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ANC/25: Papers of the Reverend J.E. Thomas, Taliesin


Ref: ANC/25

Reference: [GB 0212] ANC/25
Title: Papers of the Reverend J.E. Thomas, Taliesin
Level: Fonds
Extent: 0.038m3

Biographical History:
The Reverend J.E. Thomas was the minister for the Wesleyan Chapel in Llandeilo during the Second World War, and subsequently retired to Taliesin, Cardiganshire in September 1947, although he continued to preach and wrote articles for the various Welsh Wesleyan publications. His son, R.J. Thomas was the editor of the Geiriadur Cymraeg, while another son, Rev. E.M. Thomas followed in his fathers footsteps and became a minister.

Scope and Content:

1-54. Photographs

1. Grave of Pryse Pryse Pryse of Lodge Park (d.1900) [n.d.]

2. Three ministers and a women [?family group] [c.1920s]

3. [Nine young men in clerical dress] [n.d.]

4. [Ministers] Identified on reverse as “Delta Davies, Degan Evans, D. Thos Jones and Rev. Thomas Morgan [?1880].

5. Rev. Evan Evans from Dinas Mawddwy [pre.1897]

6. Rev. John Morris Owen [n.d.]

7. Rev. John Evans, Eglwysfach [n.d.]

8. [Figures outside a house] [n.d.]

9. James Jones, the Lestr, Taliesin [c.1888-1890]

10. Uncle John Jones, Talybont “Mothers brother” [n.d.]

11. [Women] [n.d.]

12. [Group of people, including children holding a shield/trophy] [n.d.]

13. [Four ministers] [n.d.]

14. Rev. Hey Pritchard [n.d.]

15. [Gentleman] [n.d.]

16. [Minister] [n.d.]

17. Rev. Hugh Hughes [n.d.]

18. Mrs Weaver [n.d.]

19. [Gentleman wearing a hunting jacket] [n.d.]

20. Women [holding flowers and standing in woods next to a wooden rail] [n.d.]

21. Mrs Marged Felix, Tyrrel Place, Talybont [n.d.]

22. [Figures on beach] [n.d.]

23. Queen of Romania [n.d.]

24. Rev. Richard Roberts [n.d.]

25. [Group of ten men in and around a car] " “Pwyllgor Undeb Cerddorol y De” 1909

26. [Minister] [n.d.]

27. Rev. T.J. Roberts [n.d.]

28. Wesley Cottage Trewint " Bodmin Moor. Now preserved as a Wesley Museum

29. Rev. Richard Lloyd Jones. With notes relating to Rev. Richard Lloyd Jones [n.d]

30. [Minister] [n.d.]

31. Rev. T.J. Pritchard [n.d.]

32. Rev. Owen Owen [n.d.]

33. Rev. John Evans (Eglwysbach) [n.d.]

34. Tre’rddol Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School and Band of Hope [n.d]

35. [Ministers outside building] [n.d.]

36. [Eight ministers] [n.d.]

37. [Eight ministers] [n.d.]

38. [Minister. Including note " “Best wishes, Evan Thomas” ] [n.d.]

39. [Group of ministers outside Soar, Trefeglwys] Inscribed on back “with Parch J. Manuel, Aberdare” [n.d.]

40. [Group of ministers] - “Y Gymanfa Wesleyaidd Wrexham” [n.d.]

41. “Wesleyan Methodist Church (South Wales) District Meeting, Pontarddulais”. Photograph taken outside the Wesleyan chapel, Pontarddulais [15 May 1901]

42. “Cyfarfod Cyllid Caerau” [1906]

43. “The first North Wales District Synod, Oakfield Road, Liverpool”. Photograph taken outside the chapel at the corner of Walton Breck Road [1911]

44. [Minister] [n.d.]

