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ABY/X/114: Aberystwyth Yesterday: Photograph Album


Ref: ABY/X/114

Reference: ABY/X/114
Dates: 1920s
Level of description: Fonds
Extent: 1 items
Scope and Content: Photograph album. 'From my Camera', inscribed inside front cover, 'To Norah with all fond wishes from Lily', containing numerous snapshots, two per page, taken in and around Aberystwyth.

Inside front cover, North Beach, prows of two boats foreground, slightly out of focus.

Page 1. Two negatives

Page 2. Soulful donkeys, snouts on the prom; younger woman (1) in tennis dress, with headband and butterfly pendant, reading newspaper on beach

Page 3. Younger woman (1) on jetty; on beach wearing headband

Page 4. Older woman (2), with seaweed; seated on beach

Page 5. Younger woman in headband (1) paddling with handbag; two woman seated on beach, one knitting

Page 6. Both of Old College, showing carriage porch, one damaged

Page 7. National Library building; empty/missing

Page 8. In kitchen garden with chickens, older woman (?2); older man (3)

Page 9. In kitchen garden with chickens, younger woman (4); group, the two women (?2; 4) and man (3)

Page 10. Older woman (2) by roadside; party including younger woman in head band, with horse-drawn gig at Hafod Arch

Page 11. Mariamne memorial, Hafod Church; three women, heads together, one younger (4), two older, including ?2.

Page 12. Waterfall, ?Devil's Bridge; torrent, ?Devil's Bridge

Page 13. Family group in Sunday best

Page 14. Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill

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