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ABY/WW2: Aberystwyth Yesterday World War Two

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Ref: ABY/WW2

Reference: ABY/WW2
Title: Aberystwyth Yesterday World War Two
Date(s): 1939-1945 approx.
Level: Fonds

Scope and Content

Aberystwyth Yesterday Collection: Documents relating to the county of Cardiganshire (Ceredigion) and its people during the Second World War

Documents relating to individuals who had served in the war

1. Soldier’s Service and Pay Book
1939 -1945
2. Souvenir Certificate of Artillery Crossing the Line
3. Soldier’s Release Book, Class A. and Testimonial (back page)
May 1946
4. Release Pay Arrangements slip
27 May 1946
5. Reservist Information Page, future residence and medals etc.
22 May 1946
6. Certificate of Transfer to Army Reserve
22 May 1946
7. Slip with details of Campaign Stars, Clasps and Medals
8. Slip concerning an efficiency medal to be forwarded
11 March 1948
9. Army Form D407 requiring D.M. Evans to attend for training from 16 September 1951
10. Letter requiring a medical examination for Reservist Training
12 July 1951
11. 636 (Royal Welch) L.A.A. Reg’t., R.A., (T.A) letter with training and pay details
28 March 1951.
12. Notice to Join for Training at Stiffkey, Suffolk
16 September 1951.
13. War Department Railway Warrant, Aberystwyth to Holt, Norfolk.

14. Soldier’s Service and Pay Book
1941 - 1946
15. Telegram to Jones granting 7 day’s extension of leave only
14 December 1942
16. Pass dated 12 January 1943 for a day’s leave to be within the London Area, stamped Supply Reserve Dept.
13 January 1943.
17. Letter from R.A.S.C. Captain Kirby saying Jones is nominated to be on the Entertainments Committee.
18. Army Free Leave Travel Pass for Corporal Jones,
4 April 1947 - 22 April 1947

19. Printed Field Service Postcard to Mrs Ll. E. Davies of 2 Castle St. Aberystwyth, saying
Private Davies was quite well
Date illegible
20. Scrap of paper handwritten, concerning leave and a Pass, signed M.K.B.
21. Permanent Pass to leave Kinmel Park Camp. On verso, regimental details of Sergeant William J. Walsh, United States Army.
22. Army Free Leave Travel Pass from
16 March 1945 - 26 March 1945.
23. Letter to Private Davies 95 Corp. R.A.S.C. CMT. 95 Hall House, Hawkhurst, Kent, C.R.S. Andover, to ‘My Dear Irene’ from Jim, ‘hoping to be out tomorrow on his way home’ and ‘to phone her on Wed. night’.
12 August 1945

AIRMAN No. 545236 W.B. ALLEN
24. Letter from the Director of Accounts at the Air Ministry to Mrs F. M. Allen, Westbourne House, 6 South Road, Aberystwyth, saying she can cash the remaining payments in her Pre-Natal Allowance Book.
7 April 1943
25. Slip concerning supplementary orders concerning increased allowances (Air Force) to payee Mrs F.M.Allen, for the Postmaster, Great Darkgate Street.
19 February 1943
26. Slip from the Adjutant at R.A.F.Station Chedburgh, Suffolk, allowing Sgt. W.B.Allen to purchase 6 handkerchiefs without surrendering clothing coupons.
20 October 1943

27. Envelope addressed to him at Buckland House, Bwlch, Breconshire, from Bolton, Lancashire.
9 May 1940
28. Label of the Aberystwyth Laundry and Dry Cleaning Works Ltd. Mill Street, Aberystwyth, for a ‘Soldier’s Bundle’, of Pte. Durkin, H.Q. Corps., S.W. Borderers, Aberystwyth; 1 shirt, 1 pair pants, 1 pair socks, 1 vest, 1 towel.
29. Photograph of B Battery 12th Field Training Regiment on Aberystwyth Football Ground
May 1942
30. Photograph of soldiers and officers by H.G. Pickford & Son, Portrait and Commercial Photographers, Aberystwyth. No names.
no date
31 and 32. Two postcard photographs of soldiers in an envelope marked Evered Davies, 26 Pier Street Aberystwyth. On the back of 31 is ‘Howell-200-41.’ On the back of 32 is also ‘Howell 200-41.’

