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Water Board - Introduction

ACC. 245

Ref: A/SWA

Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office

by the Welsh Water Authority, Area Office,


17 January 1980


Administrative history

Arrangement of records

Aberaeron RDC 1

Aberystwyth RDC 1

Aberystwyth Borough 5

Aberystwyth Rural Sanitary

Authority 7

Lampeter RDC 7

Llandyssul/Teifiside RDC 7

Newcastle Emlyn RDC 9

Tregaron RDC 9

South Cardiganshire and Cardiganshire Water Boards

Clerk's/Treasurer's Departments 10

Engineer's Department 30

Welsh Water Authority / National Development Agency 50


Administrative History:

From the later nineteenth century down to 1957 (1962 in

the case of Aberystwyth Borough and R.D.C.) responsibility

for water provision in Cardiganshire, as elsewhere, lay in the

hands of borough and rural district councils or sanitary


The South Cardiganshire Water Board was constituted by an

Order of 12, March 1956 made by the Minister of Housing and Local

Government, in exercise of his powers under section 9 of the

Water Act 1945, and came into operation on 29 March of the same

year. The day of transfer of the constituent authorities to the

board was 1 April 1957.

The Cardiganshire Water Board was constituted by an Order

(No. 270) made on 9 January 1962 by the Minister, as above. The

Order came into operation on 14 February 1962; the appointed

day of transfer was 1 April 1962 but the actual hand-over took

place on 1 October 1962. The water functions of seven constitutent

authorities were transferred together with those of Aberystwyth

Borough and R.D.C.

In 1974 the Welsh Water Authority took over the Cardiganshire

Water Board.

Arrangement of Records:

The major problem with the pre-Water Boards material is that

more than one file reference exists. This doubtless reflects

efforts to bring files from diverse sources into one system, following

the creation of the South Cardiganshire or Cardiganshire Water Board.

For authorities other than water boards the arrangement adopted is

alphabetical, by authority, and chronological within these authorities.

With so much of the original provenance lost and the addition of later

references an accurate reconstruction of the original filing system

would have posed insoluble problems. As far as the South Cardiganshire

and Cardiganshire Water Boards are concerned the two main divisions

are those of the Clerk/Treasurer and Engineer's departments. An

attempt has been made within these broad categories to retrieve large

tracts of the filing system (which is often quite possible). The

order on the whole, however, remains problematic. In every case

where there is more than one file reference all are given in the

apparent order of their allocation. The word 'Contract' has been

standardised throughout to (C). The files themselves consist largely

of correspondence and working papers, often with plans. A brief

indication of subject matter is given only when there is no title

or that title is not sufficiently explanatory.

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A/SWA/1/1-3 and SRD/2/167.

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