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Solicitors' Deposits: D S R Williams, Lampeter

Acc. 323

Ref: DSR Williams

Reference: [GB 0212] DSR Williams/1
Title: Records from D.S.R. Williams, Solicitor, Lampeter. Series 1.
Date(s): 1863-1869
Level: Series
Extent: 3 items

Source of Acquisition: Deposited by Lieut. Col. D. S. R. Williams, T.D., D.L., Solicitor, Lampeter, at the Carmarthen Record Office on 3 May 1961, transferred to the Ceredigion Record Office, 24 September, 1981. 

Scope and Content:
1. Treatise on the Offices of Sheriff, Undersheriff, etc., by George Atkinson. 5th ed. London. Printed 1869

     1.Simon Davies, Senior, of Aberarthenfawr, p. Penbryn, co. Cardigan, farmer.
     2. Simon Davies, Junior, of Pantybettws, p. Bettws Evan, co. Cardigan, farmer.

Of the equity of redemption of Brynarthen, p. Penbryn, co. Cardigan. 
Consideration: £200
9 September 1863

     1. Morgan Rees of Cardigan town, merchant, and Thomas Davies of the same place, gentleman. 
     2. Simon Davies of Pantybettws, p. Bettws Evan, farmer.
     3. David Morris of Pantseirif fawr, p. Bettws Evan, farmer, 

Of Brynarthen and fields belonging to it, in p. Penbryn, co. Cardigan. 
Consideration: £1205 (£1000 from 3. to 1. & £205 from 3. to 2.)
20 Nov. 1865

Acc. 91

Ref: D.S.R.Williams

Reference: [GB 0212] DSR Williams/2
Title: Records from D.S.R. Williams, Solicitor, Lampeter. Series 2
Date(s): 1763-1923
Level: Series
Extent: 0.026m3

Source of Acquisition: Deposited By Colonel D.S.R. Williams, T.D., D.L., Solicitor, Lampeter, at the Carmarthenshire Record Office, 7 September 1967, transferred to the Ceredigion Record office, 14 July 1976.

Note: Unless otherwise stated all the places in the following descriptions are in Cardiganshire.

Scope and Content: Deeds and Documents relating to land and property in the parishes of Llanfihangel Ystrad, Dihewidd and Cellan, in the county of Cardiganshire.

     1. Owen Bowen of p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, cordwainer
     2. David Morgan of p. Trevilan, tailor
     3. Morgan Rees of Trevilan parish, tailor, and Jane his eldest daughter

Concerning the marriage of the said Owen Bowen and Jane Morgan of party 3.
29 December 1794

     1. Rees Morgan of Blaenywain, p. Kellan, gentleman, nephew and one of the coheirs at law of John Rees otherwise Thomas late of Penybryn, p. Dihewidd, gentleman, deceased, who was the only brother and heir at law of Thomas Thomas late of Penybrin aforesaid gentleman, deceased, and Jane wife of the said Rees Morgan
     2. Lewis Lewis of Penlan, Llanfihangel Ystrad parish, farmer

Demise for 500 years of a third part of the messuage known as Penlan, in p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, and a Declaration of the uses of a Fine levied for securing £200 with interest, but the Principal Money not be called in twelve years. 
29 September 1804

Legacy duty accounts of Rees Bowen of p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, gentleman, who died on 19 May 1821. 
13 November 1821

Legacy receipt on account of the estate of Rees Bowen of Llanfihangel Ystrad, gentleman, who died on 19 May 1821.
24 June 1823

Plan of part of Penylan, p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, being the property of Owen Bowen, gentleman, made by John Saunders, Surveyor. 

     1. Owen Bowen of Clynllwyd, p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, cordwainer
     2. David Thomas of the same parish, carpenter

of Penylan Ycha situate on Bank y Weddw, and fields containing about 45 acres called Cae Garw, and half of a field called Cae'r Ddwy Ffordd, in the p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, 
for 21 years. 
Rent £23. 12. 0. annually. 
19 January 1815

Final agreement in the Great Sessions between David Lloyd Harries, gentleman, plaintiff, and Owen Bowen farmer, and Jane his wife, deforceants, of one-third part of properties in the parish of Llanfihangel Ystrad. 
22 March 1815

Probate will of Enoch Davies, gentleman, of Craigywheel, p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, will dated 2 February 1837. 
Proved at Carmarthen 23 April 1841. 
23 April 1841

