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Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/34
Title: Newspaper Articles, Copies of the Cambrian News, Postcards, Details of Elections, Guide Books, Letters and Photographs from within the Aberystwyth Area
Date(s): 1841-1979
Level: Fonds
Extent: 235 items

Acc. 108


1. Centenary issue of the Cambrian News plus special centenary supplement.
18 November 1960.

2. Report 'Local Government Act 1972. Ceredigion Special Community Review. Representations to the Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales'.
June 1976.

3. Pilot Report of the Welsh Council on land use Strategy in the counties of Cardiganshire, Mongomeryshire and Radnorshire.
2 January 1970.

4. File on the Rheidol Hydro-Electric Scheme containing an article on the scheme reported from 'British Power Engineering' (July 1961) and 3 information handouts from the North Western Region of the Central Electricity Generating Board.
19 June 1964.

5. 'Depopulation in Mid Wales'. Report of a Committee set up on the suggestion of the Mid Wales Industrial Development Association. Published by the Welsh Office.
29 May 1964.

6. Annual Rate Estimates of the Borough of Aberystwyth.

7. Programme of the Aberystwyth Borough Choral Society's Music Festival 1946. Haydn's 'Creation'. Mendelssohn's 'Hymn of Praise'.

8. Advertisement for W. Adler of 34 Pier Street, proprietor of "the latest and most up to date Ladies and Gentlemen's hairdressing and toilet saloons in Aberystwyth."

9. Photograph of St. Michael's Parish Church,Rhostie, near Llanilar.

10. Brochure of the General Hospital, Aberystwyth, illustrating the facilities of the Training School for Nurses in association with Llandough Hospital, Penarth.
April 1958

11. Letter from Gwyneth M. Jones of Gaerwen, Bow Street, to Mr. H. C. Jones in response to the latter's article on Daniel Rowland of Llangeitho printed in the Cambrian News of 20 Dec 1974. Gives information on her descent from Rowland.
6 January 1975.

12. Letter from Gwilym M. Jones of Riversdale, Aberaeron to H. G. Jones providing genealogical information on Evan Rowlands of Llanfihangel Ystrad.
10 January 1975.

13. Letter from Phyllis M. J. Thompson of Glanpaith, Aberystwyth,to H. C. Jones on the subject of Daniel Rowland.
17 January 1975.

14. Photocopy of a letter written by the Rev. John Williams of Whitechurch Canonicorum, Charmouth, Dorsetshire, to George Fossett Roberts of Glanpaith, Aberystwyth, 3 Feb 1913, about descendants of Daniel Rowland. Photocopied by F. Roberts,10 Dec 1936. Sent by Phyllis M. J. Thompson (daughter of G. F. Roberts) to H. C. Jones.
17 January 1965.

15. Photocopy of a family tree illustrating descent from Nathaniel Rowland, son of Daniel Rowland.

16. Photocopy of the newspaper obituary of the Rev. John Williams of Whitechurch Canonicorum who died on Wednesday 1 June 1933 at the age of 91.

17. Installation address of the Mayor of Aberystwyth, Alderman Ernest Roberts. Deals with newly-established Welsh Office, the future of the Borough Council, the Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth Railway, car parking in the town, etc.

18. Typewritten copy of 'Aberystwyth 1870-1971' by Howard C. Jones (a catalogue of local events) which appeared in the Will O' Whispers column of the Cambrian News between 18 Aug and 27 Oct 1972.

19. Auctioneer's catalogue on the sale of the unexpired lease of Victoria House, Victoria Terrace, The Esplanade, Aberystwyth. Selling Agents - C. E. Williams and Co. of Oswestry.

20. Auctioneer's circular on the sale of Penpompren Hall, Talybont. Selling Agents: Morris,Marshall and Poole of Welshpool.

Acc. 142


1 . Annual Report for Dyfed Powys Police.

