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ABR: Records of the Aberystwyth Rural District Council

Acc. 14, 102, 112, 116, 376, 388, 525, 741, 968

Ref: ABR

Reference: [GB 0212] ABR
Title: Records of the Aberystwyth Rural District Council
Date(s): 1881-1974
Level: Fonds
Extent: 3.6m3

Administrative History: Aberystwyth Rural District Council was set up under the provisions of the Local Government Act of 1894, to take over the functions of the local rural sanitary authority and highways board. It comprised twenty-eight civil parishes: Broncastellan, Ceulan-a-maesmawr, Clarach, Cwmrheidol, Cyfoethybrenin, Cynnullmawr, Elerch, Faenor, Henllys, Issa-yn-dre, Ucha-yn-dre, Llanafan, Llanbadarn Lower, Llanbadarn Upper, Llanddeiniol, Llanfihangel Lower, Llanfihangel Upper, Llangwyryfon, Llangynfelin, Llanilar, Llanrhystud Haminiog, Llanrhystud Mefenydd, Llanychaiarn, Melindwr, Parcel Canol, Rhosdie, Trefeurig and Tirymynach.
In 1934, under section 46 of the Local Government Act of 1929, some parishes were amalgamated and new ones created. The total number of civil parishes was now twenty-four. The parishes which disappeared were Broncastellan, Clarach, Cyfoethybrenin, Cynnullmawr, Elerch, Henllys, Issa-yn-dre, Ucha-yn-dre and Rhosdie.
The new and altered parishes were formed as follows; Ceulan-a-maesmawr: From Ceulan-a-maesmawr, Elerch and part of Cynnullmawr. Borth: From parts of Cyfoethybrenin and Henllys. Geneu'r Glyn: From parts of Cyfoethybrenin, Cynnullmawr, Henllys and Tirymynach. Llanbadarn Fawr: From the parishes of Issa-yn-dre and Ucha-yn-dre and part of Faenor. Llangorwen: From parts of Broncastellan, Clarach, Tirymynach and Faenor. Llanilar: From Llanilar, Rhosdie and part of Llanbadarn Lower. Tirymynach: From parts of Broncastellan, Clarach, Cyfoethybrenin, Cynnullmawr and Tirymynach.
In addition, the "unnamed rural district consisting of the township of Scybor-y-coed" ceased to exist, and was transferred to Aberystwyth RDC (Local Government Act, 1929: Section 46(10): see ABR/SE/16/1 and map, ABR/SE/16/2).

Archival History: The records of Aberystwyth RDC were transferred to the Record Office as follows:
Acc.14, By the Director of Technical Services, Ceredigion District Council, on 6 June 1975 (These records were formerly listed as SRD/2/1-193)
Acc.102, By the same, 6 September 1976 (formerly listed as SRD/2/194)
Acc.112, By the Chief Executive, Ceredigion District Council, 23 November 1976 (formerly listed as SRD/2/195-199)
Acc.116, By the same, 8 December 1976 (formerly listed as SRD/2/200-293)
Acc.376, From the National Library of Wales, 4 May 1983
Acc.388, From Aberystwyth Library, 4 August 1983 (formerly listed as ABR/SE/2)
Acc.525, From Ceredigion District Council, 16th October 1985 (former listed as ABR/TR)
Acc 741, From Ceredigion District Council, 30 Octomer 1990
Acc 968, From the Corporate and Legal Services Department, Ceredigion County Council. 30 May 1996.

Unless otherwise indicated on the list, all records are part of Acc.376 transferred from the National Library of Wales in 1983.

Scope and Content: The records have been arranged and described as follows:

ABR/HE: Health Records
ABR/HE/1: Journals
ABR/HE/2: Reports (Public Health Department)
ABR/HE/3: Reports (MOH)
ABR/HE/4: Overcrowding Survey
ABR/HE/5: Applications
ABR/HE/6: Correspondence
ABR/HE/7: Miscellaneous
ABR/HI: Records of the Surveyor’s Department.
ABR/HI/1: Diaries and reports
ABR/HI/2: Planning
ABR/HI/3: Housing
ABR/HI/4: Contracts, specifications and bills of quantity
ABR/HI/5: Plans
ABR/HI/6: Correspondence
ABR/HI/7: Miscellaneous
ABR/SE: Records of the Secretary’s Department.
ABR/SE/1: Minutes of the council
ABR/SE/2-6: Minutes of committees and associated bodies
ABR/SE/7: Agendas
ABR/SE/8: Records of councillors and council officers
ABR/SE/9: Records of burials
ABR/SE/10-12: Correspondence
ABR/SE/13: Records relating to legal agreements, council property, loans
ABR/SE/14: Byelaws
ABR/SE/15: Licences
ABR/SE/16: Miscellaneous reports and printed material
ABR/TR: Records of the Treasurer’s Department.
ABR/TR/1-8: General.
ABR/TR/1: Abstracts of accounts
ABR/TR/2: Statements
ABR/TR/3: General Ledgers
ABR/TR/4: Parochial Ledgers
ABR/TR/5: Treasurer's account books
ABR/TR/6: Account books
ABR/TR/7: Cash account books
ABR/TR/8: Stores account books
ABR/TR/9: Loans and Capital accounts
ABR/TR/10-19: Rating accounts: rating records and valuation lists
ABR/TR/l0: Valuation Lists
ABR/TR/11: Rate Books
ABR/TR/12: Water Rates.
ABR/TR/13: Grand Summary of Rate Books.
ABR/TR/14: Rate Produce Books
ABR/TR/15: Rate Poundage Books
ABR/TR/16: Rate Estimates Books
ABR/TR/17: Rates Cash Account Books
ABR/TR/18: Miscellaneous Rating records
ABR/TR/19: Assessment Committee records
ABR/TR/20: Housing
ABR/TR/21: Salaries
ABR/TR/22: Miscellaneous
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