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ADX/1434: Howell Hughes, Broneirian, Llanbadarn Fawr

Acc. 3299

Ref: ADX/1434

Reference: [GB0212] ADX/1434
Date(s): c.1920-1968
Level: Fonds
Extent: 19 items
Scope and Content:

Photographs and other papers relating to Howell Hughes (b. 1900) of Broneirian, Llanbadarn Fawr (formerly of Ael-y-fron, Llanbadarn Fawr). He worked as a baker. During the Second World War he served in the Cardiganshire Battalion of the Home Guard.

Personal and professional papers of Howell Hughes

1. Group photograph by D.J. Lewis, Photographer, Gt. Darkgate St. Aberystwyth, taken outdoors, apparently in grounds of a house. The large group consists of young men in military uniform, and robed men and women, some in white headdresses. The women are holding palm leaves or similar. Seated at the centre a ‘king’ and ‘queen’, he robed and crowned, she in a white robe and headdress.
No date - Victorian or Edwardian

2. Howell Hughes’ Driver’s Licence, issued 1932 and renewed until 1937.

3. Howell Hughes’ Driver’s Licence, issued 1938 with renewals until c. 1968. Some pages suck together, or loose, or both.

4. Empty envelope addressed to Howell Hughes. No date.

5. Headed invoice from Thomas Powell, Tea and Provisions Merchants, Bakers and Confectioners, Aberystwyth, containing a hand-written reference for Howell Hughes who had worked with the company during the summer season in 1920.

6. Reference from W. Wynne Owen, Bakers, Grocers etc, Central Restaurant, North Parade, Aberystwyth, certifying to Howell Hughes’ excellent character and baking skills. 2 copies.

7. Communique about minimum wages in the baking trade issued by the Amalgamated Union of Operative Bakers, Confectioners and Allied Workers (Wales and Monmouthshire District) and Baking Trade Board (England and Wales)

8. Sheet containing the hymn ‘Emlyn’ with Sol-fa notation, published for the centenary celebrations of Siloh Chapel, Aberystwyth in 1963.

Home Guard

1. Mounted group photograph of “B” Company, 1st Cardiganshire Battalion Home Guard.
No date (1940s)

2. Mounted group photograph of No. 6 Platoon, “B” Company, 1st Cardiganshire Battalion Home Guard. All men are identified.
February 1944

3. Group photograph by Pickford of Aberystwyth, probably “B” Company, 1st Cardiganshire Battalion Home Guard.
n.d. [1940s]

4. Group photograph by Pickford of Aberystwyth, probably No. 6 Platoon, “B” Company, 1st Cardiganshire Battalion Home Guard.
n.d. [1940s]

5. Photograph of members of the Home Guard and a few others, some wearing lab coats, on playing fields, location uncertain. A demonstration of a piece of ?military equipment is taking place.
n.d. [1940s]

6. Another photograph of the same event as in (5) above

7. Mounted photograph depicting the instructor (Milwyn Jenkins) and pupils of The Jenkins’ School of Ju-Jitsu (Aberystwyth), amongst them Howell Hughes and other members of the Home Guard and various branches of the armed forces.
June 1943

8. National Service (Armed Forces) Certificate of Registration no. ACK 6359 of Howell Hughes.
n.d. [1940s]

9. Special Order of the Day: printed letter from Col. B. Taylor Lloyd, Commander, Cardiganshire Sector, thanking all the members of the Home Guard under his command for their service, and referring to the Final Ceremonial Parade of the Home Guard.
3 December 1944

10. Supplement to the above: message from Lieut. Col. Ernest Evans, adding his thanks and appreciation to the Sector Commander’s message.
3 December 1944

11. Message from King George to Howell Hughes, thanking him for his service in the Home Guard from 1 June 1940 to 31 December 1944.
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