2. Report and proposal: District of Ceredigion and District of Preseli Boundary Review.

3. Aberystwyth Transportation Survey, a Report to the County planning Committee.
October 1968

4. Transportation Survey. Observations of the Borough Council.
February 1969

5. Minutes of a Meeting of the Public works visiting Sub-committee held on 20th November.

6. Circular letter re. the Aberystwyth Transportation Survey to Public Works Committee.
October 1969

7. Aberystwyth Rural District Council - Transportation Survey.
December 1968

8. Map of Aberystwyth Area drawn up by Aberystwyth Rural District Council. (See ADX/34/2/7)
12 December 1968

9. A new Town in Mid-Wales. Consultant's Proposals. H.M.S.O.

10. Guide to Cardigan and District by W.E. James.

11. Western Mail Review. (Published with Western Mail)
31 December 1977

12. 'History on your Door-Step' from the Western Mail.

13. 'Dyfed Fightback Edition 1.
January 1977

14. Press and Broadcast Notice entitled "New Head Postmaster for Aberystwyth.
21 January 1977

Acc. 151


1. Photocopy of a report by D. I. Evans Medical Officer of Health for Aberystwyth on an outbreak of Typhoid fever in the town during the summer of 1946. From "the Medical Officer".
25 January 1947.

2. Programme of the official opening of the North Cardiganshire Augmentation scheme, Cardiganshire Water Board.
20 September 1967.

3. Programme of the opening ceremony of Borth Primary School (including a brief history of education in Borth).
12 July 1968.

4. Report "Ecological Problems associated with changing patterns of land and natural resource use in Wales" produced by the Department of Zoology University College Cardiff and the Department of Applied Biology U.W.I.S.T.

5. Copy of a picture of Aberaeron harbour in 1832.

6. Postcard of the Proclamation of King George V at Lampeter 9th May 1910 sent to Mrs. Williams, the Rectory, Dinas Cross, Co. Pemb.

7. Postcard of Llangorwen Church near Aberystwyth.

8. Postcard (coloured) of the Pier and Beach Path at New Quay.
pre 1937

9. Postcard of scenes of storm damage at New Quay caused by the gale of 28th February 1937. By Shirley Brooks(photographer of New Quay).

10. Postcard of New Quay Pier showing site of the lighthouse destroyed by the February gale of 1937.

11. Postcard of Sunday Evening singing in the quadrangle of St. David's College Lampeter. Stamped.
13th June 1939

12. Postcard of Gosen chapel Rhydyfelin. Welsh Calvinistic Methodist.

13. Postcard of Llanbadarn Fawr Church.

14. Postcard of the Memorial Hospital and Church Cardigan,

15. Postcard of Gwbert-on-Sea, Cardigan.

16. Photograph of Nant y Moch chapel (2 copies).

17. Photograph of Nant y Moch farmhouse.

18. Photograph of Nant y Moch farm and chapel.

19. Photograph of the James brothers of Nant y Moch farm in the kitchen of the farmhouse drowned by the building of the Nant y Moch dam.

20. 8 negatives of photographs of the chapel, farm and family of Nant y Moch.

Acc. 154


Most of the items in this deposit (1 to 47) are concerned with the Parliamentary career of Mr. Elystan Morgan , Labour Member of Parliament for Cardiganshire from 31 March 1966 to February 1974 . In April 1968 he was appointed Under Secretary of State for the Home office so his speeches after that date (26 to 45) are ministerial utterances from the front benches. The Parliamentary questions (46) are all from the back benches.

1. Hansard. Agriculture Bill Second Reading. This features the maiden speech in the Commons of Mr. Elystan Morgan. The speech deals with the importance of Agriculture to Cardiganshire and the necessity of protecting tenant farmers.
6 May 1966.

2. Hansard. Industrial Development Bill Second Reading. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with depopulation in Cardiganshire, and the desirability of a Mid- Wales development corporation.
16 May 1966.