Case for Counsel's Opinion, ex parte Owen Bowen, and Opinion. Pedigree attached.
21 June 1843

Bill to Representatives of Owen Bowen, of p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, deceased in the sum £8. 3. 6. from Valentine Davies, of Carmarthen.
8 January 1845

Residuary account of the estate of Owen Bowen of Cribin, p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, who died on 24 July 1844. 
28 November 1846

Release of all debts etc from John Bowen of Tynylon, Cellan, David Davies of Erw fer, Cellan, and Elinor his wife, and Elizabeth Bowen of Tynylon aforesaid, legatees after their father the late John Bowen of Tynylon, under the will of Rees Bowen of Penylan, Ystrad, to Revd John Bowen of Penylan ucha. 
15 May 1860

Schedule of Deeds and Documents relating to Penlan-ucha, Clynllwyd, and Troedrhiw fallen, in p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, (1794-1865). 

Residuary Account of the estate of David Jones of Penlan Capel St Silin, in the parish of Ystrad. 
30 January 1868

Copy Will of the Revd John Bowen of Penlanuchaf, p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, clerk.
14 August 1876

15. BOND
     1. John Bowen and Jane Margaret Bowen of Penlan Uchaf, p. Llanfihangcl Ystrad. 
     2. David Evans of Bryngranod, p. Llanwenog. 

Bond in £500. 
21 April 1871

Account re sale of Penlanuchaf, and I.O.U. to Thomas Jones, auctioneer, for £5 from John Jones on behalf of Miss Bowen. 
20 May 1886

Receipt from William Hughes Jones, solicitor, Aberystwyth, for deeds and documents from Miss Bowen, Penlan. 
27 November 1886

Letter from William Hughes Jones, solicitor, Aberystwyth, to Miss Bowen, Penlanuchaf, re. her late father's will. 
9 December 1886

Bill of costs, from David Lloyd, solicitor, to Mrs Elizabeth Mary Evans, The Vicarage, Pencarreg, Carmarthenshire. Re. Jane Margaret Bowen, dec’d.
February 1887

Sale Catalogue of Parkybest, Llain, Llainfawr, Llangunnor Cottage, and Cystanog Issa, in the parishes of Llangunnor and Abergwilly, Carmarthenshire. 

Receipt from John Bowen Jenkins to Messers David Lloyd and Son, Solicitors, Lampeter, for deeds and documents relating to Penlanissa, Cribin.
4 July 1923

Letter from David Lloyd and Son, Solicitors, Lampeter, to Revd D. D. Evans, Llangunnor Vicarage, Carmarthen, re deeds and documents concerning the sale of Maesyfelin to Mr Thomas Bowen.
11 October 1906

Notes re descent of property devised under the Will of Owen Bowen dated 18 May 1805. 

Notes re. members of the Thomas family taken from Dihewyd Parish Registers.
9 February1865

Letter from J. Bowen, Penlanucha, Lampeter, re the descent of the Bowen family from Rees Thomas of Penybryn, deceased. Pedigree. 
2 December 1842

Extracts from the Parish Registers of Cellan, relating to the Bowen family. (1822-1834). 

Copy of Tombstone Inscriptions of Rees Bowen of Penlan (d 1821), John Hughes Bowen (d 1820), and Margaret Hughes (d 1821). 

Account "that Owen Bowen received on his Bidding Day", no date, circa 1800.

Copy of final agreement in the Great Sessions between John Davies, gentleman, plaintiff, and John Bowen, gentleman, and Gwenllian his wife, relating to lands in the parish of Troedyraur. 
Dated 1749 August 12. Copy made 22 August 1759.

Copy Will of John Bowen of p. Troedyraur, gentleman. 
1 December 1761. 
Copy made 8 February 1785. 

Copy Will of John Bowen of p. Troedyraur, gentleman. 
24 April 1763

     1. Richard Rogers of p. Dihewid, Cardiganshire, gentleman
     2. David Davies of Tynyloft, p. Bettws Bledrws, and David Edwards of Kevenystrad, in p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, gentleman

for 1 year of Tirpensarnfach in p. Llanfihangel Ystrad parish. Attested Copy. 
8 July 1768

     1. Richard Rogers of p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, gentleman
     2. Thomas Morgan of Llwyn Ifan, p. Kellan, and John Morgan of Glanywern in p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, gentleman

for 1 year of Treberfedd and part of Tynygwndwn, in p. Dihewid. Attested Copy.
20 February 1769

