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ADX/1454: Deeds relating to properties in New Quay


Ref: ADX/1454

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1454
Title: Deeds relating to properties in New Quay
Date(s): 1789, 1797, 1861
Level: Fonds
Extent: 4 items
Scope and Content:

The depositor is the 3 x great-grandson of John Evans, CRYGYFYLOG, Llanerchaeron, who acquired Penwig and Towyn, New Quay. (See Sue Passmore, Farmers & Figureheads). All notes are by Sue Passmore.

Release of Llain-y-grog farm in the parish of Llanllwchaearn, then in the occupation of Evan John.
Thomas Jones the elder of Coedstrea, Llangeler, gentleman, and his eldest son and heir, also Thomas Jones of Coedstrea to Lewis Lewis of Newcastle (Emlyn), gentleman.
7 August 1789
Consideration £126.
Notes: Lewis Lewis had already bought Neuadd, Llanllwchaearn, from the Jones family

Release and conveyance of lands in p. Llanllwchaearn.
Lewis Lewis, and Mary his wife of the first part, David William Stephenson, gentleman of Carmarthen borough, of the second part, and John Evans, gentleman, of Crygyfylog, Llanerchaeron, of the third part.
12 October 1797
Notes: The indenture recites the following transactions: 28/29th November 1791 Lewis Lewis had taken out a mortgage from Lacey Yeo for £800 plus 5 percent annual interest; in 1794 the mortgage was transferred to David Stephenson; in 1794, he owed Lacey Yeo £835, and a further sum of £64/16/- was needed so he borrowed £900 from Stephenson and repaid Yeo. Now Stephenson joins Lewis in agreeing that Llain-y-grog, which was part of the security given, shall be sold to John Evans for £240. Lewis had clearly made quite a profit on the purchase since within 8 years it was worth almost double what he paid for it. There are some puzzling questions since it was hardly even then sufficient security for £800 and the original mortgage deed with Yeo (which has not apparently survived) must have contained further land as security of which Llain-y-grog was only a part. In fact the deed refers to a fine at the Great Sessions which refers to 2,000 acres of land, but Llain-grog is quite a small farm. In 1847 in the Tithe Apportionment it was only 29 acres and did not appear independently in the Land Tax of 1798. (See Sue Passmore, Llanllwchaearn: a parish history).

Surrender of lands: part of Caebach, itself part of Tyllwyd.
David Evans, Tyllwyd, New Quay and Elias Jones, joiner of New Quay,
19 January 1861
Notes: David Evans is the grandson of John Evans referred to in ADX/1454/2 (above), and great-grandfather of the depositor.
The deed refers to an earlier indenture dated 26th December 1859, when David let a property to Elias for 60 years or the survivor of three lives, the lives being John Jones, Margaret Evans, and James Davies at an annual rent of 15/-. No relationship is indicated. But now this piece of land is sold by Elias to David Jones for £101. This seems a very odd transaction since the land was David's. It is probable Elias has built on it but it still seems quite a lot of money. The piece of land is part of a field called Caebach, being part of the farm and lands of Tyllwyd, bounded east and north by the field of Caebach, and on the south by the premises of Elias Jones and on the west by Tyllwyd ropewalk, which ran behind what became Park Street and is represented by a road today. (See 1904 OS map).

Lease of house and land in Park Street, New Quay.
David Evans, gentleman and his son David Evans to John Rees Master Mariner
12 October 1867
Notes: This is a typical lease for a building plot of the time, of a parcel of land, dwellinghouse and premises for 60 years and three lives from 19th September 1867 at 18/1 annual rent. It is on Park Street and part of the farm of Tyllwyd, with 21 foot frontage, and 90 feet back, and three feet before the front wall, which corresponds to the small front gardens which occur in Park Street at that date. The 90 feet incorporated the garden, bounded on the south side by the premises of Morgan Davies, mariner, on the west side by the Ropewalk and premises of David Evans, and on the north side by the building ground owned by David Evans, for the lives of John Rees, and his daughters: Eliza Hannah, 4 and Catherine, 6 months.

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