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ADX/245: Bwlch-y-blaen, Ysbyty Ystwyth

Acc. 767

Ref: ADX/245

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/245
Title: Documents relating to Bwlch-y-blaen
Date(s): 1849 - 70
Level: Fonds
Extent: 3 items

Scope and Content

1. MORTGAGE [demise for 500 years] of all the messuage and lands known as Bwlch-y-blaen, pa. Ysbytty Ystwyth, for £40 at 5%. William Shelby of Bwlch-y-blaen, pa. Ysbytty Ystwyth, miner to Edward Jones of Hafodgau, pa. Ysbytty Ystwyth, farmer.
13 June 1849

2. CONVEYANCE OF EQUITY OF REDEMPTION of Bwlch- y-blaen, pa. Ystbytty Ystwyth. William Shelby of Tynewydd, pa. Ysbytty Ystwyth, miner to Edward Jones of Hafodgau, in the same parish. Consideration: £40.
3 November 1851

3. Probate of the will of Edward Jones of Hafodgau, pa Ysbytty Ystwyth. Beneficiaries include his son David; his son Evan, Edward son of his son Evan; his daughter Mary [who inherits Bwlch-y-blaen]; grandson Edward Davies; Mary Jane Davies of Hafodgau; grand-daughter Elizabeth Davies; grand-daughter Margaret Jones, daughter of his son John; Elizabeth Jones, sister of Margaret Jones; Mary Ann, also sister of Margaret
Will made 14 December 1868, proved 17 May 1870.

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