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DSO/70: Ceredigion Historical Society


Ref: DSO/70

Reference: [GB 0212] DSO/70
Title: Records of the Ceredigion Historical Society
Date(s): 1930-1987
Level: Fonds
Extent: 0.308m3

Administrative History: The Society was formed in 1909 as the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society (Cymdeithas Hynafieithwyr Sir Aberteifi), in 1974, at the time of local government reorganisation it changed its name to the Ceredigion Antiquarian Society, (Cymdeithas Hynafiaethwyr Ceredigion) to reflect the change in the name of the County. In 2002 it changed its name again to the Ceredigion Historical Society (Cymdeithas Hanes Ceredigion).

Archival History: Deposited in the National Library of Wales by the Ceredigion Antiquarian Society, in January 1985,and  in August 1997 (C1985/8 and C1997/26). Transferred to the Ceredigion Archives 21 August 2007.

Scope and Content: 
A Summary List of the initial NLW deposit. Further cataloguing is still to be undertaken on this collection.

1-35.General Correspondence Files

Correspondence, 1930-1986 and undated, including leaflets, invoices, press cuttings, subscription lists and forms, etc.

1. 1930-1932.

2. 1930-1957, including letters from Gildas Tibbott and David Williams.

3. 1939-1949, including letters from E. G. Bowen and C. Bryner Jones.

4. 1939-1960, including letters from C. Bryner Jones, T. Jones Pierce, Gildas Tibbott and David Williams.

5. 1953-1956, including letters from C. Bryner Jones, Bob Owen, Croesor, Thomas Parry, T. Jones Pierce and David Williams.

6. 1957, including letters from Thomas Parry, T. Jones Pierce, Gildas Tibbott and David Williams.

7. 1958, including letters from Thomas Parry, Gildas Tibbott and David Williams.

8. 1959, including letters from T. Jones Pierce, Gildas Tibbott and David Williams.

9. 1960, including letters from T. Jones Pierce, D. Ben Rees, Gildas Tibbott and David Williams.

10. 1961, including letters from J. Geraint Jenkins, Thomas Parry, T. Jones Pierce and Gildas Tibbott.

11. 1962, including letters from J. Geraint Jenkins, Thomas Parry, T. Jones Pierce, D. Ben Rees, Gildas Tibbott and Glanmor Williams.

12. 1963, including letters from Thomas Parry, Gildas Tibbott, David Williams and Glanmor Williams.

13. 1964, including letters from Ieuan Gwynedd Jones, Thomas Parry, T. Jones Pierce, D. Ben Rees, J. Beverley Smith, Gildas Tibbott and David Williams.

14. 1965, including letters from I. Ll. Foster, Ieuan Gwynedd Jones, K. O. Morgan and David Williams.

15. 1966, including letters from Geraint H. Jenkins, K. O. Morgan and Gildas Tibbott.

16. 1967, including letters from K. O. Morgan and Gildas Tibbott.

17. 1968, including letters from Geraint H. Jenkins, J. Geraint Jenkins and Gildas Tibbott.

18. 1969, including letters from Geraint H. Jenkins, K. O. Morgan, Thomas Parry and Gildas Tibbott.

19. 1970, including letters from Ieuan Gwynedd Jones, Thomas Parry and Gildas Tibbott.

20. 1971, including letters from Jeff L. Davies.

21. 1972, including letters from Ieuan Gwynedd Jones and Iorwerth C. Peate.

22. 1973, including letters from Jeff L. Davies, John Davies and Gildas Tibbott.

23. 1974, including letters from Jeff L. Davies, J. Geraint Jenkins, Ieuan Gwynedd Jones and K. O. Morgan.

24. 1975, including letters from Jeff L. Davies, David Jenkins and Harri Webb.

25. 1976, including letters from Rees Davies and Dafydd Jenkins.

26. 1977, including letters from Jeff L. Davies and David Williams.

27. 1978, including letters from Jeff L. Davies, Thomas Parry and J. Caerwyn Williams.

28. 1979, including letters from Geraint H. Jenkins and Daniel Gruffydd Jones.

29. 1980, including a note signed by R. Geraint Gruffydd (photocopy) and a letter from K.O. Morgan.

30. 1981, including letters from J. Geraint Jenkins, A. Cynfael Lake and Thomas Parry.

31. 1982, including letters from Jeff L. Davies, R. Geraint Gruffydd, A Cynfael Lake and K. O. Morgan.

32. 1983, including letters from Jeff L. Davies and D. Ben Rees.

33. 1984, including letters from R. Geraint Gruffydd (photocopy) and a letter from Lionel Madden. 

34. 1985, including letters from Bobi Jones and D. Ben Rees.

35. 1986, including a letter from Jeff L. Davies.

36-69.Special Correspondence Files

36. Correspondence relating to the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society, including minutes and a contract, 1929-1968.

37. Correspondence relating to David de Lloyd, Forty Welsh Traditional Tunes (Cerddi Ceredigion), including royalty statements, music sheets, 1931-1981 (see also nos 11, 12, 24, 30).

