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Acc. 1724

Ref: MUS/227/4

Reference: [GB 0212] MUS/227/4
Title: Slides, mostly Aberystwyth and neighbourhood
Date(s): c. 1984 onwards
Level: Fonds
Extent: 100 items approx.
Scope and Content:
Fourth cassette of slides by Godfrey Hill, mainly taken for use in talks and presentations. 

1. Cliff Railway, terminus

MUS227/4/1 - Cliff Railway.

2. Cliff Railway, cars passing, Aberystwyth panorama beyond

MUS227/4/2 - Cliff Railway.

3. Cliff Railway, looking down towards terminus and out over Aberystwyth

MUS227/4/3 - Cliff Railway.

4. Alexandra Hall from Constitution Hill path

MUS227/4/4 - Alexandra Hall.

5. North Beach looking towards pier

MUS227/4/5 - North Beach.

6. North Beach looking towards Constitution Hill (1983)

MUS227/4/6 - North Beach.

7. 'Mackerel Run 1974', crowds fishing from beach

MUS227/4/7 - Mackerel Run 1974.

8. St Michael's and the Old College from the Castle

MUS227/4/8 - St Michael's and the Old College.

9. Castle, gate tower from interior

MUS227/4/9 - Aberystwyth Castle.

10. Castle, northern tower

MUS227/4/10 - Aberystwyth Castle.

11. War memorial seen through gate tower archway

MUS227/4/11 - War memorial.

12. Marine Terrace, lifeboat capstan and bandstand building

MUS227/4/12 - Marine Terrace, lifeboat capstan and bandstand building.

13. Marine Terrace, lifeboat capstan, detail showing inscription, 'Royal National Lifeboat Institution 1897'

MUS227/4/13 - Marine Terrace, lifeboat capstan.

14. Black and white photograph showing launch of lifeboat from carriage on beach

15. Black and white photograph, 'Lifeboatman'

16. Harbour at low tide, with malting kiln, from bridge

MUS227/4/16 - Aberystwyth harbour at low tide.

17. View across harbour to Trefechan Bridge and National Library, showing 'The Gap'

MUS227/4/17 - View across harbour.

18. View of harbour down passage from South Road

MUS227/4/18 - View of harbour.

19. View across harbour to fire station

MUS227/4/19 - View of harbour.

20. View across harbour towards Trefechan Bridge and malting kiln, showing great gravel mound, July 1994

MUS227/4/20 - View of harbour.

21. View across harbour showing clearance for Y Lanfa development, July 1994

MUS227/4/21 - View of harbour.

22. View down river from harbour towards Tan-y-bwlch

MUS227/4/22 - View down river from harbour.

23. View across harbour to Trefechan Bridge

MUS227/4/23 - View of harbour.

24. View across harbour to Castle

MUS227/4/24 - View of harbour.

25. South Marine Terrace looking towards Castle

MUS227/4/25 - South Marine Terrace.

26. Storm, South Beach

MUS227/4/26 - Storm, South Beach.

27. Evening seascape

MUS227/4/27 - Evening seascape.

28. New Promenade, location of 'Last Stone'

MUS227/4/28 - New Promenade.

29. New Promenade inscription, 'This, the Last Stone of this Walk was Laid by Councillor Evan Hugh James, the Mayor, on the 4th Day of July 1903'

MUS227/4/29 - New Promenade.

30. 'E.R.' inscribed on stone in promenade wall

MUS227/4/30 - 'E.R.' inscribed on stone in promenade wall.

31. Aberystwyth Golf Course, view across green to sea

MUS227/4/31 -  Aberystwyth Golf Course.


33. Pen Dinas Hill from across Rheidol valley

MUS227/4/33 - Pen Dinas Hill.

34. 'Lein fach', train pulled by locomotive Owen Glyndwr on Vale of Rheidol Railway

MUS227/4/34 - Lein fach', train.

35. Devil's Bridge train crossing Rheidol viaduct

MUS227/4/35 - Devil's Bridge train.

36. Northgate Terrace, Northgate Street

MUS227/4/36 - Northgate Terrace.

37. Upper storey balcony and dormer, of building on south side of North Parade, towards Terrace Road

MUS227/4/37 - North Parade.

38. Building with upper storey balcony and dormer, on south side of North Parade, towards Terrace Road

MUS227/4/38 - North Parade.

39. Cupola with spire at corner of North Parade and Terrace Road

MUS227/4/39 - Cupola with spire.

40. Building featuring cupola with spire at corner of North Parade and Terrace Road

MUS227/4/40 - Cupola with spire.

41. Belgrave House, Marine Terrace, doorway

MUS227/4/41 - Belgrave House, Marine Terrace.

42. Belgrave House, Marine Terrace, showing ornamental railings or screen above portico

MUS227/4/42 - Belgrave House, Marine Terrace.

43. Building on the corner of Pier Street and New Street

MUS227/4/43 - Building on the corner of Pier Street and New Street.

44. No. 43 Marine Terrace

MUS227/4/44 - No. 43 Marine Terrace.

45. Old College Building, rooftop detail showing Welsh hat gargoyle

MUS227/4/45 - Old College Building.

46. Old College Building, Laura Place façade

MUS227/4/46 - Old College Building.

47. Old College Building, porte-cochère

MUS227/4/47 - Old College Building.

