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NB. Admissions registers and log books are closed for 100 years. Other school records are closed to the public for 30 years after the date at which they were made.

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County School

The school was established under the Intermediate Education Act of 1889, under an amended county scheme of 1893. It was opened on 17 May 1897. 

School Records

Governors' minute books

1913-1923 220Ga
1923-1936 CDC/TR/21
1937-1945 22OGb
1945-1949 220Gc

Register of fees

1935-1949 220Ae

County Council Records

School plans
1948 CDC/A/7/35


ADX/301: Xerox copy of album containing poetry and drawings, copied and signed or initialled by fellow pupils of Tregaron County School, inscribed W. T. Owen, County School, Tregaron, 15 April 1910.

ADX/357: Postcard of Tregaron County School

DYC/ED/23: Prospectus (1980s)

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