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ANC/21: St. Paul’s Wesleyan Methodist Church, Aberystwyth.


Ref: ANC/21

Reference: [GB 0212] ANC/21
Title: Records of St. Pauls Wesleyan Methodist Church, Aberystwyth.
Date(s): 1841-1984
Level: Fonds

Scope and Content:
1-3. Minute books
1. Minute book of trustees of St Paul’s Chapel, 1899-1907
2. Minute book of the Leader’s meetings, 1920-1924
3. Minute book of the church officers, 1954-1978

4-17. Account books

4. Treasurer’s account book, Queen Street Methodist Chapel, 1841-1865

5. Class Leader’s account book, 1843-1866

6. Church accounts, Queen Street Methodist Chapel, 1849-1865

7. Account book of Queen Street Methodist and later, St Paul’s Methodist chapels, Aberystwyth 1860-1921

8. Church accounts including collections for the new chapel, 1875-1881

9. Lists of names and contributions, 1878-1879

10. Cash book, 1864-7185, together with minutes of resolutions of the committees of the trustees of the proposed new Wesleyan Chapel and list of trustees.

11. Account book 1883-1943, containing list of trustees, 1899

12. Account book of St Paul’s Chapel, 1892-1931

13. Account book (late 19th early 20th century records) in very poor condition

14. Receipted bills, 1941-1943 [3 files]
1. Receipted bills, St Paul's for 1941-2. [Aberystwyth Gas Company; Electricity; P Conacher and Company, Organ builders, Huddersfield; J R Morris and Co., Drapers of Princess Street and Bridge Street, Aberystwyth]
2 Receipted bills, St Paul's 1942. [Insurance; E.E Jenkins and Sons, builders, Park Avenue, Aberystwyth; Welsh Gazette; Ellis, John and Son, Coal merchants, 7 Union Street; Charles E Pain and Son, Plumbers, Llanbadarn Road, Aberystwyth; W.C. Davies, 17 George Street; A.W. Miller, 9 Pier Street; W. H. Jones and Son, 36/38 Great Darkgate Street; P.B. Loveday, plumber and builders merchant, 22 & 24 Chalybeate Street]
3 Receipted bills, St Paul's 1943. [A.W. Miller, The Hanley Electrical Supply Stores, 9 Pier Street; Aberystwyth Gas Company; M.H. Davies and Sons Ltd., 18, 20 & 22 Queen Street, 4, 6, 8 & 12 Bridge Street and workshops at Grays Inn Road and Bridge Street; Jack Edwards, bookseller, 13 Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth; P. Conacher and Co. organ builders, Huddersfield; R.G. Bennett (T.D. Bennett, 3 Pier Street, Aberystwyth; John Evans, builder and contractor, 6 Green Gardens, Trefechan; D. Edward Jones, watchmaker, jeweller and optician, 32 Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth; Oriental stores, Llandudno; J. R. Morris & Co. general drapers and milliners, Princess Street and Bridge Street; James Daniel and Sons, plasterers, Rose Villa, Llanbadarn Road; E. S. Clements, plumbers, 15 & 8a Terrace Road; G. S. Collins, china and hardware dealer, 37 Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth; Owen (D.W. Teviotdale), The Corner House, 19 & 21 North Parade, Aberystwyth; H. Hughes, painter and decorator, 3 Princess Street]

15. Account book of the Annual Meetings, 1940-1977

16. Account book, 1964-1967, including members’ weekly contributions

17.Sunday School accounts 1965-1977

18-22. Marriage registers
18. July 1907"April 1920
19. May 1920"August 1933
20. October 1933"October 1946
21. November 1946"August 1970
22. July 1971"August 1984

23-34. Other items

23. Papers relating to Queen Street Methodist Chapel, 1807"c.1865
1. Copy Lease of a piece of ground in Aberystwyth, in Baker Street formerly called or known as Old Pig Street, between Mr Benjamin Evans and the Revd. Edward Jones and others. 12 September 1806
2. Plan of 'Three dwelling houses and premises in Queen Street, Aberystwyth: The property of the Welsh Wesleyan Chapel Trustees’, signed by David Williams, Borough Surveyor, Aberystwyth. 1807
3. Cardiganshire Great Sessions, Autumn 1816. Exemplification of Recovery. David Evans, vouchee in person. Concerning premises in Aberystwyth. 12th September 1816
4. Lease [of Lease and Release ?] between David and Averinah Evans of Tymawr, Ysbytty Ystrad Meurig and William Edwards of Aberystwyth, linen draper, on premises in Barker Street. 11 July 1816
5. Licence to perform marriages at Queen Street Chapel. 11 August 1846
6. Registration Certificate of Queen Street chapel as place of worship, signed by William Powell, minister of the Gospel. 13 February 1854
7. List of the furniture in "2nd preacher's house" at Aberystwyth. 1857-58
8. Correspondence regarding deeds: from Manchester. 24 February 1859
9. Correspondence regarding deeds of chapel at Queen Street. (3 items). July - November 1865
10. Appointment of New Trustees of Wesleyan Chapel and other premises situate in Queen Street in the town of Aberystwyth. 14 May 1878