     1. Richard Rogers of p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, gentleman
     2. Thomas Morgan of Llwynifan in p. Kellan, and John Morgan of Glanywern, p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, gentleman
     3. Thomas John of p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, yeoman, and Jane his wife, youngest daughter of the said Richard Rogers

of the properties specified in Item 33. Attested Copy. 
21 February 1769

     1. Richard Rogers of p. Dihewid, gentleman
     2. David Davies of Tynyloft, p. Bettws Bledrws, and David Edwards of Kevenystrad, p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, gentleman
     3. Thomas John of p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, yeoman, and Jane his wife, youngest daughter of the said Richard Rogers

Of properties specified in item 32.Being a moiety of Tir Penysarnfach in the parish of Llanfihangel Ystrad. Attested Copy. 
9 January 1768

36-37. LEASE and RELEASE
     1. Richard Rogers of p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, gentleman
     2. Thomas Morgan of Llwyn Ifan in p. Kellan, and John Morgan of Glan y Wern in p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, gentleman
     3. Thomas John of p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, yeoman, and Jane his wife, youngest daughter of the said Richard Rogers

of Tir Treberfedd and a moiety of Tynygwudwn in p. Dihewid. See also items 33-34.
20-21 February 1769

     1. Richard Rogers of p. Dihewid, gentleman
     2. Jane daughter of the said Richard Rogers, and wife of Thomas John of p. Ystrad

of a Bond made on 28 December 1768 whereby Jeremiah Lloyd of the county and borough of Carmarthen, esquire, and John Davies, of Lanvaughan, gentleman, became bound to Richard Rogers in the penal sum of £200. 
27 April 1769

     1. Griffith Evans of Troedyraur, and Mary Evans his youngest daughter
     2. Owen Bowen of Esker Tanglwst, and Owen his son, both of p. Troedyraur. 

of the said Owen Bowen the son and the said Mary Evans. Copy. 
20 February 1782

Probate Will of Thomas David of Cryg yr Wheel in p. Llanwenog, farmer. 
Will dated 25 June 1787. Proved at Carmarthen 29 December 1787. 

Probate Will of Jane Jones of Crygywheel in p. Llangwenog, widow. 
Will dated 5 October 1794. Proved at Carmarthen 16 August 1798. 

42-43. LEASE and RELEASE
     1. Enoch Davies of Crygywheel, p. Llanwenog, gentleman, and Margaret his wife
     2, Daniel Williams of the county of the borough of Carmarthen, gentleman
     3. Richard Foley of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, esquire

of a half part of Tyr Trebervedd, and a half part of Tyr Tynygwndwn  being in the occupation of Rees Jenkin, farmer, in the p. Dehewid; the piece of land known as Pantglas or Pantglas Slang, and a half part of Tyrpenysarnfachin the p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, to lead the uses of a Recovery of the said properties.
1-2 March 1799

in respect of the properties specified in Items 42-43. Two Seals in boxes. 
6 April 1799

     1. Evan Thomas of Llysfaen Ucha in p. Llanwnnen parish, gentleman, and Mary his wife (one of the daughters and coheiresses of Thomas John late of p. Llanflhangel Ystrad, yoeman by Jane his wife, both deceased and which said Jane was the youngest daughter of Richard Rogers late of Dihewidd, gentleman, also deceased) 
     2. Richard Foley of Haverfordwest, and Evan Davies of the town of Cardigan, gentleman

By Lease and Release for suffering a Common Recovery of undivided parts and shares of properties in the parishes of Dihewid and Llanfihangel Ystrad, and a Settlement of the same with a power of exchanging, dividing, and leasing the same. 
13 March 1799

     1. Mary Thomas of p. Llanwnnen, widow, and Enoch Davies of Crygwheel in p. Llanwenog, and Margaret his wife
     2. Jane Jenkin, and her son David Jenkin of p. Dihewid, farmers

for 31 years of Treberfe and half of Tynygwndwn in p. Dihewid.
20 June 1801

     1. Owen Bowen of Tanglwst in p. Troedyraur, gentleman
     2. David Bowen of the same place, yeoman, son of the said Owen Bowen
     3. Owen Davies of Garyllwyn in p. Troedyraur, yeoman

For ever, of Tanglwst, and of eight fields in p. Troedyraur.
Rent £10 p. a.
21 May 1802

Award by William Lewes of Llysnewydd in Carmarthenshire, and John Thomas of Llanvaughan, esquires, in Arbitration of a dispute between John Vaughan of Tyllwyd, Enoch Davies of Crygywheel, and Mary Thomas of Llysvanucha, widow. 
29 June 1803

