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ADX/710/2: Photographs, Ena Parry of Llidiardau


Ref: ADX/710/2

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/710/2
Title: Photographs, Ena Parry, Plas Llidiardau
Date(s): 1904-1920s approx
Level: Series
Extent: 4 files

Scope and Content: Photographs taken by or belonging to Ena Parry of Plas Llidiardau, Llanilar; negatives and prints. The earliest record a 1911 visit to Eastbury House, Watford, although most appear to have been taken from 1914 and into the 1920s. Early images document a life of active leisure, showing horses, hunt meets and fishing expeditions, puppy shows and Oxford Eights Week. Fishing expeditions may have been to Anglers' Retreat as well as to the reservoir above Craignant, Ponterwyd. Visits were also made to Llandrindod and the Elan Valley. Ena's Morgan runabout (1915-16) features in several photographs, as does her brother's briefly owned Triumph motorcycle (1914). Later photographs include several that appear to chronicle service with the Women's Land Army (in operation from 1915), as well as two of soldiers, one recuperating at Ras-el-Tin, Alexandria.

The collection centres on a negative album (ADX/710/2/1). It seems likely that negatives selected for this album came from some of the thirteen photographic wallets also included (ADX/710/2/2), whilst some were later extracted in order to procure contact prints (ADX/710/2/3/8-25). There are also two cartes de visite, one of George William Parry III, father of Ena, the other of a dead child (ADX/710/2/3/1-2), and a glass negative of a scenic view (ADX/710/2/4).

The Parrys were an ancient Ceredigion family resident from 1739 at Llidiardau, where the present house was built in 1854 in a plain Gothic style for George William Parry II (1811-1874). His son, George William III (1852-1927) was a JP and was High Sheriff in 1885. He married Emma Charlotte Marriott, who later lived at 'Gates', Aberystwyth. His children were George William Randolph Marriott (1885-1974), Thomas Rufus (1888-1963), Ena Elizabeth Penelope (1894-1983). On the night of the 1891 Census the family were lodging at Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth. Ten years later they were at home with George W.R.M., then an Oxford student, their establishment then consisting of a cook, parlour maid, dairymaid, housemaid and gardener. Both George W.R.M. and his brother Rufus served in WWI, when their father was notably unwilling to recruit local youths. Ena was Llanilar's first female car driver and smoker. The estate was sold in 1956.
Source: Francis Jones, Historic Cardiganshire Homes and Their Families, 2nd ed. (2000), 178-9.

Ras-el-Tin, Alexandria, was one of several convalescent hospitals in Egypt catering for casualties of the Dardanelles and from elsewhere across the Mediterranean theatre. Built on the very seafront, overlooking the harbour, it is thought to have been the summer palace of the ex-Khedive Abbas II.

The motor vehicles featured in Ena's photographs include the following that were registered in Cardiganshire:

EJ 147 - Triumph 4hp (200lbs): Thomas Rufus Parry, Llidiarte, 16 February 1914 to 15 July 1914
EJ 182 - Ford 20hp two-seater: R.D. Williams, Veterinary Surgeon, Aberystwyth,
7 April 1914; later re-registered to Ena Parry.
EJ 219 - Morgan runabout two-seater: Miss Ena Parry, Llidiarte, 31 May 1915, sold to Leslie Watkins of Caradog Road, Aberystwyth 05 April 1916
EJ 826 - Morris Cowley four-seater: Miss Shirley Smith of Penynant, Aberystwyth, 6 March 1922

Film Negative Album, with snap cover, numbered tissue sleeves and subject key. Black cameo template loose in front cover. Subject key notes are given in inverted commas; entries for empty sleeves are in round brackets.