24. Papers relating to St Paul’s Methodist Chapel, c.1880-1962
1. Correspondence regarding the 'Grand Bazaar' fund raising for St Paul's. n.d.
2. Accounts of Saint Paul's Wesleyan Chapel Fund, from February 1888 to 22 April 1890.
3. Liabilities of the Trustees of St Paul's Chapel on the 31st December 1883. 11th January 1893
4. Poster for the Annual District Synod of South Wales, to be held at Aberystwyth, May 23-25, 1893. Includes list of ministers and residence in Aberystwyth at the time of the Synod. 1893
5. Form of application to the Wesleyan Chapel Committee for a grant toward the reduction or extinction of debt on the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel-Trust at Aberystwyth. 19 September 1885
6. Wesleyan Methodist Trust Assurance Company Ltd. 38 Fountain Street, Manchester : Employers' Indemnity Policy for Aberystwyth Welsh Circuit. 1912
7. Correspondence from Thos. Jenkins (Organist and Choirmaster of Tabernacle C.M. Church, Aberystwyth) to Mr W H Jones, Secretary of St Paul's Wesleyan Church, recommending Miss Eluned Lewis to act as organist at St Paul's. 24 February 1928
8. Adroddiad blynyddol Eglwys St Paul, Aberystwyth 1954 a 1955, 1956 / Annual Reports 1954 and 1955, 1956.
9. Trefn Gwasanaeth Crefyddol a ddarlledir Bore Sul, Chwefror 24, 1957 o Eglwys Fethodistaidd Sant Paul, Aberystwyth. 1957
10. Cyfarfod Ordeinio yn Sant Paul, Mai 31, 1962. Lluniau o'r Parch B. Ifor Williams, Rhuthin, Y Parch E. Gwyn Hughes, Llanerfyl a'r Parch J Roger Roberts, Aberdaron.
11. Empty envelope addressed to Revd. Clifford Roberts, Glen Tuen, Ystymtuen, Aberystwyth. (Memorandum of Choice and Appointment of New Trustees for Bethel, Pontrhydygroes. November 1957 and 1932/ Clifford Roberts)

25. Llyfrau Rhestrau St Paul's Methodist Chapel
1. 1847-1849
2. 1855-1862
3. 1868-1876
4. 1875-1881
5. 1881-1888
6. 1884-1886
7. 1887-1893
8. 1894-[1900]
9. 1893-1903
10. 190[0]-1904
11. 190[2]-1908
12. 190[5]-190[9]

26. Register of members 1894

27. Register of members
1. 1906-1916
2. 1917-19[32]

28. Church roll book, 1933-1971, including quarterly contributions

29. Register of preachers who ministered at St Paul’s Church, including payments 1903-1917

30. Sunday School teachers’ register, [?1912-1914]; including minutes of teachers’ meetings

31. Miscellaneous financial papers, 1958-1992, including papers relating to the Repair Fund, 1958 & 1974, the bequest and gravestone of the late Blodwen Margaret Hughes, 1978, and the balance sheet of the Annual Preaching Convention, 1973

32. Annual Report, 1972, and membership cards belonging to Eirwen and Eric Edwards, 1973

33. Handbooks: ‘Llawlyfr yr Oedfa Olaf, Sadwrn, 29 Chwefror 1992’; and ‘Llawlyfr Synod y Gwanwyn, Ebrill 26-28, 1992’; and a letter dated 15 August 1988, from the Rev. Peter Barber to church members relating to the status of the Welsh language in the Methodist Centre

34. Programme, 1921 of the annual New Year’s Day Eisteddfod


Ref: ANC/21/addl

“Time Capsule” taken from St Paul’s, now “The Academy” Public house.

1. Poster announcing the laying of the memorial stone for St Paul’s, Thursday 31 October 1878.

2. List of Trustees, 31 October 1878

3. ‘Pregethwyr Y Trefnyddion Wesleyaidd’ yng Nghylchdaith Aberystwyth, Tachwedd " Ebrill, 1878-79

4. ‘The Methodist Recorder’, 13 September 1878

5. ‘Y Winllan’, Cylchgrawn misol Y Wesleyaid, Hydref 1878

6. ‘Yr Eurgrawn Wesleyaidd’, Hydref 1878

7. Glass jar and stopper, which contained the above items

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