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ADX/72: Aberystwyth Festivals, Commemorations and Events

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Ref: ADX/72

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/72
Title: Jubilee and Coronation items, Warden Certificates, Ration Books, Receipts, Misc Programmes, Religious Pamphlets, Societies and Elections in Aberystwyth
Date(s): 1877 - 1980
Level: Fonds
Extent: 222 items

Scope and Content

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1. Borough of Aberystwyth. Jubilee Celebrations - Notice of closure of shops May 6th 1935 and the holding of the Monthly Market and Half Yearly
Horse Fair on May 4th 1935

2. Five Chocolate Wrappers commemorating the Royal Silver Jubilee 1910-1935 and the Coronation 1937

3. Serviette commemorating the Coronation

4. Certificate of Efficiency in Anti-Gas Training awarded to Mr. E. J. Roderick
6 March 1939

5. Card certifying that Mr. E. J. Roderick has been duly appointed Warden
10 July 1939

6. Circular letter to all Air Raid Wardens, listing the names and addresses of Senior Wardens
21 August 1939

7. Card certifying that Warden E. J. Roderick "is a member of a Fire-Fighting Party--- and possesses the powers of entry and of taking steps for extinguishing fire or for protecting property, or rescuing persons or property, from fire----"
9 December 1941

8. Ration Book

9. Ration Book


10. Income Tax and Land Tax

11. Daniel Thomas, 22/24 Eastgate, Aberystwyth

12. B. J. Jones, Lampeter

13. Daniel Thomas, Aberystwyth (2)

Miscellaneous Programmes, Tickets and Posters

14. Notice of the "First Visit of Welsh National Sheep Dog Trials to Aberystwyth"
25 August 1926

15. Programme for the dinner of the Grocers and Provision Merchants of Aberystwyth at the invitation of Messrs. Van Den Berghs and Jurgens Ltd.

16. Programme for the Cardigan Amateur Dramatic Society's production of "Distinguished Gathering"
July 1945

17. Programme for the Aberystwyth Gilbert and Sullivan Society's production of "The Gondaliers"
March 1973

18. Programme for the Aberystwyth Choral Society's Summer Chorale"
May 1976

19. Programme for the summer season at Theatr y Werin, Aberystwyth

20. Programme for the Nelson Firth production of "My Fat Friend" at The Arts Centre, Aberystwyth

21. Programme for the Aberystwyth Gilbert and Sullivan Society's production of "The Mikado"
March 1978

22. Programme for Welsh tour of Theatr Cymru's production of "Yr Addewid"

23. Programme for Welsh tour of Theatr yr Ymylon's production of "Hunangofiant Rhys Lewis"

24. Programme for Theatr Cymru's production of "Esther"

25. Programme of College Concerts organised by the Dept. of Music, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth

26. Programme of films to be shown at the Commodore Cinema, Aberystwyth
November 1977

27. Programme for the International Eisteddfod, Llangollen

28. Programme for the Eisteddfod at Trisant

29. Programme for a Special Congregation of the University of Wales on the occasion of the centenary celebrations of University College Aberystwyth.
April 1973

30. Programme for the Aberystwyth Royal Naval Association's Silver Jubilee Celebrations
June 1978

31. Programme for the Festival of Britain. South Bank Exhibition

32. Ticket for Christmas Dinner of Merched y Wawr, Aberystwyth
1972 (Missing)

33. Ticket for the Welsh Cup: Fourth Round, between Aberystwyth and Cardiff City
3 January 1973

34. Ticket for a performance of "Rigaletto" at the Kings Hall, Aberystwyth
2 March 1973

35. Two tickets for an organ recital at Capel Annibynwyr, Baker Street, Aberystwyth
November 1973

36. Two tickets for the Machynlleth Rotary Club Ball at Talgarth Hall, Pennal
7 March 1975

37. Ticket for the Aberystwyth Ladies Life Boat Guild A.G.M. at the R.A.F.A. Club, Bridge Street, Aberystwyth
30 October 1975