1. Views of house (x 2): 'Llydiardau House x 2'.
2. Two of groups of three and one of a single woman in garden: 'Hoel, Molly & Rufus x 3'.
3. Woman in riding costume in garden: 'Mrs ?Ennington'
4. Two images of women with dogs and seats in garden: 'Molly, Doris, Min x 2'.
5. Boat race: 'Oxford Eights'.
6. Man with horses: 'Rilty & Slipaway'.
7. One of (back) drive, two of fishing party at lake (Angler's Retreat?): Lady P.N. ... x 2'
(8. 'Back Drive')
9. Seated woman with furry beast in garden: D.B. & cat'.
10. Boat race: 'Pembroke crew'.
11. Three of family group under rustic veranda with bicycles: group '?Ponterwyd x 3'.
12. St John's College, Oxford
13. Fishing party afloat: self & no... on Craignant' (probably Craignant-mawr, near Ponterwyd).
14. Man with horses on drive: 'Rilty & Slipaway'.
15. St. John's College Oxford.
16. 'Front & back drives'.
17. 'Deer from Magdalene'.
18. Boat race with boaters: 'Oxford Eights, Magdelene'.
(19. 'Gold Flake')
20. Fisher person in boat: 'self Graignant fishing'.
20a. Woman in garden
20b. Rider on dappled horse at gate
21. Rider on horse outside house: 'Mrs Ennington on Jonah'.
22. Upland landscape: 'view Graignant'.
23. Horse in stable yard: 'Rilty'.
24. Two of group with horse and dog: 'A.S. & self on Ponty x 2'.
25. Woman fishing in boat: 'Slun... fishing'.
26. Women with butter churn and woman with bee hive: 'Slun... & self beeing'.
27. Man on motorcycle EJ 147 (February - July 1914): 'Rufus on Motor bicycle'.
29. Chauffeur driven motor car: 'Sunbeam'.
30. Horse in stable yard: 'Kilty'.
31. Cat on window sill: 'Cat on Window'.
32. Elderly woman, with stick, in garden: 'E.C.P. on front'.
33. Equestrian: 'Miss Harman on Expense'.
34. Group photograph with tennis rackets: 'N.C.T.C. Team'.
35. Woman with cat in garden: 'Nurse with John'.
36. Equestrian: 'Mrs. E. & Jonah'.
37. Dog on chair: '?Nim on chair'.
38. Dog on lawn: 'ditto on croquet ground'.
(39. [crossed out:] 'Self outside Dolau; Rilty & self')
(40. 'Dolau')
41. Puppy show: 'Puppy Show, Mrs. Hughes'.
42. Puppy show: 'Puppy Show.'
43. Puppy show: 'Puppy Show, Miss Harman'
44. Puppy show: 'Puppy Show, Sir Edward'.
45. Motorcycle receding down drive: 'Rufus on motor ?starting'.
46. Horse and rider by house: 'Rilty & George'.
47. Horse in stable yard (x 5): 'Rilty 3'.
48. Front of Plas Dolau mansion (Llanbadarn)
(49. [crossed out:] 'Mary Jane & Baby 4')
(50. [crossed out:] 'Tennis match 4')
(51. [crossed out:] 'B.W.S. & Mr Atkins')
52. Entrance and porch, to Llydiardau: 'The Jaguar'.
(53. 'B.W.S. in car')
54. Woman on porch steps: 'Mrs. Stapledon'.
(55. [crossed out:] 'Self')
(56. [crossed out:] 'Hounds Furnace B.')
57. Equestrian (x 2): 'Miss N.'
(58. [crossed out:] 'G.H.C.')
59. Woman in riding costume: 'Self astride coat'.
60. Cat rolling on lawn: 'Kitten'.
61. Picnic party: 'Mrs S. Rufus, Anglers'.
62. Fishing party in boat: 'Mrs S. & Rufus'.
(63. 'Mollies M. & R')
(64. 'Fal... & Rufus')
(65. 'M. & Rufus')
66. Morgan runabout EJ 219, which was owned by Miss Ena Parry, between May 1915 and April 1916 (x 3): 'The Morgan 4'.
67. Morgan runabout EJ 219 (x 3): 'Self in ditto 3'.
(68. [crossed out:] 'Cadman in Morgan 2')
69. Horse and foal (x 2): 'Molly & Foal 2'.
70. Equestrian in stable yard: 'Bill on Peter'.
71. Four women in town house garden: 'Group J.R.C. & Co.'
72. Woman in garden: 'June'.
(73. 'Rufus & Morgan 2')
(74. 'Mountain scene')
75. Hunt meet: 'Hounds Nanteos. Miss N. x 3'
76. At the meet (x 2): 'Miss N. on Sp... P... x 2'
77. Women camping with bell tents (x 2): 'Picnic - Wallog - Clarach x 2'.
(78. Lunch Bryncarnedd. N.R. & Miss E. x 2')
(79. 'N.K')
80. Women camping with bell tents: 'Miss Evans & self, view of stag x 2'.
81. Women hoeing field: 'Hoeing, Llwynyscuborwell x 2'.
82. Women with hoes in field: 'D.W.S. h..., Griffith x 2'.
(83. [crossed out: 'ditto hoeing')
84. Women's farm work party with farmer and horse (x 4): 'Stone picking, Pensarn x 4'.
85. Couple on Llydiardau porch: 'D.W.S. & R.G.S.'
86. Woman with Ford car EJ 182, owned by R.D. Williams, veterinary surgeon of Aberystwyth from April 1914: 'Self & car'.
87. Woman on Llydiardau porch: 'B.W.S.'
88. Puppy show at Gogerddan (x 5): 'Puppy Show 1916 x 5'.
89. Women at Llandrindod (x 2): 'Llandrindod x 5'.
(90. [crossed out:] 'Picnic Craignant x 3')
91. Fishing party in boat: 'Aileen fishing' x 2'
(92. 'Aileen & self lunch & walking x 2')
(93. 'Aileen & self by Cottage x 2')
Loose: 4 x two women rambling and on rustic veranda.

