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ADX/192: Deeds (Cardigan)

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Ref: ADX/192

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/192
Title: Deeds and related papers relating to various properties in Cardigan
Date(s): 1824 - 1925
Level: Fonds
Extent: 18 items

Scope and Content

The deeds and related papers listed below as ADX 192/1-18, and spanning the period 1824-1925, presumably passed to Miss Evans from her father, Jonathan Evans, the postmaster at Cardigan throughout the 1880s - (1920s?). He was the nephew of Lewis Jones (see 192/4-7), postmaster at Cardigan during the 1860s and early 1870s, and the grand-nephew of Jonathan Jones (see 192/1-4).

These records relate to various properties within the town of Cardigan: in the High Street, in Chancery Lane, St Mary's Street and Quay Street. Particularly mentioned are those premises in the High Street later to become the post-office, with the property (now demolished) at the rear, in Chancery Lane.

There seemed, upon deposit, little order to the records although 192/16-18 were found together in a envelope addressed to Jonathan Evans. All the records are now arranged chronologically.

1. LEASE for one year [release missing]
1. Thomas Davies of Bridge Street, Cardigan, merchant, Thomas Davies of the same, mariner, and Mary his wife
2. Jonathan Jones of Cardigan, sailmaker
of a messuage and garden formerly in the occupation of Evan Lewis, since of George White, mariner, also of Jenkin Thomas, excise officer, after of Ann Thomas, widow and now of 2., situated in Heol y groes otherwise High Street, Cardigan, with a stable, once part of the above messuage but now converted into a dwelling house "formerly in the occupation of Evan Lewis, then Thomas Lewis, yeoman, after John Harry, carpenter and now of Judith Harries, widow, situated in Sintor's [Chancery] Lane, Cardigan.
Consideration : £55
Annual Rent : Peppercorn
12 March 1824

2. BOND in £60
1. Jonathan Jones of Cardigan, sailmaker
2. Thomas Davies of Bridge Street, Cardigan, mariner, and Mary his wife
to secure payment of an annuity of £4 4s to 2. Recites conveyance by lease and release of even date with this bond [parties as in 192/1] wherein Jonathan Jones purchases the [mortgaged] property [see 192/1] from Thomas Davies and his wife Mary for £248 paid to Thomas Davies, merchant [the mortgagee] and for the said annuity to Thomas and Mary Davies [the mortgagor].
Endorsed : A note of receipt, dated 8 September 1846, of the annuity until Ladyday 1846 by Mary Davies.
13 March 1824

1. Oliver Lloyd of Cardigan, esq. and Sarah Elizabeth Gertrude, his wife
2. Jonathan Jones of Cardigan, sailmaker
of a parcel of ground whereon 2. has lately erected a messuage and outhouses and whereon is also a dwelling house (lately occupied by Judith Harries) now in the occupation of 2., all in the High Street, Cardigan.
Recites that 1. inherited the property from his father, Thomas Lloyd, of Coedmore, co. Cardigan, esq., deceased.
Consideration : £15
27 January 1836

4. SETTLEMENT, being a RELEASE [lease missing]
1. John Jones of Newquay, sailmaker (eldest son of Jonathan Jones (deceased)
2. Mrs Mary Jones, widow
3. John Jones of Cardigan, druggist (trustee for 2.)
a messuage situated in High Street, lately occupied by Jonathan Jones dec., and now by Mary Jones, widow, and also a messuage called The White Horse situated in a lane called The Black Lion Lane, adjoining at the rear of the above premises, in the occupation of James Jones, victualler, and also of a messuage and garden in St Mary's Lane now in the occupation of John Davies, carpenter, all in the town of Cardigan (being the real estate left by Jonathan Jones decd) to the use of 2. for life and thereafter to the use of Jonathan Jones' children namely: John Jones of Newquay, sailmaker, Lewis Jones, Mary Evans (wife of David Evans, master mariner), Eliza Jones, Catherine Jones, Hannah Jones, Jane and Sarah Jones (all to be tenants in common).
2. covenants to supply household furniture for 1. and £100 to Lewis Jones upon his marriage.
Consideration : 10s.
Recites that Jonathan Jones died on the 1 December 1843, and the terms of a lease dated 12 February 1844.
13 February 1844