3. Hansard, Adjournment - Railways (Aberystwyth - Carmarthen Line). Mr. Morgan is arguing for the re-opening of the line
20 June 1966

4. Hansard. Agriculture Bill - Committee Stage, classification of cattle types. Mr. Morgan is arguing for the inclusion of the Welsh Black breed in the classified classes.
21 July 1966.

5. Hansard. Supply Committee; Development Areas Welsh Devolution - Mid-Wales economy. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with depopulation and lack of transport in Cardiganshire, and the desirability of a Mid-Wales development corporation.
2 August 1966.

6. Hansard. Agriculture Bill - Committee Stage, farm mergers. Mr. Morgan's contribution concerns small-holdings and 'part-time' farmers.
25 October 1966.

7. Hansard. Agriculture (Common Market). Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the threat of the Anglo-Irish Trade Agreement and the E.E.C. to the British Farming community.
3 November 1966.

8. Hansard. Wales (Trade and Industry ).Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with attracting industry to Mid-Wales, and Cardiganshire in particular.
14 November 1966

9. Hansard. Petition, Aberystwyth - Carmarthen Railway line (closure). Mr. Morgan presents the petition.
24 November 1966.

10. Hansard. Agriculture Bill - Committee Stage - security of tenure clause moved and withdrawn by Mr. Morgan.
29 November 1966.

11. Hansard. Misrepresentation Bill Third Reading, sale of property. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with cases where the Bill should not be applicable.
20 February 1967.

12. Hansard. Welsh Grand Committee - Rural Development. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the problems of Mid-Wales in particular roads, the proposed development of a new town, and the re-population of Aberystwyth.
15 March 1967.

13. Hansard. Regional Development Motion - Constitutional status of Wales. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the problem of Wales, and the desirability of a Welsh Parliament, or at least an equation of the role of the Welsh office with that of the Scottish office.
7 April 1967.

14. Hansard. Budget Resolutions and Economic Situations. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with Selective Employment Tax and Regional Employment Premium.
17 April 1967.

15. Hansard. Finance (No. 2) Bill -Committee Stage. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the Regional Employment Premium.
14 June 1967.

16. Hansard. Welsh Language Bill - Second Reading. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the legal status of the Welsh language, and the teaching of Welsh to children.
17 July 1967.

17. Hansard. Council for Wales Motion. Mr. Morgan's contribution argues that the council will not be representative of the Welsh people, that it will lack real authority, and that it supplants an elected council for Wales.
25 July 1967.

18. Hansard. Agriculture - Farm Amalgamations and Boundary Adjustments Scheme 1967. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the case of small farms in particular.
25 October 1967.

19. Hansard. Mid-Wales (Development ) Adjournment Debate. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the desirability of setting up a board dealing solely with development in Mid-Wales.
8 November 1967.

20. Hansard. Agriculture Bill Second Reading. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with drainage rates and security of tenure.
9 November 1967.

21. Hansard. Welsh Affairs, Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the weakness of the Welsh economy, and the need for co-ordination in development plans.
30 November 1967.

22. Hansard. Agriculture. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the prevalent epidemic of Foot and Mouth disease.
4 December 1967.

23. Hansard. Agriculture Standing Committee - Agriculture (miscellaneous provisions) Bill. Mr. Morgan's contribution concerns security of tenure.
8 February 1968.

24. Hansard. Foot and Mouth Disease - (meat imports). Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the spread of the disease by imported frozen meats.
13 March 1968.

25. Hansard. Agriculture in Wales and Monmouthshire. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the Price Review, and the need for a Welsh rural development board.
3 April 1968.

26. Hansard. Theft-Bill - Second Reading Committee. Mr. Morgan proposes that the Chairman recommends a second reading.
2 May 1968.

27. Hansard . Gaming Bill - Report. Mr. Morgan proposes the second reading of the second clause and various other amendments, and also deals with the limitation of hours.
11 June 1968.

28. Hansard. Gaming Bill - Report. Mr. Morgan moves various amendments.
12 June 1968.

29. Hansard. Entertainments (child performers). Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the defence of the regulations concerning child performers.
16 December 1968.