     1. John Vaughan of Tyllwyd, esquire
     2. Enoch Davies of Crygywheel in p. Llangwenog, gentleman, and Mary Thomas of Llysfan Ucha in p. Llanwnnen, widow

In the Sum of £200
13 June 1803

Letter from John Thomas to H. Jones, Lampeter, re the dispute between Mr John Vaughan and Enoch Davies .
28 June 1803

Arbitration Award of William Lewis of Llysnewidd, Carmarthenshire, and John Thomas of Llanvaughan, in the dispute between John Vaughan of Tyllwyd and Enoch Davies of Crygywheel, gentleman, and Mary Thomas of Llysvanucha, widow. 
29 June 1803

Probate Will of Owen Bowen of Tanglwst, p. Troedyraur, gentleman. 
Will dated 18 May 1805, the Probate is missing. 

Probate Will of the Revd Evan Bowen of Glandovan, Pembrokeshire, clerk. 
Will dated 24 February 1806. Proved 1 March 1809. 

     1. Revd Lewis Turnor of Wervilbrook, p. Llangranog, clerk
     2. David Andrews of Blaenwern Kellan, p. Kellan, blacksmith, and Evan Daniel of Tanygaer, p. Kellan, farmer

of Cwmcoy, Pensingrug, Velin Kellan Mill, and several fields part of Glanfrwd, and a field called Llangoch, all in p. Kellan. 
Consideration: £1845
14-15 January 1812

     1. David Andrew of Blaenwern Kellan, blacksmith
     2. Mary Davies of Cwm Ann, p. Pencarreg, Carmarthenshire, widow, William Rees of Glantowy, p. Kellan, farmer, Timothy Davies of Gelly, p. Llanycrwys, Carmarthenshire, farmer, Timothy Davies of Hendai, p. Pencarreg, farmer, and Daniel Evans of Croes-wenllian, p. Llanwenog, farmer

of properties in p. Kellan, known as Cwmcoyucha and Cwmcoyissa formerly one tenement called Cwmcoy, .Pensingrig, and Velin Kellan otherwise Kellan Mill.
Consideration: £940 (made up of the several sums of £320, £300, £120, £100, £100)
27-28 June 1817

     1. John Davies of Maespwll, p. Lampeterpontstephan, gentleman
     2. Zillah Andrew of Blaenywaun, p. Kellan, spinster
     3. Timothy Davies of Gelly, p. Llanycrwys, Carmarthenshire, gentleman, and Thomas Hugh Jones of Nouaddfawr, Cardiganshire, esquire

of the said John Davies and Zillah Andrew, whereby (inter alia) he conveyed the farm of Maespwll, p. Lampeterpontstephan, to the uses of the marriage. 
18-19 January 1833

     1. William Thomas of Pontfaen, p. Kellan, maltster, and Eliza, his wife
     2. John Davies of Maespwll, Lampeterpontstephan gentleman, and Zillah his wife
     3. Peter Andrew of Llwyn, Llanfiarclydogau, blacksmith

and Settlement of fields part of Rhosydrad in p. Kellan.
30 November 1836

Probate Will of David Bowen of Tanglwst, p. Troedyraur, farmer. 
Will dated 15 July 1843. Decease 25 July 1843. Proved 1 August1843.

Probate Will of Charlotte Jones, spinster, of Sarnginning fach, p. Llanybyther
Will dated 19 February 1845. Decease 23 February 1845 Proved 27 February 1845.

     1. William Thomas of Pontfaen, p. Cellan, gentleman
     2. John Davies of Maespwll, p. Lampeterpontstephan, gentleman

of part of Pontfaen, in p. Cellan.
17 August 1847

Probate Will of John Davies of Maespwll, p. Lampeter, farmer. 
Will dated 2 March 1860. Decease 15 April 1860. Proved 18 September 1860.