45. Group of people outside Rehoboth Chapel, Llancynfelyn, Aberystwyth [c.1921]

46. “Cwrdd Taleithiol Wesleaidd Deheudir Cymru Tre’rddol” Standing outside Rehoboth Chapel, Llancynfelyn. 8-12 May 1921

47. “Cyfarfod Taleithol Wesleaidd Deheudir Cymru yn Mhenygraig” 29 April-3 May 1923

48. Centenary of “Bethel”, Capel Meifod 1874-1974, Including the Rev. [A.] Wynne Jones, Llanfyllin, Mr Gwydol Cowen, Rev. H. Heil [ ] Pennant Lewis, B.A., B.D., Rhydypennau, Aberystwyth, Mr & Mrs Ellis Morris, Meifod, and the Rev. R. Môn Jones, Llanfair Caereinion 16 June 1974

49. Martin James [n.d.] [framed]

50. [Child in pram] [n.d.] [framed]

51. Visit to John Evans’ Eglwysbach’s home, Goleugell by the friends of Tre’rddol Chapel, Saturday Afternoon, September 197[ ] [framed]. Inside the frame is a note, photograph of a family and postcard of All Saints Church, Clive, near Wem

52. Minister with three men and a women, July 1928 [framed]. Inscribed on back " Taken at Barry end of July 1928 Stewart House, Charles Place, Barry. Inside frame includes postcard of Kingswood School entrance, Bath from Dick to Master E.M. Thomas, Gwynfa Villa, Holyhead; postcard of Torbay Road, Torquay from Dadcu and Mam to Master R.J. Thomas, Kingswood School, Bath; and a card with a picture of Edith Cavell

53. [Group of men, mostly ministers] [n.d.] [framed]

54. Glass negatives of Llancynfelyn church; Rehoboth Chapel, Taliesin; Tre’rddol village; ?Tre’rddol chapel; and [ ] [n.d.] [5 items]

55-63. Postcards published by the Methodist Publishing House, mainly early 20th century.

55. Rev. Frank Ballard, M.A., B.D., B.Sc

56. Rev. John Wesley (from the painting by Williams)

57. Charles Wesley

58. Susannah Wesley

59. Dr W.F. Moulton

60. Rev. Thos. Champness

61. Dr T.B. Stephenson

62. Rev. Richard Roberts

63. A. Lloyd Hughes

64-97. Photographs and paintings reproduced on paper, mainly early 20th century.

64. Rev. R. Garret Roberts (President of the Gymanfa)

65. Mr Owen Davies, preacher of the gospels

66. Mr Owen Davies, preacher of the gospel, aged 44

67. Mr Hugh Carter, preacher of the gospels

68. Mr Wm Davies, missionary at Sierra Leone

69. Rev. Humphrey Jones

70. The Reverend Daniel Rowland

71. W.J. Parry, Coetmor Hall

72. Y Parch Owen Davies [2 copies]

73. Y Parch D. Gwynfryn Jones, Y.H. (Atodlen “Y Gwyliedydd Newydd” " Meh. 30, 1938)

74. Y diweddar barch Thomas Manuel [8 copies]

75. John Bryan [2 copies]

76. Y Parch William Batten

77. Mr Thomas Jones, Y Post, Taliesin

78. Dr Alexander Maclaren (from the famous painting by Sir George Reid, P.R.S.A., now hanging in the Manchester City Art Gallery, by kind permission of the artist)

79. Sir Walter Scott

80. The Rev. William E. Farndale, president of the Conference and Mr A. Victor Murray, M.A., B. Litt., B.D., Vice-President of the Conference " The 1947 Methodist Conference in Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1947

81. Rev. William F. Lofthouse, M.A., D.D, president of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference, Plymouth 1929

82. Rev. W. Hodson Smith, president of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference, Bradford 1927. Inscription on back: July 15 1927

83. Rev. William Russell Maltby, D.D., president of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference, York 1926. Pencil note on back: July 15: 1925 J.E. Thomas)

84. Rev. Leslie D. Weatherhead, M.A.

85. Rev. John W. Lightley, M.A., B.D., D. Lit., president of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference, Liverpool 1928

86. Rev. C. Ryder Smith, D.D., president of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference, Birmingham 1931

87. Rev. Herbert B. Workman, M.A., D. Lit., D.D., president of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference, Leeds [1930]

88. Rev. H. MaldwynHughes, D.D., president of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference, Manchester 1932

89. Rev. J. Scott Lidgett, M.A., D.D., president of the Uniting Methodist Conference, London September 1932

90. Picture of Rev. and monumental inscription of T.J. Pritchard (Glan Dyfi), Wesleyan minister for 43 years, chairman of the South district 1912-1917, president of the Gymanfa 1911, d. in Cardiff on the 21st January 1918 aged 65 (Coffa edmygwyr am y parch) [Welsh]

91. Rev. W. Rees, D.D., Caerlleon [?Chester]

92. Reverend David Rees, Llanelly

93. Parch Thomas Davies, D.D., Haverfordwest

94. Parch O. Thomas, D.D., Liverpool

95. The first two missionaries, Parch Owen Davies and Parch John Hughes and the first two ministers called to their work, Parch Edward Jones (Bathafarn) and Parch John Bryan

96. [Lloyd George] [n.d.]