30. Hansard. Albert Medal - Adjournment Debate. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with Government recognition of Medal Holders.
19 December 1968.

31. Hansard. Cannabis (Wootton report) . Mr. Morgan sums up with the decision not to modify the penalties for the possession of cannabis.
27 January 1969.

32. Hansard. Genocide Bill - Second Reading. Mr. Morgan proposes the motion for the second reading.
5 February 1969.

33. Hansard. Genocide Bill - Committee Stage. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the need to ratify an International Convention by legislation.
4 March 1969.

34. Hansard. Children and Young Persons Bill - Second Reading. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the need for a new legal framework to deal with children.
11 March 1969.

35. Hansard. Children and Young Persons Bill - Third Reading. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the guidance of Police Officers and the duty of the Local Authorities.
9 June 1969.

36. Hansard . Coastal Pollution, Mr. Morgan is representing the Government in a Conservative Motion Debate, his contribution deals with where the responsibility for pollution lies.
16 June 1969.

37. Hansard. Crime - Police Manpower and Equipment. Mr. Morgan sums up as Home Office Under Secretary.
23 July 1969.

38. Hansard. House of Commons (seats) Bill - Lords amendments. Mr. Morgan sums up for the Government.
14 October 1969.

40. Hansard. Girl Dancers (Employment Overseas). Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the responsibility of young adults, the need to protect children, and the duty of the state to subjects abroad.
28 October 1969.

41. Hansard. Gaming Club Licensing. Mr. Morgan deals with the need to free the industry from abuse and purge it of undesirable elements, and the limiting of licence to specific areas
18 November 1969.

42. Hansard. Ethel Gee Debate. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the importance of Miss Gee and Harry Houghton in the setting up of the "Portland Spy Ring", and the treatment of Miss Gee in various prisons.
4 December 1969.

43. Hansard. Police Debate. Mr. Morgan's contribution deals with the review of Police pay and manning the Police Force.
27 January 1970.

44. Hansard. Misuse of Drugs bill, Mr. Morgan sums up for the Government.
25 March 1970.

45. Hansard. Police Forces. Mr. Morgan sums up for the Government.
19 March 1970.

46. Parliamentary Questions:

46/A. The Smith Government in Rhodesia.
6 March 1966.

46/B. The Gittins Report on Primary Education.
6 March 1966.

46/C. The White Paper on Local Government Reorganisation in Wale.
6 March 1966.

46/D. Taking the oath of Allegiance in Welsh.
21 July 1966.

46/E. Development Corporations in Rural Wales.
2 August 1966.

46/F. Development of a new town in Mid-Wales.
2 August 1966.

46/G. Selective Employment Tax in Wales.

46/H. The appointment of Welsh speaking officers in Wales for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food.
23 March 1967.

46/I. Bilingual Traffic signs in Wales.
6 November 1967.

46/J. Creating new jobs in Cardiganshire.
6 November 1967.

46/K. Bilingual forms for the Post office.
6 December 1967.

46/L. The expenses of the Investiture of the Prince of Wales.
7 December 1967.

46/M. Parliament for Wales.
December 1967.

46/N. National Constitutional policies for Wales and Scotland.
27 February 1968.

47. Record of speeches made and questions asked by Welsh MPs.

48. The new guide to Aberayron and the Aeron Valley.

49. Postcard of Llanybyther War Memorial.

50. Postcard of Cennarth Falls.

51. Case submitted by the Aberystwyth Borough Council to the Local Government Commission for Wales, in support of an "enlarged administrative County" for Mid-Wales.
December 1959

