Evans of Nantygelly pa. Dihewid, gent. 

The Messuage and lands known as Pensarnvawr and part of Tynygwndwn pa. Dihewid
3 December 1799

10. WILL of John Evans of Nantygilly pa. Dihewid, Co. Cardigan, gent. Among other bequests are mentioned properties in Pant y Meinog and Tyngwilim pa. Pencarreg, Pensarnvawr pa. Dihewid, Penbaily and Llainrhyd pa. Llanvihangel Ystrad. 
6 August 1810, proved 8 July 1813

11. Copy will of (10) 

12. CONVEYANCE to make a tenant to the precipe and lead the uses of a recovery
     1. Evan Evans of Pensarnfawr pa. Dihewid, gent, 
     2. John Evans of Foesygafseg pa. Llanfihangel Ystrad, gent. 
     3. John Willy of Haverfordwest, gent, tenant to the precipe
     4. John Beynon of Newcastle Emlyn, gent. 

A messuage and lands known as Tyr Pensarnfawr or Tyr Pensarnllwyfen or Pensarnfawr pa. Dihewid; Penybaily and Llainrhydygrech pa. Llanfihangel Ystrad; Bailybach pa. Llanfihangel Ystrad and Dihewid; Cae Fynnon and Caepensarn adjoining Pensarnfawr aforesaid, a tenement called Foesygasseg pa. Llanfihangelystrad. 
2-3 September 1819

13. Exemplification of Recovery
     1. John Willy Esq. 
     2. Evan Evans

Tenements in the parishes of Dihewid and Llanfihangel Ystrad
16 September 1819

14. MORTGAGE by demise
     1. David Evans of Nantygelly pa. Dihewid
     2. Mary Beynon of pa. Llandisiliogogo, spinster

Tyr Pensarnfawr otherwise called Tyr Pensarn Llwysen or Pensarnfawr, pa. Dihewid. 
22 June 1830

15. Administration of the goods of Evan Evans of pa. Dihewid, granted to David Evans his brother
9 August 1830

16-17. ASSIGNMENT of MORTGAGE for residue of term, and mortgage bond
     1. Mary Beynon of Pennar pa. Llandisiliogogo, spinster
     2. David Evans of Pensarnfawr pa. Dihewid
     3. Howel Jones of Narberth, Co, Pembroke, Esq

Tyr Pensarn Fawr, pa. Dihewid
21 October 1832

18. COPY WILL of Howel Jones, Esq. of Narberth
9th February 1832, with codicils dated 27 December 1832 and 27 June 1833 (proved 24 May 1834) 

19-20. Disentailing assurance by lease and release: 
     1. John Evans of Steyning Co. Sussex, Clk. 
     2. John Bilbie of King St. Finsbury Square Co. Middlesex, gent. 

The messuage known as Nanty Gelli pa. Dihewid
5-6 July 1839

21. TRANSFER of mortgage and conveyance in fee to trustee by way of further security. 
     1. Rev. Charles Philipps of Pembroke, Clk. Thomas Morgan of Singleton Villa near Torquay Devon, executors of Howel Jones dec'd
     2. Rev. David Evans of Bridgend
     3. Bernard Sanguinetti of no.53 New Bond St. Middlesex, tailor and draper
     4. Albert Jenkin of Middle Temple, gent

All the hereditaments mentioned in the indenture of 21 Oct. 1832 (see above, nos. 16-17) 
11 July 1844
(contains statement of Pensarnvawr mortgage in account with Mr. Bernard Sanguinetti, July 1853 - December 1862) 

22. Schedule of deeds and documents (1738-1844) relating to freehold property called Pensarnvawr, Cardiganshire 1849 (contains list of docs, now listed as BRA8/4-21)

23-29. Various deeds and documents, mostly concerning David Evans of Nantygelly pa. Dihewid (bundle 2) 

23. Marriage Settlement
     1. Thomas Frees Thomas of pa. Killicom, Co. Carmarthen, gent. 
     2. John Rees Thomas of the same, gent, and Daniel Lewis, gent. 

Messuages and lands known as Tir Castell hane Yssa, Rhiw yr wrath, Rhyd Halog Ycha and Rhyd Halog Yssa, pa. Killicome. 
15 July 1652

24-25. LEASE and RELEASE
     1. David Evans of Nantygelly pa. Dyhewyd, gent. 
     2. David Lloyd Harries of Llandovery

A Messuage called Nant-y-gelly in pa. Dyhewyd, and tenements called Cae Dyhewyd and Glanyravonddu in pa. Dyhewyd, Llain-Fynnon and Abertrinant pa. Llanvihangel Ystrad, Perthele pa. Silian, Esgerwenfach and Cwmcoydog pa. Llanarth, Tyr-pant-y-Meinog and Cae-gwillim-Ycha pa. Pencarreg
6-7 November 1822

26. Administration of the goods of David Evans late of Nantygelli pa. Dihewid, dec'd. granted to David Lloyd Harries his principal creditor
2 August 1842