Thirteen film wallets.

1. Will R. Rose, Kodak Supplies, Chester and Oxford.
Six sepia tinted prints: a group of three and a single woman, both in the Llidiardau garden; tennis party; rider mounted side-saddle at Llidiardau; women hoeing.
Eight prints: two of man in boat on tree-girt pool; two of fallen tree; hunt scene; dog on lake shore; ladies on mansion steps; girls and a boy seated on edge of field.
Postcard, 'Young foxes at play', sent from Cumberland to Miss Parry at 7 Glyn, Llanfarian. 'This is rather a good picture ...'
21 September 1937

2. Ensign Print Case, James A. Oakes, Bond St. Weymouth, 'Miss Parry' in ink.
Four negatives: two of women hoeing; picnic at Wallog limekiln; picnic at Clarach.

3. Ensign Print Case, James A. Oakes, Bond St. Weymouth, 'Miss Parry, Llydiardau' in pencil.
Ten snapshot negatives of pictures taken at Eastbury House, Watford: women on garden bench; women in hats by tall iron gates; woman in hat in park; garden, fountain and terrace; detail of mansion, conservatory; women playing cricket or croquet; detail of house; garden terrace; detail of house.
Two negative enlargements from above: women on a garden bench; the house, showing crow step gable and clock-tower.

4. Ensign Print Case, James A. Oakes, Bond St. Weymouth, 'Miss Parry', '1911', 'Eastbury' in pencil.
Two snapshot negatives: women with hats in mansion garden.

5. Ensign Print Case, James A. Oakes, Bond St. Weymouth, 'Miss Parry' in pencil, 'Unpaid bills' in ink.
Seven negatives: four of woman on upland cairn; three of woman in Romantic upland setting.

6. Kodak film wallet, W. Miall Jones of Aberystwyth, 'Miss Geddes Smith' in ink.
Negative of woman outside house with dog.
Twenty-nine prints: two of woman in garden; couple on porch; women with dogs in garden; woman seated with cat in garden; eight of work or camping party, includes fancy dress at Llidiardau; two of women sledging; five with legends: WWI soldier in house front garden, 'The Sergeant Major who teaches us our jobs and lives next door to me'; soldier in bush hat seated, 'In hospital at Ras-el-Tin just up! Filleted Phil the ribless wonder!!!'; woman paddling, 'Your Jenny at St Margaret's Bay Aug 1919'; 'Carlisle Market-place J.C.G.'; man with horse, 'Very fond of his master(?) look at his neck!!'; horse and buggy outside house; side-saddle rider crossing field; distant view (across valley) of farm; interior, seated elderly woman; four women on beach; four women with dog; woman seated in boat; man in same boat with pipe.

7. Kodak film wallet, R. Ellis of Aberystwyth
Three negatives: two women, bench and dog; group with shrimping nets on beach; woman fishing from boat.