38. Ticket for a preview of Rhydwen Jones and Davies Ltd. Great Jubilee Sale, Llandudno
14 June 1977

39. Ticket for an exhibition by the Red Cross Art Class, Red Cross Hall, Vulcan Street, Aberystwyth
1 June 1977

40. Ticket for a meeting of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Wales
5 July 1977

41. Ticket for a meeting of Cymdeithasfa'r De, London
October 1977

42. Ticket for a concert by the Rhos Orpheus Male Voice Choir, King's Hall, Aberystwyth
1 July 1978

43. Ticket for the Cancer Relief Committee's Coffee Party at Seilo School room, Aberystwyth
5 October 1979

44. Two tickets for Kodaks presentation of "Colour Viewpoint" King's Hall, Aberystwyth

45. Poster advertising a concert by the Romanian National Choir in the Great Hall, Aberystwyth
26 March 1973

46. Poster advertising a public meeting held by the Samaritans

47. Govt. Health Dept. Poster showing the tar and nicotine yields of popular brands of cigarettes

48. Poster advertising the International Theatre Festival for young people at Theatr y Werin, Aberystwyth
July 1977

49. Poster advertising Theatr Cymru's production of "Teliffant"
September 1977

50. Poster advertising drives by pony and trap from Brynamlwg Trekking Centre

51. Poster advertising a Christmas Fair at the Barn Theatre, Aberystwyth

Religious pamphlets etc.

52. Programme for a Drama Evening at Siloh Vestry, Aberystwyth
March 1962

53. Programme for a Drama Evening at Siloh Vestry, Aberystwyth
April 1963

54. Siloh Church 1863-1963. Centenary Fund
March 1960

55. Siloh Church 1863-1963. Centenary Fund

56. Programme for a Pageant held to celebrate Siloh's Centenary
April 1963

57. Programme for a Musical Evening to celebrate the 50 years service of Mr. Charles Clements Mus.Bac., FRCO as organist at Seilo

58. Programme for 'An Hour of Music' at Seilo, Aberystwyth (2 copies)
September 1971

59. Ticket for a National Service at Seilo, organised by the Council of Churches for Wales
January 1975

60. Programme for a service to celebrate the 25 years of service of the Reverend Huw Wynne Griffith, Seilo, Aberystwyth (Welsh)
November 1976

61. Programme for a Christmas Service at Seilo Vestry, Aberystwyth (2 copies) (Welsh)
December 1976

62. Programme for a concert at Seilo Chapel, Aberystwyth (Welsh)
September 1978

63. Poster advertising a Preaching Festival at Tabernacle Church, Powell Street, Aberystwyth (Welsh) (Missing)
October 1979

64. Programme for a concert at Salem Church, Aberystwyth (Welsh)
December 1957

65. Church Bulletin No.12 August-September, 1974

66. Poster - Wales for Christ (Bilingual)

67. Script for a sketch entitled "Beibl yn Rhodd"

68. The General Assembly, Aberystwyth - Meal Tickets
July 1977

69. The General Assembly - Programme for a Pageant
July 1977

70. Programme for a Farewell Service for the Reverend and Mrs. H. R. Davies, Salem Church, Aberystwyth (Welsh)
January 1978

71. Programme for a Centenary Service at the Congregational Church, Baker Street, Aberystwyth (Welsh)
April 1978

The National Eisteddfod - One Million Pounds Fund Appeal

72. Circular Letter (Bilingual)
October 1973

73. Pamphlet including details of the Aberystwyth Appeals Committee (2 copies) Bilingual

74. Ticket for Cwmni Theatr y Werin in "Cami Ymlaen" Proceeds in Aid of the National Eisteddfod (Welsh)
April 1975

75. Envelope of leaflets, notices etc. regarding postal/telephone services and charges

76. "Local Government Reorganisation - What it Means" Bilingual Booklet

77. Bundle of leaflets regarding Gas and Electricity Tariffs

78. Wales Tourist Board leaflet on Dyfed

79. Cwmrheidol Nature Trail - Produced by the C.E.G.B.

80. Money conversion tables produced by the Decimal Currency Board

81. Bundle of Travel Brochures

82. Bundle of Miscellaneous booklets re. Social Security, N.I. Contributions, Premium Bonds etc.

Acc. 230


1. Certificate appointing Mr. E. J. Roderick an agent for the Royal Exchange Assurance Co.
1 December 1926

2. Notice of the Borough of Aberystwyth's Christmas Market

3. Order of Procession for the Borough of Aberystwyth’s National Jubilee Day
6th May 1935

4. Poster advertising a performance of "The Last Gentleman" at the Coliseum, Aberystwyth

5. Letter from the District Manager, Post Office Telephones regarding transfer to automatic exchange
19 August 1935

6. Letter from the Manager, Midland Bank Aberystwyth re: administrative changes in the provision of statements of account
9 March 1936