27. Administration of the goods of Rev. John Evans, Clk. dec'd. granted to David Lloyd Harries.
13 December 1850

28. COPY WILL (extract) of Thomas Evans of Maesnewydd pa. Llanwnen, gent, proved on 13 July 1857; with copy of administration of David Evans late of Maesnewydd pa. Llanwnen, granted to Thomas Evans of the same
26 November 1850

29. Receipt, 12 April 1862, in case of Jones v. Evans; attached to the receipt are other notes concerning this case including a bill of costs, 24 November 1829; warrant of attorney for David Evans of Nantygelly pa. Dihewid in action for debt for £400 at suit of Catherine Bridget Lloyd, 22 May 1822; memorandum of agreement between David Evans of Nantygelly and Catherine Bridget Lloyd of Mandenham Co. Carmarthen by which lands and tenements in Nantygelly, Caedenewydd, Glanyrcefendda, Llainyfynnon Abetrenant, Perthele, Esgerwenfach, Cwmcoydog, Tyrpantymeinog and Cae Gun llwynyucha were mortgaged, 22 May 1822

30-39. Documents relating to properties in pa. Llanarth (bundle 3)

30-31. MORTGAGE in fee
     1. John Jones of Escerwen Fach pa. Llanarth
     2. Sylvanus Jones of Nantremenin pa. Llandyssul

The messuages of Tir Escerwen fach, Tir a Tyddyn, Llettu Phillip and Nain pen moch y cwm, pa. Llanarth
6-7 January 1764

32-33. CONVEYANCE to make a tenant to the Precipe and lead the uses of a recovery
     1. Thomas Page of Castle Northwich, Co. Chester and his wife Katherine; John Jones now of Aberaeron, only son of the said Katherine by Rees Jones her late husband
     2. Edward Hughes of Aberllolwyn Co. Cardigan
     3. James Lloyd of Mabus

Tenements called Eskerwenfach, Tyr a Tyddyn, Lettu Phillip, Llain pen moel y cwm and Cwm coidog, in pa. Llanarth. 
14-15 August 1767

34-35. LEASE and RELEASE
     1. Sylvanus Jones of Nantremenin, Co Cardigan and John Jones of Aberaeron
     2. John Richard of pa. Dihewid

Tenements called Tir Eskerwenfach, Tir a Tyddyn, Lletty Phillip and Llain pen moel y cwm in pa. Llanarth. 
1-2 October 1767

36. Exemplification of a common recovery
     1. James Lloyd Esq.
     2 Edward Hughes, gent. 

1 messuage, two cottages, four gardens etc. in pa. Llanarth
1 September 1768

37-38. Marriage settlement
     1. John Richard of Dihewid and Elizabeth his wife
     2. Thomas Jones, vicar of Pencarreg
     3. John Davies of Llanvaughan

Messuages known as Tyr Eskenfach, Tir a Tyddyn, Lletty Phillip and Llain pen moel y cwm
17-18 November 1775

39. WILL of John Richard of pa. Dihewid, bequeathing Eskerwenfach and Cwm coedog, pa. Llanarth, to his daughter Elizabeth. 
3 May 1782, proved 25 February 1785

40-48. Deeds relating mostly to Perthele, pa. Silian (bundle 4) 

40-41. LEASE and RELEASE
     1. John Adams of Peterwell, Co. Cardigan, Esq. nephew and heir of Herbert Lloyd who was brother and heir of John Lloyd, dec'd, who was brother and heir of Sir Lucius Christianus Lloyd late of Millfield. 
     2. William Davies of Dromddu pa. Silian

A tenement called Perthele in pa. Silian
29-30 October 1771

42. MORTGAGE by demise
     1. William Davies of Drymddu pa. Silian, gent. 
     2. Jenkin Rogers of pa. Dihewid, gent

A messuage called Perthele in pa. Silian
7 February 1784

43-44. MORTGAGE in Fee
     1 William Davies of Perth-hele pa. Silian
     2. Jenkin Richards of pa. Dihewid

A messuage called Perthele pa. Silian
4-5 February 1785

45. Bargain and Sale
     1. William Davies of pa. Silian
     2. Jenkin Richard of pa. Dihewid

A messuage called Perthele in Silian
9 December 1789

46. WILL of Jenkin Richards of pa. Dihewid
Among other bequests are mentioned properties in Pensarnvawr, Ffoesygassey, pa. Ystrad, Berthele pa. Silian. 
30 July 1792, proved 5 June 1798

     1. David Edwards of Derryodyn pa. Llanbadarn Odyn, Co. Cardigan
     2. John Evans of Nantygelly, pa. Dihewidd

A tenement called Perthele pa. Silian
19-20 October 1806

49-63. Documents relating to property in Llanarth, Llanfihangel Ystrad, also to property in Dihewid, Silian and Pencarreg (Bundle 5) 

49. WILL of Rees Jones of Great Budworth, Co. Chester. Among other bequests are mentioned tenements in Llanarth. 
Proved 21 May 1745

