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ADX/1712/4: I.T. James Collection, Series 4


Ref: ADX/1712/4

Reference: [GB 0212] ADX/1712/4
Title: Personal Documents and Writing
Date(s): 1939-1995
Level: Series
Extent: 11 items
Scope and Content: Ivor James's Personal Documents and Writing

'On Active Service' Wallet issued by The Presbyterian Church of Wales, containing book of Prayer and Praise and card stating that 'Hubert James' is 'commended to your pastoral care'.
Date: c.1939-1941

'Friends Directory' belonging to Ivor James in Malaya giving names and addresses of friends from army service.
Date: Jan 1940

'The Fall of Singapore'. Poem/poetic prose in rhyme about the Battle of Singapore from an artillery perspective and surrender of British forces to the Japanese.
Date: 1942

Handwritten transcription of military speeches to troops before Battle of Singapore and admitting fall of Singapore given between 10 Feb 1942 and 15 Feb 1942 written on postcards. Postcards also include handwritten statistics of Australians killed and repatriated or missing in action and list of Hospital admissions due to dysentery in first 100 days of capitulation.
Date: c.1942

Diary written by Ivor James at Singapore in POW camps prior to transport to Burma. Not in order but appears to date from 1942-1943. Gives dates of Singapore's fall to Japanese and becoming POW. Gives details of moves out of and into Changi, River Road Valley Hospital Camp, details of meals, notes own and family birthdays, attending funerals of fellow prisoners some of which he acted as stretcher bearer, payments from Japanese, guard duties at camp, 'six men deserted', 'went into Roberts hospital with dysentery' May 1942, attendance at lectures on 'Iron and steel', attended plays in the 'old canteen' including 'The Dover Road', remembers St. David's Day, received a letter from Mam and Dad 1943, various people are sent 'up country', allowed to send letter on 21 Feb 1943 of only 24 words, sent to Singapore on 'working parties' 1943. 1 Mar 1943 'met Roy Fisher at night at the Changi Palladium'. [This was the POW Prison Theatre].
Date: 1942-1943

Draft of monumental inscription for Hugh Owen James and John Hubert James with other children, buried at Capel y Garn, Bow Street.
Date: 1950

Handwritten draft by Ivor James, of a newspaper notice of the death of his mother Elizabeth James and details of the funeral.
Date: 1951

Article entitled 'Gunner 1029003' by Ivor Tegwyn James, describing his experiences as a Prisoner of War (photocopy).
Date: 1990s

Travel Diary of Ivor Tegwyn James.
Covering journey to Singapore in 1939/1940 and return journey from Singapore via India in 1945. Mostly concerns weather aboard ship and stages of journeys. Contains note from his mother on receiving photographs 14 Dec 1939; note with calculations comparing Kaiser Wilhelm with Hitler; typed copy of short message from Ivor's parents c.1940-1945; Pass allowing him to absent from quarters in Pengerang 12 Jan 1942-14 Jan 1942; Clipping from newspaper [probably Cambrian News] regarding Ivor's brother Ronald James joining the R.A.F.; note regarding palm oil 1943; cigarette cards.
Date: 1 Jan 1939-6 Jan 1940; Sept 1945-22 Nov 1945

Diary of Ivor Tegwyn James. Begins with an account of his return from Tripoli to Aberystwyth via London, and concerns his return to life in Aberystwyth, pay and leaving the army, daily life and return to work on 1 Apr 1946 on the Vale of Rheidol railway and at Llanrhystud Road station. Details include going to chapel, buying a suit, getting new uniform, getting new teeth, meeting Olwen Roberts, working as a steward at Kings Hall, going to dinners and concerts, going to a BBC broadcast, writing to Ronald, introducing Olwen to his mother, visiting his mother in hospital.
Date: 24 Nov 1945-31 Dec 1948

Wallet 'Presented to Ivor T. James by all his friends in Greenfield Street on his Return from a Prisoner of War Camp in Japan.'
Date: Nov 1945

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