97. Cwmwl Tystion Wesleyaid Cymreig 1916

98-152. Pocket cards

98. Evan Gwyllt

99. Hiraethog

100. Gweinidogion Cymreig " 5 ministers

101. Enwogion Beirdd Cymreig " 9 bards

102. [Gentleman holding book]

103. Membership card of Chatham Street Chapel, Liverpool

104. [Young gentleman] " no. 561

105. [Wesleyan minister]

106. [Young gentleman]

107. [Wesleyan minister]

108. D.C. Griffiths

109. Parch Rowd Hughes, minister for the Wesleyans, who died on the 25th Dec. 1861 aged 51

110. [Wesleyan minister]

111. [Wesleyan minister]

112. [Wesleyan minister]

113. Rev. David Young

114. [Wesleyan minister]

115. [Wesleyan minister]

116. Welsh Presbyterian Ministers (25 ministers)

117. Clwydfardd

118. Rev. Dd Lewis

119. [Wesleyan minister]

120. Rev. J. Evan Roberts

121. Richard Morgan

122. C.S. Davies

123. Revd John Jones

124. [Group of ministers] [portrait] Rev. John Fletcher, Rev. Jabery Bunting, D.D., Revd Robt Newton, D.D., the Revd John Wesley AM, Revd Richard Watson, Rev. John Mason, the Rev. Charles Wesley, M.A.

125. Rev. W. Jones

126. [Group of ministers]

127. W. Davies

128. Welsh Wesleyan ministers (23 ministers)

129. Rev. John Morris

130. Rev. David Young

131. [Young gentleman]

132. [Wesleyan minister]

133. [Portrait of a group of ministers]

134. Rev. Dailey Davies

135. Rev. Thomas Jones

136. [Wesleyan minister]

137. [Wesleyan minister]

138. Rev. Owen Thomas

139. Rev. J Phillips, Bangor who died on the 9 October 1867, aged 57

140. D.L. Moore

141. J. Hughes

142. [Wesleyan minister]

143. [Wesleyan minister]

144. [Wesleyan minister]

145. [Wesleyan minister]

146. [Wesleyan minister]

147. Rev. D. Rolant, Bala, who died on the 24 February 1862, aged 67

148. Rev. Isaac Jenkins

149. Rev. William Powell

150. Rev. R. Bonner, who died on the 28 June 1867, aged 80

151. [Wesleyan minister]

152. Rev. Richard Morgan

153-203. Miscellaneous

153. Print of Llancynfelyn Church [n.d.]

154. Key plate to the engraving of the death of the Revd John Wesley A.M. [n.d.]

155. Funeral card of the Rev. Evan Isaac, who died on the 16 December 1938, service in Tre’rddol Tuesday, 20 December 1938 [Welsh]

156. Directions for the appointment of new trustees for the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel at Great Darkgate St, Aberystwyth, February 1920

157. Picture of Kingswood, the South front, 1959

158. Photograph of John Evans, Eglwyssbach, with a monument of ‘Enwogion Llansannan’ on the back [n.d.]

159. ‘Mutual help for Methodists. A World-embracing proposal’, with picture of Mr R.W. Perks, M.P. (Reprinted from the Methodist Recorder, 9 May 1947) [fragile]

160. Picture of Capel y Trefnyddion Wesleyaidd Cymreig, Tre’rddol [n.d.] [3 copies]

161. Print of the first Methodist Chapel called “The Foundry” [n.d.] [4 copies]

162. Plan of the Anglers Retreat and adjoining properties, forming part of the Gogerddan estate, Cardiganshire

163. Commemorative plaque for Humphrey Jones ‘y diwygiwr’ who was born at Gwarcwm-Bach, Tre’rddol on the 11th October 1825 and died in Chitton, Winsconsin, U.S.A. on the 8th May 1892 (Black Tablet Commerative Tre’rddol) [n.d.] [copper plate]

