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ADX/1493: Papers of George M. Quan, Mayor of Lampeter


Ref: ADX/1493

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1493
Title: Papers of George M. Quan, Mayor of Lampeter
Date(s): 1937 â€" 1954
Level: Fonds
Extent: 51 items
Scope and Content:
Assorted papers concerning Mr George G. Quan, M. R.I.P.H.H., M.I.P., R.P., Mayor of Lampeter 1953 to 1954. Mr Quan had a firm, George Quan & Sons Plumbers, Sanitary and Heating Engineers, at Sanitary House, Bridge Street, Lampeter.

1. Mr Quan’s copy of a small 54 page booklet entitled Borough of Lampeter with Standing orders of the Council and Extracts from the Local Government Act 1933. Printed by the Caxton Hall Printing Co. Lampeter.
2. Within (1), two prayers (in English) for use at Council Meetings
3. Also within (1), typed proposal for a toast of the Ratepayers and with special reference to the principal Ratepayer St David’s College, wishing success for its appeal. No date.

Documents concerning the Lampeter Borough Election.
1-2. Leaflet ‘Vote for George Quan’, with details of his work as a Councillor, and plans to visit residents of the Borough. 2 copies.
3. Notice of Time and Place for the Opening of the Postal Voters Ballot Boxes, for Mr Quan of 28 Bridge Street, Lampeter
4. Notice of Time and Place for Counting Votes from the Returning Officer.

Printed invitation card of the Borough of Lampeter conferring the Freedom of the Borough on J. Ernest Lloyd. With menu and toast list.
23 June 1937

Printed invitation card of the Borough of Lampeter for the Official Opening of the Kingsmead Housing Estate by the Mayor Councillor David Evans, and a lunch at the Black Lion Royal Hotel, Lampeter.
1 October 1948

Printed invitation card for an ‘At Home’ by the Mayor Councillor Dorothy Evans a St David’s College Hall on 9 November 1946 on one side and on the other, a Concert at the Eisteddfod Marquee, Lampeter
24 July 1949

Printed invitation card from the Mayor and Mayoress of Lampeter, Councillor Rev. T. O. Williams, M. A., and his wife of Brynllewelyn, Bryn Road, to a Dinner at the Royal Oak Hotel, Lampeter
23 May 1951

Printed invitation card from Alderman E. F. Lewis, Mayor elect of Lampeter, and his wife of Llys Credd, North Road, to a Dinner at the Black Lion Hotel, Lampeter
26 May 1951

A printed invitation card with a crest from Alderman D. L. Jones of Falcondale, Home Farm, Mayor Elect of Lampeter, and his wife, to his installation ceremony at the Town hall, and a Dinner at the Black Lion Hotel, Lampeter
22 May 1952

ADX/1493/9 A printed invitation card with a crest from The Reverend Principal and Members of the College Board to Alderman and Mrs G. G. Quan to a Garden Party in the College Grounds in connection with Degree Day.
27 June 1952

Printed folded leaflet in black, red and white by the British Legion with a picture of a poppy and black and white photographs inside; ‘How your Poppy pays its way’ with details of the costs of Employment, Homes, Housing and Direct Aid

Typed letter from the Mayor, D. L. Jones requesting donations to a Rag by the St David’s students in aid of a Flood Disaster Fund. Two copies.
13 February 1953

Documents concerning the construction of houses on the Millfield site in Lampeter, with details of costs. The first home was handed over in July 1953.
July to November 1953

Letter from E. Ivor Harris the Hon. Secretary of the Cardiganshire Association for the Blind with congratulations on Mr Quan’s election as Mayor of Lampeter. He was to be elected as Vice-President of the Association. With a list of the Committee members.
22 May 1953

ADX/1493/14/1 â€" 8
Documents concerning the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
1. Letter to the Mayor from H. E. Evans, Mayoress 1905-6 and 1927 -8, thanking him for his greetings on the occasion of the Coronation, and wishing him a happy year in office.
2. Card to Mr G. G. Quan from C. Bayley, Fairmead, Bryn Road, thanking him for his greetings on the occasion of the Coronation, dated 30 May 1953.
3. Letter to the Mayor, Mayoress and Town Council from Mrs Charles Hope, an elderly invalid thanking him for his beautiful card on the occasion of the Coronation.
4. Small printed booklet with the Order of Mass for the Evening of 1 June 1953 before the Coronation.
5. Printed leaflet in black and blue with the arms of Lampeter with ‘A Coronation Message of Sympathy and Good Wishes from the people of Lampeter’ from the Mayor G. G. Quan for people who for reasons of illness could not take part in the Coronation celebrations. Partly in Welsh and with some rhymes. Three copies.
6. Typed list of the events at the Coronation Carnival on Wednesday June 3 1953.
7. Typed copy of the Route of the Lampeter Carnival.
8. A letter to the Town Clerk of Lampeter, Mr Lloyd, from the Director of Education J. Henry Jones, who will supply a further 240 Coronation Mugs. 20 June 1953.