     1. John Davies of Maespwll, p. Lampeter Pont Stephen, gentleman, eldest son of Walter Jenkin Davies of the same place, gentleman, deceased, who was the only son who left issue of Jenkin Davies of Olmarch, p. Bettws Bledrws, gentleman, deceased
     2. Mary Davies and Ann Davies only daughters of the said John Davies, spinsters

to bar all entails of Maespwll in p. Lampeter Pont Stephen. 
3 February 1860

     1. Ann Davies of Maespwll, p. Lampeter Pont Stephen, spinster
     2. Zillah Davies of the same place, widow
     3. Richard David Jenkins of The Priory, Cardigan, esquire

to bar an estate tail in Maespwll, p. Lampeter PontStephen.
10 October 1866

     1. Ann Davies of Maespwll, p. Lampeterpontstephen, spinster
     2. John Fowden of Glanywern, Merioneth, gentleman
     3. Walter Jenkins of Glanwern, p. Ystrad, and Evan Davies of Llanfair, p. Llanfairclydogau, farmers

of Ann Davies and John Fowden. 
23 October 1866

Letter from Thomas Thomas, Llether Mawr, to J. Bowen, re letting Esgair Tanglwst Farm.
28 May 1878
On the reverse a draft letter from John Bowen of Penlanuchaf to David Evans of Upper Voel or Rhydodyn, Dihewid, Mydroilin re. the watercourse at Treberfedd.
31 May 1878

1878 May 31
Letter from John Bowen, Penlanuchaf, to David Evans of Upper Voel or Rhydodyn, Dihewid, Mydroilin, re water course at Treberfedd. Copy. 

     1. Ann Fowden of Bank Hall
     2. Sarah Davies of Bailie

re the letting of Cwm Coy farm, p. Cellan.
28 September 1878

     1. John Fowden of Bank Hall, Lampeterpontstephan, gentleman, and Anne his wife. 
     2. William Picton Evans of Cardigan, gentleman

of Cwmcoy Ucha, Cwmcoy Issa, Pensingrig, and an allotment of 53 acres on Cellan Mountain or Common.
25 October 1878

Letters Of Administration of the personal estate of Zillah Davies late of Bank Hall, p. Lampeter, widow, deceased, granted to Anne Fowden, wife of John Fowden, only daughter and next of kin of deceased. 
11 February1879 February 11

1923 July 18
Letter from J. Ernest Lloyd, solicitor, Lampeter, to Manager, Barclays Bank, Lampeter, stating that he encloses the deeds and documents of Treberfedd farm which now belongs to Rev W. F. Davies of Amroth Vicarage, and his sister Miss Rachel Davies. 

Map of Treberfedd, p. Dihewid, made by J. Saunders. 1841.

Acc. 91

Ref: DSR Williams

Reference: [GB 0212] DSR Williams/3
Title: Records from D.S.R. Williams, Solicitor, Lampeter. Series 3
Date(s): 1747-1877
Level: Series
Extent: 0.013m3

Source of Acquisition: Deposited By Colonel D.S.R. Williams, T.D., D.L., Solicitor, Lampeter, at the Carmarthenshire Record Office, 15 July 1970, transferred to the Ceredigion Record office, 14 July 1976

Scope and Content: Deeds and Documents formerly known as “Bundle B’, relating to the Property known as Rhiwsionissa in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire.

     1. Thomas Jones and John Griffies, gentlemen.
     2. John Herbert, esquire.
suffered in the Cardiganshire Great Sessions: 

relating to one messuage, two gardens, and one hundred and thirty five acres in p. Llanwenog, co. Cardiganshire. 
Endorsed: ‘Recovery suffered of Rhiwshionissa by Wm. Evans & Magdalin his wife’
Seal (broken)
25 August 1747

     1. William Thomas of Rhiw Shone Issa in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, blacksmith
     2. Evan William of the same parish, yeoman

Recites: Release dated 4 August 1747 being a Deed to lead the uses of a Recovery relating to Rhiw Shone Issa made between William Evans late of Rhiw Shone Issa, and Magdalen his wife; John Herbert of p. Llangathen, Carmarthenshire, esquire; Thomas Jones of p. Llanvinith, Carmarthenshire, gentleman; and John Griffies of Pant y Swllt in p. Llandysiliogogo, Cardiganshire, gentleman; 
Recites: That the Recovery has since been suffered and the property declared to the use of the said William Evans and his heirs; and that William Evans died intestate and the property became vested in William Thomas as nephew of the said William Evans. 