1. Anne Jones of Kilgerran, Pembroke, spinster Anna Jones of the same, spinster (surviving heirs of William Jones)
2. John Jones of Newquay, co. Cardigan, sailmaker, Mary Evans of Cardigan, widow, Lewis Lewis of the same, draper and his wife Catherine, Thomas Griffiths, master mariner and his wife Hannah, John Evans of Newquay, druggist and his wife, Jane, the Rev. William Richards of Penrhywderdraeth, co. Merioneth, clerk, and his wife Sarah
3. Lewis Jones of Cardigan, postmaster
[c.f. property in 192/4] a messuage in High Street formerly in the occupation of Mary Jones and now of Lewis Jones, and also a messuage formerly called The White Horse and now The Golden Lion in Black Lion Lane [Chancery Lane] formerly in the occupation of Joseph Wilson, victualler and now of Elizabeth Higgon widow, and also a messuage in St Mary's Lane formerly in the occupation of John Davies, carpenter and now of James Evans, mariner, all in Cardigan.
Consideration : £750
Recites a mortgage dated 4 May 1852 between 1. Mary Jones, widow, 2. Jonathan Jones' children (and various husbands) and 3. Rev. Daniel Davies, Thomas Windsor and William Jones (mortgagees) for £350 of the property [as in 192/4]; and also recites that the mortgage was satisfied on 11 September 1866 but that the property was not reconveyed and also recites the deaths of John Walters (died 16 December 1854), his wife Eliza Walters (3 December 1860) (having first devised her interest in the property to her mother,
Mary Jones, for life and then to 2.) David Evans (30 October 1865), Thomas Windsor (9 January 1856), Daniel Davies (18 January 1867), William Jones (27 January 1867) and Mary Jones, widow (1 May 1867).
In margin : Note of receipt of £750 and also notes of examination of Catherine Lewis, Hannah Griffiths, Sarah Richards and Jane Evans, concerning the contents of the above, dated 17 June 1867 and 26 August 1867.
Appended : Examined copies of Certificates of Acknowledgements of Deeds by Married Women of Catherine Lewis, Hannah Griffiths and Sarah Richards dated 17 June 1867 and of Jane Evans, dated 26 August 1867 by two [named] Commissioners for Cardiganshire for taking above acknowledgements.
17 June 1867

6. PROBATE OF WILL (dated 6 December 1871) of Lewis Jones of Cardigan, postmaster, devising all his real and personal estate (except for some few bequests) to his brother, John Jones and his sisters, Mary Evans, Catherine Lewis, Jane Evans and Sarah Richards in one sixth shares, the remaining sixth share to be invested by his executors at 5%, the interest to be given to his sister, Hannah Griffiths, remainder to his nephew, John Lewis, remainder to his brother and sisters above.
Recites that Lewis Jones died on 17 March 1874. Probate granted to John Jones and Rev. William Richards of the Vicarage, Penrhyndeudraeth.
In Margin : 'Affidavit of due execution filed', signed by J. Jenkyn Jones, the District Registrar.
Endorsed : "Effects twice sworn under one thousand pounds', signed by a [named] officer of the Inland Revenue.
Also endorsed with registry no. 6439/74.
[c.f. 192/8 for description of real estate]
11 July 1874

7. CASE for Opinion of Counsel regarding the estate of Lewis Jones, being a list of questions asked by Jenkins and Evans [solicitors] of Cardigan, and answers supplied by Leonard Field of Lincoln's Inn.
22 September 1874

1. John Jones of Newquay, sailmaker
2. Catherine Lewis of 8, High Street, Cardigan, widow
3. John Evans of Newquay, chemist, and his wife, Jane
4. Rev. William Richards of Cemaes Rectory, co. Montgomery, clerk and his wife, Sarah
5. John Jones and William Richards (executors of will of Lewis Jones [c.f. 192/6]
6. Hannah Griffiths of Quay Street, Cardigan, widow
7. John Lewis, of 8, High Street, Cardigan, sailmaker
8. John Jones, Catherine Lewis, John Evans, Jane Evans, William Richards and Sarah his wife
9. Mary Evans of 50, Pendre, Cardigan, widow
of a messuage in High Street, formerly in the occupation of Mary Jones, widow, since of Lewis Jones decd, and now of Elizabeth Evans, postmistress, and also a messuage formerly called The White Horse but now better known as The Golden Lion situated in The Black Lion Lane and adjoining the back premises of the above messuage, formerly in the occupation of Joseph Wilson, victualler and now of Elizabeth Higgon, widow, and also a messuage and garden in St Mary's Lane formerly in the occupation of John Davies, carpenter, since of James Evans, mariner and now of James Davies, mariner,
all in Cardigan.
Consideration : £750
Endorsed: Five notes of receipt of £150.
Also endorsed were acknowledgements of the above grant by Sarah Richards (dated 2 December 1874) and Jane Evans (dated 16 February 1875).
Attached: Two examined copies of certificates for taking acknowledgement of deeds by married women for the above Mrs Richards and Mrs Evans - dated as above.
7 November 1874

9. EXTRACT from the District Register of Letters of Administration of Mary Evans, late of 26, High Street, Cardigan, decd. , granted to two of her children, David and Jonathan Evans.
Recites that Mary Evans, widow, died on 28 October 1888.
16 November 1888

