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ABY/PC/1/2: Aberystwyth Yesterday: Postcards to Dr. Morgan's family

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Ref: ABY/PC/1/2

Reference: ABY/PC/1/2
Title: Postcards to Dr. Morgan John Morgan of Aberystwyth and his family
Date(s): 1904-1921
Level: File
Extent: 57 items

Scope and Content: Postcards, ranging in date from 1904 to 1920/21, sent to members of the family of Dr. Morgan John Morgan of North Parade, Aberystwyth, who was a member of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society (Transactions 1 (1909), 86). In 1911 the family consisted of the doctor (45), his wife, Annie Olivia (38), and three daughters, Leticia (15), Mary Valmai (10) and Gwendolen Calan (8), as well as two servants, Mary Ann Williams (25) and Jennie Thomas (16). A fourth daughter, Rhiannon, must have been born later. They resided at 35 North Parade (Marshland?) before moving to No. 26, a larger house across the street at some time after 1913. Many of the cards were sent from holiday resorts across North Wales, Mrs Morgan, with Gladys, possibly her sister, being quite often away, apparently singing with a choir, for example at the Harlech Festival (No. 26). One regular correspondent, Uncle Bob, was a school inspector who, in June 1910, was staying at Llandudno and visiting schools by (pleasure) steamer (No. 25). The Morgans and their acquaintances played tennis and golf, went away to school and were pre-War motorists.

1. Tinted photograph of Rhyl, 'View from the Palace', sent to Miss Valmai Morgan, 35 North Parade, Aberystwyth, from Rhyl.
'Dear Valmai, I hope you are a good girl now Mama is away. Do not wake poor Dada so early in the morning. tell Jane to dress you first. Love + kisses from Mama'.
13 May 1904

2. Photograph, Gwrych Castle by moonlight, sent to Miss Valmai Morgan of Marshland, Aberystwyth, from Rhyl.
'With best wishes from another Royal Oak'.
N.B. Oak Apple Day 29 May. See No. 5.
28 May 1904

3. Coloured picture, 'The beach, Colwyn Bay', addressed to Miss Valmai Morgan of Marshland.
2 June 1904

4. Coloured photograph, 'Conway, Plas Mawr', addressed to Miss Valmai Morgan of Marshland.
'With best love from Gwladys, Conway'
20 April 1905

5. Coloured photograph, 'Royal Oak Hotel, Bettws-y-coed', addressed to Miss Valmai Morgan of Marshland, from Bettws-y-coed.
'As we are both "Royal Oaks" I send you this view of a Royal Oak under which I am seeking shelter for two nights. In the hall here there is Cox's famous painting "The Royal Oak". Please tell your dada that I shall send the two books which I found on Sunday I had bought back to Rhyl after carrying them all the way to Aberystwyth. I rode here yesterday from Rhyl & have been to Cerrig y drudion ... Your dada should come for a week. With best love to all Uncle Bob.
See No. 2.
11 May 1905

6. 'Four Post-cards in Miniature, Views of Conway, North Wales, addressed to Mrs Dr Morgan of 35 North Parade.
'Just arrived here this afternoon. Had a game of golf with Lewis after tea. Hope you are all well, Ben'.
11 June 1905

7. Coloured photograph, 'Shetland ponies in the rough', sent from Lerwick to Dr Morgan of North Parade.
'My brother & self are spending a fortnight in the Shetlands. Easter(?) I had a fortnight in the Scilly Isles. Each place is delightful and well worth a holiday. So please hurry up.
17 June 1905

8. Studio photograph of small child on carpet with pen/brush, addressed to Miss Mali Morgan, D├┤lfawr, Pontrhydfendigaid, from Bayeux (Calvados).

