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ADX/1520: Forestry Commission Photographs


Ref: ADX/1520

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1520
Title: Forestry Commission Photographs
Date(s): 1930-1970
Level: Fonds
Extent: c. 55 items
Scope and Content:
Forestry Commission photographs, both prints intended for display and publicity purposes and snapshots, taken in Wales in the period between the mid-1930s and the 1970s.

Black & white prints

1-2. Two snapshot views of Ystwyth valley around Hafod, both Rose Magna Prints (10.3 x 6.8 cm) and stamped on reverse, ‘Please return this print to Forestry Commission, 25 Saville Row, W1’.

1. ‘x369’ ‘General view of Hafod and woodland scenery on the upper reaches of the R Ystwyth, Cards. 27/3/35’. ‘See also No. 2’.
27 March 1935

2. ‘Hafod No. 2. Upper reaches of R. Ystwyth. Cards. 27/3/35’.
27 March 1935

3. Two moustachioed men, at least one of whom is dressed in plus fours, drink ?tea from a flask on the bonnet of a car drawn up in a farmyard. This is a Rover 10, registration BRM 814 (Cumberland 1936-7), behind which is a ‘Ford 8’ or Model Y, BWM 155 (Southport).
On Velox paper, 9.9 x 6.7 cm.

4. Workers stacking slender logs or poles, coppiced regrowth in background.
On Velox paper, 9.9 x 6.7 cm.
5. Supervisor or official watches as two workers dismount from tractor hitched to trailer laden with logs. The tractor is a Caterpillar Diesel D2, manufactured between 1938 and 1957. The supervisor may be one of those pictured in No. 3 (above).
11.1 x 7.7 cm

6. Two men, one of whom wears a hat whilst the other carries a cap, inspect a tramline in sawmill, ‘Machynlleth 1 Rip, 1943’. The hat-wearer may be one of those pictured in No. 3 (above).
Rose Magna Print, 11.2 x 7.6 cm

7. Tracked tractor pulling trailer laden with logs through woodland, ‘Graian (Merionethshire?) 1943’.
Rose Magna Print, 11.4 x 7.7 cm

8. Portrait of man standing in timber yard, ‘Operations Foreman Bebb at Caerwys Rip Mill, 18th January 1944’. 11.4 x 7.8 cm.

9. Three men inspect timber stack, ‘Madryn 29 Sept. 1944. Examining sub standard sleepers at Madryn Rip Mill (Caernarvonshire), Division 8. A. J/I. Humphries, G.H.A. Golding, Foulkes-Jones.’ ‘A.H.H. Ross’. One of these has also been seen in the Machynlleth rip mill (No. 6, above).
11.1 x 8.5 cm
29 September 1944

10-12. Three large format publicity or display prints issued in 1945, all 25.9 x 20.4 with typescript sheet attached on reverse that opens, ‘For the second time in little more than a generation the woodlands of Britain have been called upon for a gigantic war effort …’

10. Worker planting seedlings, ‘Clocaenog first nursery, lining out by hand. The first worker occupies a FWH (Forestry worker’s house?) (S. Edwards, Ganygors), c. 1944.’
11. Curving plough furrows on open moor, ‘Clocaenog (looking E towards Clwyd Hills in far distance’.

12. Gentleman and worker watch operation of an aerial ropeway across wooded valley, ‘Gwydyr (P. Harrison & J. Royle)’.

13. Women (‘Lumberjills’?) planting seeds in hedged nursery, ‘Tair Onnen (Glamorgan)’, ‘Panel 2’. 21.4 x 16.5 cm

14. Group portrait, five workers and supervisor or official, the latter recognisable from No. 5 (above), grouped around felled tree in woodland. The workers hold axes and a two handled saw rests on the tree. Faint stamp on reverse, ‘Copyright Photopress …’
Faded sepia, 20.3 x 15.4

15. Two workers cutting down a tree with powerful blows of their axes. Faded stamp on reverse, ‘Copyright Photopress, Johnson’s Court, Fleet Street’.
20.4 x 15.2 cm

16-18. Three snapshots taken at the Bath & West Show in 1950, all 11.3 x 7.9 cm

16. Two men, one wearing bowler hat, ‘R.C.B. Gardener & A.H.H.R(oss). Bath & West Show 1950’.

17-18. Four men standing beside a Fire sign, ‘?Forster Morgan, Charles Barrington, Richard Chard, A.H.H.R. Bath & West Show May 1950’.