164. Oriel y Gweinidogion’ " Brasluniau Gweinidogion Wesleyaidd Gymreig y ddwy dalaith ar derfyn y ganrif, 1899

165. Sermon notes of the Rev. J.E. Thomas [n.d.] [215 items]

166. Advertising circular for Wesley Motto Card c.1897

167. Owain Glyndwr commemorative envelope sent to R.J. Thomas, M.A., Bodhyfryd, Taliesin, Machynlleth, 1974

168. First day cover of the Investiture of the Prince of Wales sent to R.J. Thomas, esq., Board of Celtic Studies, National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth 1 July 1969 [4 items]. Including a letter of thanks from the GRO for the Welsh translation and a leaflet re. special postage stamps

169. Newspaper cutting from Y Winllan with a highlighted piece relating to Gwenfron Gladys Williams, daughter of Mr and Mrs John Williams, Brynawel, Towyn who became a deaconess in Ebenezer Chapel, Towyn 1909 [Welsh]

170. Cymanfa Flynyddol Undeb Cerddorol Dosbarth y Garn to be held at Penygarn 26 May 1911 [Welsh]. With pencil note " William Owen Williams

171. Darnau barddonol i’w hadrodd mewn cyfarfod cystadleuol yn Bethel, Pontrhydygroes. Good Friday 1863 [Welsh]

172. Y Trysor i blentyn January 1837 [Welsh]

173. Ellis Anwyl Owen, Esboniad byr ar Gatecism yr Eglwys, er hyfforddiant a gwasanaeth Ysgolion (Bala, 1839) [Welsh]

174. Emynau i’w canu ar achlysuron arbennig (J.D. Lewis, Swyddfa’r ‘Ymofynnydd’) [Welsh]

175. Pererindod 1964 Penllwyn Cymwynaswyr y Fro ac Aberystwyth Cenadwri Amos " Urddy Bobl Ieuainc (Cymdeithasfa’r Deau), Llawlyfr Sadwrn, 9 Mai 1964 [Welsh]

176. Cyfarfod Dadorchuddio Cofeb Humphrey Jones y Diwygiwr, Yr Eglwys Fethodistaidd Treddol (Cambrian News Ltd) Mercher, 13 Medi 1933 [Welsh]

177. Music in Wales, Casgliad Cyntaf o Donau a Hymnau, (National Council of Music from the Music House Aberystwyth, March 1921) [Welsh]

178. Tanysgrifiadau at drysorfa y festri " perthynol I gapel y Wesleyaid, Tre’rddol 1912-1913 [Welsh]

179. Parch David Young, ‘Cofiant Mr Thomas Jones, Post Office Taliesin’, Yr Eurgrawn Wesleyaidd, Medi 1889 [16 items] [Welsh]

180. Gweddillion o waith barddonol y diweddar Charles Saunderson, o’r Bala (1845) [Welsh]

181. Rhaglen Eisteddfod Rehoboth, Taliesin, nos Wener, 19 Mawrth 1948 [Welsh]

182. Cutting from Yr Eurgrawn relating to the opening of Tre’rddol chapel 1845 [Welsh]

183. Yr Eurgrawn Wesleyaidd May 1871 [Welsh]

184. Ail gasgliad o emynau a thonau at wasanaeth Cymanfa Gerddorol Undodiaid Ceredigion (Llandysul, 1924) [Welsh]

185. Clive Methodist Chapel (Wem Circuit) Centenary Celebrations 1859-1959

186. Canmlwyddiant Bethel Capel yr Eglwys Fethodistaidd Meifod 1874-1974

187. Lockwood, W.B., ‘On Celtic Loan Words in Modern English (II), Sonderdruck aus,, Zeitschrift für Anglistik and Americanistik Heft, 1 January 1968

