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NB. Admissions registers and log books are closed for 100 years. Other school records are closed to the public for 30 years after the date at which they were made.

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PENLON (LLWYNCELYN) Board, Council school

The 1905 report states that Penlon school, a provided, mixed school, was erected in 1877. There was accommodation for 75. There were 90 on the books in 1904 and the average attendance was 68.

School closed in July 2011

School Records

Log books
12 January 1878-25 December 1901 " PEN/1
10 January 1902-2 March 1931 " PEN/2
6 March 1931-21 July 1988 " PEN/3
1 September 1988-13 December 1999 " PEN/4

Registers of admission, progress and withdrawal
1878-1961 " PEN/R/1
1969-2005 " PEN/R/2

Punishment book (only one page used)
1901-1902 " PEN/P/1

Summary Register
1972-1977 " PEN/SR/1

HM Inspectors' reports etc.
1879-1893 " PEN/X/1

County Council records

Questionnaire dated 1920 giving details of the school and its catchment area, with the headmaster’s opinions on local education, employment prospects and other local issues. CDC/ED/30, no. 39

School brochure, 1983 DYC/ED/4

Miscellaneous other items in CSC/ED/17

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