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ABY/X/39: Aberystwyth Yesterday: Aberystwyth Entertainments Ephemera


Ref: ABY/X/39

Reference: ABY/X/39
Level of description: Fonds
Extent: 10 Items
Scope and Content: Aberystwyth Entertainments Ephemera

Ref: ABY/X/39/1
Extent: 1 Item
Scope and Content: A Rare Musical Treat Programme

Programme for A Rare Musical Treat, Arranged under the auspices of the young men of Salem C. M. church, Siloh, Aberystwth; with photographs signed by the soloists - Joan Hammond, David Lloyd, Trevor Anthony, and the organist Charles Clements â€" and a list of patrons and the Committee.

Ref: ABY/X/39/2
Date(s): 1944
Extent: 1 Item
Scope and Content: Concert Programme
Programme for a Concert, arranged by Aberystwyth Y.M.C.A. Executive Committee; Tabernacle Chapel, Aberystwyth, in aid of the Y.M.C.A. War Services Fund, 26 January 1944.

Ref: ABY/X/39/3
Date(s): 1943
Extent: 1 Item
Scope and Content: Columbus in a Merry Key Programme

Programme for the Comic Opera, Columbus in Merry Key; performed by The Girls of Plynlymon School, at the King’s Hall, Aberystwyth, Monday 22 February 1943.

Ref: ABY/X/39/4
Date(s): n.d.
Extent: 1 Item
Scope and Content: Doctor in the House Leaflet

Leaflet for Doctor in the House, performed by the Denville Stock Company of Players; Little Theatre, Aberystwyth, 22 August [year not given].

Ref: ABY/X/39/5
Date(s): n.d.
Extent: 1 Item
Scope and Content: Once Below A Time Programme

Programme for Once Below A Time: Towards a Self Portrait of Dylan Thomas, presented by Rosalind Shanks and John Edmunds; Theatr-y-castell, Aberystwyth, 15 November [year not given].

Ref: ABY/X/39/6
Date(s): 1991
Extent: 1 Item
Scope and Content: Brith Gof Pax Leaflet
Leaflet for Brith Gof Pax performance; Aberystwyth Railway Station, 16 â€" 18 October, 1991.

Ref: ABY/X/39/7
Date(s): 1949
Extent: 1 Item
Scope and Content: Death Takes a Holiday Tickets

Two tickets for Death Takes A Holiday, by Alberto Casella, performed by The Wardens’ Dramatic Society; King’s Hall, Aberystwyth, 5 July 1949.

Ref: ABY/X/39/8
Date(s): 1974
Extent: 1 Item
Scope and Content: Going For A Song Ticket
Ticket for Going For A Song, with Wynford Vaughan Thomas, Bernard Price and Mrs Margaret Evans, John Bower, and Professor Patrick Ford of Los Angeles; at the Royal Pier, Aberystwyth, 12 March 1974.

Ref: ABY/X/39/9
Date(s): n.d.
Extent: 1 Item
Scope and Content: Change of Actor Slip
Slip fo paper noting that due to the ‘sudden indisposition’ of Don Jones, the part of King Satupon will be played by the Director - Richard Cheshire.

Ref: ABY/X/39/10
Date(s): 1961
Extent: 1 Item
Scope and Content: Sale of Work Ticket

Ticket for a Sale of Work, St. Paul’s Schoolroom, 14 December 1961.

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