7. Programme for a reception given by the Mayor to Delegates to the International Grassland Conference
17 July 1937

8. Programme for a Thanksgiving Service on The Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at the Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster and Bryant & May’s matchbook (empty) commemorating “Their Majesties’ Coronation 1937”
12 May 1937

9. Bundle of Ration Books (17)


10. Receipt from Longley and Co., Wholesale Tobacconists Aberystwyth
31 August 1933

11. Receipt from Cafe Marina, Aberystwyth
1 January 1935

12. Receipt from H. C. Griffiths and Son, Coal Merchants Aberystywyth
23 September 1976

Aberystwyth Bowling Club

13. Programme for the Annual Tournament held
7 August-18 August 1967

14. The Bowling Association of Wales: Official Year Book

15. Aberystwyth Bowling Club: Fixture Card

16. Aberystwyth Bowling Club: Programme of Activities

17. Invitation to The Aberystwyth Bowls Club to participate in the Mayor's Procession and at Divine Service
17 July 1977

18. Aberystwyth Bowling Club. One Week Annual Tournament - Poster; Entry Form and Programme
25-30 July 1977

19. Ticket for a Coffee Evening; Proceeds in Aid of the Aberystwyth Bowling Club
5 August 1977

20. Agenda and Financial Statements for the Aberystwyth Bowling Club Annual General Meeting
24 November 1977

Borth and Ynyslas Golf Club Ltd

21. Agenda and Reports submitted to the Borth and Ynyslas Golf Club Ltd. Annual General Meeting
13 August 1977

22. Subscription rates effective on 1st January, 1978.

Aelwyd yr Urdd, Aberystwyth

23. Ticket for the National Urdd Eisteddfod held at Aberystwyth
28-31 May 1969

24. Tickets for an Exhibition and Sale
6 November 1976

25. Two Financial Statements for Aelwyd Aberystwyth Urdd Gobaith Cymru
April 1974-March 1976

26. Agenda for the A.G.M. of Aelwyd Aberystwyth, Urdd Gobaith Cymru (including list of Officials)
27 April 1977

27. Programme for a series of Folk Concerts organised by Aelwyd yr Urdd, Aberystwyth
July-August 1978

28. Programme for a Fair organised by Aelwyd yr Urdd, Aberystwyth
10 November 1979

Royal Air Force Association (Aberystwyth Branch)

29. Agenda of and financial statement presented to the A.G.M. of the Association
16 March 1978

Tany Cae Chapel, Aberystwyth

30. "A History of Tanycae Sunday School, Aberystwyth" by Brian Ishmael (Bilingual)

Maes Glas Chapel, Ysbyty Ystwyth

31. Annual Report

Seilo Presbyterian Church, Aberystwyth

32. The Committee Report on the Organ Appeal Fund, listing donations received and expenses incurred
November 1974

33. Programme for a Service of Thanksgiving held at Seilo, for the making of a Covenant by The Presbyterian Church of Wales, The United Reformed Church, The Methodist Church and The Church in Wales
18 January 1975

34. Programme for the Easter Service

35. Programme for a Memorial Service to E. Elwyn Griffiths, N.F.Y.F.C. Development Officer for Wales 1970-75 held at Seilo
13 July 1975

36. Appeal to members for increased contributions
November 1975

37. Circular letter to visiting Minister

38. Circular letter to members regarding proposed Festival to be held in November 1978

39. Programmes (2) for a concert at Seilo
15 September 1978

40. Programme for a Festival 'Goleuni y Byd' to be held at Seilo
2 November 1978

General Religious Pamphlets etc.