33. Certificate of Gratitude from the Borough of Aberystwyth to John Richard Jenkins.
[c. 1945]


1. A.M. Pamphlet 250, to tell the family of an airman how to write to him.
2. ‘Under Pacific Stars’, an American marine’s printed letter home to his mother.
16 September 1942.
3. Coloured printed card with a verse, ‘Somebody Cares’, from Mrs Dulien.
8 March 1944.
4. Telegram to PWV Warner, 50 Browing Road, Coventry, from Jim, a liberated prisoner of war now safe in Australian hands.
29 September 1945
5. Printed greetings card ‘from the Middle East’ from Sergeant Sawyer to Mr Arthur Pugh, Manchester House, Taliesin, Machynlleth.
6. Letter from Molly Hawkins at Aircraft Command, Glenthorn, Stanmore Middlesex, to ‘Davis’ of an A.T.S. Group. Molly says she has not yet been demobbed, and will be visiting 913 Company, and hopes to see Davis. She also recommends a Mrs Mitchell as a possible employer for Davis and some friends.
January 1945
7. Letter from Molly to Davis who is waiting to be demobbed. She recommends a house parlourmaid job like Davis had before, at her mother’s, for about £85 a year, and working clothes and keep. Another 95 Company girl is already there as housemaid. The job is at Andover Hampshire.
1 February 1946
8. Print of a letter from Sergeant D.E. Hughes, 1745022, at a Headquarters of “East Africa Command” (details given), to Mr Arthur Pugh of Manchester House, Taliesin, Machynlleth. The Sergeant had been talking to a friend from Towyn, and was looking for a couple of blokes from Aber. He was quite busy training "and had been getting on well with the natives, ‘some fine fellows’ and had been to a course on ‘language. It is quite different from Welsh’. He was wishing he was back in Aber, walking along the prom and to touch the bar. Perhaps Arthur could touch it for him. He hopes it will not be too long before he can see them all again at Taliesin.
9. Original article from newspaper “Wartime Letters pledge poet’s love”. The poet was Alun Lewis, on a troopship and then in India. His wife Gweno Lewis, a teacher when she got wed, had written an introduction to a ‘first book’ with her memories of him. She had visited his grave in Taukkyan Cemetery. He had been transferred there from two former graves by the War Graves Commission.
10. Photocopy of the above article.
11. Printed booklet of ‘The Regimental Itinerary’ of the 146 Field Regiment of the R.A., formed from the 407 and 408 Batteries, 102 Field Regiment, R.A. (Pembroke Yeomanry). It begins with a Roll of Honour. In 1939 it was mobilized at Aberystwyth.
1939 to 1945
12. A more worn copy of 11.

1. Coloured postcard “JOIN THE A.T.S.”, artist A. Games R.E. On the back, “Happy Birthday, Corporal Bowyer”.
2. Letter from the Ministry of Labour and National Service at Aberystwyth from J. Parry Williams, the manager, informing Miss Ivy Davies that she must attend a medical examination at the Parish Hall, St. Michael’s Place, Aberystwyth, and details.
23 February 1942
3. A.T.S. Printed Calendar of 1944, in black and white with a coloured frontispiece of the Princess Royal, sold in aid of the Duchess of Northumberland’s Comfort’s Fund for the A.T.S. Inscribed, “To Mother, wishing you a very happy Christmas, Ivy”.
4. Printed booklet, “THE WREN”, The Association of Wrens, Number 171. With articles, tributes, news of people and of command.
April 1946.