9. Photograph, 'Pump House Hotel and Lake, Llandrindod Wells, sent from there to Miss Valmai Morgan, 35 North Parade.
'Gwlad has been in a boat on this lake and liked it very much. I hope you were a good girl at Dorothy's. Love from Mama.'
14 June 1906

10. Coloured photograph, 'Llandrindod Wells - Temple Gardens from Balcony of the Manor Private Hotel', sent from there to Miss Valmai Morgan of 35 North Parade. X marks one of the houses across the Gardens.
'Dear Mally this is a picture of the house where we are staying. Thank you very much for your nice letter. We are coming home on Friday & I will bring you a nice sunshade. Best love from Gwalia & Mama.'
20 June 1906

11. Colour picture showing a lady and her children on the beach, 'The Morning's Labour', sent from Rhyl to Miss Valmai Morgan of 35 North Parade.
'Dear Valmai, Mama & Letty are coming home on Saturday. The Eisteddfod was lovely. Love & kisses from Mama. What do you want for a present?'
23 August 1906

12. Birds-eye panorama, 'Tubular & Suspension Bridges, Menai Straits', sent to Miss Valmai Morgan, 35 North Parade, from Rhyl.
'Dear Mally thank you so much for your nice letter. Gwladys is coming back with me tomorrow. We pass this bridge. Love & Kisses Mama.'
29 July 1907

13. Humorous colour picture, "That road leads to Llanvihangelysternllewwen", posted from Aberystwyth to Miss Mally Morgan at the National Provincial Bank, Cowbridge.
'Dear Mally thanks very much for your P.C. very glad to hear that you enjoying so well with love from Jane(?)'.
27 August 1907

14. Coloured photograph, 'Whitmore Bay, Barry Island', and posted from there to Miss Mally Morgan of 35 North Parade.
'How is my little "sister" getting on? We have been here for a week & go home to-morrow. I had better sign this with my Sunday name, so with Love - Audrey.'
8 September 1907

15. Coloured photograph, 'Gwalia Hotel, Llandrindod Wells', posted from there to Miss M. Morgan, 35 North Parade.
'Dear Mallie I am sorry we did not see you to say goodbye on Tuesday. I had intended sending you a Posh Card yesterday but we went away and got back too late. With love your affectionate C ... Gwyn'.
12 September 1907

16. Comic picture, "Uncle Podger Snores", sent to Misses Mali & Gwen Morgan, c/o Dr Morgan of North Parade, 'Love from Uncle Tom (Podger)'.
21 September 1907

17. Coloured photograph, 'The Beach, Brighton', with caption, "A Merry Christmas", sent from 37 Queen's Road, Brighton, to Miss Morgan, c/o Dr Morgan, North Parade. 'With love & best wishes from Maudie Findlay'.
23 December 1908

18. Framed cameo photograph of cats with tinted eyes, 'Here they come!', posted from Rhyl to Miss Valmai Morgan of 35 North Parade.
'Dear Mally when are you going to write me a letter? I hope you enjoyed the Sale of Work. Tell me all about it & how Letty sang - it is raining here yesterday + today. Baby(?) is getting on nicely. How are you? Love + kisses Mama'.
25 March 1909

19. Studio photograph of children. 'Meditation', sent from Welshpool to Mrs. Morgan of 35 North Parade.
'How are you all? I seem to have been back for centuries & have now to live on reminiscences or "meditations". Isn't this card pretty? Thought it would appeal to you. Love from Alice'.
1 May 1909

20. Coloured studio photograph of kittens and toys, "Playtime", posted in Aberystwyth to Miss Valmai Morgan, c/o Dr Morgan of North Parade.
'My dear Valmai - Could you be ready for me tomorrow for music at about 1.15 p.m. - sorry I can't make it earlier will rearrange again. I hope to have a new [...] book for you. Yours with love. G.J.'
15 November 1909

21. Coloured humorous picture of children, sent from Mortlake to Miss M. Morgan of Marshlands.
'A merry Christmas from Elwin'.
23 December 1909

22. Coloured picture of Dutch children sitting on a fence, posted from Mortlake to Miss L. Morgan of Marshlands.
'A happy Christmas from Elwin'.
23 December 1909

23. Coloured photograph of mother and children, cameo with holly motif backdrop, 'A merry Christmas to you', sent from Aberaeron to Miss M.V. Morgan of 35 North Parade.
'To Mallie, hoping she will have a jolly Xmas & a very happy New Year With love from Olive'.
24 December 1909

24. Coloured picture of Dutchman, sent from Rhyl to Miss Mally Morgan of 35 North Parade.
'I was glad to have your letter last night & Letty's this morning. I received the parcel safely yesterday morning. Ronnie gave me these postcards they came from A... you better leave your new frocks until I come home with love & kisses top you all. Your loving Mother'.
4 March 1910