38. Circulars, 1950-1972.

39. Correspondence relating to a proposed County Museum, including leaflets, pictures, signed minutes, newspaper cuttings, 1954-1974.

40. Correspondence relating to lecture courses of the Archaeological Section, including lecture lists and attendance lists, 1955-1976.

41. Correspondence relating to the Griffith family, Penpompren, 1956-1959, and John Lloyd, Llansanffraid, 1969.

42. Correspondence relating to excursions, 1957-1967.

43. Correspondence relating to the priinting of the Society’s membership cards, 1958-1961 (see also no. 70).

44. Correspondence relating to the circulation of Ceredigion, including invoices, 1958-1972.

45. Newsletters, 1958-1976.

46. Correspondence between the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society and the Archaeological Section, 1958-1976.

47. Correspondence between the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society and the Archaeological Section, c.1959-1982.

48. Correspondence relating to excavations, including three excavation booklets and a map, 1960-1967.

49. Correspondence relating to the birthplace of Sir John Rhy^s (1840-1915), 1960-1969 (see also nos 18, 21, 22, 25).

50. Correspondence relating to Stradmore Mansion, Cenarth, 1960-1969; Lady Caroline’s House (Castle House), 1966; Llanina Mansion, 1969-1970, Derry Ormond, 1970; ‘Cwpbwrdd Deuddarn’, 1973 and Wayside Memorial, 1977.

51. Correspondence relating to an application for grant-aid from the Welsh Church Fund, 1960-1971 (see also nos 7, 8, 9).

52. Correspondence with County Historical Societies, 1960-1987.

53. Correspondence relating to The Arch, between Devil’s Bridge and Cwmystwyth, 1961-1963; and Ty^ Dafydd ap Gwilym, Brogynin, Penrhyn-coch, 1964-1970.

54. Correspondence relating to the Council for British Archaeology, 1961-1981; including papers relating to the Council for British Archaeology: Group 2 and the booklets, Council for British Archaeology ‘Archaeology in Wales’ Group 2, 1961-1985 (see also nos 7, 12, 24).

55. Circulars from the Extra-Mural Department, 1962-77.

56. Correspondence relating to Antiquarians – Charity Commission, including an application form, 1964-1985.

57. Correspondence with the editor of Ceredigion, Dr David Jenkins, 1968-1984.

58. Correspondence relating to Aberystwyth birthplaces, 1969-1973, including letters concerning ‘Cefn Gwlad Cymru 1970’.

59. Correspondence relating to the Ceredigion Joint Museum Committee, including reports, statement of accounts, estimated expenditures and minutes, 1971-1974.

60. Circulars, together with various items of correspondence, including newsletters, minutes, banker’s orders, statements of accounts and articles, c.1972-1987.

61. Correspondence relating to The Dyfed Archaeological Trust, including Chairman’s Report and an article ‘The Status of Archaeology and Local History in Cardiganshire’, Report 1975-1976, Dyfed Archaeological Trust Ltd, 1974-1982.

62. Newsletters and correspondence relating to the Dyfed County Record Office, 1976-1984.

63. Correspondence relating to the Friends of Ceredigion Museum, including annual reports, minutes, statement of accounts 1976-1986.

64. Correspondence with Major Francis Jones (1908-1993) relating to the location of certain places, 1978.

65. Correspondence relating to local history in Ceredigion, including minutes, invoices, booklets ‘Casgliadau Ceredigion Collections’ and information leaflets, 1980.

66. Correspondence relating to the West Wales Association of Arts, 1980-1982.

67. Correspondence relating to the Dyfed Association of Voluntary Services 1982-1984 (see also no. 26).

68. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1959-1974.

69. Handlist of the Earlier Antiquities of Cardiganshire (MS Draft 1), A.H.A. Hogg, n.d.

70-72.Administrative Papers

70. Minutes, 1957-1983. 

71. Membership Cards, 1983 (see also no. 65).

72. Insurance Papers relating to the Archaeological Section and the Council for British Archaeology (see also no. 21).

73-80.Financial Papers

73. Subscription book of individuals and libraries; also includes stock of Transactions held at Galloways, Aberystwyth, and investments etc., c.1951-1960.

74. Balance sheets, 1957-1983.

75. Papers of the treasurer, 1957-1984.

76. Financial statements, 1962-1963.

77. Banker’s orders – amendments, 1970-1984.

78. Bank statements, 1976-1986.

79. Accounts, 1978-1981.

80. Accounts, 1982-1986.


81-84.Papers relating to the Llanrwst National Eisteddfod, 1951.

85. Press cuttings relating to the Archaeological Section, 1956-1965.

86. Papers and essays relating to the Jubilee competitions, 1959.

87. Photographs of society members, and programmes for the Welsh Association, September 1973.

88. Map of the Lordships of Llyswen, Uwch-Aeron and Cilcennin and the Monastic Granges of Strata Florida and Llanlly^r.

Acc. 2985

Ref: DSO/70addl

1. Original drawings for illustrations to Cardiganshire County History vol. 1
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