1. Liverpool Corporation Tramways, Pass, for one ride, for use of members of His Majesty’s Forces.
2. Printed Ticket to a ‘Farewell Dance’ at the Pier Pavilion, 6 March 1941, given by the 224th. Light A.A. Training Regiment, Royal Artillery. Sergeant’s Mess. A member, Sergeant S. Mustoe, was inviting Miss I. Davies.
3. War Office booklet: ‘Elementary Map Reading’.
15 May 1941
4. Large booklet, ‘The Army at War’, ‘Tunisia’, the landings in North Africa, etc., with text and photographs in black and white.
1942 onwards
5. Printed Christmas Card in blue, from R.A.F. Darwin, inscribed’ Tudor with All the Best.’
6. Form, not filled on, On His Majesty’s Service to the Postmaster, applying for a change of office for payment of Naval or Military Allowances and Pensions.
7. Undated and unidentified photograph in black and white, showing a German soldier’s cap hanging on a wall, and below a ‘Test Meter O’ on a shelf, and other shelves below.
8. Booklet issued by His Majesty’s Government to all serving members of H.M. Forces called ‘Release and Resettlement, an Explanation of your Position and Rights’.
9. Booklet as above.
10. Ministry of Labour Booklet: ‘Careers for Men and Women, a brief summary of professional opportunities open to Service personnel and war workers’.
11. Eighth Army Weekly, the CRUSADER No 34, Vol.3., Christmas Number. ‘For fighting forces in the desert’. Large folded sheet in black and white, with articles, queries, cartoons, photographs, crossword and a pin up. Includes battle experiences and the prelude to Tripoli.
21 December 1942
12. Italian postcard in colour published in Milan, showing German forces in a heroic poses.
13. British postcard, showing a formation of aeroplanes in the air to 2 airmen on their airfield. The planes read A R P and the words say, “I told them to form R.A.F. we need advertising as much as A.R.P”.
14. Original painting of a pin up blonde in a swim suit with pinholes showing it had been pinned to walls. Pencil and watercolour.
15. Black and white photograph of Aberystwyth veterans marching on Mayor Sunday, 3 June 1956.