50. Draft articles of agreement of marriage settlement: 
     1. David Jones of Blancarnel pa. Kilcennin, Co. Cardigan, Clk. 
     2. Elizabeth Richards late of Treberfedd pa. Dihewid, now of Penlan, pa. Pencarreg. 
     3. John Evans of Penlan ucha, gent, and Elizabeth his wife, mother and guardian of Elizabeth Richards
     4. William Lewis of Llannchairon, Co. Cardigan and Herbert Lloyd of Carmarthen. 
24 August 1795

51. ABSTRACT of TITLE of David Davies Esq. to tenements in pa. Llanfihangel Ystrad. 
3 September 1716-April 1802

52-53. CONVEYANCE of property and assignment of a term of 1000 years to protect inheritance
     1. David Davies of Ystrad pa. Llanfihangel Ystrad Co. Cardigan, brother and heir of Herbert John Lloyd Davies dec'd. 
     2. John Evans of Nantygelly pa. Llanfihangel Ystrad

Tenements called Llain Fynnon and Abertrenant, pa. Llanfihangel Ystrad. 
24 - 25 December 1804

     1. Ann Lloyd Davies of Penybont pa. Caron, Co. Cardigan, widow of Herbert John Lloyd Davies, dec'd. 
     2. John Jones of Penybont, gent, and Herbert Lloyd of Carmarthen, gent. 
     3. David Davies of Ystrad, Esq., brother and heir of Herbert John Lloyd Davies. 
     4. John Evans of Nantygelly pa. Llanfihangel Ystrad

Tenements called Llainffynon and Abertreenant pa. Llanfihangel Ystrad. 
25 December 1804

55. Stamp Office Receipt and Discharge for any Specific, Pecuniary or other Legacy,etc. 
Details of legacies from the real estate of Mary Evan, late wife of Moses Evan of Pontymarchog pa Tyhewyd, dec'd to her children, Rachel Abel, Rebecca Jenkins and Margaret Owen. 
6 January 1818

56 MORTGAGE in Fee: 
     1. David Evans of Nantygelly pa. Dihewid, gent, son and heir of John Evans, son and heir of Evan Richards als Evan Rogers
     2. Elizabeth Pugh of Greenhill pa. Llandilofawr, Carmarthen, widow
     3. John Beynon of Newcastle Emlyn

Tenements called Nantygelly pa. Dihewid, Cae Dihewid and Glanyravonddu pa. Dihewid, Llainfynnon and Abertrenant, pa. Llanfihangel Ystrad, Perthele pa. Silian, Esgirwenfach and Cwmcoydog pa. Llanarth, and Tirpanty Meinog and Caegwilimycha, pa. Pencarreg
2-3 October 1821

57. BOND concerning same as (56)
3 October 1821

58. RELEASE of Mortgage
     1. David Evans of Nantygelly pa. Dihewyd
     2 David Jones of Blaenos, Co. Carmarthen

Tenements called Nantygelly pa. Dihewid, Escerwenfach and Cwmcoydog pa. Llanarth, Abertrynant and Llain y Fynnon, pa. Ystrad, Perthele pa. Silian, Pantminog and Twy Gwillim, pa. Pencarreg. 
22 April 1822

     1. Elizabeth Pugh of Greenhill pa. Llandilofawr Co. Carmarthen, widow, and David Evans of Nantygelly pa. Dihewid, gent. 
     2. David Jones of Blaenos, Co. Carmarthen, gent.

Tenements listed in (56) above
9-10 October 1822

61. MORTGAGE by demise for 1000 years
     1. David Evans of Nantygelly pa. Dihewid
     2. David Jones of Blaenos, gent. 
     3. David Lloyd Harries of Llandovery

Tenements listed in (56) above
17 February 1825

62. BOND
17 February 1825

63. Draft bill of costs: 'Jones als Jones, afterwards Davies' 

64-68. Documents referring to tenements in pa. Dihewid (bundle 6) 

64-65. MORTGAGE in Fee
     1. Nathan Griffiths of pa. Llanwenog Co. Cardigan and Elizabeth his wife
     2. Margaret Thomas of Kilkiffick, Co. Pembroke

Tenements called Tir Nant y gelly, Tyr y Tyhen, and Llain y Canadle pa Dihewid
11-12 May 1738

66-67. MORTGAGE in Fee: 
     1. Nathan Griffiths of pa. Llanwennog
     2 Richard Rogers of pa. Dihewid

Tenements named in nos. 64-65
11-12 May 1744

68. RELEASE and Discharge
     1. John Davies of Lanvaughan and Anne his wife
     2. John Evans of Nantygelly pa. Dihewid

The tenement known as Llain Dihewyd als Cae Dihewyd
28 January 1779



     1. Richard Gilbertson of Aberystwyth
     2. Ellen Deane of Aberystwyth

re: A tenement farm and lands called Goginanfach (about 161 acres) and a tenement farm and lands called Tynygraig (about 170 acres), p. Llanbadarn-fawr, Co. Cards. 
10 September 1850

     1. Harriette Charlotte Crompton Dealtry of Blaengader, Llanilar, Co. Card
     2. Messrs d 'Almeida and Danberry

Of a messuage and land called Blaengader, p. Llanilar, Co. Card, (about 20 acres) 
Consideration: £305 19s.
21 August 1887

     1. Richard Price Jordan of 'Pigeonsford' co. Card
     2. William Anthony Kingscote of Neasden, Co. Middlesex

Of a mansion house called 'Pigeonsford', p. Llangranog co. Card. 
Rent: £80
31 August 1898
[For records of the Pigeonsford Estate, see Acc. 1687, Ref: PG, Records of the Pigeonsford Estate]

4. MORTGAGE by way of collateral on renewed lease
     1. Alice Maud Fear of Glynygronfa, Aberystwyth, co. Card. 
     2. Reginald James Rice Loxdale of Castle Hill, Llanilar, co. Card. 