41. A bundle of miscellaneous posters, tickets, leaflets etc. regarding Aberystwyth Churches, including a booklet of hymns for a Singing Festival organised by the Cardigan T. B. Society in 1957

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

42. Programme for Theatre y Werins production of "Relatively Speaking"
31 July-7 September 1974

43. Programme of Events
February-April 1977

44. Programme of Events
March-April 1977

45. Programme for Cardiganshire Art Society's Annual Exhibition
July-August 1977

46. Programme for the Summer Season of Plays
July-September 1977

47. Programme of Events
November-December 1977

48. Programme for the Aberystwyth String Quartet Lunchtime Concert Programme (2 copies)
18 November 1977

49. Programme of Films

50. Programme of Major Orchestral Concerts

51. Programme for the B.B.C. Welsh Symphony Orchestra's Concert
9 March 1978

52. Programme for the Prague Chamber Orchestra's performance
29 March 1978

53. Programme for the Music Club for the Season (2 copies)


54. Bundle of Election leaflets and Polling Cards for local and Parliamentary elections (including Welsh Assembly issue)

Aberystwyth 700

55. Bundle of programmes, leaflets and a poster regarding events held during the Aberystwyth 700 celebrations (including a booklet on the ancient custom of "Beating the Bounds")

The Queen's Silver Jubilee Appeal

56. Letter from the Chairman of the North Cardiganshire Council, The Queen's Silver Jubilee Appeal, to R.N.L.I, requesting their support
18 May 1977

57. Printed Leaflet detailing the objectives of the Appeal Fund

58. Typed Circular Letter regarding the Tea Party to be held on the Castle Grounds
7 June 1977


59. Bundle of British Rail Brochures giving time tables and fares

60. Bundle of Crosville National Bus Co. leaflets

61. Two booklets of Welsh Hymns for use on Sunday Evening and Festivals by Cor-y-Castell (The Choir of the Castle)

62. An Open Letter to the Residents of Ward I Aberystwyth from their County and District Councillor G. Eric Hughes
October 1978

63. Trade Card of J. Caleb Edwards and Son, Plumbers and Heating Engineers, Decorators Merchant

64. Bundle of Tickets for Various functions held at Aberystwyth

65. Merched y Wawr, Cangen Aberystwyth, Rhaglen (Programme)

66. Bundle of Programmes and Posters for various functions mainly held at Aberystwyth (including an exhibition held at Tregaron 1977 and an Eisteddfod at Llanilar 1978)

67. Poster and leaflet advertising the Llywernog Silver Lead Mine

68. Poster advertising the Wholefoods sold at Maeth y Meysydd, 11 Princess Street, Aberystwyth (Bilingual)

69. Leaflet on Ceredigion Museum, 14 Vulcan St. Aberystwyth

Acc. 249


1. Newspaper cutting regarding a new world record set by Mr. Gwynne Johns of Aberystwyth for an amateur parachutist's descent.

2. National Registration Identity Card of E. J. Roderick, member of the Aberystwyth Wardens Service

3. Income Tax Assessment for Mr. E. J. Roderick

4. Vale of Rheidol Narrow Gauge Railway - guide book

5. Cardiganshire Joint Library, booklet outlining twenty-five years’ development

6. Public Notice to Mariners regarding the establishment of an Experimental Light Vessel in Carmarthen Bay (2 copies)
April 1975

7. Booklet published for the Centenary Celebration of Alexandra Road School, Aberystwyth


8. Bundle of leaflets, poll cards etc. regarding Parliamentary, District and Town Council Elections, the Welsh Assembly Referendum, European Parliament and Sunday Opening


9. Rhaglen y Gymanfa Ganu, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Urdd Gobaith Cymru (Programme for the Singing Festival)
June 1938

10. Rhaglen y Gymanfa Ganu, Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru
August 1952

[Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Aberystwyth

11. Bundle of miscellaneous items including membership card, programmes and statement of account


12. Aberystwyth Bowling Club (Plas Crug) miscellaneous items including membership and fixture cards, details of tournaments etc.

13. Aberystwyth Town Football Club; Souvenir Programme of the Welsh Cup (fourth round) match between Aberystwyth Town and Cardiff City
3 January 1973

14. Aberystwyth Town Football Club, Official Handbook

15. Aberystwyth and District Probus Club, List of Meetings and Speakers, and Financial Statement

Seilo Chapel, Aberystwyth

16. Bundle of items including annual reports, programmes for various Services, Concerts etc.

Other Chapels

17. Bundle of items including annual reports, programmes and a book published by the Welsh Church Council for daily worship

Theatr y Werin, Aberystwyth

18. Bundle of programmes

Cardiganshire Art Society

19. Programme for the Fourteenth Annual Exhibition

20. Programme for the Sixteenth Annual Exhibition

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

21. Various leaflets including calendars of events


22. Bundle of G.P.O. leaflets including postal and telephone rates, telephone dialling code books etc.

23. Bundle of programmes, posters and tickets for events held at Aberystwyth

24. Bundle of leaflets on coach and rail travel, local and national

25. Bundle of M.A.N.W.E.B., and Wales Gas Leaflets

26. Surgery Hours - doctors' practices at 52 and 22 North Parade, Aberystwyth
1976, 1978

27. Address given by the Principal of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth to the Court of Governors (together with a list of members of the Court of Governors)
November 1977