1. Paper bookmark, ‘We must save much more FUEL FOR BATTLE. That means gas and electricity as well as coal’.
2. Printed advertisement, ‘Less coal this winter! Save FUEL for the factories’. With examples of suggestions to use in your home.
3. Identity Card of David A. Williams, 4 Mill Street Aberystwyth, in a leather case.
3 June 1943
4. Identity Card of Kate L. Humphreys, Flemingston Rectory near Barry, removed to 199 Gladstone Road, Barry.
2 May 1943 and 1950
5. Identity Card of Ronald H. J. Whatmore, of 6a, Peabody Buildings, W6, removed to 21 Peabody Cottages, and 705 Fulham Road, Fulham, SW6.
1948, 1950 and 1951
6. Card to hang, with details for a householder, of the Warden Post for his sector in Park Avenue Aberystwyth, the Senior Warden, Mr O.C. Rendall, Waverley Hotel, Mill Street, ‘your own Air Raid Warden,’ Mr D. Pugh Morris of 6 Greenfield St., and the nearest First Aid help at The Ambulance Station, Smithfield.
7. Resource Sheet with; A ‘card’ to hang up with Air Raid Precautions, with the ARP Warden’s post for the sector, 20 Alexander Road, tel. AC.O. 0074, the nearest Senior Warden, H.A. Madeley, 99 Denham Rd., the nearest first aid post, Acocks Green Schools, Warwick Rd, the local Warden, A.E. Lea, 90 Denham Rd, and ‘if you cannot put out the fire’ " Alexander Rd. Fire Station. On the back a ‘Mr Sensible says "stay away from the windows’, a 1940 Newspaper article, and memories of blackout from an Edinburgh boy.
8. Home Office booklet ‘The Protection of your Home against Air Raids’
9. Civil Defence Public Information leaflet No. 5, ‘Fire Precautions in War Time’.
10. County of Northumberland Air Raid Precautions Authority Certificate, certifying that Mrs Mary A. Thompson of 46 Hedley Ave., Blyth was a member of the New Delaval First Aid Post Personnel.
6 March 1941
11. Booklet by the Daily Herald, a Full Guide to the Beveridge Report on the Social Services.
12. Board of Trade Application Form, not filled in, for Insurance of Commodities against King’s Enemy Risks, War Risks Insurance Act, 1939 (Part II).
13. Black and white photograph of a mother and her baby " possibly in a Christening dress. Sitter unknown. Pickford and Son photograph, B6009.
14. ‘Alphabetical Guide to the Rationing of Clothing and Footwear’, published by Thomas Ellis, 35 and 37 Terrace Road, Aberystwyth. ‘Make the best of your coupons’.
15. Clothing Book of Coupons of Anne M. James, Gilwern, Buarth Rd. Aberystwyth.
16. Clothing Card, Ration Period to 31 May 1942, also of Anne M. James
17. Ration Book of Rosaline Davies, Alltlwyd, Penglais Terrace, Aberystwyth.
1953 " 1954
18. Clothing Book of Coupons of Rosaline Davies, see 17.
dated 1947-1948
19. Clothing Book of Coupons of Rosaline Davies, see 17.
20. Ration Book of Rosaline Davies, 151 to 155 Balham High Road, SW 12.
21. Clothing Coupon Book of M.A. Humphreys, Llain, Southgate, Aberystwyth.
22. Ration Book of Thomas Edward Humphreys, Llain, Southgate, Aberystwyth. Names and addresses of the retailers selling him foodstuffs listed.
No date
23. Clothing Book of Coupons of Florence Teagno, 14 Edge Hill Rd. Aberystwyth.
24. Clothing Coupon Book of Natale Teagno, 14 Edge Hill Rd. Aberystwyth.
25. Clothing Book (no coupons left) of Mary A. Thompson, 46 Hedley Ave. Blyth, Northumberland.
26. Ministry of Food card with a butcher’s name and address ( Reuben Hill) issued at Pontardawe to Elizabeth M. Davies, 87 High Street Clydach.
27. ‘Junior’ Clothing Book of coupons of D.G. Trussler, The Plough Inn, South Warnborough, Basingstoke.
28. Clothing card dated to of Mrs F.M. Allen, Westbourne Ave(?), 6 South Road, Aberystwyth.
31 May 1942
29. Ration Book of M.E. Rhydwen Evans, nee Bowyer, of 8 Greenfield Street, Aberystwyth.
30. Ration Book of T.R. Evans, Rheidol Stores, Penparcau, Aberystwyth, and 8 Greenfield Street, Aberystwyth.
31. Ration Book with some unused coupons of Norman Hugh Thomas, 9 First Avenue, Caeffynon, Aberystwyth.
July 1942
32. Ration Book of M. A. Sibley, Maesynhaf, Blaenporth, Cardigan.
33. Ration Book with some coupons and suppliers names of Anne Williams, 4 Mill Street, Aberystwyth.
34. Ration Book of David Williams, 4 Mill Street, Aberystwyth.
35. Ration Book of J.F. Williams, Llain Arthur, Capel Dewi, Aberystwyth.
36. Ration Book Holder inscribed ‘Levant’.
37. Ration Book of Eleanor Winifred Williams, of Ardwyn, Cwmsymlog, Bow Street Road, with the address of her milk retailer " Mason, Cwmisaf, Cwmsymlog, Bow Street.
38. Booklet of coupons for motor fuel.
July 1950
39. Crimson clothing coupons.
40. Maroon clothing coupons.
41. Olive and Purple clothing coupons.
42. One sheet of Olive clothing coupons.
43. Clothing coupons of N. Teagno.
44. Page of Lilac clothing coupons and a few Crimson.
45. Supplementary sheet of clothing coupons. Un-named.
46. Two Blue coupons.
47. A few Crimson clothing coupons.
48. Ministry of Labour and National Service, Clothes Rationing, the ‘Industrial Ten’, Schedule of workers’ applications, by Owen Morice Davies, (Employer) for David Watkins and Catherine Jones. Form not filled in by these workers.
49. Advertisement, possibly a black and white copy, for ‘Celanese’ Utility Fabric’, ‘Makes Good Use of Coupons’. Pictured is a woman in a nightdress. With a rhyme, ‘it’s smart to COUPONDER’.
50. Booklet of Motor Fuel Coupons, LH7 191564.
51. Booklet of Motor Fuel Coupons, NH4582783
52. Booklet of Motor Fuel Coupons, MH5774503
53. Booklet of Motor Fuel Coupons, MG1 439131 stamped Cardigan C.C. for vehicle DEJ 157
54. Folded red and black advertisement with drawings including a sports Austin 7 and an Imperial Airways plane with a Rolls Royce Engine, advertising Triple Shell Anti-Carbon Oil, ‘For Austin Owners’.
55. Large poster in colour showing the head and shoulders of Churchill, with planes and tanks in the background, and the words; LET US GO FORWARD TOGETHER.
56. Photocopied sheet in black and white of advertisements with illustrations, of a W.H. Smith & Son bookstall, and for Wincarnis Tonic Wine, and Femina Knitting Wools

1. Ticket for a British Red Cross Society, Hampshire, 9 Men’s Detachment, ‘Grand Dance’ at Immanuel Church Hall, Southbourne, on Friday 10 November.
2. Title label ‘to accompany some enlarged photographs.’ From Mrs J. D. Morgan of Bow Street.