Of 26 Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. Additional correspondence attached. 
Consideration: £2000
29 October 1910

Acc. 343


Deeds re property in Goggerddan. 
Transferred to The National Library of Wales, 1 March 1983

Acc. 387


Documents re. The Lloyds of Alltyrodin & Castell Howell

     1. David Lloyd of Alltyrodin, esq. 
     2. William Miller of Bristol, yeoman

Premises; all that capital messuage called Castle Howell; the messuage called Glau Clettwr; the messuage called Tyth in Panty Skawen; the messuage called Gwarr allt yr Bun; the messuage called Pant y Llyn; the messuage called Glau Rhyd y dre; the messuage called Eskyr Dedwith; the messuage called Gwarr Alt davalogg; the messuage called Gwarr alt y Gair dre; the messuages called Glau y dwr and Nant y Gwidde, the messuage called Tythin Rhyd Sais,- the messuage called Nant y Gwidde ycha; all the above being situated in the parish of Llandysul; also the messuage called Mayne Gwynion; the messuage called Moyley Cwm Bach; the right of common in the parish of Llanwenog; and all other messuages etc. held by the said David Lloyd in the parishes of Llandysul and Llanarth
Consideration; £7000
2 May 1777

2. Collateral Security for £7000 and interest
     1. David Lloyd of Alltyrodin esq
     2. William Miller of Bristol, merchant

Premises; the messuage called Penybont; the messuage called Gwernfach; the messuage called Troedrhiw; the messuage called Penybont; the messuage called Bwlchogycha; the messuage called Bwlchog Ganol; all the above being in the parish of Llanfihangel Orarth, co. Carmarthen; also the messuage called Pantyporthmau; the messuage called Cwm Towyll both in the parish of Llangeler co. Carmarthen; the messuage called Kilyblaydd, in the parish of Pencarreg, co. Carmarthen; the messuage called Keven Perkin in the parish of Llanybyther, co. Carmarthen. All the above premises were described in an indenture of release dated 19 September 1747
2 May 1777

     1. David Lloyd of Alltyrodin, esq. 
     2. Sir George Glyn of Ewel, co. Surrey bart., and John Lloyd of pa. St. Peter, Carmarthen, gent. 

Premises; the Castle Howell estate, comprising all that capital messuage called Castle Howell; the tenement and mill called Castle Howell Mill; the messuage and smith's forge called Castle Howell Smith's forge; the messuage called Esker Dedwith; the messuage called Panty Skawen; the messuage called Glau Clettwr, the messuage called Gwar Allt yr ynn; the messuage called Gwartafolog; the messuage called Gwar Allty Ferdre; the messuage called Gwar Allt y dre; the messuage called Glandwr; the messuage called Nantygwidde; the messuage called Maen y gwinion bach; the messuage called Caban. All the above being in the parish of Llandysul; also the messuage called Maen y Gwinion; the messuage called Molecwmbach; both in the parish of Llanarth; the messuage called Bwlch Mawr in the parish of Llanwanog; the tenements called Penybont, Llandysil, Danygraig and Tyr Mary Bydyr, now held as one tenement; and known as Bridge End, Llandysil; the messuage called Penyrhyw; the messuage called Bwlchoge, both in the parish of Llanfihangel, co. Carmarthen; the messuage called Pantyporthman; the messuage called Cromtonill; both in the parish of Llangeler; the messuage called Penygraig Fawr
1 March 1790

Premises; the Alltyrodin estate, comprising the capital messuage called Alltyrodin, the messuage called Fynnon Llewhellin; the messuage called Pwlle yr Bryn; the messuage called Penwern; the messuage called Coylan Felen; the messuage called Tommen Rhydowen; the messuage called Llwyn Rhydowen; the messuage called Wernhyr, the messuage called Penylone; the messuage called Nelin Kyron; the messuage called Penybank, the messuage called Gelly Grove; the messuage called Kily Gelly; the messuage called Blaenpant; the messuage called Tydy; the messuage called Aberynon, the messuage called Bayly Gwyn; the messuage called Gwar y Coed ycha; the messuage called Rhyd y Cynidd; the messuage called Gwar y Coed Issa; the messuage called Gwar y Coed Issa; the messuage called Place Llwyd; the messuage called Doly Walter; the messuage called Glanrhyd; the messuage called Cathal; the messuage called Tyr Rhydowen; the messuage called Pantymoch; the messuage called Perthlas; the messuage called Camnant Fach; the messuage called Vole Dynas; the messuage called Penyrallt; the messuage called Abergardde,- all the above premises being situated in the parish of Llandysil; also the messuage called Eskil Eyon, in the parish of Llanwenog
1 March 1790

2 March 1790

     1. David Lloyd of Alltyrodin esq
     2. Elizabeth Evans of High Mead, pa. Llanwenog, spinster
     3. Sir George Glyn of Ewel, co. Surrey, bart. and John Lloyd of pa. St. Peter, Carmarthen, gent. 

