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ADX/122: Young-Evans papers

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Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/122
Title: Papers of John Bertrand Young-Evans and his father Professor John Young-Evans, ‘West Wales Guardian’ articles and a selection of Welsh, English, and Latin poetry and prose.
Date(s): 1896 - 1940
Level: Fonds
Extent: 24 items

Scope and Content

The Papers of John Bertrand Young-Evans, who was educated at Llandovery College, Pembroke College, Oxford and University College, Aberystwyth, and who taught classics at Mount House School Plymouth, Rishworth School, Hereford Cathedral School and King Henry VII School. Forming the bulk of this collection are papers of his father, Professor John Young-Evans, head of the Theological College, Aberystwyth.

1. Exercise book containing notes on classical subjects. Inside front cover: "W. G. Roberts, The College, Llandovery, Classical Vlth, Winter 1915" Inside back cover: "W. G. Roberts, The College, Llandovery: Summer Term 1916", and a list of subjects written in another hand, probably that of J. B. Young-Evans, whose name also appears in the front of the book

2. Exercise book containing notes on Greek Law accentuation and syntax, Latin syntax, and vocabularies of the Orations of Demosthenes, Virgil's Georgics and Virgil's Aeneid II

3-13. Papers of Professor John Young-Evans

3. Historical articles (English):

'U.C.W. Aberystwyth, Sexagenary Celebrations'
Pembroke County and West Wales Guardian, 28 October 1932 [cutting]

"Presbyterian Colleges, annual meeting at Aberystwyth”
West Wales Guardian [cutting] 1935

'From Henry VII to Edward VIII’,
West Wales Guardian, [galley proof, 2 copies], 31 January 1936

'Centenaries of 1931'
Cambrian News, [several offprints] 8 January 1931

'The editor's Preface’
The Pembrokeshire Antiquary column of the West Wales Guardian [several offprints], n.d.

'West Wales Historical Records'
West Wales Guardian [2 offprints] n.d.

'The Prisoner of Pointzcastle'
West Wales Guardian [offprint]
16 January 1931

'To Menevia via Rome'
West Wales Guardian [offprint]
27 March 1936

'The Divine of Trevine',
West Wales Guardian, [offprint]

'Caerfarchell', by Mr. H. W. Evans, Solva, edited by J. Young-Evans,
West Wales Guardian [offprint]

'Vote of Thanks' accorded to the Rev. R. J. Rees, M.A. on the occasion of the Inaugural lectures session, 1936 - 37, by Professor J. Young-Evans, M.A., B.D.

4. Obituaries and biographical notices (English)

'The Rev. Thos, Bowen, Cardiff, The Treasury, pp. 36 - 38 [offprint]
March 1926

'R. J. Rees', The Treasury [offprint]
January 1938

'John Tickens', The Treasury, [offprint]
February 1938

'The Rev. Robert Roberts Davies D.D.' The Treasury, pp. 53 " 54 [offprint]
April 1937

'The Rev. E. O. Davies, BSc., M.A., D.D., The Treasury, pp. 61 - 62[offprint]
April 1937

'Robert William Genese: An Appreciation’, The Dragon, pp. 9-11 (Prof. Genese held the Chair of Mathematics at U.C.W., Aberystwyth, from 1879 until his retirement in 1919). [offprint]
Lent Term 1928

'The late Mr. H. G. Owen, St. Davids: an appreciation’, Pembroke County and West Wales Guardian [cutting]
22 June 1928

'Cynddylan' Welsh Gazette
19th June 1930

'Principal Henry Stuart Jones', West Wales Guardian (Principal of U.C.W. Aberystwyth, on his inclusion in the Honours List) [cutting]
16 June 1933

'The late Professor, The Rev. J. Gwili Jenkins, M.A., D.Litt', West Wales Guardian [galley proof] (J. G. J. was a colleague of Young-Evans at the Theological College)
22 May (?)

'The late Mr. W. B. Evans, Llanungar' (W.B.E. was a Calvinistic Methodist Preacher of Solva)

'William Henry Thomas'
18 March 1935

5. Articles on Church history and Theology (English)

'The Deity of God' a paper read on 28 September 1909, at The Nineteenth Annual Conference of the Presbyterian Church of Wales [Calvinistic Methodist] held at Llandrindod Wells, 27th - 29th September 1909 and published in the report of the same, pp. 31 - 40

'Brecon Free Church Council, Lecture on Howel Harries' Brecon and Radnor Express [Offprint]
5th April 1906

'Message for the Month', The Treasury, [offprint]
April 1929

'Collegiate Calvinistic Clergymen [1736 - 1836]' Cylchgrawn Hanes Eglwys y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd Cymru, Mehefin [6 offprints]

6. English Poetry (MSS.)

'Oedipus', 'Oedipus Tyrannus'
'Carmen obscurorum virorum'
'Quadrivium Triviale, Quoditas and Quaditas'
'The Plundered Jew near Jericho'
‘Doctrine and Doxa’
'From Scmalcald to Munster'
'The Sheepdog'