52. Observations of the Cardiganshire County Council on the proposed Mid-Wales Authority.
January 1960

53. The Ardwyn School Newspaper.

54. Leaflet for Pen y Banc Educational and Adventure Centre.

55. Clwyd County Council - Annual report of the County Archivist.

56. Typewritten article on the meaning of various Cardiganshire place names, with relevant letters

Acc. 171


Rhaglen o'r Cynhadledd Flynyddol gan U.C.A.C. yn Gwesty'r "Cliff", ger Aberteifi. (Programme for the Annual Conference of U.C.A.C. at the "Cliff" Hotel, Gwbert, near Cardigan).
28-31 March 1978

Acc. 172


1. Articles on various subjects by Will O' Whispers of The Cambrian News.

2. Collection of articles on David Roberts & Sons, brewers, by Will O' Whispers of The Cambrian News.
March-April 1974.

3. Index to articles written in Will O' Whispers column of The Cambrian News.

Acc. 180


1. Letter concerning history of National Westminster Bank in Aberystwyth.
13 July 1973.

2. Letter concerning the history of the Trustee Savings Bank in Aberystwyth.
10 August 1973

3. Letter concerning the history of Lloyds Bank in Aberystwyth.
14 June 1973.

4. Parish Magazine for Llanbadarn Fawr, St. Michael and All Angels and Holy Trinity, Aberystwyth.
April 1932.

5. Photocopy of a page of The Cambrian News giving details of floods in Aberystwyth.
22 October 1886.

6. List of Articles written by Will O'Whispers in The Cambrian News.

Items 7-19 are pictures taken from the book The College by the Sea by Iwan Morgan, Aberystwyth 1928.

7. Photograph of "The College by the sea" as planned by J.P. Seddon.

8. Photograph of the College Buildings showing the Old South Wing.

9. Photograph showing the building of the Castle Hotel (1864-1865).

10. Photograph of a Plan for completing the Buildings (1870).

11. Photograph of the College showing the Old South Wing and the Old Promenade.

12. Photograph of the College from the sea front.

13. Photograph of a picture of The Castle House, Old St. Michael's and Aberystwyth Castle in the Early 19th Century.

14. Photograph of The College showing the New South Wing and Castle House.

15. Photograph of the Prince of Wales going to the opening of the Students' Union.
30 October 1923

16. Photograph of a drawing of U.C.W. Aberystwyth (1886).

17. Photograph of The College on Fire.

18. Photograph of the College after the fire.

19. Photograph of the College from the Sea front showing old Castle House and the New South Wing.

20. Photograph of the building of the Castle Hotel.

21. Photograph of the Old Assembly Rooms Aberystwyth where "The treasures of the National Library are housed pending the erection of the new buildings.

22. Copy photograph of North Parade Aberystwyth.

23. Postcard of Aberystwyth Infirmary.

24. Postcard of Aberystwyth Infirmary.

25. Photograph of Aberystwyth Fire Brigade outside the town hall.

26. Photograph of a print of Plas Crug near Aberystwyth.

27. Photograph of two ladies [probably students] with University College Aberystwyth in the background.

28. Postcard of Clarach Bay Aberystwyth.

29. Photograph of the Old Timber Yard at Trefechan being cleared.

30. Photograph of Mayor's Sunday.

31. Photograph of Mayor's Sunday.

32. Aerial Photograph of Aberystwyth.

33. Photograph of the Town Hall Aberystwyth after a fire.

34. Photograph of the opening of the Town Hall Aberystwyth.
May 1962

35. Photograph of Llanfarian Railway Bridge before demolition.

36. Photograph of Aberystwyth Market.

37. Photograph of an Auction at Aberystwyth Market with Mr. Arnold Rees auctioneer.

38. Photograph of children dancing at the Gorsedd Ceremony held in the Castle Grounds Aberystwyth.
June 1951

39. Postcard of the Statue of St. David at St. David's College Lampeter.

40. Centenary Postcard of Tanycae, South Road, Aberystwyth.

41. Copy Photograph of Marine Parade Aberystwyth.

42. Copy Photograph of people with bicycles and horse drawn carriages outside Plynlymon Boarding House, Aberystwyth.

43. Copy Photograph of Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth.

44. Copy Photograph of the Donkey Stand on the beach at Aberystwyth.

25. Photograph of The King's Hall, shortly after its opening.

46. Photograph of people on the beach at Aberystwyth.

47. Photograph of Castle rocks and the Promenade Aberystwyth.

48. Postcard of Clarach Bay.

49. postcard of the Promenade, Aberystwyth.

