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Aberaeron Rural District: Health Records

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Reference: ANR/HE
Title: Health Records
Date(s): 1873-1958
Level: Series
Scope and Content: Records relating to health in the Aberaeron Rural District, including records of the Sanitary Inspector, and the Medical officer of Health.

Ref: ANR/HE/1
ANR/HE/1: Records of the Sanitary Inspector.

1. Reports into the sanitary condition pursuant to the Public Health Act, 1872, of the parishes of Llanerchaeron, Cydplwyf, Llanddewi Aberarth, Henfynyw, Llanfihangel Ystrad, Llanarth, Dihewyd, Llanllwchaiarn, Llandysiliogogo, Llanina, Ciliau- Aeron, Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, Aberaeron, Llansantffraed, 1873.

2. Reports of the Inspector of Nuisances, 1913 - 1924.
[ex SRD/4/329-330]

3. Reports of the Sanitary Inspector, 1925 - 1938.

4. Correspondence and reports relating to the sanitary condition of buildings, 1919 - 1934.
[ex SRD/4/332]

5. Housing over-crowding survey, 1936.
[ex SRD/4/333]

6. Map of Aberaeron district, showing results of survey made under the Infestation Order, 1943; with some correspondence, 1944.
[ex SRD/4/334]

7. Housing inspection record, parish of Llanybydder, 1956.
[ex SRD//4/336]

Ref: ANR/HE/2
ANR/HE/2: Records of the Medical Officer of Health.

1. Printed report of proceedings relative to the conduct of the Medical Officer of Health of Llansantffraed district, 16 May 1900.

2. Report of the Medical Officers of Health for Llansantffraed and Llandissilio districts, reprinted from the Cambrian News, 1900 - 1901.
[ex SRD/4/337-338]

3. Medical Officers' report book (visitations) 1909 - 1927.
[ex CBG 1395]

4. Notices of houses unfit for human habitation, 1917 - 1926.
[ex SRD/4/331]

5. Quarterly statements of cases of tuberculosis, 1936 - 1942.
[ex SRD/4/339]

6-8. Annual reports of the Medical Officer of Health.
6. 1951
7. 1954
8. 1958
[ex SRD/4/340]

Ref: ANR/HE/3
ANR/HE/3: Returns of births and deaths.

1. January 1943 - December 1947
2. January 1948 - December 1951
[ex SRD/4/525-526]

Ref: ANR/HE/4
ANR/HE/4: Miscellaneous

1. Sample bottle in box - type used to send samples of milk to the Bacteriology Department, U.C.W. Aberystwyth, for analysis. (recently used to contain methylated spirits) The box has pre-paid parcel labels for transit by G.W.R., n.d.
[ex SRD/4/541]

Ref: ANR/HE/5
ANR/HE/5: Public Health Department

1. Public Health Department Annual Report, 1969
2. Public Health Department Annual Report, 1970
3. Public Health Department Annual Report, 1972 ["1971" crossed out, with biro correction of date]
4. Public Health Department Annual Report, 1972 ["1971" crossed out, with biro correction of date]Second copy contains typescript of the Annual Report of the Chief Public Health Inspector for the year 1972.

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