3. Moira Caise, Gresedale, from Liverpool, Evacuees from Liverpool sitting on the step.
4. Sister Kitty and waifs,
5. Didi on bicycle with evacuees? Tanybwlch.
6. Sister Mary and her dog.
7. Sister Horkey with (dog) ‘Boxer’.
8. Three nurses: L Spencer V.A.D., Margaret Jones and a ‘sister’.
9. Two veterans of Dunkirk with Dieldy, Brodigan and Peggy.
10. Sisters Kitty, Diddy, Margaret, Peggy and soldier patients, Tanybwlch.
11. Soldiers and nurses, un-named, Tanybwlch.
February 1940
12. Kitty and Self and R.A.F. Tanybwlch.
13. Me, off duty, and Pilot Officer Lettington, Tanybwlch.
14. Kitty and Self with R.A.F. pilots. Tanybwlch,
15. Group of nurses, two small boys and some servicemen

16. ENLARGED PHOTOGRAPH OF NURSING STAFF AND TWO SERVICEMEN with the following named; Front Row, Sister S. Davies, Matron Miss N. Wilson-Jones of Llandyssul, Mrs N. Hext-Lewes, and Miss M. Brinley Jones Assistant Commandant (Treforgan)
17. Pickford’s Film House of 22/24 Pier Street, Aberystwyth: large photograph of 27 nurses, and in the front row a serviceman, and six ladies and gentlemen. There are no people named.


1. Luggage Label “Liverpool Committee for the Evacuation of Children. Name; William Tunstall, Address (blank), Destination, Aberystwyth”. On the back, “Perishable Immediate. To; (blank) from, Llew Rowlands, Meat Purveyor, Llanbadarn and Aberystwyth. Telephone 476 Aberystwyth.
2. With the above: label saying, “For David Jenkins, Penrhyncoch. To be Collectedl Friday 19 April 1996.” Also, “Maes aleg 828766”.
3. Pink Ribbon printed with “EVACUATION OFFICIAL”, and safety pin.
4. Newspaper article from the Welsh Gazette entitled ‘Penllwyn Problem, English ‘Evacuees in Wales, Villagers Rebuke Critic’. At a public meeting at the Penllwyn Council School, Mr Moses Griffiths of the Welsh Nationalist Party gave his opinions. Also speaking were: Mr Lewis, Post Office, Mr Jones, Penybont, Mr Emlyn Griffiths, Penlan-olau, Mrs Morris, Dolpandy, wife of billeting officer Capt. Morris, a farmer’s view from Mr James, Pwllcenawon, and the views of County Councillor, John Williams, Maes Bangor. Mr Jones said that some of the 31 children received by Penllwyn had not slept in a bed for several weeks before being evacuated. A motion was laid before the meeting to ask the Government to evacuate only Welsh children to Wales.
20 July 1944
5. Public Information leaflet, No.3, EVACUATION WHY AND HOW.
6. Small advertisement for the Ceredigion Evacuees Association 50th Anniversary Re-union Celebrations, 3 September 1989 to 15 September 1989 taking place around Aberystwyth. Details of events.
8. Advertisement for the Ceredigion Evacuees Golden Jubilee on Sunday, 10 September 1989 at Lovesgrove Fields, Capel Bangor, and over Borth Sea-Front.
9. Another copy of the above.
10. Official Programme for the Ceredigion Evacuees Association, Anniversary Re-union, 1939 to 1989, held on 2 September 1989 to 15 September 1989.
11. Another copy of above.
12. Poster for the Aberystwyth Lions Club, Liverpool - Aberystwyth and District, 1939 " 1979 RE-UNION WEEK, held from 1 September 1979 to 8 September 1979. Details of events.
13. Official Form filled in by the Billeting officer, John Reeves, concerning the children Albert, Margaret and George Gardener to be billeted with Mr Sesbryn Harry, Birchfield, North Road. Payment for accommodation and services was £1.5s.6d. per week, in advance, from the Northgate Post Office, Aberystwyth.
1 September 1939
14. United Nations Association advertisement printed in green, asking for Help for Refugees.
15. Authorised collection envelope for the Refugees


1. Sheet of Women’s Voluntary Services notepaper. On the back is a planting layout for a group of named hybrid tea roses.