25. Colour picture, 'Mostyn Street, Llandudno', sent to Miss Letty Morgan of 35 North Parade.
'Please thank your mother for her kind invitation? May I leave the answer until Tuesday? If all the rest go to the same hotel I should go with them; but if not I shall gladly come to you. - Mr & Mrs [...] were here yesterday: they [motored?] all over Snowdonia in their way! - Had I known your father was going to London I would like to have joined him! These [...]in first floor which [...] were retained for me until 3.30 on Thursday & then allotted to others as I had not telegraphed. - Llandudno is charming. I can visit schools by steamer - Beaumaris, Menai Bridge, Caernarvon ...
With Love to all Uncle Bob.'
5 June 1910

26. Photograph, 'Marine Drive, Llandudno', sent from there to Miss Letty Morgan at 35 North Parade.
'I have just seen Harlech Festival Programme and see there is a section of a choir from Aberystwyth. I think your mother said she was coming. Your Aunt [...] and I were to stay from tomorrow night at Barmouth Junction with (Dr) S.P. Williams Junior Inspector; but I have decided to go to Harlech hotel (alone?) tomorrow night ... your aunt will come on Wednesday and we shall then go to Barmouth Junction. I was at Towyn last week ... a flying urgent visit from Llangollen and back. With best love to all Uncle Bob'.
4 July 1910

27. Photograph of woman with Welsh language verse below, 'J. Williams Shani-pob-man, New Quay Card', posted in Aberystwyth to Miss Letty Morgan at Rhiwfach, Llanrhystud. Written in pencil.
'Dear Lil, Just a line to you hoping you are all well as I am ... I am very sorry to say I don't think I shall come out Wednesday afternoon. I don't think there will be much pleasure here as there's been so much to in town today. You ought to come today. Will send a letter tomorrow ...'
1 August 1910

28. Photograph of dog, 'Anticipation', addressed to Miss Letty Morgan, c/o Dr Morgan, from Dr Williams' School, Dolgellau.
'I am back again in school as you see by the above address. Have you started school? If you see Gwladys will you ask her when she is coming here to stay with Wyddyn? Write soon. Best love to all, ?Eulis Jones.'
24 September 1910

29. Studio photograph of young girl wearing outsized hat, 'Little Sunbeam', addressed to Miss Valmai Morgan at 35 North Parade.
'Dear Mally I am sending you a "sticky-up "post" Card I hope it is the kind you want. Arthur is going to post it for me. [M]e and Beu are playing together before going to bed. Enid has gone. Love to you all Mother'.
10 October 1910?

30. Colour picture of Dutch children sent from Harlech to Miss Lettie Morgan, c/o Dr Morgan. 'Wishing you all a merry xmas and a bright new year, from ?Eulis
24 December 1910

31. Photograph, Llandudno from Camera Hill, addressed from there to Mrs Morgan of 35 North Parade.
'Thought you might like to have just a word. Have the children come back yet? I have not heard a word from home since I left. Hope they're all right. Auntie took me to Colwyn Bay this afternoon which I enjoyed very much. Margie is coming back tonight after being spending a weekend with a friend. Ronney has gone to London. Fond love Olive.'
29 August 1911?

32. Studio photograph, child regarding cat regarding child, sent from Aberaeron to Miss Mali Morgan of 35 North Parade, 'A merry Xmas Love Alice.'
24 December 1911

33. Photograph, 'Evening, Deganwy', sent from Colwyn Bay to Miss Valmai Morgan of 35 North Parade and much scribbled upon.
'Dear Mal, I am having an awfully nice time here. Ronney + S are off to Wrexham tomorrow by the 7 train. Tell Mama to do her best to come. We all would love to see her & Auntie suggested that she should come on here afterwards. The last day for sending in the Coll forms is Sept 10th so that S can do it when I come home. Letty.
How is Nancy?'
4 September 1912

34. Photograph, 'Happy Valley, Llandudno', sent from there to Miss Valmai Morgan of 35 North Parade.
'Dear Mal. Thanks very much for your post card. I had a letter this morning from Auntie Minnie and she wants us to go next week so I'm staying just the weekend again here. We went to Prestatyn yesterday & had a perfectly gorgeous time. Uncle Ben is coming here for next week end. I had bought you a picture in Colwyn Bay - a girl's head (not a copy of a painting) but I'll get you a book as well. Best love from us all Letty'.
9 July 1913