Several poems without title, with notes and emendations

'Pick out our Argo, Llywel, from the fleet'
'The grace of Saint Anthony Crocket'
'Even as Christ was subject to the Father'
"When at the table in the latticed light'
'Oh pure, celestial spirit, ene to the grave I go’
‘Kant, when he surveyed the heavens'
'Be sedulous diners'
'Aloft round Snowdon's topmost height'
'You are the man that doth my spirit lift'
‘Twere better that Mankind'
'Thus thro the mission's archipelago'
'Bright scroll for studious laity hemm'd'
'We with unworthy weapons wage'
'Lord sovran Methodistical'
'From golden veins of Calvinistic ore'
‘Sessions of elders, rulers apt to teach'
'Men of second-hand Greek'
'As when in Old Arabia's halcyon days'

7. English Poetry (printed)

Inter Salices Rhedicinae [Poems, mostly in English, but two in Welsh and one in Greek] (4 copies)

In Memoriam, a poem composed on the death of Arthur Barker and dedicated to Miss Doris Leadley, biographical notes on AB on reverse
8 January 1919

U.C.W. The Principal's Inaugural Lecture, 17 October 1934 reprinted from the West Wales Guardian (3 copies)
26 October 1934

Professor William Porter, an elegy recited at the memorial service held at the Theological College on 10th March 1937, The Treasury (11 copies)
September 1937

Lex Hortensia sive Decretum Absolutum,

The Archaeologist,

August [from Eifion Wyn],

Almsgiving [from Dewi Wyn o Eivion's "Awell Elusengarwch"]

Church History to AD 800 [22 rhymes] (3 copies)
December 1931

Fragment of poem beginning "Oh dreary and sad are the days...."

8. Welsh Prose

'Yr Epistol at yr Ephesiaid', Pulpud Cymru, Rhif. 113, Cyf. X
May 1896

'Nestoriaeth Nestorius', Gwel Draethodydd
March 1909

'Fy Mam', Y Cymro
2 December 1925

Review of The Principles of Theology; an Introduction to the Thirty-nine Articles, by the late W. H. Griffiths Thomas D.D.

'Y Cynghorwr Hugh Hughes, Aberystwyth', o'r Goleuad
16 December 1936

'Moelwyn', o'r Drysorfa
December 1936

'Mr. H. W. Evans, Y.H., F.R.A.S.' o'r Drysorfa'r Plant
February 1938

'Y Deuddegfed Pius', o'r Goleuad
15 March 1938

'Su Bwa Rhigos Heibio I Riw Gosen', o'r Goleuad
1-8 March 1939

'Cyfarchiad' o’r Goleuad
Christmas 1940

'Rhai O Gymdeithasfaoedd y Methodistiaid yn Aberystwyth', Welsh Gazette

9. Welsh Poetry (MSS.)

'Apollinarius o Laodicea [Syria]'
'Gorchest wech Llanfairfechan'
'Eithin a brwyn Iaieth ein bro: Rhyw 'sgoi camrwysg ceg Cymro'
'Dygwyl Dewi 1939'
'Clod y das'
'Ymson Narcissus'
'Methodistiaeth Cymru"
'Gibau diddym Gauwybodydd
'Pura ofeg yw Profiad'
'Rhof ddiolch gwir am lythyr chweg....'
'Hannercanmlwyddiant gwir ramant rymus...'
'Sychwedd nous, chwyddo a wna....'
'Bydded huriwr un diwrnod...'
'Annwyl Aeron hael Eiriau...'
‘Yma'n Llaneilo, mwynllain hudolus...'
'Eiddgar awydd, gair hoywaith...'
'Dedwyddwch yw ymweld drachefn a glan...'
'Locke a Hume hil Ockham hwy...'
'Yfory y trof ar y tren..."
'Fy unig gartref i o fon'

10. Welsh poetry (printed)

'Arwyrain jiwbil y "Forward Movement"'

‘James Daniel Evans'

'Mynachlog Ystrad Fflur'

'Ebrwydd Astud Bryddestwr'

'Pin Ysgrifennydd Buan'

' Cyfarfodydd Diolchgarwch', Trefecca, Hydref

'Cywydd Gelyniaeth'

'Arwyrain "DO" '

'Clod Dewi gydganwn yn drylen...'

'Hanfodion Methodistiaeth'

11. Latin and Greek Poetry and Prose

Philetas , Encomium Joseph Bradley de Talycoed Ventae Superioris (MDCCCLIX " MDCCCXXXIII)

...conscripsit J. Y. E. filio adiutore [several copies]

"Calviniana Antistitvm Institvtio" [Greek]

"Collegiate Calvinistic Clergymen: [to the Right Reverend Bishop of Monmouth]" [a Latin translation of "Calviniana..."] [several copies]

'Arcessit medicum simul cognomine nuper… '

'Carmen Sponsale'’Me Synodi Moderatorem fecere sodales…'

'Te, Baalense decus..'

'lam tibi cum patre ego bina exemplaria mitto...'

"Ad uxorem'

'Pedwarcanmlwyddiant Eglwysi Protestannaidd Diwygiedig Hungary' [text: Latin and Welsh]

Letters; Quadrigentalia Calviniana MCMIX: a letter from the Calvinistic Church in Wales to their brethren in Geneva

12. Carols, Hymns and Service Sheets - written by J. Young-Evans and others. (Welsh and English)

13. Miscellaneous

'The Burning of The Bull', a historical play performed by students of the Theological College, Aberystwyth, 10 December 1920 - programme.

'The Fifth Annual Eisteddfod, Odd fellows' Hall, Dowlais, Monday, 7th December, 1896' - programme.

Bundle of Christmas cards, with printed verses sent by John Young-Evans, 1940 and n.d.
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