1. Ministry of Food Leaflet, ‘All about Herrings’ " with recipes.
2. Ministry of Food Leaflet ‘Cooking White Fish’ " with recipes.
3. Ministry of Food Leaflet, ‘Making the most of the Sugar’ " with recipes.
4. Ministry of Food Leaflet, ‘Making the Fat Ration go further’ "with recipes.
5. Ministry of Food Leaflet, ‘Fruit Bottling’.
6. Ministry of Food Leaflet, ‘Salad a Day all the Year Round’ with recipes and dressings.
7. Ministry of Food Leaflet, ‘Cookery Calendar, Nov. Dec.’ Recipes.

8-16: RECIPE SLIPS ISSUED BY ALFRED BIRD and SONS LTD, Devonshire Works, Birmingham 12.
8. Custard Biscuits and Mock Icing.
9. Chocolate Spread and Truffles.
10. Coffee Cake and Dropped Scones.
11. Topsy Turvey Pie and Napoleon’s Hat.
12. Oatmeal Pastry and Russian Brawn
13. Lentil Roll and Mock Duck
14. Another copy of the above.
15. Potato Sponge Pudding and Steamed Chocolate Pudding
16. Potato Scones and Potato Pancakes.

17. The Stork Wartime Cookery Book by Susan Croft, for the Stork Margarine Company.
18. Two Hundred War-time Recipes by Ambrose Heath. London, Eyre and Spottiswood.
19 " 28. Group of card Leaflets called ‘Cheerful Rationing’ with recipes, published by the Electrical Association for Women, Numbers 1 to 10.
November 1939 - August 1940
29 " 38. Group of card Leaflets called ‘Cheerful Rationing’ with recipes, published by the Electrical Association for Women, numbers 11 to 20.
September 1940 - June 1941
39 " 55. Group of card Leaflets called ‘Cheerful Rationing’ with recipes, published by the Electrical Association for Women.
July 1941 - November 1942
56 " 71. Group of Leaflets called ‘Cheerful Rationing,’ with recipes, published by the Electrical Association for Women.
January 1944 - April 1945
72. (tied up with the above) Complimentary single card with Index of the Recipes.
73. Ministry of Food form of application for a special authority to purchase rationed or controlled goods, from the Dept. of Extra Mural studies, the University College of Wales, 12 Marine Terrace Aberystwyth, for 4 persons from the College Canteen, for an indefinite period, to buy tea from W.Wynne Owen, Confectioner, North Parade, Aberystwyth, Signed Arthur Pugh, Secretary.
20 June 1950
74. Food Control Register Booklet, with a Register of Customers, published by the Grocer’s Gazette. Contains names and addresses (not of Aberystwyth) in alphabetical order. Inside the back cover are lists of ‘stock in hand’, foods in pounds and ounces.
1945 and 1946
75. Envelope stamped, ‘Food Executive Officer’, Aberystwyth Rural District Food Control Committee, and with the name and address of E.S. Davies, Esq., Central Stores, Talybont, Cardiganshire.


1. Group photograph labelled “Cards. Home Guard”
2. Group photograph of ‘Officers, W.Os, & Senior N.C.Os, “B” Company, 1st Cards. Home Guard’. Names of all the men are given. Photograph by Pickford and Son, Aberystwyth.
3. Group photograph of ‘Home Guard at Aberystwyth, 1939 " 1945’. No names given.
4. The same as No. 3.
5. Small group photograph of ‘Aberystwyth Home Guard 1939’. No names given.
6. Small group with no caption. Same code number on the print as Nos. 3, 4 and 5.
7, 8, 9. Three copies of a group photograph. Number 7 is labelled “Home Guard Cards. 1939 " 1945”
10. Photograph, ‘Aberystwyth Home Guard 1939 " 1945’.
11 " 12. Large and small copy of group photograph by Pickford and Son with members of the Aberystwyth Home Guard.
13. Mounted group photograph titled “Aberystwyth , Ab’sth Detatchment Home Guard 1939-1945”

Set of photographs of a parade through the streets of a town with many spectators. The marchers seem to be Home Guard.
14 and 15. Head of the procession (two copies).
16 and 17. Further along the procession (two copies).
18. The head of the procession has reached a park with many spectators.