50. Postcard of Aberystwyth Pier.

51. Photograph of the sea breaking over the North end of the promenade.

52. Photograph of a poster advertising the sailing of the brig Credo for America.

Acc. 198


1. A brief historical sketch of Llangwyryfon, Cardiganshire. Prepared for the Exhibition of 'Parish Treasures' on March 19th, 1970

Acc. 200


1. Letters from J. Howard Esq., Office of Woods and draft replies from the Mayor of Aberystwyth regarding the ownership of Aberystwyth Castle
June 1855-December 1856

2. File of Receipts for rent paid by the Corporation of Aberystwyth to Mr. Charles Wilding for the Castle and Grounds

3. Photocopies of articles in the Welsh Gazette 4th June, 1903 and the Cambrian News and Welsh Farmers Gazette, 5th June, 1903, on the opening of new premises of the National Provincial Bank in Aberystwyth
June 1903

4. Programme of Gwyl Gerddorol Ceredigion held at Aberystwyth.

5. Pamphlet on "The Church of Llanbadarn Fawr".

6. Pamphlet on "A Brief Guide to Llanddewi Brefi Parish Church", by Mr. W. Lewis.
December 1967

7. Pamphlet on "Y Babell, Dolybont 1874-1974" by D. J. Morgan.
May 1974

Acc. 210


1. Tenth Plenary Congress of the International Federation of League of Nations Societies and the Annual Conference of the Welsh National Council of the League of Nations Union; Programme of Meetings and Souvenir of Aberystwyth.
29 June 1926-3 July 1926

2. Borough of Aberystwyth: Building Byelaws

3. The Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales: List of Subjects (Welsh)
4-9 August 1952

4. Appeal for donations towards restoring the old pump house at the Chalybeate Well, Aberaeron (Bilingual)

5. Pamphlet against Sunday Opening in Cardiganshire (Bilingual)

6. Sale Particulars (and article by Will O' Whispers) on Victoria House, Aberystwyth

7. Sale Particulars (including Coloured Photograph) of Castle House, Bridge Street, Aberaeron

Acc. 216


1. Red Lion Inn, Pencarreg, Cwmanne, Llanybyther
5 February 1979.

2. Abermarlais Leisure site, Llangadog

Acc. 272


1. The Cambrian News - bound volume of newspapers
January-December 1918

2. Extracts from The Professional Photographer regarding the Aberystwyth photographers H. H. Davies and Son, H. G. Pickford (both of Pier Street) and
F. and H. Culliford (North Parade)
March 1925

3. Evan Evans 185O-1933: A Memoir - Printed (English and Welsh)

Evan Evans was a solicitor from Aberystwyth, clerk to the Cardiganshire County Council and Moderator of the South Wales Calvinistic Methodist Association

4. Welsh Gazette
21 April 1949

5. Welsh Gazette - photocopy from part of their Jubilee edition
28 April 1949

6. Souvenir Programme for the visit of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh to Aberystwyth
8 August 1955

7. Various items regarding the Masonic Lodges at Aberystwyth and Aberaeron

8. Programme for the opening of the Bronglais General Hospital Aberystwyth
1 October 1966

9. Programme for the exhibition arranged by U.C.W. Aberystwyth relating to George Powell of Nanteos
September-October 1971

1O. Leaflet on Tre'r Ddol Museum - bilingual
June 1972

11. Programme for 'Aberystwyth Yesterday' Exhibition

12. Booklet published to mark the centenary of The Church of Our Lady of the Angels and St. Winefride's Aberystwyth (with reference to the history of the
other Catholic Churches at Penparcau, Borth and Aberaeron)