The property called Rhiw Shone Issa
Consideration: £100 and interest. 
Signed: William Thomas. Evan William by mark.
1-2 january 1771

     1. Rees Evan of p. Lampeter Pontstephan, Cardiganshire, farmer, and William Thomas of p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, blacksmith
     2. Jenkin Thomas of Maes y Pwll in p. Lampeter Pontstephan, Cardiganshire, farmer

Recites a former Mortgage dated 1-2 January 1771

The premises of Rhiw Shone Issa in p. Llanwenog.
Consideration: £100 and £50
6 March 1790

5. PROBATE WILL of Elizabeth Rees, Widow, Dec’d. Dated 29 May 1839
Elizabeth Rees of Rhiwshonissa in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, widow. Testatrix bequeathes to Thomas Jones of Neuadd and Thomas Hughes of Castell ddu, Cardiganshire, esquires, my property called Rhiwshonissa in trust to raise £1020 to be paid as follows. 

To my cousin William James of Cardiff, minister of the gospel, £60. 
To Mary Rees, daughter of William James, £60. 
To Mary Evans, daughter of David and Charlotte Evans, late of Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, schoolmaster, £40. 
To Elizabeth James, daughter of Thomas James of Havod in p. Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire, gentleman, £100. 
To the children of John Evans of Capel Iago in p. Llanybyther, Carmarthenshire, by his first wife, £20. 
To each of the children of David Evans late of Court Newydd in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, £5. 
To the children of John Lewis of Llanybyther aforesaid, carpenter, by Betty, his first wife, £20. 
To Mary and Rachel, daughters of William Williams of Eskerlwin, £10 each. 
To Harriet Sophia Jones and Louisa Maria Jones, daughters of Williamr Jones, minister of the gospel at Rhydybont, £10 each. 
To the children of my late cousin Mary wife of David Davies of Rhiw in p. Llanllwny, Carmarthenshire, £60 equally divided. 
To the children of my cousin, Judith, wife of David William late of Tynycoed, £40 equally. To Evan Evans Tucker, £60. 
To Elizabeth and the youngest son of Mary, wife of William David of Troedyrhiw Alltwallis, Carmarthenshire, £20 each. 
To Anne wife of Daniel Evans of Glanyravon in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, £60. 
To Daniel son of Daniel Evans, £20. 
To Judith Thomas of Rhuddlan, widow of David Thomas late of Abercwm, £60. 
To the children of Elizabeth (sister of the said Judith Thomas) and late wife of Thomas Jones of Caeryrneuadd in p. Llanllwny, Carmarthenshire, £60 equally. 
To the children of John Price of Glanyravon, aforesaid, £60. 
To the children of the sisters of my late husband Griffith Rees £200 equally, also four chairs, one lying press, one table, one bedstead in the parlour, one coffer and cupboard in the middle room and the meal coffer upstairs. 
To the elders of the Society of Independents at Rhydybont Meeting house, £20 for the repair of the same. 
After the expiration of the trust, Rhiwshonissa to Thomas David and his heirs of Cnwcyfedwen in p. Llanarth, Cardiganshire, farmer, son of William David and Mary his wife, late of Troedyrhiw Alltwallis, Carmarthenshire, together with the rents and profits of the property during the trust. 
The said Thomas David to be executor. 
Effects sworn under £300. 

Testatrix died 18 May 1847. 
Probate granted 4 June 1847.