35. Coloured photograph, 'Promenade and Pier, Menai Bridge', sent from Llandudno to Mrs Morgan at 35 North Parade. Written and addressed in pencil, pencil labels on picture, 'Bangor pier', 'Penmaenmawr(?)', 'Bangor'.
'Auntie Enid & I have just come here by boat (St Trillo) + are motoring round several villages to schools. To the County School at Llangefni. It's a glorious day & the sea trip was lovely. Ronnie couldn't come as she's playing in a tennis tournament. We are going back in La Marguerite and will get to Llandudno about 5.30. It's a pity Dada couldn't come today. Best love from Letty'.
11 July 1913

36. Coloured photograph, 'Waterloo Hotel, Bettws-y-Coed', sent from there to Dr + Mrs Morgan at 35 North Parade, 'Greetings from us both on this our "Silver Wedding Day" 3/7/88 - 3/7/13' Gower(?)'.
See No. 42 for possible reference to silver gifts.
3 July 1913

37. Coloured portrait photograph, 'This is a Real Photograph of a British Beauty', sent from Wandsworth to Miss Letty Morgan at 32 North Parade.
'Dear Let, thanks for letter which I really enjoyed it was so nice & chatty. Had a little stamp photo of Madge last week. Give my respects to Annie Rheanon. Lots of love to all, Kitty.
P.S. I've seen naught of Valmai. Where is she? Will be house moving shortly.'
23 April 1913

38. Photograph, 'The Plas, Machynlleth', sent from there to Miss Letty Morgan, c/o Dr Morgan.
'How are you getting on these days? I am spending a few days at Machynlleth with a friend of mine. We both intend going over to Towyn this afternoon. It will be nice to see the old school again. Mignon Meyler has had a post in the County School here, started work last Tuesday. Best Love, Olwen.'
September 1913

39. Coloured pictutre of cats, 'I'm the king of the castle', addressed in pencil, but not posted, to Miss Valmai Morgan.
'If the weather improves can you come for a lesson this morning about 11.30 or at 2 p.m. not later? I shall not expect you if it keeps wet. Yours G.J.(?).'

40. Colour picture of kittens addressed to Miss M. V. Morgan at 35 North Parade, stamp removed.
'Dear Mal. This is to wish you very many happy returns of the day. With best love from Letty.'

41. Colour picture of costumed children in the snow, sent from Willesden to Miss Valmai Morgan of 35 North Parade.
Edward VII 1/2 penny stamp, so 1911 or earlier.

41. Coloured photograph, 'The Mumbles Head and Lighthouse', sent from 14 College Square, Llanelly to Miss Gwen Morgan of 35 North Road.
'Just a word to say I've arrived. Auntie Lil says she won't let me come tomorrow & wants to ?wire but I expect you'll see my sweet face & Ronney's on the 7.30 tomorrow. Love to all Letty. Just going out with Uncle & Aunt.'
George V 1/2 penny stamp, so before 1918.

43. Photograph, 'The Swallow Falls, Bettws-y-Coed', sent from Llandudno to Miss Valmai Morgan at 35 North Parade.
'Dear Mally. Thank you very much for your letter & Mama's & for the enclosure. Ronny & S have bought Uncle ?Gower and Auntie a very nice photo frame. - It is a solid one, round & looked awfully good. Uncle Ben has already given them a silver centrepiece - a vase on a stand with three others round it. The photo on the beach is simply lovely. I was so glad to have it. I saw those falls on Thursday when we had the motor ride with Uncle Bob. Love from Letty.'
George V 1/2 penny stamp, so before 1918. The silver gifts may relate to the Silver Wedding mentioned in No. 35 (3 July 1913).

44. Photograph of Cardiff Castle, sent from Cowbridge to Miss M.V. Morgan, 35 North Parade.
'Dear Mal, we are spending the day here & are having a lovely time. The matinee was grand but awfully creepy ask Mama to send my clothes at once if she can. Love to all Letty.'