Group of these photographs concerning another column of men in dark uniform, with peaked hats and sashes, possibly A.R.P.
19. Processing through the town.
20. Reaching the park.
21. In the park, about to turn.
22. Standing to attention outside a building.
23. Lined up, with an officer at another building.


1. Booklet with badges in colour on the cover with a Second Army Thanksgiving Service on conclusion of the Campaign in North West Europe, 6 June 1944 to 5 May 1945.
2. Daily Mirror, “Britain’s Day of Rejoicing”.
9 May 1945
3. Three facsimile issues of the Daily Mirror: 7 May 1945, 8 May 1945, 9 May 1945.
4. Handwritten diary from 4 May 1945 to the 11 May 1945. News as it came in and reactions.
5. Printed ‘Personal message’ from Queen Elizabeth to Mrs Bowyer, who had sheltered strangers in the early days of the war, and shared her home with them. With coloured Royal Coat of Arms.
6. Printed personal message from King George VI for boys and girls at school saying he knows they will be proud of the Victory and triumph of the United Nations.
8 June 1946
7. Printed message for Reginald Worthington (a serviceman) from the Mayor and Citizens of the Borough of Aberystwyth welcoming him home, headed ‘World War 1939 " 1945’.
8. Official Programme of the Victory Celebrations.
8 June 1946
9. Menu and Programme for Aberystwyth Y.M.C.A. Welcome Home Dinner at the King’s Hall. It is covered with signatures, and has a panel with names of servicemen lost.
18 October 1946
10. Photograph of the ‘Declaration of Peace, Bandstand, Aberystwyth.
11. Photograph of ‘Peace 1945, the Declaration relayed on the Promenade, Aberystwyth’.
12. Photograph labelled ‘Peace Declared in Terrace Road, Aberystwyth, 1945. Dewi Morgan in the window.’
13. Photograph showing crowds in Terrace Road at the end of the 1939 -1945 war.
14. Small photograph of a Street Party in Union Street, Aberystwyth to celebrate V .J. Day.
15. Small photograph of a Street Party to celebrate the end of the 1939 " 1945 War.
16. Small photograph of another Street Party to celebrate the end of the 1939 " 1945 War.
17. Photograph of the ‘Aberystwyth Welcome Home Fund, Aberystwyth Town (Veterans) 1944 " 1945’, showing football team with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Names are given.


1. National Savings Stamp Book.
2. Coloured and printed Certificate of Honour presented to Pier Street Traders’ Association Group, Hon. Secretary, Miss Ballard, by the Secretary of State for War because of their successful achievement in the ‘Salute the Soldier, National Savings Campaign, 1944.’


1. Programme of Pantomime ‘Dick Whittington’, by Tamworth Sick and Wounded Soldiers’ Entertainment Committee.
2. Programme for “Mixed Blessings” Entertainment by S.L.WING S. Anti-Aircraft, Artillery.
3. Photocopy of cover of “Woman and Home and Good Needlework Magazine” showing service people and knitted items.
4. Card, possibly for inserting into parcels: ‘Best Wishes and Season’s Greetings from your home Town. T. Lewis Old, Mayor, President of the Aberystwyth War Comforts Committee. December 1941’
5. Canteen Helpers’ Supper menu. Forum Canteen, Bath Street, Aberystwyth. ‘His Majesty’s and Allied Forces served’ Autographed by those present at the occasion.
8 December 1944


1. Cardboard cut-out with photograph of Winston Churchill with his cane, and some of his famous words handwritten on the back, together with account of the cane. “The Prime Minister Faces Facts and Gives Facts”.
2. Post Card depicting of H.M.S. KING GEORGE V. Dated on the back: 10 July 1946 and 17 July 1946.
3. Cigarette Packet for John Player’s Navy Cut, Medium Cigarettes.
4. Postcard with drawing of University College of Wales, ‘the College by the Sea’, Aberystwyth.
5. Luggage label to Aberystwyth from Rugeley, name Ross Williams.
6. Small handwritten notice saying thousands of servicemen passed through Aberystwyth during the war, the large hotels being particularly suited for conversion into training centres.
7. Magazine “Women’s Employment”. Details given of posts and training.
6 February 1942


1. The Listener
- 10 May 1945 ‘The End of the War in Europe’
- 16 August 1945 ‘Peace has once again come to the world’
2. Daily Mail
- 7 June 1944. Invasion of France ‘going well’

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