19-20. Two large format prints of images taken at an agricultural show or similar, both 21.2 x 16.3 cm, with stamp on reverse, ‘Copyright, Ronald Thompson, Vale Street, Denbigh’
19. Forestry display at agricultural show, including sign advertising a 2s bounty of grey squirrel tails. The bounty was in place at this level between 1956 and 1958.

20. Forestry display at agricultural show, egg packing station in background.

21. Llyn Brianne dam under construction, label on reverse, ‘Towy 1970: Brianne Dam from Site Engineer’s Car Park’.
21.5 x 16.7 cm 1970

22-3. Two Cambridge University air photographs, both 20.3 x 15.8 cm

22. CUAP BHI 73, ‘Panorama near Ponterwyd (Cwmrheidol Ph), looking ESE from (SN)730817. 27/10/71’.

23. CUAP BLB 6, ‘Panorama near Cwmrheidol, looking NW from (SN)673611. 24/11/72’.

24-6. Three prints dated August 1978 (8/76), all 12.8 x 8.9 cm

24. 8/76 Rheidol: from Bwlch Nant-yr-Arian to Aberystwyth.

25. 8/76 Rheidol: from Bwlch Nant-yr-Arian to Melindwr.

26. 8/76 Rheidol: Cwm Symlog chimney.

27. Snapshot of display panels, The Gogerddan Estate’, ‘The beginning of afforestation at Gogerddan marked the turning of the tide after centuries of unbridled exploitation’.
12.8 x 8.9 cm

28. View across Nant-y-Arian visitor centre.
12.9 x 8.9 cm

29. View of dam slipway, ‘Llyn Brianne dam retaining wall, slipway and oxygenating spray, with Dalarwen P55 in background. S(Wales), July 1982.
21.5 x 16.4 cm

30. View over carpark at The Arch, Ystwyth Forest in 1970-80s.
21.5 x 16.4 cm

31. Man examining picturesque waterfall, ‘Road to Plynlimon’.
21.5 x 16.7 cm

32. ‘… Gelinant(?) Bog. Panorama with D 2490 (407) and D2491 (408).
22 x 16.6 cm

Colour prints

33-43. Printed with borders, 12.6 x 8.9 cm, 34-38 dated June 1976 (6/76)

33. 6/76 Rheidol: F.C. (Forestry Commission) ploughing Nant-y-Moch " overview

34. Rheidol: F.C. (Forestry Commission) ploughing Nant-y-Moch " tractor

35. Rheidol: F.C. (Forestry Commission) ploughing Nant-y-Moch " plough

36. Rheidol: Rheidol valley. Mine + railway " panorama

37. Rheidol: Rheidol valley. Mine + railway " panorama

38. Ystwyth: The Arch picnic site (Milk Race)

39. Cwmystwyth mine ruins " distant view

40. Cwmystwyth mine ruins " nearer view

41. Aberystwyth Harbour

42. Aberystwyth Harbour

43. Aberystwyth sea front (South Beach)

44-7. Printed without borders, 12.5 x 8.9 cm, 44-6 dated to July 1976 (7/76)

44-5. Ystwyth: Fencing Myherin

46. Rheidol: Cwm Symlog " view past chimney

47. Rheidol: Bwlch Nant y Arian

48. Panoramic walk with stout railing (Nant y Arian?). Printed without borders, 17.5 x 12.6 cm.
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