45. Colour picture of muzzled dog, 'All I did was to growl a little', sent from Menai Bridge to Miss Rhianon Morgan at 26 North Parade.
'Please thank Dada for the money which arrived yesterday. Had a glorious day in Llandudno, but very rainy yesterday, today fairly good; regatta on here. Coming home on Friday. Best love Mally.'

46. Coloured picture of child in bed reaching for stocking, 'Santa Claus II', addressed to Miss Mally Morgan, Marshland, 'from Richard'.

47. Colour picture of kitten adrift in basket, 'Take me back to dear old Blighty', sent from Llandudno to Miss Nano Morgan of 26 North Parade - Red Lion Hotel, Pontrhydfendigaid, crossed out.
'Tuesday. I heard from Bangor this morning. They want us to spend the night there on the way home so I wish wrote to say we would. It would be very nice to break our journey there. We shall arrive there 5 ... tomorrow and home on Thursday. Love to all Letty.'
3 September 1918

48. Studio portrait of child in pierrot costume, sent from Notting Hill to Miss Rhianon Morgan, 26 North Parade, 'Dear Nano, how are you getting on these days. Write me a letter when you are not very busy, Mali'.
11 June 1919

49. Coloured photograph, 'Bangor, Menai Straits', sent from there to Dr Morgan, North Parade.
'Glad to have your card from "Talyllyn". It bought back happy memories of very pleasant trips there and we are looking forward to renewing our acquaintance with the lake [...] this summer again. You did [...] not to go to Towyn I think - it has no charms for me. Much love to both from us both. ?Gower'
26 June 1919

50. Colour picture, child with muff confronts mouse or rat, 'I'm not afraid', sent from London to Miss Rhianon Morgan of 26 North Parade.
'Dear Nano, tell Miss T[rotter?] you are going to join the Dancing Class this term - Mally is waiting for her ...'
17 October 1919

51. Colour picture of two muzzled dogs, 'Companions in distress', sent from Paddington to Miss Nano (Rhianon) Morgan of 26 North Parade.
'Dear Nano, I should have liked to have seen you as 'Aladin' most awfully. I'm sending some dirty clothing home by this post. Best love to all, Letty'.
20 November 1919

52. Colour picture of chick with puzzled child-fairy, 'Who are you?', sent from Menai Bridge to Miss Rhianon Morgan of 26 North Parade.
'My dear Nano, how's 'Beauty & the Beast' progressing? I hope you'll send your usual Sunday letter this week. Arthur wants one from you. Love to all, Letty'.
29 February 1920

53. Colour picture, cat with kittens, 'Just a song at Twilight, when the lights are low!', sent from Menai Bridge to Baby Morgan at 26 North Parade.
'Sunday. Dear M... I hope you are quite alright again ... Best love from Letty'.
29 February 1920

54. Photograph of Menai Bridge, sent from there to Mrs M.J. Morgan of 26 North Parade.
'Sunday. Thanks for P.C. which we had this morning. We went to tea at Bank House yesterday, and they are driving here this afternoon for tea, so it is, "..." making the place tidy. I am coming home tomorrow for sure. I hoped to have A. Alicia's company, but I don't know for certain. I shall arrive at Aber 7.30 or thereabout. So aurevoir till then love from us all Gwen xxxxxx.'
28 March 1920

55. Photograph of working horse with nosebag, "A Good Time", sent from Menai Bridge to Miss Rhiannon Morgan of 26 North Parade.
'We thought of going to Prestatyn tomorrow but ... wired "Come today & spend the night" ... paid - so we are going by the 4. train + back tomorrow. Went to Caernarvon yesterday. Love Mama.'
5 October 1920

56. Colour Hilda T. Miller illustration, 'The Entrance to Fairyland", sent to Miss Margaret I. Morgan of 26 North Parade.
'Dear Margaret, how are you this long time? Don't think I've any special news for you. Aren't the bunny rabbits pretty in this? What cards are you collecting. How is school these days? Best love Mally. Mind you answer this.'

57. Colour Hilda T. Miller illustration, 'Joining in the Fairy Revel', sent to The Misses Morgan at 26 North Parade.
'Having a lovely time! Is Nano going to County School next week? Hope she gets on alright. When are you going to write to me? Best Love Gwen. Alice came to see me yesterday. Love to all.'
Undated, but with penny stamp so 1918-1921.

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