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ADX/710/1: Photographs, Rowlands family


Ref: ADX/710/1

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/710/1
Title: Photographs, Rowlands family of Aberystwyth
Date(s): 1904-1920s approx
Level: Series
Extent: 1 album and 3 loose photographs.
Scope and Content: Photograph album belonging to the Rowlands family who kept a butcher's shop in North Parade, Aberystwyth between the two World Wars. Also three additional loose photographs.

Photograph album, hard brown cover with gold embossed title 'Photographs' and stylised rural scene. Inside front cover, 'R & Ll Rowlands, 9 North Parade, Aberystwyth, Wales'. Two photographs per page, also contains three loose items (see ADX/710/1/2 below).

Album cover

Owners inscription, inside front cover

1. Two views of unidentified car with Birmingham registration number (OE 5224, issued in 1919), in one parked in Alma Rd., Levenshulme, Grand Cinema in background.

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2. Upper: Grand Cinema, Levenshulme (built 1913, closed 1957).
Lower: view featuring shop staff, woman and two men in overalls, one man mounted on horse outside George Wilkinson's shop, probably Great Darkgate end of North Parade, Aberystwyth (see pp. 3, 6, 16-17).

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3. Upper: woman in shop overalls petting dog in street, presumably North Parade/Great Darkgate St., Aberystwyth (see pp. 2, 16-17).
Lower: woman at back door with dog (same as p. 10).

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4. Upper: car (registration EJ 504) on moorland road or track, male driver and two female passengers. EJ 504 was a Chevrolet, first registered to Frederick J.S. Lillington of Tycnwc Bungalow, Llanilar on 8 April 1920 and transferred first to D. Williams, 47 Cambrian Street, Aberystwyth (later 5 Crynfryn Buildings, Aberystwyth) on 3 February 1921, next to Elizabeth Ann Theophilus of Tanygarreg, Llanbadarn on 24 April 1924, and finally to Reggie Hughes (no address given) on 4 July 1924.
Lower: similar car, male driver, three female passengers, one dismounted.

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5. Upper: woman on Aberystwyth North Beach;
Lower: dog at railings (same as p.14).

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6. Rowlands butchers with male staff (see pp. 2, 16-17), premises now Slater's Bakery, at the Great Darkgate end of North Parade, Aberystwyth.
Lower: horse and carriage at show or similar event, at Capel Bangor, ?school in background (see p. 7).

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7. Two views of Capel Bangor event (see p. 6).

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8. Two views of guests at large chalet or Alpine style hotel.
Upper: informal snapshot, woman walking towards camera.
Lower: posed group, including woman from above (See p. 9 below).

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9. Upper: similar group at hotel (see p. 8 above).
Lower: bespectacled woman on motorcycle with Glamorgan registration (TG190).

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10. Upper: man in cap flanked by women in hats, posed on Aberystwyth seafront, Queen's Hotel in background.
Lower: dog against wall (same as p.3).

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11. Snapshots taken in upper Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth.
Upper: woman walking along pavement.
Lower: family group, man preparing to light cigarette.

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12. Upper: woman walking along pavement, presumably Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth.
Lower: view along North Parade, Aberystwyth.

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13. Upper: woman seated on deck of pleasure boat.
Lower: two women, possibly nurses, seated in garden.

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14. Upper: dog in street (same as p. 5). Probably not Aberystwyth; a large church can be made out at the end of the street.
Lower: child in back garden (same location as pp.15 below, 18-19; child also features in pp. 20-21, ?23).

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15. Upper: large house, 'Hilbrae' (not located).
Lower: toy car being driven by dog. The car has a London registration number (LB 3067).

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16. Two snapshots of man in shopkeeper's apron (see pp. 2, 6), possibly in Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth.

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17. Posed snapshots of woman and man, dressed for shop, outside Rowlands Family Butchers at the Great Darkgate end of North Parade, Aberystwyth (see pp. 2, 3, 6).

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18. Two snapshots of child and dog with toy car (see pp. 14, 15, 19-21, 23?).

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19. Snapshot of child and dog with toy car (see pp. 14, 18, 20-21, 23?).

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20. Two posed views of three young children (see pp. 14, 18-19, 21, 23?).

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21. Upper: man holding head of horse harnessed to buggy.
Lower: family group photograph (includes children from p. 20), 'up the woodlands' in ink on reverse.

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22. Upper: interior, woman with aspidistra;
Lower: infant posed in car. Reverse has stamp of Baynes, Photographer of Manton, Michigan, and handwritten, '?Weland Charles Bostick U.S.9 (Highway 9 runs north-south through New England).

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23. Two pictures of child (possibly same as p.14) in scout uniform first posed on lawn and then by rockery of back garden.

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Loose contents of above photograph album.

1. Postcard: six men or boys in aprons posed in yard. Sent from Bridlington to Miss F. Wendle of Castle Dyke, Barton on Humber, Lincs.
'Dear Aunt Florrie & Grandad
I write these few lines hoping you are in the health as it leaves me at Present I send Photo with Wishes from Willie'
2 September 1904

Postcard to Aunt Florrie

2-3. Two snaps of Rowlands family butchers, premises, now Slater's Bakery (est. 1933), at Great Darkgate end of North Parade, Aberystwyth.

The shop

The shop

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