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ADX/123: Postcards, Photographs and Election Manifestos

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/123
Title: Postcards and Photographs for ‘Castles in Cardiganshire’ exhibition and election manifestos for European Parliament elections in Mid and West Wales.
Date(s): 1970 - 1984
Level: Fonds
Extent: 26 items

Scope and Content

Acc. 406

Postcards and photographs purchased for 'Castles in Cardiganshire' exhibition, Summer 1983

1. Photograph of the portion of the Bayeux tapestry depicting the motte and bailey castle of Bayeux.

2. Photograph of a portion of the Bayeux tapestry depicting a motte and bailey castle under siege

3. Aerial photograph of Castell Meurig, supplied by Dyfed Archaeological Trust

4. Postcard of St. David's College, Lampeter, showing the Castle Mound

5. Postcard of Aberystwyth Castle

6. Postcard of Harlech Castle

7. Reconstruction of Aberystwyth Castle, by Jack Spurgeon (National Monuments Record)

8. Plan of Aberystwyth Castle, by Jack Spurgeon (National Monuments Record)

9. Xerox copy of a survey of Aberystwyth Castle, 1343 (PRO E/163/4/42)

10. Drawing of medieval siege weapons

11. Drawing of a medieval battle scene

12 - 19. Postcards

12. Edward, The Black Prince (colour)

13. Edward, The Black Prince (black and white)

14. Funeral Achievements of The Black Prince

15. Henry V

16. Oliver Cromwell

17. Oliver Cromwell

18. George Monk, first duke of Albemarle

19. Armour and weapons of the English Civil War


20. Postcard, 'I've forgotten all about Work at Aberystwyth'

21. Programme for Lampeter Centenary Celebrations
10-17 June 1984

22-26. Election Manifestos, European Parliamentary Elections, 14th June 1984, Mid and West Wales constituency

22. David Morris, Labour

23. Phil Williams, Plaid Cymru

24. David Lewis, Conservative

25. David Lloyd, Liberal/SDP Alliance

26. Marilyn Smith, Ecology
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