Premises; as (4) 
2 March 1790

7. LEASE for one year
     1. William Miller of Strubbets pa. Newington Baypath, co. Gloucester, and infant of ten years, great nephew and heir at law of William Miller late of the city of Bristol, merchant, dec'd. 
     2. Rev'd Charles Russell of Cauntz,pa. Hinton Martell, co. Dorset
Consideration; 5s. 

Premises: the messuage called Castle Howell; the messuage called Clau Clettwr; the messuage called Tyth in Panty Skawen; the messuage called Gwarr Allt yr Inn; the messuage called Panty y Llyn; the messuage called Clau Rhyd y Dre; the messuage called Eskyr Dedwyth; the messuage called Gwarr Allt Davologg; the messuage Gwarr alt y gair dre; the messuages called Clau y Dur and Nant y Gwidde Ishe; the messuage called Tythin Rhyd Sais, the messuage called Nant y Gwidde ycha; the messuage called Mein y Gurnion. All the above are situate in the parish of Llandysil. Also the messuage called Mayne Gwynion; the messuage called Moyley cwm Bach, both in the parish of Llanarth. Also the messuage called Penybont; the messuage called Gwernfach, the messuage called Troedrhiw; the messuage called Penybont; the messuage called Bwlchog ycha; the messuage called Bwlchog ganol. All these are situate in the parish of Llanfihangel Orarth. Also the messuage called Panty porthman and the messuage called Curn Towyll both in the parish of Llangeler; the messuage called Kily Clayos, pa. Pencarreg; the messuage called Keven Perkin, pa. Llanybyther. 
2 March 1790

     1. William Miller of Strubbets pa. Newington Bay path, co. Gloucester, an infant under the age of 21 yearsj great nephew and heir at law of William Miller, late of the City of Bristol, Merchant, dec'd. 
     2. George Miller of pa. Ogleworth, co. Gloucester esq. and Samuel Edwards of Gotham House pa. Westbury upon Tryin co. Gloucester esq,and Elizabeth his wife, George Miller and Elizabeth Edwards being the administrator and administratrix of the goods of William Miller, dec'd. 
     3. David Lloyd of Alltyrodin, co. Cardigan, esq. 
     4. Rev'd. Charles Russel of Gaunt, pa. Hinton Martel co. Dorset, clerk

Premises: all those premises granted and conveyed by David Lloyd to William Miller, dec'd. [Nos. 1-2 above] 
17 April 1792

17 April 1792

10. Probate of the WILL of David Lloyd, esq. dec'd. Extracted by Thomas Farrer
Dated 26 August 1822

11-12. Marriage settlement

11. LEASE for one year
     1. John Lloyd of Alltyrodin, co. Cardigan esq
     2. John Davies of Myrtle Hill, co. Carmarthen esq. and Thomas Lloyd of Gilvach wen co. Cardigan

Marriage of John Lloyd and Dorothy Alicia Seymer.
Premises; all that capital messuage called Alltyrodin; the messuage called Fynnon Llewhellin; the messuage called Pwll-yr-bryn; the messuage called Penwern; the messuage formerly known as Cwm Towyn and Coylan Felen, now called Bringele; the messuage called Tommen Rhydowen; those two messuages called Llwyn Rhydowen; the messuage called Wernhyr; the messuage called Penylone, the messuage formerly called Velin Kyron or Melin Chyron, now called Mill Field and Velin Newidd; the messuage called Penybank; the messuage called Tydy; the messuage called Aberynon; the messuage called Bayly Gwyn; the messuage called Gwarcoed Ycha; the messuage called Rhydycynidd; the messuage called Gwar y coed issa; the messuage called Plas Llwyd; the messuage called Cathal; the messuage called Tir Rhydowen; the messuage called Pantymoch; the messuage called Camnant Fach; the messuage called Eselfach; the messuage called Voel Dynas; the messuage called Abergardde; all these are situate in the parish of Llandysul; the messuage called Eskir Eynon in pa. Llanwenog. All the above are known as the Alltyrodin estate. Also, all that capital messuage called Castle Howell with its lands and appurtenances; the messuage and mill called Castle Howell mill; the messuage and forge called Castle Howell smith's forge, the messuage called Eskerdedwidd; the messuage called Pant y skawen; the messuage called Glan Clettwr, the messuage called Gwaralt yr ynn; the messuage called Gwartafolog; the messuage called Gwarallty dre; the messuage called  Glandwr; the messuage called Nantygwidde; the messuage called Main-y-gwinnion bach; the messuage formerly called Caban now joined to Meiny Gwinnion Bach; all these are situate in the parish of Llandysil; also the messuage called Molecwmbach pa. Llanarth; the messuages called Penybont, Llandyssil, Danygraig and Tyr Mary Bydyr, known as Bridge End Llandyssil; the messuage called Penyrhyw; the messuage called Panty Porthman; the messuages called Cwm Towill pa. Llangeler. All the above are known as the Castle Howell Estate.
16 October 1826