8. Will R. Rose, Kodak Supplies, Chester and Oxford.
Six negatives: lake or reservoir; two of woman with dog on lake shore; woman with dog on hillside; horse in field or paddock; unidentified mansion.
Three receipts dated 19 & 24 April & 8 May, addressed to Miss Parry. The first two are addressed to Penygarreg Bungalow, Elan Valley, Rhayader, the third to Llydiardale.

9. Kodak film wallet, R. Ellis of Aberystwyth.
Twenty-one negatives: woman with dog in hedgerow; two women with hats; woman in riding costume; woman on bench; couple on balcony; man on balcony, possibly at Llandrindod hotel; dog chained to kennel; Llidiardau; two of lakeside pavilion or boathouse, Llandrindod Wells; woman with sticks; woman at angle of house; man and two women with hats; woman outside house; house; two women and two men seated on fence; woman; ruin or crag and wall; two of woman seated in garden; women in motorcar EJ 219.
Folder with single snapshot, of women at ?Eastbury, and fifteen snapshot negatives: two women on bench; man in boater on tennis court; flowers/bush; woman seated by croquet lawn; woman in large hat in boggy field; ?gardener; oddly dressed woman by croquet lawn; two women and two men lying on bank; two women, one with novelty pipe, and man by tennis court; puppy/dog show; man and woman; mixed tennis party; equestrian; woman by fence; hotel, now The Lindens, in Lindens Walk, Llandrindod; woman on balcony.
Postcard, portrait photograph of four young women by Leroi of Oxford Street.
Contact strip of aged woman in large hat walking city street.
Two annotated snapshots: Woman playing golf stroke with walking stick and dog, by [Elan valley] reservoir, 'Golf. How it should be played'; woman fishing with dog, 'Fishing. How it should be done!
Snapshot of children, 'Carol & Vincent June 1970 (dressed for Dickensian festival)'.
Receipt from Robert Ellis, Aberystwyth, 29 April 1922

10. Will R. Rose, Kodak Supplies, Chester and Oxford.
Negative, three women in hats on country lane or track.
Bill, advice booklet etc.

11. Ensign Print Case, James A. Oakes, Bond St. Weymouth, 'Miss Parry' and 'Bills' in pencil. No contents.

12. Will R. Rose, Kodak Supplies, Chester and Oxford. No contents.

13. Will R. Rose, Kodak Supplies, Chester and Oxford. No contents.

Loose material.

1. Large format carte de visite by George Luxford of Plumstead, George William Parry III 1852-1927 (identified on reverse).

2. Large format carte de visite post mortem photograph of woman or child by Martin & Sallnow of The Strand.

3. Black-edged mourning stationery, including cards for 'Miss Parry', from Rockleigh of London. Also single sheet of writing paper headed Noyadd Trefawr, Llechryd, Cardiganshire.

4. Will R. Rose, of Chester and Oxford, catalogue leaflet of photographic accessories, including Kodak film negatives album similar to ADX/710/2/1.

5. Birthday card in original envelope addressed to Miss B. Asked of 13 Woodlands Grove, Dewsbury, from Dorothy, also in Dewsbury.
5 May 1938

6. Envelope containing negatives with images of car and equestrian.

7. Envelope containing six negatives, the positives of which are amongst those following. The envelope has a sticker for Mr. and Mrs. P.E. Davis of Aberaeron and notes giving instructions for printing and enlargement of prints.

8-25. Seventeen black and white photographs, contact prints and enlargements of early twentieth century negatives.

8-9. Miss ?Ena Parry seated with camera. Two copies.

10. Woman standing, holding camera.

11. Three women seated on wooden steps.

12-14. Three photographs portraying Women's Land Army service: women hoeing; women with hoes; women with horse and cart.

15-20. Three views of Morgan runabout EJ 219, two also in enlarged format, as is additional image, including two enlarged duplicates.

21. Women, possibly mother and daughter, with maid, posed with EJ 826, a Morris Cowley four-seater registered to Miss Shirley Smith of Penynant, Aberystwyth, in March 1922.

22-23. Woman seated in car; enlarged copy of same.

24. Woman standing by EJ 182, a Ford 20hp two-seater registered to R.D. Williams, Veterinary Surgeon of Aberystwyth in April 1914

Glass negative, scenic with lake and fences.

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