188. Empty medal box (401) Cardiganshire of Inspr David R. Lloyd, Bodhyfryd, Taliesin

189. Empty medal box (443) Cardiganshire of Hugh R. Owen, Rhydmeirionydd, Borth

190. Empty medal box

191. The Little Bible

192. The Story of Christmas

193. Testament Newydd ein harglwydd a’n hiachawdwr Iesu Grist, 1917 [Welsh]. Inscribed on inside cover: E.C. Lloyd

194. Membership card of John E. Thomas, Chalybeate Street " Aberystwyth Junior Radical Club [n.d.]

195. Plan cylchdaith Wesleyaidd Pwllheli Chwefror-Mai 1908 [Welsh]

196. Plan cylchdaith Wesleyaidd Pwllheli Mehefin-Medi 1908 [Welsh]

197. Plan cylchdaith Wesleyaidd Pwllheli Mehefin-Medi 1907 [Welsh]

198. Cymdeithas Ddiwylliadol Soar, Tre’rddol Tymor y Gauaf 1925-1926 [Welsh]

199. Coffadwriaeth Humphrey Jones, Tre’rddol Diwygiwr ’59 " donations book [2 items] [Welsh]

200. Admission tickets for lectures held at various Wesleyan chapels, mainly in the Aberystwyth area 31 August 1847, 1854-1856, 1865-1866 [10 items] [Welsh]

201. Page containing eight admission tickets for events held at the Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Tre’rddol, many of the events took place on Christmas Day. Includes photocopy of the page of tickets and a picture of the school gardens, Shrewsbury on the reverse 1853, 1855-1856, 1866, 1871, 1873 [2 items] [Welsh]

202. Tin-plate negative of a group of ministers and of 5 ministers [n.d.] [2 items]

203. Tin-plate negative (mounted on a block of wood) of a [Wesleyan Minister] [n.d.]

204. Letters to J.E. Thomas, with a few to his son, R.J. Thomas 20 May 1931"27 July 1959 [157 items] [Welsh and English] [The original order of the letters has been retained]

The majority of the letters relate to Reverend J.E. Thomas’ work as a minister, including letters relating to the vast number of articles he wrote for the Wesleyan publications including the Eurgrawn and the Gwyleidydd Newydd " explaining the frequency of the appearance of letters from D. Tecwyn Evans and Meirion Jones. There are also letters relating to his move to Taliesin from Llandeilo.

There are also a number of letters referring to the Second World War " including the possible influence of the influx of troops on Llandeilo in 1940, letters relating to the call up of R.J. Thomas, with a number of references relating to an attempt to get him excused from the war on academic grounds. An interesting letter comes from a Mr and Mrs Saunders, Brou[ ]is, Deurne, Netherlands, dated 16 May 1945 and talks of their great joy following their liberation and also the great danger they face " including an injury to one of their boys while playing with a bullet from an aeroplane gun!

205. Will of William Hopkins of Epworth Villa, Crescent Road, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, retired watchmaker and jeweller [5 items]

206. Invitations, order of service, notice of death of Griffith Whittington and printed thank you cards for expression of sympathy following a family bereavement [6 items]

207. Newspaper cutting " ‘How to be happy though married’

208. Postcard of St Paul’s Chapel, Aberystwyth [n.d.]

209. Cutting relating to J.E. Thomas’s son, the Rev. E.M. Thomas who was leaving Gabalfa to take a curacy-in-charge in the Diocese of Birmingham [n.d.]

210. Three poems " ‘Yr Aderyn Du’, ‘Jim y gath fawr’ and ‘Twm y gath fach’; donations for sale of work and quotations out of the bible [6 items] [Welsh and English]


Ref: ANC/25/addl

1. Notebook used as a 1882 diary belonging to R.C. Adams. Weekly entries containing details of Bible readings (presumably during Sunday services) and what might be notes on sermons. Mostly in Welsh.

2. Band of Hope certificate. Netta Williams who signed the Pledge at Seion, Penygraig on 28 April 1918

3. Examination certificate, Standard II. Margaret P. Thomas, examined on 7 March 1877. Certificate signed by Samuel Prosser.

