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ADX/1286: Blaenwern Villa, Llangybi


Ref: ADX/1286

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1286
Title: Blaenwern Villa, Llangybi
Date(s): 1911-1956
Level: Fonds
Extent: 10 items

Scope and Content:
Photocopies of deeds relating to Blaenwern Villa in the p. of Llangybi

1. Lease of fields (formerly part of Blaenwern Villa) for 60 years. Wilmot Inglis Jones Esq. to Miss Margaret Williams and Miss Elizabeth Williams.
28 June 1911

2. Conveyance of Blaenwern Villa. Wilmot Inglis Jones to Miss Margaret Williams.
17 October 1944

3. Mortgage of Agricultural Property to secure own Account. Henry Edward Riley of Blaenwern Villa to Lloyds Bank Ltd.
17 January 1951

4. Mortgage of Agricultural Property to secure own liabilities. William Edwin Smith of Blaenwern Villa to Lloyds Bank Ltd.
16 May 1952

5. Legal Charge of Blaenwern Villa to secure £1000 with interest. Mr. W.E. Smith to Mrs. Sarah Anne Edwards.
8 December 1953

6. Abstract of the title of William Edwin Smith to Blaenwern Villa.
4 October 1954

7. Conveyance of Blaenwern Villa. W. Edwin Smith Esq. to Mrs. G. Myfanwy Oliver.
5 October 1954

8. Deposit of deeds to secure account, power of attorney and declaration of trust. Gwladys Myfanwy Oliver of Blaenwern Villa to Barclays Bank Ltd.
31 March 1955

9. Mortgage of Blaenwern Villa. Mrs. G. M. Oliver to Mr. John Jones.
24 October 1955

10. Conveyance of Blaenwern Villa. Mrs. G.M. Oliver to Mr. John Morgan.
11 October 1956
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