13. Programme for an exhibition marking the centenary of Cwmpadarn School
July-August 1977

14. Working papers regarding an article published in Contact regarding the history of electrical supplies to Aberystwyth
January 1979

15. Results of a General Election Survey undertaken in the Cardigan Constituency by Research and Marketing Wales and the West Ltd.
April 1979

16. Index to the articles published by Will O'Whispers in the Cambrian News

17. Leaflet on Llanrhystud Church and Parish

18. Castle House, Aberystwyth - copy photograph
September 1864

Items 19 - 25 are copy photographs, the originals of which are reproduced in Mr. Howard C. Jones' book Aberystwyth Yesterday.

19. Corner of Chalybeate Street and North Parade (2)

20. Seamen on Aberystwyth beach - original photograph

21. Pierrots and harpists on Marine Terrace

22. Aberllolwyn's Milk Cart

23. St. James' Square before St. Paul's schoolroom was built in 1903

24. High Street Aberystwyth

25. A Coronation celebration for the South Road area at Tanycae

26. Seilo Church, Aberystwyth

27. New Quay Cafe, Princess Street, before demolition

Sale Catalogues

28. Rhydgarnwen Estate, Cardigan

29. Penylan, Llechryd, Cardigan
December 1979

30. Glanderi, Cilgerran, Cardigan
May 1980

Acc. 276


Index to 'Will O'Whispers' articles in The Cambrian News

Acc. 337


1. Reprints from the Western Mail of the series 'History on your doorstep' by Geoffrey Evans; extracts relating to St. Clears, Pembroke, Narberth, Llawhaden Castle, Llanstephan, Milford Haven, Llandovery, Llandilo, Haverfordwest, Carmarthen, Aberystwyth and Abergwili.

2. Programme of the official opening of the reconstructed town hall, Aberystwyth
2 May 1962

3. "The story of the Aberystwyth Lifeboat 1861 - 1961" contains newspaper cuttings

4. Old photographs of Aberystwyth, including the town clock (early 1900s), St Michael's church, promenade (c.1906) (7 items)

5. HMSO guide to Strata Florida Abbey, Cardiganshire

6. File containing newspaper cuttings, advertisements, etc. concerning country houses in Cardiganshire.

7. Estate agents' descriptions of various properties in Dyfed

8. File containing newspaper cuttings of the 'Will o' Whispers' column, concerning Cardiganshire country houses.
February 1976-March 1978

[9]. Photocopy of a list of the Sheriffs of Cardiganshire, Photocopy of notes on county families.

Acc. 630

ADX 34/15

Guide books and photographs

1. Looking Around Aberystwyth
n.d. (1960s?)

2. Aberystwyth Students' Handbook

3. Canmlwydd Siloh Aberystwyth gan F. Wynn Jones

4-5. Cardiganshire County Handbooks

6. Borth: The Unique Village

7. Borough of Lampeter, official guide
n.d. (1960s)

8-13. Photographs

8. Marine Terrace after the storm of 1938: [Pickford's Press Agency, Pier Street, Aberystwyth]
8 February 1938.

9. Aberystwyth Town F.C., [Pickford]

10. Aberystwyth Orchestra [The names of the members of the orchestra are noted on the reverse of the photograph]

11. Plas Crug

12. Aberystwyth, Poplar Row

13. Copy photograph of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, from Howard C. Jones, Aberystwyth Yesterday

14. Notes on Ystradffin, Rhandirmwyn, based on Nicholas' County Families of Wales [1871] and the Carmarthenshire County History, ed. J. E. Lloyd; typewritten copy of an obituary notice for Mr. William Jones, Ystradffin (Carmarthen Journal 24 May 1918); copy of letter from the General Register Office giving details of the 1871 census return for Ystradffin; copy of gravestone inscriptions from Ystradffin Churchyard; genealogical notes on the Jones family of Ystradffin.
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