12. Marriage Settlement
     1. John Lloyd of Alltyrodin, esq. 
     2. Dorothy Alicia Seymer of the city of Bath, spinster, daughter of the late George Seymer of Shroton, co. Dorset
     3. John Davies of Myrtle Hill co. Carmarthen and Thomas Lloyd of Gilvach wen co. Cardigan
     4. Herbert Evans of Highmead esq and Charles Warren of Bedford Square co. Middlesex esq
     5. Henry Seymer of Hanford, co. Dorset, esq. and Robert Alexander Price of Orchard St. Portman Square, co. Middlesex

Premises; specified in (11) 
16 October 1826

13 LEASE for one year
     1. John Lloyd of Alltyrodin esq
     2. Henry Cosby of Longs Hotel, Bond St. co Middlesex esq,a cornet in his Majesty's third regiment of Light Dragoons

Premises; specified in (11)
Consideration; 5s
1 March 1827

     1. John Lloyd of Alltyrodin esq
     2. Henry Cosby of Longs Hotel, Bond Street, co. Middlesex

Premises; specified in (11)
Consideration; £4000
2 March 1827

     1. John Lloyd of Alltyrodin, esq. 
     2. Sir Lewin Powell Glyn of Carmarthen esq; Roger Montgomery of Hannington, co. Wilts, esq.; John Jones of Ystrad, co Carmarthen/ John Lloyd Williams of Alderbrook Hall, co. Cardigan and Caroline Lloyd of the City of Bath, widow, executors of the will of the father of John Lloyd, David Lloyd. 

For staying a suit in Chancery instituted by John Lloyd
12 December 1828

16-17. LEASE and RELEASE
     1. Henry Cosby esq., Lieutenant in his Majesty's first regiment of Dragoon Guards and John Lloyd of Alltyrodin
     2. Lewis Weston Dillwyn of Penllergare, co. Glam. 

Premises: all those premises mentioned in indentures bearing date 1-2 March 1827
[Nos. 13-14 above] 
Consideration; £4000
20 April 1832

     1. Jeremiah Osborne of the city of Bristol, esq. 
     2. John Lloyd of Alltyrodin, esq

Premises; those mentioned in indentures of 2 May 1777 [Nos. 1-2 above] 
Consideration; 10s. 
6 June 1832

     1. John Lloyd Davies of Alltyrodin esq and Anne his wife, the latter being the cousin and heiress-at-law of John Lloyd, late of Alltyrodin esq. deceased
     2. Edward Lloyd Williams of Gwernant Park, Cardigan esq. eldest son and heir-at-law of John Lloyd Williams
     3. John Lloyd Davies, executor of the will of John Lloyd, dec'd. 
     4. John Jones of Ystrad Lodge, co. Carmarthen, surviving executor of the will of David Lloyd of Alltyrodin, dec'd. 
     5. James Kibblewhite of Langham Place co. Middlesex, Clement Hue of Bedford Square and Samuel Merriman of Brook Street, Grosvenor Square
     6. John Jones

Premises; The Alltyrodin and Castle Howell estates
Consideration; £7,000
20 May 1842

     1. George Cutcliffe of 13 Saint James Square, co. Middlesex, gent., the actuary of the Clerical Medical and General Life Assurance Society
     2. William Bowman of Clifford St., Bond St. co. Middlesex, esq.; Gerard Wolfe Sydeleker of Harpenden Lodge, St. Albans, esq.; George Henry Pinckard of Combe Court, Godalming co. Surrey, esq. 
     3. John Davies Lloyd of Hafodweddyn, co Carmarthen esq. 
     4. Frederick Lewis Lloyd Phillips of Hafodweddyn esq. 

Premises; as described in indenture of 20 May 1842 [as (19) above] 
Consideration; £12,871 5s. 8d. 
29 July 1870

     1. John Davies Lloyd of Alltyrodin and Blaendyffryn
     2. Rev. Samuel Kettlewell of Hemel Hempstead co. Herts.; James Stables of Leeds, tea merchant

Premises; the capital messuages called the Castle Howell estate [Schedules and plans attached] 
Consideration; £10,000
21 November 1872

     1. John Davies Lloyd of Alltyrodin and Blaendyffryn
     2. Rev. Samuel Kettlewell of Hemel Hempstead and James Stables of Leeds, tea merchant. 

With respect to (21)
21 November 1872

     1. John Davies Lloyd of Alltyrodin and Blaendyffryn
     2. Rev. Samuel Kettlewell of Hemel Hempstead, Herts., and James Stables of Leeds, tea merchant

Premises; part of Castle Howell estate [schedule and plans attached] 
Consideration; £12,000
25 March 1874



Correspondence of the Church Benefit Society re: D.W. Lloyde Jones, Maes-y-Mynach, Cilcennin, Ciliau Aeron


Marriage Settlement
     1. George Bentley of no.8 New Burlington St., Westminster, publisher
     2. Ann Williams of Aberystwyth, spinster
     3. Revd. John Morgan of pa. St. Andrews, co. Glamorgan, elk, and Frederick Bentley of no.8 New Burlington St., gent. 