Letter to the Mayor from W. J. Lewis of Walker’s Commercial Hotel Lampeter with a cheque for £1 (not present) to cancel an I.O.U. and thanking him for a most enjoyable dance.
3 June 1953

ADX/1493/16/1- 8 Documents concerning the Mayor’s Dinner and Mayor’s Ball.
1. Printed invitation to the Mayor’s Dinner at the Black Lion Royal Hotel, Lampeter on 23 May 1953 with a menu and toast list with the names of the proposers (three copies).
2. Printed card with silver text and the town arms an Invitation to the Mayor’s Ball at the Victoria Hall Lampeter on Friday 4 December 1953 (six copies)
3. Letter from the Alderman Quan to the Secretary of the Junior Common Room of St. David’s College, Lampeter with details of tickets for students.
4. Bill for 50 posters from J. D. Lewis & Son, Ltd. Gomerian Press, Llandyssul, Cardiganshire. 24 November 1953
5. Letter from the Mayor accepting the terms for caterings at the Ball from Messrs. L. M. Herbert & Sons of the Dolwar Cafe Blue Street, Carmarthen. 21 November 1953.
6. Letter from Messrs. Herbert confirming the acceptance of their catering. 26 November 1953
7. Documents concerning the hiring of the Jack Thomas, Embassy Dance Orchestra, from J. H. Thomas, 3 Red Street, Carmarthen.
8. Printed billhead of Geo. Quan & Sons with duplicated notes about the Ball to be held at the Victoria Hotel, Lampeter.

Documents concerning the visit of the Welsh Guards to Lampeter to be presented with the freedom of the Borough. It includes details of a tea at the University College of Wales, and thanks from Major J. E. Miller TSO MC.
15 July 1953

Letters concerning Alterations and Additions to Lampeter Cattle Market from the Welsh Office to the Town Clerk of Lampeter, signed by I. Davey. A few details of the land to be used and the drainage, but no details or plans.
May to June 1953

Invitation on pale yellow card from the Rev. The Principal and Members of the College Board of St David’s College, Lampeter to the Mayor and Mayoress to attend Degree Day.
Friday 6 June 1953

A Monthly Bulletin of the Brewing Industry, Vol. 23 No. 8, to improve Public Houses. Including an article on ‘Good Innkeeping’ and illustrations in black and white of Inn signs by Cosmo Clark including one for ‘Lords. The Tavern’.
August 1953

Letter from the Rev. Professor A.E. Cock, of 9 Collingham Road, London SW 5, to G. G. Quan, 28 Bridge Street Lampeter. The Rev. had sustained a bad fall, but was better and about to sail to Hong Kong.
30 August 1953

Invitation to a Luncheon at the Feathers Hotel, Aberayron, when the Home Secretary and Minister of Welsh Affairs the RH Sir David Maxwell was visiting Cardiganshire, comprising a small invitation card for the Mayor from the Cardiganshire County Council, and a printed Menu.
28 August 1953

Gateway, the magazine of the Church of England Children’s Society, with articles and black and white photographs
1. September 1953
2. Christmas 1953

Letter from D. G. Evans the Secretary of the Lampeter A. F. C. inviting Mr Quan to be their president.
1 September 1953

Letter to Mr Mayor from the Carmelite Priory, Brodyrgwynion, Lampeter, from the Rev. J. A. McNamee O’Carne tendering his resignation as Chaplain to the Mayor as he was going to another mission field.
2 September 1953

Letter to the Mayor from the Chairman of the Women’s Voluntary Services for Civil Defence, 41 Tothill Street London. He had attended a meeting of theirs in Aberystwyth and she said it was a pleasure to have met him.
4 September 1953

Letter from Councillor D.D. Rees of 17 Kingsmead, Lampeter, and telegram from S. J. and H. Bowen, both on the Silver Wedding of the Mayor and Mayoress.
17 September 1953

Envelope containing note from the Secretary of the Lampeter Agricultural Society hoping the Mayor would attend the Annual Show and a luncheon there, and enclosing a Car Park Ticket and a ‘Patron’s Badge’.
18 September 1953

List of Cases for the Lampeter Petty Sessions
25 September 1953

Duplicated sheets from the Mayor with details of a Special Meeting of the Lampeter Council concerning their policy in regard to their employees. Handwritten list of those present and those absent at the meeting on 22 October on reverse.
8 -22 October 1953

Letter to Mr and Mrs Quan from Mr J. T. Owen, Headmaster of the County School, Aberaeron, concerning a prize they will be giving for handicraft.
13 November 1953

Letter and official receipt from the Cardiganshire Association for the Blind for a donation from the Mayor to their Benevolent Fund.
17 November 1953

