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ABY/PC/3: Aberystwyth Yesterday: Individuals and groups

Acc. 2551

Ref: ABY/PC/3

Reference: ABY/PC/3
Title: Cartes postales, postcards and photographs printed as postcards of individuals and groups
Victorian/Edwardian - 1930s approx.
Extent: 27 items

Scope and Content

1. Carte postale, young woman, C.H. Dierks, Aberayron, Card.

2. Carte postale, woman, E. Morgan, 29 Pier St. Aberystwyth.

3-8. Sports teams.

3. 'Aberystwyth F.C. 1909-10', Culliford, Aberystwyth.

4. 'Liberals F.C. 1912-13', Culliford, Aberystwyth.

5. 'Aberystwyth Football Team, Winners of the Welsh Amateur Cup, 1931. Teams Beaten in Cup Matches: Llanidloes; Burntwood; Lovells; Llanfair Fechan 1930-31.

6. Hockey team(s) posed in fromt of pavilion, two players named in pencil. Notes in ink on reverse, 'Aber Coll v Bangor Coll Feb 1936 " Inter-Coll Championship. Back Row Centre, Huw Williams Director of PE, UCW'.

7. Unidentified football team posed in front of tin pavilion, Culliford, Aberystwyth.

8. Unidentified football team posed with cup, man in WWI style army uniform standing far left.

9. Postcard by Marshall, Keene & Co., Hove. Black and white photograph of school entrance with three 'St Trinian's' schoolgirls, 'St Padarn's Convent, Aberystwyth. Main Entrance'. The convent school had been founded by Daughters of the Holy Spirit arriving from Brittany in 1903.
Similar photographs are dated to c. 1948 (RCAHMW online database Coflein, NPRN 407207).

10-12. Three photographs printed as postcards by Culliford of Aberystwyth, showing a religious procession around the grounds of St Padarn's Convent.

13. 'Group from the Midlands on holiday at the Deva 1909'.

14. Four young women, studio portrait, '1912 Freshers'. H.H. Davies, Aberystwyth.
15. Studio portrait of two young children by Gyde of Aberystwyth. 'With love to dear Auntie Vigars from her little friends Mary + Robert Pierce.
August 1913

16. Rheidol United Choir (Ladies) 1916, group portrait in front of chapel or hall portico by Gyde & Pickford of Aberystwyth. 'Wishing a very happy Christmas from Pil'.
Christmas 1916

17. Studio portrait of woman by Culliford of Aberystwyth, 'Mrs James'.
24 June 1918

18. Studio portrait of boy in sailor suit seated on a table, by Culliford of Aberystwyth.
'My father, John Garrington 1919 known as Leslie (middle name) because father was also John'.

19. Studio portrait of moustachioed man seated in chair, 'A.C. Edwards FRCO Organist, Trinity Church, Aberystwyth'.

20. Studio portrait of woman in glasses by H.H. Davies & Son, Aberystwyth. 'With Love from Mrs Turley xxx'.

21. Studio portrait of man (standing) and woman (seated), by H.H. Davies & Son, Aberystwyth. 'Thomas Arthur and Mabel Carbutt (formerly Finch), 29 Eastgate Street'.

22. Studio portrait of woman, standing, by H.H. Davies & Son, Aberystwyth,
same furniture as previous.

23. Studio portrait of young woman by H.H. Davies & Son, Aberystwyth.

24. Studio portrait of young woman in troubadour or gypsy costume leaning on highly polished table, Pickford's Studios, Aberystwyth.

25. Studio portrait of man dressed as priest by Culliford of Aberystwyth.

26. Group photograph of five boys in costume, paper shakoes, outsized buttons and clogs, posed in back garden or yard. Pencil note on reverse, 'Jan of Windmill Land'.
This was a 'A Dutch Operetta for boys and girls, written and composed by C. Ward'.
1918 or earlier - 1/2 penny inland postage rate.

27. Cast of children's play, pageant or review on stage with onion strings, Welsh flag as backdrop, Pickford of Aberystwyth.
Post WWII?

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