     1. Mary Rees of Blackfield, Glamorganshire, widow, daughter of the late Reverend William James of Cardiff
     2. Owen Rees of Queen Street, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, tailor and Mary his wife, daughter of the late David Evans of Llandovery, schoolmaster and Charlotte, his wife
     3. Rees Evans of Cwmgorgerddan in p. Conwil Gayo, Carmarthenshire, farmer and Elizabeth his wife, the daughter of Thomas James of Havod in p. Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire, gentleman
     4. David Davies of Capel Iago in p. Llanybyther, Carmarthenshire, farmer, Anne Davies, spinster, Daniel Davies, farmer, and Elizabeth Davies, spinster of the same place, children of John Evans of Capel Iago, aforesaid, by his first wife
     5. Elizabeth Evans of Tyllwyd in p. Blaenporth, Cardiganshire, spinster and Anne Evans of Cwrtnewydd in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, spinster, children of the late David Evans of Cwrtnewydd, deceased
     6. John Lewis of the Red Lion in p. Pencarreg, Carmarthenshire, carpenter, John Hughes and Rachel, his wife, Mary Lewis of Dderwengam, in p. Llanybyther, Carmarthenshire, spinster, Evan Lewis of Pontypool, Monmouthshire, tailor, William Lewis of Dderwengam aforesaid, carpenter, and Elizabeth Lewis of the same place, spinster, which said John, Rachel Mary, Evan, William and Elizabeth are the children of John Lewis of Llanybyther by Betty, his first wife
     7. Mary Morgan of Dildre in p. Llansawel, Carmarthenshire, widow, daughter of William Williams of Esgerh
     8. Harriet Sophia Jones and Louisa Maria Jones both of Castle Street, Swansea, Glamorganshire, spinster, daughters of the Reverend William Jones
     9. Rachel Davies of Tynyffynnon in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, widow, John Davies of Foesgoy in p. Llanllwny, Carmarthenshire, cooper, and Margaret his wife, and Enoch Thomas of Rhiw in p. Llanllwny, labourer and Hannah his wife, which said, Rachel, Margaret and Hannah are the children of David Davies and Mary his wife, of Rhiw, aforesaid
     10. Rachel Jones of Penclosgelly, in p. Llanllwnny, Carmarthenshire, widow, John Jenkins of Piginsych in p. Llanfihangelararth, Carmarthenshire, labourer and Elizabeth, his wife, and Jenkin Jones of Rhos in p. Ystrad, Cardiganshire, labourer, and Anne, his wife, which said Rachel, Elizabeth and Anne are the children of David William by Judith, his wife, late of Tynycoed. 
     11. Evan Evans of Llandyssil, Cardiganshire, tucker. 
     12. John Jenkins of Troedrhiw Alltwallis, Carmarthenshire labourer, and Elizabeth, his wife, which said Elizabeth is the daughter of William Davies of Troedyrhiw Alltwallis by Mary, his wife
     13. Daniel Evans of Glanrafon in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, farmer, and Anne his wife
     14. Daniel Evans, the younger of Glanrafon in p. Llanwenog, Carmarthenshire, yeoman
     15. John Jones of Ystalyfera Iron Works, Glamorganshire, miner, Thomas Jones of Pontnewydd near Pontypool Monmouthshire, miner, James Jones, puddler, and Elizabeth Jones of Newcastle Emlyn, spinster, the children of Thomas Jones late of Caernoyadd in p. Llanllwny, Carmarthenshire, by Elizabeth his late wife
     16. Thomas Price of Pontargeilog in p. Llanllwny, Carmarthenshire, blacksmith, and James Price of Fronfelen in the same parish, quarryman, the children of John Price of Glanrafon in p. Llanllwny.
     17. John Davies of Maesygaer in p. Llanybyther, Carmarthenshire, farmer, Mary Thomas of Brynllofawr in the said parish, widow, Thomas Davies of Shippen Tiogo County, Pensylvania, farmer, being the children of Rachel one of the sisters of the late Griffith Rees of Rhiwshonucha in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire
     18. Rees Edwards of Llandrwissa in p. Monnington, Pembrokeshire, farmer, and Anne, his wife, David James of Waunhelygen, Monmouthshire, mason, Griffith James of Cwmpantyronen in p. Llanddewyaberarth, Cardiganshire, labourer, David Nathan of Llaindre in p. Blaenporth, Cardiganshire, carrier, and Mary his wife, and Evan James of 24 Catherine Row, Cardigan, mariner, William Jones of Gellydwr in p. Llandyssil, Cardiganshire, clothier, which said Anne Edwards, David James, Griffith James, Mary Nathan and Evan James are the children of Catherine, sister of the said Griffith Rees
     19. Rachel Jones wife of the said William Jones of Gellyawr aforesaid, and David Jones, the children of Anne, the remaining sister of Griffith Rees
     20. David Thomas of Tynyllwyn in p. Llanybyther, Carmarthenshire, smith, John Evans of Capel Iago in the same parish, farmer and John Lewis of Dderwengam, aforesaid, carpenter, being the Elders of the Society of Independents at Rhydybont Meeting House
     21. Thomas Hughes of Castellddu, Cardiganshire, esquire, and Thomas Davies formerly of Cnwcyfedwen in p. Llanarth, Cardiganshire, now of Rhiwsonissa in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, farmer

of Legacies bequeathed in the will of the late Elizabeth Rees, widow, deceased, (dated 4 June 1847). 
Signed and sealed by 61 individuals, being the parties involved.
15 June 1848

from Thomas Davies formerly of Gwarffynon in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, now of Shippen, Tiago County, Pensylvania, U.S.A. to John Davies of Maesygaer, Llanybyther, Carmarthenshire, to receive a legacy under the will of Elizabeth Rees of Llanwenog, Cardiganshire (dated 4 June 1847) . 
17 January 1848

