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ADX/180: Deeds and documents

Acc. 616

Ref: ADX/180

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/180
Title: Details of Mortgages, Agreements and Tenancy Correspondence in Cardiganshire Area
Date(s): 1874 - 79
Level: Fonds
Extent: 12 items

Scope and Content

1. Particulars and conditions of sale of freehold estates in the parishes of Llandysul, Llanarth, Llanwenog, Llandissiliogogo, Llangeler, Llanfihangel ar Arth and Llanfairorllwyn, forming part of the Alltyrodyn and Castle Howell estates; for sale by auction.
30 September 1874

2. Agreement by Simon Jones of Rhydyfene pa. Llandysul, to take all that said farm, being part of the Pantydefaid estate belonging to John Thomas of Llanfair, upon a yearly tenancy from 29 September 1876, at a rent of £35 p.a.
29 September 1876

3. Similar agreement by John Jones of Fronwen, to take the said farm at a rent of £40 p.a.
30 September 1876

4. Requisitions on title, Goodwin and Thomas, and draft requisitions
27 February 1879

1. John Thomas of Llanfair pa., Llandysul, esq.
2. John Henry Herbert Goodwin of Jesus College, Cambridge, resident fellow
Premises formerly known as Bailybach, now known as Rhyd y Fene
Consideration: £1000
Term: one year
8 March 1879

1. Sir Albert Johnstone Lawrence of Fox Hills, Chertsey, K.C.B., General in H.M. Army, and Rev. Egerton Douglas Hammond, clk in holy orders

2. John Thomas of Llanfair

3. John Henry Herbert Goodwin of Jesus College, Cambridge
Cost for production of deeds
8 March 1879

7. Memorandum of [3] above, to be endorsed upon a reconveyance of 23 January 1877 and release dated 16 March 1877

8. Notice from the solicitors of John Thomas of his intention to pay off the principal sum and interest due under the indenture of 8 March 1879, within 6 months.
9 August 1879

9. Notice on behalf of John Henry Herbert Goodwin of Jesus College, Cambridge, under an indenture of 8 March 1879, to Simon Jones, in the occupation of Rhydyfene, of the mortgage of 8 March 1879, and demand for rent due in respect of the said property to John Thomas
15 October 1879

10. Bill of Costs, John Henry Herbert Goodwin and John Thomas
18 December 1879

11. Schedule of deeds and documents handed over by John Henry Herbert Goodwin of Jesus College, Cambridge, esq., to John Thomas of Llanfair, upon payment of the mortgage upon Rhydyfene and Gly, otherwise known as Tyre y Glyn, for £1000
23 December 1879

12. Correspondence concerning the mortgage of the Pantydefaid estate
January-December 1879
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