28. Map Supplement issued with 'Visitor's Guide to the County of Dyfed'

29. 'Alcohol Consyrn' - Newsletter No.8
July 1978

30. Notice of changes to B.B.C. Radio frequencies operational from 23rd November 1978

31. 'Pick-up' - U.C.W. Aberystwyth students newsletter
November, 1978

Acc. 273


1. The Tonic Sol-Fa College - cerificates (3) awarded to Evan John Roderick and Willie Roderick for music exam successes
1916, 1923

2. Medical Card issued to E. J. Roderick

3. The Cambrian News - Special Storm Edition (Missing)
15 January 1938

4. National Registration Identity Card issued to Mary Roderick

4. Programme for a Public Service of Thanksgiving and Prayer after Victory, Parish Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Aberystwyth


6. Bundle of election leaflets re. Aberystwyth Town Council, District and County Councils, Welsh Assembly, European Parliament and the General Election


7. Order form and scale of charges for tickets to The Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales at Aberystwyth
4-9 August 1952

8. Ticket of admittance to the enclosure of the Gorsedd of Bards
5 August 1952

9. Programme for the Llanilar Eisteddfod
16 April 1976

10. Welsh Inter College Eisteddfod - selection of compositions (in Welsh)

Aelwyd yr Urdd, Aberystwyth

11. Miscellaneous items including Membership Tickets,
List of Officials and Programmes of Events


12. Merched y Wawr: Mantolen Genedlaethol (National Statement of Account)

13. Merched y Wawr: Mantolen Genedlaethol

14. Merched y Wawr, Aberystwyth - Derbyniadau a Thaliadau (Statement of Account)

15. Merched y Wawr, Aberystwyth - Derbyniadau a Thaliadau

16. Merched y Wawr, Aberystwyth - agenda of meeting (Welsh)
17 November 1979

17. Cardiganshire Art Society - programme for the fourteenth annual exhibition
July-August 1976

18. Cardiganshire Art Society - programme for the seventeenth annual exhibition
July-August 1979

19. Aberystwyth and District Probus Club - list of members as at 1st September 1979 and details of meetings 1979-1980

20. Cardigan County Bowling Association Year Book

21. Cardigan County Bowling Association - Agenda and statement of account for the Annual Meeting
17 December 1979

22. Aberystwyth Bowling Club, List of Officials (including list of officials of the Newquay Club)

23. Aberystwyth Bowling Club - Fees and Donations

24. Aberystwyth Bowling Club (Plascrug) Entry Form and Programme for the Annual Tournament

25. Aberystwyth Bowling Club - notice of forthcoming events
March, 1980

Seilo Chapel, Aberystwyth

26. Miscellaneous items including programmes, list of contributors to the Organ Appeal Fund 1974, list of officials and programmes of meeting of the Church Society

Salem, Aberystwyth

27. Adroddiad Blynyddol (Annual Report)

28. Programme for a farewell service for the Reverend and Mrs. H. R. Davies
January 1978

29. Adroddiad Blynyddol

Other Chapels

30. Miscellaneous items regarding Aberystwyth Chapels and the Presbyterian Church of Wales

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

31. Programme and Calendars of Events


32. Bundle of programmes and posters for events held at Aberystwyth

33. Bundle of G.P.O. leaflets including Postal Rates, Dialling Codes, Special Postal Services

34. Bundle of leaflets, timetables on coach and rail travel, local and national

35. The Methodist Church Aberystwyth English Circuit Plan and Directory
October 1976-March 1977

36. Tanycae Chapel, South Road, Aberystwyth, photograph

37. "Aberystwyth 700" - Programme for the Thanksgiving Service
19 April 1977

38. "Aberystwyth 700" - Programme for the Gymanfa Ganu
8 May 1977

39. 'Pick-up' - U.C.W. Aberystwyth student newsletter (bilingual)
November 1977

40. The Milk Race 80 - Programme

Acc. 2893


Draft seating plan for a reception to be attended by delegates at the Grasslands Congress on 17 July 1937
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