from John and Rachel Hughes of Blossburg, Tiago County, Pensylvania, U.S.A. to John Lewis of Llanybyther, Carmarthenshire, to receive a legacy under the will of Elizabeth Reese of Llanwenog, Cardiganshire (Dated, 4 June 1847). 
Also LETTER in Welsh: John and Rachel Hughes, Blossburg, to John Lewis, Dderwengan, Llanybyddar, Carmarthenshire, dated 21 September 1848.
18 September 1848

from David Jones of Palinyra, Portage County, Ohio, U.S.A. son of the late John Jones, Maelhydog, Llandissill, Cardiganshire to the Reverend Samuel Griffiths, Troedrhiwfenib, near Horeb, Llandissill, to receive a legacy under the will of the late Elizabeth Rees, widow of the late Griffith Rees, Rhiwshone, Llanwenog, Cardiganshire . 
Attached: A CERTIFICATE of even date signed by Horace T. Beebe, Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, Ohio, Portage county, U.S.A. 
24 October 1848

10 . 
RECEIPT: Samuel Griffiths to Thomas Davies of Rhiwsonissa for £1 being "the portion of the furniture of the late Elizabeth Rees, bequeathed to the relations of her husband, due to David Jones of Palinyra as agreed by the parties".
3 March 1849

     1. Thomas Davies of Rhiwsionissa in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, farmer
     2. Thomas Jenkins of Cefn Ystrad in Llanfihangel Ystrad, Cardiganshire , farmer

of the equity of redemption of Rhiwsionissa in p. Llanwenog for securing £200 and interest. Contains recitals. 
Endorsed: 17 December 1863. Received of Mr James Davies per the payment of Mrs June Jones the sum of £350 in full for the principal and interest due on this mortgage and I undertake to assign the sum to Mrs Jones when required to do so. Signed: Thomas Jenkins.
17 December 1850

     1. Thomas Jenkins of Cefn Ystrad in p. Llanfihangel Ystrad, Cardiganshire, farmer
     2. James Davies of Rhiwsionissa in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, farmer
     3. Elizabeth Davies of the sane place, mother of James Davies
     4. Jane Jones of Cefnrhyddlanuch in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, widow

of Rhiwsionissa to secure £900 and interest. 
19 February 1864

     1. Mary Evans of Cefnrhyddlanuchaf in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, widow
     2. The said Mary Evans, Evan Evans of Blaencinon in p. Llandyssul, Cardiganshire, David Evans of Penrhiwgaled in p. Llanllwchaiarn, Cardiganshire, Rees Evans of Glandwr in p. Llandyssil, Cardiganshire, farmers, and John Morgans of Cefneithuiryn in p. Llansadwrn, Carmarthenshire, farmer, and Mary, his wife, David Davies of Penllwyncochmawr in p. Penbryn, Cardiganshire, farmer, and Anne, his wife, John Lewis of Pensod in p. Llanarthe, Cardiganshire, farmer, and Eliza Lewis, his wife, and David Steer of 53 Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park, London, railway clerk
     3. James Davies of Rhiwsionissa in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, farmer
     4. Elizabeth Davies of the same place, widow, mother of the said James Davies
     5. John Thomas of Rhiwsionissa, aforesaid, farmer

of Rhiwsionissa to secure £950 and interest. 
Contains recitals.
31 October 1865

     1. John Thomas of Rhiwsonucha in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, farmer
     2. James Davies of Rhiwsonissa in the same parish, farmer
     3. Elizabeth Davies of Rhiwsonissa, widow, mother of the said James Davies

of Rhiwshonissa, upon full repayment of a Mortgage dated 31 October 1865.
Contains recitals. 
16 August 1871

     1. James Davies of Rhiwsonucha in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, farmer
     2. William Jenkins of New Court in the same parish, auctioneer

of Rhiwsonissa in p. Llanwenog to secure £500 and interest. 
EndorsedPlan and Survey. 
16 September 1871

     1. William Jenkins of New Court in p. Llanwenog, Cardiganshire, auctioneer
     2. James Davies of Rhiwsonucha in the same parish, farmer
     3. David Jenkins of Blaenwaunganol in p. Llanwnen, Cardiganshire, farmer

of Rhiwshonissa to secure £800 and interest. 
28 November 1874

     1. David Jenkins of Blaenwaunganol in p. Llanwnen, Cardiganshire, farmer
     2. James Davies of Rhiwsonucha in the said parish, farmer
     3. John Jones of The Castle in Llandyssul, gentleman

of Rhiwshonissa to secure £800 and interest.
25 January 1877

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