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ANR: Records of Aberaeron Rural District Council

Acc. 24, 27, 117, 295, 383, 747, 1138

Ref: ANR

Reference: [GB 0212] ANR
Title: Records of Aberaeron Rural District Council
Date(s): 1873-1974
Level: Fonds

Administrative History: Aberaeron Rural District Council was created under the provisions of the Local Government Act of 1894. The district comprised the parishes of Cilcennin, Ciliau Aeron, Cydplwyf, Dihewid, Henfynyw Upper, Llanarth, Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, Llanddewi Aberarth Upper, Llandissiliogogo, Llanerchaeron, Llanfihangel Ystrad, Llanina, Llanllwchaiarn and Llansantffraed and Llanon. In 1934 the rural districts of Aberaeron and Lampeter were amalgamated to form Aberayron rural district. Of the parishes which originally formed Aberaeron rural district, those of Cydplwyf and Llanina were amalgamated to form Cydplwyf, and those of Llanerchaeron and Ciliau Aeron to form Llanerchaeron. The parishes of the former Lampeter rural district which became part of the new Aberayron rural district were: Cellan, Lampeter rural, Llanfairclydogau, Llangybi, Llanwenog, Llanwnen, Silian and Trefilan.

Source of Acquisition:
Deposited in the Cardiganshire Record Office by the Chief Executive of Ceredigion District Council;
Acc 24, 6 August 1975
Acc 25, 8 August 1975
Acc 117, 8 December 1976
Acc 295, 13 November 1980
Acc 747, 30 October 1990
Transfered from the National Library of Wales;
Acc 383, 5 July 1983
Found in Swyddfa'r Sir;
Acc 1138, 6 July 1999

Archival History: The records were formerly listed as SRD/4 (acc, 24, 25, 117) and as CDD/ANR (Acc295); previous reference numbers are given in parentheses.

Scope and Content: The records have been arranged as follows;

ANR/HE: Health Records.
ANR/HE/1: Records of the Sanitary Inspector.
ANR/HE/2: Records of the Medical Officer of Health.
ANR/HE/3: Returns of births and deaths.
ANR/HE/4: Miscellaneous
ANR/HE/5: Public Health Department
ANR/HI: Records of the Surveyor’s Department.
ANR/HI/1: Housing.
ANR/HI/2: Water Supply Schemes.
ANR/HI/3: Roads.
ANR/HI/4: Sewerage Schemes.
ANR/HI/5: Coast Protection.
ANR/HI/6: Maps.
ANR/SE: Records of the Secretary’s Department.
ANR/SE/1: Minutes
ANR/SE/2: Aberaeron Union Assessment Committee minutes
ANR/SE/3: Aberaeron R.D.C. Rating Authority minutes
ANR/SE/4: Records of councillors and council officers
ANR/SE/5: Letter Books
ANR/SE/6: Correspondence files
ANR/SE/7: Legal agreements
ANR/SE/8: Standing Orders
ANR/SE/9: Licences
ANR/SE/10: Evacuation records
ANR/SE/11: School Board elections
ANR/SE/12: Miscellaneous
ANR/TR: Records of the Treasurer’s Department.
ANR/TR/1-10: General.
ANR/TR/1: Financial statements.
ANR/TR/2: General Ledgers.
ANR/TR/3: Parochial Ledgers.
ANR/TR/4: Estimates of Income and Expenditure.
ANR/TR/5: Treasurer's Account Books.
ANR/TR/6: Account Books.
ANR/TR/7: Cash Account Books.
ANR/TR/8: Payments Cash Books.
ANR/TR/9: Receipt and Payment Books.
ANR/TR/10: Registers of Remittances.
ANR/TR/11: Loans and Capital Accounts.
ANR/TR/12: Housing.
ANR/TR/13-22: Rating Accounts: rating records and valuation lists.
ANR/TR/13: Valuation Lists.
ANR/TR/14: Rate Books.
ANR/TR/15: Grand Summary of Rate Books.
ANR/TR/16: Rate Produce Books.
ANR/TR/17: Rate Charge Books.
ANR/TR/18: Rate Account Books.
ANR/TR/19: Summons List and Costs Account.
ANR/TR/20: Rate Arrears Books.
ANR/TR/21: Rate Collectors' Records.
ANR/TR/22: Miscellaneous Rating Records.
ANR/TR/23: Salaries and Wages.
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