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AT/SHIP/3 p.283

A contemporary list of documents produced at Customs House Aberystwyth in connection with registration of shipping.

BEYNON, Jenkin of Llaethliw
Probate 1849, 25 May

Administration of Llaethuw of effects 1855, 13 February

DANIEL, Mary widow of David Daniel of Morfa, Borth
Probate 1850, 25 March

DAVIS, Evan of Aberystwyth
Probate granted to James Davies 1855, 17 October

DAVIS, Rachel of Blaenbedw
Probate 1848, 11 September

EVANS, Evan of Neuadd
Probate 1844, 25 July

EVANS, Thomas of Aberystwyth
Probate 1852, 28 October

EVANS, William of Rhydyfelin
Probate 1826, 26 July

Administration of effects of Margaret Hopkins 1857, 31 January

HUMPHREYS, John of Aberystwyth
Probate 1828, 29 March

JONES, Elizabeth late of Pier St., Aberystwyth, widow
Probate 1836, 10 February

JONES, Evan of Aberystwyth
Will 1848, 19 February
Probate 1848, 5 September

JONES, John E. of Aberystwyth.
Held shares on 'The Lark' and 'John V...[?]'
Probate 1845, 13 January

JONES, Lewis of Aberystwyth
Probate 1852, 12 May

JONES, Robert & David flour dealer and carrier of Aberystwyth.
Deceased held shares in 'Waterloo'. Administration of effects, 1845, 15 November

JONES, Thomas ropemaker of Aberystwyth
Date of Will 1829, 10 July
Date of Death 1853, 4 March
Probate 1853, 29 March

JONES, Thomas of Morfa, Borth.
Date of Death 1848, 15 August
Owned shares in 'Hopewell'. Administration of estate to Catherine Jones 1850, 27 September

LEWIS, James
his shares in the 'Seli[?]ana Martin' bequeathed to Jane Jones of Llandysul and Jenkin Thomas of Dollan, Carm.
Will proved 1857, 27 May

OWEN, Mary widow of John Owen - former master of the 'Mary Ann'
Administration of effects 1841, 19 November

PUGH, Lewis (the Elder) merchant seaman - Lewis Pugh the younger becomes his executor
Probate 1850, 16 August

RICHARDS, William late of Llawddwr p. of Llansanffraid.
Held shares in 'Janet Mary' & 'Dairy Maid'
Probate 1850, 27 March

RODERICK, Lewis brother of John Roderick of Aberystwyth
Probate 1849, 31 July

THOMAS, James late of Newquay
Date of Death 1851, 11 November
Probate 1857, 26 December

WATKINS, Thomas of Aberystwyth.
Portion of will recited
Will 1849, 21 February
Date of Death 1849, 4 March
Probate 1849, 4 May

Master of 'The Nymph'
Probate 1848, 29 March

WILLIAMS, John of Aberystwyth
Probate 1850, 7 March

WILLIAMS, Margaret * widow of John Williams, master of 'Nymph'
Probate 1848, 14 October
*husband and wife
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