Letter to Mr Quan from T. J. Walters of the Tregaron Turfs Football Club inviting him to be its vice-president.
24 November 1953

Documents concerning holding a Flag Day on November 4th, a Market Day in the town, in response to the Westminster Abbey ‘Save the Abbey’ Fund. All dated November 1953
1. Letter from the Mayor to the Dean of the Abbey asking for leaflets.
2. Application to the Police for a permit to hold street collections.
3. Printed leaflet from the Abbey about the Appeal.
4. Notes with details of money collected with some names and addresses of donors.
5. Receipt from the banks concerned for £14. 9s., 5d. collected.
6. Letter from the Mayor to the Dean informing him of the receiptsof the Flag Day.
7. Letter from Mr Quan to Mr J. E. R. Carson, Clerk to the Standing Joint Committee, County Offices, Aberystwyth stating the total of money collected.

A letter to the Mayor from Elwyn Evans, the Secretary of the Lampeter Town Rugby Club inviting him to take the kick-off at the Austin Davies’ Memorial Cup Annual Match between St David’s College and the Town Team.
2 December 1953

Two receipts from J. L. Rees and Son, Booksellers and Stationers, 10, Harford Square, Lampeter, for 12 rolls of crepe bought by the Mayor.
3 and 5 December 1953

Receipt from E Readle, Hon. Treasurer of the Fire Services Benevolent Fund for a donation from G. G. Quan of 10s, and letter of thanks from the Chairman of the Local Council for the Fund.
21 December 1953

An envelope with a complimentary ticket for the Annual Police Dance at the Victoria Hall Lampeter.
Friday 2 January 1954

Letter and invitation card with a coloured picture of an eighteenth century couple dancing and details of a Ball from the Honorary Secretary of the Cardiganshire Constabulary Police Provident Fund Cardiganshire, John R. Evans, saying the Police Ball 1954 had been post-phoned until 15 February. Further letter says that The Mayor was not able to attend.
27 January 1954

ADX/1493/40/1 â€" 7
Documents concerning the Lampeter War Memorial Plaque Fund. February 1954
1. Appeal drawn up by Mr Quan the Mayor as £240 was needed to pay off the debt.
2-6. Notes of money collected.
7. Letter from Mr Reginald Lloyd the Town Clerk on the 26 February from the Finance Committee as Mr Quan had not been well and wishing he would soon be well again.

Invitation on a cream card for the Mayor and Mayoress to the St David’s College, Lampeter’s Annual Ball.
12 February 1954

Documents concerning a Children’s Party and Dance to be held at the Victoria Hall, one of which was written on Mr Quan’s firm’s headed bills.
17 February 1954

ADX/1493/43/1- 3
Announcement of the Opening of the Ffynbedr Houses on 10 March 1954, with order of the proceedings, and a tea at the Castle Hotel Lampeter, and invitation for the Mayoress Mrs G.G. Quan to attend. Also letter from T. Alwyn Lloyd & Gordon of 6 Cathedral Road Cardiff to W. Reginald Lloyd Esq. the Town Clerk of Lampeter concerning certificates, the handing over of houses and the payment of wages.
22 March 1954

Invitation from Lieutenant Colonel E. C. Pickard and his Officers for a Dinner Dance held by the 32nd. (Pembroke Yeomanry) Field Regiment at the Territorial Centre, Haverfordwest.
Friday 19 March 1954

Documents concerning a Special Meeting of the Council of the Borough of Lampeter concerning the proposed conferring of the Freedom of the Borough on Mr W. Reginald Lloyd and Councillor T. C. Williams, including a list of Councillors present and absent.
March and April 1954

Invitation from the Mayor of Aberystwyth, Councillor W. G. Pryse J.P., to The Mayor’s Ball at the King’s Hall, Aberystwyth.
19 March 1954

Envelope, made from advertisement for Silexine Paints, containing nine Invitations on cream paper printed in silver from the Mayor and Mayoress of Lampeter to a Dinner at the Castle Hotel, Lampeter.
7 May 1954

Invitation on cream card printed in silver from Alderman Wm. M. Young, Mayor Elect of Lampeter, and Mrs Young to the Mayor and Mayoress, to the Installation Ceremony at the Town Hall, Lampeter and to a Dinner at the Black Lion Royal Hotel, Lampeter.
28 May 1954

ADX/1493/49/1- 3
Address (and draft of same) by Mr Quan to the Aldermen and Councillors expressing his privilege at being Mayor and his thanks for their support.
28 May 1954

A small paper covered Cash Book with a list of people (and some names of their homes) who had contributed to a Raffle, with the numbers of the tickets and the amounts. No date.

Miscellaneous documents and two envelopes including a draft for two speeches, an invitation (in Welsh) to an opening of a building at St Stephen’s College, an article from a Newspaper concerning new members appointed to the Council of Wales, and the Mayor’s card.

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