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ADX/1712/1: I.T. James Collection, Series 1


Ref: ADX/1712/1

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1712/1
Title: Military Documents and Correspondence
Date(s): 1939-1953
Level: Series
Extent: 31 items
Scope and Content:

ADX 1712/1/1
Letter from Ministry of Labour informing Ivor James that he must attend a medical examination on 13 Jun 1939 at the Drill Hall, Aberystwyth.
Date: 9 Jun 1939

ADX 1712/1/2
Letter from Ministry of Labour informing Ivor James that he must present himself for military training on 17 July 1939 at 16th Searchlight Militia Depot R.A., Kinmel, Rhyl.
Date: 29 Jun 1939.

ADX 1712/1/3
Small Map of Singapore with British naval and air bases, cut out from newspaper.
Date: c.1940-1942

ADX 1712/1/4
List of guns titled Pengerang D.E.L., a British coastal battery, with notes on Changi Outer and 'Rat.' batteries on reverse.
Date: 1 Jul 1941

ADX 1712/1/5
Military Identity Card belonging to Ivor James, 32nd Heavy Battery, R.A, giving details of his status and duty. Issued by H.M. Convict Prison Press, Changi, Singapore. Labelled Pengerang on reverse.
Date: c.1940-1941

ADX 1712/1/6
Letter from All India Radio Messages Service, Simla to Ivor James's father with copy of airgraph, informing him that his message will be broadcast from Delhi on 8 Feb 1945.
Date: 24 Apr 1945

ADX 1712/1/7
SEAC: The Services Newspaper of South East Asia Command: Special Edition for our Liberated Comrades.
Date: Aug 1945

ADX 1712/1/8
Standard letter from King George VI with Buckingham Palace crest, welcoming home Prisoners of War after 'all the great trials and sufferings which you have undergone at the hands of the Japanese'.
Date: Sept 1945

ADX 1712/1/9
Papers issued to returning ex-Prisoners of Wars who were held in Japanese camps. Includes booklet issued 'To All British Army Ex-Prisoners of War', giving instructions for pay and arrangements for medical care. Also Appendix to POWs held by the Japanese about pay, with slip saying that Ivor James handed in 100 Japanese Dollars in 1945.
Date: 29 Sept 1945

ADX 1712/1/10
Certificate of Vaccination against Small-Pox from a doctor in Bangalore. Stamped by Air Trooping Transit Camp Mauritius on 16 Nov 1945.
Date: 31 Oct 1945

ADX 1712/1/11
List of Clothing Necessaries and Personal Equipment issued in lieu of lost items to Ivor James at Air Trooping Transit Camp, Arkonam, in Tamil Nadu, India.
Date: 11 Nov 1945.

ADX 1712/1/12
Document of Authority for Personnel Proceeding to U.K. Army Form W-5133 " Modified for India. Notes that L/Bdr (Lance Bombardier) I.T. James, R.A. (Coast) arrived overseas 20 Jan 1940 and departed 11 Nov 1945 from 24th General Hospital R.A.M.C. Stamped by Security Control, 22 Nov 1945 at St. Mawgan.
Date: 11 Nov 1945

ADX 1712/1/13
Discharge Information, giving instructions about Identity Cards and Ration Books.
Date: 23 Nov 1945.

ADX 1712/1/14
Claim for Indemnification requesting compensation for items lost after the surrender of Singapore in Ivor James' barracks.
Date: 29 Nov 1945

ADX 1712/1/15
Letter from Colonel for R.A. & C.M.P. Records, welcoming Ivor James back to the UK and giving instructions to contact the Army Welfare Officer for assistance if necessary, as 'No doubt there are many things you will find strange and difficult to understand after such a long absence.'
Date: 29 Nov 1945.

ADX 1712/1/16
Army Form sent to Repatriated Far East Ps O W informing Ivor James he has been credited £321 in unissued pay and instructions for accessing this account.
Date: 30 Nov 1945

ADX 1712/1/17
Form O.F.48, informing Ivor James that he can now claim £326.2.10 in unissued pay from the Post Office in Aberystwyth. In envelope addressed to Glanceri.
Date: 17 Dec 1945

ADX 1712/1/18
Joining Order giving instructions on leave with certificate that the bearer is a Returned Ex-Prisoner of War.
Date: 4 Jan 1946

ADX 1712/1/19
Record of Service (Army Form W5258) showing Ivor James's service in the Royal Artillery from 17 Jul 1939 to 2 Jun 1946.
Date: 4 Feb 1946

ADX 1712/1/20
Authority for Payment of Discharge Leave Pay & Ration Allowance to Personnel Discharged from the Army. Sent to the Postmaster from the Regimental Paymaster requesting payments to be made to Ivor James. Found in an envelope addressed to H.O. James.
Date: 19 Feb 1946-20 May 1946

ADX 1712/1/21
Letter from Ministry of Pensions forwarding Ivor the 'King's Badge for members of the Armed Forces ... who are disabled as a result of war service'.
Date: 21 Mar 1946

ADX 1712/1/22
Ministry of Pensions form notifying Ivor James that he is eligible for a pension for the next two years, due to disability resulting from Malnutrition and the Effects of Malaria.
Date: 20 Jun 1949.

ADX 1712/1/23
Ministry of Pensions Form issued by War Pensions Welfare Service requesting attendance at medical examination at North Road, Aberystwyth.
Date: 14 Aug 1951

ADX 1712/1/24
Ministry of Pensions letter and form notifying Ivor James that he is eligible for a pension for the next two years, due to disability resulting from Malnutrition and Privation and Malaria. Outlines weekly rate including 'weekly addition for wife and 1 child'.
Date: 2 Jul 1953

ADX 1712/1/25
Liverpool Daily Post. Features article on 'Captured U.S. Airmen: Japan's "Death Sentence" Hint'.
Date: 22 Oct 1942

ADX 1712/1/26
Soldier's Service and Pay Book.
Contains typed notes on Japanese rations; receipt from The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation Ltd.; Counterfoil from the Post Office; Receipt from Lilywhite Photo Studio and Supplies, Singapore; Photograph of Hugh Owen James and young boy [possibly Ivor?] outside the house in Greenfield Street; Form for Great Western Railway Staff Serving with H.M. Forces or Civilian Defence Service making up pay to Railway rates 1941; Two Identity Cards for 32nd Heavy Battery and 32nd Coast Battery printed by H.M. Convict Prison Press; and Identity number tape 1492417.
Date: 1939

ADX 1712/1/27
Soldier's Service and Pay Book.
Replacement book for original, damaged in war service. Contains Discharge Certificate due to 'ceasing to fulfil army physical requirements' and Testimonial from C M[?] Watson: 'an honest, sober and hardworking man who has carried out his duties very satisfactorily'. Also contains poem written by Ivor James in Singapore, entitled 'Beneath the Lights of Home'.
Date: 1945.

ADX 1712/1/28
Ministry of Pensions leaflet. 'Notes on War Pensions for Disabled Ex-Servicemen'.
Date: [1945?]

ADX 1712/1/29
Standard letter from the Mayor and Citizens of the Town of Aberystwyth, addressed to Ivor Tegwin James, welcoming home returning soldiers and thanking them for their service.
Date: 1945

ADX 1712/1/30
Ministry of Pensions Letter informing Ivor James that he will receive a pension of 18 shillings a week from March 1948 to July 1949 for a disablement of 40 per cent arising from malnutrition and the effects of malaria.
Date: 17 Mar 1948

ADX 1712/1/31
Identity Card for Gunner James, I.T. Kinmel Park, Abergele.
Date: 1939
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