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ABY/WH/4: Advertising ephemera

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Ref: ABY/WH/4

Reference: ABY/WH/4
Title: Advertising ephemera
Date(s): 1901-1939 approx.
Level: Series
Extent: 4 files
Scope and Content: Advertising ephemera aimed at a female audience, mostly early-mid 20th century.

ABY/WH/4/1: Pompeian Beauty Soap
Advertising panels for Pompeian Soap, each with colour illustration of the soap's female user, sometimes with a gentleman for company. Calendar on reverse, for the following years:

1. 1921
2. 1923
3. 1924
4. 1925
5. 1926

ABY/WH/4/2: Advertising Booklets and Catalogues

1. Pryce Jones (Newtown) Catalogue, Autumn and Winter 1926

2. 'The Bride and her Attendants' Weldon's Bridal Fashions
c. 1920s

3. Femina Fashion Outerwear
Autumn 1939

4. Babette baby carriages (perambulators). 'There is only one Babette; your sales will prove it'
c. 1926

5. Price list of Toilet and Household Soaps, Joshua Margerison & Co., Ltd.
1 September 1934

ABY/WH/4/2/5, front and back cover

6. Booklet of 'The Latest and Most Up-to-date Ladies' and Gentlemen's Hairdressing and Toilet Saloons in Aberystwyth', W. Alder.

ABY/WH/4/3: Posters

1. Autumn Hats for Girls and Ladies in 1926 from Spencer Turner & Boldero Ltd, Lisson Grove, London, NW1. 'Grove Headwear'.

2. Poster (in two pieces) 'Latest Styles in Net & Buckram Shapes, Spring 1926'. Melles & Co.

ABY/WH/4/4: Loose pamphlets and pages

1. The Butterick Fashion Guide p. 195
c. 1900s

2. W. Alder advertising leaflet for Hairdressing and Toilet Saloons in Aberystwyth.
c. 1900s

3. Weldon's Illustrated Dressmaker Leaflet March.
c. 1900s

4. Leach's family dressmaker No. 5 Home Life Magazine January
c. 1900s

5. Pages 885-888 pulled from The Delineator magazine.
June 1901

6. Pages 7, 8, 13, 14 pulled from catalogue depicting furs.
c. 1920s

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