48. Old College Building, sea front ('Sun on College Building')

MUS227/4/48 - Old College Building.

49. Old College Building, mosaic panels in turret

MUS227/4/49 - Old College Building.

50. Old photograph of Old College Building in 1890's

MUS227/4/50 - Old College Building.

51. Old College, Prince of Wales (Edward VIII) as Chancellor

MUS227/4/51 - Prince of Wales (Edward VIII) as Chancellor.


53. Memorial to the scholar Sir John Rhys (1840-1915), first professor of Celtic at Oxford, at his birthplace near Ponterwyd (base of cottage walls consolidated and preserved as memorial?)

MUS227/4/53 - Memorial to the scholar Sir John Rhys.

54. Memorial to Sir John Rhys, Ponterwyd

MUS227/4/54 - Memorial to the scholar Sir John Rhys.


56. Lime kiln at Wallog

MUS227/4/56 - Lime kiln at Wallog.

57. Wallog limekiln, detail of arch

MUS227/4/57 - Lime kiln at Wallog.

58. Icicles on quarry face behind Telecom Yard

MUS227/4/58 - Icicles on quarry face behind Telecom Yard.

59. House, Dol Malog(?), Aberaeron

MUS227/4/59 - House, Dol Malog.

60. Llanon slangs

MUS227/4/60 - Llanon slangs.

61. Llanon, (semi derelict) thatched cottage

MUS227/4/61 - Llanon.

62. Llanon, (semi derelict) thatched cottage

MUS227/4/62 - Llanon.

63. Aberarth, derelict iron millwheel and discarded millstone

MUS227/4/63 - Aberarth, derelict iron millwheel.

64. Trawscoed, watermill

MUS227/4/64 - Trawscoed, watermill.

65. Glanrheidol mansion

MUS227/4/65 -  Glanrheidol mansion.

66. Glanrheidol mansion, detail showing front door  with fanlight

MUS227/4/66 -  Glanrheidol mansion.

67. Cwmsymlog, view across mine area

MUS227/4/67 - Cwmsymlog.

68. Cwmsymlog, engine chimney

MUS227/4/68 - Cwmsymlog.

69. Cwmsymlog, headstone of Captain W.H. Boundy of South Darren Mine, died 1877 aged 35. 

MUS227/4/69 - Cwmsymlog.

70. Llywynernog, Eagle Waterwheel (restored)

MUS227/4/70 - Llywynernog.

71. Llywynernog, Eagle Waterwheel, detail showing Ellis Brothers foundry stamp

MUS227/4/71 - Llywynernog.

72. Old photograph of Cwmrheidol Mine, view looking down cable line

73. Broginin, memorial to Dafydd ap Gwilym

MUS227/4/73 - Broginin, memorial to Dafydd ap Gwilym.

74. Plas Tanybwlch

MUS227/4/74 - Plas Tanybwlch.

75. Plas Tanybwlch from Pen Dinas

MUS227/4/75 - Plas Tanybwlch.

76. Crugiau mansion

MUS227/4/76 - Crugiau mansion.

77. Crugiau mansion from Pen Dinas

MUS227/4/77 - Crugiau mansion.

78. Wellington Monument, Pen Dinas

MUS227/4/78 - Wellington Monument, Pen Dinas.

79. Wellington Monument, Pen Dinas, Aberystwyth Civic Society inscription

MUS227/4/79 - Wellington Monument, Pen Dinas.

80. Bryn Eithin mansion

MUS227/4/80 - Bryn Eithin mansion.

81. Tanycastell or Ystwyth Bridge

MUS227/4/81 - Tanycastell or Ystwyth Bridge.

82. Tanycastell or Ystwyth Bridge, inscription in situ, partly obscured by vegetation, 'This Bridge was Erected by Public Subscription through the Exertions of W.E. Richards, Esqr. R.A. Bryneithin, and His Friends. And this Stone was Laid by Mrs Davies, Tan-y-Bwlch, January 16th, 1872' (Ceredigion VIII.3 (1978), 337-8, No. 17)

MUS227/4/82 - Tanycastell or Ystwyth Bridge.

83. Tanycastell or Ystwyth Bridge, inscription removed and damaged.

MUS227/4/83 - Tanycastell or Ystwyth Bridge.

84. Penglais mansion

MUS227/4/84 - Penglais mansion.

85. 'Charles' Bridge' in dingle below Penglais mansion

MUS227/4/85 - 'Charles' Bridge' in dingle below Penglais mansion.

86. Inscription from Charles' Bridge, 'This Bridge and Railing were Planed by Charles Richards in 1844'

MUS227/4/86 - Inscription from Charles' Bridge.

87. 'Avarina's Bridge' in dingle below Penglais mansion

MUS227/4/87 - 'Avarina's Bridge' in dingle below Penglais mansion.

88. Inscription from Avarina's Bridge, 'This Bridge and Railing were Planed by Avarina W.A. Richards in 1844'

MUS227/4/88 - 'Avarina's Bridge' in dingle below Penglais mansion.

89. Llanrhaeadr-yr-Mochnant, inscribed monolith otherwise unusually tall milestone of 1770 (London 180; Shrewsbury 26)

MUS227/4/89 - Llanrhaeadr-yr-Mochnant,.

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