Premises: a fifth part or share in messuages in Mill St., and Bridge St., Aberystwyth. 
June 1853



     1. Delme Seymour Davies, Esq., late a Captain in H.M. Regiment of Scots Fusileer Guards, now of Highmead, Co. Carmarthen. 
     2. David Herbert Thackeray Griffies Williams, late of A [ber] ydou, Co. Radnor, Clk., now of Lynthely, Co. Carmarthen and Ann Gertrude Frances, his wife;      3. Rt. Hon. Rev. Wriothesley Russell, of Cha [ ] os, Co. Buckinghamshire, Clk., William Russell of Lincoln's Inn, Co. Middlesex, barrister at law, accountant general of the High Court of Chancery; and Hugh Seymour, Esq., late adjutant and Lieutenant in H.M. Regiment of Scots Fusileer Guards

by 1 and 2 to 3 on hereditaments in pa. Llanwenog
Consideration: £1500
Note: this document is damaged and faded in places
7 February 1849


     1. William Edward Powell of Nanteos, Esq. 
     2. John Beynon of Trewern, Co. Pembroke, Esq. 

for £1000 [5%] of the tenement called T'yddyn y bryn Glâs, now commonly called Loves Grove, situate in pa. Llanbadarn Fawr, now in the occupation of Edward Edwards. 
[Recites deeds of 9-10 October 1811] 
19-20 February 1812

     1. John Beynon of Trewern, Co. Pembroke, Esq. 
     2. John Beynon of Newcastle Emlyn, Co. Carmarthen, gent. 
of the tenement called Tyddynybrynglase, commonly called Lovesgrove, pa. Llanbadarn Fawr, now in the occupation of Edward Edwards
[Recites mortgage, no 1 above, and deeds of 9-10 October 1811]
31 August-1 September 1813

     1. William Edward Powell of Nanteos, Esq. 
     2. John Beynon of Newcastle Emlyn, Esq. 

on the mortgaged premises [as in 1 and 2 above] for £1081 9s.Id. 
[Recites mortgage, no.2 above] 
12 July 1820

     1. William Lewes of Llysnewydd, Co. Carmarthen, Esq., Revd. William England of Stafford, Co. Dorset, Archdeacon of Dorset; Revd. Edward Troyte of Huntsham, Co. Devon; and John Beynon of Newcastle Emlyn, Co. Carmarthen
     2. James Hughes of Aberystwyth, gent. 

for £1863 15s.6d. of premises [as in 1,2,3 above] 
[Recites Mortgages, nos. 1, 2, 3 above, and of 8 October 1816 and 13 - 14 March
11-12 July 1824

     1. William Edward Powell of Nanteos, Esq. 
     2. James Hughes of Glanrheidol, Esq. 

for £2000 [5%] of the messuage called Tyddyn-y-bryn-gl'as, commonly called Lovesgrove, pa. Llanbadarn Fawr, now or late in the occupation of Elizabeth Edwards, widow; and the messuage called Cwmpenlludan, pa. Llangerrig, Co. Montgomery, now or late in the occupation of David Davies
[Recites mortgage of 4 - 5 April 1827]
30-31 March 1841

     1. William Edward Powell of Nanteos, Esq. 
     2. Thomas Owen Morgan of Aberystwyth, Esq., barrister-at-law; and Revd. John Hughes, Clk., vicar of Llanbadarn Fawr
     3. James Hughes of Glanrheidol, Esq. and Mary his wife
     4. John Evans of Aberystwyth, Esq. 

to 4. of the messuage called Tythyn a Brynglas, commonly called Lovesgrove, pa. Llanbadarn Fawr
Consideration: £7500
[Recites deeds of 9 - 10 October 1811, Nos. 1,2,3,4,5, and of 13-14 March 1820, 11 February 1820, 5 April 1827, 28 September 1843]
19 January 1844

7-8 contained in an envelope marked Cae-pant-y-Crydd

     1. William Rees of Llwynddewi, pa. Llanbadarn Fawr, farmer
     2. Griffith Humphrey Pugh Evans of Lovesgrove, pa. Llanbadarn Fawr, Esq. 

to 2. of all the parcel of field or pasture commonly called Cae-pant-y-crydd, and part of Llwyndewi Farm. 
Consideration: £600 [Plan attached] 
14 February 1882

     1. William Rees of Llwynddewi
     2. Griffith Humphrey Pugh Evans of Lovesgrove

of right of 2. to production of documents mentioned in the schedule, i.e., indentures of 4 October 1852 and 11 August 1869
14 February 1882

9. National Provincial Bank of England, Aberystwyth Bank book of Lieut. Gen. Sir James Hills-Johnes, Dolaucothy, Llanwrda, and Howell Powell Edwards Esq., 24 Lawrence Lane

