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TPS: Cardiganshire Courts of Petty Sessions

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Ref: TPS

Reference: [GB 0212] TPS
Title: Records of the Cardiganshire Courts of Petty Sessions
Date(s): 1861-1984
Level: Fonds

Administrative History: Courts of Petty Sessions were introduced in the 18th century to alleviate the workload of the Courts of Quarter Sessions, which met only four times a year. Petty Sessions became increasingly formalised in the 19th century with more regular meetings and laws passed that required the keeping of records of the proceedings. The court was held before two or more magistrates but no jury. Petty Sessions dealt with minor cases such as drunkenness, poaching and vagrancy. More serious crimes were referred to either the Court of Quarter Sessions or Great Sessions (replaced by the Assize Courts in 1830). The creation of county councils in 1889 removed many of the administrative functions of the Petty Sessions. In 1971, the Petty and Quarter Sessions were replaced by Magistrates' and Crown Courts respectively. 
     Following normal practice, the Petty Sessions in the county of Cardiganshire were subdivided into geographical divisions, with each magistrate being assigned to one division. These divisions were Aberaeron, Aberystwyth, Cardigan, Lampeter, Llanbadarn, Llandyssul, Llanilar, Lower Troedyraur, Rhydlewis, Talybont and Tregaron. The Magistrates' Courts were held at Aberaeron, Cardigan and Aberystwyth.

Conditions Governing: Access: All material is restricted for a period of 30 years from the date of the final entry in any item; items relating to children and young people are restricted for 100 years.

Scope and Content:
The Records have been arranged as follows:

TPS/1: Records of the Courts of Petty Sessions for the County of Cardiganshire.

The Court at Aberystwyth.
TPS/AB: Records of the Petty Sessional Division for the Borough of Aberystwyth.
TPS/LLB: Records of the Petty Sessional Division for Llanbadarn.
TPS/LLI: Records of the Petty Sessional Division for Llanilar.
TPS/TB: Records of the Petty Sessional Division for Talybont.
TPS/TG: Records of the Petty Sessional Division for Tregaron.

The Court at Aberaeron.
TPS/AN: Records of the Petty Sessional division for Aberayron.
TPS/LP: Records of the Petty Sessional Division for Lampeter.
TPS/LLD: Records of the Petty Sessional Division for Llandyssul.

The Court at Cardigan
TPS/CB: Records of the Petty Sessional Division for the Borough of Cardigan.
TPS/LT: Records of the Petty Sessional Division for Lower Troedyraur.
TPS/R: Records of the Petty Sessional Division for Rhydlewis.

TPS/MISC: Records of unknown or uncertain Petty Sessional Divisions.
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