10. RECEIPTED ACCOUNT of Successions to Real or Leasehold Property (being on Inland Revenue form for the assessment of death or succession duty) re. the estate of Mary Evans decd. [c.f. 192/9] namely:
a freehold messuage, no. 26 High Street, in the occupation of Jonathan Evans, a yearly tenant paying annually £20 in rent, and also a freehold messuage called The Golden Lion in Black Lion Lane [Chancery Lane] in the occupation of Margaret Williams, a yearly tenant paying annually £8, and also a freehold cottage and small garden, no. 31, St Mary's Lane [St Mary's Street] in the occupation of James Evans, mariner, a yearly tenant paying annually £4.
Recites that David Evans of Spring Gardens, Newport, Pembrokeshire, master mariner (born 3 December 1838) is the successor to the above estate.
Succession Duty = 1.5%
Endorsed : Note of receipt of £4 16s. as duty.
5 January 1889

11. RECEIPTED BILL dated November 1888, from Jenkins and Evans [solicitors] of Cardigan to Jonathan Evans, postmaster of Cardigan for £9 10s. being legal charges arising from Jonathan Evans's purchase of freehold premises at Cardigan from Captain David Evans for £900.
4 September 1889

12/1. LETTER from F.W. Child, architect of Quay Street, Carmarthen, to Jonathan Evans, esq. of the post office, Cardigan, re. the specifications for the 'new buildings' [of the post office, Cardigan] sent with this letter with a duplicate copy.
7 June 1904

12/2. SPECIFICATION of Proposed Additions/Alterations to the General Post Office, High Street, Cardigan, prepared by F.W. Child, architect and surveyor. Sent with a covering letter [c.f. 192/12/1] to Jonathan Evans, postmaster, Cardigan.
In Margins : Small technical sketches.
June 1904

12/3. Duplicate of 192/12/2.
June 1904

13. ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT and Schedule of Conditions of Building
Contract between
1. Jonathan Evans esq. of Cardigan
2. John Williams and Son, builders of Felingunllo, Cardigan
for executing alterations and additions to the Post Office building situated in High Street, Cardigan.
Consideration : £588 10s.
Recites F.W. Child of 2, Quay Street Carmarthen as architect .
Margin : Proposed date of completion is 20 November 1904
Drawn up: 25 July 1904
Signed and Witnessed: 17 August 1904

14. Counterpart LEASE for 21 years from Ladyday 1905 between
1. Jonathan Evans, of 26, High Street, Cardigan, postmaster
2. Rt. Hon. Edward George Villers Stanley, C.B. , (commonly called Lord Stanley, His Majesty's Postmaster-General)
of a piece of Land on High Street, Cardigan with the messuage thereon, no. 26 High Street or The Cardigan Post Office now in the occupation of 1.
Annual Rent : £75.
6 March 1905

15. PARTICULARS FOR SALE BY AUCTION and CONDITIONS OF SALE at the Black Lion Hotel, Cardigan by John Evans, of Lots 3 and 4; 3 being a freehold messuage with garden, no. 22 Quay Street now in the occupation of Miss Ayling, a yearly tenant and 4 being a messuage and garden, no. 23 Quay Street now in the occupation of George Bisgood, a yearly tenant, both in
Subscription to the effect that the vendors are trustees selling under a power.
Endorsed: A memorandum of receipt of deposit (10% of the purchase price) £25 for the purchase of lots 3 and 4 by Elizabeth Evans.
31 August 1911
16. OFFER TO LET PREMISES by Jonathan Evans of Drenewydd, Cardigan to H.M. Postmaster-General, namely; a house, no. 26 High Street and Golden Lion Cottage, Chancery Lane, both in Cardigan, for 21 years from 25 March 1926 at annual rent of £140 or £120 until vacant possession of the cottage is given.
18 June 1925

17. LETTER from the Surveyor's Dept., G.P.O. (South Wales District) to Jonathan Evans esq. re. Cardigan Post Office, formally accepting [Jonathan Evans's] offer [c.f. 192/16] of a lease.
2 July 1925

18. LETTER from the Surveyor, G.P.O., to Jonathan Evans esq. re. Cardigan Post Office, formally accepting the revised offer (dated 22 September 1925) to let 26 High Street for annual rent of £120 and the option to let Golden Lion Cottage for a term expiring on the same date [as that of the 21 years term commencing 25 March 1926 - c.f. 192/16] from the date of vacant possession for an additional rent of £20 p.a..
9 November 1925

NOTE: ADX 192/16-18 were contained in an envelope addressed to Jonathan Evans, Esq., Drenewydd, Cardigan, and marked in pencil: 'copy of acceptance of renewal of Lease by surveyor July 1925' (i.e. no. 17).
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