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CDC/LI: Library Service

Acc. 55

Ref: CDC/LI/1

Reference: [GB 0212] CDC/LI/1
Title: Dyfed Books Festival 1975/6
Date(s): 1975
Level: Fonds
Extent: 3 items

Scope and Content:
1 . "Local History Activities" - details of programme for 1975/6. 

2. "Llyfrau a Diwyllant" - details of programme for 1975/6. (Welsh) 

3. Details of Local History Quiz for Ceredigion Region, with bibliography. (English/Welsh) 

Acc. 95

Ref: CDC/LI/2

Reference: [GB 0212] CDC/LI/2
Title: Local Studies Information Bulletins
Date(s): 1976
Level: Fonds
Extent: 3 items

Scope and Content:
1. Directory of Local Societies in Pembrokeshire - produced by the Pembroke Region of Dyfed County Library. Local Studies Information Bulletin Number 1. Compiled by the Reference and Local Studies Department. 
January 1976

2. Pembrokeshire in the Dictionary of Welsh National Biography. Local Studies Information Bulletin Number 2. Produced by the Pembroke Region of Dyfed County Library. 
July 1976

3. Cardigan - the town. Dyfed in Photographs Number 1. Produced by the Library Department of Dyfed County Council. 

Acc. 445

Ref: CDC/LI/3

Reference: [GB 0212] CDC/LI/3
Title: Records of the Library Service
Level: Fonds

1. Library accession register accession nos. 1 – 4925, 1918 - 1921
1a. Library accession register, accession nos. 1 – 1143, 1920 - 1947
2. Library accession register, accession nos. 1 – 3850, n. d.

Acc. 452

Ref: CDC/LI/3

3. Casgliadau Ceredigion: arweinlyfr ar gyfer haneswyr lleol [Ceredigion Collections: a guide for local historians]


Ref: CDC/LI/3

4. List of representatives on Joint County Library Committee and attendance of meetings
1950 - 1955

5. Volume containing recommendations of the Branch and General Purposes Sub Committee of the Joint Library Committee concerning mobile libraries, 1963; rural routes of mobile libraries; statistics of books provided for school libraries, 


Ref: CDC/LI/4

Reference: [GB 0212] CDC/LI/4
Title: Cardiganshire Joint Library Annual Report
Date(s): 1973
Level: Fonds
Extent: 1 item

Scope and Content:
Cardiganshire Joint Library Annual Report 1972-3


Ref: CDC/LI/5

Reference: [GB 0212] CDC/LI/5
Title: Library Notepaper
Date(s): n.d.
Level: Fonds
Extent: 1 item

Scope and Content:
Headed notepaper - Llyfrgell Ceredigion Aberystwyth

Acc. 2001

Ref: CDC/LI/6

Reference: [GB 0212] CDC/LI/6
Title: Adnoddau Ceredigion/Cardiganshire Resources
Date(s): c. 1967
Level: Fonds
Extent: 1 item

Scope and Content:
Adnoddau Ceredigion/Cardiganshire Resources- a bilingual booklet about Cardiganshire Libraries' resources and services.
c. 1967

Acc. 2333

Ref: CDC/LI/7

Reference: [GB 0212] CDC/LI/7
Title: Photograph of library van
Date(s): 1950s
Level: Fonds
Extent: 1 item

Scope and Content:
Photograph of a library van outside Cardiganshire Joint Library, Aberystwyth branch. Early 1950s. Photograph by Pickford's of Aberystwyth.

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