4. Tre’r Ddol Petty Sessions timetable for 1892, to be held at the Halfway Inn, Tre’r Ddol.

5. Card depicting the death of John Williams (a missionary) on the Polynesian island of Erromanga in 1839 at the hands of natives ‘still in heathen idolatry’

6. Printed card listing Rules of Christian Life

7. University of Glasgow General Council membership card of Rev. Thomas James MA, Llandyssil who became a life member on 25 July 1868

8. The Voice of Methodism, bulletin no. 29 (April 1969)

9. Orders of funeral service, memorial cards:

William Pugh, Taliesin d.1901
Y Parch. William Morris Jones BA (1881-1968), Rhyl
Jane Ann Jones, 39 Jubilee Road, Wrexham, annwyl briod y diweddar David Jones, m.6 Rhagfyr 1964 yn 91 oed
John E. Jones, annwyl briod Mary J. Jones, Bryn Rhos, Creunant, m.23 Ionawr 1961 yn 73 oed
John Richard Roberts, 63 Maesyderi, Talybont, m.31 Rhagfyr 1967 yn 59 oed
Hugh Penri Davies (1889-1970), cenhadwr yn yr Eglwys Fethodistaidd (Hyderabad, India a Nigeria)
Gwasanaeth Coffa Syr Ifor Williams, Capel Brynaerau, 9 Tachwedd 1965
Yr Athro Henry Lewis, Y Gilfach Glyd, Ynystawe, m.14 Ionawr 1968
Idwal Lewis BA, Llys Gaer, Sea View Place, Aberystwyth, m.19 Tachwedd 1966
John Emrys Morgan, 1908-1970
Y Parch. W.C. Humphreys, Isgaer, Cyn-Weinidog Eglwys Fethodistaidd Siloh, y Borth, m.22 Hydref 1958
Mary Thomas, Min-y-Mor, South Road, Aberystwyth, m.3 Gorffennaf 1958 yn 74 oed
Margaret Pierce Morgan (1903-1970), priod hoff Y Parch. D. Arthur Morgan, Wesley Villa, Tre’r Ddol
Gladys Evans, Bronallt, Taliesin, m.22 Awst 1962 yn 54 oed
John James Isaac, 7 New Street, Talybont, annwyl briod y diweddar Elizabeth, m.25 Tachwedd 1971
John Thomas Edwards, Temperance House, Taliesin, m.23 Mai 1953
Evan Davey Thomas, Min-y-Mor, South Road, Aberystwyth, m.16 Mehefin 1955 yn 78 oed
Thomas Gabriel Hughes, Cloverdale, Dinas Terrace, Aberystwyth, m.19 Awst 1955 yn 73 oed
Martha West, annwyl briod y diweddar William West, Y Bwthyn, Taliesin, m.29 Ionawr 1958 yn 77 oed
Llyfryn coffa Thomas Humphreys, Cemmaes Road, yr hwn a gyfarfu a damwain angeuol yng Nglofa Bedlinog, Sadwrn, Ionawr 12fed, 1918. Yn cynnwys cerdd goffa ‘Fy Mrawd’ gan ei frawd John.
Rhaglen Teyrnged Goffa Sarah Jane Griffiths, Crescent House, Llandeilo, m.27 Mai 1954 yn 74 oed

10. Cards from bereaved families thanking for sympathy

Thanks from the family of Y Parch. Joseph Jenkins
Thanks from the family of Mrs. Sophia Pugh, Manchester House, Taliesin. December 1959
Thanks from Mrs. Elizabeth Maddocks and family, Lisburne House, Abercynon, March 1959
Thanks from Mr. DR Lloyd and Miss AL Jones, Bodhyfryd, Taliesin. October 1959
Thanks from Mrs. R. Glyn Williams and family of 3 Londonderry Terrace, Machynlleth.
Thanks from the family of Mrs. S. Francis Roberts, Yr Hendre, Bontnewydd, Caernarfon. May 1967
Thanks from the family of Amelia Mary Lewis of Dolguog, wife of the Rev. J. Vernon Lewis, d.13 June 1961

11. Coeden Fawr y Parc " cerdd gan Griffith Parry Jenkins, Toronto, Canada, cyflwynedig I Blant Henhafod. 1 Ionawr 1912

12. 2 handwritten slips of paper with copy of ‘Inscription on tablet in the Church at Baschurch, Agnes Hunt’: Reared in suffering thou shalt know / How to solace others’ woe / The reward of pain doth lie / in the gift of sympathy
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