10. Bundle of papers, concerning Sir G.H.P. Evans, decd., 1907, including accounts by the Estate Duty Office, schedules of assets and debts

11. Letters concerning insurance policy, Alliance Assurance Co. Ltd., policy no.D10582, Lady Evans, 1910-1912; receipts for above policy and new policy no.D331609, and for policy no.708789 [Hon. G.P. Evans], 1911-1912; proposal form. Contained in envelope marked: Insurances. Lady Evans. Cymmerau, Glandyfi R.S.O. [Lovesgrove, Llanbadarn Fawr, Aberystwyth, Wales - deleted] 


Postcards from the collection of Mrs. Hilda Head, nee McAdam. Both are addressed to: Miss Hilda McAdam, Manor Cottage, The Vine, Sevenoaks, Kent. 

1. The Hotel and Falls, Devils Bridge
n.d. early 20th Century
2. Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill
n.d. early 20th Century


     1. Benjamin Edward Hall, of Paddington Green, London, Esq. and Jane Maria his wife; and Georgina Braithwaite of the same place, spinster
     2. Thomas Lloyd of Coedmore, Esq. 
     3. Samuel Davies of Cilfallen pa., Brongwynn, farmer

to 3, for the term of 21 years, of a tenement called Forrest, pa. Llandyfriog, now in thetenure of 3. 
Yearly rent: £46 13s.4d. 
23 February 1810



     1. Rt. Hon. Horatio, Lord Walpole, Sir Edward Williams of Llangoid Castle, Co. Brecon, bart, and Phillip Case of Kings Lynn, Co. Norfolk, esq. all of whom have survived Peter Leheup the younger, late of Lincolns Inn Fields, co. Middlesex, decd. 
     2. Mary Williams of Llangoid Castle, co. Brecon, spinster

by (1) to (2) of the sum of £6000
April 1776

     1. John Lloyd of Peterwell, esq, son and heir of Walter Lloyd esq., and Elizabeth Evans, both decd. 
     2. Elizabeth Leheup the younger of Gunthorpe, Co. Norfolk, spinster, one of the daughters of Isaac Leheup, esq., decd. 
     3. Rt. Hon. Henry Finch of Scotland Yard, Westminster, Sir Edward Williams, and John Morgan of Llandovery, gent. 
     4. Horatio, Lord Walpole, and Peter Leheup the younger of Staple Morden, co. Cambridge, esq. and Phillip Case. 

being a marriage settlement between (1) and (2) whereby (1) grants to (3) the capital messuage called Peterwell, with its appurtenances (enumerated) to secure an annuity of £210 for (2), and the sum of £6000 for her heirs, charged on the estate. (1) died with heirs (1758) 
11-12 March 1749

Further Reciting
     1. George Montgomerie of Chippenham, Co. Cambridge, esq. 
     2. Elizabeth Lloyd
     3. Rt. Hon. Alexander, Earl of Eglington, and Henry Finch
     4. Horatio, Lord Walpole, Sir Edward Williams, and Peter Leheup the younger

being a marriage settlement between (1) and (2). (2) has conveyed to (4) the sum of £6000 to be paid to the first son of (1) and (2) to live to the age of 21. If none such survives, the sum is to go to the heirs named in the will of (2). (1) died during the lifetime of (2) leaving no heirs. 
The last will and testament of (2), dated 8 May 1766, left £6000 to be raised on the estate, and appointed Lord Walpole, Peter Leheup and Phillip Case as executors upon trust to take the money to purchase freehold land to be conveyed to Mary Williams
4 May 1758

     1. Thomas Wood the younger of Littleton, co. Middlesex
     2. Mary Williams
     3. Richard Taylor of Charlton, pa. Sudbury, and Thomas Goostrey of pa. St. James, Westminster

being a marriage settlement between (1) and (2). (2) conveys to (3) £6000 in trust (2 copies)
11 June 1776



     1. Albert Henry Jarrard, 38 Bailey Lane, Coventry, Solicitor
     2. Mary Jane Stannard, Llysawel, Aberaeron, widow

of Princess Street Gardens, on the NW side of Princess Street, Aberaeron. 
Consideration: £90
17 August 1939

     1. Mary Jane Stannard of Llysawel, Aberaeron, widow
     2. Ronald George Timms of Rope and Anchor, Greenland Terrace, Aberaeron, Accountant

of Princess Gardens, Aberaeron
Consideration: £200
26 September 1958

     1. Ronald George Timms of Rope and Anchor, Aberaeron, Group Medical Records Officer
     2. Midland Bank Ltd

of Princess Street Gardens, Aberaeron
6 February 1959

     1. Ronald George Timms of 6 Prince's Avenue, Aberaeron
     2. Cameron Land and Development Company Ltd. Hamilton House, 839/41 London Road, North Cheam, Sutton, Co. Surrey

of Princess Street Gardens, Aberaeron
Consideration: £2,700
13 July 1965

     1. Cameron Land and Development Company Ltd
     2. Barclays Bank
relating to Princess Gardens
16 August 1965

6. as (5)
3 June 1969

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